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I realize that Episode 5 may have felt a little rushed. But the most important thing in that episode was getting to learn about Temperance's past, and learning that Temperance and Bryan kissed at the beach. I accomplised that.

And if 4EverGreen happened to read it, I apologize. But payback's a b!tch.


Production of the movie is on hold because Aphrodite's voice actor is temporarily unavailable. (AKA, I'm busy and don't have time to write a 2 hour film =P)

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News about my next show

No, I haven't forgotten about this show. I've just been busy in general, and I've been thinking of character names, fruit names, crew names, ect... And, I've come to a conclusion that may shock you...

I AM using a Spongebob character in this show :affraid: I know, shocking. If you're wondering what character, take a guess. This show is set about 500 years in the past, what character still existed back then? That's right. The Flying Dutchman! The Flying Dutchman will be a villain character (the main one, to be exact.) One Spongebob character will be referenced throughout the series, but never seen in person. That mans name? Eugene Krabs. So, here's what I have so far.


1. Krab S. Eugene

2. Greenbeard

3. Aegius Kane

4. Drakke

5. Garter S. Ben (Nicknamed Alk (short for Alkali))

6. Krab S. Jon

7. Garter S. Jude


1. Trip-Trip

2. Oxy-Oxy

3. Pound-Pound

4. Slick-Slick

5. Aero-Aero

Crew Names

1. Greenbeards

2. Transitioners

And yea, that's all -.- More to come

New SpongeCraft and Number 1 Mysteries up soon as well.

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This show was simply an experiment. A great one, yes. But... I don't feel into it anymore. I feel like it will go nowhere. So... I gave it a foundation. If the rest of the writers would like to, they can just take over.


I have given this careful consideration, and the show is now officially on hiatus.

Not to worry, it will most definitely continue. It is, after all, my biggest hit and my debut show. It'll be sticking around for a long time. It's just time for a break. You know?


After a C, I still don't care. I personally don't see what's up with that review. Because it's aimed at teens it doesn't 'fit into the SpongeBob universe?' :?: icon_rolleyes.gif Uh... alrightie then.

Someone will post episode 5 on TV.com for me soon, and episode 6 will be posted here soon.

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Q: So, the big question- Are you banned from TV.com?

A: Sadly, yes. I am. I have a good idea of who went... report happy... on me, and I DO hold a grudge. That person is typically not a contributor to the Spin-Off Community though, so any discussion on them could probably be considered rather off-topic.

Q: Can you tell us what's going on with the cult hit, Searching for Sandy?

A: Oh... as much as I'd like to continue that show, I find myself at a loss for where to take it. I am away from the project. Like... when Hillenburg left SpongeBob. I hold it in the hands of my 'staff' to decide the fate of my show. So I rely on thesuitelife44, terminoob, SeaSpongez, and clapmaster to make that decision.

Q: So, can you tell us about the "4EverGreen vs. that70sguy92" debacle?

A: I wouldn't call it a debacle... more a feud. He 'bashed' my newest show, Bikini Top, on his (in my opinion) mediocre show, Total Cartoon Island. That, obviously, provoked me. And so I wrote my honest (key word: honest) review on his show. I gave it a low grade. The aforementioned user thought that CF, the user I had post the review for me, had typed the review. He then gave a recent episode of her only show, The Squirrely Adventures of Sandy Cheeks, a very low grade. So, I decided to sneak in a little jab at his show in Episode 5 of Bikini Top. We'll see if he reads the episode and what his reaction is.

Q: Speaking of Bikini Top, what do you have planned for it?

A: For a while, it'll continue in this way. Teen drama with a backdrop of mystery. Then, later in this season, we'll meet Jordin Blake. That certainly spices things up. But honestly... who cares about the Twilight part of the show? There will be plenty of hook-ups and break-ups. All that teen drama. And, by the end of the season, someone will be losing their virginity. Maybe not in the way they had dreamed, though. Naomi has one of my favorite stories coming up, but I won't give away too much. The Trey-Anna-Arianna love triangle has just started, and there will be tons of twists and turns for that. Some very shocking. Oh, and the relationship between Jake and Morgan. That will take some other extremely shocking twists and turns. And, as mentioned before, Naomi has my favorite storyline. I won't mention much about that, but later she will receive some potentially life-altering news.

Q: What happened to The Misadventures of Patrick Star?

A: Ohhhhhh, that show is soooooooooo far from done it isn't even funny. I have so much planned for it, it's just on a short hiatus. In fact, new episodes starting this weekend.

Q: When will The Guitar Lord: The Movie be hitting theaters?

A: Hopefully, soon. It has seen some delays because of me trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with it and how long I want it to be. And I've been looking for the right music for certain scenes. I posted a sneak peek for the music on TV.com, but don't trust that list of music too much. I most likely will not be sticking to it. Maybe partially. I am hoping for it to win a Spinny when it does hit the theaters.

Q: If you're banned, how will you host the Spinnys after clapmaster, like you were planning?

A: This may seem like a pipe dream, but honestly... LOOK at TV.com. See how dead it is? I would not be surprised if I just hosted it at the SpongeBob Community. And for those reading this on TV.com, make sure to visit this link -- sbcommunity.forumotion.com . You can find me and terminoob there. And the newest banned user... CF.

Thank you for reading.

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Episode 7 is posted.

Spin-Offs... For Teens has given the official announcement about the characters for this season.

Main Roles-








Recurring Roles-



Jackie (to be introduced later)

Brenda (to be introduced later)

Tristan (to be introduced later)

Jordin (to be introduced later)

Haylena (to be introduced later)

Emma (to be introduced later)

John (to be introduced later)

Ned (to be introduced later)

Maia (to be introduced later)

Edgar (to be introduced later)

Faith (to be introduced later)

Beckee (to be introduced later)

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Imma make a compromise with myself.

I've been bored with SpongeCraft for a while, and have contemplated canceling it, but I said it'll get 7 seasons, and technically, it will. I'll finish up this season whenever, I'm gonna do something with season 5 and 6 (not sure, atm, but something is gonna happen with them, possible gonna combine the most important episodes of each season) and I'll post the entire season 7, because I REALLY want to post it, but I don't want people to get confused, so.... Yea. Not really sure when I'll be able to do this though, thanks to almost failing every class/weekly therapy (Yahoo...)

Number 1 Mystery is still on hiatus.

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Commercial for Episode 9 (Extreme Makeover: Boatmobile Edition)

NARRATOR: Who's ready for a new episode of Bikini Top... that70sguy92's newest HIT?

(Naomi and Bryan kiss)

(Tristan slams the door as he leaves Brenda's house)

(The gang paints Bryan's boatmobile)

(Gordan is shown, laying on the ground with a bullet wound)

(Arianna and Anna are yelling at each other in the hallway at school)

(Naomi smiles devilishly while she is in an old car with red-eyed men and women, getting some 'more intense lipstick')

(Morgan slaps Jake across the face)

NARRATOR: I know I am. Tune in this weekend for an all-new episode of Bikini Top.

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A DVD release is in the works! Approximately 4 episodes per disc since the show is about 43 minutes long (minus commercials).


NARRATOR: Everyone loves some drama.

(Gordan gets shot by Hersht)

(Bryan sees Morgan and Jake kiss)

(Arianna and Anna fight)

(Naomi takes a bunch of Tylenol- much more than the suggested dosage)

(Bryan puts his head in his hands and fights back tears)

(Temperance sings "Before He Cheats")

(Tristan slams the door as he walks out of Brenda's house)

(Tristan is taken aback when Brenda whispers something in his ear, with tears streaming down her face)

(The random man gets killed by the falling boulder)

(Temperance lays down on her bed and cries)

(Naomi gets shocking news at the hospital)

(Morgan smiles when she sees a beautiful sophomore with dirty blond hair and black eyes, and she mouths the word "Jackie")

(The Bikini Top Bridge appears to be falling)

(A boy beats up someone Naomi is talking to)

(Everyone attends a funeral)

NARRATOR: Everyone loves comedy.

(Jake gives Anna a high-five)

(Anna says a 'prayer' for Arianna)

(The guys are trapped in a strip club)

(Bryan switches the channel when Total Cartoon Island comes on)

(Bryan gets multiple e-mails from his mother)

(Morgan and Jake have a conversation about 'jex')

NARRATOR: Everyone loves... Bikini Top. Only on Spin-Offs... For Teens.

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Disc-by-Disc contents for the Season 1 release has been revealed. (episode names in italics have not been finalized, so the title could change)


Pilot (audio commentary by voice of Bryan and that70sguy92, creator of the show)


Trapped (audio commentary by voices of Jake and Morgan)



Memories and Repercussions

Arianna and Naomi

Things Get Musical (audio commentary by voices of Morgan, Naomi, and Anna and writer of the episode)

Bad News Brenda


Turn of Events

Auditions (audio commentary by the voices of Naomi, Jake, and Hersht)






Making Amends (audio commentary by the voices of Temperance, Bryan, Trey, Morgan and creator that70sguy92)

Friendship (audio commentary by the voices of Anna, Morgan, Temperance, Naomi, and Arianna)


Hersht Gables

One Moment

When I Grow Up...

What a Play (audio commentary by the voice of Naomi and the writer and creator that70sguy92)

DISC SIX [special features]:

Script of the Pilot

Interview with that70sguy92

Crafting Storylines

Hersht Gables: What's His Story?

Naomi Duncan: What's Her Story?

Interactive Tour of The Smoothie Shack

Cast Audition Tapes

Pilot episodes of 90210, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Kyle XY, Friends, and Glee (inspiration for the show)

Trailer for Twilight (inspiration for the show)

Gordan Errin: To Die or Not to Die?

Bikini Top at ComicCon

Trailer for Season Two

Character Bios

Interview with the Voice of Naomi

Interview with the Voice of Morgan

Interview with the Voice of Bryan

Interview with the Voice of Temperance

Interview with the Voice of Jake

Interview with the Voice of Arianna


Look out for BIKINI TOP: BEGINNINGS - THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON... coming soon to a store near you!

Episode 10 will be coming today!

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