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Potion Brewing

Jjs Goodman

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Whip whip stir stir! In potions class, you'll be blending together a potion, which when drank, will reward you something special. Your outcome will be randomly generated. Here are the possible potions and their rewards:

Gray Potion = Nothing 💀

Red Potion = 100 doubloons

Blue Potion = 200 doubloons

Green Potion = 300 doubloons

Silver Potion = 10 Wizard Points

Gold Potion = Wizard Hat Pin

Just say "I'd like to brew" or something else indicating you're doing this. You may only play in this once every 24 hours.

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1 hour ago, Magic Conch Shell said:

let's do the brew!

Your potion was red, giving you 100 dbs! Try again in 23 hours!

2 minutes ago, Winter King said:

Makes potion using a textbook that totally doesn't have notes written by a "half blood prince" or something, why would you think that??? heheh...

Your potion was gold, giving you the Wizard Hat pin! Try again in 24 hours!

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22 hours ago, Magic Conch Shell said:

*boots up the homebrew channel*

Your potion was silver, giving you 10 wizard points! Try again in 2 hours!

9 hours ago, Winter King said:


Your potion was gray, giving you. nothing! Try again in 15 hours!

6 hours ago, Steve Miller Band said:

the black cauldron anniversary GIF by Disney Surely NOTHING bad could happen by brewing with THIS suspicious looking pot, RIGHT?!

Your potion was green, giving you 300 dbs! Try again in 18 hours!

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