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Let's write bad episodes of SpongeBob!


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Let's create a scenario. Let's say it's 2004. Perhaps someone at Nickelodeon hires you to work on a show called SpongeBob SquarePants (maybe you've heard of it) and on your first day, they tell you, "Listen. Your job is to ruin SpongeBob"...

Would you do it? How would you do it? Let's find out!

ITT, we write the most abominable, hilariously awful episodes of SpongeBob... for fun!

You don't have to write full detailed scripts (you don't have to do anything really, I'm not forcing you..) they can just be short little descriptions of the episode, but really, really terrible. 

Bonus points if the episode written actually sounds like something they'd do.

C'mon it'll be fun


I'll start

"One day at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob and Patrick keep pranking Squidward by watching House Fancy loudly in the kitchen and rewinding the scene where they move the sofa and laughing while Squidward tells them to stop. They say no and keep watching it to mess with Squidward. The customers do the same thing and watch it on the Krusty Krab TV and even set it as their ringtone. The next day when Squidward turns on his tv, it's the first thing that comes on. SpongeBob put a tape of the episode in his VCR behind his back. SpongeBob and Patrick laugh their asses off as Squidward gets pissed. Squidward then breaks into SpongeBob/Patrick's house while he's asleep and tries to find the embarrassing photo of him at the Christmas Party and upload it on the internet. Squidward gloats at first, but then people flag the picture for harassment."

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Squidward Torture Porn (SPECIAL EPISODE)

22 consecutive minutes of Squidward receiving the short end of the stick before it fades into SB and Patrick giving a PSA to stop television writers from committing abuse towards fictional octopi before they turn on a electric chair and electrocute Squidward, who happened to be sitting in it.

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Mr. Krabs is too cheap to make more krabby patties, so he just forces SpongeBob to make patties out of garbage, bugs, chemicals and bodily fluids. The patties get progressively grosser until the customers get sick and puke all over the restaurant. SpongeBob cleans it up by soaking all the puke. Mr. Krabs then tells SpongeBob to just make new krabby shakes by squeezing out the puke into the cups. End of episode.

Squidward tries to  report SpongeBob for breaking into his house, but instead HE gets arrested for stealing straws from the Krusty Krab (they cost 99 cents). Squidward in jail says "at least I'm away from SpongeBob". But then SpongeBob gets himself arrested to bust Squidward out... wait, no. spongebob just appears in Squidward's cel.. when they share a cel together, Squidward tries everything he can to bust out of jail but fails.  SpongeBob keeps getting Squidward repeatedly beat up by the same muscular fish due to being annoying. They end up dying in jail. the episode ends with their skeletons in jail, and spongebob's skeleton saying "yep squid. I'm sure we'll break out sooner or later."

SpongeBob hires a babysitter for Gary for the third time. But it's 2 kids. The kids do gross things like pull on Gary's eyes while he screams, bite on his eyes, force him to watch Ink Lemonade for 2 hours, and starve him while we are forced to watch him scratch at a bag of snail food for 7 minutes. SpongeBob comes home and gives the kids a big tip, and then yells at Gary for misbehaving.

Patrick has a shaky tooth, so he just spends 11 minutes pulling on it. actually wait, no. 22 minutes. it's a special episode. nothing else happens.

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