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Dman changes his username to the best post in this thread


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We’re in the middle of an event right now, but I’ll do the voting on the 15th anyway and change my display name after the festivities are over.

Anyways, as I’ve said earlier, back on SBM I would always let a bunch of users pick out a good name for me and the one that I liked the most would both be my new name for the rest of the year and they’d win a prize.



this year, I ain’t picking names; the rest of the community is! All you do is post what you think I should change my username to in this thread, and then on the 15th I’ll compile them all in a single poll. Everyone gets to vote in said poll - except me. The name with the most votes is the one I change my main username to until next February. If there’s a tie, then I will pick the best one. Other than that, I have no control over how this will go. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the winner will also receive 1000 doubloons. So that’s something.

Go ahead, get creative, godly, or stick me up with a name that’ll make me regret joining SpongeBob forums in the first place. It’s all yours.


You have until the 15th at 8:00 AM Central Time to post your names. please don’t be terrible please don’t be terrible please don’t be terrible

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Oops. The thread died.

I’m just going to let the voting begin early. Check every name you think is good. Vote for yourself and you will get shrekt from the competition. Whichever option gets the most votes will be my new display name and the creator will win 1000 doubloons as promised. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala


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