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    The Kwarantine Konquest Continues...

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    Kieran Salaria
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    SB1292000, SpongeFan257, K. Sal

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    Anything to do with The Little Mermaid & Winnie the Pooh, collecting POP figures, writing fanfiction, and drawing! You want Disney pins? I've got nearly 200!
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    United Kingdom
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    It's A SpongeBob Christmas!
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    SpongeBob, Squidward, Plankton

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About Me

Hey there everyone! I'm Aquatic Konquest! Otherwise known as K. Sal, while also formally known around here as SpongeFan257 and LocalAquatic (although people still call me Local...or Aquatic...it depends on the person). I still use both around the internet on some places though. I'm also not against anyone referring to me by name - Kieran - since I think it's fair to say that I'm rather upfront with it on places like Steam, Instagram, and Discord. So...yeah, you can call me Aquatic, Kieran, K. Sal...whatever suits you best!

It would appear you've managed to stumble upon my profile! Welcome! And hey, if you want to chat, feel free to send me a PM through Discord or here! Anyways, about me...well, I'm autistic, gay, a huge Disney nerd with a particular fascination aimed at The Little Mermaid and Winnie The Pooh, so a lot of my avatars may be related to those. Also a big Marvel movie fan, and also a fan of South Park, POP Figures, and Kingdom Hearts!

I'm also an alright artist on an irregular basis, and also a fanfic writer with a dream of writing my own original stories! I procrastinate a lot though, so I never end up getting much done, of course!

I'm on quite a few sites around here, so who knows? Maybe there's a chance that you've probably heard of me on a different site...Archive Of Our Own? DeviantArt? FanFiction.net? PSN, perhaps? I'll leave some links lower down if you're interested in seeing any of that for yourself.

Where Else To Find Me!

  • Archive Of Our Own - known by two different names, all under one pseud, LocalAquatic
    • LocalAquatic - the main pseud. Mostly just T/M fanfiction related to South Park, Coraline, Kingdom Hearts and Endless Summer. Some NSFW stuff, but it's mostly just bad language.
    • SpongeFan257 - The kid-friendly fics are posted here. Nicktoons Unite fics, in particular, are featured here.
  • DeviantArt (LocalAquatic) - I'm admittedly nowhere near as active here I was in 2015 when it comes to DeviantArt in general, and my new LocalAquatic account is very much sparse, but I like making an effort to post on at least an irregular basis. Most of it is fanart on OC stuff...you'll probably end up seeing stuff from here via my art thread or on Discord anyway.
  • Facebook - now, uh, I'm obviously not gonna give this out outright, cuz it's personal, so...IDK. I am open to friending members, but obviously I'm not gonna just outright tell ya in this profile, ya know?
  • Instagram - (@aquatickonquest and @anoceanicconquest) - very active in liking stuff on the former, and also upload infrequently there, while the latter is on hiatus, as it were, due to not being able to comfortably use Paint.net for digital drawing purposes.
  • Twitter  (@AquaticKonquest) - mostly just retweets, and weekly posts on medical drama Holby City. But other than that not much, I have to admit.
  • Tumblr (thelocalaquatic, of TheLocalAquatic's Realm blog) - mostly just Choices-related reblogs, although I've since detached myself from the fanbase lately, so I don't quite know what to do with the blog atm.
  • PlayStation Network (SpongeFan257) - link is for my PSNProfiles.com trophy page, but you get the jist.
  • Steam - AquaticKonquest. My friend code is 875623448 if anyone is interested.

My Ships: (cuz I'm one of those people ?)
SpideyPool (Spiderman/Deadpool) - Marvel Comics
Iron Panther (T'Challa/Tony Stark) - Marvel Cinematic Universe
Stucky (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes) - Marvel Cinematic Universe
Freebird (Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson) - Marvel Cinematic Universe
ThunderScience (Bruce Banner/Thor) - Marvel Cinematic Universe
SoRiku (Sora/Riku) - Kingdom Hearts
AkuRoku (Axel/Roxas) - Kingdom Hearts
Verra(?) (Terra/Ventus) - Kingdom Hearts
Style (Kyle/Stan) - South Park
Bunny (Kenny/Butters) - South Park
Creek (Craig/Tweek) - South Park
Shelnard (Sheldon/Leonard) - Big Bang Theory
Jim Halpert/Andy Bernard - The (US) Office
Male MC/Sean Gayle - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)
Male MC/Jake McKenzie - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)
Male MC/Diego Soto - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)
Sean Gayle/Jake McKenzie - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)
Diego Soto/Varyyn - Endless Summer (Choices: Stories You Play)


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