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014b. Karate Choppers

ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1

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I really liked this episode. It had lots of good action and fun, and it had some really good quotes too, like "I hate all of you". I also hear how a lot of people say it resembles a certain...activity, and I can see that. Overall, a very good episode.

Final score: 9/10

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This episode was decent 7.5

Edit just watched it again For the first time I. Years. A lot of funny stuff slipped my mind

Karate action was well drawn, funny lines throughout,

Especially when mr. Krabs gives Spongebob one extra chance and mr krabs goes to the part where everything is cut in two and says " do you ever think me. Krabs does karate. "

LOL funnier than I gave it credit more

New grade: 9/10

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If I was asked which character out of SpongeBob and Sandy I'd like to fight in a karate match, I think I'd go with SpongeBob for easiness (although I've never really done much karate) and Sandy because she'd teach me more about karate than I've ever known. They should teach a karate class together- in fact they should make an episode about it!


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