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  1. is every sb movie based on a pre-existing epiosode

  2. i don't want to call it laziness or anything like that, but are there any voice actors that seem like they lose interest or "forget" to do a character's voice after a while? is it a creative decision or just burnout? like, timmy turner actually used to sound like a 10 year old boy and not a 4 year old brat once. same with bart simpson.

    1. SpongeCob


      also is it just me or does spongebob's laugh not sound the same anymore? it sounds more like "naw-yaw-yaw" instead of "DAYAYAYA". i feel like the laugh stands out more when its higher and louder, but it sounds a bit subdued now and not as expressive. i dont know. maybe theyre trying to make it less annoying, but the point of the laugh was to be annoying.

    2. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      The examples you're listing are characters that the voice actors have played for over 20 years. Of course you're going to feel like there's some difference.

    3. NegiSpongie


      You can't expect a character who has been voiced by the same person for over 20 years to sound the same throughout the entire run.


  4. this is going to be incredible LMAO I can't wait to see how bad this one is
  5. Ewww, no one uses that bland flavourless birdshit. It's so white, and slippery and slimy. It's like a block of doveshit. You're better off lathering your junk with monkey spunk. If you wanna be a true gamer like me…. ..just listen up…. and I'll tell you how. Just follow all these steps, and you too can have sex with over 3.62959173333 womans in just 2 weeks. EDIT: this sounded funnier in my head
  6. patrick star show looks cool  iguess

    1. SpongeCob


      not a fan of he squid girl's design though

  7. Mr. Krabs is too cheap to make more krabby patties, so he just forces SpongeBob to make patties out of garbage, bugs, chemicals and bodily fluids. The patties get progressively grosser until the customers get sick and puke all over the restaurant. SpongeBob cleans it up by soaking all the puke. Mr. Krabs then tells SpongeBob to just make new krabby shakes by squeezing out the puke into the cups. End of episode. Squidward tries to report SpongeBob for breaking into his house, but instead HE gets arrested for stealing straws from the Krusty Krab (they cost 99 cents). Squidward in jail says
  8. Mr. Krabs gets tricked by Plankton to bet on the worst horse at a horse race. But it turns out both of they horses the bet on were robots built by Plankton, and Plankton bet on the better one. Mr. Krabs then tries the bet again, but this time he has Sandy fix his horse behind Plankton's back. "With Fiends Like These"
  9. Season 1 #20c. "Faith vs. Facts" - In this short episode segment, Sandy and SpongeBob have an argument about whether the ocean's miracles are caused by science or by King Neptune's magic. SEASON 2 Season 2 #1b. "Stampede" - In this episode taking place in the wild west, Plankton creates a bunch of mechanical manatees to destroy the Krusty Kantina with a huge stampede, but they keep getting distracted by something stupid. #2a. "The Perfect Crime" - Squidward and Sandy set up a "crime mystery" themed night for the Krusty Krab. Plankton sees this as the perfect opportunity to steal
  10. Let's create a scenario. Let's say it's 2004. Perhaps someone at Nickelodeon hires you to work on a show called SpongeBob SquarePants (maybe you've heard of it) and on your first day, they tell you, "Listen. Your job is to ruin SpongeBob"... Would you do it? How would you do it? Let's find out! ITT, we write the most abominable, hilariously awful episodes of SpongeBob... for fun! You don't have to write full detailed scripts (you don't have to do anything really, I'm not forcing you..) they can just be short little descriptions of the episode, but really, really terrible.
  11. ok so basically i drew this at the last minute for Sb's 20th anniversary. It looks like shit because i literally rushed it so it could make it before the end of July 17th (the show's premiere date) I could've spent more time making it actually look decent but I didnt want to miss my chance to post this, so here. if i like it enough i'll draw it again with better quality also if the quality is too crappy, basically what's happening is that spongebob is being hung from the celing like a pinata and patrick is trying to hit him. EDIT: sorta kinda almost fixed the shitty
  12. Well I'm sure Walt Disney would have wanted Mickey Mouse to continue whether he was alive or not. Steve has wanted SpongeBob to end since 2004.
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