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    Holy crap lois, remember that time when I joined SBC 10 years ago today (still technically the 15th where I live) fuckin wild, mang
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    Oh? What's this? Art after years of absence? Hi I'm back, and I'm super tired, it's almost 5 am and I've lost control of my life! HERE'S SOME DOODLES! Also my shiny new icon!
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    i feel such a sense of relief and light today
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    I decided to get this cool application called Rainmeter, since it allows me to customize my desktop.
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    I'm a white redneck and I can personally say that Trump did nothing for me, my life only changed a little bit and it was for the worse. Everything is so much better under Biden though. I feel respected - which I never do when republicans are involved.
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    JCM Kills a Bill (Clappy walks into his history class with the anthopomorphic bill from Schoolhouse Rock.) Clappy: Hey, everyone! Since we've been talking about US politics, I brought in a special guest! Bill, introduce yourself. Bill: (singing) I'm just a bill. Yes, I'm only a bill, and I was languishing on Capitol Hill... (Clappy is nodding and snapping his fingers.) Bill: (singing) When a bunch of fucking assholes came to burn the place down. I was barely able to escape from all of those clowns. And that's how I ended up in here! (imrustyokay raises his hand.) Bill: Am I supposed to...call on him? Clappy: Yeah, that's generally what we do. imrustyokay: What exactly do you do, bill? Bill: I make healthcare free for all Americans. imrustyokay: So you have no chance of ever becoming a law? Bill: Pretty much. (JCM runs into the classroom.) Clappy: JCM, what are you doing here? JCM: I was sent by Mitch McConnell! He told me that a socialist bill escaped the Capitol, and I needed to bring it back so it could be put out of its misery! (The bill grabs imrustyokay and puts a knife to his throat.) Bill: Don't come any closer! I refuse to meet my demise to the Grim Reaper! (The Grim Reaper strolls into the classroom.) Grim Reaper: Did somebody say my name? Bill: I wasn't talking about you! Get the fuck out! Nobody likes you! (The Grim Reaper leaves the room sadly.) Clappy: Come on, bill. You're a talking piece of paper. You know nobody can take what you're doing seriously. Bill: You're one to talk, you Hamburger Helper-looking motherfucker! Clappy: The fuck did you just call me? (Clappy takes out a lighter.) Bill: Put that thing anywhere near me and the kid dies! imrustyokay: (crying) Please do what the bill wants! Clappy: (puts lighter away) Okay, what do you want? Bill: I want a ticket to Canada! They fuck with socialized healthcare up there! (Clappy nods to JCM, and JCM hurries out of the room.) Clappy: That it? Bill: Yeah, that should do. (JCM returns minutes later.) JCM: One free ticket to Canada! (The bill snatches the ticket out of JCM's hands while still holding imrustyokay.) Bill: Hmm...seems legit. (The bill drops a terrified imrustyokay and leaves the classroom.) imrustyokay: You...you're just going to let that monster walk free? JCM: Of course not! That ticket to "Canada" is actually going straight to Washington, D.C.! (Hours later, the bill walks into the Washington Dulles International Airport.) Bill: Wait a minute...I know this place! (A turtle approaches the bill, licking its lips.) Bill: Mitch! Please! Don't! Turtle: Don't worry, bill. You won't feel a thing. Bill: You're lying! Turtle: Okay...you'll feel it a bit...but I don't give a fuck. (The bill tries to run away, but the turtle extends its tongue like a frog's and wraps it around the bill. The turtle then pulls its tongue back into its mouth and swallows the bill.) Turtle: (burps) The deed is done. (The turtle looks around at the people staring at him in the airport.) Turtle: The fuck are y'all looking at? (The End)
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    Part one of the finale. Here we go. 38. World’s End I From above Shipwreck Cove, the pirate ships are shown gathered outside the island. A tense atmosphere fills the area, as everyone prepares for this battle. They’d be lying to themselves if they claimed to all be unafraid, but would try to suppress that fear. Pirates sharpen their swords, clamber over their ships, and make ready for sea. The pirate ships sail off, with Shipwreck Island close in the background. The Eclipse Pearl is shown, as it joins the Empress, and the many collected pirate ships, ready for battle. The other Pirate Lords are on board their individual flagships, rallying their crews. “The Company’s tyranny will end today!” Ahmed the Corsair yelled to his crew on board their ship, the Gemi, who cheer. “My brave camarades, you fight not just for me, but for all of the Brethren! Make this count!” Capitaine Pierre shouted to his crew on board their ship, the Fancy, who cheer. “Fight like the warriors you are, and we shall be victorious, my loyal crew!” Mistress Zhang shouted to her crew on board their ship, the Lo Shun, who cheer. “You all better make me and our home proud! Everything before this was an ensayo, this is our real performance!” Vasco de Garcia shouted to his crew on board their ship, the Centurion, who cheer. “We will show them all what we are capable of!” Sri Sameer shouted in the high pitched voice to his crew on board their ship, the Kalvari, who cheer. “They will regret crossing into our territory, and when we have them defeated, we’ll cut out all of their tongues!” Gentleman Jabari shouted to his crew on board their ship, the Ranger, who cheer. Charles Teagan and his crew are on board their ship, the Troubadour. “Make me proud, Macky boy. Let’s see what ya learned over the years.” Charles said, looking out at the Eclipse Pearl. Charles then looks out from the ship at Sheryl, who is on board her stolen ETC ship. She is looking around with a sense of unsureness. She is starting to have second thoughts about joining in on this. Many other pirate groups command various ships, including the ones Casterfel gave away. Natalie is on board one of them, as she blows a kiss to Shelly from the distance, who blows one back. Treasure looks out from the Pearl’s quarterdeck, on a railing, at the seas before it. They are waving mildly, but it senses they will become violent soon. It knows the upcoming battle would change the fate of the seas forever. On the Pearl’s deck, Skrum peers ahead, into fog-shrouded waters. Out of the fog, a single, large ship appears: The Endeavor. “The enemy is here! Let's take ‘em!” Skrum yelled. Blood-curdling screams as pirates yell their approval in a strong, loud, and confident manner. “AYE!” They shout out all at once in a crowd. However, Higgs is not as ecstatic. “Only one ship? Something ain’t quite right there, lads…” Higgs said, suspicious. “Uh, guys…hate to rain on your parade but…” Mara was saying under the shouting, looking out at the seas. Suddenly, more ships appear…then more ships…and even more ships. With each ship revealed, the yells of the pirates grow less certain. The fog clears, revealing the huge armada of the Eastern Trading Company and Ludwigian Royal Navy vessels. Every manner of ship, hundreds of them poised and ready for battle. Pellaeon’s fleet is gathered in the crowd, with the Providence out front leading that division. Pellaeon, Maggie and Pearson look out from the Providence’s deck at the sights before them. “I’ve never seen so many ships for one battle before…” Maggie said in awe, surprised. “This could be the day we end piracy forever.” Pearson said happily. “We can never truly end piracy forever, the ideology will live on even if we sink this entire fleet. But this attack will certainly pause on their pursuits and send quite a message to the rest of the world. If all goes in our favor, of course.” Pellaeon said realistically. “With all due respect admiral, our ships outnumber them by large. There is no feasible way we could lose.” Pearson pointed out. “Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?” Maggie asked. “Strength may not always be in numbers, as ideal as it sounds. Strategy and outsmarting your opponent is the key. They may be unorganized pirates, but we have learned many times by now not to underestimate them, especially Stark. You recall the last time we encountered him. Who knows what magic trick he has to pull out of his sleeve this time…” Pellaeon reminded, thinking back to how Mack cleverly escaped the Providence’s attack using the crystal in “The Notorious Mrs. Stark.” “What sort of trick do you think he’s capable of pulling off here?” Maggie asked. “That’s what we’re about to find out. One certain fact is that this is going to be the most interesting battle I’ve ever participated in. Surprise me, Stark.” Pellaeon said quaintly, ready to observe. The pirates compare the two fleets. They realize the pirate armada is feeble in comparison, even after the ships they gathered. “…Oh.” Mack said flatly, but not surprised. Mara looks out to see Sheryl’s ship is leaving the battle, sailing off as fast as it can. She has decided to bail, seeing the odds are not in her favor here. She turns around at the wheel, waving at the Eclipse Pearl from the increasing distance. Charles also spots this, not saying anything. “Sorry son, but I know a lost fight when I see one! Hopefully you and your father both live to fight another day, luv!” Sheryl yelled out, and turns back around. She did genuinely hope Mack and Charles would be okay deep down, but did not want to stay around regardless. If they wound up dead, she’d rather not see. “Captain, I think your mom has bailed…again.” Mara noticed. “In fairness, that will be the least surprising twist of today’s events.” Mack said, not caring as he expected that to happen. In the sea ahead, the Cursed Bones rises up through the water to lead the fleet. Melching and his crew looks out from the Bones’ deck to the Endeavor. On the Endeavor, Lennett lowers his spyglass. Gravel and Mayfield stand next to him. Lennett had dreamed of this day for decades. He had finally reached his ultimate goal, now only mere feet away from his grasp: the eradication of all pirates. “Well played again, Mack. And what's your next move?” Lennett pondered to himself. The pirate ships are unsure how to respond now, as they did not prepare for the numbers. “I warned them this would happen, and they did not listen! Now we are doomed!” Pierre said panicking, having second thoughts again. On the Eclipse Pearl, nothing but silence fills the air after seeing the armada. Lotton's scallop swoops down, wheels past and flies the hell out of there, heading back for the island. Lotton looks at it annoyed, but unable to say anything to call it back. All eyes turn to Mack, eyes belonging to angry pirates, all armed. “What the hell do we do now, Stark? We’re no match!” Duncan argued. “We can’t give up hope yet! I’m sure he has a good plan!” Shelly argued. “Indeed, tell us, Mack. What be your plan now, if ye have one?” Bedossa asked him annoyed. “…Parlay?” Mack thought, shrugging; it may be worth a shot, or not. Bedossa tries to hide a smirk. Treasure looks at Mack and nods at him. Mack wonders if it understood what he just said, and is not sure what to make of that, but stranger things have happened, so he decides not to question it. If Treasure thinks it’s the right thing to do, then he decides it may work. Juliet then approaches him. “I may have an idea.” Juliet suggested to him. “…I’m listening.” Mack replied curiously, as the two decide to talk this over in private. “I’d like to know too.” Higgs said, overhearing, and wanting to be in the loop again after Mack’s neglect lately. “As my First Mate, yes, you do deserve to know this. My apologies for keeping you out of the loop recently, I hope this amends that.” Mack said, allowing Higgs in on the plan. “Ya did what you had to to stay alive, I can’t be mad for that, especially since it got us here.” Higgs said, forgiving. "I'd like in on this plan too." Mara said, sitting on a crate, who overheard them. "Stop doing that, woman!" Mack said, startled. "I suppose it won't hurt." Juliet shrugged. Juliet begins to discuss the plan with the three. A sandbar is shown in the distance, a sparkling white strip of sand. Mack, Juliet and Bedossa are walking away from a longboat beached on one side, toward a second longboat on the other side. The three captains near to three others on the other side: Lennett, Davy Jones and Sawyer. Jones is standing in buckets of water, which he had used to get around his "cannot visit land" restriction. A trail of them is seen behind, which he hopped into to get there. They meet in the center of the sandbar, agreeing to the parlay meeting. They regard each other in silence. Bedossa looks at Davy Jones with a rare sense of dread, thinking about how he bested him in the sword combat. Juliet looks at Sawyer with disappointment, silence and pity. Mack tries to avoid looking at anyone. Jones looks at Mack, wanting to say something about Treasure but knowing he cannot in front of Lennett. Bedossa decides to break the silence. “You be the cur that led these wolves to our door.” Bedossa said to Sawyer angrily, who says nothing. “Don't blame Turner. He was but the tool of your betrayal. If you wish to see its grand architect, look to your left.” Lennett replied. Juliet, Bedossa and Mac the sea monkey look over at Mack. Mack looks to his left, too. “…Me? My hands are clean in this. Figuratively.” Mack replied. “My actions were my own doin’, to my own purpose. Mack ain’t had nothing to do with it.” Sawyer replied. “There! Listen to the tool.” Mack suggested. “Sawyer, I've been aboard the Bones. I understand the burden you bear. But I fear that cause is lost.” Juliet said regrettably. “No cause be lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it.” Sawyer replied. Sawyer's eyes shift toward Mack. Juliet clocks it, and glances at Mack. She calculates. “If Turner was not acting on your behalf, then how did he come to give me this?” Lennett asked. He holds up Mack's compass. That convinces Bedossa. “You made a deal with me, Mack, to deliver the pirates…and here they are. Don't be bashful; step up and claim your reward.” Lennett replied. “And what reward does such chicanery fetch these days?” Bedossa wondered. He tosses the compass to Mack, who catches it. "That." Mack said happily. “Not that, Mack. Your freedom. When the cannon smoke clears and the Brethren are slaughtered, off he sails to safety on the Pearl.” Lennett theorized. “Even if that was my plan, and I'm not admitting to anything, there’s not a tinker's chance of it coming off anymore.” Mack replied, knowing he has to see this through to the end to save Treasure. “There never was.” Lennett replied. “Your debt to me must still be satisfied. One hundred years in servitude aboard the Bones...as a start!” Jones said angrily. Juliet reacts to the mention of the Bones, and she realizes what Mack is after. A glance at Sawyer. Sawyer gives the slightest indication: yes. “That debt was paid.” Mack replied, then looks to Juliet again, “With some help.” “You escaped.” Jones replied. “A technicality.” Mack replied. "And I will not be giving you Treasure as payment, either." Jones' tentacles flinch upon hearing that name; Lennett was not supposed to hear that. Bedossa and Sawyer take note of this. "What type of 'Treasure' are we talking about, if I may ask?" Lennett asked curiously, looking at Jones. "Oh, did he not tell you? He really wants my magical slug which I call Treasure, like that Valek fellow did. Seems like you two have some communication problems to work out for your partnership, if I may suggest." Mack replied casually. Jones says nothing. Mack loved driving a wedge between the two. "Your suggestion will be looked into after this 'parlay' is done." Lennett replied kindly in a sarcastic way, and keeps glancing at Jones; he suspected this is what he was hiding from him. “There's no better end for Mack Stark than bilge rat aboard the Cursed Bones. I propose an exchange. Sawyer leaves with us…and you can have Mack.” Juliet bargained. “Done.” Sawyer replied. “Undone!” Make argued. “Done.” Lennett agreed. “Juliet, love, you're condemning me. Again.” Mack sighed, putting on a good act to trick Lennett and Jones. “I learned from the best.” Juliet said happily, and Mack once again can’t argue with that. Perhaps he taught her too well, but as long as this worked out, he could not complain. “Mack is one of the nine Pirate Lords. You have no right!” Bedossa argued, surprising himself that he is standing up for Mack. “King.” Juliet reminded, overruling him and smiling smugly. Bedossa frowns, then realizes: Mack is up to something. Mack doffs his hat. “As you command, your majesty.” Mack replied. He starts to cross to Lennett, when Bedossa grabs Mack's shoulder and whirls him around even as he draws his sword. “Blaggar!” Bedossa shouted. Mack evades, but not quite. Mack’s circlet coin drops to the sand. Mac the sea monkey scurries to pick up the coin. Mack raises his eyes to Bedossa. The two men regard each other. “If you be sayin’ something, I might be sayin’ something as well.” Bedossa replied. “First to the finish, then.” Mack shrugged. Sawyer and Mack complete the cross, changing sides. Jones shoves Mack down. “Do ye fear death?” Jones asked him quaintly. “You have no idea.” Mack replied grimly. “Advise your 'Brethren': you can fight, and all of you will die. Or you can not fight, in which case only most of you will die.” Lennett replied. “You murdered my father.” Juliet said to him angrily. “He chose his own fate.” Lennett replied callously. “And you have chosen yours. We will fight…and surely you will die.” Juliet replied confidently. “So be it.” Lennett replied, not fearing her. Juliet and Sawyer turn away. Mac the sea monkey drops the coin into Bedossa's hand. Bedossa contemplates it, closes his fist, and follows. Juliet and Sawyer are still tense, with their backs exposed. “…King?” Sawyer asked, wondering what he missed. “Of the Brethren Court. Or Queen, if you prefer. Courtesy of Mack.” Juliet explained. Sawyer is impressed. “Maybe that fool really does know what he's doin’ after all…” Sawyer realized. Lennett, Jones and Mack walk away on the opposite end of the sandbar. Lennett looks to Jones, thinking about what Mack let slip earlier. “So, you have been obsessed with that sea slug too, then. Very unwise.” Lennett confronted to Davy Jones. “Not anymore.” Jones replied, after thinking over what Ava Dalmas told him in the brig. “Good. I would not want an unnecessary distraction ruining this battle. As I have said before, I have no interest in magical sea slugs, and neither should anyone in the fleet. But you still lied about this to me, which was also unwise. Assume I will find out anything and everything that is unknown.” Lennett replied, even though he knew all along. “My apologies, Lord Lennett. Consider it a…sin of omission.” Jones replied, taunting him by echoing his words back at him. Lennett ignores this and keeps walking. Jones was not wrong with his response, he isn’t obsessed with getting Treasure anymore per say. He instead now wants to kill it. If he cannot have it, then he decides: nobody will. In the Cursed Bones brig, Mack is thrown into the cell by Crash and Quittance. The door is slammed shut. He looks out through the bars as Raccus moves past. “Bravo!” the right shoulder mini Mack spoke, startling Mack. Mack turns his head, panning over to see another Mack leaning against the bars on the right side. “You have arrived aboard the Cursed Bones as per the overall scheme.” Right Mack noted. "Oh, yes, bravo!” Another Mack voice spoke. This Mack is shown on the left side of the bars. Mack was hoping his insanity ended at the Locker, but alas, it appears it did not. “Except for this little sojourn in the brig, it's utter clockwork.” Left Mack said. “But we've got momentum on our side!” Right Mack said. A fourth Mack opens his eyes. This one is well on his way to becoming part of the Bones, like Wyvern and Bootstrap. He pulls away from the wall, exposing his brain. “Stab the heart!” The Bones Mack shouted ominously. All three other Macks look over at him. “Step foot ashore but once every ten years. But if you're in the brig, then who's to stab the heart?” Bones Mack asked. “It does seem to put immortality a bit out of reach.” Left Mack said, concerned. “Poppycock.” Right Mack argued. “Poppycock?” Mack asked, confused by that word. “He's never said ‘poppycock.’" Left Mack said. “I’ve never even thought 'poppycock.' What a ridiculous word.” Mack replied. “Just then you did.” Right Mack pointed out. “I did not-“ Mack was arguing. All three suddenly clutch their heads and yell in pain. They look over at Bones Mack, holding his brain inn his hand. He squeezes it again; again, all three clutch their heads and yell in pain. "Should he being doing that?” Left Mack asked. “That can't be good for us!” Right Mack panicked. Bones Mack squeezes again. “Stop it! Stop! You're giving me a terrible headache!” Mack yelled. And that reminds him of something. “The whelp.” Mack realized; he needs to think like “the whelp” and he tries to decipher what that means. The four Macks then hears footsteps, as they pause. “Who’s coming?” Left Mack asked. “Jones.” Bones Mack spoke. “Yes…Jones. Not the whelp.” Mack replied, as this interrupts his train of thought, but he also expected this visit. Davy Jones appears at the bottom of the stairs and angrily approaches the brig. He is not happy that Mack exposed his plans in front of Lennett. “Ahoy mate, meet my friends!” Mack said, gesturing his arms to the other Macks in the cell. However, Jones does not see them, rising his tentacles curiously. “You’ve gone madder than usual. I thought of ending you right here, it’d do the world a favor, but perhaps it’s worse to leave you here, rotting into the pathetic waste you are.” Jones thought. Jones reaches his claw through the brig cell, trying to grab Mack’s neck. However, Mack jumps back, and Jones is unable to grab him. He phases through the bars like he did to Ava Dalmas, now in the cell with Mack. Jones is now face to face with him. “He’s in the cell, he’s in the cell!” Left Mack panicked. “Relax, he won’t bite if you think he wont.” Right Mack insisted. “This cell is mine, only mine, I regret to inform you, mate.” Mack said casually to Jones, not trying to be afraid. “I know you could easily escape here by now. What are you planning?” Jones asked curiously. "The plan! Sail the seas for eternity!" Bones Mack spoke. "Save the slug!" Left Mack said. Hard to plan when I'm locked away in such a scary, dark prison. It's funny, I just got out of your locker and now I'm back in another of your prisons. Truly cruel, the circle of life is. By the by, you could really afford to clean some of the sand in that locker." Mack rambled. Jones then finally pieces together Mack’s master plan. “Ah, I see now. Did you think I was such a fool to not figure this out? You snuck aboard to stab my heart when the opportune moment approaches, free Turner’s father for him, and become captain of my ship, allowing you to live forever…and protect your precious pet forever, raising the leviathan safely under your care. All parties satisfied in a neat little bow.” Jones explained. Mack does not say any words. “Do not worry. I have no intent on taking your pet anymore, now that I see it will be loyal to you no matter what I do.” Jones started. “Oh whew, that’ll make this much easier then-“ Mack was saying. “Instead, I’m going to kill it. If I cannot have it…I’ll make sure you can’t either.” Jones continued coldly, smiling, as his tentacles wave. Mack’s look immediately goes dreary. Jones phases back out of the cell, leaving him with that thought. “I’m going to make you experience the same pain I felt when I lost my pet. And your friends are nearby, about to be obliterated by the fleet. You’re about to lost everything you worked so hard for, Stark. Your ship, your crew, your pet…and I will savor every minute of it.” Jones explained, laughing. Mack is horrified by this, but tries not to let Jones’s threats cut too deep. Jones walks away from the cell, leaving Mack in his madness and fear. He heads back up the stairs. Mack realizes he needs to get out of here as soon as possible to save Treasure and the pirates. He keeps pondering over “the whelp”. Sawyer, Juliet, and Bedossa climb aboard the Eclipse pearl. “We'll need the Eclipse Pearl to serve as our flagship, and lead the attack.” Juliet explained. “Will we, now?” Bedossa asked smugly, as the two wonder what he’s planning. Sawyer spots: Ava Dalmas, being led onto deck by Gintell and several of the Thalassian pirates that Bedossa had convinced prior to help him for this scheme. She is manacled, and bound with heavy ropes. Sawyer knows what it means. “Bedossa, you can't release her!” Sawyer argued. “Can’t I, now?” Bedossa asked smugly. Suddenly, the Thalassian pirates surround Juliet and Sawyer, restraining them. She looks to the Empress, seeing Huang with other loyal pirates who tried to argue against this idea, but failed. “Sorry, Captain. I tried to warn them but they wouldn’t listen.” Huang shouted to Juliet. Juliet is annoyed after everything she did for them at the Shadow Citadel, but at least it was not her whole crew. She looks to Mara, Higgs and Mack's crew, not fighting against them. There was not much they could do given Bedossa's status. "None of you tried stopping them?" Juliet asked. "Well, he is one of our captains." Shelly said annoyed. "He ain't my captain." Duncan said. "I would've told them it was crazy but nobody here really listens to me." Mara shrugged. "Besides, mutinying fellow pirates ain't particularly what should we should be doin' right now, even if I concur this plan is insane. Sorry lass." Higgs said, which Juliet could understand. Bedossa gives Gintell and Pagetti an approving nod. They drag Ava Dalmas to the mast. “All right, Missus Fish, c’mon!” Gintell said. “We’ve got to give Mack a chance! I’m the King!” Juliet argued, as their plan was working. “Apologies, your highness. But 'tis certain the world we know ends today, and I won't be letting the likes of Ben Lennett say what comes next, and I won't be pinning my hopes on Mack Stark, neither. Too long has my fate not been in my own hands. No longer!” Bedossa decreed. He wraps his fist around the Captain's Knot Juliet wears, then tears it free. On board the Endeavor, Lennett returns to the command deck. “They have chosen oblivion. Ready the fleet.” Lennett ordered. “To your stations!” Mayfield yelled, giving the order to the crew. Soldiers scramble around on deck, preparing the Endeavor’s arsenal and waving flags to the ships around them. Back at the Eclipse Pearl, the sails raise up and the Pearl leaps forward. Pagetti presents the bowl with the pieces of eight to Bedossa, who puts in the Captain's Knot. Suddenly, the wind dies. They look up. All the sails are flat. All the ships are stopped. It is as if time around them has come to an abrupt stop. “Be there some sot of rite or incantation” Higgs asked. “Aye, the items brought together, done. Has to be performed over water, we lucked out there. Items burned. And some person must speak the words, "Calypso, I release you from your mortal bonds.” Bedossa explained. “Is that it?” Gintell asked. “’Twas said it must be spoken softly, as if to a lover.” Bedossa added. Bedossa grabs Higgs' rum bottle, and smashes it over the pile. He shoves the punk into the pile. “Calypso, I release you from your mortal bonds!” Bedossa shouted. All look at Ava Dalmas as the items smolder. Nothing else happens. “Is that it?” Gintell asked, confused. “You didn't say it right!” Pagetti noted. Everyone stares at Pagetti. Even Pagetti would stare at Pagetti if he could; he's surprised he spoke up. “You have to say it right.” Pagetti said defensively. Pagetti steps up to Ava Dalmas, who looks at him curiously. “Calypso, I release you from your mortal bonds.” Pagetti said softly and with genuine love of the sea. The punk in the bowl bursts into flame, the flame licking upward in a twisting column, and then it’s gone. The pieces of eight decay, their age overtaking them. Treasure begins to shiver as it sees the events unfolding, knowing what’s about to happen. Ava Dalmas gasps and then sags. The manacles on her hand become pitted with corrosion, fragile with rust. She shudders, and they break, falling to the deck. Sawyer struggles forward. “Ava Dalmas! Calypso! When the Brethren Court first imprisoned you…who was it that told ‘em how to do that fancy trick? Who was it that betrayed you?” Sawyer asked, making her eyes raise. “Name him.” Ava demanded. “Davy Jones.” Sawyer reminded, awakening a horrible memory in her. Her eyes shoot toward the Cursed Bones, rage building behind them. And then, Ava Dalmas starts to transform. Her eyes change color, her hair ripples with no wind. She rises up. “This is it! This is it!” Pagetti said giddily. Crew members try to restrain her. Ropes pull through their hands, but then the ropes snap. The deck buckles under her weight as she grows tenfold in size, an unbelievable vision amid the sails. Bedossa kneels; others follow suit. “Calypso. I come before you as but a servant, humble and contrite. I have fulfilled my vow, and now ask your favor. Spare my self, my ship, my crew, but unleash your fury upon those who dare pretend themselves your masters, or mine!” Bedossa bargained. Calypso barely takes notice of him…long enough to say a single word that booms out over the deck. “FOOL!” Calypso yelled. Bedossa's eyes go wide. His long-odds gamble did not pay off. “Haha, all that planning and for nothing, jackass!” Duncan taunted to Bedossa, laughing at him. Then, suddenly, Calypso collapses, and crashes down to the deck in the form of ten thousand white crabs, the same ones that lurked Mack in Davy Jones’ Locker. The crabs crash everywhere, a torrent running across the deck, tossing pirates aside. Crabs flow out over the sides of the ship, and Calypso is gone. Silence. “…Is that it?” Sawyer asked nervously. “Why, she's no help at all!” Gintell said annoyed, and looks to Bedossa, asking, “What now?” The wind picks up again, causing the sails to shudder. Bedossa is speechless, and for a rare occasion, terrified. His entire plan had failed. “Nothing. Our final hope has failed us.” Bedossa said grimly and with no hope. Jen’s hat is taken by the wind; it spirals up and around the mast. “Great, guess I’m not getting that back…” Jen sighed, annoyed. Juliet watches it fly away. “It's not over…” Juliet said, determined. Sawyer overhears her. She’s right: this is not over yet. “Hope ain’t lost. There's still a fight to be had.” Sawyer said determined. “I admire your enthusiasm, but there’s an armada arrayed against us and our numbers are no match. We've got no chance of winnin’ unless a divine miracle intervenes. I hate to say it but I’m startin’ to think was better off in the Guild…” Higgs said, not liking their odds and reminiscing when he had some peace and quiet as a Bounty Hunter Guild representative. “You sure know how to brighten the mood, gramps.” Mara said. “Only a fool's chance…” Juliet said, still watching the wind “Revenge won't bring your father back, Miss Rose, and it's not something I'm intending to die for.” Bedossa said to her bluntly. This is like a slap in the face to Juliet. But she calms herself and realizes he’s right. Nothing can bring her father back. “You're right. Then what shall we all die for?” Juliet asked. She steps up onto the rail of the ship. “Listen to me! The Brethren will still be looking here, to us, to the Eclipse Pearl, to lead. What will they see? Frightened bilge rats aboard a derelict ship? No. They will see free men and women. And freedom! And what the enemy will see is the flash of our cannons. They will hear the ring of our swords. And they will know what we can do, by the sweat of our brows and the strength of our backs, and the courage of our hearts!” Juliet yelled to all, and looks at Bedossa when she recites his familiar words. "I know how it feels to be stacked against seemingly overwhelming odds; my crew knew this well when the Shadow Lord trapped us, but we sucked it up, fought together and survived." She casts a gaze around the deck, meeting the eyes of the crew and ending on Sawyer. “Hoist the colours.” Juliet finished. Sawyer nods. “Hoist the colours.” Sawyer repeated, low and reserved. “Hoist the colorus!” Mara repeated, ready to fight, and is proud of Juliet for delivering such a speech. “Hoist the colours!” Higgs repeated, getting his spirit and motivation back. “Hoist the colours!” Gintell and Pagetti said together. It's picked up by the rest of the crew. “Hoist the colours!” Duncan, Skrum, Jen, Shelly, and the other Thalassian pirates yelled. Lotton nods, wanting to say it if his scallop was here. Treasure hops up and down, motivated by Juliet’s speech too. A murmur as the crew moves with purpose and resolve to their stations, past and around Bedossa. "Yo ho, all hands, hoist the colours high…” Skrum sang softly, strumming his mandala to the melody. “We've got the wind on our side, mateys, and that's all we need!” Higgs said. Juliet, still on the rail, turns to where the Empress lay, and shouts across to Dai Huang “Hoist the colours!” Juliet ordered, as Huang salutes and gets the crew to work. "Wait, do we trust him again now?" Skrum asked unsure, looking to Sawyer; the other crew members consider that. "I trust him." Juliet said happily. "Good enough for me, majesty." Skrum replied. "The lad chose the path he thought was right to survive, can't fault him for that." Higgs said, thinking of what Mack told him. "Lennett was never gonna uphold my bargain. I was playin' the long con like Mack would." Sawyer said, but still intent on somehow rescuing his father. "Spoken like a true pirate." Bedossa laughed, which annoys Sawyer. Several of the Thalassian pirates who aided Bedossa’s plan approach Juliet, looking regretful and worried. “Captain…King Rose…our sincerest apologies, we truly believed in Bedossa’s plan. We were true believers of Calypso and did anything to see her…but we see now it was all for nothing. We accept whatever punishment you have in store for us.” one of them said sadly. They are wearing the Disciples of Calypso symbols on their clothes, revealing they are a part of the group. The group has slowly realized their idol was not who they had hoped she was. “You did what you thought was right to survive. We’ve all done things we regret in these times to survive. And it is best we not create more enemies when we need to unite against a common enemy. I have it in my heart to forgive you, if you are willing to fight.” Juliet replied nicely. "Thank you, highness." another one spoke. "I never knew you had leading pirates in you. I'm impressed." Mara said to her. “Spoken like a true King that was, lass.” Bedossa said, weirdly proud of her too. On all the pirate ships, flags are raised. Different styles, from black on white, red on black, and to other various colors. Most flags are with the skull and crossbones, or swords together, or something ore obscure. The unique designs from ship to ship indicate how pirate groups from across the sea are all in this together. The ships surge forward. Crew members start to sing, their voices rising together in triumph. “Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colors high…heave ho, thieves and beggars, never say we die!” The pirates yelled. “Target the Cursed Bones. I reckon we’re the only ship that can catch her.” Sawyer said to Juliet, who agrees. Treasure looks nervously out at the Cursed Bones in the distance. It worries greatly for Mack, who it misses, and knows Jones is coming to slay it. It crawls off in a panic, trying to hide away. Higgs sees it and picks up the crawling creature, trying to calm it. It had been a while since Higgs had comforted the creature. Sometimes he felt he acted as another father to it when Mack wasn’t around. “It’ll be alright, lad. I won’t let anything happen to ya. Mack’ll be okay.” Higgs promised to it, easing its nerves. On the Endeavor, Lennett sips tea at a table. Gravel approaches, with heavy wind blowing. “We have a favorable wind, sir.” Gravel reported. Lennett looks up, noticing. He is utterly casual. “So we do. Signal Jones to give no quarter. That should brighten his day.” Lennett ordered, having another sip from his cup. A signalman waves flags, as seen from the Bones. On the upper deck, Melching sees the signal and begins to scream out orders. “To arms! We will give no quarter!” Melching yelled to them. “HUZZAH!” Several of Jones’s crew yelled, eager for action. Davy Jones turns away. As the wind rises, he looks up into the sky. His hand moves toward his chest. He realizes what this means. “Calypso…” Jones said surprised. Clouds above begin to rotate, forming a storm disk in the sky, one even more dreary than Triple Darks. Lightning strikes down at sea. In the seas, a giant whirlpool begins to turn slowly. Sheets of rain begin to fall. The final battle is beginning. Notes/Trivia: -Ship Debuts: The Gemi, The Fancy, The Lo Shun, The Centurion, The Kalvari, The Ranger and The Troubadour
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    Round 6 (Final): Match 40: Roller Cowards vs. Krabs a la Mode You have until Sunday, January 17th by 7pm EST to vote. Whichever episode wins this will be crowned the Best Season 5 episode.
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    Yaaaaaa! It's been too long tbh! I've really missed doing silly doodles of DP and others!
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    this is so refreshing i missed some dreaded patrick art
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    It's uh.....been quite some time, I believe. Fall 2018? Boy I've been up to alot. Made a Dan Vs Forum, met both co-creators, got Chris to join my forum, I did a collab with Joshscorcher and I've got a top secret plan for both co-creators I can't get into yet. https://dan-vs.freeforums.net/ if your curious. How have you all been? I look back on my years here with both fondness and cringe...so..yeah
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    This show's playlist is so good
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    The last part of this saga is REALLY good! I can't wait to see how it all ends!
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    One of my favorite quotes in the whole show
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    37. The Brethren Court The Eclipse Pearl keeps sailing for Shipwreck Cove. On the forward deck, Ava Dalmas approaches Bedossa, which will make his confrontation much easier. “Bedossa, why you not giving the order to man the guns? All the Brethren be gathered in this place. You can force them to do as you want.” Ava suggested; she wants to turn him against the Brethren. “What I want is not to act the fool, and what you're suggesting is nought but fool's folly.” Bedossa replied, not falling for her tricks anymore. Ava Dalmas caresses Bedossa's cheek seductively. “If you no longer want my favor, Bedossa, then perhaps I should be calling a different captain to my cause. Witty Mack would not turndown the promise to survive the coming storm, I think.” Ava teased. “I do not renege on a bargain once struck, but we agreed to ends only; the means are mine to decide.” Bedossa replied. Ava Dalmas catches his wrist. She squeezes, and his forearm and hand become decayed, skeletal, dead. A reminder of what he was like before. “Caution, Bedossa. Do not forget it was by my power you be returned from the dead…or what it means if you fail me.” Ava warned. She moves away, but he catches her arm and pulls her close. “And don't you forget why you had to bring me back, and why I could not leave Mack to his well-deserved fate, and why I could not give Lao Feng a second smile in his throat to match that ineffably smug one he wears on his face. It took nine Pirate Lords to bind you, Calypso….and it takes no less than nine to set you free. Oh yes, I knew all along, ye can’t fool a fool.” Bedossa revealed, catching her off guard, as she tries to break way, but Bedossa holds on. “’Til then, I'll not be taking commands from you, nor risk you reaching accord with someone else! Mr. Gintell! Mr. Pagetti! Take this…fishwife to the brig!” Bedossa continued, ordering the two. Gintell and Pagetti hurry to comply. “Right this way, Missus Fish.” Gintell said. “And this time, I’ll be the one watchin’ the brig ’til we reach our destination, just so we don’t have another escapee.” Bedossa said, as Pagetti and Gintell show embarrassed expressions. They throw her in the cell, locking it, and walk out of the brig. Bedossa stands in front of the entrance. Duncan and Skrum saw the exchange transpire, shocked. “Well, that just happened.” Duncan said awkwardly. “It’s true then…Calypso really was trapped as a woman this whole time.” Skrum said stunned, and tries to think of a song. On the aft deck, the prior exchange has not escaped Mack. “Step out, Mr. Lotton. There's some dangerous cross tides ahead that will prove a trick to navigate.” Mack said to him, taking the wheel. Shipwreck Island approaches them. The Eclipse Pearl sails straight at the cliff, as if it will run aground. But revealed amid the rocks is a huge sea tunnel. The Eclipse Pearl sails through it. Higgs glances over the side. “Deep enough for the ship's draw. I would never have believed it.” Higgs said, in awe. “If you knew how many died making it deep enough, you’d believe.” Mack replied. They sail toward a distant light. The ship passes outside, reaching Shipwreck Cove. From above, Shipwreck Island is hollow, with a round water cove. In the center is Shipwreck City, constructed of broken, derelict ships. Neatly moored around the city are pirate ships, of all types, from all over the world. It is similar to how Graham designed the Shadow Citadel, almost as if he was trying to make his own version. Gintell, Pagetti, Shelly, Mack and Mara all stare out, observing the sight. “Look at them all!” Gintell said. “There's not been a gathering like this in our lifetime.” Bedossa said quaintly. “And I owe all of them money.” Mack noted. Chirping scallops circle above the Endeavor, diving down to the barrels on deck. The Cursed Bones is moored alongside. Jones had better hoped this meeting was worth stopping his battle. The door to the cabin is opened by Gravel, who steps out of the way quickly to let an angry Jones pass. “I cannot be summoned like some mongrel pup.” Jones said, annoyed. “Apparently, you can. I believe you know each other.” Lennett replied, holding a cup of tea. He gestures to Sawyer, who holds a teacup and saucer. He nods to Jones. “Come to join my crew again, Master Turner?” Jones asked. “Not yours. His. Mack Stark sends his regards.” Sawyer replied. Lennett is surprised by that, just as Sawyer intended. Jones decides to ask Lennett a certain question after hearing Stark’s name, reminding that Lennett did not tell him of his escape. “While on the subject, when I attacked in the Eclipse Pearl, which you rudely interrupted me from, I saw Stark on board. Why did you not tell me Stark escaped from my locker? What else have you not told me!?” Jones demanded to know. “My apologies for the omission, it was not out of malice. I did not particularly have the time to inform you given I had my own dealings. I figured you’d find out on your own anyways, and so you did, thus, we’re on the same page now.” Lennett replied. “And you chose a bad time for this feeble meeting. I nearly had him and his crew killed. I could’ve rid them for you right then and there!” Jones argued. “Patience, Jones. I would love nothing more than Stark’s head on a platter, but he was on his way to Shipwreck Cove: the last pirate refuge, where we can finally end this war. Now then, I believe you are familiar with a person called “Calypso”?" Lennett asked him. Jones tries for a measured response, but is not quite successful. “…Not a person. A heathen god. Who delights in cursing men with their wildest dreams, and then revealing them to be hollow and nought but ash. The world is well-rid of her.” Jones explained. “Not quite so well, actually. The Brethren Court is intendin’ to release her.” Sawyer replied, sipping the tea. “No. They cannot! The first court promised to keep her imprisoned forever! That was our agreement!” Jones said angrily. “Your agreement?” Lennett asked curiously. “…I told them how to bind her. She could not be trusted. She gave me no choice.” Jones explained, hesitating to say more. Sawyer clocks that; the words are familiar. “We must act before they release her-“ Jones was saying to Lennett, and then Sawyer realizes. “You loved her, didn’t ya?” Sawyer interjected. Jones snaps a look at him. “She's the one, alright. And then ya betrayed her.” Sawyer said. “She pretended to love me! She betrayed me!” Jones defended angrily. “And after which of them betrayals did you cut out your heart, I wonder?” Sawyer wondered. Jones hurls the table out of the way, slaps away Sawyer’s tea cup, and gets right in his face. “Do not test me!” Jones threatened. “I wasn't finished with that…anyways, you will free my father; you will guarantee Juliet's safety, and my own.” Sawyer bargained to Jones and Lennett respectively. Sawyer considers that briefly, shrugs: sure, makes sense. “Your terms are steep, Mr. Turner. We will expect fair value in return.” Lennett replied, thinking it over. “There is only one price I will accept: Calypso. Murdered.” Jones replied. “Calypso is aboard the Eclipse Pearl. Mack has sailed the ship over yonder to Shipwreck Cove.” Sawyer replied. “…with you no longer aboard it. How do you proposed to lead us there?” Lennett wondered, as much of his final strike depended on knowing its location. Sawyer holds up Mack's compass. “What is it y’all want most?” Sawyer asked. Mack’s crew observes Shipwreck City, admiring the sights. The Pearl is docked in the shipyard. Many pirates walk around the walkways all over the island, leading to shipwreck turned homes. “This is a pirate paradise, alright. Better than Latorga ever was, even.” Jen observed. Treasure follows Mack along, and Mack realizes he needs to put it in someone’s care; he had no idea which pirates would still be interested in its bounty, so he had to be extra careful. “Hmm…who to put in charge of Treasure duty…” Mack pondered, looking at his crew options. He didn’t exactly trust Gintell and Pagetti, so they were out. He then looks to Skrum, thinking why not. He walks over to him and hands him Treasure. “You lad, will be in charge of him while I’m at the meeting. I can trust you, right?” Mack asked. “You can trust me, captain. The animals love me…I hope.” Skrum replied. “Splendid!” Mack replied, as he walks off. Treasure looks at Skrum curiously. “Wanna hear a song, lil guy?” Skrum offered to Treasure, as he begins strumming his mandola. The crew keeps walking, and looks to see Clarence and Casey have set up shop here. “What do ya know, Clarence made it here too!” Mack said, approaching him. “Mack me boy! I thought you were dead, it’s been months since I’ve last seen you!” Clarence said, giving him a handshake. “I was, technically.” Mack replied, much to Clarence’s and Casey’s curiosities. “You can’t leave us hanging, that’s a story we have to hear.” Casey said. “Perhaps another time, darling.” Mack replied. “Seems like I missed a lot for your adventures. I’ve been avoiding those Trading Company guys for months, and this is basically the last place I could find to make shop.” Clarence explained. “Now then, anything you wish to buy? I could sure use the money!” “No time for business today I’m afraid, because I have more pressing pirate business to attend to, savvy?” Mack said. “Good luck with that, lad.” Clarence replied, as Mack heads off. Shelly then spots a familiar face walk by: it’s her girlfriend. “Natalie!” Shelly called, gathering the pirate named Natalie’s attention. “Shelly, you’re here?” Natalie said surprised. The two embrace each other, and Shelly gives her a kiss on the lips, a moment they’ve long waited to share again. “I’ve missed you so much. And I’ve brought help, we’re going to fight the Company and be free again.” Shelly said joyfully. “I’ll join your battle. I’ve longed for action, and to see you again.” Natalie replied, as she gives Shelly another hug. “Ah…warms me heart, the pirate love does, especially during such dark times.” Mack said, as he eyes Mara, who smirks and walks away. The crew reaches a large shipwreck at the center of the cove, where the Pirate Lords are convening. “Gintell, Pagetti, with me. Rest of you wait out here, only few may enter this sacred place.” Bedossa ordered stopping the rest of the crew from entering with them. “Okay, have fun inside.” Mara shrugged. Mack, Bedossa, Higgs, Gintell and Pagetti head inside, with Mack going last. The rest of the crew heads off to explore the area. Natalie and Shelly hold hands, as they decide to spend time together, others head to Clarence’s shop to stock up, and Skrum continues to sing a song to Treasure. On Mack, as he stabs his sword into a globe, joining seven other swords. He flinches at the bang of Bedossa hammering the table top with a cannon ball. “As he who issued summons, I convene this, the fourth Brethren Court. Your pieces of eight, my fellow captains.” Bedossa announced. An abandoned hull, curved spars of a wrecked ship, like the ribs of some prehistoric beast. Pirate Lords sit at the table, their lieutenants behind them. With Mack and Bedossa are: Ahmed the Corsair, the scourge of the Barnacle Coast; Vasco de Garcia, a taciturn Spaniard; Capitaine Pierre, an aristocratic Frenchman; Gentleman Jabari, slave turned pirate; Mistress Zhang, a blind woman; and a serene and priestly-looking Hindu, Sri Sameer, flanked by the two biggest, nastiest-looking guys you've ever seen: Abhay and Prateek. The Lords toss their pieces of eight into a wooden bowl which contains: a Queen of Spades, a snuff box, the neck of a bottle with cork still in, a pair of spectacles, a dagger and a goblet. “Those aren't pieces of eight. Those are just pieces of junk!” Gintell said. “Aye, the original plan called for nine pieces of eight to bind Calypso, but when the first Court met, the Brethren were to a one skint-broke.” Higgs explained. “So change the name?” Gintell suggested. “What, to nine pieces of whatever we happened to have in our pockets at the time? Oh, yes, that sounds real pirate-y.” Higgs replied. “Mr. Pagetti, if you will?” Bedossa asked to him, holding out his hand; he wants his piece. “I kept it safe, like you said when you gave it to me.” Pagetti replied. “Aye, you have, but now I need it back.” Bedossa replied, smiling. Pagetti hesitates. Bedossa holds his hand under Pagetti's eye, and gives him a slap on the back of his head. The eye falls into his hand. Bedossa drops the eye into the bowl. “We're missing two. By the sound of it.” Mistress Zhang noted. “Stark.” Vasco said to him sternly. Mack reaches for the coin circlet on his headband, considering. Bedossa takes note of the gesture. Mack drops his hand. “We're still short one Pirate Lord. I'm content to wait until Lao Feng joins us.” Mack stalled. “Lao Feng is dead.” Juliet spoke, startling all of them. Juliet stands in the doorway, with Huang behind her. She starts in; Huang touches her shoulder, gesturing to the globe. “Before he died, he named me captain of the Empress, and passed his lordship onto me.” Juliet continued. She stabs her sword into the globe. “Captain? Captain? They're just giving the title away now.” Mack sighed. Sameer makes a small gesture to Abhay. “Sri Sameer inquires, by whose hand did Lao Feng perish?” Abhay inquired for him. “Hers, I'll wager.” Mack joked, annoying Juliet. “Will you never forgive me? He fell to the Cursed Bones.” Juliet replied. An uproar of concern, overlapping dialogue. “Le monster des!” Piere shouted. “The plague ship!” Zhang shouted. “¡Échelo en infierno!” Vasco shouted. “With the Bones against us, there is no hope!” Pierre panicked. “Listen! Listen to me! Our location has been betrayed. Davy Jones is under the command of Lord Lennett. They are on their way here.” Juliet said. “Who is this betrayer?” Jabari asked. “Not likely anyone among us.” Bedossa replied. Juliet realizes. “Where’s Sawyer?” Juliet asked. “Not among us.” Mack shrugged. “And it matters not how they found us! The question is, what will we do now that they have?” Bedossa asked. “We fight.” Juliet replied. The other pirates laugh, dismissive. More laughter. “Good people have already given their lives to this cause!” Juliet argued. “And so what matters the lives of a few bad ones, quips Sri Sameer.” Abhay said. “They died in defiance of the Company. That's my measure of good.” Juliet replied, thinking of her father and Tyrell. That silences them. Mack regards Juliet, calculating. “Shipwreck Cove is a fortress, a well-supplied fortress! There is no need to fight, if they cannot get to us.” Zhang said calmly. Others of the Court give that consideration. They do. “There be a third course, if I may propose. In another age, at this very spot, the first Brethren Court captured the Sea Goddess, and bound her in her bones. That was a mistake.” Bedossa started. This gathers everyone’s attention, wondering where this is going. “We tamed the seas for ourselves, aye, yet opened the door for Lennett and his ilk. Better were the days when mastery of seas came not through bargains struck with eldritch creatures, but by the sweat of a man's brow and the strength of his back alone. And you all know this be true! Gentlemen…ladies…we must free Calypso.” Bedossa proposed. The pirate lords are silent…and then erupt with anger. “He has lost his senses, declares Sri Sameer!” Abhay yelled. “She is a barathrum!” Ahmed yelled. “Ella es nuestra diosa!” Vasco yelled. “Shoot him!” Ahmed yelled, wanting to kill Bedossa for such an insane suggestion. “Cut out his tongue!” Jabari yelled. “Shoot him and then cut out his tongue! And then shoot his tongue. And trim that scraggly beard.” Mack added. “Lao Feng would have agreed with Bedossa.” Huang interjected. “Lao Feng's judgment in matters Calypso shouldn't be trusted, even if he were here.” Juliet replied. The last is directed primarily to Huang. Huang takes her point, and steps back. “Nonetheless, I would have agreed with Lao Feng.” Vasco said. “Calypso was our enemy then, she will be our enemy now.” Jabari argued. “And her mood's not likely improved, n'est pas?” Pierre said. Vasco pulls out his pistol, slamming it on the table. “Démence!” Vasco yelled. “No good can come of this!” Zhang yelled. “Don't let him speak any further!” Jabari argued. “I would still agree with Sao Feng.” Vasco said. “You threaten me!?” Pierre asked. “I silence you!” Vasco yelled back. He lifts the pistol, but Pierre punches him, sends him sprawling into other pirates. The pistol fires. “Vézu! No!” Zhang yelled. “Coward! Feathermerchant!” Jabari yelled. “A pox upon thee!” Ahmed yelled. “Sri Sameer decries you all!” Abhay spoke. This initiates a pushing, shoving, yelling melee that breaks out in a full-blown brawl. Mack, Bedossa, Juliet and Higgs all look at this without much words. “This is madness…” Juliet said bluntly. “This is politics.” Mack shrugged. “And, meanwhile, our enemy is bearing down upon us.” Juliet pointed out. “If they not be here already.” Bedossa said, as the arguing keeps commencing in the background. Meanwhile, the Pearl’s brig is shown at night. Ava Dalmas opens a locket, playing a familiar tune. She shuts it, but the tune continues. She looks to the shadows beyond the bars… Davy Jones emerges. His own locket in his hand, open. “My sweet captain…you’ve come for me at last.” Ava spoke. “You were expecting me?” Jones inquired. “Long ago. It has been torture, trapped in but this single form, condemned to exist on land, cut off from the sea, from all that I love…from you.” Ava replied. “No. Ten years I devoted to the duty you charged to me, ten years I looked after those who died at sea…and, finally, when the time came I could be with you again…you weren't there. Why weren't you there?” Jones asked angrily. “It is my nature. I may have been there the next time. Would you love me if I was anything but what I am?” Ava asked innocently. “I do not love you.” Jones replied bluntly. His words sting her. “Many things you were, Davy Jones…but never cruel. You have corrupted your purpose, and so yourself…” Ava was saying. She reaches a hand out through the bars, toward his chest. “…and you hid away what should always have been mine.” Ava continued. She touches his chest, where his heart should be, and he is revealed now, the man he once was. He reaches back through the bars, to caress her face. “…Calypso…” Jones spoke. “I will be free. And when I am, I would give you my heart…and we would be together, always…” Ava was saying. He traces his hand down the contours of her face. “…if only you had a heart to give.” Ava continued. She removes his hand from her chest; and now the hand that was at her throat is his claw, turning him back to normal. “Why did you come?” Ava asked. Jones removes his claw from her neck, pulls it back It "tings" against the bars of the cell, trapped inside. Jones concentrates, shudders, and pushes himself through the bars into the cell with Ava Dalmas. He then finally confronts her about the real reason he came here. “You’ve also hid something away that should be mine. I know Mack has the leviathan. You hid it from me all these years, thinking I wouldn’t find out!” Jones confronted. “I do not control what my Disciples do, despite what you may presume. They are like the waves, on their own unpredictable path. Never told them to keep it from you I did, they decided that for themselves. When they learned of its power, they acted; I said nothing.” Ava explained. Jones was unsure if he believed her or not. “…I lost my kraken thanks to Lennett. Tis only fair I am compensated with a new pet.” Jones argued. “I can tell you from reading its mind…it has already chosen Stark. Try to take it, and it will not obey your desires. It be its destiny; Witty Mack be its owner. I see their bond; it is not to be severed or disastrous consequences will befall, not benefitting you either.” Ava spoke. “There truly is nothing I can do?” Jones asked angrily. “Still a child, the creature be; it would take many decades for it to grow into the beast it is prophesied to be. Even if you took it…do you intend to wait that long?” Ava asked. This hits Jones hard, given he couldn’t even stand waiting ten years to step on land as it was. He had not considered that. Raising a pet from scratch was not something he was in the mood for. He tries to hide a sad expression. “And what fate do you have planned for your captors?” Jone decided to now ask. “The Brethren Court, all of them, the last thing they will learn in this life…is how cruel I can be.” Ava spoke ominously. Jones nods. He steps away from her, toward the shadows. “And what of your fate, Davy Jones?” Ava asked curiously. He pauses. Turns his head toward her without turning from the shadows. “My heart will always belong to you.” Jones spoke honestly. She smiles, opening her locket. The tune resumes. Jones vanishes into the shadows. Back at Shipwreck Cove, the brawl still in full force. Juliet sits in her chair, head resting on her fist, exasperated. Bedossa shoots his pistol into the air, trying to regain order, and steps up on the table. This makes everyone go silent. “Listen here and listen well! It was the first Court what imprisoned Calypso! We shall be the ones to set her free! And, in her gratitude, she will see fit to grant us boons!” Bedossa said. “Or at least grant 'em to the one of us who summoned the rest of us and connived all of us to set her free.” Mack quipped. Bedossa shoots him a glare. The other pirates eye Bedossa suspiciously. “It's not impossible. Is it so improbable?” Mack asked. “If you have a better alternative, please, share.” Bedossa offered. “Cuttlefish. Let us not, dear friends, forget our dear friends the cuttlefish. Flippant glorious little sausages. Pen ‘em up together and they’ll devour each other without a second thought. Human nature, isn’t it? Or…or fish nature. So, yes, we could hole up here, well-provisioned and well-armed, and half of us will be dead within the month, and half of the other half dead the month after that.” Mack replied. The pirate lords can't argue with that. “Or…as my learned colleague so naively suggests, we can release Calypso, and we can pray she'll be in a merciful mood. But can we pretend that she is anything other than a woman scorned, like which fury hell hath no? No, we cannot. Res ipso loquitur, tabula in naufragi, we are left with only one option. I agree with, and I cannot believe the words coming out of me mouth, Captain Rose: we must fight.” Mack explained. “You've always run away from a fight!” Bedossa called out. “I have not!” Mack argued. “You have too!” Bedossa argued. “Have not!” Mack argued, as the Pirate Lords follow them back and forth. “You have too!” Bedossa argued. “Have not!” Mack argued. “You have too, and you know it!” Bedossa argued. “Slander and calumny! I have only ever embraced that oldest, noblest of all pirate traditions. My fellow mariners and shellbacks, I submit that here, now, that is what we all must do. We must fight…to run away!” Mack decreed. “Aye!” Higgs agreed. “Here, here!” Jabari also agreed. “And what be target of this fight, eh?” Mistress Zhang asked. “Lord Benjamin Lennett.” Juliet said. “Lennett is nought but a cog. Kill him, another takes his place. Like Jones, the Eastern Trading Company is immortal. It has no body to kick nor soul to damn.” Pierre argued. “Ah, but Jones does have a body, doesn't he? Such as it is.” Mack replied. “Yes! And should we kick it hard enough and long enough…” Jabari was saying. “If the Bones has no captain…what matters the Bones?” Ahmed inquired. Bedossa sees the sentiment of the room beginning to sway. He bangs the cannon ball for attention. “As per the Code…an act of war, and this be exactly that, can only be declared by the Pirate King.” Bedossa said. “You made that up.” Mack argued. “Did I now? I call on Captain Teagan, Keeper of the Code!” Bedossa decreed. Mack gives a “oh no, not him” expression on his face: it’s his father, who is no longer using the last name of Stark. Bedossa grins at Mack’s expression. Sameer makes another small gesture; Abhay interprets. “Sri Sameer proclaims this be folly. We are not beholden to those ancient, outdated set of laws! Hang the Code! Are we not free to-“ Abhay was arguing. Suddenly, a pistol shot rings out, and Abhay stiffens, falling over dead. Everyone looks over, except for Mack. Behind him stands Captain Charles Teagan in a doorway, gunslinger pose, smoke still rising from his pistol. “The Code is the law.” Charles spoke. Hand on the butt of a second pistol, he stares at Sameer. Sameer gestures to Prateek to step into Abhay's place. Prateek looks nervous as Sameer gestures again, and then greatly relieved. “Sri Sameer explains that a great misunderstanding has occurred, and avers that indeed the Code is the Law.” Prateek nervously spoke. Mack stands between Charles and the table. “You're in my way, boy.” Charles said, embarrassing Mack. Mack turns to look at him, then steps aside as two pirates carry a locked manuscript into the room: The Pirate Code. “The Code!” Gintell said in awe. “As set forth by Morgan and Roberts!” Pagetti added, also in awe. Charles whistles, and the amoeba prison dog runs into the room, key ring in his mouth. Gintell and Pagetti recognize him. “That can't be the same pooch, can it?” Gintell asked, in disbelief; they thought it was left behind on Skull Island. “Sea turtles, mate.” Charles shrugged to the two. Charles takes the key, unlocks, and opens the book. He pages through, licking his fingers. “…compensation…left leg, above knee…shooting customs agents…rum drinks…ah.” Charles was saying, reading through. He then reaches a page. He reads it and looks up. “Bedossa is right.” Charles declared. He goes to shut the book. Mack stops him, and reads the passage himself. Charles considers shooting him. “It be the duties of the King to declare war, parley with shared adversaries, co-ordinate force…Fancy that.” Mack read. Charles retires to a chair at the back of the court, and begins strumming a mandolin. “There's not been a King since the first court, and that's not likely to change.” Pierre realized. “Why not?” Juliet asked. “See, the king is elected by popular vote-“ Higgs was explaining. “…and each pirate only ever votes for hisself or herself.” Bedossa finished. Mack knows he's going to put in a pin in Bedossa's balloon. “I call for a vote!” Mack decreed. Bedossa is dismayed. “I vote for Ahmed the Corsair.” Ahmed said boldly, voting for himself. “Capitaine Pierre, the penniless Frenchman.” Pierre decreed, voting for himself. “Sri Sameer declares for Sri Sameer.” Susan spoke for him, voting for himself. “Mistress Zhang.” Zhang spoke, voting for herself. “Gentleman Jabari.” Jabari spoke, voting for himself. “Juliet Rose.” Juliet spoke, voting for herself. “Bedossa!” Bedossa spoke voting for himself. “Vasco.” Vasco spoke, voting for himself. Mack is the last vote. He thinks it over, as all eyes are on him. “Juliet Rose.” Mack voted. Bedossa knows he's been duped. Juliet is shocked, but quick on the uptake. Huang also looks surprised. “Done.” Juliet said happily, accepting this. Cries of outrage erupt from the pirates. “Not done! Cut out his tongue!” Jabari yelled. “Not acceptable! Not acceptable!” Vasco yelled, pounding his fist on the table. “Explain yourself, Stark!” Ahmed demanded to Mack. “Outrageous!” Zhang yelled. “If Sri Sameer is not king, none should be!” Prateek spoke for him. “This will not stand!” Pierre yelled. “Ah. Am I to understand, then, that we will not keep to code?” Mack inquired. One of Charles's mandolin strings breaks, and he gives a look, annoyed they are considering disrespecting the Code. Mack knows Charles's got his back on this. The lords exchange glances. “If you have doubts of my leadership, perhaps this will change your minds…” Juliet said. She strikes Graham’s shadow sword right into the globe, catching everyone’s attention. “And how will that change our minds, child?” Pierre asked. “This sword once belonged to an evil force known as the Shadow Lord…or as we learned for ourselves, Balthazar Graham, a name you are all familiar with. I killed him.” Juliet revealed. “It’s true. We got captured by him, it’s why we were late. I saw her slay him for myself, and you best do not wish to cross her wrath.” Huang nodded for confirmation. The pirates across the room begin gasping and whispering. “If I can kill a former Pirate Lord, I would say I have some talent to lead, if you still underestimate me.” Juliet insisted. They can’t argue with that. They decide to follow her, terrified of her strength. “Very well. What say you, Captain Rose, King of the Brethren Court?” Zhang asked. “Or Queen, rather.” Pagetti silently corrected. “Wait, can a woman be a king?” Gintell wondered, as the two ponder that over. Juliet gaze takes in all the Pirate Lords. She stands, makes her pronouncement. “Prepare every vessel that can float. At dawn, we are at war.” Juliet decreed, as Mack looks eager. A beat, as the pirates contemplate this. “And so we shall go to war!” Sameer finally spoke in a high pitched voice. “War!” Jabari yelled. The pirates rise up and vow war! They slap each other on the backs, and start to exit the meeting. Bedossa glowers at Mack. Mack smiles victoriously back. Bedossa nods to Gintell and Pagetti. Pagetti slips the bowl of pieces behind his back. Gintell walks close behind to cover the theft. Mack, his back turned to the proceedings, closes his eyes. The betrayal of all time is in place. “There's more beneath the waterline here then you're letting on.” Higgs said to Mack. Mack opens his eyes, wide, innocent. “You used to have a honest streak, let a man knew where he stood with you. But I can't figure this at all.” Higgs said curiously. “And where did that honest streak end me up? Dead.” Mack grimaced. “Mack-“ Higgs was saying. “Mr. Higgs. You’ve a ship to ready for battle, don't you?” Mack reminded. Higgs is taken aback. Fine, if that's how he wants it. “Aye-aye, Captain.” Higgs saluted. He goes. Mack then notices Charles watching him. “What? You've seen it all. And survived. That's the trick, isn't it? To survive.” Mack said, defending his actions. “It's not just about living forever, Mackie. The trick is, living with yourself forever.” Charles said. He takes a shrunken head from his belt, offers it to Mack. Odd. Mack takes it. “Consider it a good luck charm, it may help, or not.” Charles suggested. Charles nods to him, and leaves him to his thoughts. The Pirate Lords all head outside, as several pirates look nervous and run off. “So, you actually killed the Shadow Lord, eh? I must admit, I’m proud.” Mack said to Juliet. “I guess your “expertise” paid off.” Juliet shrugged. “Ah, learning from the best! It makes me almost forgive you for killing me.” Mack replied, as Juliet rolls her eyes. “Yes, yes, we’re all happy and ready now, but one issue with this plan I’m picking up on: the Company has an entire armada…even with our fleets combined, how would we match their strength?” Pierre asked skeptically. “Are you cowering out now!?” Mistress Zhang asked furiously. “No madame, I’m only looking at this objectively!” Pierre replied. “We are pirates, we do not need a silly objective opinion!” Ahmed shouted. “He ain’t wrong, lads. Our ships have dwindled in numbers. Are you mates ready to sacrifice what you have left?” Charles asked curiously to the Lords, who look unsure now. “We may have someone that can help with that problem, actually.” Mara said, confusing the Pirate Lords. The rest of Mack’s crew walks forward, who found help while waiting. Mara then points to Randolph Casterfel, the former senator, and now a wanted fugitive, who is casually leaning against a pole. Juliet recognizes him from when he was on Port Royale. “Who is this?” Ahmed asked. “Formerly Senator Casterfel, now just Casterfel.” Casterfel said calmly. “You, the senator guy, the sympathizer of pirates! I haven’t seen you in a long time!” Mack recalled, joyfully. “Yep, I called in every favor I could to hide for months and months, eventually leading me here. I still owe you my gratitude for helping me get off Port Royale, Stark.” Casterfel said. “Well, that depends how you define “helping”-“ Mack was saying. “No matter, I’m alive and that’s all that matters…even if my political career was destroyed. I heard you pirates were discussing war with the Eastern Trading Company. However, it also sounds like you’re in dire need of ships and allies to pull that off. I’m the guy that might be able fix that problem: I’ve got access to quite a few ships and weapons thanks to friends in high places.” Casterful offered. “How did an outsider like you hear of our meeting?” Jabari asked. “Because I could hear you all yelling from up there!” Casterfel said, pointing to his shipwreck quarters, still feeling his ears ringing. The Lords all nod, realizing that makes sense. “Then I met up with Stark’s crew here. Oh and my service is all for free, too. I don’t need the money, I’m in paradise.” Casterfel said, making the pirates smile. “For free!? What kind of business is that!?” Clarence asked, dismayed, overhearing that. “I can also add another ship to your fleet, mates.” a familiar feminine voice spoke. Sheryl walks forward, who has just arrived at Shipwreck cove. “Sheryl.” Charles said bitterly. “Charles.” Sheryl said back, also bitterly. “Sheryl.” Mack said bitterly, not wanting to address her as his mother. “Who is she, I’m out of the loop?” Duncan asked. “That's Mack's mom.” Mara whispered to him, as the crew gives awkward expressions. “Oh.” Duncan said flatly. “Why are you here now?” Charles asked curiously. “I can’t hunt for jewels here anymore thanks to the Company, so I’ll help ya defeat ‘em. Got nothing better to do. Then we go our separate ways again.” Sheryl offered. Mack and Charles are fine with that. “Talk about a reunion, everyone is just popping in today.” Gintell noted. “Hey there mate, nice mandolin.” Skrum said to Charles, showing off his own mandola. “Not bad yourself, mate. But this could use a fixin’. Charles said, inspecting Skrum’s mandola. He adjusts a string and gestures for Skrum to try it now. Skrum strums it, and the melody sounds better than before. “Well, hellooo there madame-“ Clarence tried to flirt to Sheryl, who pushes him aside, much to his disappointment. “Not a chance, sleeve.” Sheryl replied, rejecting him. “Come on, you’re embarrassing yourself.” Casey to Clarence, dragging him back to the stand. “Alright Casterfel, we'd like to see your merchandise.” Juliet ordered to him. Casterfel escorts the Brethren to the shipyard, and takes them to a secret cove nearby the shore. Stashed in there are about a dozen ships of varying shapes and sides. He then unlocks a large cargo shipment on board one of them, unveiling many crates containing weapons and ammunition inside. “I’m a man of my word.” Casterfel presented casually, as they dig in. “It ain’t an armada, but anything will do.” Higgs said happily. The pirates cheer, who are ready to go to war. They begin to prepare their vessels. The Endeavor is approaching the Shipwreck Island in the distance. Gravel looks out of his telescope, seeing it not too far off. He closes it and approaches Lennett, who is looking at something behind him. “Sir, we are almost there.” Gravel reported to Lennett, who turns around. “And we shall be ready.” Lennett said ominously, smiling. Behind the Endeavor, an armada of Eastern Trading Company and Ludwigian Royal Navy ship are shown, ready for war as well. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Natalie, Charles Stark Teagan, Capitaine Pierre, Gentleman Jabari, Mistress Zhang, Ahmed the Corsair, Vasco, Sri Sameer, Abhay (death), and Prateek -Area Debuts: Shipwreck Cove -Randolph Casterfel (from “The High Tower” and “The Lighthouse”), Sheryl (from “The Notorious Mrs. Stark”) and the amoeba prison dog (from “Dead or Alive” and “Beware Skull Island!”) make returns.
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    Also all the hints that Fab is queer?
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    The way on a second rewatch, the Ben and Devi flirting becomes obvious as early as episode 2?
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    ¯\(°_o)/¯guess I can make some shitty arts if I wants to
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    Nick's official schedule is also listing it now. Seems like there's been a last minute change, then. Good find.
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    (it's been basically a year since this got an update holy damn...and ironically enough this first part I've had written for about more than half of that time but never got around to uploading cuz I was originally going to do Downtown Bikini Bottom as one chapter but hey, it'll be two chapters long now so...enjoy this first part!) - Chapter V – Downtown Bikini Bottom (Part 1) SpongeBob: Finally, I thought I’d never be able to leave that damn level. Taxi Stop to Downtown: Congrats, you have enough spatulas to proceed. SpongeBob: Whatever, kthx. - French Narrator: Downtown Bikini Bottom…which for a downtown is small as fuck. I mean sure, there’s only like 500-something people in this place but what the hell is with that anyway? This ain’t a town, it’s a village. And oh, it looks like these idiots can’t even keep their tiny-ass “town” safe as it is cuz it looks like shit. Sign: HEY SPONGEBOB PAY ATTENTION TO ME! Mrs. Puff: AUTOMATIC DIVERSION TO A CONVERSATION WITH ME! Sign: FUCK YOU! Mrs. Puff: Oh, SpongeBob, just the man I wanted to see! SpongeBob: Well, I’m more of a sponge, but…wait, are you ecstatic? Mrs. Puff: You bet your ass I am, boy! Just look at all this destruction! It’s just…just…ohhhhhh… SpongeBob: Um…should I come back later, or…? Mrs. Puff: Waitwaitwait hold on…I need you to do me an errand. SpongeBob: An errand? Mrs. Puff: Yeah, yeah. See those weird impractical shiny things just to your right? Steering Wheels: Coo-ee! SpongeBob: Yeah? Mrs. Puff: These sexy robots have been taking all of the wheels from the boats whilst rampaging and shit. SpongeBob: Oh no, that’s terri-wait, did you just call the robots sexy? Mrs. Puff: Shut up. Anyway, I want them. SpongeBob: I dunno if I can do that, they tend to fade away once I tear them a new one. Mrs. Puff: Not them, you damn fool. SpongeBob: Okay bitch, I get it now. But what you need them for? Mrs. Puff: Puff Mama wants herself some keepsakes. SpongeBob: But wh-you know what, I’m not even going to dare ask that question. Mrs. Puff: I’ll throw in a Golden Spatula if you can help me out. SpongeBob: Okay then, I’ll help you fulfil your fetish, Puff Mama. Mrs. Puff: Call me that again and I’ll cut you. SpongeBob: M’kay. *prances off* Sign: Look at the pretty shiny thing in the middle of the road. Pretty shiny thing in the middle of the road: *exists* SpongeBob: Hey, look, another path I can go down, byeeeeeee! Cannon: *exists for absolutely no fucking reason…what even is this part of the level?* SpongeBob: My thoughts exactly. Cannon: Nyah nyah you can’t touch me! Now taste sink, bitch! SpongeBob: BOING BOING BOING! Cannon: Uh… Statue: *looks on in disgust* SpongeBob: Explosions! Button smashing! …excitement? Anvil: *comes into existence* Cannon: CURSE YOUUUUUUUU! SpongeBob: Wait, that thing was being held up by a thin-ass pole, how… Anvil: Shhh…video game logic. Statue: Ugh, just please take this shiny thing away from me and go away already. SpongeBob: But I don’t wanna go back to the siiiiiiiiignnnn, ugh! Spatula Obtained – A Whole Lot of Random Shit Apparently Wins You Stuff? #1 SpongeBob: “#1”? Konquest: Yup, there’s more down the road, I promise you. SpongeBob: O…kay then…moving on with the plot at long last. Sign: Thank god, so this shiny ball thing is a power up or whatever that turns you into a ball. SpongeBob: Is it even useful? Sign: Fuck if I know. It’s not even that cool, it’s just here cuz the devs decided to add another mechanic into the game cuz why not amirite. SpongeBob: So you continue to be useless. But seeing that it’s the only way I’m gonna make my way through the town, I guess I have no choice. *turns into SpongeBall and does the thing* G-Loves: *exist now* SpongeBob: What’s that? Sign: I could tell yo- G-Love: CUTSCENE TIME! Sign: OI! G-Love #1: Robot Gloves, Robot Gloves, great for feeling up anyone…like that guy! Random-ass fish: Say what now? G-Love #2: Hey baby, I’d love to get all these hands over you. G-Love #1: Maybe we can have some three-way action… G-Loves: *slapping mode activate!* Random-ass fish: I DID NOT CONSENT TO THIIIIIIIS! Deus Ex-Machina: *takes the form on an anvil* Gary: Meow. (“Oh yeah. I totally rule.”) Random fish: RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! G-Love: Okay, buzzkill. I’ll look for someone else. SpongeBob: *is allowed to move again* Hint: Haha you have to read me. Anyways, this dude will attack you from any angle. Especially from behind. I wouldn’t wanna know where those hands have been if I were you. SpongeBob: Disgusting, but SKIP! G-Love: Hey there sweetcakes! Park that square ass within arm’s length! SpongeBob: Well… G-Love: Fine. SUPER SPIN CYCLE! SpongeBob: *bubble-bounces on this creep* G-Love: Impossible…I’m never…the bottom… SpongeBob: First time for everything. Moving on. SpongeBall: Hello again. Hot sauce: Yo. SpongeBob: UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. *does the shit needed to get across* Bubble Buddy: This is a lighthouse. SpongeBob: I can see that. Bubble Buddy: It is locked from the inside. SpongeBob: I’ll take your word for it. Bubble Buddy: … SpongeBob: … Bubble Buddy: … SpongeBob: …WELL WAS THAT IT? Bubble Buddy: … SpongeBob: Fuckin’ useless as always, Jesus Christ… *moves on* Oh hey, a clamshell! Clamshell: Hey hey hey! Wanna go this way instead of furthering the plot? SpongeBob: Well I can see that I’m gonna need to turn into that annoying-as-hell ball form again to reach that part so hell yeah I do! *pays the shell* Clamshell: *does nothing* Barrier: *lowers* Clamshell: Excuse me, does that not count as doing something in this universe? Barrier: Bitch sit down. - Establishing shot of the Sea Needle: *exists for absolutely no reason and doesn’t even have narration* Narrator: lolz I don’t know her. Mr. Krabs: SUDDEN APPARITION! SpongeBob: GOD WHAT THE FUCK??? Also pretty sure you were just out of the shot as it was panning but that doesn’t explain why I had to suddenly just apparate right in front of your ugly ass and uglier-ass vocal cords. Mr. Krabs: Shut up and just get the shiny stuff hanging outside already that’s all I’m hear for. SpongeBob: Is that it? Mr. Krabs: Nahhhh you totally need to smash your fucking face in when it comes to it. And make sure every tiki is destroyed so that I-er, you can have all the shiny objects you could ever want…or a least get from here. SpongeBob: And why can’t you just do it considering you seem to love these things more than me. You send that note and everything. Mr. Krabs: My ass ain’t what it used to be, lad…unless…you wanna see me try…? SpongeBob: Ugh, no…no no no…no. I’ll do it… *does the things* Mr. Krabs: Lovely work, boy! Have this as a reward! Golden Spatula Obtained: Hope It Was Worth Smashing Your Face In Mr. Krabs: Cool, now hand ‘em over! SpongeBob: Umm W.T.F. no. And this is the wrong level for that kinda transaction. Mr. Krabs: So…I sent you out to do some labor and I get nothing in return? SpongeBob: Welcome to the life of an NPC, bitch! Mr. Krabs: DAMN YOU! SpongeBob: *leaves promptly* - (In the next part, Sandy and her wonderful arsenal of abilities will make their debut! Will our porous dumbass share the limelight with dignity?)
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    36. Shadows On board the Cursed Bones, crewmen rush along the deck following Tyrell’s death, among shouts of “The Admiral’s dead!” and “To the Captain’s cabin!”. They rush the door and burst in. The monsters crowd in and before: The chest is open. Murray and Toby are trembling, and several other soldiers have their rifles pointed directly at the heart. Behind them stands Melching, next to him is a small cannon. The crewmen pull up short. They part as Davy Jones enters, who looks annoyed upon seeing the situation before him. He had thought they would be free now. Melching closes the chest, locking it with the key on a chain. He tilts the cannon into place, pointed squarely at the chest. “Nothing has changed. The Bones…is under my command.” Melching said smugly, holding onto the key seriously. Jones watches as Melching puts the chain around his neck. He leaves the cabin frustrated. “…For now.” Jones said to himself deviously. He would find a way to get out of this forced truce when the time is right. His current objective was to continue hunting for the Eclipse Pearl, leading him right to Shipwreck Cove. He is pleased by this, given this suits his own needs. He could steal Treasure, kill Mack's crew, and then lead the Company right to Shipwreck Cove, pleasing both parties. Then, when the moment came, Jones would kill Lennett’s henchmen and take the key for himself. Jones looks out from the balcony at the Empress in the distance, which is already sailing away. He pays it no mind, since the ship is not his objective and Lao Feng already perished. The Cursed Bones then sails off to hunt down the Eclipse Pearl. Commodore Mayfield walks into the Endeavor’s cabin, approaching Lennett’s desk. “Sir, we have most unfortunate news to report. It appears Admiral Tyrell perished aboard the Bones. He was caught aiding several escapees and promptly stabbed by one of Jones’s crew.” Mayfield reported to Lennett. “How unfortunate. Mr. Tyrell had the promise to be one of our best admirals. He had quite a promising career in the navy and did his job well when serving us. It truly is a shame he chose the wrong side of history in the end. I presume Juliet Rose was one of the prisoners and he let his friendship with her cloud his judgment. This will be an example of when you choose attachment over your duty. Nonetheless, Melching will do a fine job taking control of the Bones.” Lennett said remorsefully, as he saw much promise in Tyrell, but knows he deserved his ultimate fate. “There’s more. The soldiers who stormed aboard the Pearl said they were attacked by a strange, green slug. They claimed it used a magical power, but I have a hard time believing it myself.” Mayfield said, confused. “Oh, believe it because that slug does have a strange, magical power, but to what end I’ve never known nor cared. As I’ve said before, I have no interest in it. It proved to be a distraction to Admiral Valek and I prefer it not be a distraction to anyone else again.” Lennett explained. “I see, sir. Jones is still en route to chase after the Pearl like you requested.” Mayfield continued. Upon hearing that, Lennett starts to worry perhaps Jones on the other hand did have an interest in this creature. He had no way of knowing for sure, but he had no doubt the devilish captain was plotting something behind his back, and something supernatural such as that creature would do the trick. His thoughts are interrupted when Gravel bursts into the cabin. “Lord Lennett! We have an uh…unexpected visitor.” Gravel said awkwardly. Lennett looks up curiously, wondering who this visitor is. He walks up from his desk and heads outside the cabin. Sawyer is shown, being held by two ETC soldiers after being spotted drifting in the ocean. He is soaked, with water dripping off of his clothes. “Mr. Lennett, I’ve come to negotiate with y’all.” Sawyer offered. Lennett smiles, wondering what information Sawyer has. “Ah, Mr. Turner. Please, have a seat inside my cabin where we can make ourselves more comfortable.” Lennett said, gesturing to the door. Sawyer then heads into the cabin. Meanwhile, Juliet is seen walking on the Empress, still devastated from Tyrell’s sacrifice. After everything they’ve been through, she held great pity for him. He had tried to protect her since she was a child, and he fulfilled that promise until the very end. She holds the knot pendant Lao Feng gave her before his death, staring at it intently. She then recalls his last words to her: “Forgive me, Calypso”. Juliet had no idea why he thought she was this mysterious Calypso. She had seen the name mentioned in old pirate scribes, but did not know much else other than inferring she was some type of deity of the sea. She then stops thinking to herself and looks at Lao Feng’s crew staring at her, wondering what their orders are. Juliet truly lets it sink in that she is the captain of the Empress now. “Guess you’re the captain now, sweetheart. And a Pirate Lord too.” Huang shrugged. Juliet thinks this over, not having much time to process her being a Pirate Lord now. She read about them too, but was not sure if she liked that label given their reputations. Juliet then looks before the remains of Lao Feng’s crew, who are at looking at her for guidance, as unexpected as this situation is for them. “What are our orders, Captain Rose?” a crew member asked. Putting aside the negative feelings, Juliet is somewhat happy by this. She had always wanted a ship of her own, and now, she has one for the taken, even if the circumstances leading up to it were not ideal. Even if these crew members tried to kill her just a few hours ago, and she wasn’t entirely sure if she could trust them, she still needed their help to reach Shipwreck Cove and regroup with the others. She decides to take charge and get them on the move. “Listen up mateys, we be makin’ port for Shipwreck Cove. Get this ship in the best shape possible. Lao Feng would want the Empress to look her best.” Juliet ordered, trying to put on her best pirate impression. “Aye, Captain Rose.” Huang saluted, as the crew gets to work, preparing the ship to set sail. Juliet walks around deck, giving orders and making sure everything is in shape. The crew does their best to patch the holes in the hull from Jones’s earlier attack. They clean up debris and make the ship look decently presentable again in no time. “Good work, men. We’ll hopefully be there in no time.” Juliet complimented, as the crew salutes her and adjusts the sail flags. It felt so empowering for her to be in charge. She looks out the balcony at the seas before them, hoping they have an easy journey. Though, she learned by now in these times to never overestimate anything and always prepare for the worst possible outcome. As the Empress keeps sailing along the seemingly calm ocean waves, a dark, cold chill begins to fill the air around them. “This does not feel right…” one pirate said, confused. “Steady men, we're likely in a strong wind breeze.” Juliet ordered, trying to stay optimistic and professional. A dark shadow then hovers over the ship, concerning the crew. A dark cloud is overhead, the source of the shadow, as if it is following them. The sky in the surrounding area becomes an ominous dark as well. “Are entering a Triple Dark?” another crew member asked. Huang realizes what is happening, and a look of horror appears on his face. “No. Something far worse. Captain, I suggest you turn the ship away immediately.” Huang said grimly, giving orders to the crew. “Why, what is going on?” Juliet wondered. “Death. If we stay any longer, we’ll be dragged to our dooms.” Huang replied bluntly. “That’s cause for concern!” a pirate panicked. “Get us out of here!” Juliet ordered to the crew member at the wheel. The pirate nods and immediately begins to spin the wheel, trying to make the Empress turn away. It manages to drift to the side, seemingly about to escape the ominous occurrence before them. However, the sails stop flapping all of a sudden, making the ship come to an abrupt halt. The wind has completely died out. The dark cloud keeps hovering over the Empress, and starts to pull it toward another large dark towering cloud off of the starboard side. “It’s too late, we’re being pulled in!” Huang yelled. “I will not abandon this ship or crew!” Juliet said boldly, not wanting to fail as captain on her first day. She rushes to the wheel, pushing the crew member aside, and tries to fight against the presence. However, it is no use, as the supernatural force’s pull is too strong. Hang grabs her by the hand, trying to get her to stop. “Captain, with all due respect, there is nothing you can do. It has us now, we’re too close to its range.” Huang said. “What has us?” Juliet asked. Before she can get an answer, the entire ship tilts and rocks, sending all of them flying around on deck. Juliet barely hangs onto a railing, as Huang falls right against the mast. One pirate mans a cannon and tries to fire at the approaching dark cloud, but the shot misses. One of the pirates tries to jump overboard but the ship tilts again, making them slide right into a door. The ship is then dragged right into the towering dark cloud’s path, getting closer and closer. The sea crashes violently around them, as the Empress is sucked into the towering cloud. The crew all scream, and the Empress disappears into the darkness. … The Empress is seen washed up onto a rocky, dark shore. The ship somehow made it in tact, but only barely. Juliet is surprised to see nobody died and everyone appeared okay, as far as she could tell. The crew gets up from the deck, looking around at their surroundings. The entire island is shaped like a citadel, with the dark clouds towering above from its mountain peak. No sunlight appears on the island. The crew goes to the ground to examine. “This place…it is wicked, haunted, damned.” Huang said, chilled by it. “Where are we?” Juliet demanded to know. “An old urban legend unfortunately come true. I’ve heard wise tales of a mysterious island, shrouded by a tower of dark clouds; no sunlight sees its way through. Many ships have been forcibly pulled here to meet their untimely graves. Anyone that tries to escape will be pulled right back in. This place is known as the Shadow Citadel.” Huang was explaining, as they observe multiple shipwrecks before them. “To think we could have ended up just like the shipwrecks…” Juliet said nervously, looking at the wrecks. They see a graveyard of shipwrecks scattered across the island, including: Ludwigian Royal Navy ships, Eastern Trading Company ships, ships from various other countries including Thalassia, Nalabar, Posidonia and Ottelia, merchant ships, pirate ships, simple passenger vessels, and prisoner transports. Juliet sees one Royal Navy ship split in half, crashed into pieces alongside a rocky wall. They see several decaying skeletons near its wreckage, wearing familiar outfits belonging to a certain admiral’s fleet. Juliet recognizes the insignia on one of their outfits: it belonged to Valek’s crew. Looks like some of them had first hand experience with the terrors of this mysterious place. She examines their bodies closer and notices several vicious slash marks on what remains of their outfits. “They were attacked. We’re not alone.” Juliet realized. “Huang, what else do you know of this place? Who is here?” a pirate asked him. “Lao Feng recited some old tall tales to me, but since we’re at the once mythical Shadow Citadel in the flesh…I suppose these are true too. They say this place is ruled by a being calling himself the “Shadow Lord”, who controls over an army of shadow pirates. Supposedly, he and his followers found an ancient substance called “Shadow Gold” on this island long asgo, which granted the suckers immortality. However, it is said the gold cursed and trapped them on this hell of an island, unable to escape, with their sanities regressing ‘em into shadow monsters.” Huang was explaining. Juliet sighs to herself, more cursed pirates? First Bedossa’s crew, then Jones’s and now shadow pirates. Juliet missed the days of when most pirate stories she read were simply stories and not reality. “That’s why they lure ships, it’s all they can do. We’re in a prison, similar to Davy Jones’ Locker, but perhaps an even worse fate.” Juliet realized grimly, since at least from what she saw of the locker, there was nothing physically trying to kill you. “How do you propose we can escape, captain?” A pirate asked. Juliet begins thinking, interpreting what she can from Huang’s story. “Well, even if we fixed the Empress up again, we would not be able to leave and be pulled right back in. If this Shadow Lord is real, then my theory is that he is the one who controls the dark clouds covering the citadel. If we slay him, perhaps the clouds will depart and allow us to escape.” Juliet suggested. “Can we truly defeat him though, if he is capable of what is said?” a pirate wondered. “I truthfully don’t know. But we are pirates and we’ll have to take that risk. I’ll need your trust if we want to get out of here alive. We cannot let him keep taking innocent lives, which includes pirates. Lennett and Jones are enough threats for us to deal with, we can permanently take down another one before this Shadow Lord also complicates our rebellion.” Juliet said wisely, looking at several rotting pirate skeletons near another shipwreck. The pirates agree, not wanting to meet the same fates. Suddenly, several rocks fall down from a cliff above. The crew looks up immediately. “Something tells me they’re watching us.” Huang said, readying his rifle and aiming it around at the cliffs. Juliet holds the sword on her belt, readying it. They hear movement, but see nothing. A silence then passes. Juliet looks up at a mountainous path before them, leading to a skull shaped lair near the peak. “I presume the Shadow Lord is up there. I hope he’s expecting us.” Juliet said, holding out her sword, prepared to kill him. “I hope we don’t regret this…” a pirate said worried, readying their sword as well, and looking around for any threats. “It’s a damn shame you didn’t bring that good luck charm of yours along for the ride, cause we could sure use it right now.” Huang said to Juliet, referring to when she passed Treasure off as her “good luck charm” during inspection. “I wish as well, but he is in a safer place.” Juliet said, lamenting that Treasure’s magic powers certainly would’ve been useful against what they’re about to encounter. One of the crew members holds up a lantern, in an attempt to have some source of light. They walk forward, but Juliet quickly stops them. She points forward, to several odd pools of shadow ooze bubbling on the ground. Mara had taught her well to pay attention to her surroundings in unknown territory. Juliet carefully guides them through the rocky passage, avoiding the pools of shadow goo. The crew makes it past and begins heading up the mountain, where ship debris continues to be scattered along the way. A ship mast is seen fallen over, right in the middle of the path. The crew begins to climb over it, as Juliet keeps warily looking around for any threats. She then climbs over the mast too. Behind them, at the bottom of the trail, the pools of shade ooze begin to bubble more. Several shadow figures emerge out of them, wearing pirate outfits and holding oozing black swords. Their eyes are completely gold. These are the Shadow Lord’s minions that Huang spoke of, as they look at the group ahead. Shadow goo drools from their mouths, as they smile at them, ready to attack their prey. The shadow pirates quickly disappear back into the shadow ooze puddles, which move along the trail… Meanwhile, the Eclipse Pearl is shown sailing. Mack and Higgs are on the aft deck. Lotton is at the wheel. "Look alive and keep a careful eye! Not for nothing it's called Shipwreck Island, where lies Shipwreck Cove and Shipwreck City!” Higgs ordered to the crew. “Those are the best names they could get?” Mara asked, cleaning her pistol. “You know, for all that pirates are clever clogs capable of the most underhanded and duplicitous thinking…we are an unimaginative lot when it comes to naming things.” Mack admitted. “Aye.” Higgs replied. Skrum heads into the brig to check on Sawyer. He freezes upon seeing the cell is open and that Sawyer is not there. He quickly rushes up the stairs, bumping right into Jen and Shelly, annoying them. “Watch where you’re going!” Jen yelled. “Sorry ladies, but uh, who was on prison duty? Turner is gone!” Skrum revealed, surprising the crew except for Mack and Bedossa. Bedossa saw Sawyer floating away “I thought those two boneheads were supposed to be watching him.” Duncan said, pointing to Gintell and Pagetti. “That we were, but I have no clue how he escaped!” Gintell said. The two rush down into the brig to examine the empty cell. “Now I wonder how this did happen, perhaps he turned invisible…” Pagetti was pondering. The two think back. They went down there to clean the floor, and recall seeing Sawyer sitting in the cell, not saying a word. While they are cleaning the floor, Sawyer grabs the prison keys from Pagetti’s belt when he’s not looking. “For what it’s worth, I don’t entirely hate you.” Pagetti said to Sawyer, hoping it cheers him up. Sawyer still doesn’t say anything, but hides a smile. “He’s not going anywhere, why did the make us guard him?” Gintell wondered, as they head back upstairs after they finish cleaning. “…Oh.” Gintell and Pagetti both realize at once. “I knew he was too quiet!” Gintell said, annoyed. “Now we have to ask ourselves: where is Turner now?” Shelly asked. “Long gone overboard, but good riddance to that cowardly traitor.” Jen said, shrugging. “And now perhaps I may ask this inquiry: who put those two in charge of the brig to begin with, eh?” Bedossa asked curiously, looking at the crew. “…I did. I thought even that would be so simple they wouldn’t mess it up, but I was wrong.” Duncan said awkwardly. “Then ye be no brighter than the two of ‘em.” Bedossa said, whacking Duncan in the head. Jen, Shelly and Skrum give off snickers, but Bedossa glares at them. “Clean the deck ya scallawags, we need my ship in its best shape for the Brethren! That’s an order!” Bedossa demanded, as he walks off. “My ship!” Mack chimed in from the side. Mac the sea monkey hisses at the pirates from his shoulder, making sure they get to work. Gintell and Pagetti go to clean the lower decks, while Jen, Duncan, Shelly and Skrum clean the top. “I hate him. I like only having one captain.” Duncan said, looking to Mack on the quarterdeck. “We won’t have to put up with him for much longer, we’ll be at Shipwreck Cove soon. I’m so excited, it’s basically the only safe place for pirates left and…I’ll get to see my girlfriend there.” Shelly revealed, surprising them. “She’s there?” Jen asked. “Yep, she’s been taking refuge there for a few months now. Haven’t seen her in such a while due to this chaos, but it’ll be so nice to meet her again.” Shelly said romantically and in hopes of brightening people’s days, asks “Do any of you have special people waiting too?” “I have a brother who is a pirate, haven’t seen him in years though and don’t even know if he’s alive. Duncan reminds me a lot of him.” Jen said. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” Duncan joked. “My mama is back home, hopefully proud of me, even if being a melody tuning pirate probably ain’t what she had in mind.” Skrum revealed. “How sweet. At least you people have someone to see…I don’t really have anyone.” Duncan said bitterly, somewhat sad by that realization. Jen, Shelly and Skrum feel some pity for him. “Don’t feel too bad though, I guess this crew has become my family.” Duncan shrugged contently. Ava Dalmas is seen petting Treasure, feeding the creature one of her homemade snacks. Skrum, while still continuing to map the deck, briefly looks over to her. “You know, I can’t help but get the weird feeling there’s something suspicious about that woman.” Skrum pondered, looking at Ava. “Come to think it…does anyone even know much of her story to begin with?” Duncan wondered. “Not really, she’s been a quiet one in the time I’ve known her.” Shelly said. “Or when she does speak, it’s in confusing riddles.” Jen noted. “Very suspicious…something tells me our captains might know more about her than they’ve let on.” Skrum pondered. Bedossa glares at Ava Dalmas from on top of the deck. He knows her true identity: that she is the goddess Calypso in disguise. He would be using her as important leverage for the Brethren’s cooperation in this fight. He also has quite a few choice words to say to her, but plans to release them when she least expects it; he had to be careful around her, as even he could never truly know what she is planning. She is as unpredictable as the waves themselves, and Bedossa would use that to his advantage. He takes a bite from an apple, as he shifts his attention to the crew cleaning the deck. Back at the Shadow Citadel, Juliet’s crew keeps moving their way up the rocky path. The shadow pirates begin to move closer towards them, as the goo piles keep moving, and others run along the various shadows across the mountainous path. Huang keeps a close look out, aiming his rifle around. They see a rickety bridge up ahead, leading right to the skull lair. Before they can cross, they hear a demonic screech. “What the hell was that!?” one of the pirates asked, pointing their sword around. They see the puddles of shadow goo appearing before them, and the shadow pirates rise out of it, growling. “This is one time I ain’t happy a legend is true.” Huang said, as he fires off his rifle at one of them, the bullet going right through the shadow pirate’s head. A gold substance heals the wound in the shadow pirate’s head, as if nothing happened to it at all. The shadow pirate jumps forward, and Huang jumps out of the way. “How are we supposed to kill them-“ a pirate was asking. The pirate is stabbed through the chest by the shadow monsters, with shadow goo appearing around their wound. The crew gasps, as they struggle to hold against the other shadow pirates. The shadow goo infects the pirate, turning him into one of the monsters. He begins to growl uncontrollably, and looks right at the Huang. “Don’t let these freaks touch you!” Huang warned, firing off more bullets at them. “Sir, he is one of our own!” A pirate protested. “There’s nothing we can do for him, you know the Code.” Hang said, firing a bullet right at the former pirate, but like before, the gold substance heals the wound. The turned pirate then jumps into a shadow, disappearing. The crew slashes their swords at the shadow pirates, but they keep regenerating their wounds. One of the shadow pirates jumps at a crew member, grabbing onto them. They try to shake it off, but are soon infected as well, turning on their own crew. “Captain, we need to fall back, we cannot beat them!” A crew member said, realizing how grim the situation is. “I’d love to retreat, but they’d keep following us!” Juliet said frustrated, clashing her sword with a shadow pirate’s. Juliet slashes her sword right through the shadow pirate’s torso, ripping it in half. She kicks half of it off the mountain path, falling into the abyss below. The other half regenerates itself using the gold substance however. Juliet then looks at one of the crew member’s lanterns, and notices a shadow pirate is cowering from it, refusing to attack the crew member. She realizes their weakness: light. She quickly grabs the lantern from the crew member and shines it right into a shadow pirate’s face. It melts their golden eyes off, as they hiss and scream. It then melts their head off, as their body falls to the ground, not regenerating like the others. “That’s their weakness, excellent thinking captain!” A crew member said. Juliet keeps shining the lantern around at the rest of the shadow pirates. The light makes the shadow pirates hiss and growl, as they retreat back into the shadow goo puddles, which move away. “I’m glad that worked, but something tells me it will not be enough to defeat the Shadow Lord.” Juliet feared, giving the lantern back to the crew member. “Unfortunately, that’s the only lantern we got left so it’ll have to do.” Huang said. They reach the peak, looking at the skull shaped lair before them. “If anyone wishes to head back, now would be the time.” Juliet warned. They all choose to stay by her side, which she accepts. Juliet’s crew heads into the lair, ready to face Shadow Lord. Meanwhile, the Eclipse Pearl keeps making its way toward Shipwreck Cove. Mack looks through his telescope, and nearly has a heart attack when he sees the Cursed Bones heading right for them. Treasure looks from the deck nervously at the Bones. Davy Jones looks out from the bow, and his tentacles react strangely, knowing Treasure is nearby. He smiles at this, then holds up his claw, signaling his crew. Within seconds, the Bones begins firing at the Pearl. “ALL HANDS-“ Mack was yelling, when a cannonball strikes right across the deck. “I just mopped that!” Skrum said, annoyed, and gets to a cannon. “Seems mighty odd Jones is attacking us now…” Higgs pondered, wondering if this was Sawyer's doing. “This is unrelated to Lennett by my account.” Mack said, looking at Treasure below and Higgs realizes what this is about. Bedossa looks out with his telescope to see the Bones getting closer and closer to them. “This be the most inconvenient of timings! But us two have been overdue for a reunion, so this oughta be interestin’…” Bedossa said curiously, as he orders the crew to man their stations as well. Mack rushes down the steps knowing why Jones is striking them now. He grabs Treasure and throws it right into the dining room. The Pearl begins firing cannonballs back, as they engage in a heated battle. On board the Bones, Melching and some of the ETC soldiers exit the cabin upon hearing cannon fire. He observes the ensuing battle in curiosity. Jones knew he’d be watching him, so he had hoped he’d be able to get Treasure and quickly get out of there. Jones looks to see Mack on board, annoyed Lennett had not told him he escaped the Locker, but not surprised either. Denrod, Timmy Legs, Crash, Quittance and Hagras appear on board the Pearl, as the crew quickly begins to fight them. Higgs slashes his sword at Quittance. Mack goes to join the fight, when suddenly… “Stark. I do admit, I'm impressed you escaped my locker, but you have something that is rightfully mine, and I intend to take it.” Davy Jones declared from behind. Mack turns, coming face to face with Jones, who is pointing Tyrell’s sword at him; Mack recognizes the blade. Back at the Shadow Citadel, Juliet’s crew enter Shadow Lord’s lair. They walk down a dark, rocky chamber. The lantern illuminates the area, where they see multiple skeletons lying around the ground, along with a strange gold that is covered in shadow ooze. “This must be the gold that corrupted them.” Juliet realized. She pokes her sword at the gold, and the shadow ooze burns the tip of the sword slightly. They keep moving, as several shadow pirates crawl along the ceiling, watching them from above. Juliet senses them, and directs the crew member to shine their lantern at the ceiling. He does so and the shadow pirates hiss in anger, disappearing into the shadows. The crew walks forward through a dark entrance, bracing themselves. They walk down ancient steps, with the lantern barely illuminating the room. They see more skeletons scattered around the ground, and look to the center of the room to see: a throne made of shadow gold, and tons of other pieces of gold scattered around the area, many pouring out of an old chest. Sitting on the throne is the Shadow Lord, wearing an old pirate outfit, and his body features wrecked beyond repair, liquid gold oozing from his mouth. He wears some of the shadow gold as a crown, having carved some of it out. “Long have I waited…for new guests to arrive at my home. I’m impressed you made it this far; you may be worthy challengers for once.” Shadow Lord spoke. “You are the Shadow Lord.” Juliet said, pointing her sword. “Yes…I do go by that moniker now…but long before, I used to be someone else… Balthazar Graham.” Shadow Lord revealed, shocking the crew. “…One of the original Pirate Lords.” Juliet realized, and Huang is shocked. “I thought you died decades ago, how are you alive?” “The first Brethren were too weak, but I wanted to preserve my legacy forever. I sought immortality, bringing me to the shadow gold…and it worked well.” Shadow Lord explained, standing up, as liquid gold keeps dripping from him. “In case you haven’t heard, pirates are facing extinction and this is not an obstacle we need in our way. Let us leave peacefully and we’ll let you live.” Juliet bargained, learning well from Mack. “You are in no position to bargain with me, woman, I’m the immortal one with a shadow army that eclipses your motley batch. But perhaps…if we join forces, we may stand a chance against these threats…” Shadow Lord offered manipulative, extending out his oozing hand. “Never.” Juliet replied firmly, readying her sword. “Then you will all die!” Shadow Lord spoke bluntly. The crew are all suddenly surrounded by a swarm of shadow pirates, circled around them. They keep growling inhumanely and point their weapons. The crew immediately begins to fight, as Shadow Lord laughs. He walks off of his throne, holding out a shadow rapier, which was Graham’s signature sword. The crew member with the lantern shines it around, making some of the shadow pirates fall back, but there’s too many. Juliet slashes her way through more of them, heading for Shadow Lord. "Keep your distance and hold them off, I'll deal with the Shadow Lord!" Juliet ordered. Huang nods, as he grabs the lantern and sticks it right into a shadow pirate's chest, burning them. He then tosses it to another crew member, who uses it to attack another shadow pirate. Juliet approaches Shadow Lord, who looks at her curiously, with gold oozing from his mouth. "You are the captain, correct? Show an old lord what you are capable of." Shadow Lord challenged, getting his rapier into position. Juliet charges forward and clashes her sword against Shadow Lord’s multiple times, struggling to match him, but managing to hold her own. Back at the Pearl, Mack’s crew keeps trying to hold off the invading crew and avoiding cannon shots at the same time. Lotton frantically turns the wheel, but three cannonballs strike the hull. Jones strikes the sword forward and Mack counters. He counters two more times, before Jone disarms him and Mack fall onto the deck, terrified. Jones is about to finish Mack off, but Bedossa’s sword clashes in the way, annoying Jones. “Only I get to kill him!” Bedossa said, dueling Jones. “Thanks…I think?” Mack replied, getting up, surprised Bedossa is actually saving him. Mara is still slightly shaken up by these monsters after the first time they stormed onto the Pearl, but in the months past, has learned to suppress that fear. She shoots her pistol right at Denrod’s head and then jabs him right in the gut a few times. Denrod falls overboard and is struck right by a cannonball, making him explode, and his pieces are lost to the ocean. “Wow.” Jen said, impressed by Mara’s skills. Jones keeps dueling Bedossa, managing to hold his own much to Jones’s impressment. “Hector Bedossa…ye have survived death before, do ye fear it a second time?” Jones asked. “I ain’t got nothin’ left to fear.” Bedossa replied, striking his sword forward, and Jones swiftly counters. “Admirable, but foolish all the same.” Jones replied, as he disarms him, much to his shock and sends him flying into Gintell and Pagetti. He points his sword back to Mack, who holds his hands up. He looks to see the rest of his crew is preoccupied. “Where is my leviathan?” Jones asked. “Gone, it’s-“ Mack was stalling. Suddenly, Treasure, upon seeing Mack is in danger, busts out of the dining room. It sends a powerful magic blast at Jones, surprising him. Jones puts the sword in the way to block it, but the blast is too much, as it knocks him back and sends him over a railing. Mack and Bedossa both look up in awe. Higgs helps Mack up, as the two fight Timmy Legs. Juliet keeps dueling Shadow Lord, as her crew keeps dealing with the rest of his army. Huang fires off his rifle, and shines the lantern around. Another one of the crew members is grabbed by a shadow pirate, and dragged off into the darkness, being consumed. Shadow Lord strikes his rapier right at Juliet's leg, knocking her off balance, and making her fall to the ground. "Weak." Shadow Lord taunted. Before Juliet can get up, Shadow Lord makes a shadow ooze appear around her, grabbing her. It pulls her forward, and he looks her directly in the eyes. She treis to hide her fear. Shadow Lord begins to peer into Juliet’s mind, analyzing through her memories. He sees memories of Juliet’s childhood, showing her playing outside of her old house in Ludwigia, with her father and mother watching. Another flashback then shows her mother becoming ill. The final one shows her and Isaac preparing to move away from Ludwigia. “I see your pain…” Shadow Lord laughed, and is about to corrupt her. However, Juliet lets the love of her family take control instead of fear, allowing her to break free from his grasp, breaking the goo apart. She slashes off one of his arms, but he feels no pain from it. He begins to regenerate the arm, as some shadow pirates surround Juliet. She hacks the sword away at them, and jumps onto a pile of shadow gold. This triggers an odd reaction from Shadow Lord. “No, nobody will touch my gold!” Shadow Lord yelled psychotically, freaking Juliet out. Juliet puts it together now: the gold is what cursed them and is the source of their powers, just like the cursed conquistador gold at Isla de Condenar. "The lantern!" Juliet shouted to a crew member, who is struggling to hold off another shadow pirate. The crew member throws it, and a shadow pirate tries to grab it, but Huang shoots them. Juliet catches the lantern, and then throws it right onto the golden throne. The lantern breaks apart, and the fire spreads around the shadow gold, beginning to melt it. The curse is broken. “NO!” Shadow Lord yelled, as he feels his face beginning to fall apart. He runs to his melting gold throne, trying to grab as much of it as possible, but it’s too late. The gold explodes, incinerating his entire body as he makes one last dreadful, unholy scream. His sword goes striking right into the ground, the only artifact left of him. The rest of the shadow pirates are incarnated from the blast as well, as all of them are vanquished from the island. The dark clouds over the island begin to fade, as sunlight starts to come through for the first time in ages. The crew is relieved. “…You actually did it.” Huang said, impressed. “Did you doubt my leadership?” Juliet asked, smiling. The lair begins to collapse around them, as rocks fall everywhere. Before leaving, Juliet takes Shadow Lord’s ancient sword from the ground, figuring it may be a good trophy. “One thing’s for certain after today: I am so sick of pirates. No offense to you guys.” Juliet sighed, exhausted. “None taken.” Huang shrugged. "Still, quite a tragedy it is how greed can corrupt even the greatest of Lords." "At least he won't hurt anyone anymore." Juliet said, as they head back to the Empress. Jones is seen in the water, furious. He then hears Melching shouting from the Bones. He and his men are waving flags, signaling for them to return aboard. Jones's crew see this on board the Pearl, and teleport back to the Bones, confusing Mack's crew. The Bones stops firing at once. Jones approaches Melching, demanding to know what is the meaning of this. “Lord Lennett has requested you ceasefire and return to the Endeavor immediately for a meeting.” Melching said, with his soldiers pointing their rifles at Jones’s crew. “We have them in our grasps. Why not finish them off now?” Jones asked, trying to be diplomatic so he can manipulate the situation. “Let them go to Shipwreck Cove where we can annihilate them all. That’s an order.” Melching said threateningly, jangling the key around his neck. Jones sighs and accepts defeat. He wonders if Lennett had figured out about Treasure or if this is unrelated. The Pearl begins to drift away unscathed. “They’re…letting us go?” Mara asked, confused. “If tis means we live to reach Shipwreck Cove, then I ain’t questioning!” Higgs shrugged, as he signals Lotton to turn the wheel. Treasure can’t help but shiver as it looks at the Cursed Bones, slowly turning into a dot the further the Pearl sails away. The Cursed Bones sails off to regroup with the Endeavor. “Looks like we can add surviving an encounter with Davy Jones twice to our pirate resumes now.” Duncan bragged. “Only because he let us go. Jones is not such a fool to let his prey go that easily unless he had nefarious reasons for doing so…” Bedossa said curiously. "Or maybe the slug scared him mighty bad." Pagetti suggested, looking at Treasure. "Or perhaps, he not be the one in control anymore...notice how those Company men be on board." Ava Dalmas said cryptically to them. They think this over and realizes it makes sense. "Using his heart as blackmail...how cold hearted." Mack said. The Eclipse Pearl keeps sailing onward for its destination. Back at the Shadow Citadel, the sun shines again onto the once dark and dreary setting. The pirates look up, relived to see sunlight after the nightmare they went through. Juliet is still in shock she managed to slay a former Pirate Lord, especially one who had become as supernaturally monstrous as Graham did. She holds Graham’s shadow rapier by her side, hoping to make good use of it in their last stand against Lennett and Jones. “Captain, I’d like to apologize for my behavior at the spa. A powerful woman such as you did not deserve that treatment.” Huang said, feeling great shame for his actions back there. “Just do not do it again and it’ll be forgiven. Now let’s get out of here.” Juliet ordered. The crew manages to get the Empress ready to sail again. The Empress goes off onto the waves, heading for Shipwreck Cove. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debut: Shadow Lord/Balthazar Graham -Area Debuts: The Shadow Citadel -Deaths: Shadow Lord, Denrod -The story of Graham/Shadow Lord’s immortality was first briefly mentioned by Valek in “The High Tower”.
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    I heard some rumors about that being an earlier version of the CGI but even if it is, the sneak peek was just awful. Concept aside, the execution is ugly, childish in a bad way, and also felt like a boring watch ironically. Maybe I'll watch some eps to fully judge it but so far this looks like a walking disaster. I hope one of these spinoffs actually hit but this one should've stayed as an afterthought.
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    I am feeling depressed by looking at the bad news day after day, slowly I am losing hope. Can't figure out what to do, just breathing not living.
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    Mike Man, im gonna ask you something, something a bit more serious, how do you feel about the current state of the world? in your own words and experience of course.
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    Already posted this on Discord but this is important. The Persians are at it again and this time, they made a movie. According to the description: "'Bab Esfanji Dar Tehran' or 'باب اسفنجی در تهران' is a 43 minute bootleg SpongeBob movie distributed in 2017 directed by Majid Yazdanparast and Hamid Esmaeili. The plot roughly translated says it is about 'This animated story about the friendship of SpongeBob and Patrick in Tehran. It's interesting to know that Bob and his friend Patrick, who travel to Iran for the first time, catch their attention with their hamburgers until they notice something happening ...'" I'm pretty sure this was made by a studio that already dubs SpongeBob illegally in Persian. The voices sound pretty much the same. Persian dubbing is god-tier, and this is proof.
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    A general topic for Spongebob video games. I currently own Spongebob Drawn for Life. I use to have Creature from the Krusty Krab.
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