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  1. If I didn't mysteriously lose access to my bank account, sure.
  2. No, but you can have Mama Krabs
  3. ngl I never thought sbc would have a new mod again, but I am proud of my disciple @spongebobhaterfor his legacy and hope I have the honor of succeeding him
  4. I'm still utterly heartbroken I was not asked to star in this movie
  5. Ed Sheeran is now canon to the pokemon world now for some reason
  6. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/coolio-dead-obit-1234602038/ RIP to a legend, hope he's living in paradise now
  7. Danny DeVito


    is it just me or did these goofy goobers literally come out of nowhere, I'm almost convinced they're an illusion
  8. This genuinely may be the worst restaurant of all time
  9. I am going to make this thread relevant again, this time it'll work I swear
  10. Happy birthday to my favorite Sunny fan Mrs. Katie!
  11. jjs at it again with his sbc lore retcons 😠

  12. Can you write a sentence without the letter "A"?
  13. I am honored to have made one last cameo in SBC's filmography, beautiful ending good sir I am also honored to take on the role of The Thing in the MCU, and if for some reason it doesn't pan out, I'm suing
  14. In the episode "Club SpongeBob", there is a mysterious character known as "Widward" name dropped by SpongeBob and Patrick. It is speculated by many that he is related to Squidward in some way. Sadly, the show has never followed up on him to this day. Did he ever make his way to work? Does he still work at the Wusty Wab? What is his relation to Squidward? Any ideas?
  15. I do not play the Roblox name game The Doors

  16. Sadly, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 is not coming this fall, so I'll have to choose those pumpkin spice lattes.
  17. What are your thoughts on The Rock's ties to ISIS?
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