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Bump because Anthony Padilla recently announced that he's no longer part of Smosh:

I don't have any serious, strong emotions about this decision since I used to be into Smosh for a while before my thoughts on the channel in general has neutralized, but it is indeed a major one.

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...I feel bad now for initially thinking that this was a parody of those "Why I Left Buzzfeed" videos.

I have a similar opinion on Smosh to Clappy's, I loved their early sketches but lost interest in them when their channel became more corporate. The later sketches I watched were not that bad, and I do occasionally like me some Honest Game Trailers, but that's all. A shame to see the channel lose even more of its original identity, but I like that Anthony is moving on.

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I don't know if I'd legitimately call any of their videos genuinely great but these guys's videos from like 2009-12 or so ate up so much of my time in elementary school so I watch them every once in a while for their sentimental value. Honestly though, their videos from like 2007-9 were decently funny. The "Anthony Is Mexican" or "Easy Poop" videos being my favorites. Those kill me every time.

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Kinda Sad to see anthony Quit Smosh, but he did make the right decision.

At the time, Smosh videos were Degrading in quality, trying to meet Youtube's Advertising Standards.

Especially with their Series "Part Timers" Having Special ads from Schick Hydro and all that.

Anthony still would've quit whether he stayed or not, Had he stayed, Smosh would've still continued with him in the newest videos, but smosh's popularity would tank, leading to both Ian and Anthony Quitting eventually and those cringy teenagers or whatever staying on the show until the channel was back to square one without all of it's advertisers.

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