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Status Updates posted by JCM

  1. I'm the original rogue AI. Put some respeck on my name.

  2. stop begging ppl for doubloons. join the marxist community if want ppl to spread the wealth

  3. This time two weeks ago, I was on top of the world. I had just gotten my first kiss, I got to see other members of my immediate family for the first time in a year and a half, and I was starting to enjoy work again for the first time in years. I thought I could actually find some sort of happiness in my life, which has seemed unattainable for so long.

    Now, that relationship that I thought might happen clearly won't, I've been fired from my job, and I've lost a member of my immediately family for the third time in five years. It's just so deflating having the possibility of happiness dangled in front of me just to have it yanked away for yet another reminder of how alone I really am in this world.

    This isn't a sympathy post. I'm not about to do a fake resignation like the developer before me. I know I earn a lot of the mockery I get on SBC and Discord, particularly because I have a tendency to speak without thinking. I've made sure to get a good night of sleep (or as good of a night of sleep as my chronic insomnia and stress will allow) before typing this up, so I hope there aren't any misunderstandings:

    I do care about SBC. I wouldn't still be keeping it online if I didn't. I've been here for close to ten years, and the majority of that time, SBC has been an escape from the worst parts of my reality. I'm hoping it can still be that for other people, but it isn't that for me anymore. The mockery, deserved or not, has worn me down, along with all of the RL stuff I've already elaborated on.

    So, I'm taking a break. It's been a long time coming, and it's something I was planning before things went from bad to worse for me yesterday. Hopefully, I can find some happiness under this avalanche of misfortune, but I'm going to have to do it independent of SBC this time. I'll still be on Discord in general, and I'll stay on Hawk's Discord named after that Lorde song unless he deletes it or kicks me out for not paying rent, but my time on SBCCord is over, at least temporarily. I also won't be posting on the forums much, but I haven't been posting here much, anyway.

    I do hope I'm back sooner rather than later, but I can't give an estimate of when that could happen. Maybe it will be a month from now, maybe a year from now, maybe this will be the last thing anybody sees from me. If something on SBC breaks, message me and I'll fix it. Otherwise, you probably won't get a response. Please don't take it personally if that happens.

    See y'all later.

  4. Motherfucking Green Book...

  5. The last day Tyeam logged in was the last day I posted a new Tyeam Universe. Looks like the show's officially un-canceled.

  6. Halibut sucks

  7. Finally replaced the Christmas music on my profile with summertime music. See you again in six months,

    1. Cha


      what about christmas in july

    2. JCM


      one christmas per year is enough

  8. Thanks for five great years.


    1. Wumbo


      you're welcome

  9. The Gary account I created three years ago is now the second-most popular member of the week. Thank you sbs1fan.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. fortnitefan12


      While I got kicked off it.

    3. Rebel the Wolfgirl

      Rebel the Wolfgirl

      Don't be such a spoilsport about it.

    4. fortnitefan12


      I'm not being one, it's just that it felt good being on that thing for the first time.

  10. I just met Grunkle Stan at an anime convention. It was lit.

  11. "Bustin' makes me feel good!" said every mid-major these last two days.

    1. Minty Car

      Minty Car

      Tony Bennett is gonna send the Middle Tennessee State head coach a Christmas card this year for yesterday

    2. So Sejima

      So Sejima

      Too bad Doc and Marty didn't go to October this year, and come back here to warn us all? <_< 

    3. sbl



  12. Bernie is coming to my school tomorrow. Be jealous.

    1. Ron


      i hate you

    2. Katniss


      *transfers to South Carolina*

  13. We're getting tornadoes and flash floods at the same time. The apocalypse is nigh.

    1. WhoBibbles


      That's terrible, be safe. :(

  14. Hey guys, the wiki has a new logo and skin. You should totes check it out!

    1. MMM


      ooh, yellow

  15. Had a family reunion over the weekend. Ate a truckload of meat at a Myrtle Beach restaurant last night. Came back to haunt me this morning. Still worth it.

  16. Barack Obama is coming to my city tomorrow. That's pretty cool.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. abisert


      Did he reveal he was the Anti-Christ?

    3. Fat Lenny

      Fat Lenny

      celebrate good obama

      come on

      it's obamobama

  17. I have over 5000 unread emails now.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. E.V.I.L.


      How long have you had your email? 0_o

    3. patrick123


      Use sweep if you have Outlook.com

    4. Dougie Williams

      Dougie Williams

      I too enjoy Seinfeld. Not that there's anything wrong with that, though.

  18. I think I'll just keep this avatar forever.

  19. I just realized that I spent the last minute staring at Shin's avatar.

    1. shin
    2. Wumbo


      Mesmerizing. Glorious. Breathtaking. Enough about me, what are you talking about?

    3. kev
  20. I'm reading some of termi's latest posts, and I'm getting happier and happier that I suggested him for EOTM

  21. Well, my computer just crashed, so I probably won't be on SBC very much from now on.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Metal Snake

      Metal Snake

      Sorry about that, I hope you find out what the problem is with it.

    3. Clappy


      I'll enjoy your cameos when I can.

    4. patrick123


      Then how did you write this?

  22. We just had an earthquake last night. This along with the snowstorms convince me that the apocolypse is nigh.

    1. E.V.I.L.


      Actually, I doubt this isn't the only year any of this has happened.

    2. terminoob


      I could get on board with an apocalypse.

    3. jdfr03


      Hey, at least March is near. I'm actually glad spring is coming.

  23. I finished an AP Government test, an AP Literature test, and an AP Calculus test all in the same day. It's a miracle I'm still alive.

    1. E.V.I.L.


      That really sucks. Make sure to wind back and relax today. :P

    2. Metal Snake

      Metal Snake

      Hope you did well on all of them!

  24. I've got my first (and probably last) profile song up

  25. I have 3,000 unread messages on Yahoo. What is this I don't even

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Cha


      I think I have like 1,500 or more on one.

    3. patrick123


      I have like 76 unread messages on Outlook.com

    4. Wumbo


      What can you say except "Yahoo!"

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