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  1. I always get "Slimy Dancing" and "I ❤️ Dancing" confused.

  2. I think I finally finished my lil drawing for 20th anniversary of yellow square,it’s a good number I’II guess 


  3. Which SpongeBob episode would you show to a first time viewer?

  4. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

  5. Getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Wish me luck

  6. Can it rain already? It'd make for a nice cool change from the unbearable summer heat.

  7. does anyone ever get the feeling where you have a family that acts like garbage to you half of the time and you have three health issues bothering you and your sleep schedule is bad and you can't go to school at all and you won't become successful and you're not talented at anything so to avoid thinking about it you eat and drink sugary stuff while listening to music and you're crying inside 

  8. that moment when you see one of your classmates in the news and it says they're missing and might be in danger

  9. Went into anaphylactic shock for the first time a bit ago, but I'm fine now.


  10. how the hell is can't stop the feeling still in the top 40 my god just go away

  11. okay married to money is def the best s9 ep

  12. My fan got broken and my computer got thrown into the floor just because i wanted to eat bread instead of rice...

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