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23. Monster Buds

The Bubble Buds are fighting an ice monster in a cave. After the ice monster crumbles, Jjs traps it in a Poké Ball, and the cave starts to collapse. hilaryfan80 tells Tyeam that he's sending her home, and Tyeam asks how when there's not a warp pad nearby. hilaryfan80 then traps Tyeam in a Poké Ball, despite Jjs's objections, and sends it to the temple. When Tyeam breaks out of her Poké Ball, she sees millions of other  Poké Balls floating around her.

As Tyeam jumps to the ground, she accidentally cracks open another nearby Poké Ball, releasing a creature made of whale blubber, known fittingly as WhaleBlubber. Though she's afraid of WhaleBlubber at first, she realizes that WhaleBlubber is just as afraid of her. The other Bubble Buds enter the temple and, upon seeing WhaleBlubber, enter attack mode. Tyeam stops them, saying WhaleBlubber is one of good ones, but Jjs is distrustful. They eventually let Tyeam take WhaleBlubber to the beach, where she attempts to tame it with Blubber Nuggets. (Mmm! They're chewy!)

The Blubber Nuggets attract a seagull, and as Tyeam shoos it away, it pulls at her hair. Suddenly, WhaleBlubber spits acid at the seagull, killing it immediately because that's what acid does. Tyeam takes WhaleBlubber back into the house and tells the other Bubble Buds that she not only tamed WhaleBlubber but taught it a really cool trick. She then makes seagull noises, and WhaleBlubber spits acid. Jjs calls that "some Pet or Pests crap" and wants nothing to do with it. However, hilaryfan80 says that the trick will be useful for retrieving what they're looking for from the cave.

They return to the cave with WhaleBlubber, whose acid allows them to get deeper without killing themselves. They finally reach what they were looking for, a magical artifact known at the shooting star, and hilaryfan80 puts on his surgical gloves to deal with it without burning his hands. The surgical gloves gives WhaleBlubber Vietnam-esque flashbacks of his colonoscopy, however, and he starts spitting acid everywhere. Tyeam tries to calm him down, but it doesn't work. The other Bubble Buds are forced to attack him, and once he's nothing more than a pool of whale blubber, Tyeam sadly traps him in a Poké Ball. Jjs is surprised to see that Tyeam can use Poké Balls now. Tyeam hopes that once they do catch 'em all, she'll be able to tame the monsters one by one, and the episode ends.

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24. An Indirect Kiss

The episode begins with Dennis and Tyeam at a picnic. Tyeam is uncharacteristically gloomy, so Dennis ask her what is wrong, and Tyeam tells him "nothing". Dennis notices a new fence in front of Tyeam's house and asks what it's there for. Tyeam tells him "nothing" again, but Dennis presses her to spill, so she reluctantly explains the fence's origin.

In a flashback to the day before, Patty Sponge is on the edge of the cliff the house is built on, showing Tyeam his "amazing football moves" as he bounces a soccer ball on his knee. Suddenly, he trips and falls off the cliff, landing on a rock. Tyeam and other Bubble Buds run down to see if he's okay, and they notice that one of his eyes is bigger than the other one now.

hilaryfan80 inspects Patty Sponge's bubble and finds a dent in it from the rock. Jjs asks how this could have possibly happened, and Tyeam reveals that Patty Sponge fell off the cliff while doing "football moves". Jjs  decides to build a wall to keep Patty Sponge's ratchetness contained, but hilaryfan80 tells him they can't afford a wall, so he decides to build a fence instead.

Back to the present, Dennis wants to know what happened to Patty Sponge next, and Tyeam really doesn't want to tell him. She eventually agrees to tell him the rest of the the story if Dennis lets her try on his sunglasses. Dennis says he'll only let Tyeam try on his sunglasses if she lets him have the rest of the soda she's drinking. Tyeam warns him that it's mostly backwash, and he says it's fine because he's had a cold all day. After making the exchange, Tyeam finishes the story.

In the flashback, Tyeam asks Jjs how to fix Patty Sponge's bubble, and Jjs tells her that her mother used to do it with her jelly tears. hilaryfan80 says that since Tyeam has Jelly's bubble, she should have healing tears, too. Tyeam tries the standard methods of crying (Pinching herself, slicing onions, watching Nicholas Sparks movies), to no avail. hilaryfan80 says that they'll have to take Patty Sponge to Jelly's healing gelatin pool. Patty Sponge says it isn't necessary because he won't get any worse. He then turns into a live action burger. Tyeam tries to bite it, but Jjs stops her.

They go to the gelatin pool and find that it's moldy and disgusting now. Jjs says it's good enough, and he throws Patty Sponge into the pool. The pool spits him back out, putting another dent into his bubble and turning him into a hologram like Tupac. Tyeam insists that she can heal him, squeezing her eyes with all her might, but Jjs tells her not to hurt herself and leaves with hilaryfan80. Tyeam is upset that she's unable to heal her friend, and as Patty Sponge begins to flicker out of existence, his bubble shrinking, Tyeam finally starts to cry and lets her tears fall on what left of Patty Sponge's bubble.

Suddenly, a light shoots out of the gelatin pool, but Patty Sponge is too weak to even crawl to it. Tyeam carefully rolls him into the pool, and a few seconds later, he comes back out looking better than ever. Jjs and hilaryfan80 return, and Tyeam excitedly tells them that she saved Patty Sponge's left. Jjs reveals that it was actually he and hilaryfan80 who saved Patty Sponge's life, as they found a power cord that when plugged in released the light Tyeam saw that made the pool work again. Tyeam's excitement changes to disappointment once she learns thid.

In the present, Tyeam tells Dennis that being reminded of how powerless she really is has left her feeling depressed. When Dennis finishes Tyeam's soda, however, he realizes that the cold he had is gone. He tells Tyeam this, and Tyeam perks up again knowing that while she might not have healing tears, she has the next best thing: healing spit. Dennis asks for his sunglassses back, and the episode ends.

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25. Bubble Mirror

The episode begins with Tyeam calling Dennis, who tells her he can't hang out due to a Young Assassins meeting. Sensing Tyeam's disappointment, he assures her that they'll be able to hang out more than ever now that school's out. Tyeam doesn't know what a school is, however, due to chronic truancy brought about by being a Bubble Bud and already knowing everything about the Earth. (Except what a school is, apparently.) After Dennis tries his best to explain schools to her, she finds a bunch of desks and books and tries to make a school itself, but without the sweet, sweet government money needed to hire teachers, she despairs that she'll never find someone to expand her knowledge. Jjs overhears her and presents to her a bubble-powered mirror which can tell her the entire history of the bubble race when activated. Jjs tries to activate it, but when it doesn't work, Tyeam asks if school is out, and Jjs says that he guess it is, prompting Tyeam to run outside with the mirror screaming "SCHOOL'S OUT" because why not.

Tyeam bumps into Aya, who's getting tired of her nonsense. Aya tells her to run off with her mirror before Aya goes all John Cena on her, but Halibut says to be nice, causing Aya to grumble as Tyeam walks away with the mirror. She looks into the mirror and sees a truck driving towards her before it changes to Aya grumbling. She looks up and sees the truck, and it stops before it can turn her into a pancake. SOF leans out of the window to tell her to watch where she's going, and then the truck continues on to a rally, where SOF addresses the crowd with his usual unrealistic promises. As Tyeam walks to the rally, the mirror starts showing other recents events, causing Tyeam to make a fart noise with her mouth to see if the mirror will replicate that. Sure enough, it does, and she plays it over and over again at SOF's rally, much to his annoyance.

Later that day, Tyeam is talking with the mirror, which seems to be using past events to respond to her. When she says she's going to show the mirror to the other Bubble Buds, the mirror replays Tyeam saying "No", much to her confusion. She walks to the house to find hilaryfan80, Jjs, and Patty Sponge reading through the books she collected for her "school". She tells the mirror to talk to them, but it does nothing. After a minute or so of coaxing, it finally responds to her, much to the other Bubble Buds' horror. hilaryfan80 tells Tyeam to give her the mirror, but the mirror starts playing Tyeam's "no" on repeat, causing her to run out of the house instead. The other Bubble Buds follow her as she asks the mirror what it wants her to do. The mirror manages to create a visual of Tyeam pulling a bubble out of a mirror. Tyeam turns the mirror around and rips off the bubble attached to it. Suddenly, the bubble turns into crushingmayhem, who promptly attacks the Bubble Buds and swims into the ocean.

26. Bubble Mayhem

As the Bubble Buds return home, Jjs tells Tyeam that she's grounded for disobeying them. Suddenly, Clappy runs up to them and tells them the ocean's gone. They follow Clappy to a crowd surrounding what used to be the ocean. SOF worries that the ocean drying up will lead to a loss of tourism and to him not getting re-elected, so he orders the Bubble Buds to find out what's happening. hilaryfan80 says that this is the work of crushingmayhem, and Tyeam knows what she must do. She goes home, packs her Krabby Patty backpack with supplies, and prepares to leave on the most important journey of her life. On her out, the other Bubble Buds stop, but before she can explain herself, they say they're going with her. Dennis, Clappy, and the sea lion, who are with them, say they're going with her, too.

During their drive in Clappy's van, Tyeam asks Jjs why a fellow bubble would attack them. Jjs reveals that all of the monsters they've been fighting are fellow bubbles who became corrupted, and they trap them in Poké Balls to keep their madness contained. They reach a giant tower made of water, and as Tyeam walks towards it, crushing's voice bellows out, telling her to stay away. Tyeam asks crushing to bring back their ocean, and he refuses. Tyeam starts punching the tower, and then a water clone of her splits from the tower and punches her, sending her back to the van, where the other Bubble Buds are ready to kick some bubble butt.

Water clones of hilaryfan80, Jjs, and Patty Sponge split off from the tower, and as they fight them, the sea lion fights Tyeam's clone. The clone easily defeats the sea lion, so Tyeam goes after it again, this time with Dennis at her side. The water clone bubbles their heads in water, suffocating them, until Clappy drives over it with his van. The water clone retaliates by hurling his van a mile away, breaking Clappy's leg. As she watches the rest of the Bubble Buds fight themselves weary against their own clones and Clappy tend to his broken leg, she tells crushing that she doesn't want to fight anymore. Suddenly, Tyeam's clone throws a water ball at her, and she summons her shield, destroying not only the water ball but all the water clones. She tells crushing that she wants to speak with him face-to-face, and despite everyone's warnings, she enters crushing's tower, where a hand appears and takes her to the top.

crushing asks her why she can't just leave him alone, and she tells him that she needs the ocean back. crushing says he can't give it to her because he needs the ocean tower to get back home. He wishes that his bubble wasn't damaged, because if it was working, getting home would be much simpler. Tyeam remembers her spit power and says that she can fix her gem. crushing asks how, and Tyeam spits into her hands it rubs it all over his bubble, much to his displeasure. The bubble ends up repairing itself, though, and crushing grows wings made of water. He thanks Tyeam and flies home. Suddenly, the tower begins to collapse, and Tyeam starts falling with it. The sea lion then appears, and Tyeam grabs it. Once Tyeam is firmly latched on, the sea lion spits out a bubble and swims into it, appearing back on the ground with the others, who congratulate Tyeam for bringing the ocean back. As they celebrate with the rest of the city, Jjs asks hilaryfan80 what will become of them now that crushing is off-planet. hilaryfan80 says he doesn't know, and the episode ends.

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27. House Guest

jjs, teenj, and Patty Sponge are fixing Clappy's van when Tyeam and Clappy (who now has a makeshift cast over his broken leg) appear. Tyeam apologizes for getting Clappy's van and leg messed up in their latest adventure, but Clappy claims it's no big deal, as breaking his leg was only a slightly more painful experience than watching The Emoji Movie. Tyeam offers to let Clappy stay with with him and the other Bubble Buds until his leg gets better, but the other Bubble Buds are against that idea, and teenj suggests that Tyeam use her magic spit to heal Clappy. Tyeam licks her hand and rubs Clappy's broken leg with it over his objections, but it doesn't work. Tyeam wonders why her magic spit is broken now, and she figures that it's just one of those powers that will only work when the plot calls for it.

Tyeam and Clappy spend the next week having fun with each other, but an important mission forces Tyeam to join the other Bubble Buds at the warp pad when she's in the middle of watching a DVD with Clappy. Clappy is worried about being home alone, so jjs gives him a conch signal he can blow into to alert the Bubble Buds that he needs their help. The Bubble Buds then warp to a giant rock with a crack in it. jjs tries to explain what the purpose of their mission is, but a loud, disorienting noise interrupts him. The noise is from the conch signal, and Tyeam warps back home to see what Clappy wants. Clappy tells Tyeam that he was just testing the conch signal out, so Tyeam warps back to the giant rock to hear jjs' explanation again. Seconds into the explanation, the conch signal again interrupts him.

Tyeam returns home to find Clappy lying on the ground , seemingly dead. Tyeam runs to Clappy swiftly and asks him what happened. Clappy weakly pulls out a jar of mayonnaise and tells Tyeam that he can't open it. Despite feeling smeckledorfed, Tyeam opens the jar of mayonnaise and returns to the giant rock, where jjs finally explains that if the rock breaks open, it'll destroy their universe and every universe that has ever existed, making it crucial that they close that crack. Patty Sponge tells Tyeam to use her magic spit to fix the rock, but Tyeam is unsure if it will work. She rubs some of her spit on the rock, and it does nothing, much to the disappointment of the other Bubble Buds. They warp back home, and when Tyeam goes into the kitchen, she finds Clappy eating a sandwich and listening to Childish Gambino's new album, doing a little dance at the same time. Clappy notices Tyeam, who immediately runs out of the kitchen in tears. Clappy follows Tyeam and hugs her, causing Tyeam to push him off and ask him how long he's been faking it. Clappy admits that her magic spit did indeed heal her leg, and he pretended that it was still broken as an excuse to spend more time with her. Tyeam reveals to Clappy that he made her lose confidence in her abilities and that she can't fix the giant, universe-destroying rock because of that. Before Clappy can apologize, Tyeam tells him to leave and never come back.

Clappy rides a bike to the movie theater and fishes through a dumpster outside of it. Once he finds what he's looking for, he rides back to Tyeam's house, begging her to let him make everything better again. Clappy runs to the warp pad, and Tyeam, realizing what he's doing, follows him. The crack in the giant rock is starting to grow, sucking in everything around it, including Clappy and Tyeam, and Clappy shows Tyeam what he took out of the dumpster, a limited-edition Blu-Ray of The Emoji Movie that a cousin sent him. Clappy sticks the Blu-Ray into the crack just when it's about to suck him up, and miraculously, it works. Clappy is proud to have found a use from that piece of garbage, and also from saving the universe and all of that. Tyeam forgives Clappy for lying to her and possibly screwing up her powers irreversibly, and they leave the house just in time to find Clappy's renovated van, courtesy of jjs, who is happy to give Clappy an excuse to leave him again. Clappy says he should visit more, and the Bubble Buds say he really shouldn't, ushering him into his van and waving goodbye at him with relived faces as he drives off.

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28. Cyber Chase

The Bubble Buds are looking through a group of damaged warp pads to make sure none of them are operational. After it's confirmed that a warp pad is broken, Tyeam places a sticker of a member of the band Boys Who Cry on it. Tyeam asks Jjs where all the warp pads used to go, and Jjs explains that they went to Bubble-controlled planets in other parts of cyberspace. Tyeam says that traveling through cyberspace sounds cool, and Jjs, remembering his own experiences on other worlds, bemoans the fact that he'll never be able to show Tyeam what's really out there. Later that day, Tyeam is outside the house watching a Boys Who Cry music video with Clappy, who is clearly disinterested. Tyeam tells Clappy how much Jjs misses being in cyberspace and asks for help in building a rocket ship to take them back out there. Clappy explains as politely as he can how being qualified to review movies doesn't make him qualified to build space shuttles, but Tyeam doesn't understand, so Clappy reluctantly takes her to a barn his aunt and uncle used to own containing everything they used to build planes.

After spending the night building the greatest spaceship ever built by man ever, Tyeam bring Jjs to the barn and shows him the spaceship, which falls apart as soon as Tyeam sits in it. Jjs looks through the barn and admits that everything they'd need to build a legit spaceship is in there, but going into cyberspace is dangerous and would probably kill Tyeam, but Jjs would finally get to see what he's missed for thousands of years on the other planets, but it would probably breach several national and international laws, but Jjs doesn't care, so he decides to go ahead and build the rocket ship. A montage of engineering feats and stuff blowing up real good follows, and Jjs finally has Tyeam in something resembling a working rocket ship. Upon realizing that they're serious about going into cyberspace, Clappy tries to shut the operation down, but Jjs and Tyeam ignore him. Clappy asks Jjs what's good about "dumb old cyberspace," anyway, causing Jjs to pull out his sword, put it to Clappy's throat, and threaten to end him if he says something that blasphemous again. As Clappy and Jjs argue, Tyeam figures out how to launch the rocket ship, and she flies off, to both Clappy's and Jjs' horror. Clappy yells at Jjs for letting his daughter go to cyberspace without adult supervision, and Jjs, enraged that she left without him, decides to build another rocket ship to follow her in.

Jjs builds the second rocket ship in less than a day because that's just how these shows work. He flies into cyberspace and hops from planet to planet, asking if anybody has seen Tyeam. Everybody answers in the negative, and after a week of planet-hopping, Jjs wonders if he'll ever seen Tyeam again. Jjs ends up on the MLPlanet, which is populated by ponies and unicorns and is one of the few planets around not colonized by Bubbles. Jjs changes his form to that of a pony to blend in, and when he asks another pony if she's seen somebody matching Tyeam's description, the pony says that she has. Jjs asks where Tyeam is, and the pony points to a prison up the hill, telling Jjs that's she's currently being tried for the crimes of the Bubbles that came before her. Jjs gallops to the prison, transforms into a fly, and sneaks into the prison, checking every cell until he finds Tyeam. Tyeam swats at Jjs, but then Jjs reverts to his true form and uses his sword to slice a hole in the wall behind Tyeam. Jjs becomes a pony again, and Tyeam rides him to the spaceship, which they use to travel back to Earth. Jjs apologizes for getting Tyeam lost in cyberspace, and they get together with the rest of the Bubble Buds to marathon the discography of Boys Who Cry.

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remember when i said i would post this on monday

i lied


29. Secret Tyeam

Tyeam is hanging out in Patty Sponge's room when she finds a puddle of tea, which she immediately does a cannonball in. Patty Sponge rebukes Tyeam for soiling the nectar of his homeland and points out some puddles of Coca Cola ("America's tea") for her to jump in instead. Tyeam dives into one of the Coca Cola puddles, and it takes her to Jjs's room, where Jjs is studying a Poké Ball that's pink on both sides. Patty Sponge joins Tyeam in Jjs' room and immediately recognizes the Poké Ball as one that Jelly created. Patty Sponge sneaks up behind Jjs and taps his shoulder, startling him. He asks Jjs where he got the Poké Ball from, and Jjs says that it's none of Patty Sponge's business. Patty Sponge says that if he got the Poké Ball from teenj's Burning Room, it's teenj's business, and horrified as the prospect of teenj finding out, Jjs pushes Patty Sponge away before he can take the Poké Ball from him. Patty Sponge gets ready to throw down, and Tyeam gets between them, grabbing the Poké Ball from Jjs and suggesting that they take it back to the Burning Room before teenj notices. Patty Sponge doesn't want to return the Poké Ball before getting Jjs in trouble, though, so he tries to take the Poké Ball from Tyeam, and Jjs tries to do the same thing, causing the Poké Ball to open and a bunch of severed arms to come out. The arms drag themselves out of Jjs' room, and as Patty Sponge and Jjs watch in horror, Tyeam suggests they report to teenj about it. Patty Sponge and Jjs immediately reject that and decide to form a secret team to get the arms back,,,secretly.

Tyeam gets Jjs and Patty Sponge membership cards to show that they're part of the secret team. The membership cards are really coupons for free pizza at Fish Stew Pizza, but Jjs and Patty Sponge just go along with it so they can start looking for the missing arms. They spend the next few hours finding and trapping the arms throughout the temple, and once they're sure all the arms have been gathered, they stuff them back into Jelly's Poké Ball and give it to Tyeam to put back into the Burning Room. Believing that they've gotten away with the perfect crime, Jjs and Patty Sponge go their separate ways again, much to the chagrin of Tyeam, who wanted to keep the secret team together. Later that day, she visits Wumbo's Fry Shop wearing a Stupid Hat™, and after she orders fries, she gives a long monologue about truth and consequences guaranteed to win her the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Forum-based Parody Series.

Tyeam returns to Jjs' room with Jjs and Patty Sponge already there waiting for her, and when they ask why Tyeam told the both of them to meet her there, she takes out a picture of the Stupid Hat™ and tells them that they need to get the secret team back together to break into the Big Halibutt and retrieve the hat. Patty Sponge and Jjs ridicule the idea of using the secret team to get a hat back, and Jjs reminds Tyeam that the team was assembled to fix a mistake he and Patty Sponge made. Patty Sponge refuses to take any of the blame, however, and they argue over it, eventually tearing up their "membership cards" to signal the end of the secret team. Realizing that she has only made things worse, Tyeam decides to take drastic measures.

Tyeam meets with teenj at Fish Stew Pizza and confesses to everything she, Jjs, and Patty Sponge did. She apologizes and asks teenj what to do to get Jjs and Patty Sponge back into the secret team. teenj has an idea, but it requires him and Tyeam forming a secret team of their own, which Tyeam enthusiastically agrees to. teenj gathers Jjs, Patty Sponge, and Tyeam in Jjs' room again and reveals that he knows about the Poké Ball and who broke it...Tyeam and Tyeam alone. Jjs and Patty Sponge are happy to let Tyeam take the fall for them, and just as teenj is about to punish Tyeam, a giant arm comes out of the ground and grabs him. Jjs and Patty Sponge, who are finding out the hard way that they missed an arm, tries to stop it with their weapons, to no avail. More arms come out of the ground to snatch Jjs and Patty Sponge, and as they get the life squeezed out of them, they admit to being responsible for the arms escaping, apologize to teenj for lying to him, and apologize to one another for being bad friends. Suddenly, the arms release them, and it turns out that they belonged to teenj all along. teenj scolds the two of them for going behind his back, saying the only team they need is the team they're all a part of - the Bubble Buds. Tyeam asks them if they want to go out for Fish Stew Pizza to celebrate another heartwarming moment, and they all tell her "no". Tyeam rips up her last Fish Stew Pizza coupon and makes confetti out of it, and the episode ends.

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has it already been a year

30. Jungle Adventure


Tyeam is with the rest of the Bubble Buds in some magical jungle place. Jjs is about to beam them all home, but Tyeam asks Jjs is she can do it this time. Jjs agrees, Tyeam does a weird face, and they all end up home again. Tyeam is delighted that she suddenly has the power to beam them places, and when Jjs says they have to beam somewhere else, Tyeam begs him to let her do it for them. Trophy (who I'm making Garnet now because idgaf) tells her they're going underwater, so she can't go with them. Tyeam asks if she can tell everyone she's the Beam Queen then, and before Jjs can say no, Tyeam leaves the house.

Tyeam enters the Big Halibutt and announces she's the Beam Queen now. Aya announces she doesn't care. Halibut yells at Aya for being a jerk, which starts a fight. Tyeam wonders how she can end the fight and get her precious donuts, and she remembers she's the Beam Queen now and can just beam their problems away. She offers to send them to an exotic landscape to relax, and they both accept the offer, so she beams them to the jungle place from the beginning of the episode. When Aya realizes she doesn't get cell phone reception in the jungle, she asks to go home, but the beamy pad is gone, and Tyeam doesn't know how to get home without it. Realizing she's stranded, Aya screams so loud that it echos throughout the jungle, and then she jumps Tyeam, forcing Hal to intervene so Aya doesn't kill her.

Tyeam attempts to reassure Hal and Aya by telling them of the pioneer Bubble Buds who got out of foreign landscapes just like this one by using not their powers but their smarts. Tyeam notices a rock on the ground with moss on one side of it and tells Hal and Aya that moss always points to civilization. Aya says that if moss is telling Tyeam to go one way, she's going the other way, since she no longer trusts Tyeam. Tyeam tries to stop Aya, but she and Hal are forced to follow her deeper into the jungle. Several days later, they're still walking, with only water and fish from the occasional river to keep them alive. As Aya cooks fish over a fire, Hal compliments her on her cooking, and for the first time, Aya doesn't completely hate being there. She and Hal get closer as the days turn to weeks, and Tyeam begins to wonder if they'll ever get out of this mystic jungle. Suddenly, she finds something that inspires the most hope she's had in days, and when she goes by the river to tell Hal and Aya what it is, she finds them making out. Aya yells at Tyeam for walking up on them without any notice, but Aya quickly forgives Tyeam after Tyeam informs her that she found something that would take them all back home.

Tyeam brings Aya and Hal to a giant rock many steps away, and upon seeing it, Aya prepares to beat Tyeam up for wasting their time again. Hal stops Aya, though, and asks her to just listen to Tyeam, for Hal's sake. Aya doesn't protest. Tyeam climbs onto the rock and tells Aya and Hal how the pioneers used to ride rocks like these through the universe. Aya tells Tyeam that this is too stupid for her to take seriously and asks Hal to come back to the river again with her, but Hal is already on the rock with Tyeam. Hiding her jealousy, Aya walks in the direction of the river without Hal, and a few seconds later, she gets run over by the giant rock Hal and Tyeam are on. Tyeam tells Aya that it's her last chance to get onto the Jungle Express, and Aya grumbles as she climbs onto the rock with them. A few minutes later, they're back home. Tyeam laments that she can no longer call herself a Beam Queen, but she's happy she was able to use something other than magical bubble powers to save people. As Aya and Hal reopen The Big Halibutt, they agree that what happened was spur of the moment and shouldn't be addressed for a few more seasons. As they all go their separate ways, the episode ends.

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31. Keep SpongeOdd City Odd


Jjs is relaxing on the porch when Tyeam shows up, being chased by different-colored versions of herself. Jjs asks her what's going on, and the Tyeam clones, who sound exactly like Trophy and Patty Sponge, tell her that they're playing Tyeamtag, a game Tyeam made up where she tags another Bubble Bud and they turn into her. To show Jjs how it works, Tyeam tags him and orders him to turn into her, but he refuses. Realizing they're out of players, Tyeam sadly ends the game, but Pattyeam makes sure to get get one more tag in by punching Trophyeam in the arm, who responds by knocking Pattyeam into the ground under their elevated house, which forms a large crater.

Tyeam is walking to Wumbo's Fry Shop when she notices WhoBob standing by a dumpster with a metal detector. Tyeam asks WhoBob what's up, and WhoBob says that information is classified and she needs special clearance to access for it. Tyeam asks for the clearance, and WhoBob, surprised she didn't simply call him crazy like everyone else, grants it to her. WhoBob explains that he's investigating mysterious goings-on in SOFCity, all of which he records in his blog, "Keep SOFCIty Weird". He says nobody, including his family, believes in what he does, but he believes that he's uncovered a conspiracy that goes all the way to the mayor's office. Tyeam asks him what it's about, and WhoBob asks her if she believes in vampires. She says that of course she does, and WhoBob reveals that vampires are currently working on a plan for global domination, and SOFCity is at the center of it. Tyeam gasps.

WhoBob opens his blog on his phone and shows Tyeam everything weird he's discovered in the city so far, starting with tiny holes in the side of Wumbo's Fry Shop he believes came from vampire fangs. He tells Tyeam that vampires use sporting events, elections, and SpongeBob message boards to divide humanity, making it easier for them to swoop in and establish control with little organized resistance. He claims they're already in control of SOFCity, and they're using it as a breeding ground for more vampires. Once they have sufficient numbers, they'll set their plan into motion, and there will be little anyone can do to stop them. Tyeam asks how she can stop them, and WhoBob says all she can do right now is spread the word, twit his blog on Tweeter and post it to Instabook and Facegram. If the people are prepared, they may be able to stop the vampire menace yet.

Tyeam runs home and finds Jjs, Patty Sponge, and Trophy watching the newest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race,on the couch. She informs the other Bubble Buds of what WhoBob just told her, but none of them believe it. She pulls up WhoBob's blog on her laptop and asks how the holes got into the side of Wumbo's Fry Shop if vampires aren't real. Jjs tells Tyeam that the holes probably got there from when they were fighting the tiny drill monsters in Mermaid Mania. Patty chimes in that that was her favorite adventure, and Trophy says he doesn't remember it. Tyeam continues scrolling through the blog and asking about each weird occurrence, but Jjs explains how they're responsible for each and every one of them. Tyeam gives up halfway through the first page, knowing now that they are to blame for all of SOFCity's weirdness.

Tyeam walks out of house dejected and notices WhoBob inside of the crater Patty Sponge just made outside. She approaches WhoBob, who tells her the vampires must have left this crater, and Tyeam asks him how he knows that. WhoBob raises a Ziploc bag containing a slice of tomato, and he says that tomatoes are red, just like the thing vampires love most: blood! Tyeam tells WhoBob that Patty Sponge made that crater and the tomato probably came from his ear or something while he was playing Tyeamtag. She tells WhoBob that the Bubble Buds are responsible for everything he thinks the vampires are doing, and vampires might not even exist. WhoBob is horrified by Tyeam's blasphemy, and he says that when he's finished making a cast out of the bottom of the crater, he'll prove once and for all that what he's saying about vampires is true.

When WhoBob finishes the cast, he finds that it looks exactly like Tyeam, and he realizes that everything he ever believed was a lie after all. He walks back to Wumbo's Fry Shop, just as dejected as Tyeam is now. Tyeam checks WhoBob's blog again at home later that day, and it now has a message saying it's getting shut down for being fake news. Tyeam feels bad for ruining WhoBob's hopes and dreams, but Jjs tells her not to worry about some lunatic losing faith in his conspiracy theories. Tyeam decides she'll worry anyway, and then she decides to set things right.

At Wumbo's Fry Shop, Cha notices WhoBob looking super duper depressed as he takes out the trash, and Cha tries to cheer him up by asking if he's seen anything weird lately. WhoBob simply responds "no" as he heads to the dumpster, and then Tyeam, dressed in the sexiest vampire costume she could find, jumps out from behind the dumpster, to Cha's delight and WhoBob's terror. Tyeam says she's here to kill WhoBob for uncovering her conspiracy, and WhoBob immediately tasers her in the neck, knocking her out. Tyeam wakes up in the attic of Wumbo's Fry Shop, and though her vision is blurred, she hears WhoBob telling Cha how excited he is to dissect this vampire he's found. Tyeam tries to move, but she's tied to a chair, and when she tries to talk, she realizes there's tape over her mouth. Suddenly, the other Bubble Buds break in, just as Tyeam's vision begins to clear. They beat up WhoBob and rescue Tyeam. On the way home, Jjs tells Tyeam she's grounded, and Tyeam says she wouldn't have it any other way. WhoBob, realizing the Bubble Buds have been in league with the vampires all along, promises to Cha that the fight isn't over, that he'll keep going, and that he will defeat them. Cha says "whatever" and helps WhoBob out of the basement to tend to his wounds.

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32. Conjunction Junction


One day, Tyeam is in her room watching The Office with Dennis when Dennis' mother calls him and asks to speak with Tyeam's parents. Not wanting to reveal that Jelly gave up her physical form to create Tyeam and Clappy reviews movies for a living, Dennis begs Tyeam to have one of the Bubble Buds impersonate her mother. They go downstairs and find Patty Sponge on the couch, so Tyeam gives Patty Sponge the phone and asks her to pretend she's Tyeam's mother. Patty Sponge does her best impersonation of an American accent while calling Mama Dennis, and she and Mama Dennis hit it off immediately. After several minutes of talking, Mama Dennis invites Patty Sponge and Clappy to dinner with the Dennises, and Patty Sponge happily accepts. When she gives Dennis his phone back, Dennis is horrified at the prospect of taking a British person and a professional movie critic out with Tyeam and her parents, and Tyeam thinks of ways to take Patty Sponge out while making her Britishness less obvious. At that moment, Jjs walks into the room, and Tyeam gets the idea to have him and Patty Sponge "conjugate" into Jjsponge, which would allow Patty Sponge to come to the dinner without having to use a fake accent all night. Jjs corrects Tyeam by telling her the right term for what they do is "fuse", and then he reminds her that fusions should only be done when one of the Bubble Buds' lives are at stake. Dennis then points a gun at Jjs and tells him his life will be at stake if he doesn't fuse with Patty Sponge, and Jjs doesn't need any more convincing after that.

Dennis and his parents are waiting outside of an upscale restaurant for Tyeam and her parents. Just as Mama Dennis starts complaining, Tyeam, Clappy, and Jjsponge appear, and a waiter escorts them to their table. Papa Dennis asks Clappy what he does for a living, and he says he's a construction worker before winking at Tyeam. Papa Dennis tells Clappy how happy he is to hear that Clappy is doing man's work and not something "a sissy would, such as review movies". Before a furious Clappy can respond, Tyeam stuffs his mouth with breadsticks. Mama Dennis asks Jjsponge what she does, and Jjsponge says she works for the American government, because she's an American. Mama Dennis laughs and then tells Jjsponge how happy she is that Tyeam comes from a family as normal as theirs. Dennis can't believe how well the night's going so far, and after the waiter brings them their drinks, he orders a burger and fries. Jjsponge tells the waiter, "Bring me a fish and chips, good sir!", in Patty's British accent, and Mama Dennis looks at them suspiciously. Jjsponge tries to walk it back, but the stress of the situation causes Jjs and Patty Sponge to unfuse, much to the horror of Dennis and Dennis' parents. After a long silence, Tyeam says as innocently as she can: "Did I mention my mom was a conjunction?"

Mama Dennis tells Dennis he can no longer hang out with someone who has "freaks like those" for parents, and Clappy, who has finished eating his breadsticks, says that at least his kid doesn't murder people for a living. Mama and Papa Dennis, who had no idea about Dennis' profession, stare at him coldly. Mama Dennis asks Dennis how many people he's killed, and though he's reluctant to answer at first, he eventually says, "A few...dozen." Mama Dennis realizes her family is just as screwed up as Tyeam's, and she apologizes to Tyeam, Clappy, Jjs, and Patty Sponge. She also tells Tyeam that she can still hang out with Dennis as long as Dennis promises not to murder any more people. Dennis promises his mother that he won't, but he has his fingers crossed behind his back as he does so. They spend the rest of the night eating and laughing, and the episode ends,

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33. Teenj's Universe


One day, teenj warps into the house with a Poké Ball and looks around for Tyeam, who's crouching on a beam above him and snickering. She then jumps on teenj's awesome afro and screams "Tyeam Bomb!" teenj pulls her off his afro and laughs with her as the Poké Ball floats around. Tyeam asks teenj what he did today, and teenj tells her to guess. We're then sent to The Wubbulous World of Tyeamwork as she imagines what teenj spent the entire day doing.

teenj, now a puppet in a strange animated world, bounces around in a forest, eventually meeting a frog puppet who looks just different enough from Kermit the Frog to keep us from getting sued. The frog asks teenj if he knows what happened to his girl Lady Hog, and a few seconds later, a thicc (and I mean THICC) pig puppet flies over them, establishing that this world is so weird that pigs literally fly in it. Unfortunately, she's so heavy that the strings attached to her break, causing her to fall to the ground hard. teenj and the frog run to her to see if she's okay, but she's already turned into a plate of ham. Realizing that this Wubbulous World has gotten too dark, teenj and the frog begin planning an escape, and they find a portal with a bright yellow light coming out of it carved into one of the nearby trees. Before they can enter the portal, however, a monster who resembles the puppet Animal appears and jumps in front of the portal before roaring "NO ESCAPE!" The frog croaks (bad pun but yeah it's dead af), and teenj, after burying his friend, vows to avenge him. He pulls out a sword and challenges the monster to a duel. The monster smirks at the sight of this puny man challenging him, and he accepts.

teenj and the monster become fully animated before leaping high into the sky. teenj strikes the monster with his sword, but it simply causes his sword to shatter in two, The monster laughs, then teenj punches it in the face, causing it to roar again. The monster swings at teenj, but teenj avoids every punch and manages to land a punch of his own as the monster recoils. The monster scratches teenj with its claws, leaving a nasty scar on his face, and before teenj can respond, the monster knees him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to drop back into the forest. Seconds after teenj hits the ground, the monster hits the ground behind him, ready to finish him off for good. teenj reaches into his pocket and pulls out a picture of himself and Tyeam, devastated that he'll never get to see her again. As the monster jumps into the sky again, preparing to defeat teenj with a diving elbow drop, teenj remembers something else he brought with him: a can of spinach. teenj opens the can and lets the spinach fall into the mouth. Just as the monster is about to land on teenj elbow-first, teenj grabs the monster, spins it around, and throws it head-first into the tree beside the one with the portal, turning the monster back into a puppet, but a smaller, less terrifying puppet. teenj then captures the monster in a Poké Ball and strolls through the portal with it.

Back in the normal world, Tyeam finishes her story by saying how it's about how the most powerful magic out there is friendship or something like that. teenj confirms that that's exactly what happened, and when Tyeam exclaims, "Really?", teenj responds "No".

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34. Watermelon Tyeam


One day, Tyeam and Clappy are chilling outside of the movie theater and eating watermelon. They're spitting seeds at movie posters when Clappy decides to turn it into a game, taking turns with Tyeam to see who can spit their watermelon seeds the farthest. After Tyeam wins that, Clappy changes his mind and says they're actually competing to see who can spit seeds the coolest. Tyeam wins that, too, so Clappy gives up and crowns Tyeam the Watermelon Queen, but not before they get seeds everywhere around the movie theater. Tyeam sleeps on her chair with a crown carved out of watermelon sitting on her head, and when she wakes up, she sees fully grown watermelon everywhere. As she looks closer at the watermelon, she realizes that the watermelon looks exactly like she does!

The other Bubble Buds come to the movie theater to investigate, and they figure Tyeam inherited Jelly's ability to turn plants into sentient life forms, even though the watermelon aren't doing anything. Tyeam gets the idea to sell the watermelon as "Watermelon Tyeams", and even though everyone agrees it's a stupid idea, she does it anyway. Tyeam sets up a watermelon stand on the beach, and Aquatic Nuggets immediately approaches her to ask her if she has a license for her business. Tyeam says she doesn't but offer Aquatic Nuggets a watermelon, and Nuggets chastises her for assuming he likes watermelon because he's black, before grabbing a watermelon and walking away. More people start coming to buy watermelon, and a few hours later, Tyeam is all sold out of her Watermelon Tyeams. As Tyeam prepares to close up shop, Hayden appears from under the stand and seems to imply that he wants a watermelon. Tyeam tells Hayden that she's all sold out of them, but Hayden points to the watermelon on her table, which she refuses to sell cause it's hers. Hayden steals it anyway cause that's kind of what he does, and Tyeam chases him. Just when Hayden starts to lose Tyeam, he feels the watermelon start to move in his arms, and when he looks down at it, has angry eyes. The watermelon punches Hayden in the face, jumps out of his arms, and reunites with Tyeam. Tyeam is shocked to find that the watermelon is alive, and she realizes the rest of the watermelon must be alive, too, which means she just committed the unethical and very illegal act of selling people.

Tyeam spends the next several hours finding the people she sold her watermelon to, and the last person she approaches is Nuggets, who is now convinced that Tyeam is racist after not only assuming he likes watermelon but selling all the watermelon off as slaves right after. Nuggets threatens Tyeam with prison if she ever does something like that again, and Tyeam apologizes first to an annoyed Nuggets and second to an even more annoyed Watermelon Tyeam. Tyeam returns home with all the sentient watermelon and wonders what she will do next. Clappy drives by and asks Tyeam if she wants to see a movie with him, and Tyeam says she only will if she can bring her new friends. Clappy is reluctant at first, but he eventually agrees to bring Tyeam and the sentient watermelon back to the theater with him, and Tyeam, Clappy, and the watermelon fill the theater as they watch the newest Big Guys with Even Bigger Guns movie. They spend the rest of the night sleeping in front of the theater, and Tyeam wonders if this is how she'll be spending every night for the rest of her life. The watermelon all rot a week a later, and Tyeam spends the night burying them as Clappy, who still doesn't completely understand what's going on, helps her. When they're finished, Clappy asks Tyeam if she wants to spit watermelon seeds again, and Tyeam gives him a dirty look. Clappy says it was a worth a shot, and the episode ends.

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35. Sea Lion 3: Straight to Netflix

One day, Tyeam and her sea lion are at the Big Halibutt. As Tyeam looks for a coffee to pair with her order, she notices a bunch of paper bags with Halibut's name written on them sitting on the bottom shelf. She asks Hal what the bags are for, and Hal reveals that his mother has been sending him lunch since he opened the shop several months ago, despite him not being interested and not liking any of the food. Tyeam asks if she can bring some of the food home with her, and Hal tells her to take as much as she wants.

As Tyeam eats one of Hal's sandwiches, she wonders what kind of lunches Jelly would have made her, and she feels sad that she never got to know what Jelly was like. That night, the sea lion sleeps in Tyeam's bed despite Tyeam specifically telling it not to. Unable to wake the sea lion, Tyeam snuggles beside it and goes to sleep. A few hours later, she dreams that she's underwater, but unlike her other dreams, this one feels real. She realizes she's awake and drowning, and she cries for help before Jjs pulls the sea lion off of her. Jjs asks her why the sea lion was on top of her, and Tyeam tells him that it's not what he thinks. Jjs asks Tyeam what she thinks he thinks, and Tyeam is too confused to respond. She then asks Jjs what he's doing in her room, and Jjs says he goes in there to watch her sleep sometimes...most of the time...all of the time. Thoroughly weirded out, Tyeam forces Jjs and the sea lion out of her room before returning to bed and to sleep.

A few minutes later, Tyeam is underwater again, and upon waking up and finding the sea lion back on, Tyeam yells at it before carrying it out of the house and locking the door. The sea lion starts wailing while looking at Tyeam in the most cute way possible, and Tyeam starts to feel bad for it. She goes outside to apologize, and the sea lion hugs her, sending her back underwater. This time, Tyeam notices something glowing in the distance, and she swims towards it while holding her breath. She realizes that the glow is surrounding various objects that used to belong to Jelly, including a VHS tape that Tyeam grabs out of curiosity before realizing she's drowning again. Tyeam desperately swims back to where she came, and right before she loses consciousness, she sees her front porch. About an hour later, she wakes up to the sea lion licking her face, and she feels the VHS tape in her hand. She returns to the Big Halibutt, where Halibut has one of the few remaining VHS players in America set up in the back. They put Jelly's tape in, and a video of Clappy on the beach starts playing. After several minutes of him playing the guitar and doing awful impressions of movie characters, Jelly turns the camera around and speaks to Tyeam directly about how Jelly will always be inside of her, the part of Tyeam that loves herself and loves the universe and loves her friends. She tells Tyeam to "take care of them" before Clappy shouts her name off-camera, and the video ends just as Aya walks into the room. Hal and Tyeam, who are holding hands and crying, quickly separate, and as Tyeam walks out with the tape, Aya asks Hal what they were watching. Hal tells Aya it is isn't what she thinks, Aya asks Hal what he thinks she thinks, and the episode ends.

36. Warp Tour

One day, Tyeam and the Bubble Buds are returning from a mission in a giant flower garden when Tyeam, who's allergic to pollen, can't stop herself from sneezing every two seconds. As they warp back home, Tyeam accidentally sneezes herself out of the warp stream, and she sees something fly through another warp stream beside them. Teenj pulls her back into their warp stream before she can get a closer look, and when Tyeam tells the Bubble Buds what she saw, none of them believe her. That night, Tyeam is attempting to go to sleep, but every time she closes her eyes, she sees the creature in the warp stream, forcing her to open them again. Patty Sponge walks into her room drinking tea, causing her to jump. Patty Sponge tells her that she was only there to offer her some tea, but Tyeam declines it. Patty Sponge asks her if she's still thinking about what she saw in the warp stream, and Tyeam says he is, so Patty Sponge tells her a story about growing up in the UK at the height of the British Empire. Patty Sponge, like Tyeam was kept up at night thinking angry colonists would break into her room and kill her, but it would never come to pass. She asks Tyeam if that story made her feel any better, and she says it didn't. Patty Sponge shrugs, drinks more tea, and leaves the room.

Tyeam spends the night hunting monsters around the house with a bow and arrow she borrowed from Dennis. After the sun comes up, Tyeam is sitting in front of the door, bow and arrow ready to strike, and she finally starts to fall asleep before Jjs taps her shoulder and a startled Tyeam shoots an arrow into his chest. Jjs simply says "Ow," and Patty Sponge, who's coming out of his own room, laughs at him. Jjs asks Tyeam what's going on, and Tyeam tells him she couldn't sleep because of what she saw in the warp stream. To reassure Tyeam, Jjs takes her to every single place she warped to, and there's nothing out of the ordinary at any of the warp destinations. When they return, Jjs admonishes Tyeam for acting so crazy, but Tyeam still believes in what they saw, and they fight over it. She leaves Tyeam alone in front of a broken warp pad that used to go to the Bubble Buds' home world, and minutes later, a shiny metal ball flies through the ceiling and lands in front of the warp pad, astounding Tyeam. Metal arms come out of the ball, and it uses the arms to drag itself onto the warp pad, but not wanting to lose the proof that she was right, Tyeam jumps on it just as it warps through space. Tyeam sees dozens of similar balls floating around them, and they start to attach themselves to Tyeam before she breaks away from them, floating in the middle of space herself with one of the metal balls in her arms. Just as she's about to die, another warp stream appears behind her, and Teenj grabs her from inside it.

Teenj takes Tyeam and the metal ball back to the house, where Jjs and Patty Sponge are waiting for them. Jjs apologizes to Tyeam for not believing her, and Tyeam takes them back to where she founds the original metal ball. Suddenly, the ball in her arms grows legs and jumps away from her, joining a bunch of other metal balls that have surrounded the warp back that goes to the home world. The Bubble Buds are shocked not only to find the metal balls there but to find that they're fixing the warp pad. Once they're finished, somebody spawns on the warp pad, and Teenj grabs Tyeam and he and the rest of the Bubble Buds hide. The person on the warp pad is none other than Renegade the Unicorn. After Renegade does some routine maintenance, she notices a hair pin Tyeam left by the warp pad, and she calls somebody higher up to tell them the site has been compromised. She then warps away, alarming the Bubble Buds. Tyeam asks them what's going on, but the Bubble Buds are too focused on trying to fix what has become a bad situation. Teenj destroys the warp pad, and the episode ends.

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Has it been two weeks already? Here's ten episodes. JCMovies crossover coming tomorrow.

37. Alone Together

As Tyeam teaches Dennis how to dance, Tyeam and Dennis accidentally fuse, forming TyeamAssassin. When they show the Bubble Buds their new body, Jjs isn't a fan, but Teenj loves it, and he tells them to go have fun with their new fusion. They go to a rave, and they're the center of attention with their beautiful dance moves, but some loser tries to make them dance with him, and the Dennis part of TyeamAssassin is so annoyed that he's prepared to kill him, forcing Tyeam to unfuse with him before he gets them both sent to prison. The loser is so disturbed by what he saw that he finally leaves them alone, and the episode ends.

38. The Test

Tyeam finds out that the mission in Krabby Patty Backpack was a test of her ability to join the Bubble Buds on missions (a test she failed miserably) so she demands a new test.

39. Future Vision

Tyeam learns that Teenj can see into the future and becomes paranoid about the possible dangers around her.

40. On The Run

One day, Patty Sponge decides that she's flying back to the UK, and as Tyeam tags along, Patty Sponge tells her about her origin as a weapon in the original Bubble Buds' planned colonization of Earth.

41. Horror Club

Tyeam goes to the lighthouse to watch scary movies with WhoBob, Hal, and Aya. After watching their movies, she reveals her own: a vampire movie so messed up and violent that, after the movie is over, the other three agree never to invite Tyeam to the lighthouse ever again.

42. Winter Forecast

Tyeam has to try and get Dennis back to his place before a blizzard hits SOFCity, and Teenj shows her some future outcomes before they depart.

43. Maximum Clapacity

While cleaning out Clappy's storage unit, Tyeam and Patty Sponge get distracted watching episodes of The Office on Tyeam's new phone.

44. Marble Madness

When droids from space descend towards warp pad zones, Tyeam and the Bubble Buds attempt to find out their purpose.

45. Jelly's Scabbard

Jjs takes Tyeam to a special place that belonged to Jelly after Sea Lion finds the scabbard for Jelly's sword.

46. Open Book

When Dennis is upset by the ending of Game of Thrones, Tyeam has to hunt down George R. R. Martin to get him to quickly finish the book series before Dennis takes his frustration out on the show's writers.

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47. Tyeam Visits the SpongeBob Community School While the Grim Reaper Plays Unfitting Music

(One day, Jjs is in the living room working on an invention. Tyeam walks out of her room and yawns.)

Tyeam: What are you doing, Jjs?

Jjs: I'm building a transportation device that should protect us when Renegade the Unicorn comes back.

Tyeam: We're just going to flee?

Jjs: You don't know the powers that we're dealing with, Tyeam. If we're unable to stop Renegade, we need a Plan B.

Tyeam: I'm not leaving all my family and friends behind!

Jjs: You can make new family and friends on whatever planet we go to.

Tyeam: No!

(Tyeam runs up to the device and kicks it. Suddenly, the lights on the machine start to blink.)

Jjs: What did you just do?

Tyeam: I...don't know.

(Suddenly, the device disappears, and Jjs and Tyeam disappear with it. They reappear on a table in the back of Wumbology's science class at the SpongeBob Community School. Goobz is pointing a scalpel at them with his mouth agape.)

Goobz: Mr. Wumbo, that frog I was supposed to dissect just turned into Principal Jjs and some girl I assume is his mistress!

Tyeam: (blushes) Mistress?

Jjs: Tyeam, he's pointing a weapon as us! Use your shield!

Tyeam: Got it!

(Tyeam's bubble expands to surround her and Jjs as he pulls out his sword.)

Wumbology: Whoa! I thought we weren't allowed to hit students anymore, Jjs! Cutting Goobz into pieces is a little bit worse than hitting, I would imagine!

Tyeam: Wumbo? Why aren't you at the fry shop?

Wumbology: Why would I be at a fry shop? I've been on a diet for months!

Jjs: Who are all these children and why are they poking amphibians with tiny swords?

Goobz: You're not Principal Jjs!

Jjs: I'm Jjs, but I'm not the principal of anything.

(Tyeam pulls a squished frog out from under her.)

Tyeam: Gross!

Wumbology: Whoever you two are, I have to ask you to leave, since you're disrupting class.

Jjs: We'll happily go as soon as we get our transportation device. (looks around) Where's the transportation device?

Wumbology: Wait, transportation device? Throw away your frogs, everyone! Class is cancelled!

(The students throw their frogs in a trash can and leave the room.)

Wumbology: Tell me more about this transportation device.

Jjs: Do you think you can help us find it?

Wumbology: Well, I'm the smartest person at this school, so if anyone can help you find it, I sure can!

Jjs: I built the device to help us escape from an evil being if we need to.

Wumbology: Yeah, evil beings are super annoying. Well, since you obviously aren't our Jjs, you must be another Jjs, possibly one from a parallel universe.

Jjs: I meant for the device to send us to other planets, not other universes! Tyeam kicking it must have done something to cause it to malfunction.

Wumbology: And it could be anywhere in this universe or not even in our universe at all.

Jjs: So, how do you intend to help us find it?

Wumbology: Well, I imagine the machine must be causing quite a stir wherever it landed.

(Patty Sponge runs into the room.)

Jjs and Tyeam: Patty Sponge?

Wumbology: Yeah, she's the vice principal at our school in this universe.

Patty Sponge: What in the bloody hell is going on? Why did you cancel class?

Wumbology: Patty Sponge, meet Earth 2-Jjs and...his mistress right?

Tyeam: I'm not his mistress, and I have a name!

Wumbology: Sure. Do you know if any strange machines landed near here, Patty?

Patty Sponge: None that I know of, but pretty much all of the strange goings-on in this city will reach the ear of Mayor SOF eventually.

Tyeam: SOF is the mayor here, too?

Wumbology: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

(Wumbo drives Tyeam and Jjs to Mayor SOF's office. sblover is standing in front of the door.)

sblover: Stop! What brings you here?

Wumbo: My friends are from another universe and need SOF's help to get back home.

sblover: Do you know how many people we get every day from other universes? You'll have to do a lot better than that.

Wumbo: C'mon, man. Help a fellow Canadian out.

sblover: The only Canadian I'm here to help out is Mayor SOF.

(SOF comes out of the office.)

SOF: What's going on, eh?

sblover: These three were just on their way out.

Tyeam: No, we weren't.

SOF: Since they're here, I'll allow them to speak.

Wumbo: (bows) Thank you, mayor. I'm humbled by your gratitude.

Jjs: (confused) Do they do that for every mayor in this universe?

sblover: (bowing) Just the Canadian ones.

SOF: Get up. Tell me what you have to say.

Wumbo: O great and honourable mayor, have you heard of any strange devices landing in your city recently?

SOF: (scratches chin) I did get a call from Shinya's restaurant about something flying through his ceiling. Trying to get city funds to rebuild it. Isn't that funny, sblover?

sblover: (laughs) That is funny! It cracks me up!

Jjs: I don't get it.

(Wumbo kicks Jjs.)

Wumbo: (whispering) You know, if I did this to our Jjs, I would have gotten fired.

Jjs: (whispering) Do that to me again, and I'll drive my sword through you.

Wumbo: I like our Jjs better!

Tyeam: Come on! Let's go!

(Wumbo drives Tyeam and Jjs to shinya's restaurant. When they walk inside, they see JCM mopping the floors.)

JCM: Jjs! Are you here to give me my job back?

Jjs: Who's the fat kid?

Wumbo: That's JCM. He used to be one of my students. He isn't very smart.

JCM: Hey! I heard that!

Wumbo: I didn't mean that as an insult. It's simply an objective fact, like the world being round.

JCM: (scoffs) If the world was round, why doesn't it spin like a hamster wheel when I run?

Jjs: Hey! Stupid kid!

JCM: Yeah?

Jjs: What happened to the device that crashed through the ceiling?

JCM: Shinya told me to look after it while he went to buy more fish.

Tyeam: Where is it now?

(JCM takes the transportation device out of his backpack.)

JCM: Say, jjs, when did you get a mistress?

Tyeam: Screw you!

JCM: (gasps) Language!

Wumbo: (chuckles) I say worse things than that every day in class.

JCM: If this belongs to you guys, take it and get your potty mouths out of here!

(JCM gives the transportation device to Jjs, but after studying it for a few minutes, he sighs.)

Jjs: There's not enough fuel in here to take us back home. It wasn't designed for a round trip.

Wumbo: What do you need?

Jjs: An ounce of weapons-grade plutonium, probably. You have that in this universe?

(Wumbo pulls the collar of his shirt.)

Wumbo: We have it, but it's not exactly easy to get.

(JCM takes an ounce of weapons-grade plutonium out of his backpack.)

JCM: Only one?

Wumbo: What in the name of SOF? Why do you have weapons-grade plutonium in your backpack?

JCM: Do you really want to know the answer to that?

Wumbo: No. Never mind. Forget I asked.

(JCM gives the plutonium to Jjs, and he puts it into the teleportation device.)

Jjs: Goodbye, Earth-2 Wumbo.

Wumbo: You're Earth-2. We're Earth-1.

Tyeam: Who even decides that?

JCM: I thought Earth-1 was the universe where we all meet each other through a SpongeBob message board.

Wumbo: (pauses) You're an idiot, JCM.

(Suddenly, the Grim Reaper barges into the restaurant wearing a top hat and holding a cane sideways.)

Grim Reaper: (singing) Hello mah baby, hello mah honey, hello mah ragtime gal!

Jjs: Does he do that a lot?

JCM: Yeah.

Jjs: Okay, bye!

(Jjs turns on the teleportation device, and he, Tyeam, and the device disappear. Back in their living room, they find Patty Sponge looking under the couch cushions.)

Patty Sponge: I know they've got to be in here somewhere!

Tyeam: Hi.

(Patty Sponge jumps then turns around.)

Patty Sponge: Tyeam! Jjs! I found you!

Jjs: (rolls eye) Congratulations.

Patty Sponge: Sherlock Sponge does it again! If you excuse me, I'll be drinking some celebratory tea.

(After Patty Sponge walks into the kitchen, Jjs turns the teleportation device off and starts heading back to his room with it.)

Tyeam: I'm not running away.

Jjs: When the time comes...you're not going to have a choice.

(Jjs goes into his room and Tyeam sits on the couch, reflecting on what has just happened. Patty Sponge soon sits on the couch beside her, sipping tea.)

Patty Sponge: Wanna talk about it?

Tyeam: No.

Patty Sponge: Oh, bol-

(The End)

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48. Shirt Club

One day, Tyeam designs a logo for Clappy's new movie review site,  but she's unsure if it's good enough to show to him just yet. She shows it to he Bubble Buds, but none of them like it very much. Teenj recommends that she add a flaming cat to it, and when Tyeam asks why, Teenj says that flaming cats are cool. She goes to the Big Halibutt for a second opinion, and Halibut tells her the design is cool after glancing at it for a moment. ExKizuna, who's currently eating with Aya, interrupts Halibut to say that the design isn't cool and that he should know because he's one of the coolest kids in town. Ex shows Tyeam a shirt he designed with a cat wearing sunglasses as proof of how cool he is, and Tyeam asks, "What if the cat was on fire?"

Ex is blown away by how cool that idea is, and he invites Tyeam to his Shirt Club to spitball more ideas with him. Aya, who had spent the last 20 minutes trying unsuccessfully to get Ex to invite her to his Shirt Club, storms off in a jealous rage. Halibut threatens to fire her if she leaves on the job again, but she ignores him. That night, Tyeam and ExKizuna make dozens of shirts in ExKizuna's basement. Tyeam wonders how they'll sell the shirts, and ExKizuna says with a michievous grin that they won't.

The next day, they bring a t-shirt cannon to the Aquatic Arcade. Aquatic Nuggets warns them not to shoot t-shirts outside his place of business, and ExKizuna responds by shooting a t-shirt into his mouth. Aquatic Nuggets goes gangsta on Ex, and 20 mintues later, Ex is sitting outside of the arcade with Tyeam, a black eye, and a broken arm. Ex apologizes to Tyeam for being reckless, and he says he only behaved that way because he secretly had a crush on Tyeam and wanted to impress her. Tyeam says "Really?" and Ex says "Nah". They go their separate ways again, and the episode ends.

49. The Message

One day, Clappy and Tyeam are watching a movie together when they hear a screeching noise coming from Tyeam's house. Tyeam returns home to find the Bubble Buds unsuccessfully trying to quiet the Wailing Stone, the device Patty Sponge showed her all the way back in episode 19. They believe somebody is trying to send a message to them from space, but the message's signal is too advanced for the Wailing Stone to deciper. Tyeam thinks the message coming from the Wailing Stone isn't audio but video, and she believes that Clappy would be able to get it working with all of his video equipment. The Bubble Buds are skeptical, but they agree to seek Clappy's help.

In Clappy's apartment, Clappy connects the Wailing Stone to his television and messes with the inputs until none other than crushingmayhem is speaking to them on the television screen. crushing says the Bubble Homeworld is very advanced now, and he warns the Bubble Buds that not only will Renegade return to Earth, but he'll be bringing someone with him. He tells the Bubble Buds not to fight, as it will only lead to them and their planet getting destroyed. Jjs and Patty Sponge are distressed at the news, but Teenj is calm, simply acknowledging that the message works now. Jjs thanks Clappy, and after the Bubble Buds leave, Tyeam and Clappy watch another movie, and the episode ends.

50. Political Power

One day, Jjs is testing his transportation device again, but this time with an alternate (and much more legal) source of energy: the city's power grid. The first time he runs it to transport himself across town and back, the power grid is so overwhelmed that it shuts off, cutting off power to every other house in the city. The next morning, Mayor SOF visits to tell the Bubble Buds to knock off whatever they're doing this time. Though he usually tolerates their antics, the power outage has been causing some of the people in the city to consider not re-electing SOF, which of course is unacceptable. Jjs tells him that the power will be back on tonight at the earliest and never at the latest. Mayor SOF threatens to start passing resolutions that limits what the Bubble Buds are allowed to do in the city, and not wanting to move, Tyeam promises to help Mayor SOF get the power back on.

As Mayor SOF drives around the city promising that the power will be back on by tonight, he tells Tyeam, who's driving with him in the passenger's seat, that he lies to his citizens to ensure they feel safe and feel listened to when they are in fact unsafe and hardly, if ever, listened to. When Tyeam returns home, she overhears the Bubble Buds talking about what they heard from crushing, but they change the subject as soon as they notice Tyeam. The next morning, the power isn't on, and since it's a lie Mayor SOF isn't able to cover up like his other ones, the people start rioting. Tyeam confonts the Bubble Buds, asking what about Renegade makes them so worried, and they say that he's modern bubble with modern powers. and that alone makes him the most powerful adversary they'll ever have. Tyeam tells them they'll be more powerful than Renegade and whoever comes with him, and as they hug, the power turns on in every house in SOFCity.

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51. The Return

One day, Tyeam and Clappy are eating at Wumbo's Fry Shop, and as Tyeam tells him everything Renegade is capable of, Clappy asks her if she's sure that what she's doing with the Bubble Buds is worth all of the life threatening danger. Before Tyeam gets a chance to respond, the city shakes, and they notice a vibration coming from a giant hand in the sky pointing right at them. They meet the Bubble Buds outside of Tyeam's house, and they have Jelly's Jammin' Cannon pointed at the hand. They tell Tyeam to say the thing, and she says, "If nobody screwed up, we wouldn't have Movie 43," causing Beatles music to play as the Jammin' Cannon fires a laser at the hand, which easily blocks it. They take out more Jammin' Cannons and shoot more lasers at the hand, but none of them have any effect. Clappy asks them what they should do now, and Jjs says it's time for Plan B, heading back inside to get his teleportation device. Tyeam grabs one of his legs, saying that she won't leave the city, and Jjs tells her that if they fight the Homeworld Bubbles it would destroy the city and everybody in it anyway. Teenj suggests a compromise: they evacuate SOFCity then fight the Homeworld Bubbles.

To get the evacuation started, Tyeam calls Mayor SOF, who's panicking about the giant hand in the sky. She tells him they need to evacuate the city, and Mayor SOF decides to hold a campaign rally in the middle of the city telling everyone how important evacuation is, while doing nothing to actually help them evacuate. Tyeam runs back to the Bubble Buds, and she finds them packing her items into Clappy's van. Tyeam is hurt at first, but the Bubble Buds assure her that her job is to keep the citizens of SOFCity safe, the job she inherited from her mother. After thinking on it for a moment, Tyeam agrees, and she gets into the van with Clappy going around town and rounding up whoever she can.

As they drive out of the city, Clappy accidentally reveals that Homeworld Bubbles were there before, thousands of years ago, and that Jelly, Jjs, Patty Sponge, and Teenj were originally there as conquerors, not as allies. As Jelly bonded with the people of Earth, including and especially Clappy, she realized what the Homeworld Bubbles were doing to the planet was wrong, and she started a rebellion to drive them out. The rebellion led to massive loss of life for both sides, and Clappy is terrified at the prospect of something like that happening again. Tyeam realizes that she has to go back, and she tells Clappy that if he doesn't drive her, she'll find another way to return. Clappy refuses to turn the van around, and Tyeam punches the glove department in frustration, which sets off the airbag, which sets off her shield, which flies out the window with Tyeam inside it.

Clappy runs out the van to make sure Tyeam is okay after she rolls down a hill and pops her bubble shield. Tyeam reiterates that she has to go back home and protect the Bubble Buds, and Clappy, understanding how fruitless it is to try and stop her, simply tells her to be careful. Tyeam tells Clappy to make sure everyone is safe, and as she wonders how she'll return home, her sea lion shows up just in the nick of time. She jumps onto the sea lion and rides it back into the city for the biggest fight of her life. She tries to call Dennis on her new phone, hoping to hear his voice one more time if she doesn't get out of SOFCity alive, but he doesn't pick up. When she finally reaches the Bubble Buds, she finds Jjs and Patty Sponge fused into Jjsponge and shooting giant arrows at the hand, to no avail. The hand begins to hurtle towards the Bubble Buds, and they close their eyes, expecting this to be the end for them. Suddenly, the hand stops just a few inches away from them and opens, revealing a bubble inside of it. The bubble expands and transforms into Renegade and his partner in crime, 4EverGreen.

Tyeam catches up to the Bubble Buds just as Renegade and 4EverGreen get off their hand-ship. 4EG, who has crushingmayhem behind him as prisoner, expresses disappointment that he won't get more of a challenge on this planet. He orders Renegade to blast them with the ship, and crushing, who notices Tyeam but is committed to remaining neutral, doesn't say a word in protest. The other Bubble Buds scold Tyeam for disobeying their orders and tell her to leave before she gets herself killed, but she refuses, telling them that SOFCity is their home and she won't let them destroy it, that the Bubble Buds are her friends, and she won't let them destroy them. Jjsponge unfuses just as the giant hand rises in the sky, preparing to blast them. Tyeam runs in front of them and activates her shield, absorbing the energy of the blast to 4EG's astonishmest. 4EG orders crushing to explain why he didn't mention that Tyeam had Jelly's power before, and crushing said it wouldn't have violated his oath of neutrality to tell him, causing 4EG to slap him. 4EG tells Renegade to fire more lasers at the Bubble Buds as he confronts Tyeam. Teenj avoids the lasers as he tries to stop 4EG from taking Tyeam, but 4EG taps him with a sword that causes him to break into multiple pieces, to the horror of Tyeam and the other Bubble Buds. 4EG reveals that he fought against Jelly the last time he visited Earth thousands of years ago and respected Jelly's tactics, but her cloaking herself as a human child is simply pathetic in his eyes. He knocks Tyeam out, and the episode ends.

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52. Jailbreak

One night, Tyeam wakes up in a prison cell, but instead of bars, it's protected by an electromagnetic field. Tyeam gets past the field easily, and as she looks for a way out of the prison, she notices a boy crying in another cell, The boy, unlike Tyeam, is unable to get past the field, so Tyeam helps him through it. They hear singing from another cell, which alarms the boy. The boy runs towards the singing voice, and Tyeam follows him. On the way, they pass the cell crushingmayhem is in. Tyeam offers to help him out of the cell, but crushing refuses the help, saying it would violate his oath of neutrality. Tyeam asks crushing how he can stay neutral when one side is clearly more evil than the other, and crushing responds that there are "fine people on both sides". Tyeam gives up on trying to get crushing to come to his senses and continues following the boy.

Tyeam is unable to find where the boy went, but she hears the singing again nearby. She finds that the song is coming from another boy in another prison cell, and when she asks the boy what his name is, he says "J12". Tyeam helps J12 out of his cell, and they reunite with the first boy soon-after, who reveals that his name is 6teen. Tyeam says that there was a show with that name a long time ago, and 6teen tells her not to remind him of that. 6teen and J12 kiss and do a dance before fusing into Teenj12. Tyeam is flabbergasted that the revelation that Teenj is a fusion, and when she asks if she made a good impression, Teenj tells her that they already love her. They hear 4EG raging at the fact Tyeam isn't in her cell, and Teenj kisses her on the forehead to give her the ability to see where Jjs and Patty Sponge are. Teenj tells her to get the others and go to the control bridge while he takes on 4EG. Tyeam asks Teenj if he'll be able to stop 4EG alone, and Teenj smiles before saying he's never alone.

After Tyeam leaves, 4EG finds Teenj and makes fun of him for fusing again, saying that even the abilities of the two of them combined can't surpass his. Teenj, newly energized, beats up on 4EG as Tyeam rescues Jjs and Patty Sponge. Renegade tries to stop them as they reach the control bridge, but Patty Sponge and Tyeam beat up on him as Jjs takes control of the ship. Though Teenj defeats 4EG, he wrecks the ship's engines in the process, and he runs to the control bridge to let Tyeam, Patty Sponge, and Jjs know. Tyeam activates her shield, which puts a bubble around the four of them as well as Renegade just as the ship crashes and explodes, killing 4EG and crushing, much to Tyeam's dismay. The Bubble Buds congratulate Tyeam for saving the world, and Renegade, who found 4EG and the rest of the Homeworld Bubbles too imposing anyway, decides to join the Bubble Buds (and Tyeam) in keeping Earth safe from any corrupted bubbles and unfriendly alien visitors they encounter.

Mayor SOF gets another term, Tyeam grows on her way to becoming a Bubble Bud herself, and everybody lives happily ever after.


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