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6 minutes ago, Wumbo said:

i dont know what this means

unless it's just like a matter of fact statement in which case yeah ok great job

I was just trying to say that the way that the Academy determined their animated feature nominees this year felt like they've had limited options to go with.

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Here's some stats/milestones from the nominations that I found interesting:

  • Greta Gerwig is the fifth woman to be nominated for Best Director and the fourth-youngest director (at 34) to ever be nominated. (If you're curious, the youngest Best Director nominee was Damien Chazelle, who was 32 years and 68 days at the time of the 2017 Oscars)
  • Except for Paul Thomas Anderson, everyone in the Best Director category is being nominated for the first time (yes, surprisingly Christopher Nolan has never been nominated for Best Director)
  • Jordan Peele is the fifth black man to be nominated for Best Director and only the third person to receive Best Picture, Best Director, and writing (Best Original Screenplay) nominators for his first feature film as a director
  • Rachel Morrison (cinematographer for Mudbound) is the first ever woman to be nominated for a Best Cinematography Oscar.
  • Mary J. Blige is the first person ever to be nominated for both a performance and an original song in the same year.
  • Christopher Plummer, at 88 years old, is the oldest person to be nominated for an acting award (Best Supporting Actor for All the Money in the World).
  • James Ivory and Agnès Varda, at 89, are the oldest Oscar nominees ever. Ivory is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for Call Me by Your Name and Varda is nominated for Best Documentary for Faces Places.
  • 22-year-old Timothée Chalamet is the youngest Best Actor nominee since 1944 (when a 19-year-old Mickey Rooney was nominated for Babes in Arms)
  • Octavia Spencer is tied with Viola Davis for the most nominations for a black actress (both have 3)
  • Yance Ford, who picked up a Best Documentary nod for Strong Island, became the first ever transgender director to be nominated.

I got info from here and here. I'm so happy the Academy has been working to diversify its membership beyond a majority of older white men; it's clearly produced some refreshing results.

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Oscar nominations are out.  Some brief thoughts:

-Weakest Best Picture field over the past few years.  I only liked four of the eight nominees.  But even removing my own personal opinion, these nominees are not a good representation as to how strong of a year 2018 was for movies.

-While I know there was practically no chance that it would happen, I’m still disappointed Michael B. Jordan didn’t get recognized for Black Panther.

-Toni Collette got snubbed very hard for Best Actress for her performance in Hereditary

-Won’t You Be My Neighbor? also got snubbed hard for Best Documentary.  Very surprised at that in particular since it was both a critical and financial success.  A rare combo for a documentary in this day and age.

-Bradley Cooper got snubbed for Best Director.

-Even with Toni Collette not being nominated, the Best Actress category is going to be interesting to watch because outside of Melissa McCarthy, I can see any one of the other four actresses winning.

-While I have more insight about how I feel about these nominees, I’d like to rap this up with something I started off my thoughts with.  I feel like the movie studios pushed the wrong candidates for awards season.  Some examples:

-20th Century Fox pushing Bohemian Rhapsody over Widows

-Universal Studios pushing Green Book over First Man

-Annapurna pushing Vice over If Beale Street Could Talk

Removing my own input on these movies, some of these choices being pushed over others is very head-scratching.  It felt much more like studios had their own agenda in mind when there was far better quality out there that was successful both critically and financially in their own right.  Like I said before, not a good representation as to how strong of a year 2018 really was for the film industry.

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The animation nominations for this year are definitely a lot more firm compared to the nominations for last year. I wouldn't be surprised at all if either Ralph or Incredibles take the win, but I'd really like to see Into the Spider-Verse take home the Oscar.

and while I don't actually spare my own time to watch the awards, I will watch it this year just to see if Hillenburg is in the In Memoriam segment.

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