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Also I have been noticing most of the exact same quotes from the Total Drama Action episode Riot on Set. I have gotten on you about your tendency of copying Total Drama episodes a lot in the past. You can always do this, you can use the plots, but add in your own originality to the mix by creating different quotes and different reasons for what went down. For example, Patrick can always fail at being Barricuda's apprentice and get Barricuda extremely pissed off and can Patrick as his apprentice and find a new one.

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Hey Total Cartoon Action is now the 3rd most viewed spin off on SBC! 630566.gif Nice job, man. 125508.gif

(Team Spongebob doesn't count because someone refreshed the page over and over)

Thank you for the compliment! 125508.gif And don't forget to stay tuned for my next episode called, "American Spray-Paint!" 239236.gif HOPEFULLY coming soon on this website!
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Edited because I want to show an OLD brand new episode idea of mine! Technically the fifth elimination challenge for "Total Cartoon Island," this is now the OFFICIAL title and challenge idea for "Total Cartoon Island!" It's also the basis for my campfire story this year! The story doesn't OFFICIALLY start until I state the episode title for this episode. I hope that you enjoy it. /


"Campfire Stories" Sniz is on the Dock of Shame and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, it was talent contest night! Some contestants, like Rocko, did really well! Other contestants, like Aang, got SABOTAGED! That queen of mean, Angelica Pickles, as a CRUEL joke to the Avatar, decided to SABOTAGE Aang's performance by playing Aqua's hit song of Barbie Girl, and COMPLETELY throw Aang off of his game! Angelica sure is LUCKY that Aang is the goody-goody that he is, otherwise she'd be in SERIOUS trouble! Jimmy Neutron won the challenge for the Killer Beavers, by demonstrating his mad beat-box skills! Aang the Avatar, was sent packing. Who will win this challenge? Who will tell a scary story? And who will get sent home tonight?! Find out in this episode, of Total Cartoon Island!" / The episode opens up properly on the cabins. Stimpy is sitting on his bed, thinking. Finally, Stimpy sighs and says: "You know what? In my honest opinion, it wasn't RIGHT for us to send Aang off the way we did! Sure, he may have been too goody-goody; sure, most of us didn't know too much about him; he might have even been obsessed with perfection a lot! But he's still MILES better than Angelica Pickles!" Suzie says: "Stimpy, you do NOT know Angelica Pickles the way I do! You do not WANT to give her a reason to make her mad! You think she's bad now? Try and make her REALLY mad! She can get VERY angry and agressive when she wants to! And believe me, she can do a LOT of damage when she's angry and agressive!" Sandy says: "Suzie makes a good point, Stimpy. Better to keep Angelica in a relatively GOOD mood than to have her in a BAD mood!" Stimpy says: "Okay, I understand the situation. But I'm going to keep my EYES on Angelica Pickles! I don't want her to try any of her TRICKY tricks on us!"


(Confessional) Stimpy says: "My goal in this game is to play FAIR and square! But recently, I have become aware that not ALL of my team-mates are willing to play by the same rules! However, I REFUSE to stoop down to their level! Besides, a good friend of mine has told me about something important. He might be on the other team, but that doesn't make his information any less relevant. Rocko told me ALL about KARMA! Often, what you GIVE is what you GET in return! If you're good, than good things will more often than not, happen to you and be attracted to you. In the same way, when you do bad and do bad things, than bad things will happen to you and be attracted to you! That's why I always try to have a nice, good, disposition. I want to set a good example for all the other contestants; that's why I'm playing the game in the fashion that I am." / Sandy says: "I admire Stimpy. I truly do. He's the type of game player that I WANT to be! However, I'm not too sure if it would be ideal of me to just act happy and nice. I'm not as willing and trusting of others as Stimpy is. I'm not going to try to change Stimpy; that would be wrong of me. In the same way, I don't think he's willing to change anybody else! That's just not in his nature. I don't trust Angelica Pickles either, but I think it's a LOT better to keep my head down and inconspicuous, than to give her a REASON to target me!" / Suzie says: "Unlike Stimpy and Sandy, it matters very LITTLE what I do when it concerns Angelica! Unlike THOSE two, Angelica PERSONALLY knows me! She'd make MY life miserable regardless of whether I TRIED to be nice to her or not! So I won't even bother! Angelica is going to find out that she's not the ONLY one who can play a hard-core game this season!" (End Confessional) In the Killer Beavers cabin, the team is pretty happy that they've won two challenges back to back! Otto says: "We are SO awesome!!!!" Reggie says: "Tell me about it! We're in a good spot right now!"


Daggett says: "You're not KIDDING! Our teams are RIGHT where they should be! Evenly matched, and with the same number of contestants on each team!" Otto asks: "Why is that a good thing?" Norbert says: "Simple logic. The Screaming Cats don't have the numbers to overwhelm us in challenges." Otto says: "But WE don't have a numbers advantage either!" Treeflower says: "That's why this next challenge is all going to come down to team strength. I think we'll find out very soon which team has the better team unity! Personally, I hope its us! It would be nice to see us gain a numbers advantage over the Screaming Cats!" Rocko says: "It's not enough to wish for a numbers advantage, we need good karma on our side!" Otto rolls his eyes and asks: "Why is KARMA so important to ANYTHING?!" Rocko seriously says: "Karma is important to EVERYTHING!!!! If you DON'T have good Karma, you don't have ANYTHING!!!!" Otto seriously says: "You're talking about a LOT of RUBBISH! I have won THOUSANDS of extreme sports competitions, and NEVER, not even ONCE, was Karma a FACTOR in ME winning those challenges!" Rocko asks: "But don't you think life might be a LITTLE bit better for you if you at least TRIED to get some good Karma?" Otto seriously says: "Do me a favor. Keep your KARMA mumbo jumbo to yourself!!!!" (Confessional)


Reggie scoffs and says: "Otto really IRKS me sometimes! Even though he's MY brother, I sometimes honestly can't BELIEVE that we are related! He acts so JERKY and all-knowing about EVERYTHING! Not to mention that he's more stubborn than a mule! But Rocko? I think he has the right idea! It would be a good idea for us to have good karma on our side! And even if Otto isn't willing to participate with us, I plan on doing what I can to help Rocko out in getting us some good Karma!" / Rocko says: "In Austrailia, we Wallabies know what Good Karma is all about. By performing acts of charity and goodwill, we get bountiful harvests and healthy rainy seasons. Bad Karma only brings about dust storms and starvation! That's why we Wallabies try to be as good as possible. In other words, I always try to do the RIGHT thing!" / Otto says: "I don't believe in Karma! What help could Karma possibly give ME anyways? It wouldn't CHANGE anything! I'm a WINNER! I will ALWAYS be a winner! And Karma does NOTHING to change that! In fact, the only thing better than ME winning this challenge and EVENTUALLY winning the WHOLE game, will be ME winning the love and affection of Angelica Pickles! I KNOW she WANTS me!" / Treeflower says: "Otto is a good, skilled contestant. But he's VERY deluded! He thinks Angelica WANTS him?! I know how Angelica thinks! She couldn't POSSIBLY want Otto Rocket any LESS!!!! Not if she TRIED to want him less! In fact, I predict that Otto would sooner win the love of Suzie Carmichael before Angelica Pickles would ever FALL for OTTO!!!! But for me, there's only one guy I'M interested in; Norbert Foster Beaver!" / Daggett and Norbert are together. Norbert asks: "Daggett, do you know which dream girl I'LL get together with this season?!" Daggett asks: "Who?" Norbert answers: "Treeflower Fields!" Daggett says: "That's not TOO surprising, but I'm rooting for you! You deserve to be happy!" Norbert says: "You do to! And don't worry, you'll meet a woman of your OWN one day!" Daggett nervously says: "RIGHT! Woman!" (End Confessional)


The Contestants are in the cafeteria, and are all eating their breakfast. Suddenly, Sniz walks in and says: "Teams, I hope that you're enjoying your breakfast here, because it's the ONLY meal we're providing for you today!" Angelica angrily says: "WHAT?!!! Are you saying that you're TOO cheap to feed ME now?!!! The STAR talent for this season?!!!" Fondue angrily replies: "Keep talking like that! We might curb YOUR appetite PERMANENTLY!" Sniz says: "Calm down, BOTH of you! It's part of the challenge! You'll be going out into the wilderness! All you have to do is survive in the wild for ONE night! To make it more challenging, BOTH teams will be sharing the same campsite! What both teams have to do, is to tell SCARY stories around the campfire! Whichever team can scare the other team away FIRST, will win the immunity challenge THIS time! So, I hope you've mentally prepared yourselves for ANY frights that might POSSIBLY come up with TONIGHT!" / The two teams have packed their supplies for the night, and start walking towards the camp-site! Lil Deville says: "I'm excited for this camp-fire story challenge! I LOVE camp-fire story NIGHT!!!! One time, my twin brother Phil, my good friends Tommy, Dil, and Kimmi, were all going camping, and we got ALL scared because we saw this bear! It had eaten spagetthi, however, it was SO saucy it looked like it had eaten one of Spike's puppies; but as it turns out, Spike Jr. had merely been LOST for the week!" Lil then realizes how horrified Patty Mayonnaise looks, and Lil asks: "Uhhh, you didn't eat any spagetthi did you?!" Patty shakes her head no. Lil says: "All right then! Let's go!" (Confessional) Patty says: "If Lil was trying to pre-psych me out and try to scare me RIGHT then and there, she did a very good job! She's supposed to be on OUR team! I'd honestly expect this kind of behavior from Angelica!" / Angelica says: "Devious as I am, I am NOT about to scare one of my own Alliance partners! I'll save that as a back-up plan if I absolutely HAVE to!" (End Confessional)


Stimpy asks: "Lil, why did you tell Patty and everybody else that?" Lil says: "I thought it would be FUNNY!!!! Ha-HA!!!!" (Confessional) Lil says: "All right, okay?! That story was SO funny! Patty looked SO horrified, she thought a bear actually ATE a little puppy, that there was a bear looking out for blood around OUR camp-site, and she looked SO scared! What a RIOT!!!! As IF a bear would actually attack US out in the wilderness! The wilderness doesn't get that WILD anymore! There's just NO way, okay?!" (End Confessional) Stimpy says: "Lil, you tell really entertaining stories, but there's a time and place for everything. This isn't it. Why don't you save your scary stories for tonight, when they're REALLY needed?!" Lil says: "Okay, Stimpy! Anything for YOU!!!! You are SO funny and CUTE!!!!" (Confessional) Stimpy says: "It looks like Ren was right. Getting together with Lil WAS a good move for me! She REALLY digs me! I mean, digs me GOOD! And it really comforts me to know that she respects me and my wishes. I don't know of many people who would stop being crazy on only MY behalf! That just doesn't happen a lot! So it's really comforting to meet a girl who really likes me, for me!" / Lil says: "I really like Stimpy! I'm a crazy cool girl, he's a super hot cat! It's like the Paula Abdul song, Opposites Attract! We REALLY bring out the BEST in each other! I help him have TONS of fun, he brings me down to Earth, where I need to be! I think I'm going to ENJOY being HIS soulmate!" (End Confessional) Chuckie says: "I absolutely HATE this challenge! Nothing makes me MORE tense than going to camp-site, knowing that I'm going to be subjected to hearing scary stories all night long! I mean, how ROTTEN does my luck have to be?!" Patrick says: "Just do us a big favor; keep your fear to yourself. Don't let it rub off on us!" (Confessional)


Patrick says: "I may not be a smart dog, but I know what ROADKILL is! Chuckie Finster is the game show equivalent thereof!" / Chuckie says: "I'm not exactly what people would call BRAVE, or COURAGEOUS, or BOLD! In fact, most people say I am the EXACT antithesis thereof! I'll do this challenge, but I won't LIKE it!" (End Confessional) Jimmy Neutron asks: "Treeflower, seeing as how I helped us win the challenge in the LAST episode, do you think that you'll let me tell a scary movie tonight?" Treeflower sighs and says: "All right, I'll give you the opportunity. Prove yourself a genius, and tell us the SCARIEST story you can think of!" (Confessional) Jimmy Neutron says: "YES!!!! I can tell that Treeflower is a smart beaver, because I'm a smart guy! I knew it would only be a matter of time before my genius became apparent to her! It just REALLY excites me that I'm getting this chance to PROVE myself! I am SO gonna help NAIL this challenge!" / Treeflower says: "If I didn't think that there might be SOME untapped potential to Jimmy Neutron, I would've flat out told him NO!!!! But it's no skin off my nose! If he flops, flails, and FAILS to tell a scary story, it will make him an EASY target in case we lose the challenge! Foresight, that's why I'm going to MAKE it far in this game!" (End Confessional) The two teams arrive at the camp-site. Phoebe says: "WOW!!!! This is a BEAUTIFUL place! You can see EVERYTHING here!" Spongebob says: "Except the food. I don't see the food. Where's the food, Sandy?" Angelica sarcastically says: "Well guys, it has been SIMPLY a DIVINE vacation!!!! But I think I'll just SWIM out and WAIT for the BUS!!!!" Otto snidely asks: "And give up your ONE chance to win $150,000 and FREE fame?!!!" Angelica hesitatingly says: "On second thought, far be it for ME to leave YOU here alone!" Otto excitedly says: "You DO want me!" Angelica seriously says: "Get OVER yourself! Your not THAT irresistable!"


Otto says: "I SO am! You'll have to ADMIT it sooner or later!" Angelica says: "The day that I see a REAL live Dodo Bird is the day when I'll even CONSIDER giving you the time of DAY!!!!" Otto happily says: "So there IS a chance!!!!" Angelica scoffs and says: "You are SO deluded!" (Confessional) Otto says: "She wants me!" / Angelica angrily says: "MAN!!!! That boy is THICK!!!! What doesn't he GET about me not LIKING him?!!! It shouldn't be THAT hard of a concept, but NO!!!! Otto just HAS to be the type of guy who thinks that 'NO' means 'YES', and 'Get AWAY from me, you CREEP' means 'Take ME!!!!! I'm YOURS!!!!' But he is NOT going to get in the WAY of ME winning $150,000!" (End Confessional) Stimpy says: "I'll catch us some food! I know how to catch fish! My dad taught me how to do it! Give a cat a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a cat to fish, and he can eat for a life-time! I won't let you guys down!" Spongebob says: "I'm not sure I feel comfortable about that." Sandy says: "Spongebob, we're in the middle of the wilderness! This isn't EXACTLY the time to choose to be a PICKY eater! Besides, it's not like you're going to KNOW any of the fish Stimpy catches! Just pretend you're eating gummy fish!" Spongebob sighs and says: "All right. I'll give it a shot." (Confessional) Spongebob says: "I'm more competant than most people give me credit for. I'm fully well aware that I'm not going to be stuck in ideal situations all the time, especially not on this game show. Being a contestant means being forced to make hard choices. If eating fish means the difference between life and death; I'll do it. It's a small price to pay to ensure my continued survival. Besides, I'm sure if I ask Sniz and Fondue REALLY nicely, they won't SHOW me EATING any of the fish! That way, I'll have an alibi!" / Sandy Cheeks says: "I'll give Spongebob credit, he's more competant than I initially gave him credit for! He might go far in this game after all!" (End Confessional)


Treeflower asks: "Does anybody here know how to find food in the wild?" Phoebe says: "I have prepared, researched, and thoroughly examined ALL of the edible fruits and vegetables that can be found in the wilds of this island, and how best to prepare them. If someone is willing to help me, I can go out and find them!" Jimmy raises his hand and says: "I'll do it! It gives me a good chance to prove myself!" (Confessional) Jimmy says: "Prepare to be AMAZED, Treeflower! I am SO going to show you what THIS boy genius is MADE of!" / Phoebe says: "Jimmy Neutron is a THOROUGHLY intelligent boy! I theorize that if the two of us were to work together, we could form some UNSTOPPABLE science!" / Treeflower says: "If Jimmy Neutron can come through for us, I'll ratchet up my respect points for him from a three, all the way up to a seven on my Respect-o-meter!" (End Confessional) Stimpy, Phoebe, and Jimmy leave to gather the food, leaving the others to set up their tents. Sandy says: "I'll take care of the tent!" Rocko asks: "Reggie, would you like to help me set up the tent for our team?" Reggie happily says: "SURE, Rocko! What one person can do WELL, two can do better, AND faster!" (Confessional) Rocko says: "This is what I like about Reggie! She knows how to think strategically!" / Reggie says: "Anything that allows me to spend time with Rocko is a good time in my opinion! He's hot, he's nice, he's kind, and he's smart! It's not often you find a complete package like that! I am SO going to get together with him as his soul-mate!" (End Confessional)


As Reggie helps Rocko set up the tent, Daggett says: "WOW!!!! Reggie, you pitch a tent like a GUY!!!!" And Reggie gives Daggett a WEIRD look, and Daggett KNOWS he said a WRONG thing! (Confessional) Norbert slaps Daggett with his beaver tail, and Norbert mockingly shouts: "WOW; Reggie, you pitch a tent like a GUY?!" Daggett protests and says: "I honestly didn't know what to SAY! I PANICKED!!!! I'm not SMOOTH with the ladies like YOU are, Mr. Handsome!" Norbert says: "It's a good thing I'm here to help you then! I know how to SMOOTH things over with the ladies!" (End Confessional) Norbert quickly zooms in and says: "What my brother MEANT to say is that, you're not afraid to get messy and dirty like some other girls are!" Reggie says: "Gee, thanks." Norbert sighs and says: "WHEW! Saved it!" Suddenly, Daggett sees a GIGANTIC rabbit approach the camp-site! Daggett's eyes open up and he asks: "No way! Bunny?!!!" Bunny asks: "Is it TOO late for me to join you guys? I got my confirmation in the mail, but they had a HARD time finding me! Just one of the burdens of living in a burrow in the ground!" Daggett happily says: "I would LOVE to have you here!" Norbert says: "You're welcome among us! The more, the merrier!" And Bunny chooses a seat right next to Daggett! Bunny says: "I am going to be SUCH a good addition here!" Daggett happily says: "You already are! The two of us are going to HIT it off just fine!!!!" And Norbert gives a surprised look! (Confessional) Norbert says: "I had to sneak off to use the Confessional alone. But Daggett? I have NEVER seen him act THIS happy before! And believe me; I actually HAVE seen him happy! I wonder if he and Bunny...are they possibly...if they are, it wouldn't matter to me! I'd be happy for my brother!" / Daggett says: "I had to sneak off to use the Confessional alone! I hope it's not TOO apparent that I deeply LOVE Bunny! If my brother ever found out, he'd probably just LAUGH at me; like he has at SO many other things I've tried to do! It's tough living in the shadow of my older brother!" (End Confessional)


Surprisingly, Phoebe and Jimmy suddenly come back! Jimmy says: "Prepare to enjoy yourselves! I brought back apples!" Phoebe says: "And I brought enough cherries and blackberries for everyone to enjoy!" Suddenly, everyone is SURPRISED to see Stimpy come back, with a BUNCH of fish in a note! Stimpy says: "We are eating hearty tonight! I have brought fish!" Otto shockingly says: "NO way!" Stimpy says: "I told you! My father taught me well!" Lil hugs AND kisses Stimpy! Lil says: "You're so AWESOME, Stimpy! You totally rock!" Stimpy says: "Anything I can do for my friends makes me feel nice and good inside." Angelica says: "I sure wish someone MANLY put their necks on the line for me like YOU did, Otto! Oh wait! You DIDN'T!!!!" Otto angrily says: "It just so HAPPENS that I'm NOT a BIG fan of DIEING!!!!" (Confessional) Otto says: "Believe me! I know what's out in the wilderness! Wolves, coyotes, Bigfoot, wolverines, mountain lions, bears, cougars, panthers, bobcats, and even pumas! If Angelica thinks I'm going to break MY neck for HER, she's CRAZY!!!! I am NOT that desperate!" / Angelica says: "I will say one thing about Otto; he's harder to break than the average fruitcake on Christmas Eve! But SOMETHING is going to break him! Just wait and see!" / Lil says: "When Stimpy brought back ALL those fish, let me just say that I have NEVER been more impressed with a guy than the way I was impressed with him! And when I kissed him, I KNEW it was true love!" / Stimpy says: "They say you know true love when you experience through a kiss. And Lil? She's more passionate than anyone else who has kissed me! She is DEFINITELY the one for me!" (End Confessional) It's night-time, the fire is burning brightly, the fish are cooking, and everybody is enjoying themselves. Rocko says: "If we got to spend a night out in the wilderness, this is the way to do it. Nice hot fire, nice warm tent, surrounded by friends and loved ones. Who could ask for more?"


Angelica asks: "How about ME winning $150,000?!" Otto seriously says: "That's NOT going to happen!" Angelica asks: "And why EVER would THAT be?!" Otto says: "Because YOU winning $150,000 would be a PROBLEM for me! You see, I already TOLD everyone in Ocean Shores, California that I would win! And if I DON'T win; WELL...you WILL still love me when I BEAT you this season, right?" Angelica scoffs and says: "Get OVER yourself!" Otto says: "Kiss me, and I MIGHT!" Angelica says: "Not even in your DREAMS, you CREEPAZOID!!!!" (Confessional) Otto says: "She DEFINITELY wants me!" / Angelica angrily asks: "How MANY times do I HAVE to TELL him?! No, means no, MEANS no!!!! Plain and SIMPLE!!!!" / Reggie says: "I think the problem of it is, that my brother was LITERALLY born with a THICK head and a THICK skull to match! So almost NOTHING gets into that THICK brain of his, except ONLY for the things that Otto WANTS to hear!" (End Confessional) Reggie says: "Personally, I like spending this night with YOU, Rocko!" Rocko says: "Me to, but with YOU!" Sandy says: "I guess we should start the scary story telling." Spongebob asks: "Do we have to? We COULD just TELL Sniz we did it, and BOTH act like NEITHER team left the camp-site!" Jimmy Neutron says: "Only problem with THAT theory, is that we're ALWAYS being watched, ALL the time! Sniz and Fondue are watching us from some remote location right now!" Spongebob says: "It was a suggestion." Sandy says: "Don't worry; you're bound to hit your stride sooner or later!" (Confessional) Spongebob says: "Personally, I'd rather hit my stride SOONER rather than later!" (End Confessional) Rocko asks: "Who wants to go first?" Patrick excitedly says: "I'll go! I've got a REALLY good one!" And everybody looks really excited for Patrick's story!


Patrick says: "It's called 'The Ugly Barnacle.' Once there was an Ugly Barnacle. He was SO ugly that everybody died! The End!" Angelica says: "That's NOT scary! That didn't even have a story structure, no plot, no character arc, there wasn't even any CHARACTER depth! You SUCK at story telling!" Phoebe says: "That IS a strong way to put it, but you need to focus MORE on creating ACTUAL stories for future reference!" Patrick dejectedly says: "Oh, all right." (Confessional) Patrick says: "Well, there go MY ideas about ever publishing a children's book story version about 'The Ugly Barnacle,' let alone developing it into an animated series OR a full length movie!" / Phoebe says: "I will say one thing about Patrick. At least he TRIES!!!!" / Angelica says: "Seriously speaking, Patrick just WASTED 30 seconds of my life that I'm NEVER going to get BACK!" (End Confessional) Spongebob says: "You better stand back and be AMAZED, because I'm GOING to WIN this challenge for the Screaming Cats!" Angelica sarcastically says: "Yeah, RIGHT!!!! Because you SO totally know how to TELL scary stories!" Sandy cautioningly says: "It's not a good IDEA to taunt Spongebob!" Spongebob says: "Sandy's right, Angelica. Because the story I'M thinking of is PRETTY intense!" Treeflower sarcastically says: "OOH; we are SO sure!" Spongebob says: "All right, don't say I didn't warn you!"


(The Magic of the Fairy Godparents allows us to see Spongebob's scary story, drawn like a graphic novel, in graphic, dark colors) Spongebob narrates: "The story of the HASH-Slinging Slasher! Once upon a time, at the Krusty Krab, there was once a fry cook, just like ME!!!! Only CLUMSIER!!!! Than one night, while he was CUTTING the patties, it HAPPENED!!!! He cut off his OWN arm by mistake! And he wasn't a sponge! So it didn't grow back! So he replaced his arm with a RUSTY spatula! And then, he got HIT by a bus! And at his funeral, they FIRED him! So now...what's tonight?" Sandy interrupts: "Tuesday night?" Spongebob continues: "Tuesday night; he haunts this forest, the site of his TOMB, looking for REVENGE!!!!" Patrick, horrified, says: "But TONIGHT'S Tuesday night!" Spongebob says: "Then he will be COMING!!!!" Daggett nervously asks: "How will we know?" Spongebob says: "There will be THREE signs! First, the campfire will flicker on and off, without ANYONE dousing the flames! Second, your cell phones will ring, and there will be NOBODY there! Third, the Hash-Slinging Slasher arrives in the GHOST of the Bus, that RAN him OVER!!!! Than he CROSSES the street WITHOUT looking both ways, because he's already DEAD!!!!" Chuckie nervously says: "Deep breathing! That's what I need, deep breathing!" Spongebob creepily says: "He WALKS across the WET marshy grounds. TROMP, TROMP, TROMP!!!! He slowly approaches the CAMPSITE! CAMPSITE! CAMPSITE! CAMPSITE! Then you KNOW what he DOES?!" Daggett nervously asks: "What does he do?!" Spongebob asks: "Are you SURE you want to know?" Patrick nervously asks: "Tell me!" Spongebob asks: "Do you REALLY want to know?!" Chuckie nervously asks: "What?! What does he DO?!!!" Spongebob sneaks behind him and says: "He GETS YOU!!!!" Chuckie, Daggett, and Patrick, all nervously SCREAM and run AWAY from the campsite!!!!


Spongebob cheers and says: "YES!!!! I did it! I won the CHALLENGE!!!!" Treeflower says: "You WISH!!!! Only if the ENTIRE team leaves the campsite will the team LOSE! Only THREE left here! And there's no way you're fooling us with THAT story!!!!" Than unexpectedly, the camp-fire begins to flicker on and off! Treeflower sarcastically says: "Very FUNNY, crazy girl!" Lil Deville asks: "What are you TALKING about?" Treeflower quotes: "And the camp-fire will flicker on and off, I get it!" Norbert nervously says: "Look AT the camp-fire!" And everyone looks at it. And despite the appearance of it not CHANGING in size, it suddenly grows BRIGHTER and then DIMMER, almost as if SOMEONE was hitting a switch!!!! Spongebob asks: "Sandy, how are you doing that without dousing the fire?" Sandy says: "You're asking the WRONG squirrel, Spongebob, I have NOTHING to do with this!" Than suddenly, Treeflower's cell phone rings! Treeflower says: "Hello? Hello?!!!" Spongebob says: "Nice TRY, Treeflower!" Treeflower asks: "Nice try, WHAT?!" Spongebob says: "Trying to psyche me out with my OWN story! 'The Cell Phone will ring, and there will be nobody THERE!!!!' But nice effort, though!" Treeflower nervously says: "I'm not trying to trick you!!!! Calm down, let me think! What was it? First it was the campfire-- (campfire flickers) --than the cell phone-- (cell phone rings) --and the TREES will OOZE green SLIME?!!! (The trees are oozing green slime) No wait, they ALWAYS do that! But what was that THIRD thing?!!!" Than VERY unexpectedly, a ghostly RED bus arrives on a street VERY far away from the campfire! Spongebob says: "I didn't know that the buses ran here out THIS late!!!!" Angelica hollowly says: "They DON'T!!!!" Spongebob says: "Well, they're dropping SOMEONE off!" And when the bus drives away, the remaining Killer Beavers see that it can only be ONE particular figure!!!! Treeflower screams: "AHHH!!!!!!!!" And the remaining Killer Beavers all FLEE the camp-site! By now, even Angelica is getting genuinely worried!


Angelica nervously says: "The trash-bringing...the mash-flinging, the bash-singing, the crash-dinging, the lash-ringing, the rash-minging, the flash-pinging...!!!!" Spongebob says: "The HASH-SLINGING Slasher!" Angelica, genuinely HORRIFIED says: "At LAST you UNDERSTAND!!!! We're ALL doomed!!!!" Spongebob cries and nervously says: "It's not THAT! It just touches me SO much that YOU would go out of the way to dress up as a GHOSTLY fry cook and stand on the other side of THAT street just to frighten the other team away! You must REALLY LIKE US!!!!" Angelica seriously says: "Spongebob, there are two problems WRONG with your theory! One, I HATE everybody!!!! Two, how can that POSSIBLY be ME; when I'm STANDING right HERE?!!!" And they see the figure CROSS the street WITHOUT looking both ways, ALL the Screaming Cats LITERALLY scream in TERROR, as they high-tail it OUT of there! Angelica nervously says: "Otto, no matter what I said; I have ALWAYS sort of liked you!" Otto nervously says: "Angelica, I sometimes fantasize you having a red cave-girl hair wig!" Angelica asks: "What?!" Otto says: "Well I do!" And the figure walks INTO the light of the camp-fire, but it's Dinosaur Dan!!!! Dan asks: "Guys? Don't you want to stay and taste my Krabby Patties? I've gotten really GOOD at them!" / In the morning daytime, the Killer Beavers arrive BACK at the cabins first, with the Screaming Cats close behind!!!! Daggett panting for breath, says: "That, was WAY too close!" Chuckie says: "WAY too scary!" Bunny says: "Never want to go through THAT again!" Sandy says: "All that HARD work, and we LOST the challenge?!" Sniz appears and says: "Wrong! The goal WASN'T to arrive back here FIRST, remember? The goal was to last at the camp-site the longest! Having Dinosaur Dan appear in order to scare you guys was just a tactic on our parts, and the dimming of the campfire done by our Fairy Godparents!"


Angelica angrily says: "I hate them SO much right now!" Sniz says: "Regardless, the Screaming Cats managed to tough it out in the wilderness the longest! Which means they win IMMUNITY! And an all expense paid trip to the SNIZ Shop, to buy WHATEVER they desire!" Daggett nervously looks at Chuckie and Bunny, and Daggett says: "Suddenly, I don't FEEL so good about our survivability, as contestants!" / The Screaming Cats are celebrating in their hot tub. Stimpy says: "This reward is well-earned! Chocolate covered Snickerdoodles, pretzels, popcorn, and Pepsi! We are BACK to dominating this game!" Sandy says: "You said it! And to think, we wouldn't be here if it WEREN'T for Spongebob's successful story!" Spongebob says: "Ironically, you should thank Squidward. If he didn't try to scare me one night during the night shift, my story wouldn't have been possible!" Sandy says: "Well, for once, it looks like Squidward's dislike of you seems to have paid OFF for you!" Lil happily says: "The Screaming Cats RULE!!!!" / That night, the Killer Beavers are facing an elimination ceremony. Sniz says: "You have all cast your votes. But I've got good news for you. The Killer Beavers shall receive a consolation reward! Bunny shall join your team as a Killer Beaver team-mate! Bunny says: "Awesome!" Sniz says: "That means there are ten campers, but only nine marshmallows. When I call your name, you will receive your marshmallow. The camper that does not receive a marshmallow, must walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and get the heck on out of here! That means you're eliminated! And you can never come BACK, EVER!!!! Now, I know most of you are worn out from LAST night! So tonight, I'll just throw them to you. Savvy? First marshmallow, Treeflower! Rocko, Reggie, Otto, Jimmy, Bunny, Norbert, Patrick!" Daggett and Chuckie look nervously at each other, as it's all down to them!


Sniz says: "It all comes down to THIS! This IS the final marshmallow of the evening!!!!" Daggett and Chuckie both freeze in place and don't move a muscle! Sniz says: "Chuckie!!!!" Norbert cries: "Not my brother! NOT Daggett!!!!" Daggett cries: "This is SO unfair!!!!" Norbert says: "You can't take Daggett away from me! The thought is UNBEARABLE!!!! Daggett NEEDS to be with me, or I'll TOTALLY die!" Daggett says: "Norbert, you can DO this!!!! You're handsome, clever, smart, fun, witty, funny, and even more strategical than me! You HAVE to stay, for BOTH of us!" And Norbert nods his head sadly. / Daggett is on the Boat of Losers, and it drives away. Norbert says: "I miss you already!" Daggett says: "I miss you MORE!!!!" Norbert says: "No WAY! I MISS you more!" Daggett says: "I TOTALLY miss you more!" Norbert shouts: "I miss you INFINITELY more! BYE!!!!" And the Boat of Loser's sails out of sight! / At the cabins, Rocko gets together with Reggie. Rocko says: "Sorry that we missed out on a reward and immunity. At least we got a new team-mate out of the deal." Reggie says: "I'm not worried. We're still in a good position, all things considered. I'm just glad that you're still here with me!" Rocko excitedly says: "You REALLY mean it?!!!" Reggie KISSES Rocko on the lips, and Reggie says: "TOTALLY, and COMPLETELY honestly!!!!" Rocko LITERALLY jumps out of his shirt NAKED, and shouts: "YOWZA!!!! I AM in LOVE!!!!" / Episode Notes: Daggett is eliminated in this episode. Featured campfire stories are "The Ugly Barnacle" by Patrick, and "The Hash-Slinging Slasher" told by Spongebob. Featuring a guest appearance by Dinosaur Dan. / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers!

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I've decided to cancel making a topic called "Total Cartoon: Behind the Scenes," because I could only find one early episode of "Total Cartoon Island" that I liked enough to post here, with my creator/director commentary. So to prove that this topic isn't dead (and shall now be revived) here is the previously unposted (at least, on this website) "Total Cartoon Island" episode, "Are They Afraid Or Not?" (Commentary is in paranthesis and isn't actually part of the episode.) /

Norbert's still crying over the recent loss of his younger twin brother, Daggett. Reggie says: "Norbert, Daggett wants you to keep going. It's your duty to make him proud." Reggie drags Norbert back to the bonfire as he says: "Daggett! I MISS you!" (Looking back at this episode, I'm not sure if Norbert WOULD cry over his brother's departure for such a prolonged period of time.) As they arrive back at the bonfire, Reggie says: "It was a long good-bye!" Sandy says: "Howdy folks! We brought you some leftover food from our Sniz Shop experience!" Treeflower says: "So, you're just being nice now?" Spongebob says: "Actually, Lil stunk up our cabins after eating 5 dishes of Refried Chili Beans, and we need sometime to air out." And when Lil toots, she says: "Sorry! How was I supposed to know, that my body couldn't handle 5 different types of chili beans at the same time?!" (The reason I made Lil fart was the simple reason that I didn't want to turn Stimpy into only being the same cat character he was in "Ren & Stimpy," nor did I want to make any character be an EXACT copy of any exact character seen in the actual "Total Drama" series. I wasn't good at this at first, but I think that starting here, I started getting better at it.)

Stimpy says: "Treeflower, I made some kitty-cat cookies that look like me. Do you want some?" (What I did in order to make my parody stand apart from the original, besides changing character traits, was to alter objects that would make the characters freak out. Since you never see cats in "The Angry Beavers," it is never stated that Treeflower is or ISN'T afraid of cats, although with Treeflower being on this show WITH Stimpy for six previous episodes and only NOW just freaking out about cats IS a bit of a plot hole.) Treeflower shouts: "NO! I mean-no thanks!" Norbert says: "What's the problem, Treeflower?" Treeflower says: "I just don't like getting too close to cats! A feline bit me once, and I DON'T want it to have it happen again!" (I chose this fear for Treeflower because a cat actually HAS bit me, and its happened to me TWICE!) Chuckie says: "Am I the only one who feels like there's something sliding over me?" Otto says: "Probably." Chuckie screams: "SNAKE!!!! GET IT OFF ME! (In order to make Chuckie more interesting to write for, I used his "All Grown Up," incarnation, but kept his trademark fear personality from his "Rugrats" days, although honestly, it does make him a bit of a D.J. clone.)

Doug says: "I've got it. It's only a little worm." Chuckie says: "Sorry for freaking. Snakes make me SO uptight!" Patrick says: "I feel you. One time, I had a bad experience with a gorilla, and I've been scared of them ever since." (See the "Spongebob Squarepants" episode of "Safety Freak Spongebob/I Had An Accident" for confirmation of this fear.) (Confessional) Sandy says: "Suddenly, everyone was sharing what they were afraid of. Suzie went on and ON about her mortal fear of spiders. Jimmy Neutron is afraid of kissing Cindy Vortex; Angelica even admitted she's been afraid of sumo wrestlers ever since a trip to Paris, France when she was 4." (End Confessional) Doug says: "My worst fear is being buried alive." Patty says: "Having to walk through a booby-trapped Incan Temple like Indiana Jones, IN heels!" Stimpy says: "Flying, man! That's some scary stuff!" Lil says: "I would NEVER go up in a plane if I could avoid it!" (To make this episode be DIFFERENT from the episode it is parodying, I had to come up with something to make this episode unique. Since I didn't want my series to be a carbon copy of "Total Drama Island," I decided it would be more interesting if I had some characters come back sooner, rather than later on in the series. So Sniz would get the idea to make this both an award challenge AND an elimination challenge, based on what is about to be said.)

Phoebe says: "I'd be afraid, if I had to get into a swimming pool with Ren Hoek. I don't know WHAT he would do to me, because he thinks I'm the reason the Killer Beavers won the baseball challenge." Reggie says: "Being alone in the wilderness with Helga G. Patacki would REALLY freak me out!"

Rocko says: "I'm afraid of hail. It's small, but it's SO deadly!" Norbert says: "BAD haircuts!" (In an episode of "The Angry Beavers" called "Sans-a-Pelt," Norbert WAS indeed a little humiliated at first to be without his pelt fur/hair.) Patty says: "Wait! I change mine! That is SO much scarier than an Incan Temple!" Sandy says: "Having to defuse a time bomb under pressure." Bunny says: "Being a rabbit I'm SCARED of wolves!" Treeflower says: "I'm not afraid of anything." Otto says: "Baloney!" Treeflower says: "Oh yeah?! Well, what's YOUR fear, Mr. Macho?" (Here we have a perfect example of HOW unoriginal I used to be. Thinking I was so clever in only slightly altering an object, and making it something else. Of course, I had no idea when I originally wrote this that there would soon be DOZENS of fan-fiction writers making fun of the "Total Drama" series and actually PARODYING the episodes as well. This seemed like a good idea at the time.)

And everyone looks intently at Otto. Otto says: "Eddie Murphy Movie Standees." Spongebob says: "ExCUSE me?!" Patty says: "Eddie Murphy, I LOVE Eddie Murphy! What's a standee?" Sandy says: "It's one of those cardboard cut-outs you see at theaters. So if we had a standee right here..." Otto says: "Shut it! What about you guys?" Spongebob says: "Well, I hate mimes a lot. Okay, Treeflower. You're afraid of something. What is it?" Treeflower says: "Nothing!" Otto says: "That's not what I remember from last night." Treeflower says: "It was our current circumstances at the time! Besides, if I ever DO act afraid, it's only to humor you!" Otto says: "Fine. Whatever!" /

The next morning, all the campers are gathered for their morning breakfast. Sniz says: "Are all of you campers ready to face scary fears beyond your imagination?" Suzie says: "Scarier than Fondue's cooking?!" Sandy says: "We're in trouble!" Sniz says: "There are 2 surprises! 1st, since 2 campers here expressed fears about a previous camper who had been kicked off, in the competitive spirit, I decided to bring them back! And whichever team emerges victorious today; gets to re-add the camper their team had previously kicked off. The losing team; doesn't get to add a member, and they have to vote someone off. So everyone give it up for fan-favorite, Helga G. Patacki!" (While Helga isn't exactly the STRONGEST female character Nickelodeon has EVER had, she has the demeanor and spirit to make many of the Nicktoon characters nervous, hence why she was chosen to fill this particular role.)

And Helga walks through the door as lightning strikes through the sky! Reggie says: "Oh no! This is SO bad!" Helga says: "That's right, little traitor! I wasn't fond about the way the vote went when you kicked me off! You better hope for your sake you win this challenge if you know what's good for!" Treeflower says: "Whatever happened to anger management? Did you flunk out?" Helga says: "Hardly! My counselors said I improved 50%!" Stimpy says: "And 50% of 0% is STILL 0%!" (Continuing my efforts to differentiate the characters, I always made sure to underline the things Stimpy knew. For instance, knowing a key fact about math is something the REAL Stimpy would know, despite not showing much mathmatical knowledge in the "Ren and Stimpy" series. The REAL Stimpy is much smarter than what he portrayed in his own cartoon series.) Sniz says: "Also scoring high among voted out campers, give it up for EVERYONE'S favorite, Ren Hoek!"

And Ren Hoek steps through the door and says: "Whatever. Getting back into the game was SO not on my list of things I wanted to do. I can't even believe you're giving me a 2nd chance. Heaven knows WHY I've come back here!" (I really despised having to write for "Angry Ren," as I called him in his first four episode appearances, because I had a hard time writing for him. The reason this was so is this; I wanted all of my episodes to be family-friendly, so I had to tone Ren's anger WAY down from what it should've actually been. So when I brought Ren back, I decided to make him "Indifferent Ren," and by replacing his anger with snarky sarcasm, he became MUCH easier to write for.) Phoebe nervously says: "Hey Ren! No hard feelings about last time, right?" Ren indifferently says: "Whatever."

(Confessional) Phoebe says: "How can someone who once displayed such rash feelings of temperament now be so calm and serene? Whatever it is, I sure hope it's genuine and Ren has changed for the better." / Reggie says: "Helga hasn't changed at all, and I'm SO nervous! If I had known the producers were going to make our worst fears into a challenge for this game show, I NEVER would've said Helga's name! I actually hope our team DOESN'T win so Helga CAN'T re-enter to the game!" (End Confessional) Sniz and Fondue begin to put the campers through their challenges. Fondue has got a gigantic spider in a metal cage. He brings it closer to Suzie, but she runs away screaming, failing to win a point. Reggie begins a nerve-wracking, 6 hours alone in the woods with Helga, which isn't going easy for her, as all Helga talks about is how much she hates her older sister Olga, and how much she wants to POUND various boys that she knows back home!

(I know it's not original, but I always found it funny to have Sniz FORCE Fondue to dress up in ladies' clothes, which demonstrated that Sniz was more important than Fondue, as Sniz continually gets to make Fondue do degrading things he doesn't want to do.) Fondue dresses up in a stewardess outfit, and motions Stimpy and Lil onto a dilapidated old plane. As soon as the two Screaming Cats get on, they're in for the ride of their lives! For Jimmy, Cindy Vortex is standing underneath mistletoe. He leans forward to kiss her, but Cindy SLAPS Jimmy in the face, ruining his chance for winning a point. Norbert and Patty begin their day-long affair with bad-haircuts! Norbert's bad haircut is being removed of all of his fur below his neck, and Patty has to wear Norbert's pelt on her head for the entire day! Then, it's Phoebe's turn to face her challenge. (Another thing, looking back at this episode, I REALLY wish I had made Phoebe's challenge be harder, because the fear I wrote for her is a walk in the park compared to the fears most of the other characters got. But I wanted there to be a sincere interaction between Phoebe and Ren, which is why I ended up writing Phoebe's challenge this way.)

Sniz says: "Here's the deal. You need to spend 8 minutes in this swimming pool with Ren Hoek. Accomplish this, and the two of you will BOTH win points!" Phoebe gets in the pool with Ren Hoek and says: "Please don't hurt me! I didn't vote you off because I didn't like you. I thought you were a great team-mate! I was in the alliance and Angelica said--." (This is actually a call-out to a situation Ren faced in the "Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon" episode called "Ren Seeks Help." When Ren felt bad for something he did, he went to see a psychiatrist to resolve what his problem was. Although RaSAPC did a pretty poor job of trying to recapture the feeling of "Ren and Stimpy" during seasons one through four, I thought the plot idea was good enough to use in this situation. And unlike in the episode, this time, Ren's treatment is apparently sucessful.)

Ren says: "Phoebe, you and all the other campers had every right to kick me off. My display of explosive temper was totally uncalled for. It wasn't what anyone would call being a team-player. And for that, I am SINCERELY sorry! I decided to seek some professional help, and I learned it's practically impossible for our team to win every single challenge every single time, and that I have no control over how the other team performs. And if I'm willing to accept the glory of helping my team-mates win challenges, I also have to accept the responsibility and burden of losing challenges. And once I realized that, I didn't get mad anymore. And I have replaced anger with indifference." Phoebe says: "You know what, Ren? I believe you." And before they know it, the challenge is over. The Screaming Cats win 2 points! (Although I've only seen previews of "Rugrats In Paris the Movie," I think that if a four year old was forced to CONSTANTLY look at obese Asians wearing thongs, it would really traumatize them with mental images they would have a hard time "un-seeing.")

Angelica has to face a gigantic sumo wrestler next! She curls up into a ball, prepared to receive a beating, but the sumo wrestler trips over her and out of the ring, and technically gives the Screaming Cats another point! Now it's up to Chuckie to keep the Killer Beavers in the game! Treeflower says: "Don't let us down! We need this point to stay in the game!" Chuckie says: "But it's so small, scaly, and creepy!" Treeflower says: "It's the smallest snake EVER, Chuckie, suck it up! (The other Killer Beavers shake their heads.) What?! We're heading back to Loser Ville, people." (Yes, I'm well aware that Treeflower is in "She's just a copy of Courtney" territory, but her uniqueness will come into play soon enough.) And Chuckie finally touches it, giving his team a point. Now Doug has to see if he can handle his challenge. Doug is in a plastic coffin which is being lowered into the dirt. (If there is any one thing I would now re-do for this episode, I'd completely give Doug a NEW challenge to face, and give Spongebob something different to distract him from saving Doug. Once again, I blame this on the fact that this was BEFORE everyone else ALSO started writing "Total Drama" parodies.)

Sandy says: "There's enough air in there for 60 minutes. You only need to do 5 minutes." Sniz says: "As long as Spongebob decides to dig you back up again." Doug says: "Not funny, Sniz!" Sniz says: "Sheez! I was only kidding!" Spongebob says: "It's cool. Just keep in contact with me with my walkie talkies, and if you start to panic, give a yell and I'll dig you back up." As they put the final patches of dirt on Doug's container and close the face lid, Doug says: "Good-bye, cruel world." / Otto has to face HIS challenge: A cardboard cut-out of Eddie Murphy. And Otto gives the standee a big hug, earning the Killer Beavers a 2nd point! Sniz says: "Glad to see Otto accomplished his challenge! Sandy, it's time for you to face your fear!" / Sniz presents Sandy with her challenge: "Sandy, what you've got before you is a garbage can time bomb that needs to be defused in 10 minutes. If you can disarm it before then, you'll earn your team another point! All you have to do is read the instructions provided for you." (Although Sandy Cheeks is very smart, I don't think she is Jimmy Neutron level smart, so she probably wouldn't be able to pioneer new technologies, or understand certain Earth languages.)

Sandy says: "But I can't understand Portuguese writing!" Sniz says: "Well you better learn fast if you want to succeed!" Sandy says: "You mean you're NOT even going to watch me?!" Sniz says: "Are you nuts?! That bomb could KILL me! Good luck, though!" (That was a little call out to "The Fairly Oddparents." Even though I refer to the series constantly by having some of the Fairies as Interns, I felt kind of bad that their series didn't actually HAVE someone as a contestant in this season, so I tried to reference the series whenever possible, without having it be overkill.) / Spongebob is still keeping watch over where Doug was buried. But the next thing Spongebob knows, Cosmo is right behind him DRESSED as a mime, and Spongebob in a panic, runs away from him AND where Doug is buried! (Since Spongebob is afraid of clowns, it isn't too much of a stretch to think that he is probably also afraid of mimes.) In the meantime, Stimpy and Lil finish their plane ride with Fondue, and kiss the ground once they get out, thanking their lucky stars, and give the Screaming Cats 5 points total!

Spongebob finally evades mime Cosmo by diving into the lake, and Cosmo can't dive in, because then his make-up would run. So Spongebob scores a 6th point for the Screaming Cats! Sniz says: "Well played, Spongebob. Unfortunately, I don't think things will be going so well for Rocko." And Sniz pulls out a device that says: "Made by Sandy." / Rocko is just sitting on a beach chair, relaxing and minding his own business. Suddenly a single cloud appears over-head, and starts PELTING Rocko with hail, HARD! (Although Rocko isn't macho by any means in "Rocko's Modern Life," I wanted to kind of man him up considerably for his appearance in this series, yet still have Rocko reverting to his more timid ways during his own cartoon series during certain situations, such as this little scenario.) And Rocko jumps OUT of his chair AND his clothes, running and screaming like a little girl: "AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!" (Patty is nowhere NEAR as stupid as I portray her in this series, because she is a lot smarter in "Doug." Unfortunately, I never thought to fix this plot hole because I didn't think it was important. Let's just say Patty Mayonnaise accidentally got hit with a baseball bat in order to make this characterization work.)

Patty is watching this and says: "Wow! That cloud is following Rocko where-ever he goes. It's like his own baby cloud! It's so cute. I want one to! Here cloudy-cloud!" Rocko continues screaming: "AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!" (To give Spongebob a complex personality, I made sure to retain some of his more mischievous traits that he sometimes displays in "Spongebob Squarepants.") Spongebob says: "Sniz; is it possible to make the hail cloud go lower so that it can pelt Rocko harder?" Sniz says: "That is REALLY sick man. But yes!" And the hail cloud is now covering Rocko's head as he screams: "AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!" Spongebob says: "This is fun! But did you ever get the feeling that you were forgetting something?" (Another example on where Sniz places Fondue's overall importance not just in this show, but in his own life as well.)

Sniz says: "Sometimes. I usually ignore it and Fondue takes care of the problem for me. Watch this! I'm going to BURY Rocko in hail!" Spongebob says: "Buried! I forgot that Doug is still buried! I have to dig him up!" Meanwhile, Norbert and Patty have finished their challenge. Patty earns the Screaming Cats 7th point and can now take off Norbert's pelt and admire her own hair-do. But even though Norbert has won the Killer Beaver's 3rd point, he has actually gotten USED to not having a pelt, and thinks that being naked isn't half-baked, taking it day to day, kid! / Patrick now has to face his challenge. Spending 5 minutes in a gorilla cage with 3 gorillas, but Patrick won't even get INTO the cage! Sniz says: "I'm not sure if we're getting anywhere on this one!" Treeflower says: "You can't wimp out! I can't allow our team to fall behind in this challenge! Win this point for us!" Phoebe says: "Actually, if you do the math, there's no way you can catch up." Sniz says: "But Treeflower hasn't faced HER challenge yet, and SHE can keep the Killer Beavers in the game!"

Treeflower, shocked says: "WHAT challenge?!" (In addition to "The Fairly Oddparents," I have always been fond of letting other Nickelodeon cartoon shows that didn't have a contestant representing their show on "Total Cartoon Island," have a character make a cameo appearance on this show. Another neat bit of trivia is that I considered using Gordon Quid from "Catscratch" as a contestant in "Total Cartoon Action," but decided on Haggis McHaggis because he was more well known and had a better potential for humor.) Sniz says: "Petting a cat. Namely, Gordon Quid from Catscratch! When you said you didn't like cats, we knew immediately THAT was your fear. But if you pet Gordon Quid for 5 minutes, your team will STILL be in the game!" Norbert says: "Treeflower you can do it! I know you can! Believe in me like I know that I believe in you!" Treeflower says: "I'll try!" And Treeflower begins to stroke Gordon Quid, rubbing his belly and being gentle with him. (The way I decided to make Treeflower different from Courtney was to give Treeflower more redeeming qualities to her. One of them was being more willing and able to face her fear, and the other was to make her NOT be an outright jerk to Jimmy Neutron.)

Treeflower says: "This isn't bad. This is a piece of cake." Stimpy says: "Piece of CAKE!" Then suddenly, a loud boom is heard! Ren says: "What was that?!" Sniz says: "If I had to guess, I'd say Sandy just accidentally blew herself up!" Sandy, now covered in garbage says: "Oops! Is anyone there?" And she begins to wander around confused. Meanwhile, Spongebob unearths Doug, who is still fine even though he was buried longer than he needed to be, meaning the score is now 8-3. The rabbit named Bunny, manages to make friends with a wolf, who happens to ALSO be from "The Angry Beavers," and wins his challenge earning the Killer Beavers their 4th point. Treeflower also manages to do a good job of petting Gordon, and lasts for 5 minutes, earning the Killer Beavers their 5th point. Sniz says: "Killer Beavers, to make this interesting, if Reggie completes HER fear, she'll double your team's score, and you can STILL win!" (Since I had Treeflower complete her challenge, someone else needed to take a fall. So if Reggie failed to keep Helga in the game, it would make good writing sense for my story, which is why I let that happen.)

While Reggie has lasted for 150 minutes with Helga, when she sees a garbage covered monster (Sandy) coming at her, Reggie panics and runs out of the woods, meaning the Screaming Cats win 8-5, and Ren Hoek is re-instated BACK into their team! (Confessional) Treeflower says: "I'd actually like to thank the producers for making me stand up to my fear. There was really nothing to be scared of." / Reggie says: "Going home won't be so bad. I could always get a job back at my dad's surf shack." (End Confessional) Ren says: "It feels SO good to be back on the team. And this time, I plan to be a BETTER team-mate than I was before!" Stimpy says: "I KNOW you will, because you're a man of your word! The Screaming Cats rule!" / The Killer Beavers are once again facing judgment. (One thing that I DIDN'T want Sniz to exhibit in elimination ceremonies was subtlety, hence why he consistently made it a point that the loser would be leaving WITH Helga.)

Sniz says: "Campers, you have all made your decisions. 4 of you didn't complete their challenges. When I call your name, come get a marshmallow. The camper that doesn't get a marshmallow must immediately go to the Dock of Shame WITH Helga, catch the Boat of Losers WITH Helga, and leave WITH Helga! And they can never come back, EVER! Norbert, Otto, Treeflower, Bunny, Chuckie, Rocko, Jimmy. Campers, this is the Final Marshmallow of the evening. (Dramatic music plays, Reggie looks scared, Patrick is shaking his head no.) Reggie. (During my writing, Patrick had the unfortunate distinction of getting a "Tyler" edit, hence why he is getting the boot here. Unlike Tyler though, Patrick shall get a chance of competing in "Total Cartoon Action.") Sorry Patrick. But when it comes to athletics, you never even got out of the starting gate. Please escort Helga to the Dock of Shame and the Boat of Losers." Helga says: "Well, I hope YOU'RE happy! I can't believe it! I get kicked out before I even get put back in! Typical!" Treeflower says: "If you ask me, Helga is WAY scarier than a gorilla any day!"

On the Boat of Losers, Helga says: "Patrick, I hope you look forward to being a punching bag, because that's what you're going to be when I'm through with you!" Patrick says: "Helga, we're not alone!" And the 3 gorillas from the challenge are on the boat with them, and are ready to pick a fight! Helga says: "This could be trouble!" Patrick screams: "AHHH!!!!" (Confessional) Phoebe says: "Poor Patrick. He was voted off before his time was up. Don't worry; I'm sure we'll meet again someday! (Blows a kiss) Bye!" / (I hope you enjoyed my commentary for this episode.) / Episode Notes: Helga Patacki and Ren Hoek are re-introduced into the game. The Screaming Cats win and Ren Hoek officially becomes a camper again, albeit a much nicer and more understanding one. Patrick Star is eliminated, and Helga Patacki leaves the island, having never officially become a camper to begin with.

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Considering it as an episode you haven't posted yet until now, how about posting the rest of the episodes of Island, for the sake of this centering a story-arc?

Sorry, but this was a one time thing. The reason why I started "Total Cartoon Island" at the episode "The Greatest Game Show On Earth," and not at the first episode, "I Want to Be Famous, Part One," is because most of the OTHER early episodes almost copy the episodes of "Total Cartoon Island" EXACTLY! And I'm embarassed to even LOOK at them any more to be honest! :rolleyes: I've moved beyond that as a writer! Besides, "The Greatest Game Show On Earth" summarizes what took place in the earlier episodes, including the one I have now included with Creator/Director Commentary." I'm sorry if you are disappointed with that bit of news. Next time, I shall pick up where I left off on "Total Cartoon Action," with the brand new episode, "American Spray-Paint!" B) Enough said! ;)
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Sorry, but this was a one time thing. The reason why I started "Total Cartoon Island" at the episode "The Greatest Game Show On Earth," and not at the first episode, "I Want to Be Famous, Part One," is because most of the OTHER early episodes almost copy the episodes of "Total Cartoon Island" EXACTLY! And I'm embarassed to even LOOK at them any more to be honest! :rolleyes: I've moved beyond that as a writer! Besides, "The Greatest Game Show On Earth" summarizes what took place in the earlier episodes, including the one I have now included with Creator/Director Commentary." I'm sorry if you are disappointed with that bit of news. Next time, I shall pick up where I left off on "Total Cartoon Action," with the brand new episode, "American Spray-Paint!" B) Enough said! ;)

Well, that makes sense now. Thanks for bringing that out.

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Well, it's taken entirely TOO long, but at LONG last, here is the first part of the "Total Cartoon Action" episode called, "American Spray-Paint." /

“American Spray-Paint” Sniz is standing in the control room, full of camera monitors. Sniz says: “Last time on Total Cartoon Action, he was a penguin, she was an otter. Can I make it ANYMORE obvious? And a prop-carrying, scene-creating challenge saw Skipper and Marlene FORCED to compete against each other in TWO different teams! The trouble all started when Marlene had to pick people to carry props, and she made the erroneous mistake of picking Norbert first, and that made Skipper feel kind of ‘OUCHY!’ Of course, Marlene had her OWN problems with having to deal with a certain shrew of an Angry Beaver named, Treeflower. Meanwhile, our very own General Barracuda TRIED to coerce Patrick into forging an illegal alliance WITH him! Patrick refused the offer at first, but General Barracuda FORCED Patrick’s hand by handing immunity to the Boom Vets, and threatening the safety of Patrick’s girlfriend should Patrick refuse the deal of the deranged villain. Now, I KNOW General Barracuda is evil, but has he COMPLETELY forgotten that we’re filming EVERY single thing he is doing?! But we’ll pretend to let this go un-noticed for now, and see where it ends up going. Haggis McHaggis impressed with his legendary acting skills, while Lil Deville—I mean, ‘Marlon Hoek,’ puzzled EVERYONE with her general…well…weirdness. At the elimination ceremony, it was MARLON Hoek forced to take a ride on the Limo of Losers; proving to be TOO crazy, even for this show! Where will the illegal alliance of General Barracuda and Patrick lead to? Will Marlene come up with a plan to deal with Treeflower once and for all? When will my Mountain Dew, EVER get here?!” (Cosmo poofs on-screen, with a can of Mountain Dew, which Sniz promptly opens and drinks) Sniz says: “Find out the answers to these questions AND more on Total Cartoon Action!” /

The scene opens up inside the trailers of the Boom Vets. Marlene is seen sleeping, than she suddenly wakes up with a start! Marlene exclaims: I’ve GOT IT!!!!—OOPS! (Whispers) I mean, I GOT it!” Marlene sneakily slinks out of the trailer, and slyly knocks on one of the Network Noobs’ trailers. Marlene whispers: “Skipper, are you awake yet?” Skipper walks out of the door yawning. Skipper says: “Marlene, do you REALLY miss me THAT much?” Marlene says: “I didn’t come here because I wanted to kiss you—actually, I DO want to kiss you, but that’s not the point! I’ve figured out a way to get rid of Treeflower!” Skipper perks up! Skipper says: “What a great breakthrough for you! What is your plan of action?!” Marlene says: “Treeflower is a crafty planner, but her emotional stability is INCREDIBLY unstable! Therefore, I think what we need is to do something that will give Treeflower a ‘little’ push, over the edge of SANITY!” Skipper asks: “And how will you do that?” Marlene answers: “Her total devotion is split between the game, and her boyfriend, Norbert! But if something were to UPSET that balance…say…an otter named Marlene throwing her total attention onto Norbert, Treeflower would in turn grow GREATLY jealous and go COMPLETELY INSANE!”

Skipper says: “No offense, but I thought that we were trying to NOT make Treeflower go completely insane!” Marlene says: “That’s what I thought as well. But then I realized; if Treeflower gets jealous, she’ll try all SORTS of things to sabotage the Boom Vets’ chance of winning! When she does that, the majority will turn against her! And if the Boom Vets should LOSE today, then I can EASILY guess who will voted off!” Skipper asks: “Would that be, Treeflower?!” Marlene chuckles and answers: “Bingo!” (Confessional) Marlene says: “I won’t tell Treeflower this, but I didn’t win most popular online video animal award three times straight for nothing! I am a superb actress and completely flawless in my approach! I just need to get Norbert, wrapped around my otter fingers, Treeflower will go nuts, and I will be minus one IRRITATING adversary!” / Skipper says: “I guess Marlene knows MORE about my penguin reconnaissance missions than I thought! Still, I am impressed! Faking feelings for a guy she doesn’t really like in order to get someone she absolutely CAN’T STAND eliminated?! I must say that I’ve never felt more proud of Marlene than I do right now!” (End Confessional) / The scene changes to early morning at the cafeteria set, where all the contestants are lining up to get breakfast. Rhonda gets scrambled eggs and bacon, but she looks disgusted by the preparation.

Rhonda says: “Excuse me, but is THIS supposed to be breakfast?! I mean, where in the world did YOU, learn your cooking skills?!” Fondue says: “Look, don’t criticize me! I don’t get paid enough to cook five-star meals here for just ANYONE! Most people get a standard meal at a standard time!” Rhonda reluctantly takes her breakfast plate, and says: “Well, don’t expect any big tips from me!” Suddenly, Treeflower starts shoving her way through the breakfast line and says: “Out of the way! There’s a VERY important C.I.T. Beaver coming through!” Norbert adds: “That’s Treeflower, by the way!” Otto asks: “And who made HER the Queen of Total Cartoon Action?!” Norbert says: “She did, just now!” Rancid rhetorically asks: “Why is it, that I am NOT surprised?” Treeflower says: “If you’re done staring at me and asking STUPID questions, I can proceed with my order. Fondue, I would like--.” But before Treeflower can finish her train of thought, Marlene zooms in and starts hugging and cuddling Norbert! Marlene, in a sultry voice, says: “Fondue, can you whip up something just for ME and a SPECIAL man I like? I’ll have Powdered French Toast flown in DIRECTLY from France, strawberry pancakes with LOTS of butter and maple syrup, crispy bacon, barbequed sausage, fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice, and Frosted Mini-Wheat cereal with cold milk just like my mom used to make!”

Fondue, floored by Marlene’s romantic display, nervously says: “I’ll…be…sure…to…get it…for you…quickly…Marlene!!” Marlene seductively says: “Thank you VERY much!” Marlene kisses Norbert on the nose, and walks away in an attractive matter. Treeflower fumes with anger over Marlene’s actions, but Norbert is STILL completely oblivious to her, as Norbert says in an excited, dumbstruck matter: “I’ll have what SHE’S having!!!!” And Treeflower just angrily throws a strong, backward, EPIC punch that hits Norbert SQUARE in the face, but she’s completely unaware that she has HIT Norbert!” (Confessional) Treeflower, still furiously fuming, says: “Is Marlene looking for a DEATH WISH?! She did NOT just make the moves on MY Norbert!!!! If she wants a fight, I’m going to GIVE HER ONE!!!! She’s going to wish that she never MET ME!!!!” / Norbert now has a bruised face and says: “Marlene may have a way with her words, but Treeflower has a way with her fists! Has anybody seen my spleen?!” (End Confessional) Larry walks into the cafeteria and asks: “All right! Which loyal follower of mine has got my breakfast?!” Craig Mammalton eagerly rushes up to him and says: “I’ve got it! I’ve gotten your well-cooked breakfast eggs with bacon!” Darwin swings in and says: “You’re crazy! I’ve got Larry’s well-cooked breakfast eggs with FAKE-ON!” Larry asks: “Say WHAT?” Pearl answers: “It means that Darwin has FAKE, or rather, Tofu Bacon.”

Craig says: “Well, REAL bacon is good for helping maintain your strong biceps and abdominal muscles!” Darwin says: “But this fake bacon can help maintain a healthy, shiny head!” Craig gets excited and says: “Holy fruits! I LOVE his head!” And Craig jumps onto Larry’s back and hugs Larry’s head! Larry firmly, but gently pushes Craig back to the ground and says: “Relax, both of you. I accept BOTH of these meals just as I accept you both the way you are!” (Confessional) Larry says: “My first phase of WINNING this season is a COMPLETE success! I’ve won my way into the hearts of my faithful followers, and their total devotion is to ME! The only thing keeping me from having TOTAL control of MY team are the hold-outs; Rhonda, Rancid, Gerald, Pearl, and Patrick. But they’re HARDLY threats to maintaining my control. And of course, I still have a loose end to tie up as far as the other team is concerned. I must deal with Sandy Cheeks. She needs to understand her position this season. She can work with me and make it far in the game, or I can ensure her elimination! Either way, my position in the game won’t get hurt TOO badly!” /

Craig Mammalton is seen trying to make a beaded bracelet, and Craig says: “I really like the way Larry can use both his brain AND his brawn into making us a smarter, stronger, more effective team! I like Larry ALMOST as much as I like making friendship bracelets! If ONLY becoming Larry’s best buddy was as EASY as making friendship bracelets!” The beaded bracelet accidentally breaks, and Craig accidentally SWALLOWS one of the beads! (End Confessional) Sniz triumphantly walks in with a microphone and shouts: “Are you ready to ROCK?!!!” Otto loudly says: “NO!!!!” Sniz continues as though Otto didn’t say anything, as Sniz says: “GOOD!!!! You will ALL be happy to know that it is time for you to find out what today’s CHALLENGE will be!” Otto sarcastically says: “Unless it INVOLVES extreme sports and speed, I’m not INTERESTED!!!!” Sniz says: “Funny you should say that, because today’s challenge is all ABOUT an extreme sport FILLED with speed!” Otto FINALLY gets excited and says: “It’s ABOUT time! I was worried that this season was going to be a snooze-fest!” Sniz asks: “Would I EVER let you down? Don’t answer that, by the way!” Reggie says: “I’m glad Otto is excited about today’s challenge. He NEEDED something to take his mind off of you-know-who.” Rocko says: “I think I know WHO you mean! Three guesses as to WHO that is, and the first two don’t count!”

Stimpy sadly says: “I wish I could take MY mind off of Lil Deville!” Ren happily says: “Don’t be so glum! You still have ME!” Stinky adds: “And me!” Stimpy says: “But I wish I had Lil, as well. I didn’t even get a chance to tell her good-bye.” (Confessional) Ren says: “What’s wrong with me?! Have I not CLEARLY underlined the fact that Stimpy has his bosom buddy back?! Under normal circumstances, he’d be talking about the latest brand of Gritty Kitty coming out, or the latest Muddy Mudskipper merchandise! So why does he keep away from me?! Have I really lost my touch THAT much?! I just don’t know what else it could be!” (End Confessional) The camera changes to the inside of a big motor garage, full of car parts, motor engines, tools, gas cans, and oil stains. Haggis asks: “What are we doing in this tall, wide garage?” Gerald says: “It reminds me of an assembly line in New York City.” Dog sniffs in deeply and says: “I LOVE the smell of oil in the morning! It smells like victory!” Pearl asks: “What kind of victory?” Dog answers: “The victory that will prove my worth to Cat!” (Confessional) Dog says: “I’ve been waiting for a challenge will I can put the skills I’ve learned to good use! Cat might hate the Greasers, but they WERE good for one thing; I’ve learned a LOT of automotive skills from them, and I can make even hunks of junks run like champions! Someday, I plan to be the grand champion of the Nearburg 500!” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “I’ll tell you all what you are doing here! Today’s challenge will be divided into two parts, followed by a tie-breaker IF necessary! First you are going to DESIGN an awesome car, than you are going to DRIVE your awesome car in an AWESOME race! The team that wins will be safe from elimination, the team that loses will have to eliminate someone. It’s that simple!” A familiar, sinister voice whispers: “Patrick, come here!” Patrick nervously sneaks off and says: “What do you want, General Barracuda?!” General Barracuda angrily says: “First off, you are NOT to speak loudly to ME when you are STRATEGIZING to ME! Do you want the whole COUNTRY to find out about this?!” Patrick angrily says: “At this point, it might actually be an improvement!” General Barracuda says: “Don’t sass me! Second, you are to REFER to me as MR. T as long as you are in alliance with me!” Patrick asks: “Surely you don’t mean THE Mr. T?” General Barracuda says: “It is just a code name! Now, you know what I WANT you to do; don’t you?!” Patrick answers: “No, I actually don’t!” General Barracuda says: “That ‘playing dumb’ trick might work with Squidward, but it won’t work on ME! I’m no FOOL, and I PITY the FOOL, who thinks that I am a FOOL, because I’m NOBODY’S FOOL! Now, you are to SABOTAGE the design the Boom Vets will come up with for their car! I do NOT want their team to win THIS challenge!”

Patrick asks: “And just HOW, am I supposed to make the Boom Vets lose?! Tell me, where, am I supposed to even start?!” General Barracuda, exasperated, says: “Oh, use your imagination and take a page out of Angelica Pickles’ playbook! I think that given the circumstances, I’ve been REALLY patient with you up until now; but if you don’t start coming up with your OWN plans…well, let’s just say that the safety of YOUR girlfriend and YOUR friends is starting to look PRETTY questionable right about now! Do you catch my drift?!” Patrick gulps and says: “I’ve got it, MR. T!” (Confessional) General Barracuda angrily says: “Patrick is making this alliance FAR more difficult than it SHOULD be! I give him an EASY task for his FIRST evil deed, and he decides to fight it tooth and nail! Sigh, dependable EVIL help is SO hard to find these days!” / Patrick says: “On a scale from 1-10, General Barracuda is a big, mean JERK!!!!” (End Confessional) Patrick rushes back to his team, and Dog asks: “Where did YOU run off to?” Patrick nervously says: “I was, just getting a cup of water!” And General Barracuda looks flabbergasted! (Confessional) General Barracuda exclaims: “A CUP of WATER?!!! Groan, you would THINK he could come up with a BETTER excuse than THAT!!!!” /

Pearl says: “Patrick is sure acting a little nervous today. Of course, it’s probably because he doesn’t want our team to lose again. It’s perfectly understandable. I mean, I certainly don’t want OUR team to lose again, either!” (End Confessional) The Boom Vets are starting to put together their car, when Ren excitedly says: “I’ll come up with the design, and I’ve got some really good ones in mind!” Stimpy says: “Actually Ren, I think that…” Ren interrupts: “All right, Stimpy, you can come up with the design if it means that much…” Stimpy shouts: “Ren, I’m not in the mood to HEAR about it right now!” And everyone looks stunned by Stimpy’s outburst! Stimpy says: “Look, I’m REALLY sorry Ren, but we have to concentrate on building a car right now, and your comments aren’t exactly HELPING matters!” Ren is flabbergasted and says: “This can’t be right! Have I REALLY lost my Stimpy friendship mojo?! Say it isn’t so!” Haggis says: “I’d hate to say it, but it looks like it IS so, Ren.” (Confessional)

Ren says: “Why is this happening to me?! Have I truly offended Stimpy THAT much when I went off the deep end?! Why isn’t being happy enough for him?! It’s always been enough for him in the past, always!” / Stimpy says: “Lately, Ren seems to be a little…clingy. And I don’t mean clingy in the way an Ox-Pecker eats bugs on a rhinoceros, I mean clingy in the way a barnacle just latches itself onto the side of a boat!” Stinky asks: “This isn’t how you pictured a friendship with Ren, is it?” Stimpy answers: “No Stinky, it isn’t. Ren’s been such a good friend to me for the longest time. But recently, he seems to be a little obsessive-compulsive. It’s not really that bad, but he’s freaking me out more than I’m willing to be freaked out by a friend.” (End Confessional) Ren rushes up to Sandy and dramatically says: “You’ve got to help me! You’ve got to cure me! I’ll do anything! PLEASE tell me how I can get Stimpy’s friendship back!” Sandy asks: “Ren, don’t you think you’re getting a LITTLE carried away about this?!” Ren hysterically says: “No, I don’t think I’m getting a LITTLE carried away about this! Look at Stimpy! Who is he with?!” And Sandy looks as Stimpy is talking with Rocko. Stimpy says: “I didn’t know THAT was the reason that eating koalas is illegal in Austrailia!”

Rocko says: “Speaking of, I just got a care package from my parents. A new set of clothes, but WAY too large for me! I’m not growing any taller, although I have felt unusually ITCHY as of late!” Stimpy says: “Maybe it’s the climate.” Rocko says: “Yeah, it COULD be.” The Boom Vets, pre-occupied by the situation, fail to notice Patrick sneaking around and covering the fancy design on their car in pure, black paint! Patrick, to himself, says: “I’m sorry, you guys. But it’s for your own safety!” Sandy concludes: “Actually, you MIGHT have a point, Ren!” Ren asks: “What should I do?” Sandy answers: “You need to do something to get Stimpy’s attention! Something that Stimpy’s never seen you do before! What would interest Stimpy more than ANYTHING else in the world?!” Ren exclaims: “That’s IT! I need to think about Stimpy! Thank you, Sandy! You’ve been REALLY helpful!” (Confessional) Sandy says: “I’ve got the looks and the know-how to help my team cruise to victory in the many challenges we will face this season! With my advice, I’m sure Ren can turn his problem around and in turn, Ren will be much happier for it!” / Ren sighs, and says: “This isn’t going to be easy, but I’ve got to make it a point to SHOW Stimpy that I’m all about HIM! I mean, I’m Stimpy’s friend FIRST and a Boom Vet SECOND!!!!...Actually, can you erase that last part?! Confession is good for the soul, but it’s not so good for team morale!” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “Designing time is over! It’s time to determine which team has the better design! Fondue, judge them!” Fondue comes out and says: “Network Noobs! I’m VERY impressed! Green flames, red lightning bolts, and purple smoke?! Your car is the EPITOME of coolness! Boom Vets, I am SHOCKED at how little effort you put into your car!” Susie is shocked and asks: “What are you talking about?! We were hard at work designing an extreme sports theme, and--.” Fondue interrupts: “If that’s true, then why do I only see BLACK on it?!” And the Boom Vets realize that all their hard work has been covered up in black paint! Susie says: “But WE didn’t DO that!”

Fondue says: “That’s not my problem! The first part of the challenge goes to the Network Noobs!” Otto says: “No fair! Where’s Angelica when you NEED her?!” Sandy answers: “With any luck, at a hair clinic FAR away from here!” Spongebob says: “This is unthinkable! The Network Noobs have suddenly gone from being NON threats, to being unstoppable!” Ren says: “Try unstable! They’re a ticking time bomb of deceit and betrayal! We HAVE to stop them!” Spongebob asks: “How are we going to do that; with a bullet train from Japan?” Ren counts the beads on a friendship bracelet that Craig made and says: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine!” Spongebob says: “Excuse me?” Ren counts the beads again and says: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine!” Spongebob asks: “Ren, are you okay?”

Ren answers: “Of course I’m okay! I’m only thinking about Stimpy!” Spongebob asks: “Are you SURE that thinking about Stimpy is GOOD for the team? It seems a little…weird.” Ren answers: “Well, if it gets Stimpy to LIKE me again, than yes! I am weird! And I’m glad; glad, glad, glad, glad, GLAD!!!!” (Confessional) Spongebob: “I wonder if Ren IS, glad?” (End Confessional) Pearl asks: “Say, where DID Ren get that THING anyways?” Craig answers: “That’s a friendship bracelet I made! I’ve made one for every contestant who wants to be a friend with me! Do you want a friendship bracelet?” Pearl says: “Sure! A popular cheerleader, such as me, can NEVER have too many friends!” And Pearl takes a friendship bracelet! (Confessional) Craig says: “My friendship bracelets seem to be a hit with everyone! If ONLY I could work up the courage to ask Larry if he would want one.” / Pearl says: “This friendship bracelet matches the color of my shirt AND my boyfriend perfectly!” (End Confessional) Sniz says: “So with Fondue having decided the first part of the challenge, it’s time to NAME your cars! Network Noobs, your car shall now be known as Chum-Chum, Boom Vets, your car shall now be known as Fanboy!” Craig says: “I don’t WANT to ride in a Chum-Chum!” Marlene says: “Please! It’s not like riding in a Fanboy is anything to be proud of! It sounds like a purple-hooded buffoon who prances around in his underwear with a fat boy in a black mask who sounds like a girl!”

And everyone hears a sudden crashing behind them as someone has knocked over a stage light! The camera pans over to SHOW the ACTUAL Fanboy and Chum-Chum, looking VERY enraged! Chum-Chum says: “I’m sick and tired of us getting NO respect around here!” And Fanboy knocks over an out-of-order TV before they both leave! Fondue says: “O…kay…well, since we don’t seem to have…anymore, of…whatever, those two obviously GAY--!” And Fanboy throws a rotary phone at Fondue, hitting his head! Fondue shouts: “Oh, come ON!!!! When did ‘gay’ stop meaning HAPPY?!” Sniz answers: “Since 1980! Are you THAT insensitive and out of touch?! Anyways, we better get going to the racetrack, to determine who will be the winning team in this episode of Total Cartoon Action!” (Commercial Break) / I'll write up the next part of this episode later! :D Enough said, for now! ;)

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I...HATE myself for making everybody wait so long for an update! :( But I am determined to get through this series and finish what I started! :o So after a delay longer than anyone who waits at the DMV for their driving test, I shall now get back to writing "American Spray-Paint!" / "American Spray-Paint" (Continued.) /


After the commercials end, Sniz and Fondue are seen standing in the middle of a large racetrack full of twists and turns, talking to each other. Sniz says: "Look, all I'm saying is that if Peabody and Sherman can get a C.G.I. big budget movie update in the 21st century; why can't we?! We're WAY more popular and relevant than THEY are!" Fondue says: "You just can't figure out movie studios these days!" Wanda poofs into appearance from out of nowhere and says: "Guys, we're back from commercial already!" Sniz gets started and shouts: "What?! I thought we agreed to have visual cues to avoid these sudden surprises! Signal us NON-verbally when we come back from commercials!" Wanda says: "Yes, Mr. S!" And as Wanda flies away, Fondue shouts: "And DON'T call him cute nicknames! That's our mother's job!" Sniz and Fondue regain their compusure, and Sniz says: "Welcome back to Total Cartoon Action! Fondue, when you think of Fanboy and Chum-Chum, what do you think of?!"


And Fondue looks carefully at the ACTUAL angry-looking Fanboy and Chum-Chum, both holding old-fashioned Rotary phones. Fondue replies: "I WONDER what's on The Weather Channel?!" And a Rotary phone is thrown, which Sniz ducks, but Fondue gets hit! Sniz loudly says: "NO!!!!" Than Sniz thinks about it and says: "Well...YES...but NO!!!!" And another Rotary Phone is thrown, which Sniz and Fondue BOTH duck, but it hits Norbert with a big bash, and Norbert cries: "OUCH!!!!" Sniz says: "Sorry, Norbert! Anyways, you think of funny kids wearing capes and trying to be funny heroes! But when we're finished, you'll think about race-cars being driven respectively by the Boom Vets, and the Network Noobs!" / (Confessional) Norbert is looking very bruised and bandaged in his face and he says: "I cannot BELIEVE how much pain I'm feeling right now! I mean, who even ALLOWS their kids to carry around obsolete technology, and then allows them to hit nice beavers in their beautiful face with it?! I wish Daggett were here so he could shield me from this insane punishment with HIS non-beautiful face!" (End Confessional)


The camera shows the Boom Vets with their painted-over car, but Ren is seen obsessively fussing over it with a cleaning rag and polish. Susie says: "TRUST me, Ren. If our car was in any better mechanical condition, it would fly!" Sandy says: "If we had been given even MORE time, I could've helped make it happen!" Ren says: "Girls, it's not enough for our car to just DRIVE good, it has to LOOK good as well; like Stimpy! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9! And our car will look simply stunning, like Stimpy, after Ren's Wax! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9!" Stimpy looks at his fellow contestants weirdly and he says: "Uh...is it just me, or has Ren started saying my name a lot for no apparent reason?!" Ren continues talking and says: "I got to make sure I've waxed everything on this car! The NINE gauge motor engine, the NINE cup holders, the NINE car seats, the NINE car fresheners..." And as Ren continues talking in the distance, Stimpy says: "At least his NINE obsession is worse than the ME one!" Otto casually says: "Three letters in his first name, six letters in your first name; put them together and you get--" Stimpy shouts: "NINE! He CAN'T be doing everything nine times just because of ME!" /


(Confessional) Stimpy: "I have NEVER considered Ren to be an obsessive oddball, but he's just not acting like I'm used to him acting! I certainly don't want to be the source of all this emotional trauma that Ren's going through right now; but I don't know what I'm supposed to do!" Stinky says: "Neither do I, dad. Neither do I." (End Confessional) The two teams are shown standing next to their cars, ready to get in them and race. Sniz says: "Contestants, the time has come for you to participate in the most exciting race challenge we've had to date! You have both got to navigate your car through this racetrack while avoiding all the different traps and obstacles placed in it by Wanda and the other Fairy Godparents. The first team that crosses the Finish Line will win this challenge! And Network Noobs, do TRY your hardest to win this one! I REALLY don't want to have the tie-breaker to go down! (Camera pans over to a dummy that looks like Timmy Turner, sitting in the middle of a giant painted bullseye) I DON'T think we've got the neccessary legal approval needed to go through with it!" And as a big, green car suddenly smashes on the Timmy dummy, playing "La Cucaracha" with its horn, Cosmo shouts: "SORRY, still NO!!!!" / (Confessional) Larry says: "My keen lobster eyes have been looking carefully for the right moment to make my move, and I believe I have found my time. The moment of truth has come for Sandy Cheeks, and I hope that her true news will also be GOOD news...for ME!!" (End Confessional) /


Larry casually walks up to Sandy Cheeks and says: "You know, just because we ARE on different teams, doesn't mean we HAVe to have animosity towards each other. We should set aside our differences and WORK together, be PARTNERS!" Sandy, is not really paying attention to Larry and is focused instead on polishing the Fanboy Car. Sandy, distractedly says: "But I already HAVE all the friends and partners I could EVER need!" Larry slams his claws on the car in front of Sandy, FORCING her to pay attention to him! Larry shouts: "I don't think you QUITE comprehend the POSITION you're IN!! So I'll put it to you THIS way; either YOU allign with me, or YOU'LL face the consequences!! Now before you answer, I'll let you know that THIS is entirely YOUR choice, but I'll give you FAIR warning NOT to underestimate my strategical planning!" Sandy gets serious and says: "It doesn't matter WHAT you say, LARRY; my answer is still; NO!!!!" Larry gets boiling mad and looks ready to scream, but he quickly calms down and says: "Very well then, but just remember; YOU...WERE...WARNED!!!!"


(Confessional) Larry says: "Well, SHE decided it, NOT me! I gave her ONE last chance to allign with me, but NOPE!!!! She's D-E-A-D, DEAD to me! So my first order of business is to now humiliate her team by making it so that they lose BADLY! Once her so-called 'FRIENDS' see how BADLY she can let them down, she will be the FIRST voted off her team for SURE!" (End Confessional) After having witnessing the near blow-up, Susie walks up to Otto and says: "Boy, I never would've GUESSED Larry had quite a temper! It's nice to know that YOU are actually quite REASONABLE compared to him!" Otto, apparently bored with waiting for the action to start, says: "I'm sorry, who are you?" Susie, taken aback, says: "What do you MEAN, who am I?! I'm only Susie Carmichael, aspiring soul singer, pop diva, dancer, and soon to be International Famous WOMAN!!!!" Otto is still bored and says: "Seriously, who ARE you?" (Confessional) Susie says: "It's like Otto Rocket doesn't have INTEREST in ME! There is NOBODY who doesn't HAVE interest in me! I can be FAR more interesting to HIM in FIVE minutes than Angelica Pickles can be in her entire LIFETIME!" / Otto says: "If Susie Carmichael REALLY wants me to show an interest in her, she's going to have to EARN my interest the way Angelica did!--Well, maybe NOT exactly the same way ANGELICA did!" (End Confessional)


Skipper looks at the other team, apparently disgusted; and Skipper says: "From the way some of THEM talk, you'd think THEY were the ones experiencing their first season on a game show! Well what about us?! What about OUR needs?!" Skipper than looks at a piece of paper that he has written on, and starts acting out his lines...BADLY!!!! Skipper melodramitcally says: "My sweetheart Marlene, is showering her affections on Norbert McHandsome!!!! How CAN she DO that?! It drives ME so MAD, it makes ME want to SMASH things!!!!" And he suddenly grabs a GIGANTIC piano causing Norbert to say: "WAIT!!!! Where did you get THAT piano?!" And Skipper, NOT looking, smashes the piano on TOP of Norbert!!!! Skipper composes himself and asks Marlene: "Will that work? Do you think Treeflower bought my performance?" And Marlene gives him a look that's both COMPLETELY shocked and COMPLETELY stunned! /


(Confessional) Skipper shrugs and says: "Apparently, according to Marlene, acting is NOT my strongest forte!" / Marlene face-palms herself and says: "Acting!! It is so NOT Skipper's strongest forte!" / Norbert is completely dazed and out of it from having a piano slammed on top of him, and is groggily singing a tune, by saying: "Bang, bang, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, it fell on my head. (Treeflower walks into the Confessional, still angry with Marlene and completely UNAWARE Norbert is in there.) Bang, bang, Maxwell's Silver Hammer made sure I was-- (Treeflower throws a punch backwards, completely oblivious to the fact that she has hit Norbert in the face YET again, but Norbert still has enough energy to finish his tune)--DEAD!!!!" And Norbert collapses on the floor, and Treeflower says: "Skipper is the most INCOMPETANT actor I have EVER seen in my whole LIFE! And he STILL made me mad with his display with MARLENE!!!! Just wait and SEE!!!! They are GOING to PAY!!!!" (End Confessional) / Sniz says: "Now, before we get to racing, I need to notify you that only THREE of your team can race IN your cars through the race track. Who feels like trying their luck on our super race track complete with ATTACK dog?!" And the camera pans to show an angry Earl from "Rocko's Modern Life," foaming at the mouth and viciously determined to chew the living daylights out of any unlucky contestants!


Otto says: "Susie, if you want me to show interest in you, here's a good opportunity! Race with me! And if we get lucky and win, I might start to GIVE you respect!" Susie gets interested and rhetorically asks: "How could I pass THAT up?! All right Sniz; it's me, Otto, and Norbert!" Treeflower exclaims: "You forgot about ME!!!! Don't forget ME!!!!" Ren asks: "And what about ME?! I've got a lucky number 9 necklace charm that would give us good luck!" Otto shouts: "No way, toothpick! I need YOUR help like I need a hole in my head!" Susie says: "And Treeflower, you are NINE kinds of crazy! YOU would only add NEEDLESS DANGER!!!!" Norbert is STILL dazed and out of it as he says: "Doe, a deer, a female deer; Ray, a drop of golden sun; Me, a name I call myself; Far, a long, LONG way to RUN!!!!" Marlene shouts: "Come ON, Norbert! You can totally WIN this, Norbert!" And Treeflower continues to give Marlene a sinister glare, which Marlene replies to by sticking her tongue out at Treeflower! Patrick says to himself: "Mr. T 'Barracuda is going to want the Boom Vets to lose! I NEED to volunteer!" But before Patrick can say anything to Sniz, Larry says: "We don't NEED to do any deliberating. Pearl, Rancid, and I shall do the driving for OUR team!" (Confessional) Patrick slams the make-up off of the make-up counter, onto the floor, and shouts: "Tartar sauce!" / General Barracuda slams his hands onto the make-up counter, putting boulder size dents into it, and shouts: "CURSES!!!!" (End Confessional)


The non-driving contestants walk over to the cheering section close to the start/finish line, and take a seat close to the action. Marlene decides to talk to Darwin and says: "I guess you're going to have to wait a while to prove yourself." Darwin nods his head and says: "I know what you mean. I'm a FINE example of evolution! I've got brains and wit to spare!" Marlene says: "Well, I'm going to pick up some pom-poms and show off a little bit of my first-rate cheering skills! Do you have anything planned?" Darwin pulls out a jar of glitter and says: "I'll throw this as confetti!" / The camera suddenly switches to wide-screen, and the scene looks remarkably similar to the big race climax of "Grease," Fondue races out in front of the cars, and takes out a green scarf, getting ready to wave it in order to begin the race. Larry shouts over to Otto: "You better hope you have good wipers, because you aren't gonna see us through our DUST, Otto!" Otto just growls angrily and says nothing. And Fondue waves the green scarf, beginning the exciting race! At the start, Larry decides to try to dent up the Fanboy as much as possible, by purposely slamming the Chum-Chum in reverse, banging up the front fender of the Fanboy, and then Larry adds insult to injury by taking out a spinning blade-saw from the car's accessories, and GOUGES the left side of the Fanboy! Otto gets REALLY mad, and decides to put the Fanboy into over-drive, quickly surpassing the Chum-Chum as they enter into the first tunnel of the race! Norbert starts to come out of his daze as he says: "We passed the Noobs!" Otto shouts: "Naturally, I'm always able to out-race SLOWPOKES!!!!" Larry hears Otto's boast and mutters: "Oh, YEAH?! We'll just SEE about THAT!!!!"


Larry pushes a red button in the Chum-Chum, and rocket boosters pop-up, causing the car to zoom up closer to the Fanboy's position! Susie yells: "Otto! They're catching up to us!" Otto decides to take command, and says: "Then throw a little weight at them!" Susis saluted, and throws an anvil at the Network Noobs, but they evade it. Otto asks: "Did that stop them?" Susie answers: "Nope, they're still back there!" Otto orders: "Then BOWL them OVER!" Susie throws a bowling ball out of the car, only to have it end up missing them COMPLETELY! As they exit the front tunnel, Otto asks: "Did THAT get rid of them? Please say yes!" Susie, not wanting to disappoint Otto, nervously says: "Yes!" Otto then yells in enjoyment: "YES!!" Then he realizes something and says: "WAIT...are you just saying 'yes' because I TOLD you to say, 'yes?'" Susie reluctantly admits: "Yes." Otto cheers: "YES!!" Than he realizes Susie's admission and says: "Wait...NO!!!!" /


At the 2nd tunnel, the Network Noobs catch up to the Boom Vets. Rancid yells: "You're going DOWN, big boy!" Otto yells: "And YOU are going LEFT!!" And Otto rams the Fanboy into the Chum-Chum, and the action knocks the car off-course! But the Chum-Chum winds up piercing THROUGH the fence between the course, they crash through the sound stage, and they end up running so many circles around Earl, they cause him to pass out! And the Network Noobs wind up AHEAD of the Boom Vets! Susis stammers: "Uh, Otto...they're back! Actually, they're front--IN front of us!" Otto asks: "Susie, are you NOW saying what I hope you're NOT saying?!" Susie answers: "I'm afraid so!" Otto exclaims: "WHAT?! NO!!!! It's time to gum them up!" Susie grabs a whole stash of bubble-gum, and stuffs it into Norbert's mouth, forcing Norbert's jaws to chew it up into a big, sticky, colorful wad. Susie eagerly says: "We're on it!" Susie then uses Norbert like a machine gun, as Norbert spits the gum out at the Network Noobs! But Otto doesn't pay attention to the hazards of the road, and temporarily gets the Fanboy stuck in a mud puddle! Than some gum that Norbert spits out hits Pearl in the hair! Pearl yells: "AW! Not in the HAIR!!" Larry quickly shoves Pearl aside and takes over driving.


After exiting the final tunnel, the Network Noobs retake the lead after turning on the turbo. Otto angrily yells: "NO!! Susie! Get us to the FINISH LINE! Now, NOW, NOW!!!!" Susie briefly thinks about it, then she realizes she's had quite ENOUGH of Otto's screaming, so she immediately stops the car and yells: "NO!!!! Not until you address me RESPECTFULLY!" Otto yells: "You little STUCK-UP! I don't have TIME for RESPECT!" Otto shoves Susie aside and takes the wheel. Norbert asks: "She's SOME girl, isn't she?" Otto answers: "You're not kidding! Either I'm going to KILL her, or I'm beginning to LIKE her!" (Confessional) Susie: "I KNEW I'd get Otto to show SOME interest in me! Not exactly the way I would've WANTED, but it's a START!" (End Confessional) Otto quickly gets the Fanboy back up to full speed, and the Boom Vets re-take the lead! Otto says: "I can almost SMELL the scent of VICTORY!" Larry shouts: "You don't know WHAT you smell!" Larry grabs out a can marked: "Lil's EXPLOSIVE Baked Beans; Eat With EXTREME Caution!" Larry says: "I KNEW that we were gonna need THIS! Rancid, BEAN UP!" Rancid protests: "But I DON'T want to--." Larry interrupts: "Just DO it!" And Larry forces Rancid to eat the WHOLE can! Larry says: "I don't want people CALLING you Rancid for NOTHING!" Pearl shakes Rancid up, places Rancid with his butt placed near the end of the car. Soon Pearl, gets ready, and is ready to pull Rancid's finger! Pearl yells: "This is going to STINK!!!!"


The Chum-Chum suddenly zooms ahead of the Fanboy, creating a FANTASTIC gap between the locations of the two cars. Otto exclaims in a doomed matter: "Now I smell something ELSE; the smell of DEFEAT and it smells like BAKED BEANS!!!! I HATE Baked Beans!!!!" Otto knew that nothing much could help the Boom Vets now; the Network Noobs were almost at the Finish Line. Darwin was eating a bunch of bananas; and after finishing them says: "You know Marlene; you ought to try eating these sometime, they are FULL of Potassium!" And Darwin throws the peels as confetti. The peels hit the track, the Network Noobs immediately see this! They scream in panic, hitting the peels and spin out, mere inches away from the finish line! The Boom Vets quickly cross the Finish Line and win the race! Patrick shouts: "NO!!!!" Otto mocks: "You FOOLS! Nothing can stop the OTTO!!!!" But the Fanboy moves so fast, Susie can't stop it before the car SLAMS right into a wall, with Norbert getting CRASHED face first right INTO it! Marlene meekly adds: "Nothing but a BRICK wall..." and Marlene nervously twitches at the sight of the crash.


Otto yells: "SUSIE!!!! What were you THINKING?!!!" Reggie calmly starts: "Uh, Otto--" than Reggie madly says: "YOU DID THAT!!!!" Otto gets frustrated and shouts: "ENOUGH of what I DON'T want to HEAR already!" Otto starts to fume: "I would be so MAD about this--" than triumphantly shouts: "If our team DIDN'T still have a chance of WINNING IMMUNITY!" Sniz exclaims: "And the Boom Vets have managed to pull their metaphorical fat out of the fire, and get a challenge win! No thanks to Ren AND/or TREEFLOWER!" Treeflower shouts: "And just what was THAT comment supposed to mean?!" Otto angrily answers: "Who cares?! At least YOUR butt is still safe...for the moment! Isn't that right, Susie?" Susie answers: "You know what, Otto? You are absolutely right!" (Confessional) Otto says: "Sure, I know Susie Carmichael can't be like Angelica Pickles. But since there's no point in me wishing for what could've been when it's simply not possible, I kind of have to take what I can get right now. Besides, Susie Carmichael IS sort of hot when she gets her burning passion face on!" / Susie says: "And just like that, my visibility has shot WAY up and has put me right back into contention for a lot of money! You could say that I AM the whole package; brains, beauty, and a whole lot of unstoppable moves!" (End Confessional) Rancid, Larry, and Pearl scowl at Darwin. Larry yells: "Some fine example of evolution YOU are! You cost us the race!" Marlene says: "Well, he's got you there, Darwin. Throwing banana peels isn't the same as throwing confetti; there ARE consequences!" Darwin nervously says: "Uh-oh."


Sniz says: "And of course, this means that Fondue and I NOW have to come up with a new tie-breaker challenge. And here I was, hoping to have the night off. Instead, gather up some firewood of the 'Bon' variety, and we'll be right back after some important messages!" (Commercial Break) / This episode will be finished up in my next literary post. B) Enough said, for now! ;)

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"American Spray-Paint" (Continued.) / In a medical tent near the campfire, Fondue is looking over a HEAVILY bandaged Norbert. Fondue says: "I don't think there has EVER been a time when you've gotten more injuries than THIS! Your tail is broken, we had to put a face brace on your mouth, 85% of your bones are fractured, and there's a slight possibility that you have brain damage! Other than that, you're still okay to play, as long as you DON'T get hit anymore!" Norbert, now speaking muffled because of the face brace on his mouth, says: "Getting hurt, now that's the LAST thing that I want to have happen to ME!" Norbert limps out of the medical tent, and he quickly bumps into Marlene! Marlene charmingly says: "Hello, my dearest team-mate Norbert! How has YOUR day been, my fine and handsome beaver?" Norbert, exclaiming as loud as he can, answers: "MY day?! I'll tell you how MY day's been: Awful, Terrible, Horrible; it's been the WORST DAY EVER!!!! I've been banged up, bashed up, smashed up, crashed up; it's RIDICULOUS!!!!" Marlene can't help staring at the face brace over Norbert's mouth and says: "Norbert, you've got something on your face." Norbert, trying to yell with difficulty, exclaims: "I know I have! It's keeping my upper lip stiff! Fondue says to keep it stiff, so I'm KEEPING it stiff!" Marlene says: "Wow, and I thought DAGGETT had problems!" (Confessional) Marlene says: "The pain that Norbert has gone through today, I would NOT wish on anyone, except MAYBE Treeflower. If I had known he was going to get THIS badly hurt, I would have NEVER pretended to flirt with him! But if it helps to get Treeflower eliminated, it will be WORTH it!" (End Confessional)


The contestants are going off to collect firewood in the forest for the bonfire, and Patrick is seen walking alone, still disappointed by the results of the last part of the challenge. He then hears a familiar, menacing whisper; General Barracuda whispers: "Hey, pinkie! I need to talk to you!" Patrick groans, walks over and says: "What do you want NOW?" General Barracuda shouts: "I wanted YOU to make sure your team WON the challenge! You were NO help at ALL in getting your team the WIN!" Patrick says: "I made the other team's car ugly!" General Barracuda scoffs: "Big whoop; you're not THINKING like a villain!" Patrick says: "But I don't WANT to be a villain!" General Barracuda yells: "You will be WHATEVER I WANT YOU to BE! Especially, if you want to make sure your girlfriend's safety DOESN'T become threatened! Now, make sure your team WINS the tie-breaker, and maybe I'll overlook your SUPPOSED incompetence!" Patrick sighs in defeat and says: "Yes, Mr. T." Patrick walks away, and General Barracuda says to himself: "What a stupid excuse for a goody two shoes moron. How does he expect me to eventually make HIM look bad if he doesn't COOPERATE?!!!" A handsome voice from a familiar lobster, namely Larry, says: "Considering how nobody else has caught ON to the fact that you're trying to use Patrick, I'd say your doing a FANTASTIC job!" General Barracuda gives out a startled scream and shouts: "You KNEW?!" Larry looks around and says: "Uh, DUH!!!!"


(Confessional) Larry says: "Of COURSE I knew that Patrick acting strange and sabotaging the other TEAM could ONLY be the plan of General Barracuda. After all, I've had entanglements with the deranged psycho to, lest anyone should FORGET that important fact. And why General Barracuda is trying to work with Patrick and NOT me is beyond me!" (End Confessional) Larry says: "It seems like trying to work with Patrick is giving you no end of grief." General Barracuda says: "And what's it to YOU that I'm trying to use Patrick?" Larry says: "Nothing, personally. I don't care either way what you try to do with him, but I think that you SHOULD know that Patrick would NEVER willingly betray his friends consciously! You can't control him forever, dumb as he is; he will find a way to break your control." General Barracuda says: "I don't NEED to control him forever, just long enough to make him LOOK bad and get revenge on all those STUPID heroes!" Larry says: "Why don't you save yourself a LOT of trouble and just let ME sabotage the heroes?" General Barracuda says: "Don't tell me what to do, I've got my OWN ideas!" Larry says: "All right, learn your lesson the HARD way!" (Confessional) Larry says: "He will come around to me, it's only a matter of time." (End Confessional) The contestants are walking back to the Bonfire area, with Ren holding NINE pieces of firewood and walking close to Sandy. Ren asks: "Sandy, do you think my devotion to Stimpy is paying off?" Sandy answers: "Well, I reckon that Stimpy IS noticing it; just don't overdo it and cause more damage than what you're trying to repair. Friendship is a VERY valuable thing, and you don't want it to go to waste." Ren replies: "I sure don't, Sandy! I certainly don't!" /


The contestants arrive back at the Bonfire area, only to find that there already IS a Bonfire burning with plenty of firewood piled for the evening inferno. Larry asks: "Sniz, why did you have us go collect firewood if you already had a supply of it ready to go?" Sniz answers: "I needed some time to get my nails filed. My hands can't exactly manicure themselves, you know. And now, it is time to find out what the tie-breaker challenge is! Since we're doing an American Retro Movie Theme, what could be MORE Retro than doing an old-fashioned Bonfire Dance-Off?! Both teams will decide which contestant THEY want to represent them in the Dance-Off! Choose carefully, because the losing team will have to eliminate somebody tonight!" / Sandy says: "We can't afford to take any chances! We don't know everything about the Network Noobs OR what they're capable of! So we have to pick someone good at dancing if we want to win tonight!" Treeflower gets a SLY look on her face, and with VERY false sincerity says: "Pick ME for the challenge! I'll make SURE we win!" Reggie says: "Forget it, girl! You AND your boyfriend are in NO emotional and/or physical condition to compete in this challenge!" Susie and Otto simultaneously say: "You said it! Hey! You just said what I said at the exact same time!" Susie says: "Jinx! You owe me a soda!" Otto snaps his fingers and says: "Darn it!" Rocko asks: "Do you think we'll have to do a specific theme? Like dancing EXACTLY like a Retro American would? Because I don't think I can dance like that. Retro Americans dance differently than people from Austrailia." Haggis replies: "Don't worry about it! Maybe you'll invent the Kangaroo Bop!" Rocko rolls his eyes and says: "I'm a WALLABY, mate!" Haggis says: "Same Marsupial difference!"


(Confessional) Rocko says: "All right, you know how Haggis gets upset when anyone mistakes his kilt for a dress? Well, I sometimes get upset when there are those who mistake MY Wallaby heritage for that of a Kangaroo. Or even worse and oddly enough, sometimes a BEAVER! I look NOTHING like Norbert OR Daggett!" / Haggis says: "Some guys can get SO sore over nothing! I'm from Scotland! How am I supposed to know what the difference is between a Wallaby and a Kangaroo?! That's not knowledge that I need for everyday life in Scotland!" (End Confessional) Ren suddenly gets an idea and says: "I'll volunteer for Stimpy--I mean us! I've got some really great dance skills that I've been saving for Stimpy--I mean, for just such an occassion that will REALLY blow your MINDS! Metaphorically speaking, of course!" Spongebob says: "That sounds really interesting to me! I'm all for it!" Ren says: "It's settled, then! As long as you ALL say my name nine times!" The Boom Vets all sigh in frustration and chant: "Ren, Ren, Ren, Ren..."/ (Confessional) Spongebob says: "At this point, I don't know what's weirder; Ren's strange devotion to Stimpy, or his equally odd nine obsession." / Ren says: "All I've got to do is dazzle Stimpy with an impressive display, and he will be back to being my best friend again! It can't POSSIBLY fail!" (End Confessional) Larry says: "It's decision time! Obviously, Skipper, Rancid Rabbit, Dog, AND Patrick aren't going to be good choices; so that leaves four LESSER choices and one OBVIOUS Crustacean to pick for tonight's dance!" Gerald says: "Just because you're considered attractive to girls, that doesn't automatically mean we're just going to pick YOU, Mr. Conceited!" And Larry growls angrily! /


(Confessional) Larry says: "Seriously, if MY team loses tonight, Gerald is going to find his sorry butt going HOME! / Darwin says: "It looks like I don't have to worry anymore; I'm no longer the number one target! Still, I wouldn't want to be Gerald right now! / Gerald says: "Larry would NEVER be able to eliminate ME; he doesn't have the votes OR the charisma to pull it off!" / Dog says: "I'm a good mechanic, but apparently, I'm not considered a good dancer." / Patrick says: "Since Larry has already nixed the idea of me dancing, it looks like I'll have to sabotage my OLD team again if I don't want General Barracuda to HURT any of them!" / Pearl says: "I perfectly know the reason Larry doesn't want MY boyfriend to dance; he doesn't want to be shown up by ANYBODY he considers to be beneath him! Of course, now that I think about it, that could pretty much be anybody AND everybody!" (End Confessional) Rhonda says: "Hold on! If ANYBODY is going to win THIS challenge, it's going to be me! I'm the QUEEN of the Dancing Scene in New York City!" Gerald says: "I didn't know they were awarding people who just did LINE Dancing!" Rhonda scoffs at Gerald and says: "Grow up! I'm the living end all, be all, when it comes to Dancing! You want to know what my nickname was in my Dancing Course?!" Rancid rheotorically answers: "Either Rhonda the Whiner or Help Me, Rhonda!" Rhonda scoffs at Rancid and angrilly replies: "No! I wasn't just Rhonda, I was LaRocker!" (Confessional) Craig Mammalton says: "THAT...has got to be the WEIRDEST thing I have EVER heard anybody else say! Where does 'LaRocker' even fit into context?! Talking about tans and friendship bracelets is MUCH easier!" (End Confessional) /


Ren Hoek and Rhonda Lloyld walk up to the area around the Bonfire, and Sniz announces: "Okay, teams! You've both made your decisions as to who you want as your representative dancer, now it's time to find out what you need to do in order to win this challenge! You will each come up with your OWN dance routine and you will BOTH be dancing for MY personal enjoyment, and whoever I feel ends up dancing the best, will be the WINNER!" Rhonda asks Ren: "Are you feeling SCARED to be facing off against me?!" Ren sarcarstically answers: "Unless you just came from winning a muscle-building contest--which I highly doubt--then I seriously have to say that I am NOT threatened by you." (Confessional) Dog says: "I hate to admit it, but Ren has a point. Rhonda doesn't exactly come off as being a threatening player." / Rhonda says: "Ren did NOT just call me a non-threatening player! It is SO on now!" (End Confessional) Sniz pops in a rocking music CD; Ren and Rhonda begin to start their different dances while a FAMILIAR song begins playing! A random voice on the CD says, and then sings: "All right, you inverte-brats! I'm going to teach YOU how to do THE SPONGE! Well if you take your leg, and you stick it in the air, and then you take the other one and jam it right up there, and twist yourself around and give a great big lunge, now you're doing, now you're doing The Sponge! Oh yeah, I said The Sponge-Sponge, uh do The Sponge! Before you know, you're taking the plunge-plunge! I said The Sponge-Sponge, uh do The Sponge! Bet your buns you're doing The Sponge!" And while the song is going on, the contestants notice that Ren is doing an AWESOME job of dancing by doing the Moonwalk routine originally pioneered by Michael Jackson, while Rhonda is just doing a lot of RANDOM movements that DON'T look like dancing, and only Gerald seems to be enjoying it.


(Confessional) Craig Mammalton says: "That LaRocker thing that I said earlier, that wasn't going to fit into context? She's not LaRocker, she's not even Rhonda! More like, La-BOMB-ba!" / Pearl says: "Prima Balleri--NO!!!!" / Gerald says: "Two words: FUN-KEY!!!! What? I liked it!" (End Confessional) The rocking song on the CD continues: "Well if you take your leg, and you stick it in the air, and then you take the other one, and you jam it right up there, and twist yourself around and give a great big LUNGE, now you're doing, now you're doing The Sponge! Oh yeah, I said The Sponge-Sponge, uh do The Sponge! Before you know, you're taking the plunge-plunge! I said The Sponge-Sponge, uh do The Sponge! Bet your buns you're doing The Sponge! Bet your buns you're doing The Sponge! Oh yeah, now you're doing The Sponge!" Patrick looks carefully at Ren's dancing, and looking at a small, wooden stick he's holding in his hands, he whispers to himself: "I guess it's now or NEVER!!!!" And Patrick TOSSES the wooden stick to RIGHT behind where Ren is dancing; Ren doesn't see the stick as he slides backwards, and he TRIPS and screams: "AHHH!!!!" And as he falls, his feet kicks UP the stick OFF the ground; and it flies through the air, hitting Norbert SQUARE in the face one more TIME!!!! Norbert cries in extreme pain: "UGHHHH!!!!" Ren, having fallen flat on the ground and unable to get himself up, can only move his arms back and forth, PATHETICALLY!!!! Sniz asks: "Ren, what do you think you are DOING?" Ren answers: "This is MY dance; I call it being INTERPRETIVE!" Otto says: "Well, I call it SUCKING!!" Stimpy exclaims: "Would you be QUIET?!!! I've completely ignored Ren all day today, and now he's completely lost the will to go on!" Otto says: "You're giving yourself WAY too much credit! If he already had THAT many nuts and bolts loose, then you couldn't have POSSIBLY loosened anymore." (Confessional)


Stimpy says: "I might have said this before, but I really DO like Ren, a lot. He's the first friend I have EVER had, and I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for his help. And if I turn my back on him now, when he needs me the most, what kind of a friend would I be? I owe it to Ren to BE his best friend; through the good times AND even the not-so-good times!" Stinky says: "You sure are a nice cat guy, dad!" Stimpy replies: "Normally, I'm completely modest, but yes. I DO admit that I'm a very nice cat guy!" (End Confessional)


Sniz says: "I CAN'T believe I'm saying this; but Network Noobs, you have won today's challenge! Tonight, you get to celebrate your victory via Beach Bonfire Blowout Bonanza!" Patrick looks forlorn over what he has caused, until General Barracuda calls to him from the darkness of the shadows, and the dreaded General says: "Well done, Patrick! You managed to redeem yourself! You REALLY are such a terrible, awful, EVIL sea star to all your so-called 'FRIENDS'!!!!" Patrick shouts: "I'm NOT an EVIL sea star, I'm a GOOD sea star!" General Barracuda violently GRABS Patrick around the neck, and threatens to strangle the LIFE out of him! General Barracuda angrily yells: "You BETTER understand THIS, fool! You're GOING to be EVIL as long as I WANT you to be EVIL, or your GIRLFRIEND is GOING to meet a VERY untimely demise that will be ENTIRELY 'your' own FAULT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!!" Patrick, purple in the face from breathlessness, struggles to whisper: "Crystal clear, sir!" General Barracuda calms down and releases Patrick from his grip. The satisfied General says: "That's all I needed to hear!" (Confessional) General Barracuda says: "I don't know WHAT Larry was talking about! All you have to do to control somebody is to look them square in the eye and let them know WHO'S the boss! It's the great secret to MY great military success!" / Patrick says: "I won't tell General Barracuda this, but as long as I live, he will NEVER be MY General!" (End Confessional) Sniz begins to say: "Boom Vets, if you would just follow me to the Elimination Ceremony stage--." And Fondue whispers into Sniz's ear, causing Sniz to say: "He got hit with WHAT?!!! That many times?! He DID?! That's not good!" And as Fondue steps away, Sniz crosses his arms and seriously speaks: "Apparently, there will be NO need for you to vote someone off. I just learned that Norbert's physical condition has become VERY compromised!"


Treeflower asks: "What exactly does THAT mean?" Sniz answers: "It means that Norbert has been too badly hurt by the various and unfortunate incidents that happened to him today to continue on in this competition. So it is for his own good and personal safety that we will have to remove him from the show!" Marlene yells: "You're crazy! Why can't you just let the Fairy Godparents poof him back to good health or something?!" Sniz answers: "Sorry, but that's against our rules. And the rules CLEARLY state that any injury that befalls a contestant that is NOT the fault of one of our Fairy Godparents, must be healed through COMPLETELY natural means! Hate to break it to you, but that's the way the cookie crumbles." And Fondue wheels the badly bandaged and bruised Norbert on a gurney, to a waiting ambulance van. Norbert weakly whispers: "Sorry for the inconvenience, Treeflower. I hope you can handle the rest of the game on your own!" And Norbert gets loaded into the van, and Fondue drives away with him! Treeflower fumes over the unexpected development, and glares angrily at Marlene. Treeflower says: "Marlene, so help me, I'll see you eliminated YET!!!!" Marlene can only merely say: "Oh, boy!" (Confessional) Marlene says: "I can't believe this! I just DON'T believe this! Not only did my plan NOT work; it completely backfired! Why did this happen to ME?! What have I EVER done?! I mean, is it a SIN to be TOO beautiful?! That Treeflower Fields; I can't STAND her!!!!" (End Confessional) / Sniz says: "That's it for our episode today! And it's about time, to! Tune in next time for another great episode of, Total Cartoon Action!" /


Episode Notes: This episode marks the first time that a contestant (in this case, Norbert) has been eliminated via a medical evacuation (and Doug Funny doesn't count because he STILL had to be voted off before being eliminated.) Featured songs in this episode: "Maxwell's Silver Hammer; Do-Re-Mi;" and "Do the Sponge!" That's it for "American Spray-Paint!" :)  Enough said, true believers! ;)

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It might have taken WAY more many delays and writing tweaks than I wanted it to; but at long last, here is a brand new episode of "Total Cartoon Action!" / "SPONGETRON Legacies" Sniz is in the Control Panel Room and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Action, things got retro, REALLY retro, because we did a Retro-American movie theme! Ren was DESPERATE to get the attention of Stimpy again, Marlene was DESPERATE to get Treeflower out of the game, Larry was DESPERATE to get Sandy to partner up with him, Patrick was DESPERATE to get his team the win, and Norbert was just DESPERATE to stop getting hurt so often! In the course of the last episode's events; Ren succeeded in getting his best buddy back, Marlene's plan of getting rid of Treeflower BACKFIRED spectacularly, Larry FAILED to get Sandy's help and instead decided to plan her eventual elimination, Patrick got his team the win, even though, it might have a been a bigger personal moral problem than he would have wanted, and finally, Norbert McHandsome, lead star of The Angry Beavers, ended up getting hurt SO much, we had to eliminate him via medical evacuation for his own personal safety.


Now our remaining contestants are about to embark on a NEW frontier; the virtual playground seen on Nick Arcade, is about to surprise them like NEVER before, and the virtual playground will even contain surprises that DON'T come from virtual reality at all; but from ACTUAL reality instead! Prepare to be both VIRTUALLY and ACTUALLY entertained in our thrilling new episode of, Total Cartoon Action! (Instead of the normal opening theme, clips of all the different characters doing random, different things, pass by in many different directions as TV screen squares against a black blackground, and Journey's 1983 hit song, "Seperate Ways", plays while the unique episode intro plays.) "Here we stand, Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, two. Sleepless nights, losing ground I'm reachin' for you, you, you. Feelin' that it's gone can change your mind. If we can't go on, to survive the tide, love divides. Someday love will find you, break those chains that bind you. One night will remind you how we touched and went our Separate Ways. If he ever hurts you, true love won't desert you. You know I still love you though we touched and went our Separate Ways. Troubled times caught between confusion and pain, pain, pain. Distant eyes, promises we made were in vain, in vain, in vain. If you must go, I wish you love. You'll never walk alone, take care my love, miss you love. Someday love will find you, break those chains that bind you. One night will remind you how we touched and went our Separate Ways. If he ever hurts you, true love won't desert you. You know I still love you though we touched and went our Separate Ways! (Guitar Solo) No, someday love will find you, break those chains that bind you! One night will remind you...If he ever hurts you, true love won't desert you. You know I still love you...I still love you, girl. I really love you, girl. And if he ever hurts you, true love won't desert you. You know I still love you...No...no!!!!" (Song and intro ends.) /


The show opens up with Stimpy still sleeping peacefully in his bed. He turns over and opens his eyes, only to see Ren happily staring at him right NEXT to him! This SHOCKS Stimpy so much, he bursts out screaming: "AHHH!!!!" And he falls out of bed! Ren hops down from bed and says: "Morning, sleepy-head! Did you have a good sleep, dear friend?!" Stimpy, in an unusually annoyed matter, says: "Well, I WAS, until you pulled 'The Godfather' on me and creeped me OUT for no good reason!" Ren asks: "How could ME being right next to you POSSIBLY creep you out?! We did that ALL the time on our OWN, old show!" Stimpy angrily says: "That was for the SHOW! This ISN'T our show! And the sooner you come to realize that, the more accepting I'll be of your friendship!" Ren gets startled and says: "Come on! I didn't mean anything by it! I thought you were missing out on Lil's snuggling with you! I was just standing in for her! I thought it would MEAN something to you!" Stimpy, clearly irate by this point, wakes up everyone in his trailer by yelling: "You mean it would MEAN something to YOU! Do you think my son and I WANT to sleep with you in a...SIN TRAILER?!!!" Stimpy reaches into his left ear and pulls out a ten cent ring. Stimpy yells: "Take this piece of friendship ring TIN back and STOP STALKING me!!!!" And Stimpy runs out of the trailer, with Ren futily shouting: "Stimpy, you can't just WALK off of a movie set!" But Stimpy clearly doesn't hear him, as he continues running full throttle to the showers! Marlene just stares in stunned silence and asks: "Ren, what on Earth was THAT all about?!" Ren dejectedly says: "I think I might have just BLOWN UP my last chance of having Stimpy be friends with me!"


(Confessional) Ren slaps himself in the head THREE times and says: "Stupid, STUPID, STUPID!!!! How could I be so THICK?!!! Why would Stimpy choose to be with ME?! He's NEVER going to come back to me as long as he's got his mind set on Lil! I feel like such an IDIOT!" / Stimpy is toweling off from his stint in the shower and angrily says: "I have NEVER been so furious with Ren in my WHOLE entire LIFE!!!! What was he TRYING to DO with ME?! I don't CARE if we MIGHT have done some kind of unwholesome stuff in our OLD series; that's NOT how I behave in REAL LIFE! Ren needs to get a check-up from the neck-up and STOP confusing a SCRIPTED TV show with REALITY!" Stinky comes out of his ear and confidantly says: "You SAID it!" / General Barracuda is stroking his chin and says: "What a DELICIOUS turn of events! Stimpy is SPURNING Ren's OBVIOUS attempts at LOVE for him, and I didn't even have to THREATEN someone's life for Stimpy to do it! This could be VERY beneficial to me! I can't wait to have PATRICK RUIN Ren's already miserable life even more! First, I'll CRUSH Ren's spirit, then I'll crush his soul, then I'll crush Ren's feeble body COMPLETELY! After he gets ELIMINATED, of course!" (End Confessional) The two teams walk into the cafeteria, only to find that the Fairy Godparents have changed it into a HIGH-TECH virtual wonderland, with lots of electronic beeping and bopping going around. Treeflower asks: "What's going on HERE?! An IRRITATED beaver with a VERY understandable chip on her shoulder who is SO GOING to eliminate a certain someone the FIRST chance she gets wants to know right NOW!" And this makes Marlene very nervous! (Confessional) Marlene says: "I knew Treeflower was going to be sore about Norbert's elimination, but I didn't think she could be THIS mad at me! This is SO bad! I need to come up with a way to get Treeflower's wrath off of ME! But HOW am I going to do THAT?!" (End Confessional)


Sniz zooms in, wearing a jetpack, helmet, and green-tinted goggles. He hovers down gently, and says: "I'm very happy to answer that question. This just happens to be a VIRTUAL Wonderland! Objects, objects everywhere but not a physical thing to touch; yet!" Craig Mammalton asks: "What's the set-up THIS time, Sniz?" Fondue steps in and answers: "We're doing movies based on video games! Our superiors at Nickelodeon wanted us to make good on our promise to use the Nick Arcade set for a challenge and this was our first opportunity to do so!" Rhonda asks: "Excuse me, but aren't movies based on video games a dime a dozen? Because I wouldn't pay ten cents to watch one of THOSE awful movies!" Sniz sternly retorts: "Well, for YOUR information, there were TWO movies based on video games that were very NOT awful, and they happened to STAR yours truly!" Then without any prompting from anyone, Sniz says: "Why, yes. I would LOVE to re-enact one of my scenes from one of my movies! / Take heart, my friends! The road to victory is filled with pits and perils! But I'll stand fast and make sure that this virtual world of gaming remains safe for EVERYONE to play! We will show EVERYONE that it's not BADminton, it's GOODminton! Heck, it's GREATMINTON! Now get out there, and win one for the CLIPPER!!!!" / And the speech is so incredible, Sandy Cheeks, Haggis, Susie, Otto, Skipper, Patrick, Pearl, Craig, and Gerald can't help but applaud Sniz's acting! (Confessional) Fondue cries and says: "That movie speech was one for the record books! Why couldn't they just give my bro a break and give him an Oscar?! He deserved it MORE than Russell Crowe!" (End Confessional) Patrick is still clapping over Sniz's speech until he hears the voice that he's LEARNED to dread! General Barracuda hisses: "Pinky! We need to go over our SCHEMES for today!" Patrick walks over to where the oxygen breathing fish is hiding and asks: "What diabolic deed do I HAVE to do NOW?! I mean, when will it STOP?!"


General Barracuda confidantly answers: "Oh, just as soon as I get everyone to HATE you and turn you into the glorified idiot that EVERYONE hates because of the way he acts!" Patrick defiantly says: "NEVER!!!!" General Barracuda non-chalantly asks: "Oh, really? Because I happen to be ONE of the writers; uncredited of course; for the show YOU are on! I'm the one who makes you do ALL the things that are OUT of character for Patrick Star to do! I'm talking about making YOU act like a JERK and doing OTHER ludicrous things that most fans find APALLING! Those types of episodes are ALREADY damaging enough, but I can come up with SO MUCH worse ideas if you decide to...go against me!" Patrick's lips briefly tremble, then he angrily says: "I don't CARE!!!!" And in a fit of rage, he smashes and bashes a lot of the excess props laying around the room! Patrick defiantly says: "You can DO what you WANT to ME! I won't be a part of YOUR evil any longer!" General Barracuda looks at him with an unconcerned face and says: "Oh, Patrick! There are OTHER ways for me to FORCE you into DOING my bidding! For instance, would you LIKE to hear the truth about WHAT happened to Pearl's Mother?!!!" Patrick snaps back to being concerned and asks: "What do YOU mean by THAT?!" General Barracuda answers: "I happen to know what fate ultimately HELD for her! Would you LIKE to know?!" Patrick covers his non-existant ears and says: "Don't tell me what YOU did to her!" General Barracuda angrily yells: "Oh, why you LITTLE--!!!!" Then he quickly calms down and says: "I can confidantly assure you, I had NOTHING to do with it! But, suppose for an instant, what if I were to tell Pearl the TRUTH about what HAPPENED to her Mother?! Do you think her teenage MIND could handle the AWFUL TRUTH?!!!" Patrick says: "That's DESPICABLE! Even for YOU!"


General Barracuda chuckles and says: "Thank you. That IS a particularly TRAGIC tale! I'd BOTHER to tell YOU the details, but you WON'T live long enough to care!" And with mock innocence and sadness, asks: "Now, you wouldn't want WORD of this to leak out to POOR, INNOCENT Pearl, would you?!" Patrick says: "I wouldn't let you! I'd tell her myself, first!" General Barracuda defiantly says: "FINE! You'll GET to hear your little STORY! But don't say I DIDN'T warn you! (Flashbacks) 15.5 years ago, a whale mother and her baby daughter were frantically swimming away from a band of ruthless shark cannibals, who were trying to hunt down and eat the mother and daughter. But although she was taking care to look BEHIND her, she SHOULD have looked ABOVE her! An unidentified, illegal whaling vessel, far beyond the boundaries of where it SHOULD have been, was eyeing for a prize! A prize they found in Pearl's Mother! All it took was one well-placed javelin whaling hook shot and...(Pauses for dramatic effort and slams his hands together)...WHAM!!!! No more Pearl's Mother! I'm afraid she was killed instantly! The sharks, seeing the carnage, took off in a panic, never to be seen again. Pearl SURELY would've perished that day if Mr. Krabs hadn't have been in the vacinity! Mr. Krabs, seeing that Pearl had become recently opened, proved that there was one thing he DID care for more than money. When Mr. Krabs saw Pearl all alone without anything to comfort her, it reminded him of how he used to live; without money, and without proper resources. Mr. Krabs couldn't leave Pearl out there alone, so he decided to take her, and raise her as his own. (Flashback Ends) 15.5 years have passed since then, and Pearl has YET to question why her 'father' happens to be a crustacean." Patrick asks: "And you expect me to believe THAT?! I can be dumb SOMETIMES, but how STUPID do you think I AM?!"


General Barracuda rhetorically answers: "You don't really want me to ANSWER that one, do you? I don't care what you believe; I've told you the truth as I know it. Truthfully, I don't KNOW how Pearl would react. MAYBE she'd take it well; I'm betting she probably WON'T; either way, she's NEVER going to KNOW about it if I can help it, because YOU'RE going to keep it a secret! After all, you wouldn't want any of your FRIENDS to get hurt from it! I have many instruments of torture that I've been DYING to use!" Patrick asks: "Would either of those instruments be mayonnaise and horseradish?" General Barracuda gets completely flabbergasted and exclaims: "You ACTUALLY THINK that mayonnaise and horseradish are INSTRUMENTS?!" General Barracuda slaps himself in the head and mockingly laughs as he says: "Oh, all this time, I thought your stupidity was just an ACT! Congratulations! You've done it! You convinced me that YOU are genuinely stupid!" Patrick asks: "You're mocking me, aren't you?!" General Barracuda mock claps and says: "The idiot is on FIRE today! It's no WONDER I've been having such a difficult time trying to deal with you! What Pearl sees in YOU, I have no clue. And quite frankly, I could CARE less! You've been MORE trouble to me than what my plan is worth, one way or the other, but your resistance ends NOW!!!!" General Barracuda rushes to an unsmashed box and opens it, showing something Patrick thought he would NEVER see again! General Barracuda threatenly asks: "Do you recognize THIS?!!!" Patrick shouts: "NOOO!!!! Not the brain coral that is shaped like my head! That's the one time where I acted the WORST to my friends! You WOULDN'T!!!!"


General Barracuda angrily answers: "You BET that I would! I'm GOING to replace your DEFIANT, idiot head, and replace it with an INTELLIGENT, brainy head, so YOU will be a USEFUL, but HARMLESS slave to me!" Patrick is begging at this point and pleads: "Not again! Don't make me RELIVE my HORRIBLE time as a GENIUS! I can't TAKE it!" General Barracuda takes off the TOP of Patrick's head, leaving his eyes and mouth intact and says: "Relax! You will see things MY way SOON ENOUGH!!!!" And as General Barracuda angrily slams the brain coral on top of Patrick's head, all Patrick can do with the last bit of his NORMAL consciousness is scream: "No! NO!!!!" ..... In a far off section of the Virtual Playground, Sandy Cheeks suddenly stops with apprehension. Spongebob asks her: "Sandy, what on Earth is the matter?" Sandy answers: "I just felt a GREAT disturbance in the force...of all the energy going on around here. It felt as if one, dumb, but kind at heart soul was screaming his heart out in terror--and was suddenly silenced. I'm worried that something truly AWFUL may have happened to Patrick!" Spongebob worringly looks at her and says: "I hope for once, that you're wrong! I SURE hope for once you are WRONG!..." / To Be Continued...in another post! Enough said, for now!

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You know, I'll be honest. You got a good thing going here. But as people mentioned 4 years ago, that wall of text is driving me (as well as others) away from reading this. If you could try spacing out your paragraphs, that'd honestly work out better for this show imo. For example, possibly write down one scene in one paragraph, another scene, another paragraph, etc. I see you are somewhat doing this, but again, try spacing out your scenes to one paragraph.


Another nitpick is that I see you post only a part of the episode and then take months and months to write the rest of it. Why not just write the entire episode beforehand before posting? That way people don't have to wait for months just to read the rest. It'd also be better for episodes to get reviewed more often, as people would be able to read it all and remember it all for a period of time. The way you're posting them right now, people are more likely to forget what they read before.


Overall, I like what you have here, but I'm just making some suggestions to make the overall reading experience better for me and for others. :)

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You know, I'll be honest. You got a good thing going here. But as people mentioned 4 years ago, that wall of text is driving me (as well as others) away from reading this. If you could try spacing out your paragraphs, that'd honestly work out better for this show imo. For example, possibly write down one scene in one paragraph, another scene, another paragraph, etc. I see you are somewhat doing this, but again, try spacing out your scenes to one paragraph.


Another nitpick is that I see you post only a part of the episode and then take months and months to write the rest of it. Why not just write the entire episode beforehand before posting? That way people don't have to wait for months just to read the rest. It'd also be better for episodes to get reviewed more often, as people would be able to read it all and remember it all for a period of time. The way you're posting them right now, people are more likely to forget what they read before.


Overall, I like what you have here, but I'm just making some suggestions to make the overall reading experience better for me and for others. :)

I'm sorry that I post my episodes the way I do. I have the episode ideas all in my head, it's just that taking the time and effort to put it down into writing isn't as easy for me as I would like it to be.  :( My schedule has become very hectic recently, and I can only do so much in the span of one day. The way I see it, getting part of an episode down is better than not getting it down at all. I will try to make my postings more frequent; it's just that the LAST episode, "American Spray-Paint," turned out to be what I would call "The Episode From HELL!!!!" :rolleyes: It took me FOREVER to get the episode written in a way that I liked, in no small part due to the fact that I have to juggle writing for what is now currently 22 different contestants, as well as a host, a co-host, my own fan character named General Barracuda, as well as a few other surprises that I have in store. :o I will expect that the more I whittle the number of contestants down, the easier it will be for me to write for the remainder of them. Just have a little patience. ^_^ Enough said! ;)

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This is the SECOND part of "SPONGETRON Legacies"! / The two teams are still exploring the Virtual Playground created by the Fairy Godparents for the upcoming challenge that they have to do. Craig asks: "Isn't this exciting, Larry?! We're going to get to play in a cyber wonderland full of computer graphic images! It's the great dream of ALL people who watch George Lucas and Steven Spielberg movies!" Larry answers: "I suppose it IS a dream come true for a good number of mammals, but let's not forget the REAL dream that needs to be achieved; the winning of $500,000 in cold, hard, cash!!!!" Sniz stops the teams from walking and says: "I'm glad you brought that up, Larry! There has a been a little discussion at Nickelodeon over how much cash we're offering. The executives wanted us to do...a little something more. So, to THAT end, we've DECIDED to UP the amount for first place to $1.5 Million in cold, hard, cash; $1 million for 2nd place, and $500,000 for 3rd place!" Rancid suspiciously asks: "All right, who are you, and what have you done with Sniz?!" An unfazed Sniz answers: "My dear, green rabbit, I assure you that I'm quite fine." Gerald says: "Well, he DOES kind of have a point. Is this part of some publicity stunt, or are you doing this for ratings?" Sniz answers: "I can confidantly let you know that it is NEITHER of the two. Truth be told, it wasn't even OUR idea! The change in the prize money we're offering was spurred by...something else." Dog asks: "What was it spurred by, exactly?" Sniz doesn't directly answer and says: "You'll see by the end of the episode!"


(Confessional) Dog says: "I hate it when Sniz won't tell us what his reason is for making this change! I want to know what the reason is right NOW!" / Larry strokes his chin and says: "So the prize money has been tripled; that suits me just fine! Even 2nd place and 3rd place don't walk away empty-handed. This could work out better than I ever DARED it could work!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Before I show you to the ACTUAL challenge room, there's one thing we've been working on; I MUST show you this! We created this in the Virtual Playground. It's Lickable Wall Paper for Nursery Walls! Lick an orange, it will TASTE like an orange; lick a pear and it will taste like a pear! Go on, it's just like "Ms. Pac-Man!" The contestants all stop to lick the glowing wall-paper, and are pleasantly SURPRISED by how fruity it tastes! Haggis says: "Wow! I got a Peach!" Rocko says: "Reggie, try this banana! It tastes so real!" Sniz says: "Try some more! The strawberries taste like strawberries; the SNOZZBERRIES taste like SNOZZBERRIES!" Rhonda incredulously asks: "SNOZZBERRY?! Whoever heard of a Snozzberry?!" Sniz grabs her head which is currently sticking her tongue out at him and answers: "What do you think Nickelodeon USES in order to make its green slime on television shows? THAT! Come along!" And the two teams continue to follow Sniz to their ultimate destination. Haggis says: "Something feels...weird about now! Don't you think there's something weird?" Reggie answers: "Now that you mention it, I HAVE noticed that Rocko seems to be scratching himself a lot lately!" Rocko, who's busy scratching himself on his smooth fur, says: "I can't seem to help it! This weird itch just started occuring, and it doesn't seem to be going away." Darwin says: "If Eliza were here, maybe SHE could help. She knows a LOT about taking care of animals." Haggis says: "Actually, I was trying to talk to my pal, Stimpy!"


(Confessional) Reggie and Rocko are in the Confessional together, with Rocko still scratching himself. Reggie says: "You know, if Haggis only wanted to TALK to Stimpy, he could have just said so instead of letting us THINK that he wanted to include US in the conversation!" Rocko says: "It's not ALL bad, Reggie. At least we're getting a well-needed Confessional out of the deal; otherwise our visibility in this episode would be almost non-existant." Reggie says: "Good point, Rocko. It IS valuable for us to get some visibility anyway we can." Rocko adds: "Preferably in a good way, of course!" (End Confessional) Stimpy says: "I don't really feel like talking right now!" Haggis asks: "Why? Is it because of Ren?" Stimpy looks around and sees that Ren isn't in sight and answers: "Yes. Ren has REALLY been acting crazy lately, and I can't understand why!" While Stimpy is talking and Haggis is listening, they BOTH fail to notice that Patrick, now being mind-controlled by General Barracuda, has walked into the vacinity. Stimpy continues: "When we had our show, we did a lot of crazy antics together. But I always thought that Ren KNEW that I was only ACTING!!!! I'm not STUPID in real life!" Haggis says: "I certainly never thought you WERE!" Stimpy says: "I thought Ren knew that, but by the way he's been acting lately, it's become very clear to me that he DOESN'T know that!" Stinky asks: "What are you going to do, Dad?"


Stimpy answers: "I have to talk to him. He needs to know that I LIKE him...as a friend. If he's a GOOD friend he will understand that!" Haggis asks: "Are you SURE you only like Ren as a friend? This isn't the 1990's anymore; it's now ILLEGAL for people to treat Ren Hoek the way that David Yost got treated when he got booted off Power Rangers, you don't HAVE to be afraid!" Stimpy says: "It's not LIKE that, okay? I can't FEEL the way Ren expects me to feel about him if I don't truly LOVE him that way!" And this gives the un-naturally smart Patrick an idea, an AWFUL idea; a wonderfully, HORRIBLE, AWFUL idea! (Confessional) Patrick SMARTPANTS says: "The Logical thing for me to do is to think about this piece of information and the ramifications it will have on Ren. However, seeing as how General Barricuda will hurt the people I care for if I don't do what he says; I must do the SMART thing and use this information to gain my way into Ren's inner circle. Also, I must not let ANYONE know of the change that has occurred to me this morning!" / General Barracuda says: "I love it when a plan comes together! Things are going to run MUCH more smoothly now that I've got Patrick FIRMLY where I WANT him! And just in case Patrick tries to get TOO smart; I can ALWAYS remind him there are PRECIOUS lives at stake!" (End Confessional) Ren has caught up with Sandy and Spongebob and says: "Sandy! I need more help!" Sandy asks: "What kind of help do you need, now?" Ren desperately says: "Damage control, stat! I made SUCH a bad mess out of things, Stimpy needs to know that I didn't MEAN it!"


Sandy says: "Look Ren, you can't expect others to ALWAYS fix your messes for you! If you REALLY care about Stimpy, you've got to let him know that fact yourself." Ren hysterically says: "I can't be expected to think of such a desperate solution on such short notice! You've GOT to help me brainstorm the answer!" Patrick arrives and says: "Perhaps all he needs is a little one on one." Spongebob asks: "Patrick, what's going on with you? We've hardly seen you since this morning!" The SMART Patrick says: "I can assure you that both my emotional AND mental well-being are at optimum efficiency!" Sandy suspiciously says: "Those are BIG words coming out of that mouth, words I've ONLY ever heard you say two times total, including THIS time!" Patrick says: "Nonsense, Sandra! I don't know WHERE you got the idea that I'm NOT the dolt you think I am. I mean, when does PATRICK ever come up with an idea?" (Confessional) Spongebob says: "The Patrick that I know, CAN come up with ideas! He would NEVER say that he couldn't! That 'FISHY' feeling I had back in the Jungle episode; I'm having it again! And I DON'T think that it's just a 'FISHY' coincidence!" (End Confessional) Ren says: "Oh, what good will it do NOW?!" Spongebob asks: "Ren, why would you ASK such a thing?" Ren finally breaks down and says: "I'm so obviously a HORRIBLE dog-man person-thing with schizophrenic mood swings who acts HORRIBLY to people who would be my friend and if Stimpy ever found out that I HAVEN'T been taking my medications for my mood swings, he would NEVER speak to me again!!!!" Sandy gets a stunned look and says: "Wow, Ren. Your mind goes to some PRETTY DARK PLACES!" Ren says: "I'm so weak! I KNOW that I SHOULD take my medication, but I've ALWAYS got to be so STUBBORN about it! I always STOP myself for taking it, even when I KNOW I should, because something in the back of my mind ALWAYS holds me back!"


Patrick says: "It's your affection for Stimpy, isn't it?" Ren stops crying and says: "Yes, how did you know?" Patrick says: "Carl Jung did ground-breaking research on personality types. It's okay to love Stimpy, but you're also being too over-protective of your affection for Stimpy." Ren says: "I know that I've come off as a little too clingy lately, but what does FEAR have to do with anything?" Patrick says: "EVERYTHING! Fear is the path to DARK things! Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, HATE...leads to suffering! There is a LOT of fear in you! The question you need to ask yourself, is whether you will CONTROL that fear, or let it control you." (Confessional) Sandy says: "On a scale of 1-10, that little insight goes COMPLETELY off the rails of what I'd expect from Patrick! I'm not saying that Patrick DOESN'T have the capacity for coming up with good ideas, but he seems to be MORE insightful! Is he trying to replace ME as the resident genius on the show? There is something clearly WRONG going on around here, and I intend to find out what it is!" (End Confessional) Sandy goes up to Larry, who is currently polishing his claws. Sandy asks: "All right, spill it! What have you done with Patrick?!" Larry asks: "Ex-SCUSE me?!" Sandy says: "Don't TRY to play dumb! Patrick's acting smart all of the sudden, and YOU'RE the one who has put him UP to it! Why are you DOING that?!" Larry instantly realizes that Patrick is under the influence of General BARRACUDA'S evil plan, but he thinks to himself: "I don't want her to know about the truth until it's too late. I'll just give her a little scare and put her into the palms of my CLAWS!"


Larry says out loud: "Oh, I GET it! Pick on the lobster just because he's BITTER about YOU choosing a scrawny WEAKLING over the sexy stud! EHHH, WRONG!!!!" Sandy gets scared and asks: "It ISN'T you?" Larry answers: "Sorry to BURST your angry bubble, but there are FAR worse things hiding than the little grudge I harbor against you! But hey, I'm a fair guy. I'll stay out of your way. I mean, why WORK to eliminate you when I can sit back and watch all your well laid-out plans go up in flames?!" Larry starts to walk away and Sandy shouts: "Don't turn YOUR back on ME, Larry!" Larry says: "Oh NO; Sandy. Perhaps YOU shouldn't turn YOUR back on me!" Sandy angrily asks: "Is THAT a CHALLENGE?!" Larry says: "Temper, Sandy. I wouldn't DREAM of challenging YOU! As far as brains go, I've got a smorgasboard. But when it comes to out-right ruthlessness, you're swimming in the wrong channel. Now do yourself a favor, Sandy; go find a bucket and KICK IT!!!!" (Confessional) Larry says: "I just LOVE having information that others don't have! What I know has SURELY un-nerved Sandy and if I'm guessing correctly, it will throw her off her game. That will SHOW her not to pick that weakling Spongebob over ME! Revenge is a dish best served COLD!" (End Confessional) Everyone has now arrived in front of what appears to be a digital doorway, leading into a virtualized playground. Sniz says: "Welcome everyone, to the 21st century version of the Nick Arcade room! It's our latest, greatest innovation! There are MANY different things waiting for you in there. This includes, but is not limited to, Sudden Death Jai Alai, Extreme Light Cycle Racing, Super Maze Hunting and Hiding, Galactic Martians, lazers and TOTAL annihilation! All simulated, of course!" Otto says: "You've already gotten ME excited!" Susie adds: "Me to!" Sniz says: "Than you will be even MORE excited when I tell you that today's challenge is a DOUBLE threat!"


Treeflower gets excited and says: "You mean it's an elimination challenge?!" Sniz says: "It is a REWARD AND an ELIMINATION challenge; two for the price of one!" Skipper says: "Now I'm really interested for the intel! Fill us in!" Sniz says: "Gladly! You will all land in various, random places in the virtual playground. You must face any and all unexpected threats that you come across, and deal with them as if you were LITERALLY playing to save your life! The object of the challenge is to save the two Platinum Sniz Head Busts. The contestant or CONTESTANTS who get the Sniz heads will find their time on this game changed VERY much indeed! Which reminds me of something. Stimpy!" Stimpy asks: "Why do you adress me?" Sniz says: "You're going to have to do something about those GLOVES you always wear. It's very difficult for our magic--." Stimpy interrupts and says: "I'm sorry, but the GLOVES stay on my hands!" Haggis asks: "Why is that?" Stimpy sadly says: "They were my grandmother's she left them to me in her will six years ago after she passed away." Rocko says: "I'm sorry to hear that." Stimpy says: "She was 99, she had a full life. These gloves are made of the finest silk ever found in the world, they're supposed to bring good luck. My mom told me, as long as I have these gloves, nothing bad will EVER happen to me. So, the only time I ever take off my gloves is when I take a shower, and even then, I keep my gloves locked up in a special hope chest while I'm showering. That way, nothing bad has EVER happened to me, and with my disposition, nothing bad ever WILL happen to me!" And this information gives Ren a ray of hope! (Confessional) Ren says: "So there IS a way into Stimpy's heart; the gloves he ALWAYS wears! But I can't be responsible for trying to do something to the gloves just so I can attempt to save them for him! Stimpy would NEVER forgive me for that! There's got to be ANOTHER solution!" (End Confessional)


Sniz groans and says: "Fine! Cosmo, Wanda, we'll simply have to WORK around the gloves! It's more work than you would like, but I'm not about to deprive Stimpy of an object of his affection. In any case, we're all very clear about what YOU need to do for this challenge?" Patrick nods and says: "Affirmative, sir. Our team is at optimum efficiency and we're both mentally and physically prepared for this challenge." And Larry notices Patrick's uncharacteristic use of intelligent conversation. (Confessional) Larry says: "So I see that Sandy wasn't kidding about Patrick's strange behavior. It's the work of General Barracuda, all right. But for THAT fish to use the brain coral; he must be REALLY desperate to NOT want to work with me! Not that it's going to matter, General Barracuda WILL want to work with me, eventually! Of course, by that time, I'll probably get Sandy Cheeks eliminated all by myself!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Enough talk! It's time to START the challenge! Oh, and one more word of warning; watch out for the nemesis that calls itself Master Computer! SHE is DYING to make sure you DON'T succeed in WINNING this challenge!" Otto and Susie both simultaneously ask: "Who is SHE?!" Susie quickly says: "Jinx! You owe me another soda!" Otto says: "Darn it!" Sniz answers: "Oh, you'll see! Into the game!" And the two teams rush into the digital door-way, disappearing into virtual reality! Sniz says: "Our contestants are going to be VERY surprised when they find out WHO Master Computer really is; and it's NOT Karen! Who is our mystery nemesis?! See for yourself when we come back!" / (Commercial Break) / To be continued...in another post! / Enough said, for now!

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At long last, here is the third and FINAL part of "SPONGETRON Legacies"! / Rhonda, Gerald, and Rancid land in the extreme light cyle racing section of the Virtual Playground, while Rocko, Reggie, and Susie soon follow. But upon landing there, Rocko immediately notices that something is OFF with Rancid! Rocko asks: "Excuse me, Rancid, but aren't YOU missing something?" Rancid incredulously asks: "Like WHAT?!" Reggie answers for Rocko: "Like your CLOTHES?!" Rancid immediately looks at himself, realizing he's COMPLETELY naked! Rancid hides behind Gerald and says: "Don't look at me, I'm naked!" Gerald says: "Personally, I think you look BETTER in your birthday suit." Rancid asks: "Why don't YOU try it on, then?" Gerald seriously says: "I'll pass, Rancid." From beyond the Virtual Playground, Sniz's voice echoes: "Sorry Rancid! Computer glitch; nothing we can do about it!" Rancid says: "That's just GREAT! Now I gotta finish this challenge SANS clothes!" Rhonda says: "Luckily for YOU, we won't BE here long enough for YOU to worry about it!" Susie asks: "And why is that?"


Rhonda answers: "Because I'M going to win this challenge for my ENTIRE team!" Gerald rolls his eyes and asks: "And what do YOU possibly know about winning in a video game challenge?" Rhonda answers: "I won the LAST immunity challenge for us, didn't I?!" Rocko, still scratching himself, answers: "Only because Ren somehow TANKED his dancing performance WORSE than yours!" Rancid adds: "And you WEREN'T exactly stellar in the Jungle episode, either." Rhonda rhetorically asks: "Like YOU did any better?! Besides, when you get to be as rich as me, you can practically BUY yourself the knowledge to win at ANYTHING!" Rhonda pulls out a cell phone and says: "I'll just dial my parents and with our super computer system, they'll give me a cheat code to win at this thing!" Rhonda secretly punches in her digits, but her screen suddenly lights up with a message that ANGERS her! Rhonda yells: "WHAT?! 'Out of Office?!' Nobody sends RHONDA an 'Out of Office' reply, especially NOT when I'm giving up 10% of my income for educators to give me advanced TUTORING techniques!"


Susie says: "Looks like your cheat scheme is a bust, huh, Rhonda?" Rhonda answers: "Fine! I won't cheat! I'll just have to wing it! Besides, how hard could a video game challenge POSSIBLY be?!" Rhonda gets her answer when many different shaped arrangements of tiles start falling down, and the challengers have to duck and roll FAST to avoid them! Rhonda says: "This game is going TOO fast!" Rocko asks: "How would YOU know? You didn't design THIS game!" Rhonda says: "Well it's too fast for ME! I need something FAST in order to outlast these falling blocks! So if we're IN the light cycle portion of the Virtual Playground, that means I have access to a light cycle, correct? Activate, Light Cycle!" And a yellow, virtual laser motorcycle appears around Rhonda! Rhonda says: "See you later, losers!" And she zooms off, with Gerald yelling: "Wait! You don't know the rules! What if you CRASH and get trapped in a web site of some kind?!" But Gerald's yelling is futile, as Rhonda is already out of sight. Rancid says: "Too late, Gerald. That girl is as GONE as a dodo. And about as smart as one, to." Gerald fumes and says: "Rhonda is getting on the LAST of my normally cool nerves! If her stubborn attitude costs US this challenge, she's going to be going home! Charity, or NO charity!" Rancid says: "For once, I side with YOUR plan!" /


Spongebob, Sandy, and Marlene land in the Jai Alai portion of the Virtual Playground, with Skipper, Larry, and Craig Mammalton following soon after. Spongebob says: "Well, we're here!" Marlene says: "Yes, but we don't exactly know where HERE is." Skipper romantically says: "Well, wherever HERE is, at least you're HERE with me!" Marlene flirts back at Skipper and says: "That's very true. Thank goodness we didn't get stuck with Treeflower!" Sandy says: "Which reminds me, Marlene; how EXACTLY are you going to get Treeflower off of your back?" Marlene answers: "I'm STILL trying to work on an angle, okay? I can't come up with ALL the brilliant plans!" Larry says: "Not that those plans will matter much because I will be WINNING this challenge for us!" Marlene groans and says: "This tripe AGAIN?!" Skipper says: "At least YOU aren't stuck with it 24/7, like I am!" Larry snarls and angrily says: "How DARE you question MY greatness?! If it weren't for ME being awesome, we would've completely LOST the last challenge!" Craig says: "Actually, if it wasn't for Ren tanking at dancing, we would've lost the last challenge." Larry incredulously asks: "Did I say you could TALK?!" Craig answers: "I just thought you forgot. It's important to remember the past, lest we forget the lessons we've learned that will help us in the future."


Spongebob says: "Speaking of the future, this is supposed to be a future type challenge. Where's the future type equipment for us to play a game of Jai Alai?" Equipment for the game of Jai Alai suddenly appears around them, and a virtual character VIRTUALLY appears out of wire-frame, and it is a familliar face! Spongebob says: "I don't believe it! Squidward told me all about THIS character, but I never thought I would see him personally!" The robotic sponge, in a mechanical voice says: "I am SPONGETRON. Welcome to my Legacies." Than in a more normal voice, Spongetron asks: "Did you notice how I finally worked the name of the episode INTO the actual episode?" Larry, more annoyed than usual asks: "What is HE doing here?" Spongetron answers: "I'm here to reveal the rules of the game to you! In this version of Jai Alai, each contestant gets three chances to catch the ball. If you fail three times first, you lose. If you fall off any of the Jai Alai platforms, you will be teleported out of this game and you will lose. If you manage to make three perfect catches in a row, you'll win a special immunity medal to keep you safe from elimination, regardless of whether your team wins or loses this challenge." Larry says: "This must be the REWARD portion of the challenge! And what better way to WIN it than by winning an Immunity Medal for ME and NOT Sandy OR Spongebob!"


Sandy, completely shocked says: "THAT...that wasn't even SUBTLE!" Larry says: "Oh, PLEASE! This stopped being about YOU like, ages ago, okay?!" Sandy is once again shocked and asks: "WHAT?!" Larry answers: "Oh, SURE! You COULD'VE been useful! I mean, I don't lie to chumps like Rancid or Rhonda unless I'm going to get good mileage out of it, okay?!" Spongebob asks: "Than what do YOU know about the way Patrick's been acting lately?!" Craig asks: "That IS a good question. Tell me, Larry. Why HAS Patrick been acting strange, recently?" Larry only says: "That's on a NEED to know basis, and you DON'T need to know right now!" Craig asks: "Then how can I POSSIBLY offer a friendship bracelet with you OR go to the Final Three with you if you won't tell me what's going on?!" Larry stops and angrily says: "D'oh!" And Larry thinks to himself: "That's the problem with outside help! No matter WHICH obscure character you pick, they ALWAYS try to THINK for themself!" And Larry says out loud: "Fine! I'll tell you later! Right NOW we have a challenge to WIN!" (Confessional) Craig says: "At least Larry said 'WE' and not 'HE' for once; maybe I can trust him to tell me what's going on, AND for him to take me to the Final Three!" /


Larry says: "I'm not going to tell Craig the WHOLE truth, just enough of it to get him off my back! I can't afford to have any alliance betrayals now. I'll worry about betraying MY alliance AFTER the teams merge! After all, with MY superb plans, there's no way that I WON'T last for THAT long!" / Sandy says: "Larry manages to continually surprise me. Just when I think I have him figured out, now he says that he has stopped even making his plans revolve around me, unless they're to eliminate me. I don't exactly know what Larry's angle is, but I'll keep up my guard anyways. There's no telling WHAT Larry will try to do to Spongebob if I don't try to protect him! Because if there's one thing I don't know about that I CAN admit, is Spongebob's ability to survive against the wrath of an angry lobster! It's time I started to put that conceited crustacean in his place!" (End Confessional) Sandy says: "Are you ready to play Jai Alai, against me Larry?!" Larry says: "I'm ready to handle anything you can dish out, BABY!" Sandy angrily says: "Nobody calls ME 'baby' EXCEPT for maybe SPONGEBOB!" And before Larry can act, Sandy IMMEDIATELY dishes out balls like crazy, ensuring that Larry QUICKLY falls off the Jai Alai platform! As Larry falls, he yells: "Craig, AVENGE ME!!!!" And Larry virtually disappears from the Virtual Playground, and re-appears back in the Cafeteria.


Sniz asks: "Back so soon, Larry?" (Confessional) Larry says: "Note to self: NEVER call Sandy 'Baby' again, unless there is absolutely nothing she can do ABOUT it!" / Spongebob says: "I LOVE the way Sandy served it to LARRY! He needed to have his ego taken DOWN a notch!" / Craig says: "With Larry out of the challenge, I have to step up and play my best game, even if it means playing against Spongebob." (End Confessional) Sandy asks: "Marlene, Skipper, you want to play before Spongebob and Craig?" Skipper says: "We're both going to sit this one out." Marlene says: "No matter what, I can't compete against Skipper like THIS, even if its for an immunity win." Spongebob says: "I'm going to go up, then. Wish me luck, Sandy!" Sandy says: "You've got it, Sponge-GUY!" And Sandy winks at Spongebob romantically, causing Spongebob to blush. (Confessional) Spongebob says: "That has to be the NICEST complement Sandy has ever given to me! She truly does LOVE me! I hope I play a good enough performance so she will love me even more." / Marlene says: "I knew it was risky to leave the game up to Spongebob, but I wasn't about to compete against Skipper and risk complicating my love life like Ren has been doing. Some things are more important to me than winning a cash prize, like trying to figure out what to do with Treeflower!" (End Confessional)


Spongebob gets ready to make the first serve and asks: "Are you ready to do this, Craig?" Craig answers: "I'll apologize in advance, but I've got to take you down. Nothing personal, okay?" Sandy says: "We'll see who takes WHO down! Spongebob, knock Craig for a loop!" And Spongebob throws up his best serves, but Craig proves to be an excellent blocker/catcher, returning ALL of Spongebob's serves as fast as Spongebob can throw them! Sandy says: "Don't give up, Spongebob! You can do this!" Craig asks: "Maybe, but can he do THIS?!" And before Spongebob or Sandy can re-act, Craig serves three PERFECTLY served balls that land on Spongebob's side, eliminating Spongebob's platforms which leaves Spongebob no place to stand! As Spongebob falls, he yells: "Sandy, don't let my defeat be in VAIN!!!!" And Spongebob virtually disappears from the Virtual Playground, and re-appears in the cafeteria with Larry! Larry snidely asks: "So who's the loser NOW?! I could've told you that you wouldn't LAST in that challenge!" Spongebob returns with a snappy answer and asks: "I outlasted YOU, didn't I?" And this causes Larry to growl in anger! / Back in the Jai Alai challenge, Spongetron says: "Congratulations, Craig. You made three perfect serves in a row, and you get to call this Immunity Medal your own!"


And Spongetron puts a gold medal with the word, "Courage" on it, on a thick ribbon which goes around Craig's neck. Craig says: "This medal says the word 'Courage' and not 'Immunity'." Spongetron says: "Cut us some slack. It's a loaner from The Wizard of Oz, it's the best we could do on such short notice." Craig says: "Either way, I'll be sure to make good use of this medal." / In a seemingly BLANK portion of the Virtual Playground, Treeflower lands by herself with nobody else around! Treeflower asks: "Exscuse me? Where are all my PARTNERS? Where are my opponents? Who do I have to get to help me ELIMINATE the otter known as MARLENE?!" The background suddenly changes from blankness to an ocean with an island far in the back-ground! Treeflower suddenly falls INTO the water, and quickly swims her way to the island! From seemingly far away, Treeflower asks: "HEY! Fairy Godparent crew! Give me a close-up, a close-up!" And the camera shifts to a tiny picture of just Treeflower on the island, with a black screen surrounding the picture. Treeflower asks: "This is a close-up? A close-up you JERKS! A close-up!" And the screen suddenly ZOOMS in on Treeflower's blood-vein filled, angry eyes! Treeflower sarcastically says: "THANKS for the sour pineapples, cousin!" And a familiar voice Treeflower thought she would NEVER hear again, suddenly fills the entire area!


The female voice, through an electronic filter, says: "I'm not YOUR cousin, but I am SOMEBODY'S cousin, and as Master Computer, I'm going to get REVENGE on you TWERPS if it's the last thing I ever DO!!!!" Treeflower, in complete HORROR, can only hollowly say: "NO!!!! It CAN'T be YOU!!!! You were--" The voice interrupts: "Getting very sweet payback on you traitors, and I'll start by TORMENTING you!" And Treeflower, unable to do anything against Master Computer's powers, can only take what she does against her! As Master Computer FORCES Treeflower onto different backgrounds, in different costumes, altering Treeflower's voice to make stupid sounds, and even altering Treeflower to be transformed into a WEIRD flower/duck/bird/reptile tailed creature with a flag of corn on the tail! And after Master Computer does all of this, Treeflower angrily says: "You're DESPICABLE!!!!" / Rhonda continues to zoom around on her light cycle and says: "I don't know WHAT Gerald was talking about! This challenge is SO easy, I could play it in my sleep!" But Rhonda's talk proves WRONG, as she suddenly sees GIANT marbles on the playing field, all with UNUSUALLY high I.Q., as the marbles KEEP chasing AFTER Rhonda no matter WHAT quick turns she makes on the narrow and winding three-dimensional course! Eventually, Rhonda runs out of course!


And as she looks down into the blackness of cyber-space, all Rhonda can say is: "Oh no! DEAD END!" And the marbles come along and KNOCK Rhonda's light cycle into the blackness, causing Rhonda to disappear from the Virtual Playground, and re-appear in the cafeteria. Larry angrily says: "Rhonda, you blockhead! You CAN'T do anything right!" Rhonda rhetorically asks: "How was I supposed to know that those marbles had an I.Q.?!" / Finally, Ren, Stimpy, Stinky, Haggis, and Otto appear in an Alien Maze section of the Virtual Playground, with Darwin, Pearl, and the NOW smart Patrick, following soon after. Otto asks: "How did I get stuck with a dog, a cat, and some middle-aged Scottish Man?!" Haggis says: "Watch your mouth, you little punk! I've swatted flies bigger than you!" Otto rhetorically says: "Only if that fly was bigger than Jeff Goldblum would I be inclined to agree!" Darwin says: "Guys, lets all calm down. We're ALL highly evolved animals with conscious thought here, SOME of us MORE evolved than OTHERS!" Ren, still in a panic, says: "I'm a highly evolved dog! I can do lots of highly evolved dog things! Like that one highly evolved 'Karate Dog' voiced by Chevy Chase!" Pearl laughs derisively and says: "Man, are YOU going down!" Ren says: "It was a GOOD movie!" And he sympathetically asks: "Right, Stimpy?"


Stimpy looks at Ren uncomfortably and Stinky says: "Well, THIS is incredibly AWKWARD!" Stimpy says: "Maybe the best thing we shoulf do is split up. We CAN cover more ground that way and find the Sniz head statues faster!" Patrick Smartpants says: "That is an INCREDIBLY bad idea! How many alien type movies are there where all the protagonists split up, and end up getting picked off by the aliens, one by one? I won't take the time to list them, but there are QUITE a few!" Pearl says: "You've got a point there, Patrick! I guess all our James Cameron movie viewing sessions are finally starting to pay off, for you!" Patrick says: "You're very sweet, Pearl; just like he said your mother was." Stimpy suddenly shouts: "WHAT?!" Patrick suddenly realizes that despite his new I.Q., he's made a BIG blunder! And Patrick trembles and says: "I wasn't supposed to LET that slip!" Pearl says: "You KNOW about MY mother! Tell me! Do you know what she was like?! What happened to her?!" Patrick can only tremble in fear as he quivers and says: "I promised him that I wouldn't tell!" Darwin asks: "Promised who? Not tell what?" Patrick nervously says: "I promised that I would not, and I can't tell!" Ren angrily asks: "Could you tell Spongebob? Is THAT who you could tell?! If you have a problem, you should TELL somebody about it, instead of acting LIKE you DON'T have a problem!"


And Stimpy makes a STARK relevation from this! Stimpy says: "WAIT! Is what Patrick doing really different that what I have been doing?!" Pearl lets go of Patrick, and not noticing that he is sneaking off, asks: "Why?! What HAVE you been DOING?!" Stimpy gets a little nervous and says: "I should've confessed this sooner, but I know that I'll feel better once I say it. Ren has been acting strangely, all because I had to--." Patrick, from down in the maze, suddenly shouts: "Pearl, LOOK!" And the contestants rush to where Patrick is, and Stimpy once again drops what he had to say. The contestants arrive in what is clearly the chamber room, because located in it, are the two SNIZ head statues! Otto says: "Finally! The prize we have been looking for! I'm going to get them and claim MY reward!" Haggis says: "What do you mean, YOUR reward?! This was a teamwork effort!" Otto says: "Right! You're the TEAM and I did all the WORK! Therefore, I get ALL the reward!" Haggis says: "Are you trying to push my buttons?! Because you're doing a really GREAT job!" Otto says: "You wouldn't last FIVE seconds in a sports competition WITH me!" Haggis says: "Well, you wouldn't last five seconds in a HAGGIS eating competition with ME!"


Otto asks: "When would I ever want to be in a haggis eating competition with you?!" And the contestants fail to notice Patrick stepping onto a CONSPICUOUSLY placed TILE on PURPOSE and a big alarm goes off! Patrick falsely says: "Oh DEAR! What a CLUMSY oaf I am! Oh, shame on ME!" Darwin yells: "Duck and COVER, people!" And suddenly, the room all around them explodes in a flash of paint and smoke! When the smoke clears, only Ren, Stimpy, and Stinky are left untouched by the paint. From beyond the Virtual Playground, Sniz's voice says: "I'm sorry, Otto. But if you're covered in paint, that means you're OUT!" Haggis asks: "Bet you're wishing that you were going to share the reward, now." Stinky says: "Too bad, so sad. More reward for us!" Ren suddenly gasps and says: "Stimpy! What HAPPENED to your GLOVES?!" Stimpy looks and see that his hands are NOW uncovered! Stimpy hides his hands in Ren's fur and says: "I'm naked! Don't LOOK at me!" Darwin says: "You're ALWAYS naked, like, all the time!" Stimpy says: "But this is like, SHOWER naked!" Pearl says: "The explosion must have caused the gloves to blow off!" Ren looks sharply and says: "There are your GLOVES! There about to fall into a storm drain!" Otto says: "Forget the gloves! The two Statue heads are about to fall and SHATTER!"


And Ren looks and sees that Otto is speaking the truth, as the two Sniz statue heads are precariously placed and about to fall to the ground! Stimpy begs: Ren, DO something!" (Confessional) Ren says: "Help my friend, or win the game. Help my friend, or win the game. Out of all the decisions I've ever had to make, I never thought I would have to MAKE a choice! But for me, this WAS no choice! The choice I had to make was QUITE clear! There was only one option for me!" (End Confessional) Ren quickly leaps with ALL his might, and lands right NEXT to the GLOVES, and saves them from falling down the storm drain just in time! Ren happily says: "Got you!" The Sniz heads however, lose their balance, and fall straight to the ground, shattering into a 1,000 pieces! Ren heads back to Stimpy and says: "Put your gloves back on, and make them snug. You don't want to have someone risking their life for them on a regular basis, do you?" (Confessional) Stimpy, wearing his gloves again, and with Stinky, is very happy. Stimpy says: "I can't believe Ren actually sacrificed our one chance to win this challenge by saving my gloves for ME! I was SO touched!" Stinky says: "Most guys would've gone for the win." (End Confessional) Otto says: "Personally, I would've PICKED the win!" Darwin says: "Does this mean that NOBODY wins?!"


Pearl says: "Maybe our teams will be forced to do another tie-breaker challenge, like last time." Ren takes another look and says: "Don't count on it! There are two OTHER Sniz statues in a safe, secure place!" And Ren grabs them both, and gives one to Stimpy. Ren says: "Stimpy, you DESERVE to have one of these. You've been such a good friend to me." Stimpy looks at the Sniz statue head, at Ren, and back and forth between them. Stimpy says: "Ren, you've always been a good friend to me to. Better than any friend deserves to. I know what you really want, and believe me, I want SO much to be able to tell you what you WANT to hear!" Ren excitedly asks: "REALLY?! Please tell me!" Stimpy continues: "But that's just the point, I can't. I know what you want, and you know that I would WANT you to have it. But...I can't GIVE you what you want." Ren gets shocked and says: "That's not true! You've always given me what I've wanted before! And...I always thought that what I wanted is what you wanted." Stimpy says: "For a long time, I thought that way to. But I'm afraid I can't think that way anymore. I have a responsibility. Stinky needs me to love and care for him, and I can't do that if I'm pre-occupied all the time with you." Ren asks: "What are you SAYING, Stimpy?!" Stimpy says: "This is the hardest thing I've EVER had to say. But Ren, I...I..."


Ren says: "Don't keep me in suspense! Tell me!" Stimpy gives up and says: "I wish I knew how to QUIT you!" (Confessional) Darwin says: "Oh, Charles Darwin! Your evolution theories never came up with this!" / Pearl says: "That HAD to hurt, for both of them!" / Haggis says: "That is SO not what Ren wanted to hear, or what Stimpy wanted to say! But now, maybe Ren understands why Stimpy has to do what he is doing!" (End Confessional) Before Ren can ask Stimpy what he meant with his comment, all the contestants disappear from the Virtual Playground, and re-appear in the cafeteria! Sniz announces: "And it's over; it's ALL over! The Boom Vets are SAFE from elimination, as both Ren AND Stimpy, have my Sniz head Statues! And the Statues aren't just for show! By process of random choice, Ren, YOUR Sniz Statue head now makes you the OFFICIAL Team leader, of the Network Noobs! It's a TEAM Swap Statue!" (Confessional) Ren, in deep horror, asks: "A TEAM Swap Statue?! I have to be on the opposite team of Stimpy?! How could this have HAPPENED?!" (End Confessional) Sniz continues: "Stimpy, you'll stay on the Boom Vets team, only now, you'll be the official team leader of YOUR team, pretty sweet, huh?!"


(Confessional) Stimpy asks: "Pretty SWEET?! I wanted to compete WITH Ren, not against him! Now all I WANT to do is hide under the bleachers or somewhere until this whole team swap mess blows away!" Stinky asks: "You think anybody's ever won a game from doing that? That would be cool." (End Confessional) Sniz adds: "And Network Noobs, you'll learn of the REWARD you're receiving!" Otto says: "EXSCUSE me, but MY team won the challenge!" Sniz says: "I never said that the WINNING team would RECIEVE the reward, now did I? And the reward that the Network Noobs receive, is the girl who helped portray Master Computer! Come on out, Angelica Pickles!" And as Angelica steps out of the Virtual Playground, wearing a badly coifed wig, Treeflower gets an angry look and says: "YOU!!!! You're the one who made my experience in that Playground play like a living NIGHTMARE!!!!" Angelica says: "That's what you get when you and all your friends gang up on me and try to prevent me from playing on THIS season!" Otto has an epiphany and says: "So THAT'S why you decided to up the prize money!"


Sniz answers: "Yes! She was going to have Johnathan SUE us! We couldn't risk a lawsuit affecting our show's reputation! We decided to settle out of court. We'd raise the prize money to $1.5 million, give runner-up prizes to 2nd place and 3rd place, and allow her back on the show, AFTER she did this favor for us, of course!" Angelica says: "While I do wish that it was the Boom Vets who were getting me, I suppose that I can enjoy my stay on the Network Noobs team, as long as they can win challenges!" Sandy says: "Hopefully, with Angelica's luck, they won't win many with HER on the team!" Angelica says: "And I'll take care of you later! As for Stimpy, I bear no grudge with you, but I'll eliminate you should you ever cross me!" Stimpy says: "That's low Angelica! I just lost Ren to the Network Noobs! Do you have to insult me now?" Angelica rhetorically asks: "Have you ever known me to do ANYTHING else?" Marlene suddenly gets an idea and says: "Treeflower, we're not just going to allow Angelica to walk all over us, are we?!" Treeflower says: "No way!" Marlene says: "Than why don't we team up together, and form an alliance, and work together to TAKE Angelica out of the competition, permanently?!"


Treeflower claps her hands together and says: "Marlene, you're speaking MY language!" (Confessional) Marlene says: "It's like my mother always told me, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and when the going gets tough, the tough make lemonade! Or...something like that! In any case, I think I have figured out a way to turn my WORST enemy, into my best ALLY! With Treeflower now angry at Angelica, I actually have to THANK Angelica in a bizarre way! If Angelica hadn't turned up, I couldn't have figured out a way to get Treeflower off my back! Now Treeflower can do all the DIRTY work of getting Angelica out of the competition, while I can cruise my way to the team merge and beyond! Lady Luck is looking out for Marlene after all!" (End Confessional) The Silver Sniz award theme plays, with the Network Noobs once again in the bleachers. Sniz walks out and says: "You all know why you are here. The Boom Vets beat you in a challenge, so now you have to vote another contestant off. Of course, Craig Mammalton has his Immunity Medal, so he is automatically immune from the vote. Once you do vote, both Ren AND Angelica shall join you on the team. Pick a loser, and let the voting commence!" Oddly enough, the voting goes REALLY fast this time around. Sniz says: "Fondue, read off the SURVIVOR list as to who gets a Silver Sniz!"


Fondue walks off and reads the list that Sniz has printed. As Fondue says each name, a Silver Sniz poofs into their hands. Fondue says: "The surviving team members are as follows: Craig, Gerald, Patrick, Pearl, Darwin, Skipper, Larry, Dog, and Rancid!" Rhonda says: "Exscuse me, but where's MY Silver Sniz?!" Larry says: "We voted you OFF! You suck at EVERYTHING!" Gerald says: "Not to mention that you were no HELP at all in trying to win the last challenge for us!" Rhonda gets angry and walks off toward the Limo of Losers in a huff! Rhonda says: "Fine! Who needs you and the money for charity ANYWAYS?! I can have better evenings spending my time at a LIBRARY!" And Rhonda gets into the Limo of Losers, and it drives off. Sniz says: "Ren and Angelica, join your new team! As for audience viewers back home, even I have to wonder, how DID two extra Sniz statue heads appear in that game?! That wasn't a computer glitch!" / The scene switches to General Barracuda and Patrick watching Sniz's talk on a remote monitor, and General Barricuda says: "That was a very clever ploy you pulled, Patrick; setting off the alarm. And in the confusion, you set Ren and Stimpy up with those FALSE Statue Heads, and placed the REAL ones where Ren would easily FIND them." Patrick sarcastically says: "You know me, ALWAYS happy to help!"


General Barracuda says: "Especially when it comes to Pearl! You may NOW be smart, but you're still SLOPPY! You nearly gave my secret AWAY earlier today!" Patrick says: "Forgive me, Horatio. It won't happen again." General Barracuda yells: "And DON'T call me HORATIO! That NAME no longer has any MEANING to me! This only completes phase one of our plan to get rid of Ren! In the next challenge, you WILL finish the job and break up Ren and Stimpy completely! With Stimpy cut off from Ren, getting rid of Stimpy will be SO much easier!" Patrick sighs in defeat and says: "Yes, General Barracuda." General Barracuda says: "And I can't wait for EVERYONE to see HOW you will pull it off on the next Total Cartoon Action!" / Episode Notes: Rhonda is eliminated in this episode, Ren gets switched to the Network Noobs team, Angelica Pickles officially becomes a contestant AGAIN on the Network Noobs team, Patrick gets the brain coral FORCED onto his head, enslaving him in General Barracuda's control, and the prize money for 1st place gets upped to $1.5 million (due to Angelica threatening to SUE unless she was made a contestant again) as well as runner-up prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. / Enough said, true believers!

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Here's the start of my latest (and to date) greatest episode! Prepare yourself for ratings! / Sniz is in the control room and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Action, we saw just how far some of our characters were willing to go in order to get what they wanted. General Barricuda proved that he was willing to make Patrick obey his commands at ANY cost; first he told Patrick the SHOCKING truth about what REALLY happened to Pearl's Mother, than General Barracuda SLAMMED brain coral onto the top of Patrick's head. Now Patrick is smarter, but he's now more obedient in following General Barracuda's orders. Larry was willing to do ANYTHING to get revenge against Sandy, including misleading her on what was responsible for Patrick's new genius I.Q. level; all just to get back at her and Spongebob for falling in love with each other. Marlene was willing to do ANYTHING to get Treeflower off of her back, but she NEVER could've expected that a third party, AKA Miss PICKLES would be able to do it for her! That's right! Angelica is back in the game, and the stakes have been raised accordingly, to the tune of $1.5 million! Treeflower is now willing to do ANYTHING to get back at Angelica for her ruthless tormenting, including teaming up with former adversary Marlene, in order to get rid of Angelica. Nicely played, Marlene.


Ren was willing to do ANYTHING for love, including sacrificing the Boom Vets' chance to win the challenge, by saving Stimpy's irreplacable gloves instead. But thanks to Patrick SMARTPANTS, Ren was STILL able to win the challenge for the Boom Vets, but at a high cost! In a sad twist of fate, Ren found himself SWITCHED to the Network Noobs along with Angelica Pickles, forced to compete AGAINST Stimpy instead of WITH him! OUCH!!!! Finally, Rhonda was willing to do ANYTHING to prover herself to be a winner, but instead, proved herself to be a GIANT loser, as she was forced to take a ride in the Limo of Losers. Now the time has come to visit a place where some dreams are made, and other dreams are broken. Because we're going to pay homage to what can only be described as OUR take, on Ang Lee's controversial cowboy movie. Yes, THAT controversial cowboy movie! It's a tale of love and tragedy called Break-Your-Neck Mesa, where we find Ren and Stimpy, now on different teams. They want SO much to be together, but circumstances will keep them apart! Will Patrick continue to do General Barracuda's evil bidding? Will Larry continue to get his revenge against Sandy? Will Treeflower continue to work with Marlene in order to get rid of Angelica? And can Ren and Stimpy's relationship possibly survive another episode challenge?


I don't know about the answers to those questions, but as for the last one, my guess is that Ren Hoek may finally be DOOMED! Find out in this EPIC episode of Total Cartoon Action!" / Instead of the normal opening theme song and intro playing, the words "Total Cartoon Action; Episode Six: Break-Your-Neck Mesa" appear on-screen, and it is followed by surreal footage, a nightmare that Treeflower is having. And a song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers plays to the scene of Treeflower as Alice from "Alice In Wonderland," experiences a bunch of surreal moments of Angelica as the Mad Hatter, endlessly torments her. The following song, "Don't Come Around Here No More," is heard. /


"Don't come around here no more, Don't come around here no more. Whatever you're looking for, Hey! Don't come around here no more. I've given up, stop! I've given up, stop! I've given up on waiting any longer; I've given up, on this love, getting stronger. Don't come around here no more, Don't come around here no more. Don't come around here no more. Don't come around here no more. I don't feel you any more, you darken my door. Whatever you're looking for, Hey! Don't come around here no more. I've given up, stop! I've given up, stop! I've given up, you tangle my emotions. I've given up, honey please, admit it's over. Don't come around here no more, Don't come around here no more. Don't come around here no more. Don't come around here no more. Stop walking down my street. Who do you expect to meet? And whatever you're looking for, Hey! Don't come around here no more. Hey! AHHH!!!! I mean it, Don't come around any longer; whatever you're looking for. AHHH!!!! Don't come around here no more, don't come around here no more." /


Treeflower wakes up with a start, to find out that it's still early morning, before sunrise. Treeflower notices a HUGE surprise, in the fact that Rocko is now LITERALLY twice the Wallaby he USED to be, as he's grown TALL! Treeflower says: "Wake up, Reggie!" Reggie groans and says: "Huh? Whatever for?" Treeflower asks: "What did you feed Rocko yesterday?!" Reggie answers: "Nothing out of the usual; why?" Treeflower points at Rocko and says: "Than how do you explain your BOYFRIEND'S new SIZE?!" Reggie finally fully wakes up and GASPS! Reggie says: "O-M-G! This is the FASTEST and BEST growth spurt I've ever SEEN! I mean, I liked Rocko before, but NOW he's just, WOW!!!!" Treeflower rolls her eyes and says: "Is that ALL you can focus on?" Reggie says: "Can you BLAME me?! He's outgrown all his clothes, and he's got more Abs than Abbey Lane, and I don't mean the Beatles either!" Rocko wakes up and asks: "What are you girls talking about?" Reggie says: "Watch your head, Rocko! You're not as small as you USED to be!" Rocko looks down at himself, and realizes how TALL and muscular he's gotten! Rocko says: "Crikey! I've outgrown my clothes!" Reggie says: "I don't mind! You're providing EXCELLENT eye candy for me!" Otto walks in and says: "And a giant HEADACHE for me! What could be worth getting SO excited about THIS early--?"


Otto looks up and REALIZES just HOW big Rocko has gotten! Otto gasps: "GIANT good morning! Are wallabies able to GET that BIG?!" Rocko says: "Would you STOP with the BIG already?!" Reggie says: "It's hard NOT to, you're very noticable now!" Rocko says: "I guess my folks made a mistake with their last care package. Even THOSE clothes are too small for me now!" Otto says: "Are you kidding?! There's not a clothes store in the WORLD that can make clothes that can fit YOU, now!" Reggie says: "Just IGNORE him, Rocko! He's just jealous that you can go around looking like THAT and HE can't!" Otto snidely says: "But he can't wear a helmet! Not even over his--!" Reggie interrupts: "Don't even GO there!" Rocko says: "But I don't understand. I'm 16, I thought I hit my peak of growth long ago!" Otto growls at Reggie for having interrupted him, but calms down and says: "Ordinarily, yes. But some guys don't get a growth spurt UNTIL they get older! I've hold people as old as 28 can still experience growth! I'm not sure how it works for Wallabies, though!" Rocko says: "My parents always told me that one day, I would be BIG! Only, I just thought they meant famous, and not physically!" Reggie says: "In this case, it's BOTH! And in MORE ways, than ONE!" Rocko says: "That's why I've been scratching so much! My growing phase was kicking in!"


Treeflower says: "Makes as much sense to me as much as anything else that happens around here. If you'll excuse me, I need to investigate a certain 'Pickles' and see if the Network Noobs are treating her as badly as she NEEDS to be treated!" And Treeflower exits the trailer. Reggie says: "This might take some getting used to for all the others." Rocko says: "That's not the only thing! I'm from Australia! And my parents always told me that once I achieved my 'Bigness,' I would KNOW about it! And now that I have, I'm going to have to go on a Walk-about! It's an Australian tradition!" Reggie says: "Will you HAVE to go? I don't want you to leave the game show for this!" Rocko says: "It's not about leaving, it's an instinct! It's ingrained in my blood, and it's never a good idea to FIGHT against what's in your nature! But my instinct is bound to kick in soon, and it won't end until I've received a vision!" Otto asks: "How long is THAT going to take?" Rocko answers: "It's different for EVERY wallaby who goes on a Walk-about; you can't control where or when you'll get it!" Otto says: "You better get it in the next 30 minutes then, because I'm not going to have OUR team lose just because YOU need to go on a Walk-About!" And Otto heads towards the showers to get changed. Reggie sighs and says: "That's Otto! He is SO jealous and insecure! Can you believe he's MY brother?!"


Rocko looks at Reggie and says: "Sometimes, I believe I can. But you're still better than him in MY books!" Reggie looks at Rocko lovingly and says: "I won't tell him, STUD!" (Confessional) Rocko is still looking over his now-tall body in fascination. Rocko says: "Who would've thought that I'd get THIS big?! I'm almost AS big as Really, Really Big Man! And HE is BIG!!!! Oh, great! Now I'M doing the BIG thing, to! Still; Really, Really Big Man did once say, With Great Bigness, comes Great Responsibilities. And I have a responsibility to Reggie to see to it that I use this Bigness wisely. Just because I've changed from what I've looked like on the outside, does not change who I am on the inside. I'm STILL the loving, kind, caring Wallaby I've always been, and I'm not going to let this BIGNESS change it!" (End Confessional) Treeflower sneaks over to the Network Noobs' trailer, and growls angrily when she see Angelica still sleeping peacefully in her bed!


(Confessional) Treeflower says: "I HATE Angelica! She starts by making MY life miserable, than she waltzes BACK onto this game show, when she wasn't even QUALIFIED to be a contestant in the FIRST place! And now she expects the Network Noobs to just let her sleep in peacefully while I had the WORST night of my entire LIFE?! Well, THEY might want Angelica as a contestant, but I don't! Marlene and I are going to find a way to get RID of Angelica if it's the LAST thing we ever do!" (End Confessional) The sun has now risen higher over the swampy Florida sets, and everybody is feeling the heat, all except Stimpy. For a strange reason, Stimpy is shivering and his nose is starting to sniffle. Stimpy says: "I guess THIS is the downside of wearing your gloves nearly all the time. When they come off, you're more susceptible to chills! I just CAN'T be getting a COLD in THIS heat! Ah-CHOO!!!!" Stinky says: "Geseundheit!" Ren says: "Here Stimpy, I've got a tissue. You need it more than I do." Stimpy says: "Aren't you worried about your NEW team-mates?" Ren says: "They might keep us from BEING on the same team, but they can't STOP me from hanging out with you." Stimpy says: "While you're at it, would you mind wiping off the cap of my water bottle?" Ren grabs Stimpy's water bottle and says: "You're the only one around here that I'LL risk getting a cold for."


And Ren rubs his arm across the cap of the water bottle NINE times, saying: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9!" (Confessional) Ren says: "YES! I think I scored some bonus points with STIMPY!" / Stimpy says: "AND we're back to zero on my relationship scale with Ren, not that anyone's counting." Stinky adds: "Besides Ren." (End Confessional) Larry is lounging on a beach chair, with Dog and Craig frantically trying to keep Larry cool, as Craig holds a giant beach umbrella over him, while Dog attempts to fan Larry with a giant palm leaf. Larry says: "Don't let up on the PAMPERING! This beautiful body of mine must remain in PRISTINE condition throughout the competition. I've got SEVERAL modeling contracts pending for me once this season is over!" Craig says: "We're doing the best we can, Larry!" Dog pants and says: "It's not easy, standing around in what is 99F degrees and keeping YOU cool!" Larry says: "You worry about doing YOUR job, I'll worry about keeping cool!"


(Confessional) Larry says: "Right now, winning the money is only secondary towards MY quest for getting rid of Sandy! The weather might be hot, but my ambitions AND my body are HOTTER! People are going to FIGURATIVELY eat me up once THIS season is over, because I have a fool-proof plan to win it, and I WILL, because Angelica is NOT going to steal the spotlight from me! Does anyone want to know what I'LL be having for MY victory dinner on August 27th, later this year?" / Dog is still panting and says: "I'm not going to lie to you, this heat is BRUTAL! Luckily, I do have ONE way to beat the heat!" And Dog takes off the belt from around his pants, and Dog's pants fall to the ground, making Dog COMPLETELY naked, except for the bowler derby hat on Dog's head. And Dog says: "That's MUCH better!" / Susie is in the confessional, sweating, even with an AIR conditioner turned on her. Than suddenly, her hair SPRINGS forth from her weaved-back hair-do, and POOFS into a giant afro! Susie says: "Darn humidity!" Than she hears Cosmo and Wanda laughing at her. Susie asks: "What are YOU looking at?! There's nothing to see here!" (End Confessional) The peace and silence of the hot morning is broken by LOUD gun-shot sounds, that the contestants see are coming from TOY guns that Sniz and Fondue are carrying.


Sniz, in what can only be described as W.C. Fields if he had a Southern accent says: "All right, pilgrims. Rest time is now over! The time for you to saddle up and ride the blazing trail is now upon us!" Rancid asks: "And just WHAT are you talking about NOW, Sniz?" Sniz, in his normal voice, says: "This is the Wild West movie challenge, and it's going to be EPIC!!!! First off, I'm not sure if you noticed, but Rocko has something BIG to show you!" Rocko walks up to Sniz says: "Can you cut it OFF with the BIG?" Sniz asks: "Why would we cut if OFF? In your case, it would probably just GROW right back!" Rocko asks: "Am I going to have to go the REST of this season hearing BIG jokes about my body?" Sniz answers: "Only until we get tired of MAKING them! Speaking of, it's time to explain HOW today's challenge will work!" But before Sniz can continue, LOUD gun-shots and whooping can be heard from OFF in the distance! LIL Deville is riding on Mr. Horse, twirling two lassoes, and wearing an impressive cow-girl get-up! Lil jumps off Mr. Horse, and makes a PERFECT two-point landing! Lil says: "Oh YEAH!!!! Lil Deville is BACK in the game!" Larry suspisciously asks: "What do you mean, BACK? We voted YOUR butt off!" Lil says: "Nuh-uh! You voted off MARLON Hoek, remember?" (Flashback) Sniz says: "And tonight's loser is, LIL! Time to go!"


Lil says: "I'm not going anywhere! That's NOT my NAME!" Sniz yells: "WANDA!!!!" Wanda sighs and magically poofs the vote-off results in order to change it. Sniz says: "There! It says, Marlon Hoek now, okay?" And Sniz notices that Lil has a smug look on her face. Sniz says: "Wanda, what do you say we make it an official rule that Marlon Hoek is now and forever, forbidden from ever returning to compete again on this game show? I'll notarize it! Foresight, that's why I get paid the BIG bucks!" (End flashback) Larry says: "Fine! It's not like you're going to last long enough on my team to enjoy it!" Lil says: "But I'm not ON your team anymore, remember?" (Flashback) Sniz says: "A TWO member team swap! Lil and Patrick, you're now on the Network Noobs' team!" Craig asks: "For how long?" Sniz says: "For the REST of the game! Or, until you're ELIMINATED! Whichever comes FIRST!" (End flashback) Stimpy gasps with excitement and says: "I can't believe it!" Stimpy rushes to greet Lil and gives her a great big hug! Stimpy says: "Lil, I thought you were gone from the contest forever!" Lil says: "No way, Stimpy! It will take a lot more than just ONE elimination to keep me away from you!" And Ren suddenly gulps in horror at this new development!


(Confessional) General Barracuda says: "Well, that IS suspicious! Lil Deville exploited a LOOPHOLE, to get back into the game! But WHO has TWO fins?! And who COULD'VE helped Lil Deville UNCOVER that loophole so that she could get BACK into the game and unintentionally help a certain fish FURTHER drive a wedge between Ren and Stimpy?!" General Barracuda uses his two fin arms to point at himself, and smiles triumphantly as he says: "THIS guy!!!!" / Sandy says: "Oh, boy! Ren was having a HARD enough time keeping his cool when it was just he and Stimpy in the equation! Now that Lil has come back, onto STIMPY'S team, it's going to be practically impossible! Ren, this is one day that I REALLY hope you took your medicine, like you're SUPPOSED to!" / Larry says: "Call me a HELPFUL enabler; Ren DIDN'T take his medicine! And he asked ME to hold onto his medicine FOR him, because he TRUSTS me! After all, who besides Sandy could POSSIBLY say NO to MY smile?!" And Larry flashes a big, white smile! (End Confessional)


Sniz says: "If we're done with the interrupting reunion, I just want to say that I am well aware that due to Rocko's sudden growth, he is supposed to go on a Walk-about. Rocko, you do NOT need to worry! I designed this challenge to accomodate your need! You'll be able to compete in this challenge, and go on your Walk-about at the same time!" Rocko says: "Thank you, I appreciate that." Sniz says: "This game is going to take in the magically created place of Break-Your-Neck Mesa! It's a three part challenge; best two out of three wins!" Larry says to Ren: "Did you HEAR that, team captain?! You're TOTALLY going to WIN this for us! Right, TEAM captain?!" And Ren once again gulps in horror! (Confessional) Patrick says: "This is NOT good for my now GENIUS plans! Larry's trying to get Ren to THROW the challenge for Stimpy, all so that Larry can ELIMINATE Ren! I just hope this doesn't interfere with whatever my 'General' has planned for today's challenge!" /


General Barracuda says: "Personally, I don't care either way WHO wins this challenge! If the Boom Vets win, I'll make it so the Network Noobs eliminate REN! If the Network Noobs win, I'll make it so the Boom Vets eliminate STIMPY! Either way, I'm crushing SOMEBODY'S hopes and dreams PERMANENTLY by the end of the day!" / Lil Deville, unaware of the irony going on, says: "It is a good day to come back on THIS game show!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Time is wasting, so let's mosey on down to the first part of the challenge!" And everybody EXCEPT Ren, immediately starts to follow Sniz. Ren says to himself: "You can do this, Ren! Don't lose your cool, just DON'T lose your cool! Oh, I hope to high HEAVEN I don't lose my COOL!!!!" / Commercial Break. / I'll post the rest of this episode later. / Enough said, for now!

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