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New Rules on Doxxing

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Hey everyone, with the recent events that have shaken up SBC, specifically the real-life nature of them, I wanted to stress to you all that doxxing is absolutely prohibited. For the purposes of this new policy, doxxing is the posting any personally identifiable information without that person's consent. This includes full names, addresses, phone numbers, photos and videos that include the person, and any other information that obviously violates that person's privacy. These rules aren't being enacted to protect anyone in particular, but to keep SBC and its members out of legal trouble, which they could very well get into if this type of behavior continues. To go along with these rules, I've established a set of punishments for people breaking these rules:

  • The first time a member is caught doxxing, that member will be warned and their posts will be moderated for at least a month after that occurrence
  • The second time a member is caught doxxing, that member will be suspended for a week, and a week will be added to their moderation time if they're still under moderation from the first occurrence
  • For the third occurrence, that member will be permanently banned

These rules apply to posts, statuses, shoutbox messages, blog posts, and any other public features. Please stay safe, and if you have any questions about this new policy, let me know. :)

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