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026a. Bubble Bass Reviews

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So far, I think this episode is probably the biggest acknowledgement by the actual writers of this show, that THEY know that if Stephen Hillenburg were still alive, there wouldn't BE any spin-offs such as "The Patrick Star Show" on the air, and that by all rights, their show shouldn't EVEN exist, and saying that they don't CARE about that fact, and have their OWN things to say about the "Spongebob Squarepants" franchise! And they're using the experimental nature of "The Patrick Star Show" in order to do it! This show pokes obvious fun at The Nostalgia Critic, who takes trivial goofs and errors that could conceivably be found WITHIN the universe of "The Patrick Star Show", and tears apart each error like it's the writing technique of "Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking"! Of course, as we see from Bubble Bass'...editing job, it's not like HE'S an expert at making HIMSELF look presentable. Either he's TOO lazy, too apathetic, or a combination of the two to do a better job! Of course, as this episode shows; if you REALLY want to make your own web-based series critiquing and complaining about shows you only watch to 'Hate-watch' (how THAT ever became a thing, I'll never know); than you have the right to do so. But when you do, DON'T be surprised if the people you COMPLAIN about feel insulted about your words, and come to YOUR house wanting to TALK to you! Interestingly enough, Patrick and Squidina actually THOUGHT that Bubble Bass' words of criticism, were ACTUALLY constructive towards improving THEIR own work, and they decide to REVIEW Bubble Bass' REVIEW show! (Talk about being "Shaped Like Itself"!) And they show off Bubble Bass being neglectful about food stains on himself, throwing tantrums (that they could only show a PORTION of), and SWEATING whenever he gets over-excited! As it turns out, Bubble Bass can DISH it out, but taking it is ANOTHER matter entirely! Although Bubble Bass' Mother IS thankful that Patrick and Squidina were able to get Bubble Bass out of the house, doing some ACTUAL physical activity! I personally can't find anything wrong with this episode, I'd give it 11/10! (It's THAT good!) Enough said, true believers!

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Quite a bold choice for them to roast the animation community like this, but damn, I had a stupid smile on my face the whole time. Love how Patrick and Squidina basically made their own riff theater lol. Best episode of Pat's show I've seen. 10/10 Never thought NC and SB would crossover like this, but once again SBC's influence is eternal. ❤️ Now I go back into hibernation until the next meme worthy episode.

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This show has no right to be this good.

It just doesn't. And somehow with every step of the way, it manages to exceed my expectations. I remember back then when we were all terrified of the concept of Patrick having his own show considering how unlikeable he had come over the years, even making it all the more concerning about retconning his family. But then I saw how the show looked judging by promos and artwork and suddenly I felt "hmm maybe this has potential". So I decided to watch the first two eps which I liked but they werent enough to grab me. That is until I heard the show has its own uniqueness in terms of its wacky and colorful humor, so I gave more watches and I decided the show is actually really good, especially for a spin-off. It got a good humor, Patrick's own cast was loveble and I loved exploring different animation segments. This year we entered second half of s1 and somehow it got bolder and bolder with its premises and cranked up the insanity level. It really started to make me believe "oh god, is this show a masterpiece?". And then we hit the era where the show got new crew members and it switched to storyboarding. What came out of the result was a massive glow up. Episodes got much more energetic and funny, animation got more fluid, character dynamics got more interesting and so on. It managed to make Patrick the most likeable he has ever been since pre-movie days. And on top of all that, this is imo the best and the most consistent SpongeBob related content in years, surpassing the current state of the original show. I'm not exgarrating when I say this show is special. It's a must see for SpongeBob fans.

So how does it all relate to this episode? Well, this has every combination of what makes Patrick show so endearing to watch. From its witty meta commentary to its crazy and energetic humor to loveable characters. This is a Bubble Bass episode and it's obivious to point out how much he has used so much in post-sequel era of SpongeBob. Making his status as SpongeBob's one-off foil disappear less and less into him going loser geek persona. Somehow he got less interesting and funny to me as a result. But there are times when they really went hard on the character such as "Big Bad Bubble Bass" episode of SpongeBob but I didn't start loving the character again until this masterpiece. Making Bubble Bass into a Nostalgia Critic parody is just genius. It hits all the notes from angry youtube critics who spend all their day of nit-picking the fuck out of the show and embarrassing themselves with their cringe humor and outbursts. And this episode nails on parodying that aspect. I barely watched Nostalgia Critic but as someone who used to watch a lot of animation youtuber videos like Pieguy and Mr. Enter's videos, these jokes hit me so much. Somehow Bubble Bass' review of Patrick Show got more and more nonsensical that it got Patrick and Squidina to notice his recent outbursts, so they decided to haunt him until it was eventually revealed they like his criticisms which wasn't that surprising twist but it works so well. But somehow they doubled it down in an actual surprising way by the duo making their own review show, critiquing reviewers like Bubble Bass and I couldn't stop the laughter. It was such aa clever and hilarious way to subvert everything. This episode not only redefinied Bubble Bass as a character, it also highlighted why the show's cast is so good. Patrick and Squidina have an incredible sibling chemistry in the show but I love how they operate here as two weirdos who make an insane show together and be the forces of nature to Bubble Bass in the conflict because he unfairly critiqued them.

So why am I coming out of my slumber to review a SpongeBob related content once again? Because

1) This episode got so much attention from people on social media that even Nostalgia Critic himself decided to address this parody and actually make a funny joke out of it.

2) This is the best example of how much creative and fun this show is. This is one of the biggest reasons why I fell in love with this show in the first place. And I don't mean them going hard on youtube critics like Nostalgia Critic and Mr. Enter. It's using the meta narrative of the show to generate creative plotlines and interesting character conflicts, resulting in hilarious and exciting ways.

If you wanna see more gems from this show, I'd recommend episodes like this, Get Off My Lawnie, Home Ecch, The Patterfly Effect, The Patrick Show Sells Out, Fun and Done, Backpay Payback, The Patrick Show Cashes In (yesterday's episode) and so on to get why this show means so much to me and I'd even go as far as to recommend some of early episodes like Stair Wars, The Yard Sale and Bunny the Barbarian. Thank you to creators of this show to make this one hell of a masterpiece and one of my new comfort shows ever. And while I don't plan on reviewing the main show anytime soon, I'll most likely review some select episodes of The Patrick Star Show to express my love for it even further.

Episode Grade: A++

Season 1 Grade: A

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