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4 hours ago, Clappy said:

Will this be followed with all new The Amazing World of Bob_Ball and Chaventure Time?


4 hours ago, Katniss said:

And will those be followed with Regular Kat?

Don't forget Uncle Whompa.

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17 minutes ago, Hayden said:

My favorite show of the premiere lineup still would have to be Teen Titans Wumbo.

Not for me, IMO. SBC Network needs to stop broadcasting it so much. No wonder we never got Season 2 of Sym-Bionic Termi.

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1. Bubble Blow
The episode begins at the Big Halibutt, where Hal, the owner, has just informed Tyeam that's they're no longer selling Plankton Pops, her favorite snack. Tyeam is so sad to hear this that she hugs the Plankton-shaped freezer for over a minute, giving herself frostbite. Hal, feeling pity, offers to let her take the freezer home with her, and before he can say another word, Tyeam and the freezer are gone.
jjs, hilaryfan80, and Patty Sponge are at their dojo fighting spam when Tyeam walks in. jjs says they'll need to start looking for the spammer responsible for this, and Tyeam asks if she can help. jjs tells her that she can't go on any crime-fighting adventures until she learns to control her powers. Tyeam notices spam rummaging through the refrigerator, and she runs to the fridge and shoos it away. She's then delighted to find that the freezer is filled to the brim with Plankton Pops. When she asks who did this, hilaryfan80 tells her that they bought a bunch of Plankton Pops when they found out Hal wouldn't be selling them anymore, just because Tyeam likes them so much. Tyeam then sings a pop rock about Plankton Pops. (When you pop one in your mouth, the fun don't never stop!) Tyeam promises to hold onto them forever, a promise she keeps for about five seconds before taking one out of the freezer and eating it.
Suddenly, a bubble covering Tyeam's belly button begins to expand. Patty Sponge tells her to try and summon her weapon, but before she can figure out how, it shrinks back to normal. Tyeam asks the rest of the Bubble Buds how to summon a weapon, and jjs tells her it takes lots of hard work, while Patty Sponge says it takes upmost dedication to being British. When neither of those work, she goes to hilaryfan80, who tells her it requires being one the entire universe as he floats in the air and says "ohm". Tyeam decides to just recreate what happened the last time she got her bubble working, but she forgets the pop rock about Plankton Pops and sulks, thinking she'll never get the bubble working again. The rest of the Bubble Buds console her, and she eats another Plankton Pop. Suddenly, her bubble expands again, and it pops to reveal a shield. Tyeam gets so excited that she sends the shield flying into the TV set, much to the chagrin of hilaryfan80, who hadn't caught up with his recorded episodes of Once Upon a Time.
A loud shriek turns everybody's attention away from the shield, and they run outside to find a spam monster causing havor and shooting spam everywehere. jjs orders Tyeam to stay put, but Tyeam refuses, going back inside to grab a handful of Plankton Pops as well as the Plankton-shaped freezer. jjs, hilaryfan80, and Patty Sponge attempt to fight the monster, but they're unable to avoid the spam it shoots out of its mouth. They hide behind a rock as the monster slowly wears it down with its projectile spamming. Tyeam then confronts the monster with a freezer full of Plankton Pops in tow. She eats one of the Plankton Pops, but it does nothing. She then eats another, and another, and another, trying to fight through massive brain freeze and avoid the spam the monster shoots at her. When she finishes the last green treat, she sees that the monster destroyed her Plankton-shaped freezer, causing rage to bubble up inside her. At least she hoped it was rage. She sings the Plankton Pops pop rock, which brain freeze ironically helped her remember, as she throws the freezer at the monster, electrocuting it. Not wasting time, the other Bubble Buds summon their weapons and attack the monster, trapping it in a Poké Ball once they've neutralized it.
"Gotta catch 'em all," jjs said.

Tyeam buries the wrapper of the last Plankton Pop, and her friends surround her. hilaryfan80 tells her not to worry about her bubble, as she'll get it working someday. Tyeam thanks him then realizes it wasn't rage bubbling up inside her. The episode ends as the Plankton Pops have their sweet, sweet revenge on her digestive system.

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2. Jellyfish Jammin'

The episode begins at Wumbo's Fry Shop, where Tyeam and Patty Sponge have just ordered a bag of fry bits, or as Patty Sponge calls them, "chiplets". After Wumbo gives them their fry bits, they notice a spherical object in the sky getting larger and larger. Patty Sponge knows exactly what the object is, and he runs to the other Bubble Buds, who are already looking at it through a telescope. Tyeam catches up with them and asks what's going on. jjs tells her that a Squid Eye is headed towards Earth, showing her a giant eyeball with tentacles on its back through the telescope. Tyeam says it's cool, and jjs says it most certainly isn't cool and that if they don't stop it in time, it'll destroy them all. Tyeam, who's not a big fan of being destroyed, asks how she can help. hilaryfan80 says that the only thing powerful enough to defeat a Squid Eye is Jellyfish Jammer's Jammin' Cannon. Tyeam says that her dad Clappy would know where it is. The others are doubtful that he would, but she leaves to ask him anyway.

Tyeam finds Clappy's van outside a movie theater. She knocks on the door, but Clappy doesn't respond, so she climbs on top of the van and starts jumping up and down, setting off the alarm. Clappy runs out in his boxers, but he's quick to cover himself up when he sees Tyeam. He asks her what's she's doing, and Tyeam tells him that they need her mother's cannon to destroy a giant eyeball in the sky. Clappy thinks for a second, then he takes Tyeam to a storage unit, saying if the cannon's anywhere, it's there. Tyeam crawls around in the storage unit, accidentally breaking a framed picture of Clappy and Jelly. Clappy tells her not to worry about it. "If nobody screwed up, we wouldn't have Movie 43," he adds. Suddenly, Beatles music starts to play, leading Tyeam right to the Jammin' Cannon. She ties the cannon to the van, and they head off.

While he's driving, Clappy tells Tyeam how when he started writing movie reviews, her mother was the only one who read them. They got together after that, and they stayed together until she lost her physical form creating Tyeam. Clappy and Tyeam reach the other Bubble Buds, who are trying to stop the Squid Eye by throwing Patty Sponge at it, to no avail. They see the Jammin' Cannon and run towards it as the eye starts sucking stuff up, including the van the cannon is attached to. Clappy unattaches the van, but then the eye starts sucking him up, too. Tyeam tries to get the cannon working again. but it stays silent. Clappy says they'll figure something else else out, and Tyeam nervously agrees, reminding herself that "if nobody screwed up, we wouldn't have Movie 43". Suddenly, the Beatles music starts playing again, and louder. The cannon lights up, and the other Bubble Buds help Tyeam raise it. It shoots out a laser that blows up the Squid Eye, sending pieces of it everywhere.

As Clappy avoids getting crushed by the falling debris, he sheds a single, manly tear as he remembers Jelly. Then he realizes that his van is floating away and chases after it, with Tyeam right behind him.

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3. Krabby Patty Backpack

The episode begins with Tyeam waiting for a package by the mailbox. Fa, the mailman, walks by and gives Tyeam her package. Tyeam runs into the house just as the other Bubble Buds come back from fighting a troll. jjs says they're only back for a second and they'll have to leave again to place a statue on top of the Mocveet Forum before midnight. jjs describes the Mocveet Forum as a place that used to hold Bubble Buds from all over the world but is now mostly dead due to negelct and an incompetant staff. Tyeam tells him that this is a perfect opportunity to use what's in her package, and she opens it to reveal a Krabby Patty-themed backpack inside. Patty Sponge asks why the backpack looks like him, and Tyeam says that isn't important and what is important is that she can use the backpack to carry their statue for them. jjs says it would be best if she stayed on, but Patty Sponge convinces him to take her and her familiar-looking backpack along with them.

After putting the statue into her backpack, Tyeam realizes she can bring other items that might come in handy later on. She looks through her room and decides to pack a couple of shirts, a bag of chips, and a Tickle Me Sheldon doll that insults her whenever she touches it. She squeezes into the warp pad with the rest of the Bubble Buds before they take off. They land right outside the Mocveet Forum, which is already starting to crumble. To get to the entrance, they have to get over a hole in the ground that's too large to jump over. Tyeam ties the shirts she brought together, throws them over the hole, and swings to the entrance. jjs and hilaryfan80 grab onto Patty Sponge as he pulls a whip out of his bubble and swings to the entrance with that. As they walk into the Forum, jjs complains about the spam crawling everywhere and makes a convoluted plot to get around them. Instead, Tyeam throws her bag of chips to a far side of the Forum, and all the spam crawls towards it. jjs mutters that his plan would have worked, too, as they continue.

They reach a waterfall, and Tyeam conventiently has a raft in her backpack, which she throws into the water and which immediately sinks. As hilaryfan80 knocks over a column for them to cross, Patty Sponge tells her that her ideas can't all be winners. They finally get to the top of the Forum, and jjs asks Tyeam for the statue. Tyeam digs through her backpack, but she can't find it. She decides to put her Tickle Me Sheldon doll where the statue would have gone, and as the moon aligns with it, the Tickle Me Sheldon doll rises into the air and then explodes, saying "morons" while it happens. The Forum then begins to shake, and the Bubble Buds jump off as it falls apart. Tyeam blames herself, but jjs says the Forum was falling apart anyway and that she didn't do that bad. Patty Sponge reminds her that 50% of her plans worked, which is a passing grade in some countries. Suddenly, Tyeam raft floats up beside them, and she starts to feel better again. As they paddle home, the speaking device from the Tickle Me Sheldon falls into Tyeam's hands, and the episodes as Tyeam comforts herself with the resentful stylings of Plankton.

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4. Together Breakfast

Tyeam wakes up to find everyone gone, so she decides to fix herself breakfast. When she finishes making the breakfast, though, she realizes she won't be able to eat it alone because it's a "together breakfast". At that moment, hilaryfan80 appears. Tyeam shows him the breakfast, but he says that he has business in the temple. Tyeam asks what the business is, and hilaryfan80 shows her a scroll with the entire second season of Bikini Top, saying he has to burn it. Tyeam takes a picture of the scroll with her smartphone, and hilaryfan80 confiscates it, saying he has to burn that now, too. Tyeam chases after him, but the door to the temple closes before she can get in.

Suddenly, a policeman calling himself the "dumb police" shoots at Tyeam's breakfast with a water gun. Tyeam gets in front of the shots, getting soaked in the process. The policeman transforms into Patty Sponge, who laughs at Tyeam for falling for his prank. Tyeam says she knew it was him, though, and they turn around as jjs walks out of the temple through Patty Sponge's door. jjs accuses Patty Sponge of stealing one of his sword, and Patty Sponge denies it, saying the only weapon a British person needs is a sharp tongue. Patty Sponge goes into the temple, and Tyeam tries to get him to come back out. She grabs her together breakfast just as jjs goes into his part of the temple and she manages to squeeze in with the breakfast before the door closes.

jjs does a dance at the top of a waterfall to bring out his swords, and he places the sword he brought with him in an empty scabbard. Tyeam calls out his name to get his attention, and jjs tells her that it's dangerous to be in the temple. Suddenly, Tyeam slips into the waterfall, and she's deposited into Patty Sponge's part of the temple. Patty Sponge welcomes Tyeam to her dojo, and he notices the together breakfast, asking if he can have some of it. Tyeam says everyone has to eat it together, but Patty Sponge ain't about that, so he chases Tyeam around the temple. Tyeam ends up clutched to the heart of the temple, and jjs and Patty Sponge come out of opposite ends. jjs warns Tyeam not to look down, which she then immediately does, of course, sending her sliding down the heart to an underground abyss where hilaryfan80 is about to burn the Bikini Top scroll and Tyeam's smartphone.

jjs and Patty Sponge drop into the abyss and urge Tyeam to turn back. Tyeam exclaims that they're finally together, and hilaryfan80 drops the scroll before he can finish burning it. Suddenly, the ash from the scroll comes to life and starts attacking the Bubble Buds. It possesses Tyeam's breakfast and gets larger and larger, forcing her to push her breakfast into the fire. The next day, Tyeam and the rest of the Bubble Buds make another together breakfast. However, when they bite into it, all they can taste is season two of Bikini Top. The episode ends as they agree to order pizza.

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5. Chabo

The episode begins with Tyeam looking for her pants in the living room as jjs walks in. jjs asks her if she's seen a missing piece of a magic fishbowl, and Tyeam says she hasn't. As jjs describes the fishbowl's magical properties, Tyeam pretends to listen but thinks about her pants instead. After jjs leaves to search for the piece of fishbowl, Tyeam notices her pants walking around like a boss. She chases her pants around the house, and when she finally catches them, she struggles to get them on. She finds the piece of magic fishbowl in her pocket, and she realizes that it is what's causing her pants to move around. She drops the piece of fishbowl in a sock, but the sock starts hitting her in the face, so she tells it stop, which it immediately does. She then safely stores it in her Krabby Patty backpack and walks to Wumbo's Fry Shop, where Cha is outside wearing a fry suit. Tyeam greets Cha, and Cha tells her that she doesn't want to advertise Wumbo's business anymore and just wants to be a kid. Tyeam gets the idea to put the magic piece of fishbowl in the suit, and when she does, the suit comes to life. Tyeam tells the suit to do a dance, and it grows a pair of feet and does the nae nae. Cha, glad to finally be free of suit, tells it to just make people eat fries before she runs off with Tyeam.

Cha and Tyeam are bouncing back and forth on kiddie rides outside of an arcade. After a minute, Cha get bored. and she asks Tyeam whether she made the right decision. Suddenly, they hear screams from the direction of Wumbo's Fry Shop. They jump off the kiddie rides and run back. Inside the shop, the fry suit has become a deformed monster, grabbing customers and force-feeding fries to them. Tyeam tells the suit to stop, but the suit doesn't listen to her. Wumbo, thinking Cha is still in the suit, apologizes for pressuring her into doing something she didn't want and says he just wants his daughter back. The suit grabs him and forces feeds fries to him as Cha cries. jjs appears and asks Tyeam why she put the fishbowl piece into the suit after he specifically told her what it could do. Tyeam admits to thinking about her pants while he did that, and jjs sighs. The fry suit comes out, and jjs throws a sword right into its fry eye, causing it to bleed ketchup everywhere. Some of the ketchup gets into jjs' eye, blinding him. Tyeam sees the rest of the fishbowl pieces in jjs' hand and knows what she has to do. The rest of Tyeam's clothes attack the fry suit as jjs crawls around with no idea of what's going on. Tyeam finally gets close enough to the suit to pull out its fishbowl piece, deactivating it.

That night, Wumbo sets the fry suit on fire and buries it at sea as Cha, Tyeam, and jjs watch. Cha asks Wumbo whether he'll make another suit, and Wumbo says he doesn't need one because he still has her and WhoBob, and also because he can't afford it now that the suit has run of most of his customers. The episode ends as Tyeam congratulates herself on another job well done and jjs, no longer blind, tells her to put her clothes back on.

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6. Sheldonfingers

The episode begins with Tyeam helping Clappy wash Mayor SOF's car. Tyeam splashes SOF with water, and before SOF can react, Clappy tells him it's on the house. After SOF drives away, Tyeam is splashed with water from behind. She turns around to find Plankton laughing evilly, and she immediately prepares a list of very personal questions to ask him. Suddenly, Plankton transforms into Patty Sponge, who reveals that it was just a prank. Tyeam wishes she could shapeshift like Patty Sponge, but Patty Sponge says she should be able to because she has a bubble.

They go back to the house, and Patty Sponge transforms into more stuff. jjs tells him not to overdo it, but Patty Sponge ignores him. Tyeam wants to learn how to shapeshift herself, and Patty Sponge says it best to start small. Tyeam wants to turn into Plankton, since it doesn't get any smaller than that, so Patty Sponge tells her to just think about what she wants to be and release it from her body. Tyeam tries that, but it doesn't seem to work until she hears Plankton cursing the world from inside her closed hand. She opens her hand and realizes that her index finger has transformed into Plankton's head. Tyeam plays with the finger, which Plankton hates, of course, and she runs to show her dad.

Clappy is outside the van drinking water when Tyeam runs up and shows him the newly-shapeshifted finger, which freaks him out so much that he throws water on it, causing sparks to fly out. Tyeam goes to the Big Halibutt next and uses her Sheldonfinger to give change to Hal's cashier, Aya. Aya pokes the Sheldonfinger, which then insults her. Hal has to hold Aya back as she threatens to go John Cena up in hizzy. Hal says the finger probably just wants friends, and Tyeam gets the idea to turn the rest of her fingers into Sheldonfingers so it won't get lonely. She goes to Wumbo's Fry Shop next, where Cha is now working the deep fryer. Tyeam orders a bag of fry bits, and though Cha is reluctant, Wumbo tells her it's okay. Cha makes the fry bits, and Tyeam sticks her Sheldonfingers in the bag. The Sheldonfingers chomp down happily as Wumbo and Cha stare at them bewildered. WhoBob suddenly appears, and he's so impressed by the Sheldonfingers that he offers to take pictures of them for his blog, "Keep SOFCity Weird". Tyeam gladly accepts the offer, and when she tries to look at the pictures on WhoBob's phone, the Sheldonfingers complain. She realizes that the Sheldonfingers work better as Sheldons than as fingers.

Back home, Tyeam struggles to take a sandwich out of the fridge, and when Patty Sponge stops by to tell her that they're about to fight an actual bridge troll, she follows him, hoping she can tag along. As the rest of the Bubble Buds sail away in a boat, Tyeam tries to swim, but the Sheldonfingers cry out in pain. Tyeam returns home, dejected, and she tries to get her regular fingers back, but she simply makes Sheldons on other parts of her body. The Sheldons start multiplying like crazy, so she runs to Clappy's van, hoping he can somehow help her. Clappy is hosing down his van when Tyeam, who has become a jumbled mess of Sheldons now, crawls towards him. Out of fear, Clappy sprays the Sheldons with water, and they start short-circuiting and disappearing. Tyeam tells her that the water's working and asks him to spray her with more. Clappy switches the hose to high velocity and keeps spraying Tyeam until all the Sheldons are gone. Later that day, Tyeam waits on the dock at the Bubble Buds return in their ship. jjs asks Tyeam what she's been up to all day, and her index finger, which is still a Sheldonfinger, says "nothing important!" Tyeam dips the finger in the water and it returns to normal.

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7. Bubble Buds

The episode begins with Tyeam trying to ride her bike through the sand. She passes a boy reading a comc book and tries to get his attention, but he doesn't notice her. She falls off her bike while attempting a trick, causing him to finally look up from his comic book. She runs away in embarassment. When she gets home she sees the rest of the Bubble Buds next to the window. jjs asks her who she was talking to, and Tyeam, nervous, says it's just some boy she knows. Patty Sponge asks her if she likes him, and Tyeam dodges the question. jjs offers to set up a playdate, but hilaryfan80 tells her to just talk to him. Tyeam says she will, but they can't watch. The other bubble Buds promise not to watch, and she grabs something and runs outside.

Tyeam heads towards the boy, practicing her introduction, when she sees a boulder heading towards him, too. Tyeam jumps over him, and her bubble expands until she and the boy are both inside it, protecting them from the boulder, which simply breaks over the bubble. Tyeam tells the boy her name, and he says his name is Dennis. Dennis asks her how she made the bubble, and she says she has no idea. He asks if she can pop it, so she hits it very hard, to no avail. Dennis tries hitting it with her, but neither of them are able to pop it. Tyeam says her friends will know what to do, but they're unable to roll the bubble up the hill. She decides to take the bubble to the Big Halibutt instead, where Aya makes fun of them as Halibut uses progressively more cartoonish tools to try and pop the bubble. When the giant ACME anvil doesn't work, Halibut says he's out of ideas. Dennis starts to get worried, but Tyeam reassures him that there's one more person who can help them.

Tyeam and Dennis roll to the dock, where Hayden is eating popcorn. Tyeam tries to tell him to get a harpoon gun, but Hayden can't hear her through the bubble. She blows onto the bubble and draws a complicated picture of a harpoon gun on the fog, but Hayden still doesn't understand her. Dennis simply writes the word "harpoon gun" on it, and Hayden nods his head before grabbing a giant harpoon gun and shooting the bubble with it. The bubble deflects the harpoon into the Titanic, which sinks as Jack and Rose declare their love for each other. Next, Tyeam takes the bubble into an amusement park and rolls it in front of a ride, which then knocks them high into the sky and into the ocean. As they sink, Dennis asks Tyeam what she wants to be when she grows up, in order to forget the fact that they're sinking to the bottom of the ocean and will probably drown. Tyeam replies that she wants to be an artist. Dennis nods and says he wants to be an assassin. Tyeam makes some space between them.

They end up in Bikini Bottom. Tyeam is dumbfounded, and she wants to explore, but Dennis says he just wants to go home, crying manly tears as he says the worst thing about dying at the bottom of the sea is that he'll never make a friend. Tyeam says she'll be his friend, and then she takes a pair of sunglasses out of her pocket. She tells him that she saw him before at a parade and that he dropped his sunglasses. By the time she picked them up, though, he had left. Dennis puts on the sunglasses and smiles. Tyeam smiles, too, and suddenly, the bubble pops. Tyeam and Dennis swim back to the top of the ocean, and they notice the drowning victims of the Titanic complaining about an iceberg sinking their ship. They shrug. Tyeam reunites with the rest of the Bubble Buds, and they ask her how it went. Tyeam ignores them as she squeezes the water out of her hair. jjs tries to keep himself from crying as he realizes ol' Tyeam is growing up. He allows a manly tear to fall as the episode ends.

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8. Tough Tyeam

The episode begins with Tyeam looking around at a destroyed SOFCity. Flash forward to two weeks later. Tyeam and the rest of the Bubble Buds warp to a strawberry forest. hilaryfan80 tells her to be careful, because this is their first serious mission. Tyeam says that she can handle it because she's tough. jjs hopes that this will be a light mission, but his hopes are quickly crushed as they reach a replica of The Salty Spitoon. Old Man Jenkins walks out of the building and asks the each of them how tough they are. hilaryfan80 says that he ate a bowl of nails for breakfast...without any milk. OMJ lets him into the building. jjs rips off OMJ's "Mom" tattoo and puts it back on upside-down. OMJ lets him in. Patty Sponge lets loose a string of British swears that makes OMJ blush. OMJ lets him in, too. Tyeam asks OMJ for a bottle of ketchup. Tyeam spends an hour trying to open it before OMJ tells her that her time would be better spent at Bubble Butt Jr's. Tyeam refuses to go to Bubble Butt Jr's and orders OMJ to let her in right now. OMJ shrugs and says he'll let her in if she thinks she's tough enough to fight him.

One minute later, Tyeam is having a drink at Bubble Butt Jr's. She asks the robotic waiter how she can prove to OMJ that she's tough, and the waiter tells her there's nothing tougher than facial hair. Later, The Drifter, who looks exactly like Tyeam but with a goatee, tries to get into the Salty Spitoon, but OMJ think it's Tyeam and tries to rip the goatee off, failing. The Drifter gives OMJ a dirty look, and OMJ apologizes and lets him in. A few seconds later, Tyeam, wearing an obviously-fake handlebar mustache, approaches him, and he rips the mustache off with ease. Tyeam awkwardly scurries away, and then a very muscular Bubble Bud with tattoos all over his body appears. OMJ greets the Bubble Bud and asks him about a tattoo of a balloon animal on his arm. The Bubble Bud makes the tattoo move, to OMJ's delight. As the Bubble Bud walks into the Salty Spitoon, OMJ notices a peculiar one on his back. OMJ asks if he can make the tattoo dance, and the Bubble Bud says that he'll try. Tyeam does a shimmy, and OMJ rips her off the Buddle Bud and sends her to the back of the line.

Tyeam sees the two Bubble Buds in front of her fight over a spot in line. OMJ breaks them up and says they're both tough enough to get into the Salty Spitoon. This gives Tyeam an idea, and she returns to Bubble Butt Jr's. She asks the robotic waiter to stage a fight so she can look tough enough to get into the Salty Spitoon, and the waiter asks her why looking tough is so important to her. Tyeam tells the waiter a story of how, two weeks earlier, the Bubble Buds took her to an amusement park. They went onto a slowly-spinning teacup ride, and Tyeam became so nauseous that she jumped off the ride, landing on the man who controlled it and causing the teacups to start spinning like crazy and eventually breaking off, destroying SOFCity in the process and getting herself banned from the amusement park. The waiter sympathized with her story and allowed him to the stage the fight with him.

Tyeam and the waiter stood off to the side of the Salty Spitoon and started arguing, getting loud enough that OMJ could hear them. Tyeam calls the waiter a "glorified toaster", getting it genuinely angry, so angry and it turns red and explodes. OMJ runs up to Tyeam and tells her that he saw him blow up that robot with her mind. Tyeam, surprised, quickly confirms that she did indeed make that dude explode. OMJ says that he misunderstood her and that he will allow her into the Salty Spitoon. Tyeam says that this is the happiest day of her life, and she runs into the Salty Spitoon, slipping on an ice cube and landing into Patty Sponge's arms. hilaryfan80 asks her what took her so long and reveals that their mission is over as jjs shows Tyeam a Poké Ball with a captured monster inside it. Tyeam is dejected, but Patty Sponge tells her that they'll be back soon enough. He warns her to be careful around ice cubes, though, before she ends up at Bubble Butt General.

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