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  1. my boy are u spongecha? steel sponge? what the fuck is up brodda? whats up alliez montreal ahahaha ur like 30 old man i've been true believing my friend, enough said all ur rym sounds like is bee bee boo boo bop BOO BOO BOP mdma is a drug airplane man i only knew u before ur redemption arc
  2. i need every SBC boomer to post in this thread, and if no one does i will be be bumping it every month until you assholes post in here. i miss yall. wheres clappy? wumbo? spongeseb? kizuna? aquatic nuggets? FORUMOTION GANG GANG? god forbid i say tv.com. where tf whaleblubber at? i know where jjs is i talk that motherfucker like tonight. SOF also. yall heard jelly got married and had a kid? shit craaaaazy. what people called shitposting now was spamming back in the day and i did a shit ton of it. CDCB? you there? i'm schizofrenic in this bitch. post in here so i dont feel like an asshole. and if this thread devolves into 12 pages of me saying "BOOMER CHECK" by myself i still love all of you. but also fuck you
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