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Total Cartoon Paradise City!


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"The Politics of Dancing" Fondue says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, the remaining 4 contestants found themselves cast away onto an abandoned island populated by giant monsters. But the 4 soon became 5 thanks to Stimpy giving birth to his son Stinky. While they all made it back to camp safely, Sandy and Otto weren't happy by all the trouble Stinky indirectly caused them, and with Stinky's help, Stinky got voted off the island. And yes, I know that Sniz isn't narrating the opening. He left me in charge while he went to some fancy award show of his. But I don't think THAT'S going to be a problem for anyone reading this, now is it?! I didn't think so! Now sit down, quiet up, and watch another episode of Total Cartoon Island!" /

Sandy is outside using some home-made tools to build a signal receiver for a home-made computer she built. Lil goes up to her and asks: "Say Sandy, are you doing something?" Sandy says: "I'm trying to establish a connection between this camp and the rest of the outside world. It's been SO long since I've gotten a good computer session in; I've almost forgotten how it feels to talk on the Internet." Lil says: "Any luck?" Sandy says: "I've used every innovation trick in the book I know of, but so far, I can't get the power to stay on for more than a few minutes! We're really far out here, far away from any civilization!" (Confessional) Sandy says: "Ever since Spongebob was taken out of the game, I have been DESPERATE to have a real conversation with someone who is not IN this game! Stimpy and Lil are kind of okay; it's just that living in the same camp as Otto Rocket has gotten to be REALLY grating on my nerves!" (End Confessional) Sandy says: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually almost wish Otto Rocket WAS here, so I can at least talk to someone remotely sane! Where is he, anyways?" Otto then charges down a hill on a mountain bike and skids to a stop just 4 feet away from the other campers!

Otto says: "Its official! This place is now BORING! There are no more thrills here! I've done every single extreme stunt I could think of on every single place possible on this island at least once, and I've broken my own personal records so many times to count, it's become monotonous! I wish something different and unusual would happen for a change!" Fondue comes up and says: "Then wish no more! Today, you will all be doing something VERY different today!" Sandy asks: "And will this different change be good?" Fondue says: "It will be better than good, it will be GREAT!" Lil says: "And how exactly will it be great?" Stimpy says: "And why hasn't Sniz announced our new challenge?" Fondue says: "Don't ask so many questions! I have to run the show during Sniz's temporary absence, so today's challenge is my OWN personal idea! I hope you're wearing your dancing shoes, because this evening, Squidward Tentacles will be coming by, expecting to see 4 campers with great dancing skills and mad rhythm beats. You will have 4 hours to come up with a routine and song to dance to, and 4 hours to practice the routine! After that, you'll have to dance your heart out if you want to win Squidward's admiration! You'll each be put into 2 pairs! Sandy and Stimpy, you're paired together! Lil and Otto, you're paired together to!"

Stimpy says: "But I want to be with Lil!" Lil says: "And why can't I be with Stimpy?" Fondue says: "Because this is MY challenge, and I'm pairing you up the way I want to! And unless you want me to eliminate somebody RIGHT now, you're going to practice dancing with each other and LIKE it!" Otto says: "That's fine with me, as long as I don't have to dance with Sandy!" Stimpy asks: "Lil, we're not going to get all competitive and nasty during this challenge, are we?" Lil says: "Absolutely not. We're more mature than that. Our relationship is solid as a rock, and I won't let 1 little challenge throw a wrench into my love for you." Stimpy says: "That's good to know, just know that no matter what happens today, I'll be cool with whatever happens, and still love you no matter what happens. I just want you to do your best." Lil says: "I hope you do your best, to! And next time, feel free to use ESP to contact me; I'm psychotic!" Sandy says: "Don't you mean psychic?" Lil says: "No, I'm pretty sure my therapist said that I was psychotic!" (Confessional) Lil says: "Stimpy is MORE than just my boyfriend! He's my best buddy and the only guy on this show who has ever truly gotten what makes me the girl I am! If anything happens to Stimpy, I'll be stuck with my imaginary friends, and let's face the facts! I should've ditched THEM years ago! (Knocks her head) Yeah, Izzy. I'm talking about YOU!" (End Confessional)

Sandy says: "You know what, Stimpy?" Stimpy says: "Is there something I SHOULD know, Sandy?" Sandy says: "Well, I've always pictured my 1st dance being with Spongebob, and having a really romantic experience with him. This just doesn't seem like it will be a good experience without him." Stimpy says: "But Spongebob WANTS you to win! He's hoping you'll do your best! Don't you think you owe it to him to try your hardest?" Sandy says: "Well, maybe you ARE right." Stimpy says: "Spongebob knows whatever you have to do, you do it because you want to prove you're the best girl he could possibly have, just like I want to prove I'm the best guy for Lil!" Sandy says: "Oh, what the heck? I'll consider this a practice run from my wedding day with Spongebob!" Stimpy says: "Now that's the kind of winning spirit I like to hear!" (Confessional) Sandy says: "Okay, this is going to sound REALLY corny, but there's just something about the things Stimpy says to people that makes me warm and happy. He brightens up the mood of nearly everyone he meets. He's so creative and cool without having to try to be cool. Plus, if he's as good of a dancer as he is a thinker, than I'll have a very good chance of winning with him." /

Otto says: "I hope Angelica will be watching my performance from wherever she currently is, because then she'll be mad with jealousy! I will prove to her I am a really great lover and romancer, and that Angelica should have NEVER tried to betray me by cheating off my sister! I might be dancing with Lil tonight, but it could have been Angelica's chance for romance! It REALLY could have been!" (End Confessional) Stimpy says: "Sandy, do you have a routine planned for this evening?" Sandy says: "Sure, I've read about a lot of different things, and dancing is 1 of them! We will be performing a new routine called the Top Gun dance! And the song of choice is Berlin's Take My Breath Away." Stimpy says: "Sounds pretty cool!" Sandy says: "Do you really think so?" Stimpy says: "Of course I do! Let's start practicing right away!" / Otto says: "Lil, I want to do a stunt-themed dance!" Lil says: "And I say we need to do a politically themed dance!" Otto says: "Whatever for?" Lil says: "Everyone sees politics as stuffy and boring. I want to throw some spice on it and show everyone what a blast it can be! You know what? My ESP tells me that if we do THAT kind of dance, then we're going to have fun, Fun, FUN!"

Otto says: "Than in YOUR case, ESP must stand for Extra Stupid Personality! How can we have fun, Fun, FUN without extreme sports? There's no adrenaline rush, no risk involved, no competition, no record to break, there won't even be any chance to bleed! Besides, the only thing politics is good for is dividing up a country like the United States, okay?!" Lil says: "You know what, Otto? It wouldn't hurt you to listen to what other people had to say once in a while!" Otto says: "I listen, I just don't care! Your opinion has absolutely no bearing on MY opinion, because I know I'm ALWAYS right!" Lil says: "What about Stimpy's son, Stinky? You sure weren't right about that!" Otto yells: "I will NEVER consider a floating stink bag of fart a biological son of Stimpy!" Lil threateningly says: "You better apologize to me right now, because YOUR fate is in my hands!" Otto says: "And how do you figure that?" Lil says: "Because if I don't perform, YOU can't perform, and we'll both automatically be fated to be on the chopping block of potential losing campers. And since it's entirely YOUR decision about whether or not you decide to make an apology to me, Fondue will consider YOU at fault for making US lose, and will boot YOU off of the show tonight if we lose!"

Otto says: "You're BLUFFING!" Lil says: "My ESP NEVER bluffs!" Otto says: "Fine! I'm not ALWAYS right! You're not a complete loser! I value the SMALL portion of you that ISN'T a loser! Will you dance with me now?!" Lil says: "Not until I hear a sorry from you!" Otto yells: "FORGET IT!!!! I will NEVER back down and apologize over Stimpy's stupid son!" Lil says: "Have it your way, then. A lot of good your stubbornness will do you when you lose a chance at $150,000 and your chance to impress Angelica Pickles!" Otto yells: "DOH!!!!" (Confessional) Otto says: "That crazy loon Lil is pushing me TOO far! Its bad enough she wants me to dance WITH her, but using my Achilles Heel to exploit my weakness for money and Angelica? That's just low, even by MY standards! If anybody's leaving tonight, it's going to be LIL! And I'll make sure that it's Lil who leaves and not me, by ANY means necessary!" (End Confessional) Otto, speaking with false niceness says: "Okay Lil, you got me. I'm sorry what I said about Stinky and I think that it's GREAT Stimpy has a son. I also think your idea is really cool!" Lil says: "Apology accepted! Now was that so hard to say?"

Otto says: "It wasn't hard to say. (Under his breath) And I won't have to say it with YOU much longer!" / A montage of practicing scenes is seen. Stimpy and Sandy start off shaky, but they begin to get their act together, and are soon able to move and groove with the greatest of ease. Lil has a tough time trying to master HER routine because Otto secretly keeps changing LIL'S part of the dance, and messing up the songs Lil tries to practice to! In all too soon, the evening arrives, and it's time for the dance show. / Fondue says: "Time's up! Practice has ended, and it's time for the main event! First, we have from Bikini Bottom, wearing a REALLY large space helmet filled with water, dance and music enthusiast, Squidward Tentacles!" Squidward steps out of his limo and says: "Whatever. I hope there's a good show on tonight, because there certainly aren't any in Bikini Bottom." Fondue says: "I don't think you'll be disappointed. These campers are ready to do their dancing stuff!" Backstage, Sandy asks: "Stimpy, do you think Squidward will give us extra points if we mention the Krusty Krab?" Stimpy says: "As far as I'm concerned, I think we should stay away as far as possible from ANYTHING concerning Squidward's personal life!"

Fondue says: "Our 1st act of tonight is a double mammalian threat! One's a hip, happy cat, and the other is a seriously smart squirrel; it's Stimpy J. Cat and Sandy Cheeks performing their Top Gun dance to Berlin's Take My Breath Away!" The ballad and dance is soft and slow as the song plays.

Berlin sings: "I'm participating in this foolish lover's game. Over the starless ocean, finally lovers know no shame. Turning and returning to some secret place to cry. Watching, I keep waiting until I hear you say, take my breath away. The evening deserves to have its own voice heard, sleeping and it's waiting to be heard in its own world. Whirling and returning to some secret place to hide. Watching, I keep waiting until you hear me say, my loves take my breath away. When the mirror crashed I called you, in time you slipped away. When the mirrors smashed I found you, and turned to hear you say, hold me for today, I am but a flame. Take my breath away. I'm participating in this foolish lover's game. Over the starless ocean, finally lovers know no shame. Turning and returning to some secret place inside. Watching, I keep waiting until we both say, take my breath away. We'll say, take my breath away. Take my breath away, baby now. Take my breath away sweet darling, take my breath away." Squidward is moved to tears by this and says: "That was SO beautiful! I have NEVER seen such a display of grace and majestic caress married together in such a song and dance before! It was marvelous! I give it 5 stars!" Sandy says: "We did it, Stimpy! We're way in the lead!" Fondue says: "That WAS impressive, but now it's time to see if Lil and Otto can do any better!"

Otto says: "I know that I'LL do better, I can't say the same thing for Lil!" Lil says: "What's THAT supposed to mean?!" Otto says: "Oh, you'll find out soon enough!" (Confessional) Otto says: "Even on my WORST days, I could EASILY out dance Lil Deville on ANY day of the week, but just as an extra precaution, I switched Lil's size 9 shoes, with size 6 shoes, and I flipped the 6 around so Lil still thinks she's wearing her size 9 shoes! When she's dancing, her shoes will cause her so much pain and she won't be able to dance so well with her feet hurting her. And when she can't keep up with me, I'LL be the winner and I'll make it to the Final 3 like I was ALWAYS meant to!" (End Confessional) Fondue says: "Our last, but hopefully not LEAST act of tonight, Otto Rocket and Lil Deville performing a stunt-themed dance to the Re-Flex tune of The Politics of Dancing!" The music and dance is frantic, as well as the song. Otto can easily keep up, while Lil is struggling to NOT feel the pain in her feet!

Re-Flex sings: "We've got the message; I heard it on the airwaves. The politicians are now dreaming. The broadcast is spreading station to station like an infection across the nation. You know you really can't stop it so you start to pray; you've got to get out of the way! The politics of dancing, the politics of ooh, feeling good, the politics of moving, oh yeah! Is this message understood? We've got the message and we're counting on you. It's not what you say, it's what you do. It's in the papers, and on the TV, this entertainment, is coming near you. And you know you really can't stop it so you got to pray; you've got to get out of the way! The politics of dancing, the politics of ooh, feeling good, the politics of moving, oh yeah! Is this message understood?!" (Chorus is repeated 4 more times until the song is stopped) Squidward says: "That's enough! Lil is COMPLETELY uncoordinated with Otto Rocket! She'll never be a great dancer if she keeps grabbing her feet all the time!" Lil says: "I don't get it! My feet have never hurt THIS bad when I've danced before! What gives?"

Squidward says: "I don't know what IS giving, but what I'm giving you is a big, fat, ZERO! I'm going back to Bikini Bottom, and make a petition to keep Lil Deville from EVER dancing there!" Fondue says: "And there you have it, Stimpy and Sandy both win invincibility tonight. Lil and Otto, the decision is up to me as to the next camper who gets eliminated at tonight's bonfire!" (Confessional) Stimpy says: "This is precisely why I don't WEAR shoes! It's too easy for people to switch them and get you tripped up! That's why I've built my feet up to handle anything! I'm an all-terrain cat who can handle any kind of weather, and Ren is an all-terrain dog to!" / Otto says: "Of all the things Angelica said while she was on the game show, she was right about ONE thing; cheating is only cheating if you get caught, and since no one caught me switching Lil's shoes, I technically didn't cheat. My conscience is clear and I'm going to WIN that money AND Angelica's heart!" (End Confessional) The 4 campers are at the bonfire now, wondering who will not receive a valuable marshmallow. Fondue says: "The Final 3 will be decided tonight! A trio of marshmallows and a solo camper who won't receive one! This is for all the marbles! Stimpy and Sandy, two immunity marshmallows for you! And now, only 1 loser on the loser's team will get safety! This is the LAST marshmallow of the night!

(Dramatic music plays, Lil sweats and nervously looks at Stimpy, Sandy, and Fondue, while Otto just keeps confidently looking at the marshmallow) Otto, here's your stupid marshmallow!" Stimpy says: "What?! I don't understand! I thought everyone LIKED Lil!" Otto says: "If 'liked' is the operative word here, than I liked Lil Deville as much as I like a hernia!" Stimpy says: "You mean you don't care Lil won't be participating anymore?" Otto says: "Of course not! She's not who I want to play against in the next challenge! The 2 of you are the most challenging campers left on this game show besides me, and if I can beat the both of you in order to win, that will make MY victory all the more sweeter!" Sandy says: "We'll just see about that! There's an old saying in Texas that you shouldn't count your chickens before they hatch!" Otto says: "And there's a saying in California that opportunity only knocks once. I saw MY opportunity, and I took it. It's a shame you can't hear opportunity like I can!" Stimpy says: "Lil, don't you worry about Otto! Somehow, I'll find a way to beat him and make him realize that it's not about who wins or loses, it's how you play the game and I'm going to play it right! I'll win for you AND my son!"

Lil says: "That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard a guy say ever! It's a shame I can't be here to see you win in person! Oh well, it's time for me to go! I always knew I'd have to leave sometime!" And Lil throws a vial of purple liquid down to the ground and disappears in a puff of smoke! Sandy says: "Wow! Lil sure knows how to enter and exit a game show dramatically!" Stimpy says: "That's why I love her so much!" Fondue says: "The 3 of you are safe! In 2 more days, the semi-challenge will be held at this camp! Be prepared for anything!" (Confessional) Sandy says: "I was BORN to win this! I am a winner, which means I never lose! It's just logic, and logic trumps extreme sports daredevil every single time!" / Stimpy says: "So it all comes down to this. It's time to show everyone what my A Game is made of! This is my time to show just how hard I'm willing to work to win this thing! It's time for me to make my son and my girlfriend proud!" / Otto says: "I can't believe Lil took getting booted off to both her and Stimpy's advantage by giving Stimpy more incentive! Curses! Somebody ALWAYS helps that cat! But incentive or no incentive, I'm STILL skilled enough to beat HIM, and whoa to anyone who tries to help him!"

(End Confessional) Episode Notes: 1st episode that Sniz doesn't appear in, and 1st time Fondue hosts an episode. Lil Deville is voted off in this episode, and the Final 3 are decided! Sandy, Stimpy, and Otto! Who will win? Find out in the semi-finals in the next episode! 239236.gif

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"Cartoon GUTS!!!!" Instead of the show starting outside like it usually does, the camera starts inside of a stadium place. A random voice shouts: "GUTS!!!!" Sniz says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, yours truly was off attending an award show and picked up an award, so Fondue got to fill in for me with a challenge of his own. And boy, did he have quite the original idea. A dancing challenge saw Sandy pairing up with Stimpy, and Otto teaming up with Lil. While Stimpy and Sandy were able to come up with a dance routine, Otto and Lil couldn't agree on anything. The squirrel and the cat easily won victory while Otto sabotaged Lil's chances, and Lil's hopes of winning LITERALLY went up in smoke after she was eliminated, as she vanished without a trace. Now we're down to the Final 3. Otto Rocket, Sandy Cheeks, and Stimpy J. Cat have battled through 24 challenges to make it this far. One more contestant will face the Dock of Shame and the Boat of Losers before being eliminated after we hold the hardest challenge we've had yet! Today, we're going old-school, and bringing back an old favorite, by taking this challenge to the Extreme Arena! After 4 challenges, they will all have to climb the Mega Crag, and only the 2 highest scorers will get to move on into the Final Round. Now it's time to ask the question; DO THEY HAVE IT?!!!" The Random voice once again shouts: "GUTS!!!!" /

Once again, a different theme song is played; this time, it is the 2nd opening theme song of "Nickelodeon GUTS." / The Random voice sings: "It takes a certain kind of person to keep their body working with the precision and the decision to make it to the top. Do you have it? It takes a certain kind of person to keep their body pumping with the rhythm and the beat and they need a lot. Do you have it? DO YOU HAVE IT? GUTS!!!! Do you have it? GUTS!!!!" / Sniz is in the arena and says: "Welcome to a special challenge of Total Cartoon Island! As you can see we will be playing inside today, as the Fairy Godparents have granted our wish to bring back the Extreme Arena from Nickelodeon's fabulous sports show, Nickelodeon GUTS! Otto is dressed in red, Sandy is dressed in green, and Stimpy is dressed in blue. The way to victory today will be obtained by winning points in the 4 main challenges and by claiming the Mega Crag trophy as their very own. And all of our contestants will be playing with safety as their utmost concern. They'll have professional Fairy trainers and spotters to help them at all times. So to everyone out their, please do not try to recreate these stunts at home! Now to go into more detail about how each challenge will work, here is my LOVELY co-host, Fondue!"

Fondue walks out dressed in a blond wig, silver high-heeled shoes, and wearing a sequined silver dress, looking like Vanna White. Fondue says: "Tell me again Sniz, WHY I have to look like this?" Sniz says: "You lost that bet against me, remember?" Fondue says: "I can't believe that you managed to win an award, for WORST spin-off on Spongebob Community Portal in HISTORY!" Sniz says: "It was a big hit on TV.com, and its an even bigger hit on Deviant Art. Besides, in my profession, there's no such thing as bad press. Now, are you going to hold up your end of the bargain or not?" Fondue says: "Only because my contract orders me to. Contestants, your 1st challenge is, the Zero G run!" Otto says: "Zero G? That means like space gravity, right?" Fondue says: "Correct! The 3 of you will be strapped to a special harness and run sideways across the track, avoiding various obstacles along the way. The fastest time wins. And 1st place gets 300 points, 2nd place gets 200 points, 3rd place gets 100 points." Sniz says: "Sounds like a cool challenge to me, and I just KNOW the contestants are excited as well!" (Confessional) Otto says: "Excited? He thinks that I'm excited about THIS?! What is WITH this challenge?! I play REAL sports, not these stupid stunts on some old show that doesn't even play on the air anymore! How am I supposed to win with THESE odds stacked against me?!" /

Stimpy says: "This challenge should be relatively simple, I've been into space LOADS of times on my own show with Ren. I know how to run sideways and even upside down if I need to! I definitely have a home-field advantage on this one!" / Sandy says: "Living underwater is kind of like living in space, so the skills I've mastered underwater should definitely help me here. But all the same, I can't afford to underestimate Otto Rocket. I knew I needed a way to ensure that victory wouldn't go to that over-competitive Rocket boy!" (End Confessional) Sandy whispers: "Stimpy, I've got a proposition for you." Stimpy says: "What kind of proposition is it?" Sandy says: "Team up with me and help me take down Otto Rocket. You do that for me, and I promise that if I win in the finals, I'll split my winnings with you." Stimpy says: "But what if you DON'T win in the finals?" Sandy says: "I'll buy you a brand new iLog, the latest, most futuristic version of the toy-name Log from Blammo! Now MP3, computer, and DVD compatible!" Stimpy says: "I like the sound of that! Sniz, I'd like to say that Sandy and I will be playing these challenges together, if that's all right with you!" Sniz says: "Sure! That sounds fine with me!"

Otto says: "Ix-nay on the onspiracy-cay! Sandy and Stimpy are obviously trying to gang up on me in order to whip my butt in this game! That is completely unfair! Get out your rule-book and do your rule-checking thing already!" Sniz says: "Sorry, that's the way the cookie crumbles. No rule against teamwork." Otto says: "You just make up the rules as you go along, don't you?!" Sniz says: "I love my job!" (Confessional) Otto says: "Note to self, never sign up for a STUPID reality show where the STUPID host can just RIP-OFF and make up their own unfair rules for their own stupid purposes EVER again!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "It's time to get this challenge started! Ready, Fondue?" Fondue says: "Otto; on your mark, get set, GO!" And a whistle blows and Otto begins his turn! Otto tries his best to run the sideways course by trying to run the track as though he was riding a skateboard against the wall, but his harness is making it hard for him to get a good footing on the track, and he keeps tripping over the obstacles. After nearly an agonizing minute, Otto finally makes it to the finish and a whistle blows. Fondue says: "Otto's time is 56.4 seconds!" Otto says: "Well, THAT could've gone better! In fact, I don't think it could've gone any WORSE!" Sniz says: "Sandy, you're next!" Fondue says: "On your mark, get set!"

And a whistle blows and Sandy begins her run. Sandy is better at running sideways than Otto is, as she completes the 1st half and goes on into the 2nd half. She gets stuck on 1 obstacle for a few seconds, but she manages to over jump it and cross the finish line rather quickly and an air-horn blows. Fondue says: "Sandy's time is 29.8 seconds!" Sniz says: "I think THAT'S an incredible time! Can Stimpy do any better?" Stimpy says: "I'll certainly try!" Fondue says: "On your mark, get set!" And a whistle blows and Stimpy begins his run! Sure enough, Stimpy is running the track without breaking a sweat, makes it over every obstacle, and doesn't trip up even once, as he races to the finish in record time as the air-horn blows! Fondue says: "Stimpy's time is 21.5 seconds!" Sniz says: "So right now, Stimpy's in 1st place with 300 points, Sandy's in 2nd with 200 points, and Otto's in 3rd with 100 points!" Sandy says: "Congratulations Stimpy, you did well!" Stimpy says: "Thanks Sandy, you weren't so bad yourself." (Confessional) Otto says: "I HATE team spirit! If this were a real competition, 1 on 1 AGAINST me, I would SO be kicking their BUTTS right now! There better be a REAL sport on the line-up today!" (End Confessional)

Sniz says: "Our next event is the Aerial Basketball Grab. Our contestants will all jump at the same time and try to grab the basketball at the top of the column. They will have 9 opportunities to grab the basketball, and whoever gets the ball the most amount of times, wins." Otto says: "Not a challenge I would've picked, but at least it's down to Earth." Sandy says: "Cheating won't help you win THIS event!" Otto scoffs and says: "Oh please! Like I'd NEED to cheat to beat Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber! You're just lucky you're not competing against my rival Lars Rodriguez. He's the kind of guy who would do ANYTHING to win!" (Confessional) Otto says: "As the son and heir to the Rocket family dynasty of extreme sports, one thing my father taught me is winning is NOTHING without integrity. If you don't have integrity, you don't have anything. I'll prove to Sandy and Stimpy I don't need to do anything unorthodox in order to beat them and win, or I'll lose trying! Yes, it's risky playing a game without cheating in order to make a point, but that's the chance I'm willing to make! I want to make Reggie PROUD to have me as her brother, and teach Angelica Pickles a point!" (End Confessional)

After Otto's confessional ends, he, Stimpy, and Sandy are ready to begin grabbing the basketball in the Aerial Basketball Grab event. Sniz says: "Don't forget contestants; you must wait BEFORE Fondue blows his whistle before you jump off and bounce up to grab the basketball!" Sandy says: "You think you can handle THAT, Otto?" Otto says: "I can handle ANYTHING you or this show can dish out!" Fondue says: "On your mark, get set!" (Blows whistle) And the 9 attempts to claim a basketball begin. Stimpy gets the ball on the 1st attempt, Sandy gets the ball on the 2nd attempt, Otto gets the ball on the 3rd attempt, Sandy gets the ball on the 4th attempt, Stimpy gets the ball on the 5th attempt, Otto gets the ball on the 6th & 7th attempt, Stimpy gets the ball on the 8th attempt, and Sandy gets the ball on the 9th attempt! Sniz says: "And this challenge is over! Fondue, just how well did our players do?!" Fondue says: "For the Aerial Basketball Grab event, it was a 3-way tie! Each contestant grabbed the basketball fairly 3 times each!" Sniz says: "Than that means its time to look at the scoreboard again & see where our contestants are at now! Stimpy is still in the lead with 600 points, Sandy is in 2nd with 500 points, and Otto is in 3rd with 400 points!" Otto says: "You're pretty fast when it comes to grabbing a ball, Stimpy!" Stimpy says: "I thank you for your pleasant compliment!"

Otto says: "But I'm not out of this game yet! I STILL plan on winning!" Sandy says: "Why is winning so important to you?" Otto says: "Because if I DON'T win, then I WILL lose, and Rocket's are NOT known for losing!" Stimpy says: "But your sister Reggie lost and she took it just fine." Otto says: "That's because Angelica sabotaged her chances! Angelica would've NEVER beaten Reggie in a fair competition!" Sandy says: "Never say 'never' when it comes to competition. There will always be different variables involved." Otto says: "Wouldn't know, science is for UNTALENTED people who can't play an A-game!" Sandy says: "You haven't even seen MY A-game, Otto!" Otto says: "Bring it on then! Otherwise, these challenges won't be as satisfying!" (Fake Commercial)

An announcer says: "Blammo! is ready to take you into the 21st Century, and update an old favorite with some cool new features! Log is now iLog; MP3, DVD, and computer compatible! Whether you want to browse on the Internet, listen to your favorite music, or watch your favorite movies, the iLog can help you! Nothing says entertainment like a brand new product from Blammo! Yes, it's Log. All kids love Log." Children sing: "What rolls down stairs, rolls over in pairs, rolls over your neighbor's dog? What's great for a snack, what fits on your back? It's log, log, Log! It's log, log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's log, log, it's better than bad, it's good! Everyone wants a log, you're going to love it long. Come on and get your log, everyone needs a log, log, log, log, log!" An Announcer says: "Log from Blammo! Batteries not included!" (Fake Commercial ends.) / (Confessional) Sandy says: "Otto Rocket can simply be analyzed as a person who not only likes to gloat about his own skills, but undermine other people's confidence at the same time! Not only that, he always has to be the center of attention in team sports! When the Screaming Cats were a team, at least I let my fellow team-mates have the spot-light unlike Otto never did!" /

Stimpy says: "There are some things in life I still don't understand, and the conflict between Sandy and Otto is one of them. Why are they always at each other's throats? It's not like Otto ever did anything personal to Sandy or vice-versa. Why can't they just enjoy playing the game instead of being hostile at each other?" / Otto says: "It's not MY fault that Sandy doesn't understand me! She just doesn't comprehend that science and sports don't mix!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "It's time to move on to our 3rd event! What do we have slated for THIS challenge?" Fondue says: "Our next event is called Hang Ten. Each contestant will have a separate 60 second turn to dive into our ocean-simulating Extreme Pool to grab 10 buoys randomly deposited around the pool or as many buoys as they can. Whoever grabs the most buoys, wins!" Otto says: "YES! An ACTUAL sport! Here's an area where I will HAVE to dominate, considering that I'm an expert at actual sports!" Sandy says: "You're not the only one who can swim you know." Stimpy says: "And compared with Reggie Rocket, I thought swimming was your worst event." Otto says: "Between Reggie and myself, there's not much skill difference comparing our best events with our worst events. I STILL rank #4 as best swimmer in Ocean Shores, California!"

Sandy says: "Only in the boy's division!" Otto says: "At least I DO rank in a division, which is more than I can say for you, Miss Smart-aleck who lives in the ocean but doesn't even take the time to swim!" Sandy says: "Spongebob helped me out SINCE the surfing challenge, big mouth!" Otto says: "It's still not enough to beat me!" Stimpy says: "Knock it off, you two! Can't we just have a friendly competition?" Sandy and Otto both scream: "NO!!!!" (Confessional) Stimpy says: "In the half of my life that I've known Ren as my best friend, I always thought that REN was a competitive spirit, but Sandy and Otto make Ren's drive to win in life look like nothing! Winning shouldn't come at the cost of having fun. Winning or losing means nothing unless you can have fun no matter what happens to you. It's amazing how I managed to wind up with Mr. and Ms. Crazy Compulsive Competitive Camper Contestants." (End Confessional) Sniz says: "The pool is all set up and Otto is ready for the event to begin!" Fondue says: "On your mark, get set!" (Blows whistle!) And Otto begins attacking the turbulent action of the Extreme Pool like a hungry tiger shark, and before 60 seconds is up, Otto grabs 9 buoys! Otto says: "Beat THAT, bucktooth! I fear that you're destined to fail."

Sandy says: "Gladly! Texan's don't know the meaning of the word 'quit!'" Otto says: "Obviously because the collective IQ of the entire state of Texas is less than that of an ACTUAL squid rather than my friend, Sam the Squid, due in large part to the actions of the man YOU elected in 2000 & 2004!" Sandy says: "The people who govern MY state have no bearings on MY IQ whether they become President or not! Besides, we ALL know that nobody elected him HONESTLY!" Otto says: "Because YOU threw your vote away on Ralph Nader!" Sandy says: "Do you get your sick kicks out of insulting everything you see?!" Otto says: "Only if it's someone who will never measure up to me!" Sandy says: "Otto, you asked for it! I think it's time you found out that anything you can do, I can do better, anytime, anyplace, any challenge, ANYWHERE!" Otto says: "I'll be sure to write THAT quote on your tombstone when you drown." (Confessional) Sandy says: "Otto thinks he's SO perfect in everything he does! Well, I'll show him that my buck-teeth aren't just for breaking acorns; they're about to break his over-confidence and his overly smug attitude!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "The pool is set up for Sandy, and she's raring to get this challenge going!" Fondue says: "On your mark, get set!" (Blows whistle!)

Sandy swims slower than Otto, but she's able to maneuver through the waves more easily as she goes WITH the flow of the waves rather than against it, surprising even Otto as SHE manages to grab 9 buoys before 60 seconds is up! Sandy says: "Not winning as easily as you thought, are you Otto?" Otto says: "I never said winning WOULD be easy against you, I said it would be challenging! And you're way more crafty than I've given you credit for, considering that you've been able to go from zero to 6 on the swimming scale in just 8 challenges." Sandy says: "If it hadn't had been for Angelica Pickles, you would've NEVER kept me on after the 20th challenge!" Otto says: "That's projecting! That's what YOU would've wished for if it hadn't have been for Angelica Pickles! Maybe that's the only difference between us! I wouldn't have minded losing against Angelica Pickles if it meant she eliminated me, the only reason I helped you get rid of her is so you'd finally trust me for not cheating. Now from what I hear you saying about me, you still think I cheat! Well, who's the bigger cheater? Is it the cheater who asks for help by wishing her competition away when she can't win on her own, or the cheater who tries to help the cheating cheater out? I've done the math and my conscience is clear! But you might want to ask yourself, can the same thing be said about you?!"

(Confessional) Sandy says: "Otto Rocket, accusing ME of not playing by the rules?! When have I ever NOT played by the rules?! Just because I use a GPS system, in order to find Spongebob in a game of hide and seek, sets no precedence of me cheating in anything! I was just using the skills available to me, and using tools is a skill! And it's no fault of mine if a certain person doesn't know how to use a tool as well as I do! That's NOT considered cheating!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "The pool is now ready for Stimpy! Is Stimpy ready for the pool?" Stimpy says: "Always!" Fondue says: "On your mark, get set!" (Blows whistle) And Stimpy motors through the pool like a cheetah motors on land! It doesn't even take Stimpy 50 seconds before he grabs all 10 buoys! Sandy and Otto both ask: "How did he DO that?!" Sniz says: "I don't know, but that really blew my mind! But I'm speaking metaphorically of course. And now, the scoreboard now shows Stimpy in the lead with 900 points, Sandy is in 2nd with 700 points, & Otto is in 3rd with 600 points!" Sandy says: "I don't understand it! What am I doing wrong?!" Stimpy says: "It's like I've said before, Sandy. You're letting your drive to win over-ride your purpose of playing this game. It shouldn't matter whether you're better than somebody else or not. What should matter is if you have fun. And from what I've seen, neither of you are having much fun."

Otto says: "Only because YOU'RE winning!" Stimpy says: "I don't CARE if I win! I just want to do my best & have fun. When you stop and think about it; that's the #1 reason why you should be playing. Don't play if you're only interested in winning, play because you want to have fun!" (Confessional) Sandy sighs: "Stimpy's right. What have I been thinking? What good is winning if it just makes me angry at Otto? I WOULD like the money, but I'd also like Spongebob to be happy that I was in the game, and I haven't exactly been the picture of impressing my boyfriend recently." / Otto sighs: "Stimpy's right. The only purpose I had of coming on this game show was to win. Why should winning be the only thing that matters to a Rocket? Shouldn't love be important as well? I still love Angelica, a lot. But I definitely haven't been displaying my love in the right way. I need to show her I can be loyal to Angelica 1st even if it means wanting to win 2nd. Maybe if I do that for her, maybe she'll do that for me. It'll definitely be a change from all those other times I've tried to impress her!" (End Confessional)

Fondue says: "What's our next event, Sniz?" Sniz says: "Our 4th event is Tornado Run. Our contestants will run across pothole pass, over steaming stream, stepping on every stone, over the jungle vine climb, through the thick fog in order to reach the finish. Whoever crosses 1st, will win!" Otto says: "Sandy, if it means anything to you, I'm sorry I called you buck-teeth along with many other insults I've probably said to you. I can't remember the rest of them, though." Sandy says: "Well, I'm sorry I accused you of cheating off your own sister. I should've waited for proof like Rocko did." (Confessional) Stimpy says: "Are Sandy and Otto ACTUALLY talking to each other and being polite just because of something I said?! I don't think I've ever done THAT before! Maybe I should try speaking to other people more often!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Fondue, let's get this show on the road!" Fondue says: "On your mark, get set!" (Blows whistle) And the 3 contestants begin running around the track! Sandy does well over pothole pass, Otto does well on the steaming stream, both of them get over the jungle vine climb well, but Stimpy's able to see through the fog the easiest and makes his way past the both of them and crosses the finish line 1st, while Sandy & Otto both cross the finish line at the exact same time!

Fondue says: "This is unprecedented! According to our slow-motion camera's, Sandy & Otto both planted their feet on the ground in front of the finish time at the exact same second! That means our scoreboard still has Stimpy in the lead with 1200 points, Sandy is in 2nd with 900 points, Otto is in 3rd with 800 points!" Sniz says: "And there's just 1 more event to go! If Stimpy wins the next event, he will accomplish the rare event of achieving the perfect score!" Fondue says: "But we shouldn't count out ANYONE! It's STILL anyone's game!" (Confessional) Sandy says: "Even if I don't make it to the top first, if I manage to come in 2nd, I'll STILL get into the Finals." / Otto says: "Not winning the final challenge goes against everything I've been taught as a Rocket. But a perfect score? That's an opportunity I wouldn't let ANYONE pass up, not for all the money in the world! Comparing my shots of winning the finals, versus Stimpy's chance of achieving a chance at an area of perfection? There's no contest. I think my choice is clear." (End Confessional)

Sniz says: "The time has come for our final event! The big, the mighty, the giant MEGA Crag! The ultimate test of skills, strength, endurance, & stamina! Our contestants will have to avoid lose rocks, erupting geysers, pointed ledges, and the vertical climb in order to get to the top! They must push 8 activator buttons before they reach the top and push the winning activator button! So whoever pushes all 8 activator buttons 1st and reaches the top in order push their own activator button without crossing into another player's path will win the Mega Crag!" Fondue says: "Are all of our contestants ready?" Sandy says: "Yeah!" Otto says: "Sure!" Stimpy says: "I'm as ready as I'll ever be!" Fondue says: "On your mark, get set!" (Blows whistle) And just like that, the 3 contestants begin the final event, all 3 players remain neck to neck as they punch all the activators and avoid all the obstacles! When they get to the vertical climb, they struggle to climb onto the ledge, but Otto begins to make his move. Otto says: "Forgive me father, but this is one time that my losing is more important so that someone more deserving can win." And Otto purposely jumps to Sandy's side, preventing her from climbing so that Stimpy can reach the top 1st, and Stimpy pushes his activator button. Otto then pushes Sandy up over the top so that she can push in 2nd, and Otto gets back on his side and pushes his activator button last!

Sniz says: "And it's over! It's all over! All of our contestants have punched in! That was a really incredible run!" Sandy says: "Incredible?! Otto kept me from punching in 1st!" Otto says: "Are you saying that you wanted to deny Stimpy his chance of having a perfect score? It's hard enough to win a game, but to win a game with a perfect score is a TRUE testament of character, and I wanted Stimpy to have a piece of being a true competitor. He deserves it more than I did, and I made sure to disqualify myself by cheating to help you win 2nd, because I wanted to prove to you that me winning in a challenge personally doesn't have to be the only thing important to me. This is a challenge where the better contestants were going to win, and this time, you & Stimpy were the better contestants." Sandy says: "You mean you sacrificed your chance of winning $150,000 just to give US a chance of competing in the finals?" Otto says: "There'll be other challenges. And I hope to compete against you again, someday. Next time, I'll have learned more skills, be better in those skills, and try even harder than I did this time, and I hope that you'll do that to!" Sandy says: "Wow! That must be the coolest thing you've done for anyone!"

Sniz says: "And with that event settled, the score is all finalized! Otto came in 3rd place with 1,175 points. In 2nd place was Sandy Cheeks with 1,450 points. And our winner today, Stimpy J. Cat with a perfect score of 1,925 points, bringing home the gold and a piece of the Mega Crag!" Fondue says: "We sure had a great performance here from everyone! Stimpy & Sandy, you've earned your place in the Finals! Otto, it's time for you to go!" Otto says: "I might have not been the best contestant this time, but I hope that I'll be remembered as the COOLEST contestant who competed on this show!" Stimpy says: "Wow. Otto looks cool even when he walks the Dock of Shame & onto the Boat of Losers!" Sandy says: "That takes SERIOUS talent! I sure hope his dad doesn't mind Otto's loss." Stimpy says: "And I hope Otto can make things right in his love relationship with Angelica Pickles!" Sandy says: "You said it!"

(Confessional) Otto says: "Definition of 'lousy?' Being a stickler for your word by NOT cheating in order to win, telling the other contestants that they performed better than you even if you think that you deserved to play, proving that you're not a total heel by helping other people to win by sacrificing your own chances of getting money, and eliminating yourself from the game in order to impress a girlfriend even at the risk of making the Rocket family name look bad. And THAT is the definition of LOUSY! (Points up to the sky) Whoever's in charge of karma, I hope this COUNTS for something!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Well, disqualifying yourself through elimination may score you a few brownie points with a potential love connection, but it DEFINITELY loses you a chance of winning $150,000. Stay tuned to see what happens in the finals of Total Cartoon Island!" Episode Notes: Otto eliminates himself from the game by disqualifying himself on purpose. Stimpy wins immunity by getting a perfect score; while Sandy and Otto finally apologize to each other. / Now, since I actually DID write this episode without even looking at ANY episode of "Total Drama" in any way, shape or form, I think its clear that my series is NOT, as some people have said, a rip-off! I hope you enjoyed reading this episode as much as I did writing it!

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Best episode so far. 630566.gif But you should start a new line for dialog with characters. It makes the paragraphs less intimidating. 893573.gif The show has potential, and this episode really started to show it. But this episode was still based on something, and while it was somewhat a parody, not really. Parodying/spoofing something is more like playfully poking fun at it. Try that, or try a nice, original concept. I'll continue to read the show.

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Ok, you want my honest opinion, I will post nicer and more constructive

-Everything 70s said about dialog

-Try to think up different dialog that makes it not sound like a line pulled right out of Total Drama

-Try to not use Total Drama storylines also because I do feel deja vu about some of your episodes storylines

-Try to give different personalities to the characters since most of these characters feel like carbon copies of Total Drama characters still. For example, Lil reminds me a lot like Izzy due to her vanishing in thin air after she got voted out. In Rugrats, Lil was part girly girl, part gross since she ate bugs. While I'm not all in favor of the way she was on the show, try making her be like her original character?

Now I will say something positive, if you put as much effort into making your show feel less Total Drama but still have the same Total Drama/semi-reality set-up then you could have a nice parody

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"The Blooper Reel Episode!" (Part One) The show fades in on the normal dock scene opening, but instead of Sniz being there, Cosmo and Wanda pop out of thin air! Cosmo says: "I'm Cosmo!" Wanda says: "I'm Wanda!" And both say: "And we're...your Fairly Odd Blooper Reel Hosts!" Cosmo says: "Today, we're going to take a look behind the scenes at what makes Total Cartoon Island one of the hottest shows currently playing on Nickelodeon!" Wanda says: "That's right, Cosmo! People might think the life of a cartoon reality show contestant is all fun and games, but there are times when even the best campers make mistakes!" Cosmo says: "I know that I do!" Wanda says: "Our boy Poof wanted to be here to, but he came down with a case of Fairy Pox and had to stay home with Timmy Turner." Cosmo says: "But don't let that stop you from enjoying the various scenes YOU'RE about to see, from what Sniz and Fondue haven't shown on the air!" Wanda says: "And you better believe that it's 12 different kinds of funny!" They then magically make a giant movie screen appear. This includes a digital projector displaying an image on the screen. Cosmo says: "Let's start watching the magic now!"

On the screen, the titles read, "Episode 1 Out-takes." Wanda says: "In the 1st episode, when Patrick was introduced to the other campers, he was supposed to ride on water skis and jump from a ramp onto the dock with perfect form." Cosmo says: "But Patrick kept messing up!" On the 1st attempt, a shark jumped out of the water and took a bite out of Patrick's shorts AND his butt! On the 2nd attempt, Patrick let go of the rope too soon and landed in a whirlpool with all of his clothes spat out and Patrick completely naked! On the 3rd attempt, Patrick does the routine correctly, but his body crashes through the Dock and a shark chews off Patrick's feet. Wanda says: "Sniz and Fondue decided to use the 4th attempt, where Patrick held onto the rope too long, landed in the water off of the far side of the Dock, and splashed water onto Angelica, because it was that attempt that looked the best on TV." Cosmo says: "And Patrick wasn't the only one who had problems on the 1st day. Check out some of the humiliation Roger Plotz and Ren Hook had to face!" Off-screen, Ren Hoek says: "That's HOEK, you eediot! Not Hook!" Cosmo says: "Right! What did I say?" Wanda says: "Never mind! Just roll the clips!" On the screen, Sniz says: "And our next contestant is, Ren Hack!" Ren yells: "I am NOT a Hack!" (Cuts) Sniz says: "And our next contestant is Ren Huck!" Ren says: "Do I look like a Mark Twain character?!" (Cuts)

Sniz says: "And our next contestant is, Ren Hood!" Ren says: "I am NOT wearing a red hood, nor am I riding anywhere! But I did star in an episode of Ren & Stimpy where I got to play Robin Hood." (Cuts) Sniz says: "And our next contestant is--." And the screen suddenly pauses. Wanda says: "I'm just going to skip to the next scene because the next thing Sniz and Ren say gets REALLY offensive! So eventually, they just decided to let Sniz make a mistake on Ren Hoek's last name that would give Ren the least angry reaction." (Tape fast-forwards) Sniz says: "Our next contestant; is Roger Plans!" Fondue says: "No, it's Plotz!" Sniz says: "How would I know what Roger plots? His role on Doug and the show itself ended before WE ever came on the air!" (Cuts) Sniz says: "OH! So his last name WAS Plotz! I really got to stop letting Cosmo write my scripts for me! Our next contestant is, Roger Plotz!" And Roger walks up to him, but an off-screen bird poops on Roger's head! Sniz says: "All right! Which one of you fairy geniuses forgot to let the birds go to the bathroom BEFORE we started filming?!" Cosmo says: "I had nothing to do with it!" Fondue says: "I heard THAT one before!"

(Camera pauses) Cosmo says: "And the humiliation didn't end on the 1st episode! In fact, it was one thing the campers faced on a daily basis!" Wanda says: "Check out this unseen footage from the 2nd episode!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "You might have seen Jimmy Neutron jump off the cliff, yet there was actually more than one attempt performed by Jimmy!" Wanda says: "Here's what happened the 1st time!" Jimmy jumps off, but his shorts get ripped off by a pointed rock jutting out from the cliff, and he uses his hands to cover up his naked front side! Aang says: "Sheesh! Now THAT'S what I call a wardrobe malfunction!" (Cuts) Wanda says: "And here's what happened the 2nd time!" Jimmy jumps off, but in the lake, a dolphin does a forward flip into the air and creates a wave that bounces Jimmy into the trees where he gets badly injured! Aang says: "Oooh, now THAT'S got to hurt!" (Camera pauses) Cosmo says: "The results of the 1st challenge resulted in the Screaming Cats winning and the Killer Beavers losing. Roger Plotz was the 1st camper voted off." Wanda says: "And now for your viewing pleasure, we have a personal recording of Roger Plotz confessing his feelings about the ordeal." (Camera rolls)

Roger says: "Am I upset about the vote-off? Of course I am! Am I surprised that I got voted off? Not really. All the girls and some of the guys on my team hated me for what I said, and frankly, what I said about girls was REALLY stupid! Just because you believe that something might be true is no excuse for you to say it out loud when it can get you into trouble! From now on, I intend to THINK about what I say before I say it!" (Cuts) Cosmo says: "And you won't believe this next piece of footage from the 3rd episode! As it turns out, Rocko didn't really mind nudity as much as he claimed to before he stopped caring about it!" Wanda says: "Are we ALLOWED to air this footage?" Cosmo says: "Of course we are! I got Jorgen's backing on this one! It will bring in ratings!" (Camera rolls) The scene is shown in night-vision, and Sniz is up close to the camera. Sniz says: "What you are about to witness is one of the most unique miracles in natural behavior." (Camera pans to Fondue) Fondue says: "At every night, at approximately 12:30 AM, Rocko goes into our kitchen fridge for a cup of milk." (Camera pans to Sniz) Sniz says: "And he isn't even dressed for the event, if you know what I mean!" (Camera pans to Fondue) Fondue says: "That's right, folks! He's completely, NAKED!" Sniz says: "With no clothes on!"

And sure enough, they record Rocko walking down the stairs into the kitchen not covering himself up (not that there's anything naughty that can be seen) and he goes to the fridge, takes out a pint of milk, pours it into the cup, and drinks it all up. Sniz says: "This is DEFINITELY going to go into our blooper reel footage!" Rocko turns around and says: "Are you filming ME?! I didn't say you could film me!" Fondue says: "He saw us! Should we run away?!" Sniz says: "No way, man! I want to know how Rocko is feeling at this very moment!" Rocko runs up towards them and says: "I feel very upset! Why are you shooting footage of me naked?!" Sniz says: "Because it's funny!" Fondue says: "And because our Fairy Godparent research has shown us that the ratings go up MUCH higher whenever there's nudity involved!" Sniz says: "Besides, you're an Australian wallaby! You grew up not even knowing what clothes WERE before you moved to our civilization! What do you care if someone sees you naked?" Rocko relaxes and says: "You know what? I'm not even really sure of the answer myself." (Cuts) Wanda says: "That wasn't the only humiliating thing that was found out on that night!" Cosmo says: "Right now, we've got footage of a never before seen Confessional, from Helga G. Patacki!" (Camera rolls)

Helga theatrically says: "In public life, I act like a bully; I act as though I don't like other people. But there is one person that I like: Arnold! The sweet, precious, football headed boy from New York City. I've known you for the past 12 years of my life. It has always been my dream that one day, I would share the secrets of the affections that I have to you so that you and I could finally be in love as one. I'm using this confessional as my own personal way to express my feelings that I have been unable to express in any other way. I love you Arnold! I'm crazy for you Arnold! I want to date you, kiss you, and romance you! I want to make all of your dreams come true; and in turn, make MY greatest dream come true as well! Arnold, you'd make me the happiest female in the world if you would find it in your heart to give me a chance and make me your #1 main squeeze!" (Seriously) Helga says: "And just for the record, this is something that only ARNOLD is allowed to see! Show it to anyone else, and I'll just beat you up and pretend that the scene was all CGI'd! GOT IT?!" (Cuts) Wanda says: "Wow! Helga G. Patacki actually has a soft side! Who knew?!" Cosmo says: "Too bad she didn't show it while the game was being played. If she had, then when the Killer Beavers lost the 2nd challenge, it might have saved Helga from being eliminated."

Wanda says: "But she didn't, so Helga G. Patacki had to walk down the Dock of Shame, as the 2nd camper being voted off." Cosmo says: "And now, we have live, via web-cam, Helga G. Pataki herself about how she feels about that elimination!" Helga yells: "I have no feelings whatsoever about that situation! But what really angers me is that I specifically said NOT to show that footage! Do you even CARE about MY feelings?! Don't you understand that if my friends in New York City saw me spilling my guts to Arnold on live-national TV, it could destroy my public image?! Even I've got a reputation to maintain, as negative as it is!" Wanda says: "Of COURSE we care about your feelings, and don't worry about your reputation. We can probably fix that Confessional scene in post-editing." Helga says: "Thank you, I feel SO much better!" (Cuts) Cosmo says: "Our next victim--OOPS! I mean, camper on the chopping block is Ren--." Wanda screams: "HOEK!" Cosmo says: "I was going to say it correctly! You don't trust me to do ANYTHING right!" Wanda says: "Wrong! I trust you to always do something wrong, absolutely right, and at the worst possible time!" Cosmo says: "Wait, I'm confused. Was that a compliment, or an insult?" Wanda says: "Just roll the clip." (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "The asthma-hound Chihuahua Ren didn't seem to be too impressive when he arrived on the game show."

Wanda says: "But in the 3rd challenge, Ren surprised his team with a strong throwing arm and a winning plan that was hard to beat!" Cosmo says: "But even the best laid plans of mice, men, and dogs can become un-done, especially when Otto Rocket is involved!" Wanda says: "Otto's combo maneuvers and the partnership of the Killer Beaver's put an end to the Screaming Cat's winning streak, which didn't make Ren Hoek particularly happy." Cosmo says: "But Ren WASN'T happy about what happened!" Wanda says: "That's what I'm saying, Cosmo. Ren lost his temper and took out his anger against his own team." Cosmo says: "Ren quickly punished himself and said that it was a mistake for him to fly into such a blind fury." Wanda says: "But it was too little, too late. Ren Hoek still got the boot off the show and onto the Boat of Losers. But, he did provide us a tape interview on his feelings about the elimination." Ren says: "I deserved what I got the 1st time I was eliminated. I might have been a key player, but even if you're strategically important to a team's winning streak, your contributions will mean nothing if you lose your temper. After I was taken to the Loser's Last Resort, I knew that I had to take some Anger Management courses if I ever wanted to face my fellow team-mates in public again." (Pauses)

Cosmo says: "And to everyone's surprise, especially to Ren's, he got to face his team-mates sooner than he ever thought possible." Wanda says: "In the 6th challenge, the camper's had to face their fears, and accomplishing the goal would lead a team to a special prize; getting to re-instate one of their own eliminated campers back onto the team!" Cosmo says: "Phoebe and the rest of the team soon found out that Ren HAD changed for the better, and now was calm, more forgiving member of their team." Wanda says: "Once re-instated, Ren got to prove his other skills to his fellow team-mates! He proved to be a good scoring judge, an expert when it came to the arts of cooking, a master at wrapping presents, and he did surprisingly well in Jorgen's boot training camp as well." Cosmo says: "But Ren couldn't make it through everything that was thrown at him. Ren had no forte in fashion, and his lack of designer skills led him to his 2nd elimination on the show." Wanda says: "And now live via web-cam, here's Ren Hoek himself!" Ren says: "At least SOMEONE knows how to say my last name correctly!" Cosmo says: "I said I was sorry!" Ren says: "Whatever. I'm just glad that I was given a 2nd chance to redeem myself. It's not often that someone gets a 2nd shot to try again at something that they failed."

Wanda says: "Actually, I've given Cosmo lots of shots to try something again, but it takes him a LONG time for him to get something done right as far as EVERYTHING is concerned!" Cosmo says: "At least it doesn't take me forever! Why, it only took me 9,999 years before I finally became toilet-trained and no longer had to wear diapers!" Wanda says: "But we've been married for 10,000 years and Poof is already a year old! (Seriously) You have no idea of how truly stupid you are, do you?!" Cosmo says: "Who knows? I'm still trying to learn myself." Wanda says: "Take my advice, Ren. Don't EVER marry an idiot no matter HOW cute he is!" Ren says: "I hear that! And if you see Stimpy, tell him that I'm rooting for him to take the finals by storm!" (Cuts) Wanda says: "I'll be sure to do that!" Cosmo says: "Our next contestant is Aang. He's an all powerful Avatar Air bender, and a frequent sex symbol!" Wanda shouts: "COSMO!" Cosmo says: "Well he is!" Wanda says: "Aang started out as one of the stronger players and was a definitive fan-favorite." Cosmo says: "But then things became complicated!" Wanda says: "Like they do when a spoiled brat named Angelica Pickles gets involved in messing up Aang's A-game. During the 4th challenge, Angelica sabotaged Aang's routine, ruining any chances he had of making it to the final 3."

Cosmo says: "Unfortunately, due to Aang being on a speaking strike ever since the 4th challenge ended, we have no interview footage and he has declined to appear on our webcam." Wanda says: "And in spite of that, people STILL watch his show more than they watch ours!" Cosmo says: "It's very weird, that's for sure!" Wanda says: "Next up on our list of former campers, it's one of the Beaver brothers, and quite possibly the only being who can manage to out-dumb Cosmo in unexpected circumstances." Cosmo says: "Is out-dumb even a word?" Wanda says: "Who cares?! They'll understand what I mean! Besides, it's not like YOU'RE the vocabulary expert around here!" Cosmo says: "Of course I'm a vocabulary expert here! I can even tell you what Antidisestablishmentarianism means." Wanda says: "This ought to be good!" Cosmo says: "It's a noun, discussing a particular belief found in a certain number of people. Antidisestablishmentarianism involves the practice of being AGAINST the destruction of buildings and/or other public landmarks." Wanda says: "Who are you and what did you do with Cosmo?!" Cosmo says: "Sorry! That was my magic gland talking. Remember how I had to get a magic gland transplant from Anti-Cosmo? Sometimes Anti-Cosmo's gland affects my brain and gives me information to stuff I wouldn't otherwise know."

Wanda says: "So you're saying you DON'T know what Antidisestablishmentarianism is?" Cosmo says: "What's Antidisestablishmentarianism?" Wanda says: "I thought as much. But we're deviating from the main topic! It's time to talk about Daggett!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "He played the angrier of the Angry Beavers on his show." Wanda says: "But on this show, Norbert and Daggett were as friendly as friendly brothers could be!" Cosmo says: "Norbert and Daggett practically did everything together. They both got the Chicken Pox together, they both got lost in the mall together, they were both super-powered beings together, they were both friends with Stump together, and they both took care of their younger sisters together! Why, I bet if the truth were known, they probably even shower together!" Wanda says: "Are you sure that's an appropriate topic to bring up?" Cosmo says: "Why wouldn't it be? On the Rugrats, Phil and Lil Deville took baths together." Wanda says: "I'm not sure if that's the same kind of thing." Cosmo says: "But there was ONE thing Norbert and Daggett couldn't do together, and that was to agree on a solution for being lost!" Wanda says: "Their brotherly relationship became strained thanks to Daggett's lousy sense of direction and Norbert's feelings of superiority for being the funnier, more handsome beaver."

Cosmo says: "While they hugged and made up before the challenge ended, one of them still had to pay the price for making their team, lose." Wanda says: "And so it was that Norbert had to say a sad good-bye to Daggett, as Daggett sailed away on the Boat of Losers." Cosmo says: "While Daggett DID make an interview about his feelings, his inability to operate the camera's machine settings resulted in a lot of broken tapes and a lot of messed up cameras." Wanda says: "So regretfully, we have no decent footage of Daggett's interview." Cosmo says: "Who care's what Daggett thinks anyways?" Wanda says: "Cosmo, sometimes you REALLY make me feel humiliated to call you my husband!" Cosmo says: "I just feel humiliated knowing that YOU feel humiliated!" Wanda says: "Well, at least that makes two of us!" Cosmo says: "But it's time to get back to the hilarious humiliation that is this episode! Let's present our viewers with a never before seen out-take from the 7th episode of this show!" Wanda says: "And the challenge was the campers facing off against their worst fears!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "Chuckie Finster had to touch a snake for his fear." Wanda says: "But the snake ended up touching HIM first, and not in a way he wanted!" Chuckie inches his finger close to the small python, and the lizard leaps up and bites his finger! Chuckie screams: "OW!!!! Ow, OW! This is going to leave a mark!"

Sniz shouts off-screen: "Can we get medical service here?!" Fondue says: "As soon as I finish solving this Rubix Cube." Sniz says: "THAT'S going to take forever!" (Camera pauses) Cosmo says: "The prize for winning this challenge is the Killer Beavers would get to re-instate Helga G. Patacki if they won." Wanda says: "But Phoebe helped secure Ren Hoek for the Screaming Cats." Cosmo says: "One of the campers who didn't face their fear was Patrick Star!" Wanda says: "Although considering Patrick, it was perfectly natural for him to be afraid of gorillas." Cosmo says: "Let's take a look at how Patrick played the game!" (Camera rolls) Wanda says: "Patrick Star came on the show to display his athletic skills." Cosmo says: "But this show displayed to Patrick that he really had NO athletic skills whatsoever!" Wanda says: "Patrick was off on his diving skills, lousy in team craftsmanship, couldn't run properly, failed to stay awake, had TERRIBLE aim, didn't have any creative talent, and was freaked out by gorillas!" Cosmo says: "And in spite of that, Phoebe still managed to be infatuated with him." Wanda says: "But the attraction Phoebe had for Patrick wasn't enough to keep him safe."

Cosmo says: "Even though Reggie was the biggest contributing source for the Killer Beavers losing, it was Patrick who was sent packing as his fear of gorillas was seen as a bigger detriment to his team than Reggie's fear of being alone with Helga." (Camera pauses) Wanda says: "And Patrick, with the help of Mr. Krabs, recorded an interview discussing his feelings on how he felt about the ordeal." (Camera rolls) Mr. Krabs says: "Okay Patrick, you're on." Patrick says: "From this show, I've learned that there's more to being an athlete than just dressing like an athlete. For one thing, you've got to have the skills if you want to stay and play. The biggest reason I lost is because I was too impatient to learn athletic skills properly, rushed into this game show without thinking of the consequences of my lack of strategic planning, and I royally messed up as a result. My plan is to work much harder at competitive sports so I won't get humiliated like this again, hopefully." (Camera pauses) Cosmo says: "While all of the challenges were hard for most of the campers, there was ONE competition that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this game show was no place for chickens, and I'm not talking about poultry!" Wanda says: "That's actually RIGHT Cosmo, for once! It's Chuckie Finster who will have the dubious pleasure of seeing HIS humiliation play out on international TV!"

Cosmo says: "Which is one of the reasons why I dumped my shame years ago when I flunked out of Jorgen Von Strangles Fairy Boot Training Camp!" Wanda says: "Too bad Chuckie and I can't seem to dump OUR shame! Let's watch and see how Chuckie's game went off track." (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "From the start, the odds were stacked up against Chuckie Finster." Wanda says: "The nervous scaredy cat didn't even want to BE on the show, as he was forced into it by his parents in an effort to toughen him up." Cosmo says: "But the show proved to be TOO tough for Chuckie!" Wanda says: "He refused to attempt the diving challenge, fell asleep during the endurance challenge, messed up his talent during the culture challenge, got freaked out in the survival challenge, and feigned an injury in the canoeing/fire making challenge." Cosmo says: "But it was the last stunt that finally turned his fellow team-mates against him!" Wanda says: "Jimmy Neutron exposed Chuckie Finster as an attention loving fraud who thrived on making people feel sorry for him, in an attempt for Jimmy to save his own butt from elimination." Cosmo says: "And the ploy worked perfectly!" Wanda says: "Chuckie got voted out almost unanimously, both ashamed and disgraced from his former team-mates. When asked to be interviewed, he only had 4 words to say to us." (Cuts) Chuckie says: "I have no comment." (Cuts)

Cosmo says: "The 9th episode had the campers express themselves as a challenge. While many of the expressions were magnificent, some were just perfectly PAINFUL for the campers!" Wanda says: "Reggie lost it big time while she walking on her hands when she threw up all over the stage and onto some of the contestants!" Cosmo says: "But one camper lost it EVEN bigger!" Wanda says: "And it's time to see him in his laugh-splitting role as a contestant!" (Camera roll) Cosmo says: "Doug Funny, from Bluffington U.S.A. came on portraying both the intelligence of a nerd, but with the coolness of a techno whiz." Wanda says: "Doug initially used his charms to try to impress Sandy Cheeks. When that failed, he ended up impressing Patty Mayonnaise with his book smarts." Cosmo says: "But Doug soon found out that book smarts weren't the same as performance smarts." Wanda says: "Angelica Pickles once again sabotaged a camper's chances for winning, by doing something TRULY horrific, getting Doug to Rick Roll instead of Rock and Roll by having Doug perform Rick Astley's hit single, Never Going to Give You Up." Cosmo says: "I actually like that song." Wanda says: "Is it any wonder that you're an idiot?" Cosmo says: "But I'm YOUR idiot! What does that say about you?"

Wanda says: "I don't know. In any case, Doug's performance got the VERY negative attention of Barry the Bear, who beat Doug up for such a poor performance." Cosmo says: "And Doug's injuries bought him a one way ticket onto the Boat of Losers and to Loser's Last Resort." (Cuts) Wanda says: "We asked Barry the Bear about how HE feels for his actions against Doug Funny. (Camera rolls) Barry says: "Look, I'm really sorry I hurt that young man. I know he's a decent person with good qualities and a fine heart, but I just can't stand Rick Astley. He was an abomination against everything that good music SHOULD stand for. But from now on, I'll attack the song, not the singer themselves. That's how I'm going to improve myself!" (Cuts) Cosmo says: "While some of the campers DID have more than book smarts, sometimes even THAT wasn't enough to save their butt from elimination." Wanda says: "Take Phoebe Hyerdahl for instance. She was a young Asian girl from the streets of Manhattan with intelligence and skills to spare!" Cosmo says: "But Phoebe made the strategic mistake of taking a cursed Arnold Tiki head doll from Skull Island and the even BIGGER mistake of breaking off her alliance with Angelica!"

Wanda says: "Needless to say, when Angelica found out about the forbidden Tiki idol and Phoebe's role in the Screaming Cats' losing streak, it was all too easy for Angelica to turn her team-mates against Phoebe, as Phoebe was eliminated, having to walk down the Dock of Shame into the Boat of Loser's slightly bitter and greatly disappointed!" Cosmo says: "Sadly though, we have no interview footage nor do we have a web-cam interview as Phoebe declined to both talking opportunities." Wanda says: "So instead, we're just going to skip right to Episode 11 and the contestant eliminated in said episode." Cosmo says: "From the world of The Angry Beavers, it's the gigantic muscular rabbit, Bunny!" (Camera rolls) Wanda says: "Bunny's time on the show might have been short due to him becoming a camper during the 5th challenge on the Killer Beaver's team." Cosmo says: "But that didn't stop him from making an impact in the show!" Wanda says: "Bunny proved to be useful as a contestant who could overcome his fear of wolves, carry heavy objects, be a good judge, and make a mean salad." Cosmo says: "But one skill Bunny lacked was the art of gift-wrapping." Wanda says: "Although Bunny was only 50% of the reason the Killer Beavers lost the present decorating challenge, Jimmy's intelligence gave safety to Jimmy while Bunny had to hop on down to the Dock of Shame, onto the Boat of Loser's." (Cuts)

Cosmo says: "And now we've got a never before seen interview from Bunny himself, discussing his personal feelings about the ordeal." (Camera rolls) Bunny says: "I have to admit, I was pretty surprised to be the 10th contestant voted off. Apparently, I wasn't strong enough, skilled enough, or 'dangerous' enough to make it to the Final 3. But at least my team can't say that I'm not a team player, because I certainly did my best to play while on that team. I just wish that I had the opportunity to do it all over again. I would've made an alliance with Norbert and Treeflower if I had known then what I know right now." (Cuts) Wanda says: "Speaking of Treeflower, while Bunny's vote-off was benevolent, Treeflower's elimination was scandalous!" Cosmo says: "Oh, so it's okay for YOU to talk about scandalous things and not for ME to do so? That's pretty hypocritical of you to do." Wanda says: "You don't even know the meaning of the word scandalous, let alone antidisestablishmentarianism." Cosmo says: "What's antidisestablishmentarianism?" Wanda says: "Cosmo, PLEASE stop trying to think and roll the clip. If your head was programmed to think in the double IQ digits, you'd be doing it ALL the time instead of at random!" Cosmo says: "Whatever!" (Camera rolls)

Wanda says: "Treeflower had some good strong points going for her. She was smart, pretty, friendly, polite, popular, and even had the benefit of being an actual C.I.T." Cosmo says: "But Treeflower DID have one major weakness, her hopeless devotion of love and adoration for Norbert McHandsome." Wanda says: "But being a clever C.I.T., Treeflower turned this potential weakness into a great strength! Treeflower was one of the last 6 campers standing in the endurance challenge, got Otto Rocket awake to help the Killer Beaver's win the 3rd challenge, faced her fear of cats in the 6th challenge, helped out Norbert win 2 points in the Expression challenge, and helped the Killer Beaver's with great cooking skills in another win for the Killer Beaver's." Cosmo says: "For a while, it looked like the combination of Treeflower and Norbert would be an impossible combo to beat!" Wanda says: "But then everyone got blindsided from a curveball they NEVER saw coming!" Cosmo says: "Treeflower's indifference to Jimmy Neutron, his inventions, and his contributions to the Killer Beaver's team came back to bite her in the butt BIG time!" Wanda says: "Jimmy Neutron did not LIKE being ignored, and decided to punish Treeflower and her indifference by switching the names of the votes so that Treeflower would be eliminated instead of Jimmy Neutron himself!" (Cuts)

Cosmo says: "When interviewed about her feelings of how the situation went down, THIS was her initial reaction!" (Camera rolls) Treeflower screams: "I can't BELIEVE that (bleep) Jimmy Neutron cheated me out of $150,000!" That (bleep) brat has got some (bleep) nerve making ME a laughingstock with his (bleep) plan of eliminating me! How would HE (bleep) feel if I (bleep) cheated him out of that money by voting HIM the (bleep) off?! He (bleep) wouldn't like it! I (bleep) near guarantee that!" (Bleep) (Cuts) Cosmo says: "OOOH! Censored swearing! Suddenly she's a lot more attractive!" And Wanda slaps Cosmo with that comment. Wanda says: "Treeflower's tirade against Jimmy Neutron lasted for 4 hours, and that was the ONLY acceptable footage we could air of it! But apparently, Treeflower wants to set the record straight with us. So with great reluctance and a steady finger eager to push the censor button if we need it, here we have live via web-cam, Treeflower!" (Camera rolls) Treeflower says: "Hi you two!" Cosmo says: "Hi pretty lady who I can't and wouldn't date nor would I actually find attractive since I'm already married." Treeflower, confused says: "Thank you?" Wanda says: "Watching your interview made us a little, concerned about you. Has your behavior changed since then?"

Treeflower slaps her head and says: "I am SO terribly ashamed of that interview! That behavior wasn't really me! I mean, it WAS me of course, but it's not the way I would normally react. After the elimination, after I found out Jimmy Neutron switched the votes; I was understandably ticked off by his actions and completely hated him for it. Honestly, I thought I would hate him forever. Eventually though, my rage faded and I soon came to terms with the truth. No matter how much I didn't want it, I lost the game, I was out of the competition, and since there was nothing I could do to change it, I decided to stop being angry with it and just learned to live with it and become a better beaver from the experience. And just to make things clear, I am DEFINITELY not proud about that interview. I won't deny I made it, but I'm definitely not proud of it." (Cuts) Cosmo says: "Wow! That went a whole lot better than I expected!" Wanda says: "I'll say! We didn't even need to push the censor button once! At least a lawsuit can't be filed against this show now! We'll be in no danger of facing Antidisestablishmentarianism now!" Cosmo says: "I have no idea what the word Antidisestablishmentarianism means, but let's get back to what's really important; dishing the dirt on the campers!" Wanda says: "And no one could've been dirtier than the person who sabotaged Treeflower; Jimmy Isaac Neutron!" (Camera rolls)

Cosmo says: "He may be a nerd." Wanda says: "He may be a know-it-all." Cosmo says: "And he might have been the least eligible man in terms of charisma and charm." Wanda says: "But there was one thing Jimmy Neutron had that kept him in the game!" Cosmo says: "His mad skills!" Wanda says: "Jimmy surprised everyone by winning the baseball challenge for the Killer Beavers!" Cosmo says: "And getting the Killer Beavers back to safety in canoeing challenge!" Wanda says: "And he made everyone laugh in the Expression challenge and the Cooking challenge." Cosmo says: "But there were two things Jimmy Neutron absolutely couldn't stand! One was being wrong, and the other was being ignored!" Wanda says: "Jimmy Neutron might have gotten his way with Treeflower, but karma quickly came back to bite Jimmy Neutron hard in the Trusting challenge." Cosmo says: "Jimmy had to prove to Susie Carmichael that he deserved to be given a change of heart, as he wanted his team to win the event." Wanda says: "Even though Jimmy Neutron spilled his guts to Susie all the things he felt about her, the game, Treeflower, and Cindy Vortex herself, it wasn't enough for Susie to overlook his negative actions to Treeflower."

Cosmo says: "Understandably and to no one's surprise, the Killer Beaver's lost the Trust challenge and Jimmy Neutron had to pack his things and leave the Island game show, a victim of something I will say for the last time, Antidisestablishmentarianism." (Cuts) Wanda says: "Groan! Jimmy Neutron made an interview about his feelings after the elimination and how he feels the game show went." (Camera rolls) Jimmy Neutron says: "Honestly, things could have gone a LOT better for me! Being a man of math and science, I completely overlooked karma, and karma chewed on my butt and spit it out as a result. My angry over-reactions against Treeflower and my stunt of voting her off were unjustifiable. It did NOT make me feel any better that she was gone, and it definitely made me feel a whole lot worse! I learned the hard way that if I let the demons of my worse emotions get a hold on the rational thinking part of my brain, than I am DEFINITELY going to live to regret it. From now on, I intend to be straight and upfront, because being honest might have saved my butt. And if nothing else, as long as you're straight and upfront, karma won't likely bite you in the butt. Anyways, I certainly hope I will NEVER forget what I've learned here as I make a vow to NEVER sabotage another player's chances of winning a game show ever again, even if that means that I won't win at a game show either." (Cuts)

Cosmo says: "Some GENIUS Jimmy Neutron is! It took him 12 challenges and 13 episodes to figure out that nothing good comes from lying and cheating!" Wanda says: "People have different levels of genius. Even smart people have gut reactions that they wish they wouldn't have. It's all part of having an emotion-based check system." Cosmo says: "Even though I don't have Jimmy's genius, my emotions still keep ME in check by constantly reminding me how much I love you and how lucky I am to have you." Wanda lovingly says: "Cosmo, you might never win the Nobel Prize, but for being the only Fairy Godparent who loves me for me, I still hopelessly love you and hope you'll never leave me." Cosmo says: "I certainly have no plans of ever having THAT happening!" Wanda says: "That is one thing that I'm happy to hear! But, we've got a job to do as we DO still have a lot of material left to cover still!" Cosmo says: "Like what?" Wanda says: "Like the unaired footage from the 14th episode!" Cosmo says: "But nobody got voted off in that episode!" Wanda says: "No, but there WERE some funny bloopers! Let's sit back and watch them!" (Camera rolls)

Cosmo says: "If you think Reggie Rocket is sometimes clumsy when she walks, you should see her wipe out in her kart!" Reggie's kart slips on a banana peel and lands in the mouth of a piranha plant! Wanda magically draws a circle around the paused screen surrounding Reggie and the plant. Wanda says: "Reggie, I know you like to make sure the plants of the world are well taken care of, but you don't need to be THAT dedicated!" Cosmo says: "I know everyone hates Angelica for everything she did to the other campers, but she's already gotten a good serving of pain courtesy of a lightning bolt!" Angelica shrinks and Wanda magically makes a clown outfit around Angelica's image. Wanda says: "And just to make the re-enactment funnier, I made Angelica wear an outfit more suiting for the laughter!" And Angelica gets crushed by Ren's kart! Cosmo says: "Ooh, that's going to leave a mark!" Norbert's kart slips on some of the Blooper's ink that's been splattered on the track as he runs into a wall. Wanda says: "I don't even know what to poof for that one!" (Camera pauses) Cosmo says: "That was the final team challenge! The next episode saw all the campers fighting against each other in the world of fashion and talent!" Wanda says: "Since the contestant eliminated in that challenge was Ren Hoek and we already had a chance to talk to him, there's no need to ask him here again."

Cosmo says: "But we do have a funny clip from the 15th episode, featuring Susie Carmichael!" (Camera rolls) Wanda says: "Susie sure put on a dazzling display when she covered Beyonce Knowles Single Ladies hit song, and she was dressed like Beyonce, but she also made a mistake that Beyonce Knowles once made!" Susie trips on her own dress and falls to the ground, bracing the impact with her hands. Cosmo says: "But to give Susie some credit, like Beyonce, she DID quickly get back up and kept up the beat of the song while she sang it! That's true professionalism!" (Camera pauses) Wanda says: "One thing that WASN'T professional was the way Susie Carmichael got eliminated!" Cosmo says: "I'll say; the way Otto Rocket traded Susie's immunity just to get Angelica Pickles closer to him was very stupid and VERY foolish!" Wanda says: "You probably would've done the same thing in HIS situation!" Cosmo says: "Maybe." (Camera rolls) Wanda says: "Susie Carmichael seemed like an obvious choice to be a strong contender, and for a good portion of the show, she was. She had the attitude, the moves, the determination, and the brains to pull it off." Cosmo says: "One thing that Susie SHOULD'VE been more careful of was making enemies with Angelica Pickles!" Wanda says: "Their rivalry started off on the very 1st challenge and never let down once!"

Cosmo says: "Susie and Angelica did EVERYTHING in an attempt to provoke the other girl into doing something so stupid; it would get them voted off!" Wanda says: "But neither girl was successful in getting that accomplished by a long shot!" Cosmo says: "Ironically, it was from outside help that Angelica would finally get the edge she needed to eliminate Susie Carmichael, and it was from a boy she didn't even like!" Wanda says: "Otto basically blackmailed Angelica's safety for Susie's elimination and the satisfaction that everyone all over the world would know that Angelica needed help from HIM in order to get through a challenge!" Cosmo says: "The price Angelica had to pay was very high, a romantic evening with Otto Rocket!" Wanda says: "But the price Susie had to pay for Otto's refusal to see Angelica for what she was, happened to be even bigger! She was forced to leave the island greatly angered by her former fellow contestants, and warned them greatly of the danger Angelica presented to them the longer she stayed." (Camera pauses) Cosmo says: "And now we've got something very special! We've got a previously unaired interview from Susie Carmichael, taken right after she found out Angelica Pickles had been eliminated!"

(Camera rolls) Susie says: "As painful as it was to be eliminated from a game show I could have won had Otto decided to save me, I was still pretty happy to see what happened between Otto and Angelica. I warned Otto that Angelica couldn't be trusted, and for ignoring my advice, he paid a hefty price for it! Angelica cheated off Otto's sister Reggie AND framed him for it! That is what as known as karma in action! Nothing good comes from doing a bad deed, even if it's for a romantic reason! But what was even better than Otto being double-crossed by Angelica Pickles, was when Otto betrayed Angelica for using Otto in one of her schemes. Seeing Sandy wish Angelica both bald AND eliminated from the game show was the greatest moment of my life! And Angelica's IMPROVED looks might not have happened if I had stayed in the game, so I guess everything in the universe worked out for the best after all! It feels so nice to have universal satisfaction!" (Cuts)

Wanda says: "The 17th episode proved to be VERY exciting and very pivotal towards the relationships the remaining campers had towards each other! Spongebob saved Sandy's life earning her love and respect, and Patty Mayonnaise began to realize Angelica Pickles was using HER as a tool!" Cosmo says: "And that tool was to further Angelica Pickles evil ends for her nefarious schemes!" Wanda says: "But there was certainly no camper on the island who could have realized that Angelica's plots involved a certain surfer girl, and her wallaby soul mate." Cosmo says: "Angelica intended to hurt both Otto and Rocko hard and VERY hard at that!" Wanda says: "It's time to review how it all went down!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "Reggie Rocket loved to surf, and was always ready to dress the part." Wanda says: "She might not have been the best contestant for some land challenges." Cosmo says: "But when it came to the water, there was none who could compare to Reggie's prowess on the surface of H2O!" Wanda says: "Sadly, it was this strength that Angelica Pickles hated and decided to mess with it by any means necessary!"

Cosmo says: "Angelica ordered Patty Mayonnaise to wear black gloves, and use Otto Rocket's tools to sabotage Reggie's surfboard so that it would break apart and automatically eliminate Reggie Rocket from the challenge!" Wanda says: "Angelica's stunt ended up winning her immunity, and making Norbert, Lil, and Sandy immensely distrust Otto Rocket as they were led to believe that he was cheating off his own sister just because they thought that Otto couldn't stand the fact that Reggie Rocket was a better surfer than he was!" Cosmo says: "Thankfully, Sniz and Fondue decided that the elimination wouldn't be an automatic one after all, and let the campers decide for themselves who was worthy of being voted off that night." Wanda says: "The verdict was returned that Patty, Angelica, Spongebob, Otto, and Stimpy voted 5-3-2 for Reggie to be voted off and not Otto, with Rocko and Reggie being the only votes for trying to vote off Patty Mayonnaise. Reggie wouldn't vote off her own brother, and Rocko wouldn't vote his girlfriend off; but he also wouldn't vote Otto off without solid proof that Otto had cheated or not. (Camera pauses) Of course, Rocko's decision would turn out to be the right one, even if Sandy and Lil couldn't see it at the time." Cosmo says: "And that's not all the news we have about Reggie Rocket!"

Wanda says: "I'll say it isn't, because we have live, via web-cam, Reggie Rocket and Rocko A. Wallaby!" Reggie and Rocko are seen relaxing in a spa at Loser's Last Resort. Rocko says: "Howdy, mates! I just threw another shrimp on the Barbie, so I'm chilling with my Sheila, Reggie while we wait for the little dingo whisker to get cooked!" Cosmo says: "Sorry sir, I don't speak Austrian." Wanda says: "That's AUSTRAILIAN!" Cosmo says: "Same difference!" Wanda says: "Whatever. Reggie, Rocko, do either of you have anything to say about how you think the game show treated you? Do you think it went down fairly or not?" Reggie says: "There's obviously something we want to say to you. That's why we WANTED to do this web-cam interview! Anyways, I know it would've been nice to have won $150,000. I know it would've impressed MY dad, but it wasn't so much the money I was after. I just wanted to compete against some fellow athletes, see how well I did in the challenges, & hopefully make a decent showing. What I was most proud of, is that I kept my word from what I vowed to do in my audition tape. I would either win the game show honorably, or lose and leave with dignity. I don't have any regrets about how the game show went for me, and I don't feel ashamed about anything that's happened."

Rocko says: "Reggie makes a good point. The love we share is more important than the money offered. Money can't buy happiness; that's just an illusion! True happiness comes from having someone who truly loves you the way you are, especially if you love them back in the exact same way. I feel lucky just being in this relationship with Reggie. Our prize of love is greater than that money, and I feel okay with how things went during the game show. With Reggie and I together now, I know we can make it through anything!" (Cuts) Cosmo says: "Well, that was sweet. Boring, but sweet." Wanda says: "And what's wrong with sweet?" Cosmo says: "Well nothing, if you don't want to bring in ratings." Wanda says: "Who says love can't bring in ratings?" Cosmo says: "It's not dramatic! Besides, isn't that what we WANT this show to be about? Making it dramatic?!" Wanda says: "Cosmo, I think the show is plenty dramatic enough without YOU complaining about it! Why can't you be more like me and enjoy the show for what it is?" Cosmo sarcastically says: "Oh, it would be so EASY to be you! I'd just suck all the fun out of everything!" Wanda nagging, yells: "I do NOT suck the fun out of everything!" Cosmo points and says: "Fun sucker!" An irritated Wanda says: "Cosmo, roll the next clip before I decide to get mad at you!" Cosmo mutters under his breath and says: ("Yes, ma'am fun-sucker.") Wanda says: "I heard that!"

Cosmo says: "You never let me say ANYTHING I want to say!" (Camera rolls) Wanda says: "Next on the list of eliminated contestants, it's vapid blonde airhead, Patty Mayonnaise!" Cosmo says: "She's even more vapid than your twin sister, Blonda!" Wanda says: "I hear that! Anyways, from the way Patty Mayonnaise acted and behaved, nobody thought she would make it far in the game, let alone to the 17th challenge out of 24 challenges played." Cosmo says: "But through a series of dumb luck events even dumber than my OWN dumb luck, Patty managed to make it past challenge after challenge!" Wanda says: "Patty owes most of this success to the 'protection' of Angelica Pickles, who kept ensuring the other campers to NOT vote her off in any elimination challenges!" Cosmo says: "Inevitably though, Patty's dumb luck ran out when Angelica decided to pursue smarter, stronger contestants when she decided that Patty Mayonnaise was no longer crucial to her cause, and therefore nothing more than dead weight." Wanda says: "Angelica dumped both her 'friendship,' and her alliance with Patty Mayonnaise after the shopping challenge, revealing to Patty that she had been used the whole time in the alliance!"

Cosmo says: "But Patty didn't take this let down laying down, she lashed back with the harshest words against Angelica that anyone had ever said up to that point, earning her respect and admiration from her former, fellow contestants." Wanda says: "So when Patty Mayonnaise HAD to take the walk on the Dock of Shame, she was able to do it with a clear conscience and pride!" (Camera pauses) Cosmo says: "And we have a special interview from Patty Mayonnaise herself, expressing her feelings for what she feels about the game show!" (Camera rolls) Patty says: "The most important thing I learned by playing this game show is that you can't just judge a book by its cover. Angelica had a very nice cover, but inside her book, she was SO nasty! I've been able to watch EVERYTHING she said behind my back, and I'm appalled at how two-faced she truly was, even BEFORE I called her that! If I ever appear on another game show and offered to make an alliance again, I won't just make it with just any other pretty girl who makes an offer to me. I'll be sure that I get to know them first before I ever make such a decision again!" (Cuts) Wanda says: "Good words to live by, Patty Mayonnaise! Good words to live by!" Cosmo says: "With 15 campers eliminated and only 8 still remaining, it was time for the Haunted summer camp challenge!"

Wanda says: "The plans Sniz and Fondue had for this challenge was that Jorgen Von Strangle would pose as the Flying Dutchman from Spongebob Squarepants and hunt down the campers by scaring them, with the goal that one would foil his plan and win immunity." Cosmo says: "But that plan, like the best laid plans of mice and men, soon went astray when General Barracuda got involved!" Wanda says: "And before we can begin to discuss what happened in the 19th episode, we should first take a look on just how dangerous General Barracuda has been." (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "On an old TV.com series, written by 4EverGreen, called Spongebob and Friends which officially lasted for 172 episodes, General 'Horatio' Barracuda was one of the most dangerous villains faced by the protagonists living in Bikini Bottom." Wanda says: "Strong, smart, and ruthless, General Barracuda had one ambition in life! When he was unexpectedly humiliated in front of his criminal gang, called the 44 Sharks of the Pacific, by none other than Spongebob, General Barracuda took a personal vow to pursue Spongebob with everlasting vengeance!" Cosmo says: "And General Barracuda proved to be persistent, as he kept up his anger against the Bikini Bottom crew throughout 7 seasons worth of action!"

Wanda says: "Inevitably though, General Barracuda's vengeance became so outrageous, even General Barracuda's master, Master Coelacanth, became angered by General Barracuda's defiance. He commanded General Barracuda's own fellow cohorts in control to seek out and destroy General Barracuda! They immediately succeeded, and General Barracuda died, destroyed by his Master's hate while he hated the fact that he never managed to overcome the abilities of the protagonists he hated." Cosmo says: "Unfortunately, Anti-Cosmo, the anti-me, had other plans in mind." Wanda says: "He led an army of Anti-Fairies to recover General Barracuda's body, and reunite it with his angry soul. Once they magically healed the wounds in both the body and the soul, they were able to teach him and artificially install powerful Anti-Fairy magic in him! He used that magic to rewind the history that Spongebob had experienced, so that while General Barracuda would retain the memories of how he failed to stop Spongebob and his friends before, Spongebob wouldn't remember what had happened." Cosmo says: "But that plan, backfired!"

Wanda says: "Spongebob had a trick that General Barracuda DIDN'T anticipate! Spongebob could change the way he was shaped, a trick he learned in the Spongebob Squarepants episode, Gone." Cosmo says: "Spongebob changed into the form of Master Coelacanth in order to mislead General Barracuda into searching in the wrong places for Spongebob." Wanda says: "Spongebob's trick not only saved himself, it probably saved the whole island from being burned to the ground!" Cosmo says: "But it didn't save a contestant from being voted off, and that contestant was Norbert McHandsome!" Wanda says: "Unfortunately, we have to pause to go to a set of commercials." Cosmo says: "How long is this episode going to take?!" Wanda says: "Don't blame me, blame the fact that our allotted running time between commercials is only 13 pages in each time-frame!" Cosmo says: "I hear that, Wanda! I truly do!" (Commercial Break) / Stay tuned for Part Two next time!

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"The Blooper Reel Episode." (Part Two) The commercials end and Wanda says: "We're back!" Cosmo says: "And yet, that doesn't change the fact that 5 minutes of my life is gone that I can't ever get back again!" Wanda says: "Cosmo, we're Fairy Godparents! We don't need to eat, drink, or breathe while we're in Fairy form, and we certainly can't die or be killed by any conventional means!" Cosmo says: "I still want those 5 minutes back!" Wanda says: "Anyways, like I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted by my husband, is the review of the eliminated contestant from the 19th episode! He happens to be the smarter, funnier, more handsome half of the starring duo from The Angry Beavers, Norbert McHandsome!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "Norbert had a great, brotherly friendship with his brother Daggett, but he had an even bigger, greater romantic relationship with Treeflower Fields." Wanda says: "Norbert's fellow campers admired Norbert for his looks, intelligence, personality, and his humor." Cosmo says: "There were some things that DID end up devastating Norbert, such as the elimination of his brother Daggett." Wanda says: "And the unexpected elimination of his girlfriend, Treeflower!" Cosmo says: "Thankfully, Norbert proved to be resilient as he conquered his fear, faced unknown dangers on a scary island, sang wonderful songs, cooked up great foods, raced a good race, and made a decent showing in the surfing challenge." Wanda says: "But there was one thing Norbert WASN'T resilient enough to face; the sight of Angelica Pickles without any make-up on!" Cosmo says: "Unlike you Wanda, Angelica can NEVER look pretty without makeup on! I think you look pretty no matter HOW you look!" Wanda says: "That's unexpectedly sentimental of you, Cosmo!" Cosmo says: "Well, I got to do what I can in order to keep you happy!" Wanda says: "Anyways, Norbert bolted from the challenge without even facing Jorgen Von Strangle, or General Barracuda. So he was nearly unanimously eliminated as a result." (Camera pauses)

Cosmo says: "And now, coming to you live via web-cam, here's an interview from the re-united couple themselves, Norbert McHandsome and Mrs. Norbert McHandsome!" (Camera rolls) Treeflower says: "I DO still like being referred to as Treeflower, just for the record." Wanda says: "Norbert, there's a lot of things on our minds that we want you to discuss with us; but why don't we start off with something meaty and ask you what your proudest moment was on the show?" Norbert says: "Easy! Voting off Jimmy Neutron for cheating off my girl! Ha, HA! I'm just kidding. Seriously though, I was proud of what I was able to accomplish. Overcoming a shyness of being furless is no easy task. Neither is making sure that every single member of your team works their best to create a great meal. But if I had to pick just one moment, it would be definitely making a love connection with Treeflower, through the power of our duet song, the cover of Sonny and Cher's I Got You Babe." Treeflower says: "And I'm glad that I got you, to!" Norbert says: "Isn't she the best?" Cosmo says: "I wouldn't know as I'm already married." Wanda says: "What Cosmo means to say is that he has no comment to reply to you with." Norbert says: "Fair enough. I also want to say that in addition to becoming affianced with Treeflower, I met some other cool characters while on the show as well. Ren Hoek, Patrick Star, Bunny, Susie Carmichael, Reggie Rocket, Rocko, Spongebob, Sandy, and Stimpy are all fine in my book! In fact, I think they're the best!" (Camera cuts) Wanda says: "The interviews with the former campers' just keeps getting better all the time don't they Cosmo?" Cosmo says: "If you say so. Personally, I'd prefer some drama." Wanda says: "If you want drama, you'll get plenty of it with the next eliminated contestant we have to talk about!" Cosmo excitedly asks: "Do you mean...?"

Wanda answers: "That's right! From the suburbs of U.S.A., voted Miss America's vainest girl alive 8 years running, the self-absorbed lady, the vile vixen, the Queen of Extreme Mean, the Princess of Petty, and the Empress of completely spoiled females, I'm talking about the one and only, Angelica Pickles!" The camera shows a picture of Angelica Pickles sticking out her tongue. Cosmo says: "Careful that you don't make that face TOO much, because it might end up freezing like that!" Wanda says: "And that's something Jorgen Von Strangle knows from PERSONAL experience! Let's watch all of Angelica's WORST moments on-screen here!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "Nobody was more dramatic or more over the top like Angelica Pickles was." Wanda says: "I'll say! From the very beginning, Angelica picked a bone with EVERYBODY on the island! From the easily eliminated to the hardcore players; Helga G. Pataki, Ren Hoek, Aang the Avatar, Doug Funny, Phoebe Hyerdahl, Susie Carmichael, Reggie Rocket, Patty Mayonnaise, Norbert McHandsome, and even indirectly Otto Rocket himself, Angelica Pickles somehow played a key role to eliminating all 10 of those contestants from the game show!" Cosmo says: "Even though nobody but Otto Rocket liked her, Angelica played a mean, determined game as a contestant on the show, as she kept herself a valid, key player time and time again." Wanda says: "But Angelica's biggest drawback is that she would NEVER compromise with ANYBODY for ANY reason, and it was this Achilles Heel that both made her dangerous, and yet ended up being her biggest downfall as well!" Cosmo says: "Angelica was cruel in the way she treated the other campers. She was like, REALLY cruel!" Wanda says: "The way Angelica got Reggie Rocket and Patty Mayonnaise out of the game was especially cruel! Angelica was determined to let NOTHING stop her from winning!"

Cosmo says: "But to Angelica's biggest irritation, Otto Rocket was equally determined to let NOTHING stop HIM from winning!" Wanda says: "We've all wondered what would happen when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, and that's what happened when Otto Rocket clashed against Angelica Pickles!" Cosmo says: "Initially, Otto wanted more than anything to form an alliance with Angelica Pickles that would give him the greatest love of HIS life, and security to make it to the Final Three." Wanda says: "Ironically, it was only when Angelica Pickles 'offered' to be in an alliance with Otto, that Otto finally had enough of Angelica's lies and tricks, and decided to teach her a painful lesson in tough love!" Cosmo says: "During the weird Japanese challenge, Otto turned his back on Angelica Pickles, as he forged a plan to get all of the other campers to team up together and get Angelica Pickles off once and for all!" Wanda says: "The campers risked a lot, but they held Angelica off, as Sandy not only won immunity, but won the wish that both humiliated Angelica Pickles, and eliminated her from the game show COMPLETELY!" Cosmo says: "With a messed-up hair and nothing to save her from her failed lies, Angelica was forced onto the Boat of Losers, kicking and screaming all the way until she reached Loser's Last Resort!" (Camera pauses) Wanda says: "Angelica Pickles had to do a tape interview as she agreed to it in her signed contract. Now, even though she DIDN'T want us to air it, Cosmo and I decided we could make an exception and air the interview anyways!" (Camera rolls)

Angelica sits down with her still messed up hair-do and says: "This tape NEVER sees the light of day! I was DESTINED to win the money and make All Grown Up the most popular Nick Toon in the history of Nicktoons, until Otto JUNK-EY, Rocko A. WICKED-BY, Sponge BRAT, Lil DEVIL, Sandy REEKS, and Stimpy J. CAN'T all teamed up AGAINST me! (Yells at the top of her lungs) IT WAS A PLANNED CONSPIRACY!!!! I WAS UNFAIRLY KICKED OFF!!!! AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH ME WAS IN ON THE PLOT! JUST BECAUSE THEY MADE IT FURTHER IN THE GAME, THEY THINK THEY'RE BETTER THAN I AM! I'M NOT AN IDIOT! I KNOW WHAT I SAW! AND IF YOU THINK I'M GOING TO TAKE THIS INJUSTICE LYING DOWN, THAN--!!" (Camera cuts)

Cosmo says: "Oh boy, what a PSYCHO, huh? And I thought Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates was bad!" Wanda says: "She needs anger management therapy even more than Helga G. Pataki does!" Cosmo says: "And I changed my mind. I think that's enough drama for one life time." Wanda says: "That's more like it! Now let's get to someone who's much mellower and a whole lot friendlier! Rocko A. Wallaby!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "Rocko's personality shone like a positive beacon, warming up the hearts of his friends and a very special girl!" Wanda says: "Reggie immediately took to Rocko's side like the Cookie Monster takes to cookies! They quickly joined forces together, and remained un-separated during their time together." Cosmo says: "But Reggie wasn't the only important thing Rocko had during his time here." Wanda says: "Rocko was able to display his heritage, his heart, his expressions, his cooking, his stamina, his speed, his good taste, his loyalty, and his ingenuity." Cosmo says: "But when Rocko had to watch Reggie walk down the Dock of Shame onto the Boat of Loser's, it left a big hole in Rocko's heart." Wanda says: "In the 21st episode, when the parents of the campers got to visit, Rocko did the only thing he felt that a truly loving Wallaby could do."

Cosmo says: "Rocko convinced all the parents to vote him off the game show, so that he could reunite with Reggie and resume being soul mates with her." (Camera cuts) Wanda says: "What Rocko did for Reggie was one of the most romantic, altruistic things that a lover could do for a main squeeze." Cosmo says: "I do nice things for you TO, you know! I've never forgotten ANY of our anniversaries together, have I?" Wanda says: "Of course not, sweetie. But then, I wasn't talking about the things you do for me! I was talking about the things Rocko did for Reggie!" Cosmo says: "But its time to move on. Since Rocko already shared his feelings with Reggie, it's time to talk about everyone's favorite invertebrate, Spongebob!" Wanda curiously asks: "Do you know an invertebrate when you see one?" Cosmo says: "My magic gland has been acting up again. Sometimes I read through the dictionary for a good 10 minutes before I come to my senses and start being me again." Wanda says: "Fair enough. Let's roll Spongebob's fabulous clips!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "Spongebob SURE was popular!" Wanda says: "And he was super-nice! There wasn't anything Spongebob wouldn't do if it meant impressing the girl of his dreams, the talented squirrel, Miss Sandy Cheeks!" Cosmo says: "Even though Spongebob had stamina, bravery, honesty, trust, speed, athletic skills, mastery in bubble-blowing, Krabby Patty Grilling, jelly fishing, karate chopping, and even being a part time superhero from time to time, it wasn't until Spongebob had to save Sandy from drowning, that Spongebob was finally able to get Sandy Cheeks to love him in return." Wanda says: "So it was extremely ironic when it turned out that Spongebob's popularity could also work against him!" Cosmo says: "In a total accident which I keep trying to explain was no fault of mine as I didn't REALIZE what was going on, there ended up being 10 out of 18 votes to eliminate Spongebob for the game." (Cuts) Wanda says: "Well, the last 3 challenges WERE tough. I doubt that Spongebob could have avoided being eliminated anyways!"

Cosmo says: "Ironically, when we asked Spongebob for an interview about his feelings, there was only one thing he wanted to say." (Camera rolls) Spongebob says: "I'm on Team Sandy! GO SANDY!" (Cuts) Wanda says: "In the 23rd episode, there were only 4 campers left." Cosmo says: "But there soon became a 5th, thanks to an unexpected development that happened with Stimpy's body!" Wanda says: "Cosmo, do we HAVE to talk about the events in THAT challenge?!" Cosmo sternly says: "Wanda, Sniz and Fondue specifically said we had to talk about EVERY camper! We leave NOBODY out!" Wanda sighs and says: "Fine, roll the clip." Cosmo says: "With pleasure!" (Camera rolls) Wanda says: "He only appeared in one episode this season." Cosmo says: "But one episode was all Stimpy's son, Stinky J. Cat needed, to make an important impact for his father, Stimpy!" Wanda says: "Stimpy was immediately aware of Stinky's existence, but didn't know where he was. Despite the ridicule of his peers, Stimpy decided that he HAD to find his son!" Cosmo says: "When Stimpy DID get reunited with his son Stinky, it was a very happy moment indeed!" Wanda says: "Which made it even harder for Stimpy to see his own son be eliminated in a game show." Cosmo says: "But Stinky wanted to repay his dad's selfless kindness and love, by providing Stimpy with the incentive he needed to continue competing on this game show!" (Camera cuts) Wanda says: "I'm sure glad we got through that!" Cosmo says: "Me to, because now we can see Stinky's taped interview!" Wanda futilely says: "But I didn't--!" Cosmo finishes: "Here it is!" (Camera rolls) Stinky says: "I'm so glad that I get to express my honest opinion, like Stimpy hoped I would. I wanted to contribute more by helping Stimpy out personally, but I'm not complaining. I'm just happy to see my dad make it to the Finals. I knew he could do it all along. And I'll be in the audience, cheering for him all the way! Go Team Stimpy!" (Camera cuts) Wanda says: "Cosmo, so help me, you will NEVER do anything without consulting me again!" Cosmo says: "But I'm a grown man AND a parent!"

Wanda says: "Than act like one more often!" Cosmo says: "You know airing that interview was the right thing to do! I was doing the RESPONSIBLE thing! I thought that's what you wanted me to do more often!" Wanda says: "I'm sorry, Cosmo! I don't know why I got so upset over Stimpy's son talking. And to answer your next question, I don't WANT to refer to him by his name!" Cosmo says: "But that's mean to Stinky!" Wanda says: "I have the right to remain silent." Cosmo says: "Than maybe THIS will get you talking! Clip footage of the next eliminated contestant, Lil Deville!" Wanda says: "That will work!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "If there was one thing that was always constant about Lil Deville, she was always unpredictable!" Wanda says: "Lil Deville was 12 different kinds of crazy, a fact she was all too eager to accept and would never refuse to deny." Cosmo says: "But Lil Deville made her eccentric behavior work WITH her instead of against her!" Wanda says: "Lil attacked Barry the Bear, rode on an aging airplane, sparked up a GIGANTIC fire, fell in love with Stimpy, dressed up like a bear, ate a HUGE main course, outlast everyone except Sandy in stamina, was fast and furious, could dance like nobody's business, got Stimpy to face up against Jorgen Von Strangle, and was the only one who believed in Stimpy when nobody else would." Cosmo says: "But unpredictable as Lil Deville was, she ended up BEING eliminated in an unpredictable manner!" Wanda says: "Otto was willing to tolerate a lot of things. But one thing Otto was NOT willing to do anymore when the 24th episode happened was put up with Lil Deville's craziness any longer!" Cosmo says: "Otto sabotaged Lil's dancing talents during the Dancing Challenge and spelled competitive doom for Lil Deville." Wanda says: "Thankfully, Lil Deville took her elimination to give Stimpy an advantage. Lil gave Stimpy more than increased determination and incentive; she provided Stimpy with a goal to help Stimpy see that he needed to make Otto see that there was more to life than just trying to win sporting events." Cosmo says: "And once she did that, she vanished in a spectacular puff of smoke!" (Camera Cuts)

Wanda says: "I know that there are many people out there eager to catch up with Lil Deville, but we have to take one last commercial break before we can completely finish this episode." Cosmo says: "Is it REALLY the last one?" Wanda says: "It SHOULD be! We only have 4 more contestants to talk about!" Cosmo says: "That's very true. That's very true indeed!" (Commercial Break) Cosmo says: "Wanda, I think we're back on again!" Wanda says: "Wait a minute! I thought that I specifically said that I wanted to be notified when the commercials were ending and when we had to get ready to be on the air again!" Cosmo says: "I certainly had nothing to do with it! Maybe it's my mother trying to make you look bad for me, AGAIN!" Wanda says: "We're married with her ONLY grandchild and yet she STILL can't stand me!" Cosmo says: "We'll talk to Mama Cosma later. Right now, we've got an interview from Lil Deville!" Wanda says: "You're right, duty calls. The show must go on!" Cosmo says: "It's time to hear Lil Deville's personal thoughts on how she felt about her time on this show!"

(Camera rolls) Lil Deville says: "This was the perfect game show for me to be on! Diving off a cliff into shark infested waters? That was crazy! Camping overnight in the wilderness? That was crazy! Flying on a ramshackle airplane? That was crazy! Having to wrap up a bunch of presents? That was crazy! Having to go through Jorgen Von Strangles boot camp training? That was crazy! Racing around in Karts from Super Mario Kart? That was crazy! Having to remember all my steps as a Las Vegas showgirl? That was crazy! Having to capture real life ghosts? That was crazy! The surfing challenge? That was crazy! Having to shop until I drop? That was crazy! The scary movie challenge? That was crazy! The weird Japanese challenge? That was crazy! The stranded island challenge? That was crazy! And the dancing challenge? That was crazy! In other words, it was everything I hoped it would be and more, because it was all crazy, just like ME! And I Love things when they're CRAZY! Except for Stimpy; he might not be completely crazy, but I love him anyways! And I think that might be the CRAZIEST thing of all!" (Camera Cuts) Wanda says: "Well, Lil Deville sure seems to like to use the word 'crazy' a lot!" Cosmo says: "I know, and this is SO crazy!" Wanda says: "Don't you start that up to!" Cosmo says: "I wasn't going to start anything! You always think that I'm going to do something to make you look bad!" Wanda says: "Well, it's happened before." Cosmo says: "Well, it's not going to happen today! Because I plan on being serious just like the serious competitor, our next eliminated contestant, Otto Rocket!" Wanda says: "Well, that WOULD be a first! Anyways, let's find out just how competitive Otto Rocket was, and how he gave Stimpy and Sandy a run for their money right until the very end!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "Otto Rocket came onto the show, with a lot of athletic accomplishments under his belt and wanting to prove to the whole world, that he was the best athlete in the world!" Wanda says: "His iron nerves and endless determination carried him very far in the game, even if his stubborn attitude didn't exactly make him a lot of friends."

Cosmo says: "But Otto Rocket managed to do a lot of things by himself!" Wanda says: "I'll say! He managed to outlast all of his Killer Beaver team-mates and all the Screaming Cat contestants except for Sandy Cheeks; he woke up from a monster nap and helped to lead his team back to victory, clutching it from the jaws of defeat; nobody told scarier stories then he did; he hugged an Eddie Murphy standee; his cooking contributions helped the Killer Beavers win another challenge; he managed to get Angelica Pickles to admit a humiliating thing about herself; he caught the ghostly ghoul that was Ember; he stood his ground when he was accused of cheating his sister Reggie Rocket off; he beat Jorgen Von Strangle as the Flying Dutchman, nearly winning himself immunity; he double-crossed Angelica Pickles, fighting her off so that Sandy Cheeks could eliminate Angelica; and he managed to do a better job of dancing than Lil Deville could!" Cosmo says: "It seemed that there was nothing this show could throw at Otto Rocket that he couldn't overcome, and it looked like this seemingly unstoppable force would win the whole game!" Wanda says: "But where Otto Rocket's athletic prowess finally failed him was in the one challenge where his skills would be pitted against the one challenge he was the WORST qualified to face!" Cosmo says: "When Otto Rocket had to attempt going head to head against Sandy and Stimpy in the Nickelodeon GUTS challenge, it was the one place where all the skills Otto had learned for being an athlete couldn't help him." Wanda says: "Compounding Otto's problem was the fact that Sandy made a bargain with Stimpy. In exchange for helping her overtake Otto Rocket so that Stimpy and Sandy could both move to the Final Challenge, Sandy promised to split the prize money with Stimpy if she won, or buy him an iLog from Blammo! If she lost!"

Cosmo says: "Needless to say, it was a proposition that Stimpy couldn't overlook!" Wanda says: "But what's really weird is that when Otto Rocket realized he couldn't beat Stimpy, who was on the way to winning a perfect score, Otto decided that if he couldn't win the challenge, he would do the next best thing and try to win Angelica's heart." Cosmo says: "This concept pretty much went against everything that Otto Rocket had been taught for being a winner, but he was determined to follow his conscience regardless." Wanda says: "Otto Rocket threw the last part of the challenge, disqualified himself from winning, allowed Stimpy to win his perfect score, and voted himself off; all in an attempt to prove to Angelica Pickles that winning wasn't the only thing in the world that was important for him." (Camera cuts) Cosmo says: "And believe it or not, Otto actually agreed to do a web-cam interview with us even though it was only recently that he got booted off." Wanda says: "So live, via web-cam, here's Otto Rocket!" (Camera rolls) Otto Rocket sighs and says: "Hi there." Cosmo says: "What's got you down in the dumps?" Wanda adds: "Is it something serious?" Otto says: "Angelica refuses to let me in her room at the Loser's Last Resort. She won't even talk to me! I should have known that nothing I did for HER would ever impress her!" Cosmo asks: "How do you know for sure?" Wanda adds: "Have you even asked her?" Otto says: "Of course I asked her! But she won't answer me! I've never met a girl as stubborn as Angelica Pickles! I've just about run out of options for reasons why I should still try to make a romantic connection with HER! And the Universe STILL owes me one! I punished myself for cheating Lil off, now they owe me a solid!" Cosmo says: "Don't give up hope yet, Otto." Wanda says: "You'll get your solid. One day, things will probably change." Otto asks: "When then, when will they change?" Wanda answers: "Probably when you least expect it." Otto says: "Whatever!" (Camera cuts)

Cosmo sarcastically says: "Well, THERE was a gigantic ray of sunshine!" Wanda says: "You can't really blame him though. I know that I'd also be upset if I lost the chance at $150,000!" Cosmo says: "Not that you would personally know from experience!" Wanda says: "True enough, but that's 22 eliminated contestants, which leaves us with only 2 more to talk about!" Cosmo says: "The finalists, Sandy Cheeks, and Stimpy J. Cat!" Wanda says: "Sandy being able to make it all the way to the end wasn't much of a surprise." Cosmo says: "But the real surprise was when the perennial underdog, or cat, as this case makes it, managed to make it all the way to the finals as well!" Wanda says: "Well, you shouldn't overlook Stimpy's efforts, Cosmo." Cosmo says: "Well, why don't we just review the footage of these 2 campers so that our viewers can be the judge?" Wanda says: "That might just possibly be the best idea you've EVER had!" Cosmo says: "You mean it's the best idea I've ever had SO FAR!" Wanda says: "Whatever, let's roll the footage!" (Camera rolls) Cosmo says: "Stimpy came from the show of Ren & Stimpy." Wanda says: "Sandy came from the show of Spongebob Squarepants." Cosmo says: "Just by looking at them, you couldn't tell that they had anything in common besides from both being mammals." Wanda says: "But as it turns out, they both have one BIG distinct trait in common, being finalists on this show!" Cosmo says: "Sandy made her way with both her brains, and her brawn!" Wanda says: "Everyone knew that Sandy had a lot going in her favor, but nobody expected that Stimpy could step up to the plate and be a competitive force to!" Cosmo says: "I'll say! In the first challenge, where Sandy excelled in building a hot tub, Stimpy excelled in securing the Screaming Cat's advantage in the hot tub challenge!" Wanda says: "While Sandy won the 2nd challenge for the Screaming Cats, Stimpy almost won the 3rd challenge for the Screaming Cats." Cosmo says: "Sandy was a driving force in winning the 5th challenge, while Stimpy managed to help win the 6th challenge, which was something Sandy failed to do."

Wanda says: "Stimpy and Sandy were both powerful contenders, helping to win the 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th challenge for the Screaming Cats!" Cosmo says: "Stimpy won immunity in the 15th and 20th challenge, while Sandy won immunity in the 18th and 19th challenge." Wanda says: "And both of them won immunity for the same reason in the 23rd challenge!" Cosmo says: "And finally, Stimpy and Sandy managed to outlast tough competitors such as Helga G. Pataki, Ren Hoek, Aang the Avatar, Treeflower, Jimmy Neutron, Susie Carmichael, Reggie Rocket, Norbert, Angelica Pickles, Rocko A. Wallaby, Spongebob, Lil Deville, and even Otto Rocket himself!" (Camera cuts) Wanda says: "As good as Stimpy and Sandy have been and still are, I STILL can't tell which one of them WILL win the final challenge!" Cosmo says: "Wait a minute, Wanda I just realized something! Take a look at their names!" Wanda asks: "What about their names?" Cosmo says: "S-A-N-D-Y, and S-T-I-M-P-Y, both of their names begin with an S, and end with a Y! That CAN'T just be a coincidence!" Wanda says: "Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't! We'll just have to wait and see. Well folks, it looks like our hard work is done here! Stay tuned for the next episode of Total Cartoon Island! Okay, Cosmo, turn off the tape recording now!" Cosmo says: "What tape recording?" Wanda says: "What tape? The tape you put in the Control Room before we started filming! The one that's been sitting in there since this episode began airing! And-- (Wanda slaps her head) --you DIDN'T put a tape in there, did you?!" Cosmo nervously says: "I don't--." Wanda shouts: "We've been filming this whole thing LIVE, haven't we?!" Cosmo says: "It's possible--." Wanda yells: "YOU ARE SO INCOMPETENT!!!! Can you not do ONE THING RIGHT?! I ask you to specifically make sure that a tape got put into the Control Room BEFORE we started filming this thing so that if we MADE a mistake, we could fix it in post-editing, and you can't even do THAT CORRECTLY?!" Cosmo says: "I didn't know which buttons to push! There were so many of them, I panicked! It was a stressful job!"

Wanda tersely says: "Cosmo, you better hope for YOUR sake that this slip-up doesn't cost us our jobs as Fairy Godparents!" Cosmo says: "Come on, Wanda! If I can't get fired for making Mount Vesuvius erupt, turning Xanadu into Pittsburgh, OR sinking Atlantis three times, what CAN I POSSIBLY get fired for?!" Wanda sighs and says: "Cosmo, sometimes you REALLY put me to shame!" / Episode Notes: A running gag in this episode is that the word Antidisestablishmentarianism keeps being used, for a total of 9 times! Nobody gets eliminated in this episode. / Stay tuned for the season finale of "Total Cartoon Island!" 630566.gif

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Before I start this episode, I'd like to give a special thanks to JStheKid for letting me use his character of Blue Arrow in this episode and for a whole new season of my cartoon show! Now, without further delay, here is the season finale of "Total Cartoon Island!" / "Cartoon Double Dare! Sandy vs. Stimpy!" In a dramatic voice, Sniz says: "You've watched their exploits for 26 episodes! You've seen their determination, their strategies, and their ability to beat every camper who challenged them! And now, they've come to the Final challenge, will they'll face their toughest opponents yet: THEMSELVES! On Total Cartoon Island! (A whole audience cheers as the camera stops showing scenes from the previous episodes and opens up on an indoor game show while the Double Dare theme music plays.) I'm Sniz, here as always with my trusty brother sidekick, co-host, Fondue!" Fondue says: "Why do I always get SECOND billing?" Sniz says: "Because you're the boring nag and nobody likes the boring nag! Anyways, for our final challenge this season, we've done something very special for our Final Two contestants! With the help of the Fairy Godparents, we've brought back the set of a Nickelodeon game show masterpiece, Double Dare!

(Audience cheers again) We wanted to get Marc Summer to be a special intern/referee for us, but frankly, he was too darn expensive! So instead, let's get a different special guest in here! JSthekid's very own Blue Arrow!" (Audience cheers as Blue Arrow runs into the room!) Blue Arrow says: "I did it! I've finally arrived! Finally, people are going to look at me and say, there's a fan character that has ACTUALLY appeared on a REAL Nickelodeon show created by a Nickelodeon writer!" Sniz says: "Glad to see your enthusiasm! But first, you got to bring out the two contestants! Can you do that?" Blue Arrow sharply says: "Of COURSE I can do that! I wasn't born YESTERDAY, you know!" Sniz says: "Of course not! Fondue was!" Fondue says: "I hate it when you make jokes at MY expense, you know!" Sniz says: "You ARE fully well aware that if you don't LIKE your job, you CAN be replaced!

Either by Jorgen Von Strangle, or even Blue Arrow!" Fondue says: "You wouldn't dare! I have a contract!" Sniz says: "Lighten up! As if I'd fire my own brother!" Fondue asks: "Then why IS Blue Arrow on OUR show?!" Sniz says: "Our season long contest! We asked our loyal audience to prove who among them was this show's biggest fan, and Blue Arrow won!"

Fondue says: "Because he was the only one who even entered!" Sniz says: "And like I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted, as part of our agreement for him WINNING the contest, IF he can prove that all of the stunts in this episode are safe, he gets to come on and be a contestant for season 2!" Fondue says: "Well, that SHOULD be interesting to watch!" Blue Arrow sternly asks: "Can I PLEASE do my job now?" Sniz politely answers: "Of course. Please forgive my brother for RUDELY interrupting you! He can't stay shut up for a nano-second!" Fondue yells: "Are you saying I talk too much?!" Sniz says: "Of course not! For an obsessive-compulsive parrot voiced by Gilbert Gottfried!" Blue Arrow rolls his eyes and says: "I'm not sure if there are any Nickelodeon fans that will get that Aladdin reference! Anyways, let's meet our two finalists! While she doesn't live in a pineapple under the sea, she HAS expressed interest in marrying someone who does! From the city of Bikini Bottom and the show of SpongeBob Squarepants, meet everyone's favorite invertebrate lover, Sandy Cheeks!" Sandy Cheeks runs out to boisterous applause and says: "Thank you for making me the fan-favorite to win this show! Please wait until AFTER I win to ask for my autographs! I don't want to be TOO tired for the final challenge!"

Blue Arrow says: "And our other contestant hardly NEEDS any introduction, but I'll give it to him anyways! He's Nickelodeon's original superstar and longtime patron of charity! From the city of Hollywood U.S.A. and the show of Ren & Stimpy, let's give a SPECIAL cheer for the hardest working feline in show business, Stimpy J. Cat!" Stimpy runs out to boisterous applause and humbly says: "I'm SO unimportant, compared to my fans. I owe my success all to you! Thank you for helping me get this far, It's an honor just to participate!" Blue Arrow says: "If you like the honor of participating, you're going to LOVE the honor we're presenting you! We're bringing back all of the previously eliminated contestants to WATCH you perform this final challenge!" And sure enough, all 22 of the previously eliminated contestants walk in and take special seats in the V.I.P. section in the order they were first eliminated! Roger Plotz, Helga G. Patacki, Ren Hoek, Aang the Avatar, Daggett, Patrick Star, Chuckie Finster, Doug Funny, Phoebe Hyerdahl, Bunny, Treeflower Fields, Jimmy Neutron, Susie Carmichael, Reggie Rocket, Patty Mayonnaise, Norbert McHandsome, Angelica Pickles (wearing a badly coifed wig to cover up her still messed-up hairdo,) Rocko A. Wallaby, SpongeBob, Stinky J. Cat, Lil Deville, and Otto Rocket!

Stimpy says: "Ren, Aang, Doug, Phoebe, Susie, Patty, Norbert, Rocko, SpongeBob, Stinky, and Lil! It's so good to see all of you again!" Ren bored says: "I'm just as ecstatic as you are!" Stimpy says: "I love it when he pretends to be all bored like that! I find that funny!" Lil and Stinky say: "Go Team Stimpy!" Stimpy asks: "Rocko, doesn't Aang want to congratulate me?" Rocko says: "Aang STILL insists on being on a speaking strike! He has expressed through other means that he wants Nickelodeon to realize that he NEEDS to talk IF Nickelodeon wants to get good ratings!" Chuckie says: "As if THAT'S going to help him! Aang thinks he's SO much better than us even though most of OUR shows lasted far longer than HIS did, even if they weren't NEARLY as 'popular.'" Aang holds up a sign that reads: "I have no comment." Patrick says: "And worst of all, he isn't even clever enough to come up with his own catchphrase! He's totally ripping off Chuckie's catchphrase!" Sandy sarcastically says: "Nice rug, Angelica!" Angelica retorts: "Oh, bite the weenie, Sandy!" Sandy answers back: "With relish!" (Confessional) Angelica says: "Sandy thinks that this game is all her's, but she couldn't be any wronger! If Sniz says that I'M unable to win the money, than Sandy can't win it either! I'll get the last laugh on her! I have one last ace hidden in my back pocket!" (End confessional)

Otto asks: "It's kind of hard to insult someone smarter and tougher than YOU are, now isn't it Angelica?" Angelica says: "I do NOT wish to speak to you!" Otto says: "All this time and you STILL don't want to talk to me?! What in the world do you want in order for me to get you to like me?!" Angelica says: "I WANTED the money, but since I'm ELIMINATED, I can't get it, and you can't either!" Otto says: "Don't you think that I know that? Do you even know why I'M NOT the one participating in this final challenge?! Believe it or not, it's not that I COULDN'T beat Sandy and Stimpy fairly, it's because I deliberately chose not to cheat!" Angelica says: "Than you're as equally stupid as you are deluded! Everyone knows that the only way to get ahead in this world is that you have to cheat to get what you want!" Otto says: "That's exactly what John McCain said before he lost humiliatingly to Barack Obama in 2008!" Angelica says: "You think you're better than me just because YOU didn't lie and cheat to play your way through the game?!"

Otto says: "I KNOW that I'm better than you! Unlike you, I don't like cheating if that's the only way for me to win! I'd rather lose a game fair and square than be a cheater like you! I deliberately threw the last challenge to show you that winning isn't the most important thing in the world to me! It's been you, it's always been you! No matter how many times you shot me down, I've always been willing to stand up for you to show you that I was TOO stubborn to let you push me away and let you go through the game friendless! Well, you're not pushing ME away again! You're going to give me one reason as to why I don't deserve you! I've done right by the universe, now you OWE me a favor! I want to know what it is you don't like about me, because I thought the only reason you didn't like me was because I wanted to win just as much as you did!" Angelica says: "If it wasn't for you constantly HOUNDING me all the time, I would've beaten that stupid Sandy and/or Stimpy on the first day!" Otto says: "See, that's your problem with logic! You don't think that there's anyone in the world who can beat you! And if someone DOES beat you, the only reason THAT happens is because they out-cheated you! Well here's a newsflash for you, Angelica! You're not the center of everyone's universe and you CAN'T always get what you want!" Angelica says: "Liar!" Otto says: "But by working with me, maybe you CAN!"

Angelica asks: "And how am I supposed to believe that?" Otto says: "We both got beaten by Sandy and Stimpy by trying to attack them separately. And our one against two strategies failed miserably because their efforts to repel us were united while we were divided! But together, we can actually make it the NEXT time we play!" Angelica says: "Is there going to BE a next time?!" Otto says: "Angelica, we've both been humiliated by 2 less intelligent and less athletic losers! Our solo efforts aren't enough to overcome them! Only by teaming up will we even begin to have a chance to redeem ourselves from our miserable eliminations!" Angelica says: "Getting the best of Sandy Cheeks? That would make for the happiest day of my life! If you can help me get Sandy Cheeks the next time, I'll help you get Stimpy J. Cat! Next time, I WILL split the money with you 50-50, you can't get a better offer than that!" Otto says: "And do you think you can give me a chance the next time?" Angelica says: "If our strategies work, we'll go ALL the way to the end, the next time we play!" (Confessional) Otto says: "I did it! I finally did it! In your face, Lars Rodriguez! I've totally won the bet! It's time to begin Operation: Humble Sandy Cheeks! She is going down harder than the Berlin Wall did in 1989!" (End Confessional)

Fondue says: "Blue Arrow, why are you letting THEM talk and not me?! I waste FAR less time talking than THEY do!" Blue Arrow says: "But the show has never been ABOUT you, it's been about the contestants!" Bunny says: "Now THERE'S a vote of confidence for us!" Jimmy Neutron says: "But you still haven't explained WHY we're here!" Blue Arrow sighs and says: "Well, if there are no more 'engaging' conversations between Skater Boy and Psycho Chick, I can explain it!" Angelica shouts: "If I WAS a psycho, I wouldn't waste MY time here! I'd spend it working at the Bates Motel!" Susie Carmichael says: "I wouldn't let my worst enemy, which happens to be you, work at the Bates Motel!" (Confessional) Susie says: "You never know when you might need insurance protection, or who you're going to need it from! By protecting Angelica, I get brownie points for winning her over! There's no way I want her to eliminate ME ever again! That's not going to happen!" (End Confessional) Blue Arrow says: "The reason you are all here is because you will once again be split up into 2 teams. But this time, they're teams of your own choice! We will be dividing the V.I.P. section into 2 halves, and the half you sit in will determine which team you're on! If you're in the left half, you'll represent Team Sandy! If you're on the right half, you'll represent Team Stimpy!" (The campers get up and go to different spots in the V.I.P. section.)

Fondue says: "Okay, so who's where?" Sniz says: "It's very interesting, Fondue! There are 11 campers for Team Sandy, and 11 campers for Team Stimpy! It's perfectly split right down the middle! Our teams look evenly matched!" Roger, Helga, SpongeBob, Patrick, Jimmy, Phoebe, Doug, Patty, Treeflower, Susie, and Reggie are on Team Sandy; Ren, Aang, Daggett, Bunny, Norbert, Angelica, Rocko, Stinky, Lil, Chuckie, and Otto are on Team Stimpy. Blue Arrow says: "On the original Double Dare, you'd go through 2 rounds of questions in addition to some physical challenges and the obstacle course. But everyone knows you don't go on a reality game show for light-weight questions! So instead, I'll each ask you 1 question and I'll expect 1 answer from the both of you. Then, you'll both compete on Identical Final Challenges! Whoever grabs all 6 flags first will be the Grand Champion of Season 1!" Phoebe asks: "I thought Double Dare made you grab 8 flags!" Sniz says: "Well, THEY did! But we trimmed it down to 6 to make it faster, entertaining, and more fun for the audience!" Treeflower says: "Sounds fair enough to me!"

Blue Arrow says: "Now Sandy, why do you feel that YOU deserve to win the money and what would you do with it if you won?" Sandy answers: "Well, I'm always good for my word, so half of the money WOULD go to Stimpy if I won. But $75,000 would still be enough for me to invest money in an improved teleportation device, more efficient crop growing devices, and would allow me to travel and see the sights of the world!" Fondue says: "Well that's sweet. Boring, but sweet." Sniz says: "Don't be such a buzz-kill, Fondue!" Blue Arrow says: "Thank you, Sniz. Stimpy, same question as Sandy." Stimpy says: "Well, besides the bulk of the money going to my favorite charities, I'd throw all of my fellow contestants the coolest season finale party they have ever seen, and invite all of them to enjoy it!" When the contestants hear that, Roger, Patrick, Jimmy, Phoebe, Treeflower, and Reggie get up and join Team Stimpy. Sandy says to her remaining fan-base: "Well it's nice to know that not ALL of you are total sell-outs!" Stimpy says: "And did I mention that the party will be held on my parent's yacht? Because it TOTALLY will be!" Patty gets up with a guilty look on her face, joins Team Stimpy and says: "Sorry, Sarah!" Sniz says: "That was quite a shake-up, don't you think, Fondue?" Fondue says: "I don't get paid to think!"

Blue Arrow says: "But I do! And we'll see what our audience thinks after we come back, and show them what our contestants have to face in our final challenge! Stay tuned!" (Commercial Break) / After the commercials end, Blue Arrow comes back on and says: "It's time to reveal the obstacle challenges our contestants will face!" Fondue says: "Our 1st event is Soda Gushers! Our contestants will need to stomp around on the various buttons to make soda come out! Along with soda coming out, there will come out a flag!" Blue Arrow says: "And this is what you can expect!" Blue Arrow stomps on a button and blue-colored soda comes out, initially hitting him on the head, but eventually flows into his mouth! Blue Arrow says: "Blueberry Blast! My favorite!" Sniz says: "That event looks safe to me! And once the flag is gotten, they will receive a COOL 1st prize!" Blue Arrow says: "They will receive autographed DVD copies of Mary Poppins, signed by movie stars Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke each comes with a certificate of authenticity to let you know its real!" Stimpy says: "That's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" Sniz says: "I know!" Fondue says: "Our 2nd event is Pizza Pie! Our contestants will need to dig through a giant pizza to find the hidden flag!" Blue Arrow grabs off a piece of sausage and says: "And it's completely edible to!"

Sniz says: "Once you get through that safe challenge, they will receive another COOL prize!" Blue Arrow says: "They will receive the Super Mario Advance video game collection, playable on the Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Player, OR the Nintendo DS! They can play the masterpieces of Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and Yoshi's Island anywhere at home or when they're on the go!" Fondue says: "Our 3rd event is the Garbage Truck Dump! On the back of this green Dump Truck, there's only a little bit of garbage, but there will soon be much more! Our contestants will need to look through the dumped garbage to find out where the flag's located!" Blue Arrow demonstrates this and says: "It's a little smelly, but it's not dangerous!" Sniz says: "Glad to know that, Blue Arrow! And by grabbing the third flag, they will receive another cool prize!" Blue Arrow says: "They will receive the complete remastered collection of The Beatles CD albums! Now with better sound, mini-documentaries, and computer connectivity! A must have for The Beatles lovers in YOUR family!" Fondue says: "Our 4th event is the Nose Pick! Our contestant will have to pick the insides of our gigantic prop nose in order to find the flag!"

Blue Arrow gets underneath it and says: "And as you can see, this challenge is as easy as pie!" Then the nose sneezes on Blue Arrow and covers him! Blue Arrow, frustrated says: "And by easy, I mean nauseating! It reminds me of that date I had with Linda Blair!" SpongeBob says: "I didn't know you dated a character from The Exorcist!" Reggie Rocket says: "I think Blue Arrow was being sarcastic!" SpongeBob sheepishly says: "Of course! I knew that!" (Confessional) SpongeBob says: "Truthfully, hearing the difference between people who are being honest and people who are being sarcastic REALLY isn't one of my strong suits! I've REALLY got to work on my face reading skills." (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Of course, the Nose might sneeze irregularly, but it's still safe! After you clean the nose and get the 4th flag, you'll get an awesome 4th prize!" Blue Arrow says: "They will receive a plasma-screen computer with Windows 7! The latest and greatest innovation in a long line of fine, quality Microsoft products! It's Windows, bringing you a cleaner, clearer picture to the world!" Lil Deville says: "That sounds like a cool machine to have! Just think of all the things I can accomplish with a computer of THAT power!" Stinky says: "I can only imagine what you have in mind!"

Fondue says: "Our fifth event is Walk through Water! Our contestants must go through our pond filled not just with water, but also some of the toughest fish under the sea from the Salty Spittoon from the show of SpongeBob Squarepants!" Blue Arrow says: "Let me show you how I would handle the crossing!" Blue Arrow ties a rope around one post from the end where he's standing at, strings it around an Arrow, and then shoots it through his bow where it connects onto another post at the other end! Blue Arrow then walks safely across the rope without getting hit by the tough fish! Sniz says: "Well, that's a little unorthodox, but completely fair. The judges will allow it, so it's a safe challenge! Grab the 5th flag and you'll get the 5th prize!" Blue Arrow says: "They'll receive free movie tickets for the entire winter season redeemable at any movie theater for any movie they want to see, however many times they decide to see a movie! It's our gift from the show, to our contestants!" Fondue says: "And then it all comes down to the finale, the last obstacle!" Sniz says: "It's the Ice Cream Slide! Our contestants must climb up one chocolate syrup covered slide, slide down the honey coated chute at the top, and reach out and grab the flag at the bottom on top of the ice cream!"

Blue Arrow ties a rope around another arrow, shoots it at the top of the obstacle, pulls on the rope to help climb up the slide like a mountain climber, than slides down the chute normally! Blue Arrow says: "And can you believe this is only my FIRST time competing on a game show?!" Sniz says: "Actually, I can. But in any case, you proved that all 6 challenges are safe, so YOU get a spot on our 2nd season of our cool show!" Blue Arrow says: "Awesome!" Sniz says: "And the 1st contestant, who grabs the final flag, wins the grand prize of season 1!" Blue Arrow says: "They'll receive $150,000 in legal tender! Cool hard cash redeemable anyplace they want to shop, and the distinction of being the best Nickelodeon Nicktoons show in existence!" Ren says: "Go on, Stimpy! Win one for your best buddy!" Stimpy says: "I'll do my best, pal!" Susie says: "Come on, Helga! Help us show some support for Sandy and cheer!" Helga bluntly says: "I don't cheer." Sniz says: "Well, the obstacles are all set, our contestants are all primed, and our obstacle course floor is clean now, but it's going to get REALLY messy in a minute! I wish you both the best of luck, and may the better mammal win!" Sandy says: "Stimpy, before this starts, I just like to say that in the event that I lose, if I do lose, I'd be glad to lose it to you."

Stimpy says: "And the feeling is mutual, right back to you!" (Confessional) Sandy says: "This is the event I've been training the whole season for. Do you want to know what I hope people remember me for? (Flashbacks show Sandy Cheeks being aggressive and competitive against a bunch of the other contestants.) My wonderful personality!" / Stimpy says: "So this is the pinnacle of the challenges season 1 has to offer! I feel as prepared as I'll ever be! Do you want to know what I hope to be remembered for? (Flashbacks show Stimpy being kind, generous, honest, kind, and happy towards a bunch of contestants, those that were his team-mates and even those on the other team.) I hope it will be for my wonderful personality!" / Angelica says: "I'm confident in Sandy stinking up and losing! I've got a very SPECIAL inside source to make sure this happens!" (Flashback) Sandy exits her cabin and sees a Krabby Patty that's been cut into a heart shape. Sandy says: "Hey there, what's this?!" An attached note reads: "Dear Sandy Cheeks, for my loving, happy, smiling, Texas land angel, please accept this engagement promise from your eternal boyfriend for life, SpongeBob Esq., with tons of kisses and hugs!" Sandy says: "He is SO the most thoughtful boyfriend I've ever had in my whole life!" (End flashback)

Angelica says: "Isn't it amazing how easy it is to tamper with baked goods by simply adding laxatives? (Sings) For fast, reliable relief, that lasts you all day long! Doofus!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "It's time to get this show on the road! On your marks, get set! (Fondue tweets whistle) GO!!!!" Sandy and Stimpy both begin stomping on their buttons for Soda Gushers! Stimpy presses both the Strawberry and the Lime Soda buttons, when the flag comes pouring out of the Lime Soda Gusher! Stimpy says: "I got one, Ren!" Ren says: "Great, just don't get cocky, friend!" But the soda just won't flow for Sandy Cheeks! Sandy says: "What's going on here?! There's a hold-up in this machine! Why won't it give me the soda?!" (Confessional) Otto says: "I wouldn't consider myself an expert electrician, but even one of the Rugrats would know an electric device needs to be plugged in so it works properly! I mean, I've already been eliminated this season, so there can't POSSIBLY be anything that Sniz or Fondue could do against me!" (End Confessional) SpongeBob says: "I see the problem! The machine isn't hooked up!" Sniz says: "Fondue! You've been slacking off on your work again, HAVEN'T you?!" Fondue says: "I didn't forget to do anything! Why do you always accuse me of stuff I don't do?!" Fondue plugs the machine in, and all of the soda comes pouring down on Sandy at once, but she finds her flag in the Strawberry Soda!

SpongeBob says: "Hurry, Sandy! Stimpy's getting ahead of you!" (Confessional) SpongeBob says: "I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. I really like Stimpy as a friend. But Sandy's probably going to be my wife someday. I HAD to cheer her on! It's nothing personal; I just have to think about my future as well." (End Confessional) Thankfully, Stimpy's been held up on Pizza Pie, as he's been eating THROUGH the pizza instead of just searching through it! Sandy's able to catch up and feverishly begins searching through her slice! They both manage to find their flags at exactly the same time! The 2 contestants than run to the Garbage Dump Truck; While Sandy is very fussy about touching the dirty garbage, Stimpy doesn't have that problem as he just immediately goes in, pulls out the flag, and runs off to the next event! Susie says: "Hustle girl! We're counting on you to win!" Otto says: "Speak for yourself, Beyonce wannabe! Stimpy's going to kick some squirrel butt!" Angelica says: "He better! And when is that STUPID Krabby Patty going to kick in?!" Sandy finally gets her flag and rushes to the 4th event. Thankfully, Stimpy's having a hard time finding the flag in the Nose Pick! Ren says: "Stimpy, I never thought I'd say this, but pick that nose!" Susie says: "Don't be afraid! They're just boogers!" Angelica says: "Stop DOING that!" Susie says: "Doing what?"

Angelica says: "You can't give out hints! That's CHEATING!!!!" Susie says: "You should talk, Miss Mean, Rude, and Bossy! All you've done is complain and cheat the entire season!" Angelica says: "I don't NEED to cheat to beat you pathetic LOSERS! You'll NEVER be as skilled as I am!" (Confessional) Susie says: "That girl is working on my last nerve! One more insult, and she's going to pay the piper!" (End Confessional) Stimpy and Sandy both grab their flags at about the same time, than rush over to the pool for the next event. SpongeBob runs out and says: "You're doing good Sandy! Just two more events to finish and then you'll win!" Sandy says: "Glad to have your support, SpongeBob. And thanks for the Krabby Patty this morning." SpongeBob says: "But I didn't make you a Krabby Patty this morning. Was the Krabby Patty good?" Sandy says: "I wouldn't know. I didn't eat it." Stimpy begins his stretch of Walk through Water. Some fish swim up to him and Stimpy says: "Look, I don't want to fight. I'm a peaceful cat and I respect all of you. So I'd appreciate it if you could just let me through this challenge in peace. Pretty please with Frosted Sugar Lumps on top?" The fish begin to back off when Stimpy says: "Uh oh! Big bathroom emergency here!"

And Stimpy lets out a MONSTEROUS fart that makes Aang scream: "UGH! What crawled up your butt and died?!" Daggett screams: "Well, SOMEBODY finally got Aang to say something!" Angelica screams: "WHAT?!!!" Stimpy says: "I can't hold it! I've got to go!" And Stimpy quickly races to the Confessional and uses the Outhouse building like an Outhouse! Sniz says: "Please! Not the CONFESSIONAL!" Angelica yells: "What's going on here?!" Blue Arrow says: "I believe I have the answer to that." (Flashback) Blue Arrow is writing some notes, when he looks at the treat Sandy Cheeks has received, when Stimpy comes up to spend some time with his team-mate. Stimpy says: "Sandy, you know that I want to wish you the best of luck in this challenge." Sandy says: "Same to you, Stimpy!" Stimpy says: "Say, is that a Krabby Patty shaped like a heart?! I've never had a Krabby Patty shaped like a heart before!" Sandy gives it to him and says: "Go ahead. Knock yourself out." (End Flashback) Angelica screams: "You incompetent morons can't do ANYTHING right!" Susie shouts: "Incompetent morons?! That does it!" Susie grabs Angelica, and as soon as Stimpy gets out of the Confessional, Susie throws her inside of it and Stimpy futilely says: "Susie, don't PUT her in there! It's very--!" And Susie deliberately shuts the door tight and locks it from the outside! Stimpy finishes saying: "Stinky."

Stinky says: "That's my name, don't wear it out!" Lil says: "Don't give up, Stimpy! You still have a chance!" Rocko says: "Sandy's trying to fight her way through the fish!" Stimpy says: "But I can't just let Angelica suffer in there!" Angelica screams: "LET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I DESTROY YOU!" Stimpy says: "But in this case, I'll make an exception!" And Stimpy quickly runs back to the pool, quickly crossing it after the fishes have seen Stimpy's unintentional display of stink, and grabs the flag seconds before Sandy finishes her fighting and grabs her flag! Sniz says: "It's neck and neck between our 2 contestants, down to the last event! It all comes down to this obstacle!" Aang says: "Well, since my speaking strike has ended, I guess there's just one thing left to do! Stimpy, win this challenge for us!" Sandy and Stimpy both have trouble heading up the slippery slide, but they get to the top, and prepare to go down the chute! While Stimpy begins his descent, Sandy finds that the doorway that leads through the chute is SHUT tight! Sandy says: "Now what's the matter here?!"

Otto pulls something behind his back and says: "I just LOVE ACME brand Super Glue! Guaranteed to make things stick together or double your money back!" SpongeBob shouts: "It can't end this way! Sandy, you've got to try and pry the door open!" Stimpy is still struggling to get down the chute as the honey is making his progress difficult! Lil says: "Stimpy, your prize is within sight! Now get down and win it!" Sandy says: "I'll win this competition even if I have to resort to sheer brute strength!" And with a mighty grunt of effort, Sandy breaks apart the doors and throws them to the floor! Otto yells: "I can't believe I paid $9.95 for this junk! I was robbed! At least I can look forward to a good refund!" Sandy quickly tries to scramble down the chute, and Stimpy and Sandy get down at the same time!" Sniz says: "It's so close! It looks like it's going to be a photo finish!" Sandy excitedly says: "Did you say a photo finish?!" And in a split second--! (SNAP!) Sniz says: "And it's over! It's all over! We have a winner!" Blue Arrow says: "Did I just blink or something?! I didn't see who grabbed their final flag first! Who got it?!"

Sniz says: "Just a minute! According to our Digital Camera that NEVER takes a lying picture, the winner of the season one finale is...IS...IS...STIMPY J. CAT!!!!" (A whole bunch of contestants cheer while SpongeBob, Susie, and Doug Funny sigh.) Blue Arrow says: "You mean Sandy Cheeks, actually LOST?!" Fondue says: "Biggest mistake of any contestant. She just COULDN'T resist posing for the picture! And that split second was all Stimpy needed to grab the flag before Sandy did and become the winner of season 1!" Ren jumps up and cheers: "You did it Stimpy! You really did it! You're our grand champion!" Stimpy says: "Well, I might have never won it, if it hadn't been for my friends' encouragement, faith, trust, and determination to help me prove myself. This is just as much your victory as it is mine." Sandy says: "I can't believe it. I came, I saw, I conquered, I did everything right, and I still lost, to the best Nicktoon that has ever existed!" SpongeBob comes over and says: "its okay, Sandy. I still love you, even if you didn't win this season. There's always next time. And besides, look on the bright side. You DID come in 2nd by beating 22 other contestants, which definitely counts for something in my books!" Sandy sighs and says: "You're right, SpongeBob. Maybe I didn't win the game, but I think I'm fine with winning your heart!"

SpongeBob says: "Sandy, you can always rest easy with me. You'll never have to worry, because I'll ALWAYS be yours!" (They hug and kiss each other tenderly.) Sniz says: "Well, I don't think we could've asked for a much better season finale than this! This is a great way to end the 1st season! I guess it just goes to show that there IS more than one kind of winner in this world. Game show winners and winners in love!" Lil says: "And I love it that my boyfriend Stimpy has won!" Stimpy says: "And I love you to, Lil!" (Later, at the bonfire camp-out) Sniz says: "Sandy, Stimpy, here are your prizes for all the flags you picked up. And Stimpy, here is your check for winning $150,000, to do with it as you see fit! You've definitely earned it, you sly, cool cat!" Fondue says: "And don't forget, as a testament of being the ultimate camper of this season, you get the last marshmallow! An enduring symbol of safety, security, and victory!" Stimpy says: "Happy, happy, joy, joy! I'll treasure it forever! (Record scratches) Whatever! I can buy as many marshmallows as I want now!" (And he quickly chews it down!) Sniz says: "We're glad you stuck with us! Be sure to come back and check us out, on a new season of Total Cartoon Action!" Blue Arrow says: "I hope you'll be rooting for me!" Fondue says: "I know that I will!" /

Episode Notes: Stimpy J. Cat becomes the Grand Champion of Season 1, becoming the best Nicktoon and making the show Ren and Stimpy the best Nickelodeon Nicktoon to ever exist so far; Sandy Cheeks and the show SpongeBob Squarepants are both runners up in second place. Aang the Avatar FINALLY ends his speaking strike and gets back to talking again. All of the previously eliminated contestants return and get at least one opportunity to talk in this episode. / And that is the end of "Total Cartoon Island." Or IS it? Stay tuned for something special! 239236.gif

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I've read a bunch of "Total Cartoon Island" reviews, and I'm appreciative of the reviews, positive or otherwise. / And now for something slightly different...a one hour SPECIAL!!!! This event is useful for linking season one of "Total Cartoon Island," with my second season called "Total Cartoon Action!" The 12 returning contestants, the 11 new contestants, and Blue Arrow will find out what the next season is going to all be about, and so will my loyal readers! So stay tuned to see the dramatic competition! / "Total Cartoon Island/Action Special: 12 Tickets to Ride!" (60 minute special.)

Sniz appears sitting in a studio and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, it was the final competition, Sandy vs. Stimpy! The two contestants had been evenly matched all season long, but now it was time to see which one of them could prevail and become the top winner! The odds seemed to be stacked in Stimpy's favor as he promised all of the campers a yacht party if he won. So Otto Rocket and Angelica Pickles did some work behind the scenes to hurt and hinder Sandy's chances of winning the grand prize. But in the end, it was Sandy's own sense of vanity of having to pose for a picture, which gave the ultimate victory to Stimpy. Now the contestants are on Stimpy's yacht having their party. They THINK they're going home after this, but Fondue and I have a 'little' SURPRISE for them! Could it be something related to, ANOTHER season of an AWESOME show?! Well, DUH! And you're about to see for yourself in a cool little event we like to call, the Total Cartoon Island/Action Special!" /

On the yacht, all the former campers are partying and having a good time. Patrick is working with exercise equipment, Chuckie Finster is busy boning up on his reading, Doug Funny and Patty Mayonnaise are busy making out with each other, Treeflower is helping Norbert brush his newly re-grown fur, Jimmy has been studying up on how to be a better person to girls, Susie is working on her singing, Reggie Rocket and Rocko are playing pool sports, Angelica Pickles is trying a BUNCH of hair growth products, in the hopes that ONE of them will speed up the process of having to re-grow her hair, SpongeBob is running on a treadmill, competing against Sandy Cheeks who's running IMPOSSIBLY fast, Lil Deville is competing in a marshmallow eating competition with Helga G. Patacki and Bunny, Otto is busy checking on his e-mails from his fellow Ocean Shores buddies, and Stimpy is calling his folks in Hollywood, California to find out how they're doing! Stimpy says: "Mom, dad, you know I entered the show just hoping to have fun, but I've done something really GREAT! I actually won the show! I've already deposited the winnings, so I hope you'll manage the money responsibly! It's going to be great to come back home a winner!" Otto turns on his web-cam and starts talking to Twister and Sam the Squid.

Otto says: "My loyal crew, how's the action been hanging on in my absence?" Sam says: "Actually, the action hasn't been hanging, it's kind of stalled." Twister says: "Well, since Lars and his lackey's no longer have to worry about competing against YOU, they don't even WORRY about playing in sports anymore!" Sam says: "Needless to say, without YOUR presence to keep Lars' rivalry against you alive, we've had to compete against ourselves and it's become Capital B, Boring!" Otto says: "Don't worry about it! Very soon, I'll be home and spark up the rivalry all over again! I'll even get back to working on my surfing skills!" Phoebe says: "Helga, do you have any word from home if any of our friends saw our action on the show?"

Helga says: "Actually, Cosmo poofed me a letter from Arnold himself about what he thinks of our efforts in the show! He says: Dear Helga, all this time after all the bullying and taunting you gave me, I had no idea you felt so fondly about me. And I must admit; I've gotten bored with my one-track relationship with Lila that seems to be going nowhere fast. I'd make sure that nobody at home would think any less of you if you were to return my sign of affection, when I say that I love you as much as you love me. I would be honored to call you both my girl, and my friend. Love, Arnold! I can't believe it, Phoebe! He LOVES me! He actually loves me! All this, after having worrying about being rejected, I no longer have to be afraid, because he LOVES me!" Phoebe says: "Well, that's wonderful news to hear, Helga! I hope your relationship with Arnold turns out to be a fruitful one." Ren says: "One thing that I'M looking forward to once I'm back home, is watching the grand adventures of Powdered Toastman. Nobody makes a breakfast delicious like HE does!" Daggett says: "Is he stronger than Muscular Beaver?" Ren says: "I'm not sure, but I'm fairly certain that if Muscular Beaver and Powdered Toastman were to team up together, they would be an UNBEATABLE combination!"

Daggett says: "No spootin! 2 heroes are always better than one!" Aang says: "But no hero is better than me! Ladies, you'll be happy to know that my future is going to be very FRUITFUL indeed! I've just signed up for clothing, hand modeling, shoe endorsing, and a chest/chin/leg/arm/face modeling contract! My agent, who's also my girlfriend named Toph, says that between my eyes and my smile, I'm VERY photogenic!" Patrick pushes himself and says: "Pushy, arrogant jerk! Ever since he got off his speaking strike, all he has done around here is TALK!" Chuckie says: "You said it!" Patrick says: "But not me! I'm pushing myself! I'm going to get stronger, I WILL become faster! I'll be a WAY better athlete than I ever was!" In a muffled voice, Bunny says: "Lil, how am I doing?" Lil says: "Not bad! 42 marshmallows in your mouth at one time is a pretty decent record, but let's see if I can beat it!" And Lil dumps a WHOLE bag of a 69 marshmallow bag into her mouth at one time! And leaves her mouth wide open so everyone can see it! Reggie says: "UGH! That's the ugliest looking thing I'VE ever seen!" Lil swallows the marshmallows, lets out a big burp and says: "Get out! Stimpy really goes for it, and besides, my ability to swallow all those lil' marshmallows is how I got my nickname, Lil." Susie says: "Sure it is!"

Stimpy says: "What's your proper name?" Lil says: "It's Lillian. But the only person who really calls me that is my twin brother Phil, alias Phillip." Angelica says: "I don't see what YOU all have to be excited about! It's not like any of YOU won anything that's going to mean anything to anyone! All Stimpy is doing is providing you one fleeting experience that will never BE experienced until your wedding days!" Patty says: "You know what, Andromeda? I think you're jealous!" Angelica says: "Oh, SURE! I'm jealous because I lost to 6 incompetent fools! You should all be ashamed that you denied ME, the person who TRULY deserved to win, and the opportunity to ACTUALLY win the game! I can beat Sandy in a fair fight!" Sandy says: "Oh PLEASE! You can't beat the wrong side of a barn with a bulls-eye target painted on it!" (Confessional) Angelica says: "Ever since Sneaky Sandy wished most of my hair away, it's been growing back in all patchy and uneven. I've tried EVERYTHING to correct my hair-do! Transplants, laser treatments, even traditional Tibetan medicine. (Drinks a cup of liquid than coughs it out) UGH! Loser MONK!" (End Confessional)

Reggie says: "So tell me again, Rocko. What's it like in YOUR country?" Rocko says: "It's like this. The country of Australia has the same things that people in America do. There are just a few little differences." Reggie says: "Example?" Rocko says: "Okay. Do you know what they call a Quarter Pound Krabby Patty with Cheese?" Reggie says: "They DON'T call it a Quarter Pound Krabby Patty with Cheese?" Rocko says: "No, they don't call it a Quarter Pound Krabby Patty with Cheese, they wouldn't know what in the world a POUND was! They use the metric system!" Reggie says: "So what DO they call them?" Rocko says: "They call it a Les Patty Royale with Cheese." Reggie says: "No kidding?" Rocko says: "No way!" Reggie says: "Well what about a Big McKrabby Patty?" Rocko says: "Well, a Big McKrabby Patty IS a Big McKrabby Patty. They just call it a Los Tis Patty." Reggie says: "A Los Tis Patty? Well what about the Chum Bucket Jambalaya?" Rocko says: "No, I never eat at the Chum Bucket." Everyone gasps when an unexpected poof pops up on the boat, and Sniz comes out of the smoke! Sniz says: "Thank you, Cosmo and Wanda!" The Fairy Godparents poof into sight with their baby Poof and simultaneously says: "You're welcome, Sniz!"

Roger asks: "Sniz, what are YOU doing here?" Sniz says: "I just wanted to hang with some of my favorite contestants." Chuckie says: "That's EX contestants to you! We're done playing your games!" Sniz says: "Actually, I probably have something that will change your mind." SpongeBob asks: "What could you possibly have that would interest us?" Sniz says: "You won't be disappointed by this! In season 2, the grand prize will be $500,000! That's right! More than 3 times of the money that was available on season 1, and some of you will be coming back for season 2!" (Confessional) Sandy says: "Did he just say SEASON TWO?!" / Treeflower says: "$500,000? Things just got interesting again!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "And I sincerely hope that some of you will compete for this honor." SpongeBob says: "I know I will be!" Sniz says: "Cool! I will now explain how this offer will work!"

(Confessional) Aang says: "This ought to be good. After losing humiliatingly last season, I'm ready to find out just what it is I need to do in order to win season 2!" / Lil says: "This is great! The craziness ISN'T over after all! I'm ready for some more fun!"

(End Confessional) Sniz says: "The first place this yacht is going to, will be Atlantic City, New Jersey. We'll be docking the boat there, to meet the 12, I mean, ELEVEN NEW contestants that will be participating along with Blue Arrow who's already won a slot, along with the 12 contestants who manage to win a spot for the second season!" Blue Arrow groans and says: "Thanks for remembering me! I really don't LIKE being ignored!" Sniz says: "Anyways, not only will we be stopping in Atlantic City to pick the new contestants up; we will also be holding a special challenge to determine which 12 campers will be returning for season 2." (Confessional) Ren says: "Who wouldn't want a chance to win $500,000? I mean, I like watching Powdered Toastman and everything, but I'd like to win the prize money even more!" / Patrick says: "With $500,000, I could manage to buy myself a REAL house, and not have to live under a rent free rock that nobody else wants!" (End Confessional) Doug says: "You haven't told us yet what this special challenge is going to be." Sniz says: "Don't worry. You'll find out once we get to Atlantic City, New Jersey. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. I want all of you to be at peak playing condition for this special challenge!" (Confessional)

Reggie says: "What challenge could be so important that we'd need to be at peak playing condition to play it? I certainly hope my skills will be enough to face it, whatever the challenge might be!" / Otto says: "I'm really going to enjoy myself this time! I'll not only be playing my A game, I'll be playing my SUPER A+ game! Just let Sandy try and compete against me now!" (End Confessional) The yacht carrying the 24 contestants of season one, Sniz, and Blue Arrow, finally pulls into the harbor of Atlantic City, New Jersey. After everybody disembarks, Sniz pulls out his script for the speech he has written for the event. Sniz says: "We have arrived in luxurious Atlantic City, New Jersey, the inspiration for the board game of Monopoly as well as the home to one of the largest video game expos in recent history. I have been presented with the distinct honor, and privilege to introduce the 12 contestants, including Blue Arrow, who will compete in season 2." (Confessional) Aang says: "I know that I don't have to worry about anyone else FROM my show competing against me. After all, I AM the all powerful Airbender, and Zuko knows that if he ever tries anything evil ever again, I'll kick his butt into next week!" (End Confessional)

Sniz says: "First off, from the show of Doug, acclaimed Shakespearean master thespian, meet everyone's favorite aspiring actress, Judy Funny!" Doug says: "Wait a minute! You mean my SISTER is competing on the show?!" Sniz answers: "That is correct, my funny friend!" Judy walks into view all cool like, and dramatically says: "Hark, what light for yonder windows break? It is the east, and Judy is the sun. Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well. Adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow. End scene!" Bunny claps and says: "Wow! An impressive recital! I like YOU already!" Judy bows and says: "Thank you, you are all so kind to me! My name and pictures will be displayed in bright lights, once I get a career in Hollywood." Sniz says: "Next up, is two contestants from the show of Hey Arnold! One is a sophisticated ladies man, and the other is a rich girl with something to prove to everyone from her town! Respectively, here's Gerald Fitzgerald and Rhonda Lloyd Wellington III." Gerald says: "Charmed to be here, I like the faces I'm seeing!" Rhonda says: "It's a pleasure just to be here!" Phoebe excitedly says: "Gerald?! You're competing in season 2?! That is so AWESOME! I LOVE your hair!" Patrick says: "Hey, what about me? I thought you loved me?" Phoebe says: "Look Patrick, I'm really sorry but we've got to face facts. You're a sea star, and I'm a human girl. It just wouldn't work out between us."

Patrick says: "But Reggie's got a relationship with Rocko, just like SpongeBob and Sandy have a strong romance together." Phoebe says: "I still think you're cute, but you're just not the right boy for me. We can still be friends though, right?" Patrick sighs and says: "Sure. That sounds SWELL!" (Confessional) Patrick says: "I will openly admit that I'm not the smartest creature under the sea, but I have feelings! How could Phoebe just dump me like that? Doesn't she care that I gave her some of the best moments of MY life to her?! I've never felt so idiotic in all my life! And that's saying something!" (End confessional) Helga says: "I'm surprised to see YOU competing, Rhonda." Rhonda says: "Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't pack up my bags and try out for something that's for the more rugged individual, but after watching Stimpy play the first season of the show for charities, I decided to try out my skills against 23 other individuals, to see if I have what it takes to win $500,000 for charity. And if nothing else, I'll probably learn some good skills that could help me in a future career!" Stimpy says: "That's a good way to look at things, Rhonda!"

Sniz says: "Our next contestant originally hails all the way from Scotland in the United Kingdom! He may only be 4 foot 2 inches, and weigh less than the average Shetland Spaniel, but he's still a wiry and determined individual! From the show of Ren & Stimpy, it's the Angry Scotsman with a voice sounding like veteran actor Alan Young, Haggis McHaggis!" Speaking with an obvious Scottish burr, Haggis runs up and says: "The honor of the McHaggis clan rests in my well-worn hands! I might not be as youthful or as spritely as I was back when I was a mere laddie living in the highland Moor's, but I can still act better than a bunch of spring chickens half my age! Well, if it isn't my fellow partner's in show business, Ren & Stimpy! I sure hope I can look forward to competing with the both of you on this upcoming season!" Ren rolls his eyes and says: "Just make sure you lose the annoying Scottish burr, okay, granddaddy McHaggis?" (Confessional) Haggis says: "My Scottish burr, ANNOYING?! How daft can that dog be?! My rich accent is the key to my many great vintage roles in movies and television. It's what I've used for a very fruitful 60 years in the entertainment industry! If you want to see the great man who brought Scrooge McDoggie to life, you're looking at that very same man, right now!" (End Confessional)

Sniz says: "Next up, is a show that has not one, but TWO competitors representing their show for the first time! Both hailing from the show of Catdog--." Treeflower says: "But Catdog isn't TWO contestants. He's 1.5 or something like that!" Sniz finishes saying: "He's lean, mean, and green, it's Rancid Rabbit!" Rancid is wearing a business suit and says: "What's the hold-up here? Come on tell me, what, WHAT?" Daggett says: "I don't like this Roger; you've got green color competition!" Bunny says: "He's not the only one who has competition!" (Confessional) Bunny says: "I do NOT believe this! They brought me onto the show because they said they needed some animal diversity, and my humor was one of a kind among my species of rabbits! And the minute I turn my back, they locate another rabbit that not only has a different brand of humor, but he also has green fur! How am I supposed to compete with that?! You really think you KNOW some people!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "And he's one half of the duo of Catdog, here's Dog!" Norbert says: "Impossible!" But Dog walks up wearing a pair of brown pants, a brown derby, and carrying a brown sun umbrella/cane combo, as a normal looking, completely individual canine! Dog says: "That's right; I left my miserable excuse for a brother!"

Rocko says: "But how, and why?" Dog angrily says: "Simple! My ignorant brother Cat insulted me for the last time! He had the nerve to say that I was the root cause of all the problems and the troubles he and I had ever been in, which is COMPLETELY untrue! I told him that I had enough of him berating me, and I said I was going to END our status of Catdog once and for all! He said that I would NEVER have the nerve to do it, and he even said that I would NEVER make it on my own! So I simply went to Randolph's, requested a full canine transfusion, I got a genetically created, fully pedigreed body ANY so-called mutt could wish for, and I dumped Cat and left him in that house of his! That will learn him! Let's see how long HE can last without my help in protecting him against those Greasers!" Stimpy says: "Sheesh! I never thought that DOG could actually have a temper! Ren, let's promise each other right now that we will NEVER get into a fight like that!"

Ren says: "Done and done!" Sniz says: "Another show that has two challengers representing their show for the first time; might be a more recent addition to the Nicktoons line-up, but their antics are still just as hilarious as any long running old-school favorite! From The Penguins of Madagascar, she's an active, feisty otter with a voice just like former MADtv comedienne Nicole Sullivan, and he's commander and leader of a four penguin squad in the New York City zoo, respectively, here's Marlene the Otter and Skipper the Penguin!" Marlene jumps out and says: "I'm so very happy to be here!" Skipper confidently walks up and says: "And so am I. My keen instinct tells me that the chances of me winning are 98.6% over the 1.4% that I might not win. So I don't intend on losing!" Marlene says: "It will be SO great to compete on this show! Finally, people all over the world will know the talented qualities of Marlene, the Sea Otter!" Treeflower says: "Looks like Lil won't be the only female who will keep me on my toes next season." Norbert says: "Especially if we both win slots as contestants in the 2nd season." Sniz says: "And you've all become acquainted with Blue Arrow. So last but definitely NOT least, are three new contestants from SpongeBob Squarepants! First off, she's the heiress to the Krabby Patty fortune with a strong, talented school career in cheerleading, everybody give it up for Pearl Krabs!"

Pearl stomps towards the other contestants and cheers: "Give me a P! Give me an E! Give me an A! Give me an R! Give me an L! What does that spell? WINNER!" Patty says: "I don't get it." But Patrick drools unconsciously, stares dreamily and says: "But I do. Forget being dumped! I've just found the greatest love of my life! Pearl, your cheerleading is the best!" Pearl says: "Patrick! I had no idea that you thought my cheerleading was good!" Patrick says: "Not only that, but your fashion is in good taste, and you have the prettiest hair of any girl that I have ever seen!" Pearl says: "That's the nicest compliment ANY guy has ever given me! You're certainly a lot more charming than my OLD, worthless EX boyfriend Octavious Rex! I can definitely see you and me, going all the way to the Final Three!" Patrick says: "The pleasure's all yours!" Pearl says: "You're SO good with that!"(Confessional) Patrick says: "I guess the old saying is true. When life gives you lemons, you make sweet, icy, cool lemonade! And Pearl is worth 44 gallons of the sweetest lemonade anyone could taste! Plus, she's an heiress to an immense fortune! I'm not going to find a more worthy girlfriend than this!" (End Confessional)

SpongeBob says: "But I don't understand Pearl. If you've got your father's money to fall back on, why do you need to compete?" Pearl says: "It's actually my father who CONVINCED me to compete! He wanted me to get out of the house, try and earn money on my own, and help bring in endorsement deals for The Krusty Krab. I admit that I WAS initially against it. But if Patrick is by my side, I'm sure that this game show is going to be a blast!" SpongeBob says: "Well, I'm glad to hear that!" Sniz says: "And rounding out the cast of new contestants; we have a professional body-builder and a professional guru who promotes better bodies! Both hailing from the city of Bikini Bottom are two other SpongeBob Squarepants stars, Larry the Lobster, and the tanned seal, Craig Mammalton!" Angelica shouts: "WHAT?! CRAIG MAMMALTON, who has so far only appeared in the episode of Sun Bleached, is considered a star?!" Sniz says: "Not really, but he DID beat out a bunch of other potential contestants who wanted to compete in the show!"

Craig confidently says: "Don't worry about it. I'm a very reasonable guy! I don't force other people into doing stuff they don't like, I merely suggest that if they want to do something that I like to do, they have a choice on whether they want to do it or not. And by the way, I got to give you props, SpongeBob! You might not be the tannest sea creature alive, but you've still managed to get yourself one heck of a woman! I'm very proud of you!" SpongeBob says: "Thank you, Craig! (Seriously) I see that YOU'RE also here, LARRY! I hate to be the one to disappoint you, but Sandy Cheeks has already been spoken for!" Larry says: "Don't treat me like I'm some two-bit villain! I'm completely over her! (Under his breath) Or so I HOPE you think, especially since she deserves someone far stronger, faster, AND smarter than you LIKE ME especially after you TRICKED me into teaching YOU how to SWIM!" SpongeBob says: "What was that?" Larry resumes his normal tone and says: "Nothing, SpongeBob! I was muttering to myself, not to you! Carry on as you were!" Sniz says: "All right! You've met the rest, now it's time to determine the best! Out of the 24 contestants from season 1, who will be the 12 who get to play again in season 2?" Angelica says: "We ALL already know who's DEFINITELY going to be there! No need to congratulate me, I'm too modest!" Otto says: "Yeah, right!"

Sniz says: "There are 24 contestants who want to have fun, but only 12 tickets to ride! Which 12 lucky contestants will win a ticket to play on season 2 of our great show?! Stay tuned after the commercials and find out!" (Commercial Break) The 24 season one, contestants and the 12 new contestants for season 2 are now all in a building, which is a set from ANOTHER old-school Nickelodeon hit show, Nick Arcade! Ren asks: "Sniz, what are we doing in a building that hasn't seen the light of day for 16 years?" Sniz says: "Because, my favorite asthma-hound Chihuahua, it's WHERE the 24 season 1 contestants are going to compete for the 12 tickets to ride! Here's how it will work; there are NO guaranteed slots! The 12 finalists, who manage to outlast the other 12 contestants in the games you will play, will end up playing in season 2!" Aang says: "And what games will I be winning?" Patrick says: "Don't let the air fill your head TOO much, or else it might explode!" Sniz says: "I whole-heartedly agree. I don't know about winning, but what you will be playing IS...VIDEO GAMES!" Helga says: "You have GOT to be kidding us! You wanted us to be in peak physical condition for THAT?!" Sniz says: "But its video games played the Nick Arcade way, meaning that you guys will actually be going INSIDE the video games to play them!"

Chuckie says: "Even I can get behind that!" Sniz says: "And the best part of all is, the same system that will be powering the digitalization for your ability to play these video games, is through the magical power of the Fairy Godparents, and the Nintendo WII 3000! And that machine will also power some of the challenges you will perform on season 2! How cool is that?!" Doug says: "That sounds mega cool to me!" Sniz says: "Your games have been selected by random, and the same rules that apply to the games you play on a regular video game system, will also apply to you inside our magic powered machine! Remember, only the 12 finalists will win the 12 tickets to ride on our luxury limousine to Hollywood, Florida, where season 2 will be taking place!" Blue Arrow says: "I can't wait to compete there!" The door into the virtual world opens, and Sniz says: "24 contestants enter, but only 12 contestants will win! It's time to find out whom. Ready? Lights, camera, ACTION!!!!" And the 24 season contestants run through the door into the virtual world, and the door closes behind them! (Confessional) Pearl says: "I really hope that Patrick can prevail through this. My new boyfriend just HAS to be in season 2! It just wouldn't be as fun without him!" /

Larry says: "I'm going to be honest here. I REALLY hope that SpongeBRAT doesn't get into season 2!" / Haggis says: "Who do I hope to get into season 2? I don't want to play favorites, but if I had to choose, it would be my friends Ren Hoek, and Stimpy J. Cat! There are two laddies who can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "It's time to find out what our contestant's first game will be via our virtual screen, filmed by the virtual cameras populating the virtual world! And the game is-- (drum roll) --Space Invaders! Let's find out what happens!" In the video game, the 24 contestants each pilot a tank shooting down the invading Martian aliens! Although they start by invading slowly, the more that get eliminated, the faster the remaining aliens move! Finally, an alien shoots at and hits Daggett's ship, eliminating Daggett from the running and from season 2! Sniz says: "And here comes our first loser!" And Daggett appears in a roped off section of the audience called "Loser's Lounge!" Daggett says: "Spooty game! This NEVER would've happened on my home console!" Sniz says: "Time for game #2! And what we have is-- (drum roll) --Galaga! Let's see how our contestants fare!" In the video game, the 23 contestants each pilot a spaceship shooting at the weird alien ships and creatures trying to crash and destroy the contestants' virtual lives!

Though it takes some time, Chuckie loses all of his ships and magically appears in "Loser's Lounge" as well! Sniz says: "And now we have loser #2! Chuckie says: "So much for doing better in season 2!" Sniz says: "Time for our third game! This time, it is-- (drum roll) --Frogger! Let's hope they don't CROAK!" In the game, the contestants ride on the back of frogs and steer them to avoid vehicles and jump onto moving logs. But Patty Mayonnaise keeps misjudging the speed of the logs and therefore keeps landing in the water, and thusly gets eliminated into "Loser's Lounge!" Sniz says: "It looks like our third loser is ALL wet!" Patty says: "And now my hair perm is all ruined! It's going to take FOREVER to fix it!" Sniz says: "Hopefully, it won't take forever to play game #4 which is-- (drum roll) --Q*Bert ! I sure hope they have a HOPPING good time!" In the game, the contestants each got to light up their own set of boxes so that they will be a certain color in a certain order, and they have to do this while NOT stomping on deadly enemies! Despite being careful, Bunny ends up hopping onto enemies too many times, and gets eliminated right into "Loser's Lounge!" Sniz says: "Looks like Bunny won't be hopping down the rabbit trail anytime soon!" Bunny says: "You can say that again, ouch!" Sniz says: "And now it's time for game #5! This time, they face-- (drum roll) --Paperboy! Let's hope their throwing arms are good!"

In the game, the contestants have to throw newspapers at specified places in order to win points, and by throwing them in the wrong places, they lose points! While everyone does fairly well, one contestant tries TOO hard! Helga G. Patacki keeps throwing her newspapers too hard and breaking the objects she's supposed to land the papers on, and eventually gets eliminated into "Loser's Lounge" for racking up negative points! Sniz says: "Loser #5 is no longer alive as a valid contestant! She's thrown herself out!" Helga says: "Fine! So I had an off day! Big deal!" Sniz says: "Speaking of big deals, let's get our kicks with game #6! The rocking game is-- (drum roll) --Off Road Challenge! It is time to find out who has a drive to win!" In the game, the contestants have to ride dirt cars around curvy, bumpy, twisting tracks! But Lil Deville has a TERRIBLE time as she keeps driving the wrong way and she keeps bumping into things! By coming in last on the racing track, she is eliminated from the running into "Loser's Lounge!" Sniz says: "What a strange sixth loser for us! I didn't expect to see YOU here!" Lil says: "Me neither! This is so crazy!" Sniz says: "Let's see what crazy antics they have to face in game #7! Their crazy challenge is-- (drum roll) --Ice Climbers! Can they climb all the way to the top? Let's find out!"

In the game, the 18 contestants are tied together in pairs of 2 and have to jump their way to the top while avoiding snow balls, icicles, evil polar bears and birds! Both Roger Plotz and Doug Funny get frozen in an ice cube from a polar bear's frozen breath, and they slide to the bottom of the mountain, out of the competition and into "Loser's Lounge!" Sniz says: "And we have Loser's #7 & #8! How 'ice' to see you!" Roger Plotz says: "Bad pun!" Doug says: "Roger, I blame you for this!" Sniz says: "It's time to look great for game #8! The great game is-- (drum roll) --Super Street Fighter II Turbo! Who will prevail?!" In the game, each of the 16 contestants gets randomly picked to represent one of the 16 available fighters in the video game. They then have to randomly fight against each other! Aang, who has the misfortune to represent Dhalsilm, doesn't last too long against the stronger fighters, and gets eliminated first out of the fight into "Loser's Lounge!" Sniz says: "Loser #9, what happened? I thought for sure you were going to win!" Aang says: "I should have to! But at least now I can focus on promoting my live action movie which M. Night Shamalyan has promised me that it WON'T be released until its absolutely PERFECT like me!" Daggett says: "Aang, M. Night Shamalyan already RELEASED that movie, and it wasn't perfect!"

Aang screams: "WHAT?!!! (He pulls out a cell phone) I'm getting to the bottom of this RIGHT now!" Sniz says: "But right now, we need to focus on game #9! The game we will focus on is-- (drum roll) --The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past! Now THERE'S a game that will NEVER just be for playing in the past!" In the video game, the 15 contestants each get paired off into 5 teams of 3, with every 3 contestants wearing a matching colored Link tunic! The contestants than have to start slashing against each other and avoid being damaged by monsters in order to not lose their digital lives! But Angelica is TERRIBLE at fencing against the other contestants, and the remaining contestants (save for Otto) gang up on her and eliminate her from the game and into "Loser's Lounge!" Sniz says: "Loser #10, it's the mean girl once again!" Angelica says: "That game WAS RIGGED! I want a do-over!" Sniz says: "Sorry, no do-over for you! And now for one last game, and we saved the best for last! It's-- (loudest drum roll yet) --Super Smash Bros. Brawl! Who will be our final two losers this time? It's time for them to play and find out themselves!" In the game, the 14 contestants get paired up into 7 pairs of 2, with the pair that gets knocked out first, losing. And they play in the stage of Delfino Plaza.

Though Phoebe and Jimmy Neutron try their best while representing Jigglypuff and Kirby, they are unable to match the brawn of the other contestants, and they are eventually knocked out of the screen, fly into the background, and get eliminated from the game into "Loser's Lounge!" Sniz says: "And it's all over! And our final losers, Mr. and Ms. Loser #11 & #12; its Jimmy Neutron and Phoebe Hyerdahl!" Phoebe says: "I'm shocked! I thought my brains would win it!" Jimmy says: "I thought my mad skills would win it!" Sniz says: "It's time to open up the virtual door! And here come our winners who have won the 12 tickets to ride! Ren Hoek, Patrick Star, Treeflower Fields, Susie Carmichael, Reggie Rocket, Norbert McHandsome, Rocko A. Wallaby, SpongeBob Esquire, Stinky J. Cat, Otto Rocket, Sandy Cheeks, and Stimpy J. Cat! You will ALL be playing in season 2, without any of the losing contestants to help you!" Stimpy says: "You mean; Lil can't come with us?" Angelica says: "Too bad, so sad! At least you can live knowing the misery I feel not being able to participate in season 2!" Stinky says: "Actually, that's not true! Sniz, I'd like to make a request on behalf of Stimpy and myself!" Sniz says: "And what request would that be?"

Stinky says: "I'd like it to be shown on the record that for season 2, Stimpy and I will be functioning as one player. I will stay by him at all times and together as one player, we will play through the challenges. If that is all right with you, than you would need one more contestant to make for 12 total contestants." Angelica screams: "WHAT?! You can't DO THAT!" Sniz says: "Well, it IS a little unusual. But since Stinky has made a valid offer, I simply can't refuse! Lil, you're in after all!" Lil says: "YES! I will get to play!" Angelica yells: "Why HER and not ME?!" Sniz says: "Simple. A, I don't like you. B. Lil made it further in the game than YOU did in the last season, so she had priority!" (Confessional) Angelica says: "The nerve of those guys! Excluding ME from season 2! If they thought I was bad before, they're REALLY in for it now!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "As for the rest of you in Loser's Lounge, your dreams of making any money out of our series ends here, as well as your quest for fame. But you will STILL have a say what happens in season 2, as you will be watching the action from the Loser's Lounge hotel that's ALSO located in Hollywood, Florida!" (Confessional) Bunny says: "Isn't this great, Jimmy?! We get to stay for another season!" Jimmy says: "Just to watch, though." Bunny says: "That's okay. We'd watch from home anyways." /

Aang says: "NOT in the game?! And M. Night Shamalyan releases MY movie WITHOUT waiting until I got it absolutely PERFECT?!!! Somebody is SO going to pay for this!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "To the 12 contestants from season 1 and the 12 new contestants, you will have two days to relax in Hollywood, Florida before the new season officially starts! Be prepared for anything!" Blue Arrow says: "I'm ALWAYS prepared for anything!" Sniz says: "Because the next time you see us, you'll be seeing the drama of Total Cartoon Action!" Rancid Rabbit says: "And it's going to be VERY big indeed!" / Episode Notes: The 12 returning contestants from season 1 are: Ren Hoek, Patrick Star, Treeflower Fields, Susie Carmichael, Reggie Rocket, Norbert McHandsome, Rocko A. Wallaby, SpongeBob Esquire, Lil Deville, Otto Rocket, Sandy Cheeks, and Stinky J. Cat with Stimpy J. Cat (the last two functioning as one contestant.) The 12 new contestants in season 2 are: Blue Arrow, Judy Funny, Gerald Fitzgerald, Rhonda Lloyd Wellington III, Haggis McHaggis, Rancid Rabbit, Dog, Marlene the Otter, Skipper the Penguin, Pearl Krabs, Larry the Lobster, and Craig Mammalton! / Stay tuned for the first episode of "Total Cartoon Action!" 239236.gif

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It's time for a brand new season with brand new rules and some brand new contestants! So sit down, relax, cook up some popcorn, and watch the epic coolness that is Total Cartoon Action! / "Reptar's Revenge!"

Sniz appears in a control room and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, I revealed to the 24 contestants from season 1, that 12 of them would win slots to appear in season 2, along with 12 new contestants. After the introductions, the season 1 veterans battled it out in 10 different games for the privilege of riding to our new filming location in Hollywood, Florida to our state of the art film sets. In the end, while Stinky and Stimpy both qualified to play in the season individually, Stinky decided to stick with Stimpy so that the two of them could perform as one contestant. So it turned out that the returning contestants were Ren Hoek, Patrick Star, Treeflower Fields, Susie Carmichael, Reggie Rocket, Norbert McHandsome, Rocko A. Wallaby, Spongebob Esquire, Lil Deville, Otto Rocket, Sandy Cheeks, as well as Stinky and Stimpy J. Cat. They will be competing against fan-character Blue Arrow, as well as 11 other established cartoon contestants. Judy Funny, Gerald Fitzgerald, Rhonda Lloyd Wellington III, Haggis McHaggis, Rancid Rabbit, Dog, Marlene the Otter, Skipper the Penguin, Pearl Krabs, Larry the Lobster, and Craig Mammalton. Which one of these 24 contestants will make it to the end our 2nd season as the winner? Find out by watching the epically cool Total Cartoon Action!" /

Theme song is played to the tune of all the cartoon characters theme songs. Sniz is shown driving a limousine, Otto is seen running up a prop hill while dodging various moving set scenes, and Ren is at the top of the prop hill and jumps into a tub of water. Stimpy is shown swimming in the water, and Rancid Rabbit tries to tackle him until Stinky comes out of Stimpy's ear, making Rancid lose his concentration. The camera pans up to show Reggie Rocket and Rocko trying to keep their balance on a moving surfboard until they get knocked out by Skipper who is shot at them. Norbert laughs at the situation, until Treeflower gives him a romantic kiss. The camera pans behind them to show Dog chasing after a plate of haggis being carried by Haggis McHaggis. The camera then comes to a beach scene where Rhonda, Pearl, and Gerald are busy enjoying the sun. The camera pans to the right to show Craig Mammalton making Larry the Lobster look pretty until Craig accidentally sprays cologne into Larry's eyes. The camera pans further to the right to show Susie Carmichael and Angelica Pickles fighting each other with balloon batons until Susie knocks Angelica's yellow wig off her head. The wig falls into a pot that is being heated up by General Barracuda. General Barracuda gives the pot to Patrick who throws some special spice on it, making the dish taste good. The camera pans out to show Marlene looking at the scene, she switches the camera to show a different scene outside a convention center, but Marlene accidentally pushes a button that causes something to explode. Barry the Bear is standing at the center of the explosion looking confused, while Lil Deville runs past him waving hi. Barry growls at Lil but she growls right back, and she actually chases Barry past a spaceship. Sandy Cheeks and Spongebob Squarepants are riding inside this space ship. The camera then pans forward to show a bunch of cameras flashing as they are taking pictures. Sniz opens up an envelope, only to be interrupted and disturbed by his brother Fondue who is dressed like Vanna White. The camera pans out to reveal that they're on a TV screen and the camera pans down to Blue Arrow and Judy Funny who are about to kiss each other until they notice that the stage audience is watching them. The camera then pans out to show the Season 1 Vets on the left side of the screen, the Season 2 contestants on the right side of the screen, and the TV above Blue Arrow and Judy Funny changes to read Total Cartoon Action created and developed by Jason Cantu. /

The Luxury Limousine pulls up to the gates of the Nickelodeon Studios in Hollywood, Florida, and the 24 contestants get out, looking at where they're going to play. Gerald says: "This is SWEET! I could get used to playing here!" Haggis says: "Not exactly a place I would've picked. Still, it's clean and free of swamp alligators. I think this will be an ideal playing field for me." Dog says: "Anywhere is BETTER than having to be attached to my WORTHLESS, EX, Lesser angry half known as CAT!" Rancid says: "You said it!" Marlene says: "Skipper, do you think we'll see our crocodile friend here?" Skipper says: "It's possible. He was hatched and raised here." Craig Mammalton says: "At least I don't have to worry about my tan here." Blue Arrow says: "Is that ALL you think about?" Craig says: "Of course not. And you don't have to be so mean in your sarcasm." Judy dramatically says: "Meanness, niceness, it's all relative in this crazy acting world of ours. To display the right emotion at the right time is crucial in mastering the art of being a master thespian. So says William Shakespeare, famous for his plays, like A Midsummer Night's Dream." Blue Arrow says: "I like YOU already!" Patrick says: "I want to see what they have in the way of exercise!" Reggie says: "And find great surfing spots! I want to catch some curls!"

Otto says: "Not before I do!" Rocko says: "It's not a competition, not yet at any rate!" Norbert says: "Treeflower, as long as we're here, we might as well look for potential places to take a honeymoon once we get married!" Treeflower says: "You read my mind, you sweet, adorable muffin pie!" Stinky says: "One thing's for sure, traveling sure broadens your horizons." Spongebob says: "But right now, I want to broaden my knowledge. Like knowing what kinds of things we can expect to see in this season." Sandy says: "It can't be too hard. What can they throw at us this season that they didn't throw at us last season?" Sniz finally steps out of the limo and says: "I'm glad you asked, because it's time to get on the Double Decker Bus of Cool Rules!" And when Sniz snaps his fingers, Cosmo and Wanda change the limo into a Double Decker bus, and the contestants board it. Sniz drives through the gates and says: "Welcome to the sound stages and filming sets of Total Cartoon Action!" Marlene says: "This is totally awesome!" Sniz calmly says: "Yes it is. Now here's how the rules are going to work for this season. As always, you'll be playing against each other in challenges for prizes and invincibility. You'll be divided into two teams. One team will be the season one vets, and one team will be the season two noobs. You'll be the Boom Vets, and the Network Noobs." Larry says: "Gee, did you think up of THAT on your own?"

Sniz says: "I DO have an ejector seat, and I'm not afraid to use it." And Larry sits back down. Sniz says: "All of your challenges this season will be based on popular movie genres, picked by our expert Fairy Godparent research team. Since we don't have an outhouse at this place, on this season, you can film your private confessionals in our new makeup trailers." (Confessional) Pearl is sitting in a fully stocked, newly finished, and neatly made Makeup Trailer. Pearl says: "Wow! These people really went all out to make us feel comfortable this season!" A hand appears in the scene and offers lipstick to her. Pearl shakes her head and says: "I'm sorry, I don't use that brand." (End Confessional)

Sniz says: "At the end of each challenge, whichever team has the lead in points based on winning the bigger portion of tasks for each challenge, will receive immunity. The losing team will have to attend the festive, but anxiety ridden awards ceremony, and see who will win a Silver Sniz, a tin-foil case containing a chocolate statue molded in my own image!" (Confessional) Sandy says: "The SILVER SNIZ? How narcissistic can you get?! Don't get me wrong, I still want one." (End Confessional)

Sniz says: "And in every award ceremony, the losing team has to vote someone off. Whoever DOESN'T receive a Silver Sniz must walk down the Red Carpet of Shame into our Lame-osine! AKA, the Limo of Losers. That means you're out of the competition, and you can never come back, EVER!" (Confessional) Ren Hoek says: "Who does he think he's kidding? I mean, I was allowed to come back even AFTER being eliminated last season for a second chance! Who's to say that it couldn't happen again?" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Don't forget contestants, the ultimate goal is to play towards the ultimate prize, $500,000 in cold, hard cash!" Stimpy says: "Now you're talking!" Lil says: "It's time for Lil to win herself some moola!" Susie says: "Keep your crazy car in the parked gear. We first have to know what are first challenge is going to be." Sniz says: "Speaking of knowing, it's time you know why there's nobody here at Nickelodeon Studios right now. Recently, one of our stars suffered a breakdown and began terrorizing the place." Pearl says: "It sounds really bad. Did she go see a therapist?" Sniz says: "Actually, it WASN'T a female star! It was a 50 story animatronic machine, known as REPTAR!" Susie says: "You mean that a giant machine of one of Hollywood's biggest monster movie series is rampaging through this set?!"

And a gigantic lizard food pounds down on the pavement just 3 yards ahead of them, and Reptar looks down and gives a great big: "ROAR!!!!" Rhonda says: "That is such a big..." But she doesn't finish her thought because she faints in her chair. Sniz says: "And if you haven't already guessed the theme for your challenge today is, MONSTER MOVIES! DUH! The goal is to not get caught by Reptar, and make it to the cast trailers first! Lights, camera, ACTION!!!!" And 23 contestants push and shove each other in an attempt to get out first and quickly make their own way to wherever the trailers might be located. Sniz looks at the ensuing chaos, sighs and says: "Huh. It's going to be a LONG season!" / (Commercial Break) Spongebob, Sandy, Susie, and Stimpy with Stinky run to a war movie set, to catch their breath and to think about where to start looking for the cast trailers. Susie says: "Something tells me that finding the cast trailers is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack!" Stimpy says: "Not necessarily. We simply need to form a plan of calculatis eliminatis." Spongebob says: "Calca-eliminata-what?!"

Stimpy says more slowly: "Calculatis eliminatis. It's a Latin term I picked up from my early acting days, studying under the master thespian, Muddy Mudskipper himself. He told me that if you have mislaid a certain something--." Spongebob says: "But the cast trailers aren't mislaid, we simply don't know where they are!" Stimpy says: "Keep your cool, and don't get hot. If we're going to find the cast trailers first, Calculatis eliminatis is the best chance that we've got. This technique can help out a lot! The best way to find a missing something is to find out where it's not. Sandy, do you have a pad of paper and a pencil?" Sandy says: "I always carry it around in my suit I got for the Karate Island episode." Stimpy says: "Then take notes of the sets we run through, and if we don't see the cast trailers, cross the names out. We should find them eventually." Susie asks: "Did you REALLY come up with that plan by yourself?!" Stimpy says: "Actually, it WAS Stinky's idea!" (Confessional) Susie says: "I have no idea what Stimpy ate BEFORE he had Stinky, but whatever it was, it must have been something with a lot of kick to produce something THAT smart!" (End Confessional) Spongebob says: "Well, the cast trailers certainly aren't at the war movie set, so we can cross that out." Sandy says: "Let's get moving! We don't have anytime to waste!" /

Meanwhile, Patrick, Pearl, Skipper and Marlene are exploring on a surfing movie set. Pearl says: "It's so great to be running with you, Patrick! You don't know how hard it is to find guys who like to do stuff with me!" Patrick says: "I find that hard to believe! You've got brains, beauty, and spunk to spare!" Pearl says: "Don't forget, I also have perfect 20/20 vision!" Skipper says: "What I want to know Pearl is why you're hanging out with Patrick and letting him follow us? He's on the other team." Pearl says: "Who I hang out with or why I hang out with them is none of YOUR business; so BUTT out!" (Confessional) Skipper says: "Who does that girl think she is, telling a penguin commander off? NOBODY tells the Skipper to BUTT out! Not even King Julian himself!" / Marlene says: "Skipper has...issues, dealing with authority figures. He can't STAND to see someone willing to speak their mind and go against Skipper's orders! Luckily, I have a special feminine touch for dealing with thorny problems such as this one!" (End Confessional) Marlene says: "Skipper, everything is perfectly fine! You know I wouldn't let ANYBODY hurt our chances for winning $500,000! There's no reason to be concerned! Your endless brains and my endless energy are the only tools we need to stomp out the competition, and win the cash to make the New York City Zoo our very own!"

Skipper romantically says: "Perhaps you're right Marlene. We've got this competition in the bag!" Pearl says: "It's nice to see you two getting along, but where are we going to find the cast trailers?" Larry runs past and shouts: "Follow the GOOD looking contestants!" Craig Mammalton runs past and says: "Follow Larry!" Patrick, Pearl, Skipper, and Marlene begin to run for them, only to see Blue Arrow and Judy Funny kissing each other on the beach. Skipper says to the Camera Fairy: "Um, I don't think this is the kind of Action Sniz had in mind." (Confessional) Judy says: "Skipper is right. What was I thinking?! I mean, I do think Blue Arrow is a romantic, swashbuckling hero; but hey! I'm also trying to win $500,000 here!" / Blue Arrow says: "Skipper is right. It's time I got my head in the game." / Blue Arrow and Judy Funny resume kissing each other in the Makeup Trailer. (End Confessional) Gerald, Haggis McHaggis, Rancid Rabbit, and Dog are exploring through a Bank set. Gerald says: "New York City is nowhere as complicated as this set up!" Dog says: "It's too bad nobody's here, then I could set up my own separate bank account, that DOESN'T include Cat in it!" Rancid Rabbit says: "If we were doing this in Nearburg, I'd know what to do."

Haggis says: "This is a big problem! If only we were Weiner dogs, than our problems would be solved!" Gerald says: "What?!" Haggis says: "Or maybe it's a Scottish terrier I'm thinking of!" Rancid says: "You're insane!" Haggis says: "I am not! It's a story I read years ago about a dog. A poor canine named Rover accidentally got left behind from his family on a fishing trip 30 years ago. Using only his nose to guide him back to the scent of his owners, he had to cross rugged mountain creeks and scorching deserts in order to get home. Little Rover was one spunky puppy!" Dog says: "If a puppy could do it, I can do it!"

Haggis says: "But Rover had youth!" Dog says: "Don't get your dress tied up in a knot!" Haggis screams: "AUGH! Why does everybody always get that WRONG?! It's a manly kilt and you can tell by the manly name on the label!" Rancid says: "It looks like a dress to me!" (Confessional) Haggis says: "The indignities Scottish people have to put up with. Living in the United Kingdom, fighting off the Loch Ness, avoiding American Werewolves, and being ridiculed for our fashion! I wonder if Sean Connery has ever had days like this?" (End Confessional) Dog says: "Just for the record, I'm 16 in dog years, which is only about 2 in humans. I'll find those trailers no matter HOW long it takes!" Gerald says: "Do you even know what these trailers are supposed to smell like?"

Dog says: "No, but exploring is half the fun anyways!" Rancid groans and says: "For the love of all things rancid, why did I have to get put into a team with YOU in it?!" Dog says: "You're just lucky, I guess." Rancid shouts: "I don't WANT to be lucky!" / Ren, Reggie, Otto, and Rocko find themselves wandering in an Alien movie set. Rocko says: "Two hours of running and no sign of the cast trailers! Where ARE we anyways?" Ren answers: "If we knew THAT, we WOULDN'T be lost, EEDIOT!" Reggie says: "Don't call my boyfriend an idiot!" Otto says: "Spoken like a true Rocket! If we're going to be on the same team together, you need to learn how to get along with us, Mr. Rude, mean and bossy!" They get locked inside the room they're in, and an alarm begins sounding! Ren says: "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think we just walked into a trap!" And sure enough, the ceiling opens up to reveal Reptar who yowls a mighty big: "ROAR!!!!" Ren screams: "This is the end! Like the END, end! And I want to LIVE!" Otto sarcastically says: "And I always thought the end would come from some stupid stunt I pulled like skating down Mount Everest without a helmet." Rocko says: "You ACTUALLY DID that?!" Otto says: "I'm not EVEN going to ANSWER that one!"

And Reptar grabs them, takes them over an inflated bouncy castle (actually King Julien's bouncy borrowed from the New York City Zoo) and he dumps the captured contestants inside with no way to get out! Ren says: "Oh, I just KNEW I shouldn't have trimmed my nails today! Does anyone have some sharp fangs in their mouth?" Rocko says: "I'm a peaceful wallaby. I don't like biting at others." Otto says: "Well, I think it's safe to say that WE'RE not getting to the cast trailers first!" Reggie says: "But at least we can be entertained by having fun!" Rocko says: "You mean like making out?" Reggie says: "Absolutely!" And the love couple begins kissing each other, and Otto asks: "Why don't you two get a tree, or a cave, or a room, or, whatever it is a Wallaby and a Human get together?!" Rocko sarcastically asks: "Do you know of any good caves for sale?" Otto asks: "How would I know if a cave is--DOH!" And as Otto slaps himself, Rocko says: "See? You're not the ONLY being here who is capable of sarcasm!" / Reptar than searches for and finds Larry and Craig Mammalton. Than he reaches inside the Makeup Trailer and grabs Judy Funny and Blue Arrow! Larry says: "Don't scratch my exoskeleton, okay? I just had it waxed!" Craig says: "Excuse me, you're talking to a 50 story robot, and I don't think you can reason with it!" Blue Arrow asks: "How does this machine work ANYWAYS?!" /

Sniz talks to somebody, concealed behind a green screen box. Sniz says: "I'm glad the Anti-Fairies and Jorgen Von Strangle were able to work out a compromise to allow you to work here. Things will be a lot more dramatic with YOU around!" A familiar voice says: "Rest easy, because this season, I'm going to be SOMEBODY, not somebody's fool! And I pity the fools, who think that I'm going to make this challenge easy for them! Though I don't understand why I have to control the monster using out-dated, wireless motion control technology!" Sniz says: "Because the only way Jorgen would even ALLOW you to help us was to remove you of the magical skills the Anti-Fairies taught you. Any contestant caught using Fairy or Anti-Fairy magic on this show would be automatically eliminated; and that kind of magic would give a contestant an unfair advantage. That's why we haven't allowed Timmy Turner to be on this show." The familiar voice says: "No matter. I'm STILL more than enough threat to those goody-goodies even WITHOUT magic skills! I can handle ALL of them!" Sniz says: "I have the utmost confidence in you, GENERAL BARRACUDA!"

General Barracuda walks out appeared in a bunch of control sensors which are operating Reptar, and as General Barracuda moves, Reptar copies his moves. General Barracuda says: "The Clubber is back in town! Long live General Barracuda! Let those Spongebob Squarepants fools try and stop me now! MWA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!" In King Julien's Bouncy, Otto is surprised to see and hear Reptar walk up and drop some more victims into the Bouncy with them; Blue Arrow, Judy Funny, Craig Mammalton, and Larry the Lobster among them. Craig says: "So I take it that none of you have had the pleasure of finding the cast trailers either." Ren says: "What was your FIRST clue?" Blue Arrow says: "This WOULD be awful if I didn't have my bow and arrow set to take this Bouncy down!" Then Reptar reaches down and grabs Blue Arrow's quiver full of arrows and his bow away from him and breaks it! Blue Arrow says: "Crud! Now I'm just another masked protagonist without a gimmick! At least I still have Judy!" Judy says: "That sounds WONDERFUL!" And they continue kiss each other as though no one else is watching them.

(Confessional) Rocko says: "Some of the Network Noobs are getting off to a bad start. But the competition I'm most disappointed in is the couple known as Judy Funny and Blue Arrow. They're not taking this competition seriously. And to a Boom Vet such as me, it's a little insulting." (End Confessional) / Meanwhile, on a submarine set, Lil, Norbert, and Treeflower are looking to see if there are any clues as to where the trailers might be. Treeflower says: "Norbert, your clue seeking idea is pure genius! You're not only handsome, you're smart to!" Norbert says: "Well a lot of brains in addition to a lot of charming good looks never hurt anybody!" Lil says: "Do you think we'll see any Blue Meanies on this set?" Treeflower says: "I highly doubt it. We're in a MONSTER movie challenge, not an animated adventure challenge!" Lil says: "I just think at any time, we could suddenly be underneath the waves in a sea of green and living in our yellow submarine! (Sings) We all live in a Yellow submarine--." Norbert says: "Okay, Lil, we get the point!" Treeflower says: "Lil, how did you even get stuck in OUR group?!" Lil says: "Every other team was full!" Than Reptar rips open the submarine open and reaches for the aquatic mammals, Norbert and Treeflower! Norbert says: "Not good!" Than Lil jumps in front of them, and says to Reptar: "Leave them, take me; if you can!"

Treeflower says: "Are you CRAZY or in YOUR case, CRAZIER than usual?!" Lil says: "I'll distract him! You two get to safety!" (Confessional) Treeflower says: "I have to admit one thing. All the lights aren't on inside of Lil's head. But as far as reliable team members go, she's going to be VERY handy to have around should we ever have to do a war movie challenge." / Lil says: "I LIVE for crazy challenges! And this is the craziest challenge I've seen to date! It was time for Ms. Deville to rumble with the robot!" (End Confessional) Lil shouts defiantly: "I'll meet up with you two later! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" And she makes great leaps and bounds away from Reptar as the machine runs after it! Norbert says: "Lil's giving him the slip! Now it's time for us to make like bananas and peel out of here!" Treeflower says: "Wait! I just thought of something!" Norbert says: "What is it?" Treeflower says: "Lil can't POSSIBLY run away and evade Reptar forever! For every 20 steps WE take, he only needs to take TWO steps in order to match that distance! That's a losing proposition!" Norbert says: "Well, if you have a brilliant idea, now is the time to bring it up!"

Treeflower says: "As a matter of fact, I do! It's a known fact that robots HATE the water! It makes their outsides rust, and their insides short circuit! If we stick to the water, we'll be able to go faster with our aquatic skills, plus, Reptar can't catch us! It's a winning proposition!" Norbert romantically says: "I KNEW there was a good reason I fell in love with you! But why don't we take it a step further, and build something that only beavers can build? Something large enough to hold a bunch of water, and dump it on Reptar to short circuit him out?" Treeflower says: "Sounds good to me, but who can we get strong enough to carry it?" Norbert says: "My brother Daggett let me borrow his Muscular Beaver outfit while I was on this season of competition. When I wear it, I gain the strength of 102 Beavers!" Treeflower says: "Norbert, you are just full of surprises!" Norbert says: "I know!" (Confessional) Norbert says: "Treeflower has told me that she got a Junior Achievement Award in Critical Thinking Situations, as well as Creative Problem Solving! And now that we're getting put through this Monster Movie challenge, I can personally verify that she DEFINITELY deserves those awards!" (End Confessional) / Patrick, Pearl, Skipper, and Marlene walk into the same War Movie set that Spongebob and his friends were at earlier.

Skipper says: "A field of battle; now THIS is my idea of a glorious set!" Pearl says: "I don't see what's so glorious! My dad can brag about his glory days all he wants, but he NEVER talks about the true horrors of war!" Patrick says: "You mean like the infamous Battle of Bikini Bottom?" Pearl says: "Kind of, but even MORE vicious than that!" Marlene says: "Fellow Noobs hold on! I feel like we've forgotten something!" Skipper says: "Something or SOMEONE!" Pearl, Skipper, and Marlene simultaneously say: "RHONDA!" / Rhonda finally recovers from her fainting spell earlier and says: "Did somebody get the number of the bull from the bull market that mowed me down?" Sniz is there and says: "No, but I do know that you're WAY behind the others in trying to find the cast trailers; like, WAY behind! So, I suggest you get your rear in gear if you want to have a CHANCE of winning THIS challenge!" Rhonda hears Reptar's scary roar again, but keeps it together and says: "You can do this, Ms. Wellington! Play for your charities! Don't forget your charities!" And Rhonda starts heading toward the rock concert set. / Back in the War Movie set, Patrick says: "Pearl, just forget Rhonda! You don't NEED Rhonda! After all, you've got me!"

Pearl says: "I wouldn't forget about that!" Skipper says: "I suggest that you SHOULD forget about that! Where I come from, fraternizing with the opposite team is insubordination and results in exile for the conspiring enemy!" Patrick says: "We are NOT enemies!" Skipper says: "Don't play dumb!" Patrick says: "I'm not playing! Most of my dumbness is real!" Skipper says: "All the same, your naivety won't save you here. In this game, we're ALL enemies!" Pearl says: "EXCEPT for me and Patrick! I will ALWAYS have his back!" Patrick says: "And the same goes for me with you!" Skipper says: "I'll just remind you two of that when the money's being divided up!" Marlene says: "Skipper, their romance is the LAST thing we need to worry about! Do you know what I've found around this movie set?" Skipper says: "No, what?" Marlene says: "Footprints! And fur! From Susie, Stimpy, Sandy, and Spongebob Esquire! They've already been through here and they're ahead of us! I'm afraid we're just running around in a gigantic circle!" Patrick says: "But circles are a good thing! They're...circular!" Skipper says: "Your invertebrate's mastery of the English language is simply APALLING to me!" Patrick doesn't get the insult and says: "I didn't know you thought that I could speak English good!" Skipper yells: "I WAS BEING RUDE TO YOU!"

Than they hear Reptar's roar and before they can react, all 4 of them get grabbed by the robotic menace, and then get dumped into King Julien's bouncy. Otto says: "Great, another one, or rather, four more duds bite the dust." Patrick says: "But I'm not biting any dust."

Skipper shouts: "I'm going to go CRAZY if I have to stay trapped inside King Julien's Bouncy!" Ren says: "Join the club!" Skipper says: "Not likely! I'm LITERALLY using my head! My sharp beak will poke our way out of this inflated nightmare!" So Skipper does his usual Penguin slide jump and dive, but instead of boring through the Bouncy like he has before, he merely bounces off of the floor and gets tossed around like a car in a twister before he stops by hitting his head hard. Rocko says: "Skipper, forget that plan! I already tried something similar to that! They've reinforced the inside of the bouncy with some super hard rubber! We can't break the bouncy if we're already inside it!" Skipper sarcastically says: "That's just GREAT!" Patrick says: "No, it isn't." Skipper uses his flipper to face palm and says: "Exactly." Marlene says: "There's no need to worry. We still have 12 HIGHLY competent challengers looking for the cast trailers!" Than Reptar roars again and drops Rhonda in with the others. Rhonda says: "Now whoever heard of a reptilian monster at a rock stadium movie set?!"

Marlene says: "Okay, make that ELEVEN highly competent contestants looking for--." But while she was talking, Reptar rushed away, ran to a prehistoric movie set, and grabbed Dog, Rancid Rabbit, Gerald, and Haggis McHaggis, and dropped everyone except Haggis into the bouncy just as Marlene was saying: "--So we have no need to worry." And Rancid Rabbit bounces a lot (being a rabbit) and says to her: "That's what you think!" Dog says: "You bounce a lot, Rancid! You're like a green tennis ball, only smarter!" Gerald says: "This is NOT my idea of punishment for being captured! It's cruel and unusual!" Haggis shouts: "You stupid, reptilian monster! Why haven't you dropped me yet?!" Marlene looks up and says: "EW!!!! That's so gross!" Otto says: "We do NOT need to see that!" Reggie says: "I always thought that the rumor of Scottish people not wearing underwear underneath their kilts was just a myth!" Haggis yells: "You big, green bully! You're insulting the dignity of the McHaggis clan! Drop me right now before I tear your gizzards out!" And Reptar does this, and when Haggis says: "The NERVE of some machines! Having people see MY keister for their own personal enjoyment!" Patrick says: "I thought we were looking at your butt!"

Haggis says: "Same difference!" Otto says: "If that was YOUR idea of enjoyment, I hate to see your idea of MISERY!" Haggis says: "Don't worry, that's NOT my idea of enjoyment! My idea of enjoyment is acting in masterpiece movies!" Marlene says: "Well, we still don't need to worry. There is still--." Skipper slaps a flipper over Marlene's mouth and says: "Marlene, maybe you should just keep quiet for now before you jinx anybody else." / Spongebob and his friends are still running through set to set. Susie says: "And no trailers are at the Spy Movie set either!" Spongebob says: "Tartar sauce! That's the 21st movie set we've checked!" Sandy says: "Do you think this trailer finding challenge is just one, big, wild goose chase?" Stimpy says: "I don't believe that is possible! Sniz and Fondue only have ratings on their mind. They just want to make sure they have a good show. But they're smart! They wouldn't do ANYTHING that would involve us getting SERIOUSLY hurt!" (Confessional) Fondue says: Now there's a kind of comment I want to hear more of! It's nice to see SOMEBODY giving credit where credit is due! It's not easy for me to instruct a bunch of interns to build all those individual sets!" (End Confessional) When Reptar roars again, Susie says: "I think our luck at evading that beast has just run out!"

Sandy says: "Maybe not! Run into those tall buildings!" (Confessional) Spongebob says: "Quite possibly the number one thing I love Sandy for is her ability to make QUICK intelligent decisions!" (End Confessional) They run through the wooden door only to realize that there only IS the front of the building, and they're completely exposed with nothing to protect themselves! Sandy says: "You mean EVERYTHING around here is FAKE?!" (Confessional) Spongebob adds: "Well, THAT and her incredible powers of perception." (End Confessional) Reptar breaks the fake building apart and grabs everyone except Stimpy and Stinky! Stimpy shouts: "NO! Don't devour them! I'm meatier! I'd fill you up more!" Stinky, inside his left ear says: "Don't give him any ideas! We've got to make a break for it!" Stimpy says: "Okay. I just hope that this doesn't count as bad karma." / Reptar drops Sandy, Spongebob, and Susie inside King Julien's bouncy, and then leaves to find Stimpy. Otto says: "Brainy squirrel?! You're the LAST one I would've expected to see here!" Sandy says: "I will not hear that talk from you! We're not even one episode into the second season and you're already insulting me again!" Spongebob says: "Sandy, there's no need to be harsh. Stimpy's still out there." Sandy says: "In that case, we ARE all doomed!"

Haggis says: "Never underestimate Stimpy's abilities! I have a prediction that there ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep him from getting to us!" Skipper says: "That's not a prediction! That's a song by Diana Ross!"

Haggis says: "Whatever! You understood my point!" Rocko says: "I agree, mates. If anybody can get us out of this scrape, it's all Stimpy!" Reggie says: "You're right, my little Australian love Wallaby! I just hope Stimpy knows what he's doing." Stimpy is running as hard as he can and as fast as he can, but the giant Reptar machine is still easily keeping up! Stimpy says: "Stinky, I don't think this running away plan is working! Reptar is not running out of energy! How long can his batteries hold out?!" (Confessional) General Barracuda says: "The beauty of the Reptar machine is that it NEVER runs out of energy, because I AM the batteries, and until I catch every single one of the contestants, I will NEVER stop running the Reptar machine!" (End Confessional) Stinky says: "Well, if we can't outlast Reptar's energy, we're just going to have to make Reptar malfunction somehow!" Stimpy says: "But how am I going to do that?" Lil zooms in, driving the Double Decker bus, and abruptly stops in front of Reptar's path! And Reptar abruptly stops, not wanting to trip over the magically transformed bus!

General Barracuda, watching the action remotely says: "What does that crazy girl think she is DOING?!" Lil says: "Stimpy, you don't have to think up of an idea on your own! I caught up with Norbert and Treeflower, they already thought of a plan!" Stimpy says: "You mean they didn't leave you?" Lil says: "They did, but I met up with them again in the water, and they built the greatest wooden product that beavers can build!" And Norbert, wearing Daggett's Muscular Beaver outfit, is pushing a GIGANTIC wooden bucket filled to the brim with water! Stinky says: "How did you build something THAT big so fast?!" Treeflower jumps into the scene, and says: "Muscular Beaver is a superhero, who can accomplish things at a super speed! My favorite superhero, it's time to rust this giant rust bucket!" And Norbert using his superhero might, throws the giant bucket of water over Reptar, and the electronics go haywire, causing General Barracuda to feel a painful electric shock! General Barracuda says: "Oh no! A short circuit! I'm losing control of the--(BOOM!!!!)--machine!" General Barracuda is charred black and the Reptar Machine is scorched in burns as it falls over backwards, completely powerless! Stimpy says: "Norbert; that was amazing!" Norbert takes off his Muscular Beaver outfit and says: "I know!"

Stimpy says: "In Hollywood, California, I personally know a superhero named Powdered Toastman. And while he may be great, I think your Muscular Beaver powers are even better than his!" Norbert blushes and he says: "I'm flattered that you think that!" Sniz suddenly poofs out of nowhere, thanks to the magic of the Fairy Godparents and says: "Congratulations to Stimpy, Stinky, Norbert, Treeflower, and Lil! You've outlasted Reptar! As a reward, you will get a decided advantage in our next big challenge! Now, all that remains is to rescue the other contestants and find the cast trailers!" Stimpy says: "I would, if I only knew where they were." Lil says: "I know where they are! I've been all over the set! Just follow me and you will see!" (Confessional) Stimpy says: "In these kinds of competitions, it's always a good idea to have friends you can fall back on. I owe my success today to Norbert, Treeflower, Lil, and my son, Stinky. I couldn't have done it without them!" Stinky comes out of Stimpy's left ear and says: "Thank you for saying that, dad! That really means a lot to me!" (End Confessional) The remaining, uncaptured contestants arrive at King Julien's Bouncy castle where the captured contestants have been waiting, and have been bored out of their minds!

Ren says: "Stimpy?! You actually came to rescue me?!" Stimpy says: "Of course! You helped me get out of the Pet Pound way back in the early days! It's my turn to return the favor!" Craig says: "I'm glad you guys have finally showed up!" Larry says: "No kidding! I was actually getting tired of admiring my body!" (Confessional) Ren says: "Stimpy is such a noble cat. He's always willing to put others before himself. I don't think he has a selfish bone in his entire body. He makes me proud to call him my friend. Sigh, I wish I could know how I can be more like him." / Larry says: "I could have broken out myself using my lobster claws, but I'm saving my cut-throat energy and cunning tactics for later on this season when I will REALLY need to use them! Until then, I'm just biding my time and coasting on Craig's personality!" / Craig says: "While we were waiting in King Julien's bouncy, Larry the Lobster offered to make me, Craig Mammalton, into his first alliance member! He says that my good relations with the other contestants will be useful for the both of us and can win us great things! Larry has a lot of skills that I wish could be mine to have!" /

Larry says: "It's too early in the game to tell, but I'm going to wait and see just how Spongebob and Sandy play this game. If they prove to be good players who will work with me, I shall have them join my Inter-team alliance. If not, I will figure out the best possible way to get rid of them as soon as possible, before they become a threat to me!" (End Confessional) Stimpy says: "Fellow contestants, as of right now, your suffering has come to an end!" And Stimpy bears his cat claws, pops the protective seal of King Julien's Bouncy and it deflates, allowing the contestant's access to the outside. Sandy says: "Well Haggis, I don't usually say this, but I was wrong for once. You were actually right about Stimpy!" (Confessional) Craig says: "Sandy was actually WRONG for once?! That was the most shocking thing I've ever heard in my life! That's almost as shocking as me NOT having a glorious tan on my body!" (End confessional) Haggis says: "Don't worry about it. Age and experience often teaches you things that youth and naivety can not." Otto says: "Well, it's been fun and everything, but it's time we get to our cast trailers! That means YOU, Judy Funny and Blue Arrow!" And Blue Arrow and Judy remain lip-locked and hug-locked as everyone follows Lil Deville to the cast trailers.

(Confessional) Reggie Rocket says: "My brother can be SO impatient with others! He's impatient to me, impatient to our father, impatient to his friends, instructors, and impatient to people, he hardly even knows! He might have gotten away with being impatient LAST season, but I have a gut feeling that his impatience might really cause him trouble if he doesn't watch it!" / Rocko says: "Just because Otto is being impatient with others, doesn't mean that we should be impatient with him. It's like Buddha once said; you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him be patient. That Buddha is so profound." (End Confessional) The contestants finally arrive at the cast trailers, at the exact opposite end of the film lot that is farthest away from the studio entrance! Pearl says: "That's just typical! They ALWAYS put the goal in a place where you have to go through the largest amount of obstacles just to get there!" Patrick says: "Jelly fishing has its own obstacles to, you know." Skipper says: "Not as many obstacles as a penguin training course, though." Marlene says: "Come on, Skipper. You're not going to start THAT again, are you?" Sniz comes out of the green-painted movie trailer and says: "Contestants, you have come to the end of day one, although with the amount of time it took you guys to overcome Reptar, it felt more like TWO DAYS rather than one day!"

Sandy sighs and says: "I know. We've REALLY got to work on our time-management skills!" Sniz says: "Boom Vets, since your team was the only team to have contestants that remained uncaptured by Reptar, you get first pick of the trailers; either the green ones, or the red ones." Treeflower says: "Norbert, what's your preference?" Norbert says: "Whatever YOUR favorite color is, my little lamb chop." Treeflower says: "We'll pick the green ones!" Larry groans and says: "Oh man! The winning team ALWAYS picks the better color first!" Sniz says: "Anyways, I'd advise you to unpack your bags, eat dinner, than get some rest. We're going to have a busy day shooting our next challenge tomorrow, and filming begins at 6:30 AM sharp!" Susie sighs and says: "That's great! Another season of discontent!" Sniz says: "And if you have any complaints, don't bother taking it up with me, because I'll be too busy eating caviar and drinking Paris Purple Flurp to help you!" (Confessional) Rancid Rabbit says: "Sniz thinks he's such hot stuff, keeping his life of luxury separate from us! But I didn't get to be the Mayor of Nearburg for 13 months for nothing! In the next challenge, I'll show everyone what Rancid Rabbit can do!" /

Dog says: "I don't mind the tough challenges or the harsh conditions of this show at all! It still beats sharing a body with Cat!" (End Confessional) Lil and Stimpy head into the bedroom of their trailer, and turn out the lights as they get into bed. Lil says: "This was an exciting first day we had, wasn't it Stimpy?" Stimpy says: "It sure was, Lil. And I have a feeling that tomorrow will be even more exciting than today. And as long as we face everything together as a family, we will get through this game okay! No matter what happens! Isn't that right, Stinky?" Stinky rests in Stimpy's right ear and says: "Right, dad." Stimpy says: "Life doesn't get much better than this. I'm so happy and content just the way we are." (End Episode) Episode Notes: The two teams, the Boom Vets and the Network Noobs are formed; featuring returning contestants from season 1 and new season 2 contestants respectively. Larry forms an alliance with Craig Mammalton, and General Barracuda is now working behind the scenes to make the season 2 challenges extra tough! Nobody is voted out in this episode. / I hope you enjoyed reading this episode as much as I did writing it! 239236.gif

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I haven't finished completely writing out my latest episode idea yet, but I wanted to present what I've got completed so far. I will bring out the next part of this episode another time. /

Episode 2: "Welcome 2 the Jungle" Sniz is in the control room watching a bunch of TV monitors and says: "Last time on TOTAL CARTOON ACTION, 12 old contestants and 12 new contestants arrived on the set of the Nickelodeon Studios lot in Hollywood, Florida. They were expecting an easy cruise for their first challenge, but were all surprised by a HUGE monstrosity, namely, the monster named Reptar! But what the contestants didn't and still haven't realized, was that Reptar was controlled by none other than Spongebob's old nemesis, General Barracuda, hired by us in order to stir up the tension among the contestants, and provide drama the only way he knows how. And during the two team race between the season one Boom Vets and the season two Network Noobs, Blue Arrow and Judy Funny made out a LOT, Patrick frustrated Skipper to no end, Haggis McHaggis disgusted EVERYONE with his keister, while Norbert and Treeflower came to Stimpy's rescue by short-circuiting the Reptar machine. Stimpy was then able to save everyone from Spongebob, to Sandy, to Larry, to Pearl, and even Craig Mammalton, who had been trapped by General Barracuda's Reptar device. The Boom Vets got to choose the coolest of the two sets of trailers, leaving the Network Noobs fuming over their lousy colored red trailers. And that was only day one! What will happen today on day 2? Will Judy and Blue Arrow continue to make out? Will Patrick continue to frustrate Skipper? Will Haggis McHaggis disgust the contestants with his keister AGAIN? And will Larry the Lobster actually DO something in this challenge? Find out the answers to those questions and more on today's episode of TOTAL CARTOON ACTION!" /

In the trailers belonging to the Network Noobs, the season 2 contestants are still sleeping, but one of the contestants, the now liberated half of Catdog known as Dog, is having a particularly interesting dream. He mutters: "Joy, happiness, nothing but pure freedom." And the camera crew that is the Fairy Godparents from "The Fairly Oddparents" use their magical cameras to view Dog's dream. Dog is running through a field of flowers to the top of a hill, wearing leisurely clothes typical of the average Swiss gentleman of the late 1930's and sings: "The hills are alive, with the sound of music. How I long to hear it's friendly tones." But then, the sky darkens, lightning strikes with a rumbling sound, and the hill underneath him morphs into the face of his brother, Cat! The Cat face menacingly says, "You can run away from me, but you can't run away from your past!" And the Cat face opens his mouth, revealing a big hole that begins to suck in anything and everything in sight! Dog desperately tries to climb away from the Cat's open mouth, but winds up getting nowhere, fast! He desperately says: "No Cat, don't! I won't become a part of you again! I can't bear being attached to you! You've caused me too much pain and suffering! Just let me GO!!!!"

Just as Dog loses his grip and is about to fall into the Cat face's mouth, he wakes up to find out that he's only fallen out of bed. Marlene rushes to him and asks: "Dog, are you all right? What's happened?" Dog shakes off his slumber and says: "It was nothing Marlene, just a bad dream." / (Confessional) Dog says: "It took me a lot of work and a lot of effort on my part to muster up the courage to leave my brother Cat once and for all. I finally have a chance to prove myself without his help, and I can't afford to have any lingering thoughts of guilt of leaving Cat to be pummeled by those nasty, vicious Greasers to hold me back now! I have to stay focused, and prove to Cat that he needs ME a LOT more than I need HIM!" / Marlene says: "I'm very intuitive for a sea otter, okay? Skipper told me so himself. Out of all the sea otters Skipper has ever met, he has told me that I am by FAR the smartest he has ever seen. Of course, I don't know how many other sea otters Skipper has ever met in his life, but I'm digressing from the point I'm trying to make. The point I am making is that I can almost ALWAYS figure out when something heavy is weighing on someone's mind, such as my fellow team-mate, Dog. And I wanted to make a strategic, yet honest fact that I would be able to help Dog out with his problems in any way I could, no matter what those problems might be." (End Confessional)

Marlene says: "You know, Dog, you don't have to face your nightmare's alone. If there's anything you want to share with anybody, you can share it with me and I won't tell ANYBODY else, not even Skipper!" Dog says: "Well, there is SOMETHING I want to share. Playing this game feels a lot of fun to me and everything, but it would be a lot better if I had someone who could understand who I am and love me just for me. I want to be with someone who doesn't want to try to change me, or mold me, or control me. I want to live the life that a dog is meant to live, and share my affections with that one, special someone who will always return those affections to me." Marlene says: "I feel you, Dog. Trust me, I do. And while I AM committed to Skipper, I'll work out something and see if I can't find someone like--." Rhonda screams: "GERALD!!!!" Gerald rubs his eyes and says: "What's the deal, girl? I was just dreaming about me and Beyonce Knowles drinking Pina Colada in a nice hot jacuzzi." Rhonda says: "Look, we can NOT wear our pajamas to begin the second day of competition. So I decided to check out our closet to see what I should wear on a day like this, and do you know what I found?!" Gerald says: "Let me guess, nothing?" Rhonda says: "WORSE than nothing! There is nothing but leaves hung on clothes hangers hanging in our closet!" Haggis McHaggis gets up and says: "Leaves on our hangers? What is the meaning of that?!"

Sniz's private Asten Martin pulls up outside of the trailers, and Sniz honks his car horn loudly! Sniz announces through a loudspeaker, "ATTENTION contestants! Please put on the wardrobe we have provided you and step out to check your surroundings! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!" (Confessional) Sandy Cheeks says: "I HATE it when Sniz says that it will be something that 'pleasantly' surprises us. It always means something that is aimed to humiliate and/or degrade our self-esteem." / Sniz says: "I refute what Sandy Cheeks says. It's anything that's 'exciting' that humiliates and degrades a contestant's self-esteem. Whenever it's anything 'pleasantly' surprising, it always means something that's painful and quite possibly, life-threatening!" (End Confessional) / Rancid Rabbit says: "I don't know WHAT Sniz has in mind, but I'm not letting some fickle fashion choice hold me back from winning! I'm taking the bull by the horns, metaphorically speaking!" Skipper says: "Spoken like a man with the same ideals set as mine!" And the guys quickly put on the leaf 'cloths' that don't exactly leave a lot to the imagination, and Marlene says: "Come on, Rhonda. Let's do this. It's not exactly like you're going to see anything that you haven't seen before. Besides, you might find it to be fun!" Rhonda says: "I don't have to wear leaves! I have a note!" Pearl says: "Lose all of your drama, Rhonda!"

Rhonda says: "YOU'RE going to do this challenge?" Pearl says: "If it means being together with Patrick, than yes!" Rhonda groans in frustration, grabs a coat-hanger with hanging leaves and says: "I can't BELIEVE what my fellow team-mates want me to do! Just so they can have the pleasure of MY company?!" Blue Arrow and Judy Funny get up and are about to grab two coat hangers with leaves when Larry stops them! Larry asks: "And just what do you think YOU two are doing?" Judy says: "We're going to get changed so that we can join you in today's challenge." Larry says: "I don't think so! The kissing couple stays HERE!" Blue Arrow and Judy Funny both say: "WHAT?!" (Confessional) Larry says: "When I saw my leaves, I INSTANTLY knew that we were going to have to do a wilderness survival movie challenge, and in ANY wilderness survival movie challenge, the kissing couple is ALWAYS eliminated first! There was no WAY I was going to let those two lovebird IDIOTS mess up MY plans of winning $500,000! Uh-uh." (End Confessional) Blue Arrow says: "This might be it, Judy. We better make our time left, good!" Judy says: "That is so sweet of you to say." And they fall on the floor and start making out with each other again. Larry simply rolls his eyes and says nothing. / When all of the other contestants put on their leaves (it's the only thing they HAD to put on) they walk outside to find themselves in a CHANGED environment.

Otto groans loudly and says: "Oh no!" Spongebob asks: "What do you mean by, 'oh no'?" Otto says: "It's an old Rocket family expression, and in this case, it means only one of two things. Either Sniz and/or Fondue forgot to do their gardening which allowed this mosquito infested jungle swamp to overgrow the Nickelodeon Studios, or Sniz and Fondue have dumped us out into the REAL mosquito infested jungle swamp of Florida, which would make us officially--!" Reggie says: "Don't GO there, brother! I KNOW you don't have a quarter to put in the jar back home!" Otto says: "I would have 600,000 quarters right now if Sandy wasn't such a cheater!" (Confessional) Sandy says: "The only reason Otto says I've cheated is because I got the idea to make an alliance with Stimpy first during the last season, and that plan left Otto in third place. I still can't believe that ANYBODY could be such a sore loser!" / Spongebob says: "Anybody can be sore when they lose, but I sense a hidden ulterior motive to Otto Rocket's complaining. I'm keeping my eyes peeled to his actions, because I want to know what reason Otto could POSSIBLY have for being so angry with everybody here on this show!" /

Otto says: "Do you want to know why I'm so angry? Here's a hint. She's about 5'8 tall, has or HAD yellow hair, and could help me rip everyone else apart out of this lame game show in 2 seconds flat if given the chance?! (Camera briefly cuts) No, it's NOT a lioness with a bad haircut! I'm talking about Angelica Pickles! We made a plan to work together to get to the final three in THIS season, but then everyone else had to go and mess it up by ganging up against Angelica in the challenge that qualified ME but not her, to be in season 2 of this show! So if they're going to make MY time on season 2 of this show hard, than I'm going to make it harder for them to win against me for ruining my sure-fire plan of success! Because I can tell you one thing. Payback is a--." (Confessional Ends as Camera quickly cuts) Rocko says: "Let's just all relax. I've seen worse hazards in the Australian outbacks, or even the metropolis of O-Town. I can guide us through this." Ren Hoek says: "Who died and made YOU the tour guide of our group?! I've actually HAD Nature Show Documentary Experience! I took viewers to the Galapagos Islands and showed them the Lair of the Lummox! How can you POSSIBLY top that, eediot?!" Stimpy says: "Ren, I don't know if this is the time or the place for you to be biting off more than you can chew!" Ren says: "Stimpy, I would thank both you and your son VERY much if you would refer to me by my Documentary stage name of MARLON HOEK!" Stinky says: "Wow. Ren is in even a worse mood than usual."

Lil says: "You're not kidding there. Somebody really put a bee in HIS bonnet today!" (Confessional) Stimpy says: "Look, I love Ren, a LOT. Possibly more than any other straight guy with a son and a girlfriend could possibly find it to love Ren. The only problem Ren has is that he's inexplicably prone to random, violent mood swings. He's either really high-strung and downright vicious, or he's really miserable and depressed as if he feels nothing." Stinky asks: "Why do you think that is, dad?" Stimpy says: "I don't know, son. But for as long as I've known Ren, I don't think he's ever managed to last a week just staying happy. I almost have no difficulty at all being able to be a happy cat, which I why I get so attached to people I like. I know Ren has a good side. And I like to be with him, so that he feels more comfortable expressing it. When Ren does get happy, he gets REALLY happy, but his unexplainable anger and madness always keeps me at an emotional distance. I can't keep going on this way. I have to confront Ren and tell him that I need him to make a decision. He needs to decide whether he wants to keep me as a friend, or keep his violent mood swings." Stinky says: "Do you really think we can go through with this confrontation?" Stimpy says: "Son, with you by my side, I'm sure we can accomplish ANYTHING!" (End Confessional) Norbert says: "Sniz, could you PLEASE explain to us already what we have to do so that we don't have to wear leaves anymore?! It's making some of my team-mates upset!" Craig Mammalton says: "Speak for yourself. I don't find anything wrong with having to wear this kind of outfit." Larry says: "It figures that you wouldn't! You don't have a lady you're trying to impress! But I am going to do WHATEVER it takes to make Sandy dump that pathetic Spongebob! I WILL get her to love me! She is MY dream girl!" /

(Confessional) Craig says: "Larry is actually a complicated guy with complicated feelings. It may not look like it, but professional models and/or bodybuilder's like Larry have feelings to. We stare at them in admiration all day long, aspiring to have their looks, charisma, and charm. But they also have their dreams, their wishes, and their ambitions. My dream is to one day be as strong and charming as Larry the Lobster. My mom says that if I concentrate REALLY hard, all my dreams will come true!" (End Confessional) Sniz, still in his Asten Martin says: "All right, contestants. I thought you might enjoy the breeze, but because you INSIST on it, we'll skip the acclimation period." Patrick asks: "Acclimation period?" Pearl says: "That's how Ed Harris got used to the extreme ocean depths in the 1989 movie, THE ABYSS." Patrick says: "Oh!" Sniz says: "Anyways, you contestants are currently located in the GLORIOUS swamps that is better known as The EverGlades National Park!" Otto says: "Just so long as we don't run into that stupid amusement park created by our company's rival, Salt Diss-Me!" Sandy says: "You got the name wrong, Einstein." Otto says: "Don't patronize me!" Sniz says: "You won't be running into any amusement park. As you might have already guessed, today's challenge will revolve around the Wilderness Survival Movie Genre. The first rule of the most successful Wilderness Survival Movies is that there's little to no access to proper clothes, which is why you're only wearing leaves."

Rhonda says: "You're just saying that because you wanted an excuse to see all of us practically naked, didn't you?!" Sniz says: "I love my job. The second rule of the Wilderness Survival Movie is that there are dangerous man AND animal eating creatures out there that would love to make a meal out of you. To get back to the civilization that is the Nickelodeon Studios, you will have to utilize the GPS devices we have supplied you to find your way back to the lot where you will find your real trailers with your real clothes waiting for you." Rancid says: "But that doesn't make any sense! Why give us access to a GPS but not our clothes?!" Sniz says: "It's movie logic. I didn't come up with it. Consult Fondue, he's the expert. The winning team will be the one team that gets back to the Nickelodeon Studios lot first. Not only will their team be safe from tonight's bonfire elimination, they'll be the only team that is allowed to eat a fancy buffet dinner provided by the excellent Fairy cooks of Fairy World. The winners get to keep their team-mates, and the losers only get to keep their hunger! I have to go back to the Nickelodeon Studios now, but I'll be waiting for you. Oh, and one last word of warning. Watch out for cannibal head-hunters. They could be lurking anywhere!" And Sniz drives away with the fake trailers in tow, not realizing Judy and Blue Arrow are still inside of them.

Haggis McHaggis says: "That's just great! We're nearly nude and NOW we have to worry about cannibal head-hunters in addition to the dangerous animals of the Florida Everglades Swamp?!" Susie says: "This show just keeps getting crueler and crueler to us ALL the time!"

After Sniz has driven out of sight, Spongebob asks: "So now what do we do?" Sandy says: "I don't have any tools on me, so we will just have to walk." Norbert says: "But where?! There are like 3 dozen possible ways we could go! How do we know which way is the safest?!" Haggis says: "Hold on, fellow contestants! According to my GPS, there are 2 safe paths that both lead to the trailers at the Nickelodeon Studios. One is marked with red arrows, and the other is marked with green arrows." Rocko says: "I guess they're supposed to represent our team emblem colors because our boom symbol is green and your network symbol is red." Treeflower says: "So we will take the RIGHT path." Rancid says: "But in your case, right is wrong! We are going left and we will reach our trailers BEFORE you!" Ren says: "You are an EEDIOT if you think you can beat us! I can't wait to wipe that smug smile off your face!" Larry says: "Than you can just keep waiting, forever! I don't plan on our team losing while all of YOU suffer some horrible fate out in this dangerous wilderness! Unless a certain LADY squirrel wants to come with me! You'll have a good chance to admire my PERFECTLY chiseled, 100% insured, valuable, tough, strong, gorgeous body!"

Sandy says: "Dream ON, Tiny Tim! I don't follow any EX boyfriend of mine! You're just a chauvinistic jerk who truly cares only about yourself! Your charms didn't work on me on the beach, and they won't work for you here either!" Patrick giggles: "Tiny Tim, that's clever!" Sandy says: "I said that to humiliate and demean Larry. It's a self-esteem reducing technique girls use on their FORMER self-deluded boyfriends who can't get a clue!" Larry menacingly whispers so Sandy can't hear: "We'll SEE who doesn't have a clue when I get through with your yellow sponge! You WILL be BEGGING for my help before the day is out!" Craig says: "What was THAT, Larry?!" Larry says out loud: "Absolutely nothing, now move out!" And the two teams go off on their separate directions, except for Patrick who decides to follow Pearl. Stinky asks: "I wonder what kind of head-hunter would make a living out in the Florida swamp?" Otto says: "Oh, PLEASE! Sniz was just LYING to us! There IS no such thing as a Florida head-hunter!" But as the Boom Vets walk past a shady grove with a bunch of animal eyes peering out, a BIG, dark shadow with red eyes appears from behind a tree, and looks menacingly at them! /

(Confessional) General Barracuda mocks Otto Rocket: "No such thing as a Florida head-hunter. (Seriously) That Rocket boy is a fool! And I pity the fool, who thinks that my power and strength isn't real! I'm going to get my ULTIMATE revenge on Spongebob and all his STUPID friends! The world WILL learn to fear me, as I systematically pick all of those losers off one by one. And when I have them all, I will force Sniz to watch in horror as I LITERALLY chop off their heads, and Sniz will be FORCED to give ME the $500,000 if he doesn't want to share the same fate! Best part of all, I've got the best disguise in the world! (Puts on a Dark Lazer costume with a helmet, and speaks with an altered voice.) None of those contestants are EVER going to know what hit them!" (End confessional) Ren mutters and complains: "Marshes, palm trees, reptiles, bogs, stupid insects, everything in this stupid swamp looks the SAME!!!! This is the most MISERABLE day of my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!" Susie says: "Calm down, Ren. You won't accomplish anything by getting angry." Ren yells: "I am the PICTURE of calmness! Can you not SEE the calmness emanating from my FACE?!!!" Stimpy shouts: "That's enough!!!!" And all of his fellow team-mates gasp in shock! Reggie asks: "Did Stimpy just SHOUT at Ren?!" Stimpy sternly says: "Ren, we need to have a TALK, now!" And Stimpy grabs Ren by the ear and drags him into a glade.

Ren shouts: "Ow, my ear! Ow, my ear! OW, MY EAR!!!!" And Stimpy deposits Ren onto a log. Ren yells: "What was that for?!" Stimpy firmly says: "You've been acting completely irrational today! It's not good for team spirit! I don't know what your problem is but get over it! If you want to have any chance of winning, then everybody HAS to get along together!" Ren shouts: "I don't HAVE a problem, and I am NOT acting irrationally! WHY CAN'T YOU GET OFF MY CASE?!!!" Stinky says: "Ren, Stimpy has your best interests at heart. The least you can do is give Stimpy the chance to help you!" Ren screams: "I don't need HELPING!!!! I'm not some sad, pathetic loser like everyone thinks I am! I AM capable of great things, I'm capable of winning this stupid game! I'm capable of eliminating everyone who tries to mess with me, and you are on THIN ICE, Stimpy!" Stimpy firmly says: "Your words mean nothing to me. I know you can't actually harm me, your conscience won't let you." Ren says: "And are you going to STOP ME?!!! You're going to do NOTHING! You're not capable of physical harm, especially on me! You said it yourself! You don't have a mean bone in your entire body!!!!" And Stimpy does the unthinkable, and POUNDS Ren square in the face, knocking out one of his teeth! Ren screams: "AHHH!!!!" /

And Ren hits the ground hard! Stimpy shouts: "Oh no! What have I done?!" Stinky says: "He brought that punch on himself!" Stimpy says: "I never WANTED to hit anybody, especially Ren! But, it was as though I was possessed by something! I couldn't stop!" /

(Confessional) Stimpy says: "It's official. Today is the WORST day of my entire life! After everything Ren has ever done for me, how do I repay him? I punch him square in the face!" Stinky says: "But he deserved it!" Stimpy says: "But not from me! I was only trying to be kind in helping him get rid of his anger, and instead I did the opposite! So I guess maybe I DO have maybe one mean bone in my body, but probably just one of those tiny bones inside of my ear." Stinky says: "Let's call it your cut-throat cochlea." Stimpy says: "That is good, that IS good! I got to remember that one!" (End Confessional) Stimpy says: "It's all my fault, Ren! I promised we wouldn't get into a fight, and not only did we battle with words, I hurt you with my hand! I've inflicted pain both on you AND on myself!" Ren gets up and cries: "Stimpy, I'm SORRY!!!!" Stimpy says: "Why are YOU sorry? I'm the one who hit you!" Ren says: "No, you were right! I wasn't calm, I was completely irrational, I do need helping, and I DO have a problem!" Stimpy says: "What kind of problem?"

Ren says: "All of my life, my emotions always swing wildly from one extreme end to another. I do therapy, but it keeps popping up! When my emotions swing, its almost like I become a completely different dog and I can't control myself! I'm sorry you had to hit me for me to see how much pain I'm in!" Stinky says: "Wow. Ren really IS hung up on his emotions. I'm sorry I doubted you, Dad." Stimpy says: "It's alright, son. Listen Ren, I'm not a doctor but I've played Doctor Stupid on TV. I want to help you with your problem, but if I'm ever to understand how I need to help you, I must first know everything about you. So, begin sharing." Ren stops crying and says: "All right. I was born in a place called Spumco." / Meanwhile, the Network Noobs are keeping a close eye out for their red arrows. Larry says: "Who does Sandy think she IS?! That girl is rejecting the WRONG guy! Nobody says 'NO' to Larry!" Rancid says: "I hear you, buddy!" Larry says: "To think that she would dismiss me, and REJECT me, even when I am so clearly STRONGER than Spongebob!" Gerald says: "The race isn't always to the swiftest nor the battle to the strongest." Rhonda says: "But that's the way to bet!" Dog says: "Larry, maybe you should just let it go. I'm no expert on girls, but I'm pretty sure that if you hang on to the fact that Sandy doesn't want you, and you don't accept that fact, it's going to eat you up inside and the end result won't be pretty!" Pearl says: "Personally, do you want to know what I think? I think Larry is JEALOUS of Spongebob!" Larry says: "Jealous of THAT wimp?! PLEASE! Don't make me laugh! Ha, ha, ha." Patrick says: "Than what grudge have YOU got against Spongebob?"

Skipper says: "Patrick?! Why are you following us?! Why don't you follow YOUR team?!" Patrick says: "Because Pearl isn't IN my team!" Marlene says: "I hear you, Skipper. If Skipper and I WERE on separate teams, I'd still make it a point to try to be with him, because I am crazy for a sharp-dressed penguin!" Skipper blushes: "Why Marlene, I had no idea you cared THAT much for me!" (Confessional) Skipper says: "Maybe I've got Patrick all wrong. Perhaps he is just a pink sea star who wants to be with his girlfriend. I have to admit that in this game show, Marlene is sure making a lot of sense. Love sure does funny things to your senses." / Marlene says: "It's simple empathy logic. The more love I show for Skipper, the more love Skipper will have for others who are in love with each other. Skipper is already a good penguin, but I have been working on a secret love angle! I've been working with Kowalski for help in trying to get me and Skipper together. Because I will tell you one thing, it would be SO nice to have a real man like Skipper cracking oysters and playing Spanish guitar for me." (End confessional) Haggis says: "Patrick, I just want to say that if you want to be with us, you're more than welcome to tag along. Because our team could certainly use the help since Blue Arrow and Judy Funny aren't doing THEIR fair share of helping!" Rhonda asks: "Where are those two anyways?" /

Back at Nickelodeon Studios, where the cast trailers are, Sniz and Fondue are having fun at the contestant's expense! Sniz says: "That Aang is such an IDIOT for ever trusting M. Night Shamalyan with HIS movie!" Fondue says: "I can't believe Aang actually bought that director's phony perfection policy!" Sniz says: "Aang sure deserved having his over-inflated ego knocked down a notch!" Than the two brothers hear a strange, sucking-like sound. Fondue says: "What in the world is THAT noise?" Sniz says: "Is our plumbing being clogged with alligators again?!" Fondue says: "Impossible! I had the best Fairy Godparents magically safe-guard our sewer system this morning! No alligator can get through!" Sniz says: "Well, we better found out what IS making that strange cacophany before we all go completely insane!" Fondue says: "It sounds like it's coming from a red trailer!" Sniz says: "Than go check it out already!" Fondue says: "Wait just a cotton-picking minute! Why do I have to go check it out?!" Sniz says: "Because YOU, my brother, happen to be expendable!" Fondue groans: "I HATE my life!" Fondue walks over to a red Network Noob trailer, he kicks the door open, expecting something vicious to pop up, but sees only Blue Arrow and Judy Funny kissing! Fondue shouts: "It's just the two romantic lovebirds on the Network team!" Sniz says: "Don't those two EVER get tired of sucking face on each other?"

Fondue says: "I'm guessing that would be a no." Sniz says: "They were SUPPOSED to participate in the challenge, not catch a ride back here! Have them taken care of!" Fondue says: "The pleasure will be our Hired Hand's greatest delight!" And the disguised General Barracuda sneaks out of the jungle. He says: "I'm going to enjoy THIS pleasure! AHHH!!!! Kill! Kill, kill, KILL!!!!" And just like Rambo, General Barracuda busts into the red trailer, and shoots Blue Arrow and Judy Funny with a bunch of red paintballs before they even have a chance to react! Judy Funny dramatically says: "Light fading fast! My life is leaving this world! Why do we always hurt the ones we love?! So long, farewell, auf weidershin, good-bye. Adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow!" And she drops down to the ground.(Confessional) Judy says: "I'm not one to toot my own horn, but that fake death scene was epic! It ought to win me the academy award!" / General Barracuda says: "Two down, 22 to go! Those lovebirds will have to hold on tight, bound in ropes that will force them to stick around while I catch the others!" (End confessional) / Rhonda says: "If you ask me, not having the best actress on our team OR the most qualified hero on our team to help us guard against the dangers of this swamp is pathetic! Where is their team ethic?! We have got to get our game faces on! If we don't band together, we are going to lose! Now who's with me?!" And a naturally naked monkey unexpectedly screeches and falls out of a tree into Patrick's arms! Patrick says: "Well, this is very unexpected!"

Marlene says: "Wait a minute, I KNOW this monkey! He once had an act at the New York Zoo!" Skipper says: "Wait a minute, you don't mean...?" Marlene says: "It's Darwin! From The Wild Thornberries! Its such an honor to have another fellow mammal on my team!" Darwin says: "The honor is all mine, naturally." Gerald says: "Wait a minute! This monkey can talk?!" Craig says: "I don't see why THAT should surprise you. Eliza Thornberry could talk to animals, and in turn, she has taught every animal she's ever talked to the ability to speak to humans." Rhonda says: "And what about all you other animals? How did YOU learn to speak English?" Dog says: "We were just born knowing how to do it naturally!" (Confessional) Gerald says: "I like animals as much as the next guy, but it would be kind of nice for Sniz and Fondue to have a little consistency when explaining how animals can talk to us or anything else involving different rules that varies between all the different Nicktoons animated series." (End Confessional) Haggis says: "Now this is the kind of thing we need, positive reinforcements! We may not have Judy Funny or Blue Arrow here with us, but we have gained Patrick Star and Darwin. That is, if you two would care to join our efforts!" Darwin says: "Do you really mean it?" Haggis says: "Most of us may not have the game show experience the season one contestants have, but that's not going to stop us from giving it our all! I, as the democratically elected team leader, shall give you something important I learned as a wee laddie starting out on my own show. If you hear a sad song, make it better, get back to where you once belonged, let it be, because things are getting better all the time." Skipper says: "Haggis, you just referenced four Beatles songs in one sentence." Haggis says: "The point I'm trying to make is that I know all about how it looks like the odds are against us, but I'm here to tell you all to be strong, be fierce! Let's fight for immunity as though it was Boxing Day and you're fighting for the most valuable lederhosen kilt you have ever laid eyes on! SHOW NO MERCY!!!!"

And everyone on the team cheers! (Confessional) Marlene says: "Okay, Haggis McHaggis may have an ugly keister, but he definitely makes for one effective speech giver! With him leading our team, we just might be able to achieve victory for ourselves yet!" (End Confessional) / I have to run now, I'll finish this another time. 893573.gif

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Edited because I want to show a previously unavailable episode idea from "Total Cartoon Island" that until recently, was entirely too controversial to show! But thanks to my new "PG" rating, it is no longer too controversial! NOTE: This episode is an alternative challenge to the fourth episode of "Total Cartoon Island," which WAS called "Base Brawl!" / "Hide and Seek; Version 2.0!" Sniz is on the Dock of Shame and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, it was a challenge of endurance, but not the kind that you would expect! Because the contestants competed to see who would be the last camper to stay awake! One by one, the contestants fell into a deep slumber, until it was just Sandy and Otto still standing!!!!...Sort of! Until Otto finally succumbed, meaning Sandy barely edged out Otto for a win, and secured another victory for the Screaming Cats! Meanwhile, the scheming Angelica Pickles saw to a scheme, by stealing Helga's cell phone, and waited to watch the fireworks fly! When Helga got enraged and blamed her fellow team-mates, it turned them off! So Helga G. Patacki got sent packing on the Boat of Losers off of the Dock of Shame. What kinds of schemes will Angelica Pickles think of next? Can the Killer Beavers finally over-come their losing streak? And what kind of surprises can we expect to see? Something of the JUICY nature?! It's very possible! Find out right now, on Total Cartoon Island!" /


In the cabins belonging to the Screaming Cats, Aang says: "We are REALLY rocking these challenges! Those Killer Beavers can't get a win in edge-wise!" Doug says: "We are formidable and remarkable! Our prowess is unmatched!" Phoebe says: "Let's not get carried away! We have only aced the last two immunity challenges. So far, luck HAS broken our way, but lets not forget that the other team has skills as well. We need to be prepared for whatever they can throw at us!" Angelica says: "The only thing I'M preparing for is my inevitable victory this season! I'm going ALL the way to the Final Three!" Suzie says: "And how do you figure that YOU will even get there?!" Angelica says: "That's on a NEED to know basis, and YOU don't need to know!" Patty Mayonnaise says: "Tell it like it is, Angelica!" Meanwhile, Sandy Cheeks is still sleeping soundly. Spongebob asks: "What's wrong with her? Is she sick or something?" Stimpy says: "No, of course not. Sandy DID stay awake for three days straight trying to win the LAST challenge! Naturally, she needs to catch up on some much needed beauty rest in order to recharge her batteries!" Spongebob says: "I'm glad for that! I don't know WHAT I would do if something serious were to befall Sandy!" Angelica mockingly says: "Does Spongey-Wongey have a little crushey-wushy?!" Spongebob seriously says: "As a matter of fact, I do! I care VERY deeply for Sandy, and I will THANK you to not make FUN of me!" Lil says: "I just want to state for the record, that I would NEVER make fun of you! At least, not intentionally!" Spongebob says: "That's good to know!" Angelica scoffs and says: "PLEASE!!!! You have about as MUCH of a chance with Sandy as Otto Rocket has a chance with me! Now if you'll excuse me, SOME of us have some 'planning' to do!" Phoebe and Patty get the hint, and they leave to join Angelica!


Suzie asks: "What is UP with that?!" Aang says: "I don't know, but I have a stinking suspicion about that Angelica Pickles! She STINKS seven ways to Sunday, and I DON'T mean literally!" Ren Hoek says: "Although if we get TECHNICAL about it, she probably DOES!" Stimpy asks: "Are you READY for today's challenge, Ren?!" Ren happily asks: "You're asking me if I'm happy and eager to face today's challenge?!" Stimpy says: "Of course I am! We're BFF's, Best Friends Forever!" Ren happily says: "Thank you Stimpy. That means a lot to me." (Confessional) Ren says: "My relationship with Stimpy has always been something special. In fact, I'm thinking about making it something more. I know it's not expected, but I think that Stimpy and I would be a PERFECT item together! All I need to do is to convince him of the idea, and I'm SURE he will be on board! So what if people talk and stare?! As Bonnie Raitt once sang; Let's Give Them SOMETHING to Talk About!" / Stimpy says: "I like being with Ren! He and I go together like peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and ice cream, strawberries and ice cream, and a bunch of other stuff I can't think of right now! Ren always thinks of the most fun things we can do together! I'm sure he's got something very SPECIAL planned for the two of US today! Something that we will BOTH enjoy, and that we will BOTH be happy about!" / Aang says: "Being the Avatar, it's my duty to be on the look-out for suspicious activity and bad behavior. I'm not saying that Angelica Pickles is Fire Lord Ozai bad, but she can certainly hold her own with the worst of them! I'm keeping my eyes on her! Like a hawk watches their prey!" (End Confessional)


In the cafeteria, the Killer Beavers are having their breakfast! Treeflower says: "Look team, we might be down, but we're not out! It's time we got back in the game and show the Screaming Cats what we're made of! We need to band together and stick it to them! Who's ready to KICK some BUTT?!!!" Jimmy Neutron says: "I'm game for THAT plan, and I've got a GENIUS plan to make it work!" Treeflower rolls her eyes and asks: "How would YOU know about making genius plans or making them work? You don't have any PHYSICAL skills to pull it off!" Jimmy says: "I can develop physical skills! If you give me the chance!" Daggett says: "Let me think about it...NO!!!! I think we're going to stick with the athletes who ACTUALLY have a chance of winning!" Chuckie eagerly asks: "You mean like ME?!!!" Norbert scoffs and says: "Grow up! Daggett OBVIOUSLY is talking about ME!" Daggett asks: "How do you know that I'm not talking about myself?! Because I am!" Norbert asks: "Why would you do that?!" Daggett says: "I have plenty of skills!" Norbert asks: "Any that you CARE to show me?!" Daggett says: "As a matter of fact, the next opportunity I get, I plan to show you ALL my skills!" Norbert says: "Sounds interesting! I can HARDLY wait!"


(Confessional) Norbert says: "It wasn't easy for me to sneak off and make this confessional without Daggett, but he makes an INTRIGUING proposal! If Daggett really DOES have some skills, I want to SEE them! Who knows? If they're impressive, I MIGHT cut back on calling him lame!" / Daggett says: "It wasn't easy for me to sneak off and make this confessional without Norbert! All my life, I've lived under my snooty, SPOOTY older brother's shadow! Just because he's a few seconds older, more handsome, and genuinely, more capable of everything he TRIES, he thinks he's SO superior to me! But today is the day that I suprise him!" / Jimmy Neutron says: "I'm TIRED of Treeflower NEVER giving me any credit! Just because I don't possess the same physical abilities that SHE does, she feels the need to belittle me! Well, I intend to serve her a serving of humble pie once MY genius plan wins us the challenge for today! Whatever that might end up being!" / Treeflower says: "You know, if Jimmy Neutron wasn't so inherently pathetic, his 'ideas' might ALMOST seem cute! ALMOST!!!!" (End Confessional) Sniz walks into the cafeteria and says: "Welcome to the third challenge!" Rocko says: "I'm glad you're ready to get this started, mate!" Reggie says: "I am SO stoked for this challenge!" Rocko says: "Me to! You know, I think you're very pretty in this light. Or any OTHER light, for that matter!" Reggie asks: "You really think so?!" Rocko says: "I know so!" Reggie says: "I have SUCH a huge crush on you!" Rocko says: "Then why let us fight the urge? We should DO what feels natural! I came THOROUGHLY prepared for just such an occasion! Foresight, you never know what opportunities might arise." Reggie says: "Sounds good to me! And as long as my brother is...indisposed, by his sleeping, he can't complain about it! To quote Spongebob; I'm ready!"


(Confessional) Reggie says: "Come on! If YOUR cartoon series got HALF the ratings that Spongebob Squarepants usually gets; you'd probably shout, 'I'm Ready!' all the time, yourself!" / Rocko says: "I'm glad I listened to Heffer's advice! I am going to get LUCKY!!!!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "It's time for you to learn what your challenge will be for today! The challenge you will be facing, is a game of hide and seek!" Angelica scoffs and says: "Now we're doing KIDS games?! Why don't we just skip to seven minutes of HEAVEN in a skanky basement closet?!!!" Sniz says: "First of all, I'm surprised that you even KNOW of such ideas! Second of all, it's NOT that simple! Everyone needs to find a place to hide, and avoid being found by the seekers! The seeker for the Screaming Cats is Aang! The seeker for the Killer Beavers is Treeflower! Both teams will need to stay hidden for four hours. At the END of the challenge, whichever team has more hiders left STILL staying hidden in their hiding spot, will win immunity! The losing team will send someone home!" Than Sniz looks at Sandy and Otto sleeping, and Sniz adds: "Of course, someone MAY need to help the TWO of them get through the challenge successfully!" / The scene cuts to Ren and Stimpy in a cave! Stimpy says: "It sure was nice of Sniz to give the hiders a fifteen minute head start!" Ren says: "And it was a good thing that WE found THIS cave first!" Stimpy says: "You said it!" Ren says: "I'm glad you think that! Because...I want to do something with you that I haven't GOTTEN to do in quite a while!" Stimpy asks: "What do you mean?" Ren says: "Stimpy; you DO remember some of the 'games' we play together off-screen? I'd like to play one of my favorite games with you, right now! No other witnesses!"


Stimpy, unsure, says: "I don't know, Ren. What if we get caught? What would Sniz and Fondue THINK of you?! And what would I say to my MOTHER?!" Ren says: "This is season one! If anything ends up being TOO inappropriate, they'll just C.G.I. something else ENTIRELY and make it look like ANOTHER challenge took place! Nobody will be watching us!" Stimpy sighs with relief and says: "Ren, I DO like making your happy! And I like being happy to! I'd be LIEING if I said that getting to enjoy myself with you DIDN'T make me happy!" Ren says: "Than lay back, relax, and let me see YOUR gift to the world!" Stimpy lays back, opens up his legs, and SHOWS Ren what he wants to see! Ren happily says: "What a beautiful sight! Can any other guy be so lucky?!" Stimpy happily says: "I've been SAVING all my love for YOU!" Ren says: "And I'm READY for it! Are you ready to FEEL the breeze?!" Stimpy asks: "THAT game?! You ARE feeling frisky today, aren't you?!" Ren says: "You know I have needs! Just don't hold back Stimpy, give me what you HAVE!!!!" And the camera is positioned in a way, that shows Ren's head DOWN near Stimpy's lower chest level, BUT not showing Ren's face area, or Stimpy's lower chest area! Stimpy asks: "How does it FEEL down there?!" Ren, muffled, says: "Still feels as furry as ever! Just the way I like it! Do you think it NEEDS any moisture?!" Stimpy says: "Do what feels right! Pleasure yourself!!!!" And Stimpy begins vibrating all over! Stimpy says: "That REALLY hits the spot!!!!" Ren, muffled says: "I can feel the firmness FORMING in my mouth!" Stimpy says: "You're making me BLUSH!!!!" Ren says: "GOOD! I want YOU!!!! I want you SO bad; it's driving me MAD!!!!" Stimpy moans: "I can't CONTAIN myself in the mention of that song!!!!" Ren, muffled, says: "COME on! I know you've got it, now GIVE it!!!!" (SPRAY!!!!!!!)


The camera cuts to the outside of the cave. Ren asks: "Stimpy?" Stimpy nervously asks: "Yes, Ren?" Ren sighs happily and says: "That was the BEST game yet!" (Confessional) Stimpy says: "What happens between us; I think I want it to STAY between us! We're happy with each other! I don't know what the other contestants would say if they found out about us, but that's THEIR problem!" (End Confessional) The camera cuts to another cave, and Daggett and Norbert are inside it! Norbert asks: "Daggett; why do you WANT to hide with me?!" Daggett says: "I don't want to mess up Treeflower's game, and I know you don't either! You'd want to kiss on her, and that would give the BOTH of you away!" Norbert says: "You're smarter than I give you credit for!" Daggett says: "I have to be!" Norbert asks: "Is that the skill you wanted to show me?" Daggett nervously says: "Truthfully, I want to KNOW if I KNOW how to do SOME skills correctly!" Norbert asks: "What skills?" Daggett says: "Well, say you're in LOVE with someone! Like, really, REALLY in love with someone! You want to impress them, but you're not sure how! I want to make sure the moves I've got would be good for ANY situations I want to get into!" Norbert asks: "Why? Are you in love right now?" Daggett says: "I'm not sure. But if I am, I want to be ready!" Norbert says: "You are LUCKY to have a BROTHER like me! I know all about the ways of love! What do you WANT to know?!" Daggett says: "Actually, I already DO know it! What I NEED, is experience! If I want to have ANY chance of making MY moves WORK; then I NEED to experience them FIRST hand!" Norbert gasps and asks: "You are NOT asking what I THINK you're asking?!" Daggett pleads: "PLEASE, Norbert! You're the only one who can HELP me! You are a natural! You're a lover! You are a PRO, bar none!" Norbert says: "Guilty as charged!"


Daggett says: "If anybody can help me OUT, it's YOU!!!!" Norbert sighs and says: "Fine. I'll DO it, but only because I think it would help me to practice before Treeflower!" Daggett lays down on the floor of the cave chest down and spread apart, with his tail lifted up. Daggett says: "Norbert; you're the best!" Norbert says: "And just to let you know; what I'm going to DO for you, is NEVER allowed to LEAVE this cave!" Daggett says: "Understood!" Once again, the camera cuts in such a way, to show Norbert HOLDING Daggett, but not SHOWING Daggett's lower back end, OR Norbert's lower front end! Norbert asks: "Do you FEEL it, Daggett?!" Daggett moans and says: "Hard NOT to! Why did YOU get blessed with such good genetics?!" Norbert says: "I don't know! It's just the luck of the draw! Remember, everything YOU feel, be sure to give it ONLY to someone you're DEEPLY in love with; not just someone you only have a SLIGHT affection for!" Daggett asks: "Where?!" Norbert says: "In general, or in private?! If your love is really deep, don't be AFRAID to show it in general! In private, I'd personally take a frontal approach, but that's only because I someday want beaver children of my own!" Daggett says: "I'll keep that in mind!" Norbert says: "You have SURPRISINGLY good endurance! You're a better beaver than I gave you CREDIT for!" Daggett says: "This is ONE of the skills I was TALKING about! Are you NOT impressed BY it?!!!" Norbert happily says: "As a matter of fact, I am VERY impressed by both YOU, and ME! This is SO wrong, but it feels so right?!" Daggett asks: "Why do I suddenly feel something FIRM?! Is it normal for me to feel something...!"


(SPRAY!!!!!!!) The camera cuts to outside of the cave, and Norbert nervously asks: "Daggett?! I'm SO sorry! I guess I got a LITTLE carried away!" Daggett says: "That's what I WANTED to feel! That was NUTS, and I LIKED it! Now I KNOW what to do!" (Confessional) Norbert and Daggett are together, and Norbert says: "Believe me when I say, that what happened in THAT cave between us, STAYS between us!" Daggett says: "But I was TOTALLY okay with it! Believe me, it was TOTALLY consensual!" (End Confessional) Rocko and Reggie sneak underneath the pier to the lake. Reggie says: "This is the most secluded spot I know of! We can do what we want here, and feel safe with each other!" Rocko says: "I sure think it's incredible that you want to get together with a Wallaby." Reggie says: "I'm not like my brother! He's always holding out for something more, waiting for a PERFECT woman that's NEVER going to come for him! But I know TRUE love when I see it! You're nice, kind, charming, loyal, and you're SEXY, and you don't EVEN seem to try!" Rocko blushes and says: "You've got me there! My attraction just seems to come across naturally!" Reggie ducks behind a wooden piling and some rocks. Reggie says: "I'm ready whenever YOU are!" Rocko pulls out a packet of something and says: "This is only one of fourty-four that I have! I have a feeling THESE will come in handy!" Rocko takes off his clothes, and joins Reggie behind the wooden piling and rocks. Because of the way they are postioned, we MOSTLY see Rocko, but not Reggie! Rocko asks: "Have you ever gotten THIS close to anybody ever BEFORE?" Reggie passionately says: "No, but I must admit, you DID come prepared! You must really have expected to fall in love before coming here!"


Rocko says: "I care about the safety of others. I don't want to take un-neccesary risks. Your health and safety are my utmost concerns!" Reggie passionately says: "I have NEVER felt love like this from a human BOY before!" Rocko says: "It's funny, but my parents always told me that once somebody goes wallaby, they NEVER want to go back to anything else!" Reggie says: "I can BELIEVE that! You are SO good!" Rocko says: "I blossomed early! But of course, I've only ever done this alone." Reggie says: "It definitely feels good having YOU so close!" Rocko says: "I am DEEPLY in love!" Reggie passionately says: "And I FEEL it! Say; do I feel a strong firmness...?" (SQUEAK!!!!) Rocko says: "Really a GOOD idea I had!" Reggie says: "Can we do it COMPLETELY natural next time?!" Rocko says: "I'm saving THAT for marriage, when we're BOTH 18!" Reggie says: "Okay!" / Meanwhile, Aang is flying around, searching high, while Treeflower stays down and searches low! Suddenly, Treeflower spots a familiar SHADE of pink on the ground! She runs forward, and she sees Patrick KISSING Phoebe! Treeflower says: "Found you! Busted!" Patrick sighs and says: "Sorry Phoebe!" Phoebe says: "That's okay. I had fun!" / Treeflower continues looking, and she sees a suspicious vine hanging from the trees. She pulls down the vine, and from the trees, fall BOTH Doug Funny AND Patty Mayonnaise! Treeflower says: "How about THAT?! TWO Doug characters for the PRICE of one!" Doug says: "I told you we should've rethought that WHOLE hiding together strategy!" Patty asks: "How was I SUPPOSED to know she would look up there?!" / Aang sees a suspicious looking reed poking out from the lake, so he decides to use his AIR-bending powers to REVEAL Chuckie Finster blowing through the reed! Aang asks: "THAT was your BEST hiding place?!"


Chuckie asks: "Don't I get any credit?!" Aang seriously says: "To put it bluntly, you SUCK at this!" (Confessional) Aang says: "Chuckie is NOT going to last LONG in a game like this!" / Chuckie says: "Honestly, I REALLY hoped that I would last LONGER than I did!" / Meanwhile, Treeflower is outside of a cave, when he hears Ren and Stimpy giggling! Stimpy says: "Getting to play with you SURE is fun, Ren!" Ren says: "I wouldn't WANT to play with anyone else!" Stimpy says: "What do you say we seal this day with something to TRULY remember each other by?!" Ren happily asks: "Is it a kiss?!" Stimpy happily says: "Think of it as Christmas come early! Just imagine we're under the mistle-toe!" They lean in close together, about to kiss, and Treeflower asks: "You were SERIOUSLY not about to kiss each other, were you?!" Ren defensively asks: "What's it to you?!" Treeflower says: "That's against the RULES you know! Do you HONESTLY think you can get AWAY with that behavior on THIS show?! What would society think?!" Ren says: "Why should I care what YOU think?! We're happy, and we don't compromise OUR principles!" Treeflower says: "Well, MY principle is to REPORT bad behavior! I think Sniz and Fondue will be QUITE interested to hear what YOU two do behind their backs!" Ren nervously says: "You don't need to do that! I'll cut a deal with you! If our team LOSES, I'll vote myself out of the game! Nobody needs to know about this, because I won't be around to do anything! Just leave Stimpy alone! He's innocent in this! He was just trying to make me happy!" Stimpy asks: "Are you sure about this?" Ren says: "Your safety is more important than my game?" Treeflower says: "While I question your status, as long as you're willing to sacrifice yourself for the team, far be it for me to deny you. In exchange, I'll lay off Stimpy."


Ren happily says: "Thank you! And I promise you won't regret this!" Treeflower says: "I BETTER not!" / A megahorn blares, and over the mega-phones, Sniz says: "Time's up! The challenge is OVER!" / Everyone comes back to the center of camp. Sandy drowsily says: "Is it over?" Otto stretches and yawns: "What did I miss?" Angelica says: "YOU missed the whole challenge! Not that I MIND, it was MUCH more pleasant without you!" (Confessional) Otto says: "She can deny it ALL she wants, but I KNOW that she WANTS me!" / Sandy says: "If I was sleeping, who kept me safe?" (End Confessional) Sandy asks: "Spongebob, do you know who kept me safe?" Spongebob happily says: "It was ME, Sandy!" Sandy surprisingly asks: "You did that for ME?!" Spongebob says: "Of course I did! Your safety is my biggest priority! You're a good game player, and you deserve to stay in the game!" Sandy happily says: "Thanks for looking out for me!" Sniz says: "Since Aang found only ONE contestant, and Treeflower found significantly more than that, the Killer Beavers win their FIRST challenge!" And the Killer Beavers shout in triumph! Sniz says: "Screaming Cats, your winning streak has ended! We'll be determining a loser later tonight!" Ren says: "You don't have to. I'm voting myself out of this game. I hold myself fully responsible for the Screaming Cats losing tonight!" Phoebe asks: "It wasn't something I SAID to you, was it?! I would NEVER intentionally mean to OFFEND you!" Ren says: "Stimpy, stay strong and play for both of us! You can make it FAR in this competition! And if you ask me, I think you should hang out with Lil Deville, I think she would be good for you!" Stimpy says: "If it makes YOU happy, I'll gladly do it!" Ren says: "Of course, Stimpy! You deserve to be happy! And Ren gets on the Boat of Losers, and it drives away.


Sniz says: "And yet another loser has gone away on the Boat of Losers. Will we see Ren again? Perhaps, perhaps not. But as The Beatles once sang; Tomorrow Never Knows. This has been a Day In the Life, and another episode, of Total Cartoon Island!" / Episode Notes: Ren Hoek is eliminated in this episode. HINTS of the love relationships between Ren and Stimpy and Rocko and Reggie are seen in this episode, as well as which way Daggett LEANS in terms of love! This is TECHNICALLY the first PG rated episode, due to the topics that are dealt with in this episode. / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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It's taken me what I consider to be forever (AKA: TOO LONG!!!!) icon_rolleyes.gif But I'm finally ready to present more of "Total Cartoon Action!" 239236.gif / (Part II) "Welcome 2 the Jungle"

Spongebob, Sandy, and the other contestants on the Boom Vets team, were waiting to see Ren and Stimpy come back. Sandy says: "They went off quite some time ago to have their talk. Do you think something has happened to them?" Spongebob says: "Don't worry about it, Sandy. Stimpy is a very reliable guy, especially now that he has a son to take care of. If something WERE amiss, Stimpy would be one of the first to let us know about any and all developments that happen during a challenge." Otto says: "I hate waiting for that irritating dog and goofy cat! If Stimpy didn't feel the need to try to fix EVERY little thing that goes wrong with Ren Hobbit or whatever his last name is whenever he decides to freak out for no good reason, I'd be out of my leaves and back in REAL clothes again by now!" Norbert says: "His last name is HOEK and you don't know for sure what kind of issues Ren happens to have! Besides, if ANYONE can get Ren back into a good mood, it has got to be Stimpy, because he can do no wrong in my book!" (Confessional) Norbert says: "Otto has to get argumentative about the stupidest things, that's why I love it whenever I or anybody else gets the chance to take him down a notch where he belongs! Besides, when you really think about it, all Nicktoons owe their own show's popularity BECAUSE of Ren and Stimpy's show. If their show didn't get the chance to be on Nickelodeon, than my own show might not have ever been on Nickelodeon. I think that's why many Nicktoons, myself included, think of Stimpy as the best Nicktoon in existence." (End Confessional) Suddenly, the other Boom Vets hear something moving among the bushes in the Florida jungle swamp. Susie says: "Is that Ren and Stimpy coming back?" Lil says: "It's about time! I was beginning to worry about them!" Stimpy walks into view holding a still bruised Ren in his arms and says: "Here we are! It took a little bit of doing, but I've finally come to an understanding about why Ren has his little freak-outs." Otto says: "Spit it out, then! An emotionally volatile Chihuahua is the LAST thing we need in dragging the rest of us down!" Rocko says: "Just ignore Otto and his anger, it's really counter-productive." Stimpy says: "Okay then, first of all. Ren had a very troublesome childhood growing up." Treeflower says: "I'm not that surprised."

Stimpy continues: "Anyways, Ren faced a lot of bullies and hurt during his formative years, and the adults in his life really didn't help him out much. In order to cope with his troubling situations, Ren developed alternate personalities in order to keep himself from being too burdened by all his troubles. Unfortunately, it's proven to be a hindrance to him in his teenage life, as I've come to find out. Since Ren doesn't want to hurt or be hurt by anyone anymore, he has agreed to seek treatment for his multiple personality syndrome once this season of the game show is over!" (Confessional) Reggie gasps: "Multiple personality syndrome?! No wonder Ren always has issues, and tends to freak out over what I might consider to be no big deal. Ren must have developed some triggers in his past, and they cause him to become a different dog. It all makes sense!" (End Confessional) Stimpy says: "In any event, until Ren gets his treatment, he has stated to me that we are to refer to him as MARLON Hoek until he becomes better again, because that's who he happens to be at this moment." Lil says: "That's fine with me! I really don't mind what we have to call Ren--OOPS! I mean, Marlon Hoek; as long as he helps us to win challenges, he's okay in my books!" And all of the other contestants except Otto nod their heads and speak in agreement. Stimpy says: "Stinky, your idea was a hit. Ren is back to being one of our team thanks to you!" Stinky says: "You're welcome dad, but it's more than that, all Ren needed was a second chance." Unfortunately, what none of the Boom Vets realized is that two evil eyes were peering at them through the dark brush filled in the Florida jungle swamps. General Barracuda, disguised as Dark Laser says in his disguised voice: "What a touching moment of sympathy and empathy. Pity that I have to ruin it in order to get MY $500,000! The time has come to strike again!" Susie says: "By the way, Stimpy, how DID Ren get a bruise on his eye and a lost tooth in his mouth?" But before Stimpy can reply honestly, General Barracuda comes rushing out of the eerie growth and screams: AHHH!!!! Kill, kill, kill, KILL!!!!" And he shoots a net at Ren, capturing him instantly!

Stimpy yells: "Ren! No!!!!" And Ren replies weakly: "Run, and save yourself!" Sandy says: "So Otto, there are no WHAT'S in Florida?!" Otto says: "So I was wrong about one thing, so sue me!" General Barracuda mutters: "Now then, which one should I capture next?" He points his net gun at Susie and screams: "I choose YOU!!!!" And Susie Carmichael gets caught and shouts: "Oh no! I'm out!" Spongebob says: "Whoever he is, he's not kidding around! What are we going to do?!" Sandy yells: "SCATTER!!!!" And the remaining, uncaught Boom Vets all take off in different directions, not wanting to follow the path knowing that the head-hunter cannibal AKA General Barracuda would easily catch them out in the open. General Barracuda says: "Go ahead and try to hide yourselves, it will make no difference. After all, all the G.P.S.s' you have are wire-lessly linked to mine, so I can find you ANYWHERE to run! I'll take those two back to the base, than I'll work on catching the Network Noobs! Today, all of those fools are mine!" / Back in the Network Noob's neck of their jungle path, Rancid asks: "Say, Haggis McHaggis, what is our next major plan of movement, oh fearless leader?" Larry screams: "WHAT?!!!" (Confessional) Larry is LITERALLY steaming as he yells: "How DARE anybody on MY team refer to ANYONE besides myself as the leader! I was named Mr. Universe of Bikini Bottom eight years running, I have won 50 weight-lifting championships, I have six golden muscle awards, and no shrimpy, smug, graying, ancient, EXCUSE for an actor is going to USURP leadership from me! It's time for me to lay down the law, HARD!!!!" (End Confessional) Larry shouts: "HAGGIS!!!! Since WHEN did you get the credentials to be a leading man?!" Haggis says: "Since I've appeared in at least four movies as a leading actor, winning a valuable Oscar, and several Emmy's on all of TV show appearances! I have experience!"

Larry says: "But you don't have youth! I have the speed and strength that YOU have NEVER had! You THINK you can be a better leader than ME?!" Haggis says: "Little whippersnapper, I KNOW that I am a better leader than you, because true leadership is founded on the principles of kindness and understanding, not the threat of brutality and dictatorship!" Larry says: "Than take me DOWN, if you think you can!" Haggis says: "Don't you DARE hold back on me just because I'm more than triple YOUR age!" Larry says: "Don't make me LAUGH!" Pearl says: "This ought to be interesting!" (Confessional) Pearl says: "What a cool development! Two practically naked guys, one really hot and sexy and the other...well, kind of old, are going to fight each other! It's just like the ancient Olympics in Greece! The only thing missing is a chariot race with lions!" (End confessional) Haggis shouts: "For the honor of the McHaggis clan, taste my FURY!!!!" And Haggis leaps a mighty leap and soars to behind Larry's back and Haggis grabs onto Larry's antennae. Larry yells: "OW!!!! What are you doing?! Get OFF of there! My muscles, too HUGE! I can't reach behind my back!" And with a mighty pull, Haggis contorts Larry into a stiff, immobile statue incapable of body movement. Haggis leaps to join the other Network Noobs and says: "I think it's time to inform you that on a lobster's body, there are 52 joint muscles that when hit with intense pain, causes the body instant paralyzing! I have shown you but one of them! If you EVER get out of line again, I'll show you 50 more of those muscles! The 52nd and last muscle is one I'll have to save in case we ever get into a duel to the death!" (Confessional) Skipper says: "Haggis is a certified, crazy Scots-man! But he is incredibly smart! He's like the best qualities of Rico and Kowalski combined into one! I have GOT to get him to teach me those superb fighting techniques!" (End Confessional) Haggis says: "Now then, if I give you back your proper body mobility, will you promise to behave, Larry?" But before Larry can say anything, the disguised General Barracuda jumps out in front of them and in his disguised voice, says: "That would be ENTIRELY counter-productive! After all, I'd like to collect Larry just the way he is, frozen like a STATUE!" And General Barracuda shoots an ice ray at Larry, stiffening him even further! Patrick says: "Wait a minute, don't I KNOW you?!"

General Barracuda briefly panics and says: "Of course not, fool! I'm a headhunter cannibal native to FLORIDA! You've never seen ME before, you fool!" Patrick says: "But I think I have. Your muscular build is very similar--." General Barracuda interrupts loudly: "I said SHUT UP FOOL!!!!" And General Barracuda tries to shoot a net to capture Patrick but Pearl leaps in and says: "Patrick, look out!" And Pearl pushes Patrick out of the way at the last second, and General Barracuda ends up capturing Pearl! General Barracuda says: "You little BRAT!!!! You got in the WAY!!!!" Patrick angrily says: "How DARE you capture Pearl, you SICK freak! Nobody tries to harm MY girlfriend and gets away with it! AHHH!" And without warning, Patrick grabs onto General Barracuda, trying to wrestle him to the ground! General Barracuda screams: "Stupid sea star! Let go of me THIS INSTANT!!!!" Skipper says: "This is our golden opportunity! We can attack him now!" Marlene says: "Skipper, I think that would be a tad disastrous at this junction!" Darwin says: "She's right! We've got to run for it! This team STILL has to win this challenge!" Dog says: "Anywhere Haggis goes, I go!" Haggis says: "Then let's go forth and win this battle!" And the remaining Network Noobs run down the path, hoping to get back to their trailers first! Patrick however, is still struggling with General Barracuda. General Barracuda says: "Stupid FOOL! Do you really think you can beat ME?!" Patrick says: "Days and weeks of training hard will soon tell me the answer!" And Patrick punches General Barracuda's Dark Laser mask SO hard, it comes right off of his head! Patrick stops and exclaims: "YOU?! EVERYONE! It's Barracuda! It's General Bar--!" General Barracuda interrupts and says in his normal voice: "Oh no, you don't!" And General Barracuda quickly stuffs an apple into Patrick's mouth, than bounds and gags Patrick so that he can't move! General Barracuda grabs Patrick and says: "You may be stupid, but I can't even take the chance that the other contestants COULD believe what you say, so take MY secret to the bottom of the river!!!!"

And General Barracuda throws Patrick down a raging waterfall filled with jagged rocks below! General Barracuda says: "So much for getting a ransom off of him. No matter, there are 23 other contestants who Sniz will be willing to protect. MWA HA, HA!!!!" And General Barracuda puts his Dark Laser mask back on, and goes to retrieve the two contestants he has already caught! But unknown to the General, near the bottom of the waterfall, an apple and a bunch of tape come up to the surface of the river, than PATRICK jumps out and catches his breath on one of the rocks! Patrick gasps: "I've got to find my fellow contestants, and warn them, General Barracuda has returned!" / Meanwhile, on the Boom Vet's path, the camera shows the path leading to a rickety rope bridge hanging over the deep canyon that the river runs through, thousands of feet below. Sandy arrives there and says: "Well, it looks like I threw THAT maniac off my back! I just hope the others were as lucky!" Fortunately for Sandy, other fellow contestants Stimpy with Stinky, Reggie, Rocko, Norbert, Treeflower, and Spongebob come out of the trees to join her presence. Sandy says: "What luck! All of you ARE okay! But, where are Otto and Lil?" Stimpy and Reggie both simultaneously say: "We got separated!" / Otto is walking through the Florida swamp jungle and says: "On the run with no clothes, no good sports, and no friends to enjoy it with, this has got to be the SUCKIEST challenge I've ever been through! What kind of messed up person actually LIVES here for fun?!" Than Otto sees a new "Sports Illustrated" magazine strangely attached to a piece of brown rope just laying on the ground! Otto says: "Athletes and hot babes?! My luck is FINALLY beginning to turn!" And Otto tries to pick up the magazine, but the rope that the magazine is attached to, pulls tight on a trap mechanism that releases a giant net from the sky that captures Otto, and flings him into the air! The disguised General Barracuda then jumps out and says: "Stupid Rocket, doubting MY existence! You are SO predictable, I just KNEW you'd go for anything in a helmet or in bathing suits!" (Confessional) Otto Rocket says: "Stupid, stupid, STUPID! I KNEW I should have listened to Tito! NEVER, pick up a strange magazine in a strange place unless you know where it has been!" (End Confessional) /

Lil is also walking through the Florida swamp jungle and says: "Running in leaves, fleeing for my life, in a hot and humid place is something I can handle, but one thing I CAN'T handle is having nothing to eat! Man, am I hungry!" Than Lil looks down and says: "Ooh, a piece of candy!" She picks it up and eats it, than she looks down again and says: "Ooh, a piece of candy!" And Lil picks it up and eats it again, as she follows a carefully laid trail of candy pieces, all the while saying: "Ooh, a piece of candy!" And picking it up and eating it, for a total of sixteen times, until a giant box SLAMS down around her, effectively trapping her, and General Barracuda says in his disguised voice: "Okay, next time I'm going to remember to do this right away, especially since Stimpy is ALMOST as foolish as Lil is!" Lil says: "Something tells me I should be feeling PRETTY stupid about now!" / Treeflower says to Sandy: "I'm sorry, but we can't afford to wait for them. There is no time to waste! We MUST win this challenge! And it looks like this bridge is our only way across!" Rocko says: "Excuse me, but how can we be absolutely sure this bridge is SAFE?!" Norbert says: "Simple math! All we have to do is send the lightest one across the bridge first. If it holds, we send the next lightest and so on until we're all safely across! And if on the off-chance the bridge DOES break apart and fall, chances are that at least one of us, or maybe even most of us will make it across! After all, Sniz and Fondue have guaranteed us safety on this show!" (Confessional) Sniz says: "The opinions expressed by the contestants on this show do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the host and workers on this show, or this show's parent network. They may on occasion, but not necessarily!" (End Confessional) Spongebob says: "Well, I have to admit that its a pretty good plan, but who among us is the lightest?" Reggie says: "Obviously, that would be you." Stinky says: "Hey! What am I, chopped liver?" Reggie says: "You can float across, you don't NEED to worry about a bridge, remember?" Stinky says: "Of course! How could I forget?" Spongebob says: "Just my luck that I should be first! Well, here goes!"

Spongebob quickly runs across the bridge, but it holds fast and doesn't even swing a smidgen. Spongebob says: "It's okay! I've made it to the other side!" Sandy says: "Good job, honey! Guess it's my turn to go next!" And Sandy uses her acrobatic skills to leap on the bridge, and while the bridge slightly moves up and down, Sandy also makes it across safely! Sandy says: "Nothing to it but to do it!" Norbert says: "Sugar beaver, my Treeflower baby, which one of us do you think should go across next? Treeflower says: "Well, we both weigh about the same. I'm not sure how we're going to proceed on this." Norbert says: "I'll go. That way, if the bridge falls apart while I cross, at least YOU'LL still be safe on firm ground!" Treeflower says: "Wow, Norbert! That is SO brave of you!" (Confessional) Treeflower says: "The easiest way to tell if someone truly loves you, is if they're willing to take a risk on your behalf! That's when I knew that it was without a doubt that Norbert truly loves me!" (End Confessional) And Norbert also runs across the bridge, taking care not to let his tail slam down on the bridge and cause it to shake, and Norbert makes it across safely! Norbert gasps: "That was a bit nerve-wracking! It's clear to say that I'm getting MY exercise for today!" Treeflower says: "Good job, my brave wood-chopping man! I'll go across now!" And Treeflower begins to skip across, but her skips cause the bridge to jump and shake! Treeflower exclaims: "Jumping crickets! Why is the bridge moving around?! There's no WAY I'm heavier than Norbert! No offense!" Norbert says: "None taken!" Spongebob says: "Treeflower! Your tail is hitting the bridge, and the reverberations are making the bridge less stable! Keep your tail up!" Treeflower silently says: "Thank you, Mr. Obvious!" And Treeflower makes it across the rest of the bridge with no difficulty. Norbert says: "Good job, my little maple syrup! High five!" And Treeflower weakly high-fives Norbert! Reggie says: "Rocko, I guess its your turn to cross." Rocko says: "But I don't want to cross without you! What if the bridge breaks after I walk across and before you walk across and we get separated?" Stimpy says: "Rocko, don't you remember that special talent of yours from LAST season?" Rocko exclaims: "Right! How could I possibly forget?! Reggie, I'll use my tail as a helicopter, and you can hold on tight to me while I fly across! Thank you, Stimpy! That's very resourceful!" Stimpy blushes and says: "Don't worry, Rocko. It's nothing." Reggie hugs onto Rocko's back and Rocko says: "Hold tight, fair Sheila! Here we GO!"

And Rocko bounces up and his tail rotates around like a helicopter, and they manage to safely fly across the bridge's length and land on the other side. Reggie says: "Way to go, Rocko! Have you ever thought about taking flying professionally?" Rocko gasps and says: "It's not as easy as it looks! Having to transport someone on my back when I fly takes an awful lot out of me!" Stinky says: Well dad, looks like we're the only two left!" Stimpy says: "But I'm scared! I'm still nervous about heights!" Stinky says: "Really?" Sandy says: "From the very FIRST challenge last season! He was nervous before jumping off that high cliff!" Stinky says: "Don't worry, dad. I'm HERE for you. We CAN make it across! Just keep your eyes on me, keep moving towards me, and whatever happens, DON'T look down!" Reggie says: "That's the WORST thing you can ever TELL somebody! Every single time someone is told not to look down, they look down anyways and it becomes almost impossible to get across!" Stimpy says: "I'm not going to live my nine lives in fear! I'm going to cross!" And with a strong, slightly nervous resolve, Stimpy makes his way across the bridge, keeping an eye on Stinky at all times! Stinky says: "You're doing good dad, just take it one step at a time!" Stimpy says: "I'm as light as a feather, I'm as light as a feather!" And right at that moment, Cosmo in parrot form flies over the bridge and a feather falls off of him. It lands on the bridge, and it causes a WHOLE wooden plank to fall into the roaring river below! Stimpy gulps: "That's a heavy feather! I'm lighter than a feather, I'm lighter than a feather! What's lighter than a feather? AIR! Stinky's full of it! That's how you float! (Begins taking huge breaths in) So it stands to reason, the more AIR I have, the lighter, I'll BECOME!"

Inflated like a full balloon, Stimpy crosses across the bridge while "The Blue Danube" plays in the background, bouncing all the while. Stimpy manages to make it all the way across and takes a big breath out!" Spongebob exclaims: "Way to go, Stimpy! You crossed magnificently!" Sandy says: "You sure surprised me! According to the G.P.S., all we have to do is go down this path for five more kilometers, than we're home free!" Treeflower says: "Don't use the metric system, it's REALLY uncool! Besides, it's only THREE more MILES we have to go down this path!" The disguised General Barracuda appears at the edge of the bridge they started across and shouts in echoes: "You're NOT going down ANY path! Surrender to me, or your four friends/team-mates will DIE!!!!" Sandy says: "I'm sorry, but WE don't respond to threats!" General Barracuda screams: "YOU'LL respond to me! I've already taken care of Patrick, and now I'll take care of you!" Patrick suddenly appears climbing up the steep cliff on General Barracuda's side and shouts: "Don't listen to him!" Spongebob says: "Patrick! You're still in one piece! I KNEW you were LYING!" Patrick shouts: "Of course he's lying! He's General Barracud--!" General Barracuda grabs a huge boulder and yells: "I thought I told you to SHUT UP AND DIE!!!!" Norbert yells: "Someone DO something!" And Stimpy says: "Look away, NOW!" And the other Boom Vets turn their heads, and Stimpy coughs up the BIGGEST hairball he possibly can and aims it right at General Barracuda's face! General Barracuda yells: "AHHH!!!! My eyes! I can't see!" Stimpy says: "I hated to have to do that, but it was the only thing I could think of!" Spongebob says: "Norbert, Treeflower, chew the ropes of the bridge OFF! We can't let that maniac get across!" And the two beavers begin biting through the thick ropes like crazy! General Barracuda blindly starts to cross the bridge and yells: "Where are you FOOLS?! I'll KILL you if it's the LAST thing I--!" (SNAP!!!!) But at that moment, Norbert and Treeflower finally chew their way through and as the bridge falls out from underneath him, General Barracuda screams: "DOOO!!!!"

And General Barracuda falls into the raging river below, and gets completely swept away! Reggie says: "Good going, beavers! That was way too close for comfort!" Spongebob says: "We're all right, Patrick! Now what were you going to tell us before that psychopath interrupted? Patrick says: "It doesn't matter now that he's gone. NOBODY could survive a fall like that! But that WAS General Barracuda in disguise! He was trying to destroy all of us!" Sandy says: "That's impossible! General Barracuda is GONE, remember? He was taken away by Jorgen Von Strangle! Nobody in their right MIND would allow HORATIO to get out to try to threaten us again!" Patrick says: "But it is true! It's completely true!" Reggie says: "Just because he was strong, doesn't automatically make him General Barracuda. Now we've got a challenge to win! Are you coming with us or not?" Patrick says: "I can't! Pearl has been captured! And I'm not going back to my trailer without making sure she's safe! I've GOT to find her!" And Patrick finishes climbing and runs back through the jungle! Rocko says: "Poor guy. Something must have really shocked him into making him believe that Sniz and/or Fondue would have EVER allowed General Barracuda to come back into our lives." Spongebob says: "Either that, or something really FISHY is going on around here, and I don't mean a Ling Cod! All I know is that I don't like being chased by this head-hunter, not one little bit!" /

The Network Noobs are continuing to walk through the jungle swamps of Florida. Marlene says: "Skipper, don't you think this challenge might be a little TOO hard even by Nickelodeon game standards?" Skipper scoffs: "HARD?! This walk in the park doesn't even qualify as stimulating, even by Private's standards. Besides, IF you're worried about that Florida head-hunter trying to come back to harm you, I'll show him a really good lesson in penguin retribution!" Marlene, in adoration says: "I'm sure beating him would be nothing for a tough, smart guy like you." Skipper blushes and says: "Well, I got to do what I can to keep my number one love interest handy, namely you." Marlene says: "You name the place, I'll name the day, and we'll make it a date." Skipper says: "Right here?" Marlene says: "Right now!" Skipper says: "Why not? I've vacationed in worse spots, namely Antarctica." (Confessional) Skipper says: "Manfredi and Johnson always warned me that one day love would sneak up on me without warning, just like it did with them. I just never expected it to be an otter who managed to grab a hold on my heart. At least she's a lot more trustworthy than that eagle Sitka, who TRIED to eat my best friend Fred the Squirrel WITHOUT even telling me she was TRYING to eat him. That is a definite relationship-ending in my books!" / Marlene says: "I knew Skipper was just one heart-felt offer away from expecting my proposal of marriage, a romantic honeymoon in Cancun, and all the clams and oysters we could eat! It was just one heart-felt offer away from all of my dreams coming true. Than an ugly reality had to set in." (End Confessional) Gerald says: "Guy's, we've ran out of path and right into a river!" Skipper snaps out of his romanticism and says: "A river? Who's afraid of a little..." Everyone gasps at the length and width of the raging waters right before them. And Skipper finishes saying: "...old river?!" (Confessional)

Marlene says: "Yep. You guessed it, once a challenge presents itself, Skipper's thoughts immediately switch from loving me to proving his bravery in the face of danger. And while I do realize he does live the kind of life where he constantly has to be aware of potential perils and villains, that doesn't mean that he should never just have time for me once in a while. Maybe if I won this game show, maybe that would make Skipper focus his attention on me. Is it wrong for me to wish that he would focus his attention on me? I'm sorry if it is, but this is how I honestly feel." (End Confessional) Haggis McHaggis says: "This is a fine kettle of fish lumped in a steaming pile of Mother McHaggis' home cooked haggis!" Dog asks: "What's haggis?" Haggis says: "Only the most delicious meal known to Scotsman and Mad Max Beyond the Thunder Dome! It's made of hot, steaming, succulent, sweet, roasted lamb's liver, kidney's, intestines, and other various organs stuffed inside its own hot, steaming, succulent, sweet stomach!" Everyone besides Dog and Haggis says: "EWWW!" Dog says: "That sounds GREAT!" (SNAP!) And his leaf clothes pop off, unable to stand the strain of Dog's excitement, and they almost hit Rhonda in the eye. Rhonda says: "OW! What a fine time YOU picked to have a wardrobe malfunction!" Darwin says: "Who care's about those leaves of his? He's a canine, he doesn't need them!" Rhonda says: "Well, I'm not REALLY worried about that, what I'm REALLY worried about is how we're going to get across the river! Where's our BRIDGE?!" Craig says: "Our route doesn't HAVE a bridge, only the Boom Vets did." Gerald says: "And judging by the looks of it, the Boom Vets wanted to make sure WE didn't win, they cut THEIR bridge down, probably after crossing." Haggis says: "Then we have no choice but to go straight across." Rhonda says: "But this isn't even a water ferry here!" Rancid says: "We've got to get across if we all want to win." Rhonda says: "I don't see any stepping stones!" Skipper says: "Which is why we're going to have to swim." Rhonda says: "I don't HAVE to swim! I have a note!" Marlene says: "Afraid of messing up your perfect perm, Rhonda?" Rhonda scowls: "You have NO idea how much time, money, maintenance, and money my hair is worth!" Dog says: "Rhonda, you said 'money' twice." Rhonda screams: "YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME!!!!" Darwin says: "Sheesh! Could you have yelled a little louder, I think there might have been two people in China who didn't hear you!" Gerald says: "Like Pearl said earlier, cut out the drama, Rhonda." Rhonda says: "Someone like YOU knows how to swim?" Dog says: "Look at me, I happen to be a pro at dog paddling! WHOO!" And just like that, Dog and Gerald jump in the river and start swimming across. Haggis says: "It's EASY, my fair Bonnie." And Haggis and Skipper also jump in and start swimming across. Rhonda says: "I PREFER the DRY look!"

Both Darwin and Rancid ignore her and they start swimming across. Craig says: "If you KNEW how to have fun, you'd realize what a joy this was!" And after Marlene and Craig jump in the river and start swimming across, Rhonda shouts: "I KNOW how to have plenty of fun! I just prefer to do a lot of personal shopping!" And all of the other contestants on the Network Noobs team reach the other side of the river and dry themselves off. Haggis says: "I think my rump roast my papa gave me SHRANK in there!" Rhonda shouts: "GUYS!" They don't reply. Rhonda irritatingly groans: "GUYS?!" Craig says: "Please don't whine like that! If it means THAT much to you, I can come back and swim BESIDE you!" Rhonda says: "Oh don't bother, I'll find my own way across!" And she starts running along the river downstream. Gerald says: "The water just gets WORSE further down! Where are you--WAIT!!" (Confessional) Rhonda says: "I couldn't BELIEVE what they wanted me to do! Just so they could have the pleasure of MY company?" / Craig says: "She just DIDN'T want to get wet. She COULD swim, she CAN!" (End Confessional) As Rhonda runs, she repeats: "She won't! She won't, she won't, she won't!" Then she runs to a spot in the river where a punch of little stones are poking out of the water as she says: "She won't, she won't, she won't, she WON'T!!!!" And she practically sings the last two words. Rhonda says: "THIS is more like it!" (Confessional) Rhonda says: "I'm SO clever, I amaze myself!" / Rancid says: "Jumping rocks, typical GIRL move!" (End Confessional) As Rhonda hops on the stones, she sings: "Girls rule, and boys drool." Haggis asks: "How are you doing, help-me-Rhonda?" Rhonda says: "Barring Beach Boy song references? Never better! Never better--OOH! The water's cold!" Her feet accidentally touched the water as she began to climb up a partially fallen log to get onto the shore with her other team-mates. Marlene says: "That was definitely a good job if I ever saw one!" (SNAP!!!!) And the log completely falls into the river with Rhonda in it! Skipper shouts: "Now why in the world did you have to SAY that?!" Marlene says: "I didn't SAY anything!" (Confessional) Rhonda is dripping, all wet and soggy from head to toe and wails: "I couldn't BELIEVE I fell into a dirty, stinking, raging river full of GERMS! I mean, I just had my face super CLEANED for this game show!" (End Confessional) Darwin says: "Rhonda's in the river, you guys!" Rancid sarcastically says: "NO! Really, do you think?" Gerald says: "Just dive in, someone save her before she falls down the waterfall ahead!" Skipper says: "Forget it! Suicide missions are OUT for penguins whose number one goal in life is to ALWAYS come back alive!" Haggis says: "I may be a long way up the hill of Mount Everest in my life, but I'm not jumping off it without a parachute if you know what I mean!" Dog says: "Well somebody better do something!" Craig suddenly backs up, pauses briefly, and then quickly charges in yelling: "Sacajewea!" And jumps into the water, quickly charging through the raging river with all his might!

Rancid says: "No way! Craig would risk his life to save THAT nobody?" Marlene says: "I'm impressed that HE'S making an effort! I had no idea there was SOME game play in him!" Skipper scoffs and says: "Only SOME!" (Confessional) Skipper says: "I knew what Madame Marlene was trying to do. She was TRYING to compare me to Craig and say that Craig was better than me in some way. She had a plan and was trying to make me jealous, and it is WORKING!!!!" / Marlene says: "I was honestly NOT trying to make Skipper jealous, okay? I was simply surprised because, while I know what to expect from Skipper, I didn't know what to expect from Craig. But now that I'm seeing him in action, I'm reasonably impressed. Of course, if my statements unintentionally cause Skipper to be jealous and prove himself to be better than Craig in order to win my affections, it's only a bonus from my perspective!" (End Confessional) Craig continues his swimming and shouts: "You've got to keep your head above the water, Rhonda!" Rhonda shouts: "I'm trying!" Craig yells: "Swim, Rhonda! Swim hard!" Darwin says: "She's getting too close to the waterfall's edge!" Gerald says: "He's not going to make it!" Haggis says: "He HAS to!" Craig says: "Rhonda, RHONDA!" Rhonda says: "Craig Mammal...TON...!!!!" As she falls over the 90 foot waterfall into a deeper, calmer lake below. Craig barely manages to grab onto a rock and climb on top of it before almost going over himself. Skipper says: "That's it." Rancid says: "She's a goner." Craig says: "Not for long she isn't. Darwin, get me a bunch of jungle vines, stat! (Darwin swings away) Dog, are you good at playing baseball?" Dog says: "I'm the best catcher/pitcher in Nearsburg!" Craig says: "Perfect!" Darwin comes back and says: "I've got 200 feet of jungle vines." Craig says: "Tie one end around me and hold on tightly to the other!" Dog says: "And what do you need me to catch?" Craig says: "Us!" Marlene asks: "What exactly are you planning?" Craig answers: "Something EXTREMELY crazy and dangerous that I have learned after applying everything I've learned watching cartoons and the best blockbuster movies Hollywood has to offer!" (Confessional) Sniz says: "The stunt you are about to see, actually, pretty much EVERYTHING you see on this show; is done by a HIGHLY trained, highly professional, and highly skilled Hollywood personality whose had YEARS of experience doing these kinds of clearly dangerous tricks for kicks and laughs. No matter how cool those tricks look, PLEASE, do NOT try ANY of those tricks at home! Don't say we didn't warn you. Seriously, they can REALLY mess you up!" (End Confessional)

The camera switches to a wide-screen, high definition angle for EXTRA dramatic effect, and in SLOW MOTION, Craig elegantly jumps off the rock, performs a graceful elephant seal dive, and lands in the lake, causing a great big splash! The other Network Noobs look down at the lake, worrying a bit, but in a few seconds, Darwin feels the rope tug back and Craig comes soaring back up through the air with Rhonda in his grasp! The other Network Noobs gasp with admiration, and Craig lands with Rhonda on the safe shore with the other Network Noobs, safe and secure. The camera changes back to its normal, full-screen angle. Rhonda coughs out the water she swallowed and says: "Thank you, for saving me. I thought I was finished!" Craig says: "Nobody's finished as long as I'm here. If I can help it, our team won't lose any more members!" And a large body, covered with river muck and FULL of deep bruises, emerges out of the river, holding onto the vine that's still secured onto Craig Mammalton, and with his altered voice says: "You won't lose any more members, because you are all MINE!" Rancid says: "What does it take to get RID of this guy?!" And General Barracuda, still in his Dark Laser disguise, shoots out a net that bounds and ties Rancid Rabbit completely up! General Barracuda then hauls him into a big backpack and says: "When you've spent as much time in the water as I have, no experience WITH it or IN it can hurt you!" Craig says: "Then you've probably realized that I already untied the vine holding you here." General Barracuda yells: "WHAT vine?!" Craig holds up his untied end of the vine and says: "THIS vine!" And Craig lets go of it and General Barracuda loses his balance in the raging river. General Barracuda says: "You'll NEVER get rid of ME! I will get rid of YOU!" And he falls down the same waterfall that Rhonda fell down! Rhonda says: "Okay, I just want Craig to state for the record that you are NOT going to pull that trick again to try to rescue Rancid, are you, because that would DEFINITELY be suicide!" Haggis says: "For a guy who falls down from high places a lot, he sure is persistent!" Skipper says: "He's stubborn and resilient! I like that in an adversary!" Gerald says: "I don't like adversaries, period! Now lets get this challenge over with before its 2012! I don't want to spend TWO New Years in this jungle!" / Will they be able to get through the jungle safely? I'll definitely finish this up the next time I post! 893573.gif

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Edited to show a short summary of all the episodes up until this point.


"Total Cartoon Island" / 1. "The Greatest Game Show On Earth!" Sniz from "Sniz and Fondue" is the host of a reality game show, who drops us right INTO the middle of a season of mayham and madness already in progress. To pad out the (Christmas) related episode, a recap of events that have ALREADY taken place on the game show can be seen. The Screaming Cats win, the Killer Beavers lose, and Bunny (the Giant Rabbit from "The Angry Beavers," is voted off the game show.


2. "When the Going Gets Tough..." The remaining contestants are put through a RIGOROUS marathon of boot camp training, thanks to the magic of Jorgen Von Strangle from "The Fairly Oddparents." Jimmy Neutron WANTS to be taken seriously as a competitor, but Treeflower CONTINUES to brush him off, until he FINALLY gets fed up with it! Sandy Cheeks wins it for the Screaming Cats, and the Killer Beavers lose. But the vote-off is TAINTED as Jimmy Neutron ALTERS the votes to eliminate Treeflower instead of himself! No foul play, however, is initially suspected...


3. "Change of Heart" Jimmy Neutron's conscience starts to get the better of him, and it couldn't have come at a WORSE possible time! The remaining contestants are put into a challenge where they have to reveal truthful things ABOUT themselves, and ask for forgiveness from an opposing team-member. Susie Carmichael (from "All Grown Up!") gets Jimmy Neutron to spill the beans, but is unable to grant him forgiveness, which is a contributing factor to the Killer Beavers losing! Jimmy Neutron gets voted off this time, but forgives Susie for doing what she had to do.


4. "Speed Demons!" In a reward challenge, the two teams become one! For making it to the half-way point, the remaining contestants get to race each other in a "Mario Kart" inspired challenge, with six contestants getting to go on a luxury cruise boat trip! The big winners are Rocko, Reggie Rocket, Spongebob, Sandy, Stimpy, and Lil Deville for the trip. The losers, Norbert, Angelica Pickles, Susie Carmichael, Otto Rocket, Patty Mayonnaise, and Ren Hoek are forced to stay behind at camp.


5. "It's Still Hot Couture to Me" When all of the contestants get back to camp, they find out that they must now fight for individual immunity. The first challenge they must face as solo units is a fashion design challenge. Some contestants do well; others, not so well. Rocko eventually wins for his 'design', while Ren Hoek gets voted off a SECOND time, for not even attempting the challenge. Stimpy says good-bye to his best friend for the second time in a season.


6. "Ghostbusting!" The remaining contestants are forced to hunt for two REAL ghosts from the cartoon series of "Danny Phantom!" The Box Ghost, and Amber. The catch is, that FAKES of those ghosts are ALSO floating around, and only by NABBING the REAL ghosts will TWO contestants win immunity! Stimpy catches the Box Ghost by SHEER luck, while Angelica doubts Otto's ability to catch Amber! Otto makes a bet with Angelica that if HE can catch Amber, Angelica will have to go on a DATE with him! Not wanting to lose a bet, Angelica makes the deal with Otto! To her UTTER horror, Otto DOES indeed, manage to catch Amber! But Angelica will NOT be able to get out of her date by getting eliminated, because Otto convinces everyone else to vote off Susie instead, for being too much of a threat! Before Susie leaves, she WARNS Otto of how dangerous Angelica can be, and its VERY foolish to THINK that she can be trusted.


7. "Sink or Surf!" The remaining contestants must now take place in a surfing challenge. Angelica, still FUMING over the date she was FORCED to take with Otto, decides to get EVEN with Otto, in the WORST way possible! Angelica ORDERS Patty to SABOTAGE Reggie's surfboard to break apart DURING the race, and make it look like Otto did it! Patty objects, but because she doesn't want to lose her 'friendship' alliance with Angelica, she does it anyways. Spongebob saves Sandy from drowning during the race, and Sandy FINALLY decides to become Spongebob's girlfriend! Meanwhile, Rocko suffers heart-break when Reggie's board breaks during the race; but he can't and WON'T believe that Otto would or COULD have sabotaged his own sister, and neither can Stimpy! Since Angelica wins the race and is immune from elimination, a vote-off happens AFTER all when Sniz decides to let the contestants decide whether Otto is innocent and guilty. Although the vote-off is close, Reggie is eliminated after all, as not enough contestants believed that Otto was the culprit behind Reggie's sabotage. Patty begins to question her 'friendship' alliance with Angelica.


8. "Funplex Fury Fever!" Angelica and Patty are having friction over the way that Angelica is both PLAYING the game and telling HER how to play! Angelica decides to TEST Patty's loyalty, during the next challenge. The remaining contestants have to go on a SHOPPING spree, but not go over their credit card limit (something Rocko knows NOT to do from personal experience.) Angelica TRICKS Patty Mayonaise in order to get all the stuff SHE bought, and manages to make it first out of the store, winning immunity AGAIN! Stimpy and Rocko try to stop her, but their efforts are in vain. Because Patty Mayonaise is TECHNICALLY the last contestant out of the store, she is AUTOMATICALLY eliminated, and Angelica REFUSES to give her OWN immunity to Patty in order to save her, saying that Patty wasn't even REALLY Angelica's BFF! This gets Patty SO mad, she ROYALLY tells Angelica off, finishing by telling her that she has HORRIBLE fashion sense! All Angelica can tell Patty to do, is to go jump in a lake. Patty may have gotten eliminated in this episode, but at least she can leave with her head held high.


9. "Unexpected Enemy Encounter!" After the remaining contestants watch a scary movie, they realize that Sniz and Fondue have put them into a real-life scary movie situation, by ditching them at camp with a deranged psycho killer on the loose!...Really, Jorgen Von Strangle in disguise. But what nobody realizes is the REAL enemy lurking in the dark! An old nemesis of Spongebob and Sandy, General 'Horatio' Barracuda, comes LOOKING for REVENGE!!!! He tries to take DOWN Spongebob, but Spongebob manages to give the evil air-breathing fish the slip! Stimpy solidfies his relationship with Lil, by trying to save her from Jorgen Von Strangle. Meanwhile, Norbert flees the challenge when he SEES Angelica without any MAKE-UP on! Otto faces off against Jorgen and manages to trip him up! It looks like Otto is going to win immunity, until everyone realizes that General Barracuda is about to try to take DOWN Sandy! When they arrive to warn her, it distracts General Barracuda long enough for Sandy to BEAT him in arm wrestling! Jorgen magically restrains and locks up General Barracuda, taking him away. Sandy wins immunity, while Norbert gets eliminated for not even facing OFF against Jorgen Von Strangle. But he STILL will be missed.


10. "Cartoon Ball Z Kai!" In a SPECIAL episode, the remaining seven contestants are TRANSFORMED to look like characters from "DBZKai," and each hunt for a magic Dragonball. They then must try and capture the other Dragonballs held by the other contestants! Angelica, not wanting to do her own dirty work, decides to trick Otto with a lie about her 'DEAD' Grandmother. But Otto has TALKED with Lil Deville, and KNOWS that Angelica plans to BETRAY him AGAIN! So Otto SNATCHES Angelica's Dragonball away, and orders the remaining contestants to give THEIR Dragonballs to Sandy, so that she can make a wish! Despite Angelica's determination, Otto, Stimpy and Lil hold off Angelica LONG enough for Sandy to WISH Angelica eliminated with her HAIR cut off! The Eternal Dragon does this, making a real MESS of Angelica's hair, and Otto reveals to Angelica that he KNEW that she was LYING about her 'DEAD' Grandmother, causing Angelica to scream out in fury! Angelica is eliminated, but SWEARS that nothing is over; Sniz and Fondue will be hearing from HER lawyer!


11. "Meet the Cartoon Parents" The Final Six Contestants are in for a treat (or a potential nightmare) as their parents come to visit them on the show. Some contestants have a nice visit, others are embarrased by their parents. But in a big twist, it's revealed that the PARENTS are the ones who will have to vote the next contestant off. Sandy TOTALLY expects to be eliminated after being EMBARRASED by her father, but it ends up being ROCKO who gets the vote, because he CONVINCED the parents to vote HIM off, so that he could go to wherever Reggie has gone to, and get back together with her again! Sandy is sad that Rocko is leaving, but is also glad that it WASN'T her after all.


12. "Loser's Last Resort" Sniz goes to Loser's Last Resort, a fancy hotel getaway where all the eliminated contestants are sent to after being eliminated. Sniz catches up with Roger Plotz, Helga Patacki, Ren Hoek, Aang the Avatar (who refuses to speak), Daggett, Patrick Star, Chuckie Finster, Doug Funny, Phoebe Hyerdahl, Bunny, Treeflower, Jimmy Neutron, Susie Carmichael, Reggie Rocket, Patty Mayonaise, Norbert, Angelica Pickles (the most VOCAL protester about BEING there), and Rocko. Sniz also asks them who THEY would want to see win the game, and while each of the remaining contestants have at least ONE supporter, the majority of them want Spongebob to win! Sniz THEN reveals that the Loser's will get to have a REAL chance to shape the last part of the game, as they get to vote off the next contestant to JOIN them at the Resort! But due to an unfortunate misunderstanding; ten out of the remaining 18 votes end up sending SPONGEBOB out of the game! The official quarter-finals begins with Spongebob's elimination from the game.


13. "Are They Afraid Or Not?" ("The Lost Episode"). In one of the episodes glossed over by "The Greatest Game Show On Earth," Director's Commentary reveals the thought process put into making this particular episodes, and a basis of the series as a whole. In the episode, it's night time and the contestants reveal what they are afraid of, with Phoebe being afraid of Ren, and Reggie being afraid of Helga. In the following morning, Sniz reveals that today is going to be both a reward AND an elimination challenge! Because Phoebe will have to face her fear of being together with Ren, while Reggie will have to face her fear of being together with Helga! The winning team will get to re-instate their respective contestant that had previously been voted off. The losing team will have to vote off ANOTHER contestant to join the voted-off contestant. Phoebe faces her fear, while Reggie fails at hers. And thanks to the courage of the Screaming Cats, they win 6-4 against the Killer Beavers. Patrick is eliminated as he was unable to face his fear of gorillas. He leaves with Helga, only to find that they are stuck on a BOAT filled with gorillas!


14. "Return of the Son of Stimpy" Its raining at camp, and any activities that have even the most REMOTE chance of fun are cancelled. But an interesting development occurs ANYWAYS! While Stimpy is using the Confessional, he's SURPRISED when he makes a sound! Kind of small, kind of smelly, and it CAME out of his BUTT! Otto thinks Stimpy has lost it, while Sandy doesn't think it's scientifically impossible! But Stimpy KNOWS that he's NOT imagining what happened; he HAD a SON! And even if no one else is willing to help him, he's going to FIND his son! As it turns out, Stimpy's son, Stinky, DOES exist! And during the night, the contestants wind up stranded on an island, forced to survive on their own until help can arrive. Stimpy successfully re-unites with Stinky, surprising Lil, Sandy, and Otto; but Otto REFUSES to admit that Stimpy was RIGHT and HE was 'WRONG!' The girls scold Otto on his behavior; but before Otto can actually SAY that he was 'WRONG,' Sniz appears to announce their rescue. At the elimination bonfire, Sniz scolds the campers for not working together as a foursome, which Lil quickly corrects to a fivesome, with Stinky now in the game. But as it turns out, Stinky's time in the game is very brief, as Stinky has voted himself out of the game, in order to give Stimpy INCENTIVE to WIN it! Otto suddenly realizes that winning might not be so easy after all.


15. "The Politics of Dancing" Fondue gets to handle the challenge for the remaining contestants, and he forces them into a team dance competition dance-off! Sandy paired with Stimpy, Otto paired with Lil. Lil WANTS Otto to enjoy the challenge, but all Otto cares about is WINNING and being RIGHT! It's then that Lil decides to FORCE Otto's hand in the matter by REFUSING to dance UNLESS Otto admits he's wrong! This ROYALLY angers Otto, who HATES being forced into things he HATES! Otto decides to TEACH Lil a lesson, by sabotaging Lil's dancing ability! With this tactic, even though Otto and Lil are seen as WORSE dancers than Stimpy and Lil, Otto is seen as a better dancer than Lil. And Fondue is responsible for the next eliminated contestant, and he chooses Lil for elimination! But Lil USES this opportunity to give Stimpy even MORE incentive to win the ENTIRE game, which TICKS Otto Rocket off! Lil leaves the game, by LITERALLY vanishing in a puff of smoke.


16. "Cartoon GUTS!!!!" For the semi-finals match, Sniz hosts a challenge inspired by "Nickelodeon GUTS!"; where Sandy, Stimpy, and Otto will have to compete against each other in four events before going on the MEGA Crag! The top two scorers will go on to the Finals, while the lowest scorer WILL be eliminated! With Sandy and Otto BUSY trying to out-compete each other; they don't FOCUS on the actual game, which allows Stimpy to out-perform EITHER of the two! Going into the Mega Crag event, Stimpy has a score of 1200 points! Otto knows what will happen if Stimpy wins the Mega Crag event, Stimpy will get the RARE achievement of having a perfect score! Otto decides to sacrifice his OWN chance of winning, by preventing Sandy from coming in first! Otto eliminates himself, in the hopes that it will provide him some good karma for getting back together with Angelica.


17. "The Blooper-Reel Episode!" Cosmo and Wanda provide a hilarious, behind-the-scenes look at all of the previous episodes of "Total Cartoon Island" (including the ones glossed over by "The Greatest Game Show On Earth"); they provide interviews with MANY of the eliminated contestants, and ask who they want to have win the game. It's pretty evenly divided between Sandy and Stimpy, although Angelica is VERY vocal about WANTING Stimpy to TAKE Sandy down in the game! The episode ends when Wanda realizes that they have actually FILMED the entire episode LIVE, without the CHANCE to do ANY editing for the episode!


18. "Cartoon Double Dare! Sandy Vs. Stimpy!" The time for the FINAL challenge is at hand, and Sniz decides to end season one on a HIGH note, by bringing back "Double Dare" as the last challenge! Sniz asks Sandy and Stimpy what they would do with the prize money. A lot of former contestants initially for Sandy, end up defecting to Stimpy, when he promises them a great big blow-out party on his parent's yacht! Meanwhile, Angelica plans to HUMILIATE Sandy by making SURE she doesn't win; as Angelica sent her a laxative-laced Krabby Patty from 'Spongebob' earlier! Sandy and Stimpy race off against six obstacles, with Sandy having difficulty over-coming HER obstacles, as Otto has ALSO sabotaged Sandy in his attempts to humiliate her. Sandy is given a break when Stimpy realizes he HAS to use the restroom; HE ate the laxative-laced Krabby Patty intended for SANDY!


Angelica gets SO frustrated, she calls EVERYONE else an incompetant MORON who can't do ANYTHING right! This finally ticks off Susie enough for her to pick up Angelica and LOCK her in the Confessional, which Stimpy had just used as an emergency! But because Sandy took her time to get through an obstacle, Stimpy can STILL catch up, and he does! The race to the last flag is VERY close, but Stimpy BARELY beats out Sandy in a photo finish! Stimpy wins $150,000; but Spongebob is STILL proud of Sandy, for being able to come in second place. Also, Angelica makes a tentative bargain with Otto Rocket as they make plans to DOMINATE season two...


"Total Cartoon Island/Action Special!"


Episode Special: "12 Tickets to Ride!" The Contestants from season one discover that TWELVE of them can win a chance to play in season TWO; against TWELVE new Contestants debuting for season two! The new contestants are Judy Funny, fan-character Blue Arrow, Rhonda Lloyd Wellington III, Rancid Rabbit, Skipper, Dog (now seperated from Cat), Gerald, Haggis McHaggis, Larry the Lobster (bitter at Spongebob for SOME reason), Marlene, Craig Mammalton, and Pearl Krabs. The contestants from season one will have to FIGHT for a ticket in the "Nick Arcade" virtual arena, newly rennovated for the 21st century! As it turns out, the twelve winning contestants end up being Ren Hoek, Patrick Star, Treeflower, Susie Carmichael, Reggie Rocket, Norbert, Rocko, Spongebob, Stinky, Otto Rocket, Sandy Cheeks, and Stimpy! However, Stinky asks if he can be a SINGULAR contestant unit with his dad, so that Lil Deville can be in the game show as well. Angelica objects, but Sniz agrees as it IS a valid request! But Angelica isn't the MADDEST of the non-returning contestants, Aang the Avatar is, as he is FURIOUS to find out that both M. Night Shamalyan AND Nickelodeon LIED to him about his live-action movie being 'PERFECT' like HE is...!


"Total Cartoon Action!"


1. "Reptar's Revenge!" The returning contestants from season one and the new contestants from season two, are divided into their respective teams called the Boom Vets and the Network Noobs. They find out where their challenges will be held, the rules of this season, and that the theme for this season will revolve around movie themes! They soon find out that THIS episode's theme is MONSTER movies; as they have to avoid a GIANT Reptar machine; being controlled by newly EMPLOYED antagonist, General Barracuda, who secretly wants to do a whole lot MORE than just make the lives of Spongebob and all his friends MISERABLE! But thanks to good planning, Stimpy, Lil, Norbert, and Treeflower, manage to formulate a plan to TAKE General Barracuda down, as well as rescue the other contestants; even Blue Arrow and Judy Funny, who are busy making out! Norbert and Treeflower get first pick of the trailers they get to stay in, and they pick the fancy green ones; forcing the Network Noobs to take the lousy red ones. No one is eliminated in this episode. /


That's it for the episode summaries! I'll see you next time! ;)

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At long last, here is the third, and FINAL part of "Welcome 2 the Jungle!" / (Part III) "Welcome 2 the Jungle."

The Boom Vets were running along the last mile of their path in the hope of winning the challenge they had been asked to face. Spongebob asked: "So Reggie, if YOU won the $500,000 at the end of the contest, what would you do with it?" Reggie answers: "Simple. I'd use the money to purchase my own city and make it completely athletic-oriented in order to fit my image of a town filled with citizens who like to live to the extreme!" Rocko adds: "It would probably have to be a small city, though." Reggie asks: "Santa Barbara, California is a small city, right?" Rocko says: "I'd say it's relatively small." Reggie says: "Thank you, Rocko! (Kisses him) You have not only been an excellent navigator keeping us safe on this trail, you're also smart about cities!" Rocko romantically answers: "Thank you!" (Confessional) Rocko says: "The main difference between myself and Reggie versus Blue Arrow and Judy is unlike those two, we know how to pick the appropriate times of where and when to make out. Challenges are out of the question, but that doesn't mean I can't get a little kiss every now and then, and I sure do love it when Reggie kisses me." (End Confessional) Suddenly, Sandy says: "Look at what's in the clearing! The Nickelodeon Studios! This nightmare is almost over!" Treeflower says: "Don't look now, but there's something rustling over in the bushes!" Stimpy says: "We were SO close to winning, to!" The Network Noobs come out of the clearing and Haggis says: "You couldn't be more right!" Gerald adds: "And the time is right for us to win!" And the Network Noobs start running the last few yards toward where Sniz and Fondue are! Treeflower says: "This isn't HAPPENING!" Spongebob says: "Not if we just let it!" Rocko says: "Run for it!" The Boom Vets try like crazy to outpace the Network Noobs, but it's a futile exercise. Fondue finally notices the teams and says: "Looks like we're going to determine a winner soon."

Sniz is busy playing a Nintendo 3DS and says: "It's about time! I was getting bored of playing this advance copy of my Nintendo 3DS the Fairy Godparents wished up for us." The Network Noobs cross into the Nickelodeon Studio lots first and Dog says: "Hi ho diggity! We won!" Sandy says: "I can't believe we lost to these MORONS!" Marlene says: "Your biggest mistake was in thinking we were ALL like Blue Arrow and

Judy Funny." Craig adds, throwing his arms into the air: "But we're not, which is why your arrogance and overconfidence handed you a loss and handed us a win!" Sniz says in a sing-song voice: "Well not, exactly." Craig says: "Beg pardon?" Sniz goes over to Craig and puts his arms down for him, and Sniz says: "The team who comes back with ALL of their team-mates FIRST into the Nickelodeon Studios Lot wins today's challenge. Did I neglect to mention that earlier?" Rhonda groans: "Oh, MAN!!!!" Skipper asks: "Excuse me, but just where are we supposed to FIND our team-mates?" Sniz says: "If you checked your G.P.S. devices once in a while, it would give you a clue!" Haggis checks his G.P.S. and says: "Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! That little hamster is right! Here at the Nickelodeon Studios, there are a bunch

of red and green dots bunched together, that's us. But at exactly half of a mile directly south of us, there's another bunch of red and green

dots bunched together. That must be our lost team-mates!" Sandy says: "Then this challenge isn't over for us, not by a long shot! The Boom Vets WILL win this challenge yet!" And they start running back south through the jungle. Rhonda says: "Hey, you CAN'T do that! I thought you were going to work WITH us on this challenge!" Skipper says: "That's why you NEVER trust somebody on an opposing team. Sooner or later, they will ALWAYS try to betray you when you least expect it!" / At the bottom of the great lake, a battered, bruised, and very MUDDY General Barracuda emerges, still wearing his Dark Laser mask, and rises from the lake in a slow, angry, and maddened sense of hate, practically boiling his blood-stream with hate and enraged, says in his disguised voice: "Now it's PERSONAL!" /

Patrick is wandering through the jungle calling: "Pearl! Pearl Krabs, where are you?! (BUMP!) Now who puts a--!" Patrick stops, looks up, and sees a relatively small-looking, but well fortified building. Patrick finishes: "Mini-fortress in the middle of a jungle?" (Confessional) Patrick says: "I might not be the smartest sea star in Bikini Bottom, but I can tell when something doesn't look right, if it looks like it shouldn't belong, it's probably holding a secret. And if my hunch is correct, I'm going to find my girlfriend and save her from that awful General Barracuda!" (End Confessional) Patrick says: "General Barracuda is smarter than I gave him credit for. No windows, no ventilation shafts, no chimneys that I can drop into. It looks like the only way to get in or out is through the front door. But what kind of a security system does this place have?" A computer screen suddenly comes to life on the front door of the Mini-fortress, and with Karen's voice says: "Welcome to the Cannibal Headhunter's hideout. Please say the correct password in order to gain entrance." Patrick says: "How about, 'Open Sesame?'" Karen groans: "Correct, you can go in." Karen opens the door and Patrick goes inside, but before he gets too far, he accidentally steps on a tile that is pressurized, and it releases something from behind him. Patrick turns his head around and says: "Gigantic rock!" And Patrick runs away like crazy, trying to get away from the rock, completely oblivious to the fact that he's managing to dodge poison arrows, ancient flamethrowers, shooting spears, falling columns trying to squish him, and snakes trying to bite him! Finally, Patrick leaps over a wide pit, and the giant rock falls into, and gets stuck into the pit, forming a way to walk across it! Patrick says: "I think I broke some records back there!" (Confessional) Patrick says: "I'd like to thank my mom and dad for giving me their unlimited support and never giving up on me, convinced that there was SOMETHING I'd excel in, and athletic skills are my forte. Thank you, mom and dad!" (End Confessional) Patrick says: "Now, to find Pearl and all the captured team-mates. Now, if I were General Barracuda, where would I hide kidnapped contestants?"

And Patrick just picks a random direction, and goes to his left. / The Boom Vets arrive at the Mini-Fortress, and they quickly notice something is off. Stimpy says: "Does something strange strike you about this?" Stinky says: "What do you mean, dad?" Stimpy says: "The front door is already OPEN!" Sandy says: "But we never saw the Boom Vets running in front of us!" Rocko says: "It must be someone else in there. Someone really smart and brave!" Reggie says: "Or someone dumb and foolish!" Norbert says: "But an open door to me signifies only

one thing; it smells like a trap." Treeflower says: "Trap or not, we've GOT to go in there, rescue our team-mates, and win this challenge."

Sandy says: "Treeflower's right! Let's get her done! I don't plan on losing to the Network Noobs a second time!" Spongebob says: "Then lets

go in before the Boom Vets DO catch up to us!" And as they run inside, the Boom Vets run into the clearing and catch sight of them! Craig says: "That's just great! There they go! They're already in!" Marlene asks: "How are we going to win now?" Rhonda says: "I say we stay right here! I've already had enough running for one day!" Dog says: "But we can't just stay here, we have to help our friends!" Darwin says: "But maybe the Boom Vets will face the dangers of the Mini-Fortress and save our friends for us!" Skipper says: "That's exactly what Manfredi and Johnson said right before Professor Blowhole caught them napping outside of one of his secret lairs. Now that deranged dolphin has two penguin slippers monogrammed M & J, and they don't stand for Michael Jackson!" Haggis McHaggis says: "Skipper, you're right. The fight isn't over yet. Just like Slyvester Stallone in "Rocky III and IV," we've got to get the eye of the tiger and a burning heart! We've got to go in there and finish this!" Gerald asks: "Do you EVER run out of song references?" Haggis says: "Not until they run out of good songs to write, I won't!" And the Boom Vets run into the Mini-Fortress as well, failing to notice a creeping, crawling, hulk of a vicious General Barracuda crawling through the jungle reeds.

General Barracuda says in his disguised voice: "My web will soon have you all ensnared! Now is the time for the spider to extinguish its prey!" / The Boom Vets are making a good headway through the Mini-Fortress as there are no more traps left to worry about. Treeflower says: "Some trap THIS is! It looks like somebody practically rolled out the red carpet for us." Sandy says: "I've studied a BUNCH of trap-filled places in movies and other real-life places in this great, big world of ours, and we should've seen traps trying to kill us coming right and left by the truckload by now." Spongebob says: "Somebody must have already activated all the traps and set them off, and when they set off, they didn't reset again!" Norbert says: "But who would be athletic enough to do that?" Rocko chuckles and says: "I'm surprised I didn't think of this earlier, it's Patrick!" Reggie says: "Patrick?!" Rocko says: "Who else could it be? Larry was already captured, Blue Arrow has been nowhere to be seen, and I don't think Darwin has enough know-how of this place to evade all these traps. Patrick is the only one among us who would've tried to deal with a bunch of traps on his own!" Reggie says: "I can't believe Patrick is taking care of the perils of this mini-fortress by himself!" Spongebob says: "You see, Reggie, I KNEW Patrick was going to come in handy!" (Confessional) Rocko says: "Patrick has proved to be a really surprising help to us, and I think the reason that it's catching us all by surprise is because we never really got a chance to see his potential last season. But now that he's catching his stride, Patrick looks like he might make it past the team merge this time around!" (End Confessional) Stimpy says: "Well guys, Patrick may have disarmed the traps, but he didn't leave us a clue. There are four different paths. Which way did he go?" Stinky says: "A better question to ask is, which way WOULD he go?" Then all of a sudden, the Boom Vets hear a bunch of loud voices screaming off in the distance: "HELP! Help us, somebody! Help us!" Stimpy says: "It sounds like Ren, and Lil!" Reggie adds: "Not to mention Otto and all of the other captured team-mates!" Spongebob says: "Sandy, do you think you can use your knowledge to isolate where those screams are coming from?" Sandy says: "You better believe it, honey! (Kisses him!) Let's do this!"

Spongebob romantically says: "All right, Sandy!" (Confessional) Spongebob says: "If I won the $500,000 at the end of the contest, I'm make a motion to the guys who make all of the Dictionaries in the world, and make it so that next to the words, romantic, and genius, you'd see Sandy's picture right next to those words! That's the least I can do for all of the things she has done for me!" (End Confessional) / Patrick comes to the end of the corridor he is walking down, to see a large, padded cell-door that has the defenses of the Alcatraz Prison. Patrick says: "I hope she's here! Pearl, are you in there?!" Pearl shouts: "Yes, Patrick! I am in here! And a bunch of other contestants here to! The Cannibal Head-Hunter bound us tight in ropes! You've got to find a way in here!" Patrick says: "Unless you have some dynamite handy, I don't see how I can accomplish that." Rancid Rabbit says: "Oh come ON! Why don't you use your head for once?!" Patrick says: "That's it! I will USE my head!" And Patrick backs up, and runs with his head pointed to the door. Inside, Susie says: "Rancid, I don't think you should've told Patrick to--(CRASH!)--use his head!" Patrick, having busted through the wall, begins to untie Pearl. Patrick says: "I'm so glad I found you Pearl. I never stopped thinking about you!" Pearl begins to hug Patrick and says: "Oh, you're the sweetest thing ever!" Patrick says: "Thank you!" Patrick and Pearl begin to untie the others when the Boom Vets suddenly arrive in the corridor. Sandy says: "What in the world was THAT--(looks at the recently demolished wall Patrick ran through)--noise?" Ren says: "Stimpy, it's YOU! When did you get here?" Stimpy says: "We've only just arrived, Marlon." And as Stimpy unties Ren and Lil, the Network Noobs suddenly arrive in the corridor. Gerald says: "Is this a private party or can anyone join?" Rancid says: "It's NOT a party, we're prisoners here! Now hurry up and get us out!" And as Haggis unties Rancid, Haggis asks: "What about Larry? He's still frozen in the ice statue from the ice beam that was shot at him!" Rhonda says: "Serves him right, I should say! Anyone who wants to argue with our leader has no place in our team!"

Spongebob says: "But he taught me to swim! Please Sandy, I know you don't like him, but can't you do him one TEENY favor, for me?" Sandy

says: "Oh, all right. But you owe me for dinner after this one!" Spongebob says: "Absolutely Sandy!" And Sandy place a well-placed karate

kick on Larry's frozen body, and the ice breaks off of Larry! Larry shivers and says: "Cold! So cold!" Lil says: "Well of course you're cold! You were frozen in ice!" Larry says: "And why am I not frozen now?" Judy says: "Sandy Cheeks." Larry looks at Sandy and Sandy says: "Don't thank me, it was Spongebob's idea." (Confessional) Larry is still shivering from his cold spell and says: "CURSES! To think I would owe my freedom to that yellow idiot! And Sandy didn't want to save me! I'm beginning to hate Sandy more than Spongebob!" (End Confessional) Blue

Arrow says: "That's it! We're all free! Now let's all get out of here!" Then the disguised General Barracuda walks into the corridor and says

with his disguised voice: "Correction, you are now ALL trapped! It was only a matter of time before I won like I ALWAYS do, you stupid FOOLS! And now, I'm going to catch ALL of you in one, fell SWOOP!" (Clicks his net gun, but nothing happens) Stimpy says: "We're not trapped?" General Barracuda yells: "Out of order?! Even in the future, nothing works!" Sandy says: "Looks like Lady Luck is once again on our side!" And everyone on both teams gang up and pound on the disguised General Barracuda like crazy, and when they are sure he has become too weak to follow them for quite some time, they run out of the Mini-Fortress! Otto says: "We are out of there!" Reggie says: "And we've got to run!" Lil asks: "But why?" Stimpy says: "No time to explain, it's to win!" Dog says: "How did those Boom Vets get ahead of us?"

Darwin says: "They must want to win this challenge BADLY!" Larry says: "Well guess what, I do to! After them!" And the two teams begin running for the Nickelodeon Studio Lots again. Fondue spots them and says: "They're coming again!" Sniz finishes drinking a Pina Colada and says: "Really? That went a lot quicker than I thought it would!"

And although both teams try hard, the Boom Vets just BARELY cross into the Nickelodeon Studios Lot with all of their team-mates first! Rocko says: "Yes! We won! Yes, yes, YES!" Larry yells: "NO! We lost to those guys, we LOST!" Sniz says: "And it's over! It's finally all over! Today's winners are the Boom Vets!" Sandy says: "Naturally! Contestants with our experience wouldn't just lose to a bunch of new guys!" Sniz says: "But there's no need to worry, Network Noobs. Since you DID technically enter the Nickelodeon Studios here first, even if it was WITHOUT all your team-mates, you receive the Second place prize!" Craig says: "Which is?" Sniz says: "A TWO team-member swap. Didn't see THAT coming, did you? Haggis McHaggis and Marlene, you're now on the Boom Vets team, Patrick Star and Lil Deville, you're now on the Network Noobs team!" Lil asks: "For how long?" Sniz says: "For the rest of the game! Or, until you're eliminated, whichever comes first!" Darwin says: "What about me? Don't I get a say in this thing?" Sniz says: "All right, I guess we can't forget about you. You will be going on the Network Noobs team to, but to make it fair, it will be AFTER the Network Noobs elimination ceremony, where they will have to eliminate TWO!" And the Network Noobs gasp. Sniz says: "That's right, I said TWO! I'm liking the TWO'S today. It must be TWO'S Day! (Everyone gives him the look) Yeah, we don't get paid much to write the jokes on these shows." (Confessional) Pearl says: "Well, at least one good thing comes out of losing. Patrick and I are FINALLY on the same team!" (End Confessional) (A rousing, jubilant theme plays, as spotlights shine on a Silver Sniz statue.) All of the contestants are now wearing proper clothes, and Sniz is now wearing a fancy bow-tie and says: "Thank you for listening to the Silver Sniz theme. Network Noobs, tonight, there are twelve contestants who will be vying to win a Silver Sniz, and inside the Silver Sniz statue, is a sculpture treat made of the most delicious, sweet Carob goodness known to humans. Tonight, twelve are voting, but only ten will continue on tomorrow when Darwin gets to be in your team."

(Electronic devices pop up in front of the Network Noobs.) Sniz continues saying: "You will be voting by these electronic ballots. Tonight, you will choose the two people you'd most like off your team. Oh, and no peaking, or else its, bye-bye-bye! Vote!" (Electronic sounds are made as the contestants each push two buttons to select their choices.) Sniz says: "All votes have been cast. It's time to reveal the winners. (Fondue walks onstage in humiliation, dressed like Vanna White and hands Sniz a paper with the voting results on it.) Patrick, Lil Deville, Craig Mammalton, Dog, Gerald, Pearl, Skipper, Rancid, surprisingly Larry, and last but not least..." (Dramatic music plays, Rhonda tenses up with nervousness, Judy Funny moves her hand to hold onto one of Blue Arrow's hands for good luck for at least one of them.) Sniz finally says: "Rhonda!" Rhonda says: "Yes!" And she hugs the two closest contestants closest to her, who happen to be Blue Arrow and Judy Funny! When Rhonda realizes this she says: "Oops! I mean, sorry guys!" Blue Arrow and Judy get up out of their seats and Judy says: "But, I thought everyone liked us." Larry says: "Define, liked." (Confessional) Larry says: "I know EXACTLY who is going home today!" And Larry mimics Blue Arrow's and Judy Funny's kissing. / Pearl says: "Four words; Blue Arrow, Judy Funny." / Gerald says: "At least they'll have each other." (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Do the departing contestants have any final words they'd like to share before they drive off in the Limo of Losers?" Blue Arrow and Judy look at each other, and they simply kiss each other and hug as they walk towards the Lame-o-sine. Rancid says: "Gross!" Rhonda says: "No way!" Craig says: "Cutest couple ever!" And Blue Arrow and Judy fall into the open door of the Limo. It closes, and drives off into the night. Sniz says: "Darwin, you may now join the Network Noobs." And Darwin goes with the Network Noobs, eager to discuss long term game plans with them.

Sniz says: "The rest of you are safe, for tonight. As for you out there in TV world, I think this has definitely been one tough challenge! How will we TOP this?! How will the two team member swap affect the two teams? Will Patrick Star and Lil Deville PROVE to be valuable members to the Network Noobs? One thing's for sure, answers to these questions and many more await on the next episode of Total Cartoon Action! Sniz out!" / Episode Notes: Blue Arrow and Judy Funny are eliminated in the first double elimination of "Total Cartoon Action," the 1st officially sanctioned team swap in "Total Cartoon" history occurs when Patrick Star and Lil Deville switch places with Haggis McHaggis and Marlene. Darwin joins the Network Noobs. Patrick finds out that General Barracuda is back in his life and the lives of his fellow contestants, but nobody else believes him, yet. Karen has a cameo appearance in this episode. / Episode quotes: Look above! I hope you enjoy reading this episode as much as I did writing it! 125508.gif

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I'm ready to present part of my next episode for fans and potential fans of my spin-off series of "Total Cartoon Action!" I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! 125508.gif /

"I'm Ready for My Close-Up!" Sniz is in a control room with a bunch of TV monitors and he says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Action, two teams, each with 12 contestants, found themselves stranded right in the middle of the most excruciating challenge of their lives. It was EPIC! Ren Hoek freaked out, causing Stimpy to do the unthinkable as Stimpy DECKED Ren square in the face, POW! General Barracuda disguised himself as a cannibal head-hunter and hunted down the contestants in order to capture them, which he did VERY well! The Boom Vets went over the bridge, while the Network Noobs went through the river, but what EVERYONE was surprised about was the great skills Patrick was displaying in physical strength, speed, and agility. Patrick also found out the secret identity of General Barracuda and tried to warn his friends about it, but nobody else believed him, OUCH! Craig Mammalton also impressed his team-mates when he made a heroic stunt to save Rhonda from an untimely demise. In the end however, the Boom Vets managed to barely beat the Network Noobs.

But what neither team expected was the occurrence of a two member team swap between both teams, SHOCK! Marlene and Haggis McHaggis were transferred to the Boom Vets, while Patrick and Lil Deville were transferred to the Network Noobs. And if the two member team swap wasn't painful enough for the Network Noobs, they were forced to vote off two of their own, making the two make-out lovebird team of Blue Arrow and Judy Funny facing a humiliating ride on the Limo of Losers. The only thing that eased the pain the Network Noobs had was the addition of a new contestant; namely, Darwin from The Wild Thornberries. Will Darwin prove to be a good addition to the Network Noobs? How will Patrick, Marlene, Haggis, and Lil fare now that they're on an opposite team? And what kind of evil treachery does General Barracuda have in store for our contestants today? Find out on an all new episode of Total Cartoon Action!" / It's early morning, the sky is just beginning to light up, and all the contestants are still asleep in their trailers. Than Sniz drives in his Aston Martin and blows an air-horn through a megaphone, effectively ending their sleep!

Sniz says: "Sleep time is over for the crew, its time to come outside! Call time is 6 A.M.! That is all!" (Confessional) Patrick and Craig Mammalton are in the make-up trailer together. Craig says: "At first, I though Sniz was talking to the Fairy Godparent crew, and not us." Patrick says: "You know, I was really hoping this season, they'd replace Sniz the Snob with a nicer host this time around. Is that a mean thing to say?" Craig says: "I'd say that it's a fairly mean thing to say." Patrick says: "I'm sorry." (End Confessional) All of the contestants are properly dressed up as they wearily walk out of their contestant trailers. Susie says: "I can't believe I'm doing another season of THIS show!" And Treeflower comes out last, happily hopping after having gotten a full, good night's sleep. Marlene asks: "And just what do YOU have to be so cheerful about?" Treeflower says: "Oh, merely the fact that the Boom Vets are on a winning streak!"

Haggis says: "And how do you figure that?" Treeflower says: "Oh, merely the fact that MY team won two challenges in a row, we have ALL of our team-mates still here, and with the fact that MY team has one WHOLE season of experience more than YOUR old team does, one of us, namely ME, will be winning at the end of this season, especially since I would've certainly won LAST season if that stinking Jimmy Neutron didn't rig the votes to cheat ME off, but since he's not here, I WON'T have to worry about getting eliminated while YOU do, and another thing I think is worth mentioning is that since I was an ACTUAL C.I.T.--." Marlene interrupts: "HAGGIS!!!!" Haggis says: "What?!" Marlene says: "We need to have a discussion somewhere...PRIVATE!!!!" (Confessional) Marlene and Haggis McHaggis are in the Make-up trailer together. Marlene says: "That beaver is SO annoying! All she ever does is TALK!!!! Who could STAND to be anywhere NEAR someone like that?!" Haggis says: "Apparently, Norbert can." Marlene says: "Well I can't! That little, former, actual Counselor in Training thinks she's better than everybody else, and she's NOT!" Haggis says: "Well, you'll have to get used to it if you want to be seen as a good team-mate on the Boom Vets team that we're on." Marlene says: "I don't WANT to get used to it! Out of all the creatures I have EVER met, that beaver named Treeflower Fields, I can't STAND her!" /

Treeflower says: "The only reason Marlene is upset with me is because she's jealous of me. And who wouldn't be? I'm pretty, popular, smart, talented, and I have a very attractive boyfriend. (Confession tape fast-forwards.) Marlene's just angry because HER boyfriend is a penguin, and he's stuck on the other team. (Tape fast-forwards again) Who has a nemesis named Dr. Blowhole anyways? And black and white is SO out!" (End Confessional) All of the contestants are now gathered outside of their cast trailers. Sniz says: "Okay contestants! It's time you found out what working in an actual movie is all about! Now, while some of you might have actually APPEARED in real Nickelodeon movies, you've never had to work behind the scenes, with the people who do the REAL hard work! People like construction builders, camera operators, make-up artists, and much more! For those working people, there is no glamour, only guts and glory!" Rocko says: "It's the glory of love that makes this hard work worthwhile!"

Sniz says: "In any case, today's challenge is all about setting up a scene for an actor or actress to act in, including getting the right lights, make-up, props, cameras, and other tools necessary in order to film your own little short scene that might be seen in an actual movie. Today's challenge is two-fold. First, both teams must haul identical pieces of equipment up this tall hill to where the sets are located. Your equipment has been color coded to reflect which team needs to haul it, red for the Network Noobs, green for the Boom Vets." Otto says: "Personally, I prefer MY green in money!" Sniz says: "Both teams must haul ALL of their equipment AND their contestant trailers up the hill before we can begin the second portion of the challenge. In the second portion, contestants shall set up and prepare whatever may be necessary for the random scene we will be asking you to act out. After you set the scene up, the chosen actor or actress of your choice will perform the random scene. Now, here's the twist! All contestants will NOT be allowed to both haul up the equipment and set up the scenes. To that end, two contestants on opposite teams have been selected." Skipper says: "Selected for what, exactly?"

Sniz says: "Selecting WHO has to haul the equipment up, and WHO has to set the scene up, exactly! And you're in LUCK, Skipper! You have been selected for YOUR Network Noobs team, and Marlene has been selected for HER Boom Vets team! This is going to be AWESOME!" Skipper says: "Marlene, we're not going to get all competitive and nasty, are we?" Marlene says: "Absolutely not. We've learned from past mistakes other people have made. Right?" Sniz says: "You will pick five people, including yourself, to haul up the equipment!" Rhonda says: "Excuse me, but how long is THAT going to take?" Fondue says: "I don't know. About four or five hours, if you do the first portion of the challenge right." Sniz says: "Don't worry yourselves, the sooner you're done with the first portion of the challenge, the sooner you can rest. Marlene, Skipper, whoever you DON'T name, will automatically be selected to help set up the scene. To be fair, the decision-making will be done in the fashion of school yard team choosing, boy-girl and girl-boy. Ladies first! Since we have no ladies here, Marlene!" And Marlene scowls angrily. Marlene says: "I don't know, Norbert, I guess." And Skipper gasps in shock!

(Confessional) Skipper says: "I can't believe that Marlene would just go ahead and pick Norbert like that! I mean, they're BOTH kind of similar! They're both mammals, they both have tails, they're both aquatic, they both have whiskers, and they have similar kinds of taste! I mean, what am I supposed to MAKE of that?! You think you KNOW an otter!" (End Confessional)

Skipper says: "I pick, the BEAUTIFUL Rhonda!" And Marlene gives Skipper a weird-funny look. (Confessional) Marlene says: "The BEAUTIFUL Rhonda? What, was Skipper TRYING to tick me off by picking Rhonda like that? You think you KNOW a penguin!" (End Confessional) Marlene says: "Because I believe in being cool, I pick Reggie Rocket!" Reggie says: "Yes! I knew I was respected!" Skipper says: "I pick, Larry!" Marlene says: "Oh, SURE! Pick all the GOOD looking contestants; that will get you far!" Skipper says: "It will in show business!" Marlene says: "Otto." Skipper says: "Pearl." Marlene looks at her remaining female choices and is about to say something until Haggis whispers into her ear. Haggis says: "Listen, Marlene. I know you can't stand HER, but it might be a good idea to keep her close to you, so you can get to know her!" Marlene says: "You're NOT serious?!" Haggis nods his head. Marlene says: "Fine! I pick Treeflower!" Treeflower says: "Really?!" (Confessional) Treeflower says: "Of course! It's about TIME somebody realized who the most valuable contestant IS on the Boom Vets team! I mean, SERIOUSLY people!" (End Confessional)

Skipper is looking at his remaining male choices, particularly, Patrick and Dog. (Confessional) Skipper says: "How do you choose between flakier and flakiest? I mean, at LEAST Patrick was actually IN this game show LAST season! That's got to count for something! I don't know; I had to pick SOMEONE!" (End Confessional) Skipper says: "I pick, Patrick!" Patrick says: "Finally! Another chance to prove my worth as a contestant!" Stimpy says: "Marlene, aren't you forgetting to pick someone important? I mean, who survived going into a black hole? Who invented a Happy Helmet to help people become happy? Who gave birth to his own son? And--." Marlene says: "I pick Stimpy, if for no other reason but to shut him up." Stimpy says: "A wise choice, milady." Marlene says: "You're only the contestant who actually WON the game show last season!" Stimpy says: "Still." Patrick says: "I've got an idea! Why don't you pick Chuckie?!" Lil says: "Chuckie's not in the game anymore!" Patrick says: "Oh, right! Bummer." Skipper says: "Since I might need Lil to be an actress for the random scene, I pick Rancid!" Rancid says: "Sweet! I got picked and YOU didn't, Gerald! Jealous, much?"

Gerald says: "Please! Like I would EVER be jealous of you and your lousy attitude!" Larry says: "Bet you're jealous of ME, though. Not that I would blame you, I'm HIGHLY attractive!" Gerald says: "No, I'm NOT jealous of you, either! The ways that you and Rancid are behaving, neither of you are shaping up to be good candidates for winning the $500,000!" Rancid says: "Ouch! Well, Larry, how does it feel to be burned?" Larry menacingly says: "I wouldn't know; I haven't been BURNED yet!" (Confessional) Rancid says: "Larry isn't fooling me! I'm VERY perceptive and I can tell if and/or when someone is getting under someone's skin or exoskeleton as the case may be. Gerald CLEARLY is steaming Larry's last nerves, but Gerald will NEVER be able to steam me!" / Larry says: "Make no mistake, I'm making a very clear, mental list of all the contestants that either try to double-cross me or other-wise severely threaten MY chances of eventually winning MY $500,000! I've already gotten RID of two threats on my list, and with the way things are going, Rancid and Gerald may soon find themselves on the chopping block if they DON'T shape up to MY desires soon!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "All right! All equipment haulers have been selected. Set builders; please hike up the hill to wait for your portion of the challenge to begin."

Lil says: "Good-bye, Stimpy! I miss you already!" Stimpy says: "Don't worry! Before both of us know it, Stinky and I will make it to the team merge, you'll be there, and we'll be together again just like we were BEFORE the swap!" Lil says: "Cool! I'll be sure to wait for you!" And the set builders, picked by default, begin their hike up the hill. Stinky says: "You're so smooth, dad." Stimpy says: "Lil may be slightly nuts, but she's COMPLETELY nuts over me!" Stinky says: "Obviously!" / A little later, Sniz says: "Okay, equipment haulers. Let's get this challenge started! I'd like to the first portion finished BEFORE we have to break for lunch! Is everybody ready? Lights, camera, ACTION!" And the contestants who are equipment haulers begin to take their various pieces of film equipment, make-up, and various movie tools up the hill as fast as they can. Norbert is running up the hill with a stage light until he accidentally trips over a rock! Thankfully, Marlene happens to be right behind, close to him! Marlene says: "Oh; that must have hurt! Are you all right?" Norbert says: "Of course I'm all right! I've suffered worse injuries that didn't damage my gorgeousness!" Skipper is running up the hill, until he sees Marlene with Norbert. Skipper stops and says: "Why are you helping him?" Marlene says: "Because we're on the same team?" Skipper gets miffed, runs up the hill a little, than PRETENDS to lose his balance by stepping over a log. Rhonda happens to be running up the hill and helps Skipper up off of the ground. Skipper says: "Likewise, WE'RE on the same team!" And Marlene scowls at him in an annoyed manner. /

The two teams are neck to neck as they haul up the equipment up the hill. Haggis, waiting for the equipment haulers to finish the first portion of the challenge, begins to strike up a conversation with his NEW team-mates on the Boom Vets team. Haggis says: "Are you laddies and non-laddies worried about any of the contestants on my old team?" Rocko says: "Well, Larry looks VERY determined to win; Gerald seems to be in it for the long haul. But other than those two, I don't see any season two contestants besides you and Marlene making it to the team merge." Haggis says: "Than maybe it was a real blessing that this team merge happened." Sandy says: "Why do you say that?" Haggis says: "Because all of you have more competition experience, while I have more acting experience. And now that I'm on a team that's more likely to win challenges, I can play to my full potential and really help you out!" Spongebob says: "Do you really think you can help us beat off some of the more determined members of your old team?" Haggis says: "Of course, Spongeboy!" Susie corrects him: "Spongebob!" Haggis says: "Whatever! The point is; I'll take the team I'm on ALL the way to the team merge!"

(Confessional) Rocko says: "I didn't know that our two teams would have to swap out two members of our own team to the other team. So I guess we really got lucky that we got Marlene and Haggis in exchange for Patrick and Lil. Although I'm pretty sure it's got to be a hard adjustment for Stimpy, with his girlfriend on the other team, it might be hard for him to play to his full potential if he doesn't want to risk having Lil eliminated. And while I certainly won't blame him for feeling that, but the rest of us have an end game to think about to. If worse comes to worse, I don't want to vote Stimpy off." (End Confessional) The equipment haulers on the two teams continue to haul equipment up the hill. Marlene is pulling a shopping cart up the hill, and is almost to the top, but the shopping cart hits a stick, and Marlene loses her grip as the shopping cart rolls all the way back to the bottom! Marlene says: "This is CRAZY inefficient, Vets! I say we simply organize in relay fashion and pass the equipment up!" Treeflower says: "Excuse me, but did YOU face any of MY challenges in season one; were YOU actually in season one?" Marlene says: "No." Treeflower says: "Than if YOU say it, we're not doing it!"

Marlene protests: "But it's a good plan!" Stimpy says: "I hear you, Marlene. You make a good point. I've got an idea. How about we establish team meetings between challenges, and if there are any ideas you have on how to win future challenges, if you bring them up, I'll second your motions!" Marlene says: "Oh, go jump in a lake, trout lips!" (Confessional) Stimpy and Stinky are in the Make-up trailer, and Stimpy is looking in a standing, face mirror. Stimpy says: "Stinky, take a good look at my lips! Do MY lips even LOOK like trout lips?!" Stinky says: "I should say not!" Stimpy says: "Than how can Marlene say something about me that isn't a fact?! I'm trying to help her!" Stinky says: "Dad, maybe she's just nervous and tense about being on a different team. Just give her time; I'm sure she'll come around." Stimpy says: "I'm sure you're right! After all, I haven't met ANYTHING yet that could stay mad at ME for a prolonged period of time!" (End Confessional) The equipment haulers have now finished hauling all of their equipment up the hill, everything except their contestant trailers. Otto says: "This is going to be a toughie!" Marlene says: "Well why don't you ask the C.I.T. for some ideas? Surely SHE knows what we should do in a situation like this!" Treeflower says: "Now what would give you THAT idea?! We're doing ACTING challenges this season, not CAMPING challenges this season! Acting has nothing to do with being a C.I.T.!"

Marlene says: "Than stop acting all high and mighty all the time!" Reggie says: "Cool it guys. Let's just figure out a way to get our trailers up the hill before the Network Noobs do." Norbert says: "Does anyone have a solution they'd like to toss out? I certainly don't." Stimpy says: "I do! Otto, do you happen to wear a belt around your shorts?" Otto says: "As a matter of fact, I do. Why do you ask?" Stimpy says: "I need to know something. Is your belt strong?" Otto says: "It's supported me through thick and thin in eight years of surfing, skiing, skateboarding, rock-climbing, ice hockey, and rollerblading in over 500 challenges and it has NEVER let me down, once!" Stimpy says: "Perfect! Take off your belt and make a tight loop around the grounding hook of the trailers!" Norbert asks: "What's your plan?" Stimpy says: "The belt will be securely fastened to the trailers, Otto and I can pull the ends of the belt up the hill, and when we pull the belt, we'll pull the trailers up as well!" Marlene says: "Why Stimpy, that's actually a BRILLIANT idea!" Stimpy says: "I'm a lot smarter than the way I acted on my show!" Reggie says: "I can see that, now!" Otto says: "All right, then! Let's do this!"

Otto unfastens his belt, hooks it around the grounding hooks of the trailer, and makes sure the grip the belt has is tight before giving part of the belt to Stimpy, keeping a hold on the belt himself as well! Reggie says: "Let's win this challenge!" Stimpy and Otto, holding onto Otto's belt that's holding onto their trailers, begin to run up the hill as fast as they can. Sniz says: "It looks like the Boom Vets are starting to make a lead for themselves in this hotly contested race!" Treeflower says: "Otto, you've got what people in the show business would like to call a wardrobe malfunction!" Otto looks down and sees that without his belt to hold his shorts up; they have fallen down around his ankles, revealing his tighty-whities. Otto groans: "Oh, man!" Fondue says: "And it looks like Otto is a little hot under the collar, a little humiliated from his unintended side-show, I should say!" Reggie says: "Ignore the shorts, deal with it AFTER we get up the hill!" Marlene looks back at Skipper and says: "Hey, Skipper! How does it feel to be in last place; you tuxedoed, super-agent, secret spy, James Bond wannabe?!" Rancid says: "Not cool, dude. Not cool." Skipper says: "Don't worry! We're taking MARLENE--I mean, THAT team, down!" Pearl asks: "But how?" Patrick says: "I've got it! Let's get Chuckie to do it!" The other equipment haulers on his team shout: "He's not HERE anymore!" Patrick says: "Oh, right. Bummer."

Rhonda says: "Say, Patrick. You've wanted to show off your strength, now you've got good motivation to! With your strong muscles, you could easily push OUR trailers all the way up the hill in no time flat!" Patrick says: "But I don't think that's a good idea!" Rancid asks: "Why ever not?" Patrick says: "I might be strong, but what if I trip and I accidentally lose control of the trailers? What if the trailers accidentally hit you guys, making you injured, or worse?" Larry says: "You're joking, right?" Patrick says: "I wouldn't joke about something serious, like that! I just couldn't bear to live with myself if I unintentionally brought harm to any of my fellow team-mates." Pearl says: "And quite frankly, I'm with you Patrick! You're a man with good principles and a good head on your shoulders!" Rancid says: "And that's the ONLY thing that's good on his shoulders!" Pearl says: "Don't make me hit you!" And Rancid quickly, metaphorically and literally makes a zipping motion across his lips, indicating that he was shutting up! (Confessional) Pearl says: "I'm not going to stand for ANYBODY who tries to give Patrick any guff about what he does or doesn't want to do! If he's concerned about our safety, than I'm going to side with him on it! I just got him to be on MY team, and I'm not going to lose him now!" (End Confessional) Larry says: "I'd push the trailers up the hill, but my claw-modeling contract specifically prohibits me from doing anything that could damage my exoskeleton. Sorry."

Rhonda says: "You see, Patrick?! We're counting on you! We'll stand out of your way. We won't be anywhere NEAR the trailers!" Patrick says: "I'll say it again, Rhonda, the answer is NO!" Sniz says: "Ooh, friction on the Network Noobs team! What's going to happen now? Is Patrick just going to let the Boom Vets haul away another victory, or will he man up and be the hero for his team? Find out when we come back from a commercial break with more Total Cartoon Action!" Patrick says: "Trust me; I'm NOT going to do it!" (Commercial break) / I'll write some more the next time I post here! 125508.gif 4EverGreen out, for now! 893573.gif

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