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Collectables (now mainly referred to as Pins) are a type of item that displays in a user's profile. They are similar to that of iFish items, though they cannot be worn by a user's iFish. They are commonly given out as prizes for events such as scavenger hunts, minigames and King Neptune reigns, though some are available for purchase in the Doubloons store. As of August 2020, they can now be worn on user's iFish as a "pin", similar to Club Penguin.



These collectables were available for purchase in the doubloons store. They are now retired as of August 2020, but can still be worn as pins.

Image Name Cost
100px Dollar 500 Doubloons
100px Gary 300 Doubloons
100px Golden Spatula 10,000 Doubloons
100px Karen 4,000 Doubloons
100px Jellyfish 200 Doubloons
100px Jellyfishing Net 2,500 Doubloons
Magicconchicon.png Magic Conch 1,000 Doubloons
100px Mermaid Man's Belt 6,000 Doubloons
100px Mr. Krabs 700 Doubloons
100px Patrick Star 7,000 Doubloons
100px Pearl 800 Doubloons
Planktonicon.png Plankton 1,000 Doubloons
100px Sandy Cheeks 400 Doubloons
100px SpongeBob SquarePants 20,000 Doubloons
Spongebobsweighset.gif SpongeBob's Weigh Set 5,000 Doubloons
Squidwardsclarinet.gif Squidward's Clarinet 3,000 Doubloons
100px Squidward Tentacles 600 Doubloons
Theflyingdutchmanicon.png The Flying Dutchman 12,000 Doubloons


These are collectables that were given out as prizes in past events. A previous collectable is very unlikely to return.

Image Name Event Notes
337e8c6a8ce6a57b318787fbef652e40.png Candy Collectable Octerror Fest 2018 Trick or Treating minigame.
SbHCRgd.png Candy Corn Collectable Octerror Fest 2019 Trick or Treating minigame.
048b4c45d429994c1bcea1db2736bfba.gif Dancing Patrick SBC's 10th Anniversary Given to WhoBob and G4y in a raffle.
EvhmO0w.png Dark Knight Summer Knights Target Shoot minigame. Given to whoever hit the yellow target.
6f9vYC0.png Dirty Bubble Collectable July of Justice Given exclusively to the Villains for winning July of Justice.
100px F430 2005 Car Key ZaidCatDog's reign Given to the 3rd place winner of a SpongeCraft challenge. No one participated however.
15530978621007034510.png Flower SpongeBob March Madness 2019 Flower Hunt.
Shop item img-272.png Forest Ranger Camp SBC Kelp Forest Survival. Given to WhoBob for winning.
Ghostsquidward.png Ghost Squidward Octerror Fest 2019 Candy Hunt.
49ac9749d4c50dd5da2147e1db9faed4.png Gingerbread Man Snowcember Ball 2018 Present Hunt.
Ab98526ce825c89c1e6ad318706533a3.png Holiday Gang Snowcember Ball 2017 Present Hunt.
Holidaygary.png Holiday Gary Snowcember Ball 2016 12 Days of Christmas - Day 6.
Patchristmas.png Holiday Patrick Snowcember Ball 2016 12 Days of Christmas - Day 7.
E84a947062cbd953f6a925a78dcd7721.png Jellien Futuristic February: In Space! Asteroid Blast minigame.
F2d7303ce6f379bfd9b849a13e33cafd.png Kevin Jellyfish Festival Jellyfish Bounce minigame.
100px Mewtwo Wintermelon43's reign Given to magic the veemon in a raffle.
Ed0f3af13f18110cdb15975ab41073e1.png Mrs. Puff Witch Octerror Fest 2017 Candy Hunt.
FrhBTug.png Patrick Basketball Outfit March Madness 2016 Given exclusively to the Drasticals for winning March Madness 2016.
Shop item img-229.png Patrick Christmas Snowcember Ball 2014
Snowcember Ball 2015
Snowcember Ball 2016
Snowcember Ball 2018
Snowcember Ball 2019
SBC Christmas Trivia Contest. Given to Trophy, Halibut, Cream, SRRS and Mythix for winning.
773dbc31067bc94b02c6f3d13ec0ca83.png Pearl Frankenstein Bride Octerror Fest 2018 Candy Hunt.
Pecopatrickicon.png Peco Patrick Rodessance Seahorse Rodeo minigame.
C109c8b2bc8d9707ec6502a9d446593d.png Pirate SpongeBob Freebooter Februarry 2020 Treasure Dig minigame.
UP9xsks.png Planktonamor Summer Knights Magic Cauldron Stirring minigame. Given to whoever got the green color.
Fa24f1c422711c2adb09b50b9176efca.png Santa Claus Snowcember Ball 2017 12 Days of Christmas - Day 8.
LBKmWcB.png Seaberry Pie March Madness 2017 Pi Day: Number Trivia. Given to JCM for winning.
058409cee61a859b8e72375284dd44e1.png Snowball Snowcember Ball 2018 Snowball Throw minigame.
9ba61dfcab22f5a683cae123e3ca4504.png Snowman Snowcember Ball 2019 Snowball Throw minigame.
TE0Hhwn.png SpongeBob & Patrick Candy Canes Snowcember Ball 2015 Present Hunt.
UXUYC43.png SpongeBob & Patrick Christmas 2016 Snowcember Ball 2016 Present Hunt.
Shop item img-237.png SpongeBob Basketball Outfit March Madness 2015 Given exclusively to the Band Geeks for winning March Madness 2015.
W5XtGIC.png SpongeBob Basketball Player March Madness 2017 Basketball Hunt.
OeHvelL.png SpongeBob Christmas 2015 Snowcember Ball 2015 12 Days of Christmas - Day 6.
Shop item img-236.png SpongeBob Easter March Madness 2015 Easter Egg Hunt.
PnKkOkI.jpg SpongeBob Easter Portrait 2016 March Madness 2016 Easter Egg Hunt.
9ba2027326c73be35ff8cdbb3e5a51e4.png SpongeBob Egg March Madness 2018 Easter Egg Hunt.
Frankenbob.png SpongeBob Frankenstein Octerror Fest 2016 Candy Hunt.
Shop item img-235.png SpongeBob Fry Cook Games March Madness 2015 The Fry Cook Games. Given to Trophy for winning.
Vy2v7n zps10256b78.png SpongeBob Ghost Costume Octerror Fest 2014 Scavenger Hunt.
FZW6v7f.png SpongeBob Knight Summer Knights Sword Battle Tournament. Given to Cream for winning.
BPz22YE.png SpongeBob Pirate King Freebooter Februarry Arrrgh! Given to Hayden for winning.
BNKE7ZX.png SpongeBob St. Patrick's Day March Madness 2016 St. Patrick's Day Trivia. Given to Halibut for winning.
JKFu093.png SpongeBob Vampire Costume Octerror Fest 2015 Scavenger Hunt.
100px SpongeBuck Rodessance Bullseye Target minigame. Given to whoever hit the yellow target.
X0tFk32.png Squidward Christmas 2015 Snowcember Ball 2015 12 Days of Christmas - Day 7.
Squidwardsoccer.png Squidward Soccer Sponge Cup Soccer Ball Hunt.
0124da55bd7d8526199042cbb5683f8e.png Will Smith Autograph Flicks February Actor Autographs minigame.
7485e3364e7789e8a77435ef0033d5f7.png Winter SpongeBob Snowcember Ball 2017 12 Days of Christmas - Day 7.
1576688586112429336.png Winter Squidward Snowcember Ball 2019 Snowball Hunt.