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Robot Chicken


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I personally love all the seasons the same. Maybe cuz Family Guy is one of my favorite cartoons, Robot Chicken is also up there on my favorite cartoons list 428899.gif.

As for some of my favorite sketches....

-Every sketch with the nerd kid, especially the Narnia sketch

-Robot Chicken always getting cancelled every season finale, then renewed in the season premiere 428899.gif

-The what is terrorism sketch

-Lindsay Lohan parodies, especially Living Lohan (the voice is just to epic)

I have a lot more, but I can think of these four off the top

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Haha, yes, that was hilarious xD

I missed the first eppie of season 5, tho, but last Sunday's was great.

I love this show. Seth Green is awesome.

You didn't miss too much. Robot Chicken got renewed via Saving Private Ryan parody with cast members dying like Lindsay Lohan and the Drummer Boy xD.

Oh and there was a hillarious parody involving Skeletor. Btw three He-Man sketches so far this season.....damn 428899.gif

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