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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse


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Always been a huge fan of the idea of Miles, but I could never really nail down his personality beyond being a Spider-Man. It never felt like Bendis was ever given any breathing room when writing him - he always seemed to get bogged down in crossovers and events and Marvel's weird retooling tactics and was never able to properly develop Miles (though that may have changed post-Secret Wars; I gave up a few issues in because of the constant crossovers, but existing alongside Peter Parker should theoretically give him development).

I'm interested to see if Lord and Miller can rectify that and give Miles his own personality while being around Peter, because I feel like Peter's personality is so strong and he's such an icon that it might be hard to make Miles shine in his own movie even if Peter is just a side character. Also interested to see if they actually delve into the Spider-Verse and introduce Spider-Ham, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Gwen, ect., or if it's gonna be more in-line with Spider-Men and have it just be Peter and Miles dealing with something.

Really into the animation, too. It looks really slick.

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On 12/17/2017 at 10:15 PM, Clappy said:

I wonder if this means we will be seeing Spider-Gwen at some point?

Looks pretty great and I love the animation for this.


On 6/6/2018 at 1:03 PM, JCM said:

New trailer.

I'm hype.

Freaking called it lmao.

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From Sony Animation. Co-directed by Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians)

Written by Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Alex Hirsch.

When this movie was announced, I was immediately intrigued by Lord, Miller and Hirsch being attached but I was still skeptical. Sony Animation's an incredibly talented studio, but they've notably been stifling their talent. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was awesome, but Hotel Transylvania was just okay and Genndy was being creatively stifled. Smurfs and Emoji Movie while visually stunning were bottom of the barrel.

But after two trailers, I'm convinced. This movie's going to be damn good. The humor's on point, and knowing the talent behind it, a bit of a Lego Movie/Gravity Falls flair, but there's a lot of focus on cool action setpieces and personal drama. And OH MY LORD, the art direction and animation. Sony's films usually look good, but this is on another level. ANIMATION SMEARS in CG, a 2d stylized comic book look, all the post processing effects, OMG.


And how they combine an anime art style, the comic book art style, Spider-Noir being pure black and white and the more Pixar-ish art style in the trailer's astounding.


And there's a reference to Insomniac's incredible Spider-Man game!


Sony Animation might have finally gotten their act together. Because with this, The Mitchells vs. the Machines (by the creative director of Gravity Falls, Mike Miranda), and Genndy's 2d animated adult feature films (yes!!), their future is looking incredibly bright.

And I'm ecstatic. For too long Sony Animation's potential has gone underutilized.

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Saw it sunday. Fantastic movie. I haven't seen Homecoming, and the Raimi movies I haven't seen in a while, but it's probably my favorite Spider-Man movie ever. About teared up twice. Really funny, but also heartfelt, and the animation and art direction's beautiful. The amount of painstaking labor crammed into every single frame is astounding.

I also really dug the tributes to Stan Lee/Ditko, Spider-Man PS4 (which is a great game, I reviewed it on here) and Clone High

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Without giving anything major away, Spider-Ham was my favorite character in the film! :hysterical: I mean, all the Spider-Men/girls/robot/anthropomorphic pig characters were all good in there own way, and this film was visually incredible! :D It's kind of bittersweet that this movie came out after Stan Lee passed away, even if he recorded his lines, months in advance of this film being released. At least Stan Lee managed to help put out one final masterpiece. In honor of the man himself, "Enough said!" :cool:

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First time being in a movie theater in over three years due to my terrible health (Tourette's/OCD making me feel nervous with the big screen and loud sound), and FINALLY saw this like I've been meaning to in ages. And I must say, I FUCKING LOVED IT! This is the first animated movie in quite a few years that I've enjoyed! Love the humor and characters so much, my favorite version of Spider-Man being Spider Noir. Probably the funniest and coolest of the bunch (though I loved all of them). Was also quite emotional and I almost didn't survive the intense last twenty minutes of the film due to how flashy and colorful it was for someone health ridden as me, but I DID IT! The animation was fucking beautiful, especially in the intense scenes and action scenes. Happy this was worth the hype! Will see it again when I buy it on Blu-Ray. Phil Lord and Chris Miller knocking it out of the park in the animation field once again! This better fuckin get an oscar winner. Don't think Incredibles 2 or Ralph Breaks the Internet would be NEARLY as good as this.

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