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DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence

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So, sometime earlier this year on SBM, I made a topic not to "review", but "talk about" all the CN originals in existence. And it died a slow death in late February. I had ideas of bringing the topic back to finish what I started, but after the events of July I never really want to make another post on the forums there again. But hey, you nice people here are pretty welcoming, right?

And with that, my journey to talk about a bunch of cartoons that are insignificant in the grand scheme of things will not continue, but restart completely. So sad. :( (but not really)

Same game rules as last time. I will talk about all 57 CN originals that have ever aired as of 2018, all by their first episode (and if I actually watched the show sometime in my childhood, I may go a little more in-depth). And once again, I will use Wheel Decide as a decision maker. Last time it started me off with the 2016 reboot of Ben 10. *shudders* What will you give me this time, oh great Wheel?




I suppose this is better.


Stay tuned for dman's first talk-about.




1. The Moxy Show
2. Space Ghost Coast to Coast [7/5/19] 
3. What a Cartoon!
4. Dexter's Laboratory
5. Johnny Bravo
6. Cow and Chicken
7. I Am Weasel
8. The Powerpuff Girls (1998) [1/9/19]
9. Ed, Edd n Eddy
10. Mike, Lu & Og
11. Courage the Cowardly Dog [12/25/18]
12. Sheep in the Big City [12/16/18]
13. Time Squad
14. Samurai Jack
15. Grim & Evil
16. Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?
17. Codename: Kids Next Door
18. The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
19. Evil Con Carne
20. Star Wars: Clone Wars [12/9/18]
21. Megas XLR
22. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends [7/8/19]
23. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
24. The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
25. Camp Lazlo
26. Sunday Pants [7/9/19]
27. My Gym Partner's a Monkey
28. Ben 10 (2005)
29. Squirrel Boy
30. Class of 3000
31. Chowder
32. Transformers: Animated
33. Ben 10: Alien Force
34. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
35. The Secret Saturdays
36. Adventure Time
37. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
38. Generator Rex
39. Regular Show
40. Sym-Bionic Titan
41. Robotomy
42. The Problem Solverz
43. The Amazing World of Gumball
44. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
45. Ben 10: Omniverse
46. Uncle Grandpa [7/7/19]
47. Steven Universe [12/22/18]
48. Mixels [12/20/18]
49. Clarence
50. We Bare Bears
51. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)
52. Mighty Magiswords
53. Ben 10 (2016)
54. OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes
55. Apple & Onion [7/11/19]
56. Craig of the Creek
57. Summer Camp Island


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Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", a dead SBM thread was rebooted for SBC and the man himself is now ready to get some serious talking-about done once more. Here we go again, my dudes...




So, heads up for those unaware: I'm going to number the cartoons in the order of which they aired, not the order of which I revi- I mean talk about them. So, the first cartoon to air would be #01, the second #02, and so on. Today's CN original just so happens to be...

#20: Star Wars: Clone Wars "Chapter 1"

[November 7, 2003]



I don't know if I've said it before, but I'll say it once again: I am not into the Star Wars lore that much. In fact, I'm not really into it at all. I'd be the last person you'd want to ask about information from the movies, TV shows, or anything else. So... maybe the Wheel didn't start me off with something that easy for me to talk about after all...

Oh wait! The episodes themselves are divided into chapters that are only mere minutes long! Maybe this won't be so bad after all. Well, let's get started... and excuse me if I still need to resort to Wikipedia articles to fully understand the story.

So, the episode starts with some crazy action sequences with an abundance of what I assume to be soldiers and laser weapons, while Yoda narrates it all talking about how quickly the Clone Wars spread across the galaxy. Also, multiple planets are being claimed by Count Dooku as well. He continues to explain how the Jedis are tasked with preventing these actions, and how one specific student of the Force grows in prowess as the war continues (it's Anakin Skywalker lol). We then cut to him, Yoda, and Obi-Wan all meeting in a chancellor's office discussing what to do about the enemy factories on Muunilinst, which are currently building armies and warships for battle. Obi-Wan is tasked with this mission, while Anakin receives special command over Obi-Wan's space forces, somewhat to the other two's dismay as they feel he, a Padawan, is not completely ready for such responsibility. The scene cuts again, and we can see the both of them setting off, while at the same time Anakin, as Wikipedia states, " bids farewell to his secret wife, Senator Padmé Amidala". The end.

Yep, that's literally it. Though I'm aware I can't appreciate it fully due to my lack of knowledge on the franchise, it wasn't that bad to watch nonetheless. And hey, apparently this show was critically acclaimed as well. No big deal. Maybe someday I'll come back to this and give it another watch after I see a few of the old movies. Who knows, maybe that knowledge might just be what I need to find a new favorite cult classic show...

...oh, who am I kidding; I'm never going to get into Star Wars period.


THE BOTTOM LINE [a tl;dr if you will]: Though it was very hard for me and me alone to get, I can respect this cartoon for what it is.

RATING [personal opinion mind you]: 7/10 (decent)


Hopefully we just got the hardest review TALK-ABOUT out of the way first, but who knows. Wheel Decide, go ahead and do your thing!


Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.

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I LOVE "Sheep in the Big City"! :D One of the most criminally under-rated animated series Cartoon Network ever made in my personal opinion! :rolleyes: Never really got a proper ending, either. Maybe someday, it can do what "Rocko's Modern Life" is doing, and come back with a made-for-TV movie that wraps all the loose plot points up! That would be cool! :cool:

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Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", dman talked about an episode of a show based off of a franchise that he knew bar none about. Thankfully, today's cartoon has no such preexisting franchise to be based off of...



On 12/10/2018 at 10:00 PM, Paul McCartney said:

I LOVE "Sheep in the Big City"! :D One of the most criminally under-rated animated series Cartoon Network ever made in my personal opinion! :rolleyes: Never really got a proper ending, either. Maybe someday, it can do what "Rocko's Modern Life" is doing, and come back with a made-for-TV movie that wraps all the loose plot points up! That would be cool! :cool:

Sorry, can't do that. But I can do the talk-about at the very least :p

#12: Sheep in the Big City "Be Still My Bleating Heart"

[November 17, 2000]



I once went through a phase where I liked to binge watch shows that were short-lived, cancelled too soon, never got their full time in the limelight, whatever you'd like to call it. Each and every time would end with me getting tired of seeing the same characters 10 episodes in because, IDK, that's just what's happens when I binge watch too many episodes in a short time frame. And, whaddya know, today's cartoon just so happens to be one of these! I remember watching this online a lot from 2013-14, and I don't remember much about it apart from the fact that it used lots of wordplay and fourth wall jokes (and if you know me, you'll know I'm a sucker for both of those). So what are we waiting for, let's start living the city life!

The episode opens with Sheep (that's his actual name) watching a romantic film parody on a television, before changing the channel and cutting to the intro. Oh yeah, I should probably mention that these episodes are 22 minutes long and cut into 3-chapter segments with parodied commercial breaks in between. So yeah, we're in for a ride with this one.

[Chapter 1: Be Still My Bleating Heart] - The episode starts, for real this time, with Ben the narrator explaining how hard it is for Sheep to live safely in the big city. He works many jobs just to make ends meet, society tends to reject him, and he constantly seeks companionship. And lastly, there's a "Top Secret Military Base" where General Specific (ha) and Private Public (haha) are discussing how to capture Sheep for their "Sheep-powered ray gun". Also, G. S. might be suffering from short-term memory. We then go back to Sheep, where his eyes happen to set on a poodle named Swanky, and he falls in love, quite literally at one point. Commercials include "The-You're-Too-Lazy-To-Get-Out-Of-Your-House-And-Go-Shopping Station" and "Oxymoron Detergent".

[Chapter 2: Mutton But Love] - Back on Sheep's story, we find out that Swanky is owned by Lady Richington, a lady with a burning hatred for sheep and likes to beat them with her stainless steel wig. We then cut to the military guys again, but they aren't doing anything noteworthy so we go back to Sheep. He is extremely conflicted, because his newfound love is owned by a sheep-hater, though in the end he decides to go for it and gets severely injured multiple times as a result. Eventually he poses as Richington's wig, but at the same time she is calling her "old friends" which just so happens to be the military men themselves...! Commercials include "Les is More Electronic Warehouse" and "An Important Public Service Message from Some Guy".

[Chapter 3: Wool You Be Mine] - During a conversation with General Specific, Lady Richington finds out that Sheep is right on top of her, and freaks out. Thankfully for her, the military guys show up right at that moment thanks to "The Plot Device" (YES THAT'S A REAL CHARACTER IN THE SHOW). Sheep and the military organization then participate in an extensive chase scene, ending up at the "Spotlight, Dry Ice & Ominous Music Warehouse". After a short look-around they capture Sheep-- or what they assume to be Sheep, because it's actually none other than Swanky. Richington finds out and beats G. S. with her wig, causing P. Public to find the source of the general's memory loss, and Sheep believes he's now found true love. The show then ends with a Swede ranting about meatballs.

A lot to take in, huh? Well believe it or not, I left out a MULTITUDE of funny jokes in that summary. It would literally take hours to go through them all if I tried. You know how I said I remembered the show using wordplay and fourth wall breaks? I wasn't wrong, this cartoon is filled to the brim with them! Special mentions go out to Private Public suggesting General Specific to look at the pilot script, a full camera crew seen during Sheep and Swanky's first love seen, and Shaggy and Scooby-Doo making a sneak appearance in the warehouse. And that's just THREE of the jokes. If you don't care too much about a strong plot-driven show and just like good humor, this cartoon is for you. I wouldn't recommend it much for those who easily overdose on comedy, though.


THE BOTTOM LINE: If you want a good laugh, check this one out. It's got everything up it's sleeves, not literally though.

RATING: 8/10 (pretty good)


Ah, what a blast from the past. Wheel Decide, Europe!



Oh yeah, I remember when this existed!


Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.

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Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", dman talked about an episode of a show he binge-watched a while back, yet still found it to be pretty humorous. Will today's show be different?



#48: Mixels "Coconapple"

[Febraury 12, 2014]



Hooray, I'm finally talking about a show that I actually remember airing on television! That being said, what do I remember about it? The answer is not very much. I remember hyperactive creatures that occasionally combined with each other to make more or less powerful creatures, but that's just the bare bones to begin with, By the way, I more considered this cartoon to be interstitial shorts shown during commercial breaks rather than a full-fledged series. But hey, whatever Wikipedia says, I guess I'll go with it.

I should also mention that these episodes are very short. Like, shorter than the first Star Wars: Clone Wars segment. Once again, whatever Wikipedia says. Let's see if that's a relief or a hindrance that leaves me wanting more.

The episode starts with shots of various different "Mixels", if the title of the show didn't make it obvious enough. One of the Cragsters, Seismo, is trying to reach a coconut-apple hybrid (or coconapple) from a tree. Zorch, an Infernite, appears out of nowhere and offers to help Seismo reach the coconapple by mixing together using a cubit (basically a pad they both touch that makes them fuse together). Seismo is hesitant, but Zorch quickly convices him to give it a go. So as they both touch the cubit, a large cookie dough mixer emits where they are standing, scaring Seismo and overfilling Zorch with laughter. When all is said and done, the mixer explodes and the two have now successfully mixed together. However, things go awfully wrong when a flame jets from the mix's large foot, burning its face and causing them to wreck havoc across their own tribes as a result. When the two are back to normal, Seismo expresses that he doesn't like Zorch, but not long after the coconapple hits him in the head, knocking him out. The coconapple is eaten by Zorch shortly after. The end. (or "NEH EDT" if you will)

My expectations weren't that high for this one, but wow, this actually wasn't too bad in my opinion. The comedy was decent, the slapstick was pretty darn funny, and it overall was a nice 2 minutes of watching time. Oh, and, by the way, Seismo is voiced by the lord Tom Kenny himself (if you don't know who he is, I'm disappointed in you). And spoiler alert, this is DEFINITELY not the last we'll see of him. There's not much else to say really, this cartoon was just about OK. It isn't really a like it or hate it, it's either something that'll make you smile between a commercial or have you temporarily changing the channel. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna watch another 2 minute episode...


THE BOTTOM LINE: This cartoon is fine by me. Not spectacular, but definitely not a waste of time.

RATING: 7/10 (decent)


Huh, what a nice surprise. Oh mighty Wheel, surprise me again!



oh god


Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.

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Ahh I used to love Mixels a lot! It's so cool to see you review it.

If you liked the shorts, I would also recommend watching the half-hour episodes. They're kind of like the shorts, but more developed, and flesh out the characters and world a lot more. Rodger Bumpass even voices a few characters too!

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Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", dman talked about an episode of a show that he found to be surprisingly good! Will he have a similar case with today's show?



#47: Steven Universe "Gem Glow"

[November 4, 2013]



I never thought that I'd have to talk about (what I consider to be) the cartoon on CN with the most mixed reception so soon. I know a lot of people who like this show, and I know a lot of people who don't. I remember back when I watched the first episode and thought this show would be really great. Then it became plagued with several unfinished plot arcs, inconsistent animation, and schedules where we see only 5 episodes at once and then everyone forgets the show exists for like a year, and now I only see the show as barely decent. But for today, let's drop all of that for a moment. I am reviewing only the one episode after all. Let's go back to when the cartoon was (presumably) much simpler, when complex plots and unknown airing times weren't a problem. Back to late 2013, when the show aired its first episode.

The episode starts with Steven at his local donut shop, figuring out that his favorite ice cream bar, the "Cookie Cat" has recently been discontinued. Out of the two workers, Sadie and Lars, Sadie feels somewhat sorry for him while Lars tells him to make some of him own with his "magic belly button" powers (referring to the gem implanted in that region). Steven then decides to take the old freezer for them home, but when he gets there he is interrupted by the Crystal Gems fighting of an invasion of Centipeetles (I think that's how you spell it) while Pearl advises Steven stay out of saving humanity until he can control the powers in his gem, causing him disappointment. Not long after, however, he discovers a package-worth of Cookie Cats in the freezer, causing him to get so excited that he sings a song from one of the old CC advertisements. When he takes a bite out of one of the Cat's ears, his gem begins to glow. However, nothing comes of it and the glow dims before disappearing completely. Steven doesn't give up however, and asks the three Crystal Gems how they summon their weapons.

Pearl tells him of how it takes hard work and dedication to summon a weapon. Amethyst tells him that it takes neither of these and she can summon hers whenever she needes it. And Garnet tells Steven he needs a mix of these two, or he could instead try channeling the entire universe's power into his gem, but it's so much to take in that a crudely drawn version of Steven explodes in the vacuum of space. He rejects all these methods and instead decides to recreate exactly what happened when his gem glowed initially. Nothing works until he takes another bite of the CC, causing a brighter glow and a shield to summon from his gem. He gets overexcited though, causing the shield to dart across the room before smashing a television upstairs. Right as Steven comes to the conclusion of the CCs giving him his powers, the Centipeetles return, specifically the mother. After a grueling battle, Steven attempts to help the Gems by eating more CCs, but it proves to be ineffective. He ends up eating every last one, but nothing happens. With the CC freezer now broken and the Crystal Gems cornered, Steven electrocutes the mother Centipeetle, giving the Gems enough time to retrieve the creature's gem and send it off. The Gems reassure Steven that someday he'll figure out how to properly activate his gem, not long before Steven throws up on the ground. The end.

You know, this episode isn't much different in terms of filler episodes from the later seasons. The thing is, this early on it was more acceptable because, well, this was the first episode. There weren't any ultra-important possibly world-ending events we could have known about in the show's early stages. The reason why people praised this show so much early on was because there was nothing plot-wise to care about. But once the show established a plot that it couldn't constantly expand on, more people started seeing the flaws and so the cartoon became one of the most divided in CN history. But at this point in time, everything was fine. The jokes worked fine (such as Steven popping one I mentioned earlier), the action was there too, and I still thought this episode was good 5 years later. It may leave a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, but I still like it.


THE BOTTOM LINE: A great cartoon in its prime, that unfortunately became riddled with plentiful flaws later on.

RATING: 8/10 (pretty good) (as an entire show I'd say 7/10)


I can't think of what to put here and it's 10:42 PM as I type this, so spin, Wheel, spin!



Oh, yeah. That one show my parents never let me watch as a kid. :(


Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.

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6 hours ago, Paul McCartney said:

That's definitely one of the more well-liked series in Cartoon Network's history. Let's hope you review a good episode!

I hope so too. Thing is, I've already decided early on that I'll be talking about each show based on the first episode it aired (look at the first post again if you'd like). But for this cartoon in particular, that might be a good thing. What I've heard from others is that it's one of the more scary episodes of the show, and that was something Courage was pretty much known for. So I'm prepared at the very least :p

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Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", dman talked about an episode of a show that he liked in younger stages, and still kind of did after re-watch. The next show, however, he has no young experience with, for it was actually banned in his household...!!!



So, uh... Merry Christmas! Let's review an episode of debatably one of the sPoOkiESt CN originals out there! CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!!

#11: Courage the Cowardly Dog "A Night at the Katz Motel"

[November 12, 1999]



No, I wasn't joking in that intro. My parents straight up wouldn't let me watch this show when I was young (and spoiler alert, there are two other shows later down the road on this crazy talking-about journey that were also banned from my eyes. I'll bring them up when we get there, but for now you can guess what they are if you care). But, realistically, can you blame them? This show was freaking terrifying what I've heard. I've only watched snippets of episodes through reviews and top lists, and the ones that I had seen on Boomerang in my pre-teen edgy "you can't control what I watch" years are blurs in my mind. So I'll be going in mostly blind. It won't be that scary, will it? I mean heck, even if my parents wouldn't let me watch this, they also wouldn't let me watch SpongeBob back then. Yep, SpongeBob. The cartoon that this entire community was built around and a show I still admire to this day and my parents WOULDN'T LET ME WATCH THE BEST SHOW ON THE EAR--- crap, I'm going off-topic. Let's get into the episode already.

The episode starts with Courage and his two elderly owners, Eustace and Muriel, pulling up to a shady motel after a "crummy" vacation. The dark atmosphere that surrounds them frightens Courage as they begin to walk inside the motel's doors. It is then when the group meet Katz at the front desk, who (as his name obviously implies) is a cat, with a somewhat odd demeanor. He welcomes the elderly couple to sign in, but also points to a sign reading "NO DOGS ALLOWED", so Eustace dumps him outside without hesitation. He chains him to a pole and scares him for a laugh, while Muriel assures him that everything will be alright. As the two prepare for bed, it is revealed that Katz is holding multiple spiders within the office, and he tells them that "dinner is served". Oooo, spooky. He then is shown to be stalking Eustace and Muriel, and at the same time he sets a box outside where Courage is, releasing a spider careening towards him. He begins to panic, trying to snap the leash tied to the pole, and he just barely succeeds with enough time to run off. As Muriel prepares for a bath, a spider crawls out of the drain which frightens her. She screams, alerting Courage who is currently running through the motel's hall. He bursts into their room to find her desperately fighting off the spider and pleading for help. He attempts to wake up Eustace, but he's too lost in his sleep and cannot wake up. While Courage checks on Muriel once again, the bed flips upside down, sending Eustace down a secret tunnel. Courage doesn't know this however, and begins to panic again. He hurries to the office to try and find Katz for help, but no one is there. Even more shocking, we see Eustace tied up in a giant web with a large spider ready to consume him. Before that happens, Courage crushes it with a board and attempts too escape, but Katz returns right at that moment and slams the door behind them. Courage makes a mad dash through the deeper bowels of the office, and finds a room filled to the brim with spiders in jars, which scares him even more. As Katz nearly reaches him, Courage runs yet again but it leads him into a dead end. Katz catches up with him, and challenges him to "a little sport before dying". During the match of wall-ball, Muriel manages to fend off the spider by flushing it down the toilet. She then puts her clothes back on, preparing to leave, but she doesn't know where Eustace is. Once Courage gets tired and loses the game of wall-ball, Katz comes up to him, preparing to plant a spider onto him while laughing maniacally. Before he can deal the final blow, Muriel knocks him out and tells Courage that it's time to go home, saying that "the service stinks". Eustace is still asleep on the drive home, still covered in webs. Muriel comments that he has a nice "blanket" and they should get Courage one. Courage, of course, screams in terror at this. The end.

Good lord this was awesome! What in the world have I been missing out on? If this was really one of the scarier episodes of the show as SOME PEOPLE TOLD ME, then they're a bunch of wussies, this was great! I guess you could kind of be scared of it if you have arachnophobia, but I don't, at least not in the way the cartoon portrays them. They're still slightly realistic, ESPECIALLY in the close-ups, but other than that it was mostly fine for me. I think that this episode did both the horror and comedy elements very well. My favorite parts were the fact the Eustace and Muriel's room number was 666 and a half, and Katz's running quote of "I wish you hadn't done that...". Oh my goodness, I'm not joking. This was too good. I need to watch so many more episodes of this.


THE BOTTOM LINE: This cartoon truly is fantastic in story, comedy, and building up tension. If every episode is in a similar sense to this one, I really have been missing out.

RATING: 9/10 (a clear standout)


I already have a feeling that you won't give me something as godly as that cartoon, but do your best anyway, Wheel!



Huh. I stand corrected.


Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.

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"The City of Townsville, but enough about that!" :hysterical: The original series of "The Powerpuff Girls" (at least the first four seasons, for the most part), were SO godly! :cool: And let me just say, the new version of "The Powerpuff Girls" is actually KIND of okay in its own right, it just can't match the awesomeness of the original. It's STILL better than "Teen Titans Go!", by a LONG shot! :rolleyes: Enough said! ;)

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Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", dman talked about a GODLY episode of a show that he very much enjoyed, causing him to go on a hiatus for more than two weeks to binge watch episodes. I wonder how that ended up... Anyway, will today's show be just as godly?



#08: The Powerpuff Girls (1998) "Monkey See, Doggie Do"


[November 18, 1998]



Here's a interesting tidbit: my brother and I used to stay up after midnight watching this show on my uncle's Netflix account because we wanted to binge the entire series and we were scared that our parents would figure out in the daytime hours. (we only got six episodes in before our dad found out) Thank goodness for kisscartoon, huh? At least the show aired on Boomerang as well, so I got to see some of it there. I remember it being pretty entertaining, so let's see if I can still find enjoyment out of "the city of Townsville!".

The episode opens to the city at night, with a narrator (spoilers: Tom Kenny) lowering his voice because of this. Everyone in the town is fast asleep, including the superpowered trio: Blossom, Bubble, and Buttercup. Also, the Professor. In reality, everyone is asleep except for Mojo Jojo, the girls' greatest nemesis monkey thing. That night he breaks into a museum and steals an Anubis (dog) head AND its jewels! After the crime is discovered, the girls appear at the museum the next morning to search for clues, but they unfortunately find none. We then cut to Mojo Jojo preparing for what appears to be an evil scheme involving the head. I mean, what else would he be doing?

As the girls try to find a trail of evidence, they come across a dog trapped in a car. After they free it, it briefly speaks to them, begging for help, before returning to barking. The three then discover the entire town is filled with dogs. They are then sent the Powerpuff signal from the mayor (Tom Kenny alert) to find that he has also partly turned into a dog, along with his assistant Ms. Bellum. While talking he turns completely into a dog, exciting Bubbles at the sight of the puppy. The girls decide to go see the Professor at that moment, much to the disappointment of Bubbles, currently giving the dog a belly rub. We then see Mojo Jojo using the head to turn the residents of Townsville into dogs and in turn causing havoc across the city. We also get a fourth wall "lean" when he turns even the narrator into a dog. His plan goes into full effect, when he uses the Anubis head to hypnotize the dogs into doing his evil deeds.

The girls return home to find the Professor is also a dog, which excites Bubbles yet again. Before he is able to get the unclear message of what is happening to the citizens, he requests to be fed and play catch first. While the girls tend to him, the dogs cause even more chaos throughout the city by stealing various jewels for the next phase of Mojo Jojo's plan. The Professor then reveals to the girls that Mojo Jojo is behind all of this, but it's pretty much too late. Mojo Jojo has already used the surplus of jewels to turn the entire world into dogs, and right when the girls arrive they are turned into dogs themselves. All hope seems lost until the girls decide to try and ram the Anubis head off of the pedestal that gives it its power. Mojo Jojo happens to catch it however, and he sens his own dogs at the girls. The girls are able to defeat them easily though, and turn their attention back to Mojo Jojo. As he mocks the girls from a mini stairwell, Buttercup makes her way around the other side and bashes Mojo Jojo, making him lose old of the Anubis head and causing it to shatter on his own head. The curse is broken as the world returns to normal, except for Mojo Jojo who turns into a dog instead. The girls try to keep him as a pet and the Professor begins to ramble about responsibility, while the narrator gives the usual ending spiel. The end.

Yep, this show hasn't faded at all in my mind. I was still able to find it as entertaining and funny as I did a few years back. My ususal joke shoutouts go to the narrator quieting himself in the beginning spiel, the dogs robbing the store that are wearing sacks on their heads, and the ending where the Professor gives a responsibility lecture. Oh, and the fourth wall lean I mentioned earlier. Good stuff I watched here.


THE BOTTOM LINE: There's a reason why this show is fondly remembered: it's funny, charming, and just overall good. Bow wow wow indeed.

RATING: 8/10 (pretty good)


Go for it, mah wheel!




This should be fun.


Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.

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Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", dman talked about an episode of a show he got in trouble for watching at midnight once. Today's show however, is one he hasn't watched at all...



#02: Space Ghost Coast to Coast "Spanish Translation"


[April 15, 1994]


You all thought this would never come back, didn't you? Sent into the abyss of double-digit SBC pages, never to be seen again? Well, you were right for some time. But this summer has given me that feeling to finish up the unfinished works that I've created, so call this "Dman's Dead Thread Resurrection #2". Welcome back.

Anyways, my parents liked this show. They still constantly make references to it that I don't understand until they inform me. It's been brought up so many times in my household that I'm starting to wonder if this show is really as good as my parents say it was. I may have missed out again, y'know. Well, today I finally find out! Another note, this was the first CN original to be rated TV-PG. Up until 2010, only three shows achieved this rating: this, Star Wars: Clone Wars (which I already talked about), and one more, which will DEFINITELY be an interesting one to talk about. Ohhhh boyyyyy. Let's jump into the show.

The episode begins with Space Ghost introducing himself, his upcoming interviewees, and the show's band of "The Original Way Outs", led by Zorak. SG then mentions that although the Ghost Planet seems close from the view of the building's window, we won't be running into it anytime soon. And yet, we do. The show's producer/director, Moltar, gives a damage report before the show cuts entirely. That's it, huh? Nah. In reality, it's just Brak and Sisto switching through channels in a Beavis and Butthead-style fashion. We cut back to the real show where SG starts his interview with Susan Powter, the first guest. After she finishes her food, the two have a discussion about things ranging from secret identities (hers is being a transsexual, woop woop), narrowly escaping the dingo bush (in Australia nonetheless), dietary plans, the very own muscles of SG, and, of course, "stopping the insanity".

After a commercial break, we are introduced to Kevin Meaney, who doesn't seem to be very fond of Zorak's music. How unfortunate. Him and SG discuss topics ranging from "keeping it busy" to his superpower. Meaney responds by saying he has hair, whereas SG does not. Zorak chuckles at this, prompting SG to immediately shoot him down, much to Meaney's dismay. He then begins a long rant on tight pants before SG cuts him short for another commercial, this time within the show (basically a CD of lullabies sung by Moltar & Zorak). The next guests are the Bee Gees, which SG didn't plan for because they were secretly added in by Zorak. SG himself isn't too into them, so he shoots the TV monitor and the crew goes out for Polynesian food. The end.

Let me admit, I wasn't too into this at first. But I actually watched a few extra episodes and man, this show is actually kinda cool. I completely understand why my parents liked this so much in their mid-20s. They threw so much in just 11 minutes and a surprising amount of it stuck well. Characters are funny, animation is limited but great, and the cutaways aren't as awkward as you'd think. The ending did kind of feel as if it came out of nowhere though, but I can respect that too. Other than that, I can't really say anything bad. Shoutouts go out to the fact the entire show is a fourth wall break, the episode's namesake only appearing four times throughout, the aforementioned Beavis and Butthead reference, and Zorak in general; that guy was heckin' epic.


THE BOTTOM LINE: It feels like anything could happen in this show and it wouldn't feel out of place. Complete anarchy, and I love it. 

RATING: 8/10 (pretty good)


It's been six months coming Mr. Wheel, go for it!




I can technically say "good morning" because it's past 12 AM, right? GOOD MORNING!!!!!!1!11!!!!11!!1!!1!!!!!!


Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.

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"Uncle Grandpa" was WAY over-hated as a cartoon TV show! :rolleyes: Sure, it wasn't the BEST cartoon to ever come out on Cartoon Network, but it sure is a HECK of a lot BETTER than some of the OTHER stuff that has popped up on the channel over the years! ( COUGH*"The Annoying Orange"*COUGH!) :hysterical: Enough said, true believer! :cool:

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5 minutes ago, 4EverGreen said:

"Uncle Grandpa" was WAY over-hated as a cartoon TV show! :rolleyes: Sure, it wasn't the BEST cartoon to ever come out on Cartoon Network, but it sure is a HECK of a lot BETTER than some of the OTHER stuff that has popped up on the channel over the years! ( COUGH*"The Annoying Orange"*COUGH!) :hysterical: Enough said, true believer! :cool:

annoying orange gets a 10/10

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Last time on "DMAN re-attempts to talk about every single CN original in existence", dman talked about an episode of a show he never watched that he liked after taking some getting-used-to. Today's show is also one he hasn't watched, even though he was definitely around to remember it...



#46: Uncle Grandpa "Belly Bros"


[September 2, 2013]


When this show was on the air, I ultimately decided "yeah, I'm not gonna touch this" was the best option, and I stuck with that mentality for the 4 years the show ran. But today is a new day. I'm assuming most everyone has a mixed to negative opinion on this show. I don't really know anyone who loves it, but there are definitely a lot of haters out there (maybe a little too many, as 4EG mentioned). I don't really have anything else to say because I know next to nothing when it comes to experience with this show. So let's jump right into one heck of a good morning, I suppose.

The episode begins with Uncle Grandpa waking up and greeting all of his trailer-mates, such as Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, Mr. Gus, Belly Bag, and of COURSE Pizza Steve. He then decides what's in store for today, which just so happens to be... a boy struggling to put his shirt on due to his oversized belly. So UG introduces himself to him, because apparently he's not just everyone's uncle, but also everyone's grandpa. Go figure. Mr. Gus tries to help by pulling his shirt down with brute force, but ends up tearing the shirt in two, so UG decides to make him a new shirt. The boy tells him he likes night wolves, so UG sprays a few of them on a black shirt canvas along with a giant, living, monstrous taco (he paints what he sees...). However, the shirt is too big for the boy and transports him into night-wolf-land instead. UG goes after him to find he's cornered by the same monster taco thing he created. UG encourages the kid to use his belly to fight, quite literally. He can't control this power yet, so UG makes a belly-fist (and hammer) to fend off the taco, because you never leave a belly brother behind. . The two run into a pack of night wolves while trying to leave, which end up taking them to their den. Just before the night wolves eat UG, the boy builds up enough confidence to save him with his own belly powers. The two work together, defeating the pack one by one. In the end, the boy saves UG from the last night wolf, he learns to have respect for his big belly, and the two escape from night wolf land on GRFT. Back in the real world, the boy explains to his mom that he doesn't need a shirt because UG taught him "belly brothers don't have to wear shirts", and before he can introduce him, he's already riding off to help the next kid. The end.

Well, it was something, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I didn't think it was terrible, but it really wasn't that great, either. The show mostly filled me up with a feeling of "I'm only watching this for a talk-about and I'll probably never revisit this show ever". And yeah, that's pretty much it. Let me tell you, this show is just out there, but not really in a clever or good way as some of the other shows we'll get to. While some CN shows have crazy things that happen in them, they have some sense of realism. Uncle Grandpa is as head-in-the-clouds as you can get, as far as I know. That being said, a small amount of things made me chuckle on the inside, the biggest thing being UG's roaring belly immediately turning into a fist followed by his well-known catchphrase, "GOOD MORNING!". Yeah... let's stop right there. Sorry if I sounded dead in this talk-about. I felt mildly dead inside watching this.


THE BOTTOM LINE: I can see anything happening in this show similarly to SGC2C, but it might be a little too strange for my taste; though others may enjoy it much more.

RATING: 6 (leaning more toward a 5.5)/10 (debatable)


Alright Wheel Decide, please don't screw me over even worse!




Funny, I was watching Destination Imagination just earlier today...


Stay tuned for dman's next talk-about.

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While "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends" was a good cartoon show, I think it probably could've been even better, if they had STUCK with Bloo's INITIAL portrayal as being an Imaginary Friend who was nice but naive in the three part pilot movie, instead of being mostly a condescending jerk who actually DOES know better but chooses NOT to be (depending on the writer). That being said, most of the show is pretty good, except for "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" and pretty much ANY episode segment involving Cheese. Enough said!

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