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  1. "One Coarse Meal" is renamed to "Plankton Got Served!"
  2. Easy; to hurt Squidward. No other reason is needed.
  3. I think Squidward's recumbent bike was brought back more times than they've used SpongeBob's ukulele, something he's actually supposed to have occasionally yet it's barely been used

  4. he deserves it tbh edit: oops I double posted, didn't mean to do that. sorry
  5. With the animation situation, I wasn't expecting, but it doesn't suprise me either
  6. Is Tom King the best writer on post-movie spongebob? His episodes seem to be the most consistent in quality. Tom's episodes range from being "Krusty Towers, Krabs a la Modes, The Slumber Partys and Wishing You Wells at best, to being Pest of the Wests and Whale of a Birthdays at worst (episodes that are not that bad in my opinion)

    Every one of his episodes, barring a few exceptions, are at least decent IMO. And most, if not all of the other writers have written at least a good amount of bad episodes (and some writers constantly writing awful ones). But not Tom.

    1. Dr. Eggman

      Dr. Eggman

      I miss him, wish he'd return to the show someday since it doesn't seem like he's doing much atm.

  7. "Did you know? When Squidward falls down the fly of despair for the first time, he only has two legs instead of four." -(@SpongeBobFactsOfficial) 



    1. Dr. Eggman

      Dr. Eggman

      SPONGEBOB BETRAYED US :angrykrabs:

  8. On Valentine's day, Sandy gets a visit from her old ex-boyfriend Donkey Kong who tries to win her back "Producer: Plankton"
  9. symptoms of the show's/character's flanderization starting appearing about as early as season 3, but they are few and far between. but it didn't become truly offensive until season 6 where the characters became parodies of themselves, season 7 is painfully unfunny and low effort, a slow increase in effort began in season 9 but it didn't get really good until about 10. show is consistently good now
  10. What smells rotten and puts people to sleep?

  11. is the mighty b theme song not the worst theme song you've ever heard?

    1. Fisher the Breezebuilder

      Fisher the Breezebuilder

      i think the better question is, what is the worst cartoon theme song and why is it planet sheen?

  12. what the fuck. is what i'm seeing a reality? this is so surreal LMFAO "Straight Outta Nowhere" Yes, exactly. that's where this came from EDIT: IT'S ALREADY GOT 1MIL VIEWS WTF
  13. is every sb movie based on a pre-existing epiosode

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