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  1. - game of simon - kazoo - gear ball (like a rubik's cube but gears) - jelly beans - shirt and pant - boomerang helicopter thing - gift card for domino's - coins - more shirt and pant
  2. please enlighten me regarding my purpose for existence
  3. merrydmas idk i couldn't come up with anything else
  4. Saw this a few days back as well. The fact that part of me clings on to thinking that it might be unironic scares me.
  5. Haven't seen much of it but it's mostly alright; nowhere near pre-movie standards of course but it still has its merits. i don't know what else to put here
  6. Welcome to SBC. Have a fun! dead patrick.mp4
  7. the sex scenes in the room traumatized me as a 17 year old
  8. aah nice. music theory is pretty cool stuff once you get into the deeper parts of it with all the ratios and stuff
  9. how tf do you fit this in your pocket krabs
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