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Dead Eye Plankton

Ask Dead Eye!

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3 minutes ago, Wintermelon43 said:

Why did you steal all the possessions of the citizens of that western city I can't remember the name of? Why are you stealing everyone's money? Why are you such a jerk?

1. Well at was ma town! A could steal any bady's stuff and they couldn't do a darn thang about at!

2. Capitalism.

3. Hey, A'm not a jerk! A jus' like being mean to every bady for no reason! 

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7 minutes ago, Wintermelon43 said:

Ah, so you're a capitalist pig. That explains everything.

That it does partner!

4 minutes ago, SpongeNicko said:

Why do you love Pest of the West so much?

Are ya tryn'a to get me to whip ya? A hate Pest of tha West! A hated how Dead Eye Plankton lost! Warst episode A've ever seen! 

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9 hours ago, El Jacko said:

If you're called Dead Eye Plankton, how come you're not blind? :funny:

A dunna' actually. A just liked tha sound of that name! Dead Eye Plankton. Beautiful!

8 hours ago, sbl said:

Oh Dead Eye, we alllllll know you enjoy BDSM.

No comment.

5 hours ago, SpongeNicko said:

Why did you eat my Ritz crackers last night?

Because A luv ritz crackers. Tasty and salty, just like ya! :funny: 

5 hours ago, Prime Jedi said:

On a scale of 0 to 0, how good was Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

0/10 Chewbacca needed a haircut.

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