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    top spon ungebob quotes 2020:
    -ignoring spongebob pouring his heart out in pain and. terror- I know you want olives.

    what’s the matter is he stupid
    can I get a double large, double olive
    listen patrick, you’re big and strong...
    I got you, Squidward. 🎺 LAAAAA LAAA LAAA LA LA LA LAAAAAA!
    fat guys get hungry too right? YA!
    Lincoln, i think the award was for me, you must have gotten it by mistake.
    -sb grabs a child and breaks crushes his head for a sacrifice- ROOOOOOOOOO 🐘
    I’m my Own Man. (?)
    I know what you’re thinking! He’s just a crazy old man, let’s KILL him. -sob-
    I have got to get my dick sucked! 🏃‍♀️ Oh no he’s hot! I wanna Fuck You. LAAA AAAAAAAAAAA
    Do you like waffles?! YA WE LIKE- Peekaboo! AAAAAAAAA
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    Idiot Box going 17 years strong
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    1. Devil Donut, 2. The Good Plate, 3. Real Live Ghost Mop, Honorable mention, Charlie the Abused Pil

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