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101a. House Fancy

Jjs Goodman

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There's really not too much to say here. House Fancy... exists. I guess there would be more to say if it didn't take 5 or so minutes for the plot to go anywhere. Yep, a whole chunk of the episode is devoted to showing off Squilliam's house on the House Fancy show, and it's BORING. The rest of the episode, while not the most interesting, at least has something going on... somehow. The toenail scene doesn't bother me that much, though it is rather... unnecessary. To be honest, a lot of things here could've been improved on, and this imperfection shows. This episode's ending is also pretty messy and while Squidward does win out, how he does (through his house being destroyed) is pretty... odd. While I don't think that this episode is outright bad, it's pretty close to meeting those requirements.

FINAL RATING: 5/10 (MEH episode)

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