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  1. 7/10 While not as good as the first Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy episode, This was still a solid episode to end Season 1,
  2. 4/10 Like MuscleBob BuffPants, This episode was completely boring for me.
  3. 4/10 Boring episode and I don't really think the ending makes up fully for what Squidward did.
  4. 10/10 Like Plankton!, Plankton himself was really awesome here and there were a lot of good jokes.
  5. 5/10 Another one that doesn't stick out to me in any way but the ending and the Texas song were really good.
  6. 6/10 While I understand many think this is an instant classic, I again thought this episode was kinda boring and I felt bad for SpongeBob throughout.
  7. 10/10 My fifth favorite. Nice episode all the way around.
  8. 6/10 While some of the stuff Squidward did with the paper was kinda fun, I just thought this episode was again kind of bland.
  9. 9/10 Very funny episode with a sweet ending.
  10. 4/10 Just kinda bland with a creepy ending.
  11. 10/10 Genius episode all the way around. My third favorite of the season.
  12. 7/10 The ending was nice which is what saved it from being lower for me.
  13. 10/10 My favorite episode of the season. It's an instant classic all the way around.
  14. 2/10 My least favorite episode of the show. Nothing was funny at all and it's just a mess in addition to being very creepy for me.
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