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Congratulations, Chum Buddies! (Final Team Stats)

Jjs Goodman

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Our last team event finally reaches its end, and it was the most intense competition we've ever had. The Krew and Buddies kept tying so many times, but in the end, only one prevailed...

Final Scoreboard:

1st: Chum Buddies: 19

2nd: Krusty Krew: 17

3rd: Solos: 3

Congratulations Chum Buddies, you are our last team champions! 😄 They demonstrated true tyeamwork which helped them edge out to the final lap. The Buddies each received: the Tyeamwork badge, Victory Trophy, 10,000 doubloons, 500 experience points and access to Plankton's account. Quite a loot of prizes to honor this victory, eh? I'm proud of you all, even the Krew who put up one hell of a fight, so don't feel bad about 2nd place. Always tell yourselves: at least you didn't score 3 points, could be worse.

Final MVP Statistics:

Chum Buddies:

Krusty Krew:


Final Event Statistics:

  • Jackbox: Krusty Krew (2/3 wins)
  • Weekly Surprise: Krusty Krew (2/3 wins)
  • Kahoot: Solos (2/3 wins)
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Krusty Krew (3/3 wins)
  • Cards Against Humanity: Tie between all three teams (1/3 wins each)
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins)
  • Among Us: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins)
  • Wiki Write-Offs: Chum Buddies (2/3 wins)
  • Trophy Hunt: Chum Buddies (5 hunters)
  • Bikini Bottom Top Chef: Chum Buddies (4 finishers)

To cap off this generation of teams, here's a recap of each event they won:

Chum Buddies Event Victories (6 victories in total)

  • Mini May 2020
  • The Super Spongy Square Games 2020 (shared tie)
  • Snowcember Ball 2020
  • SBC Grand Prix
  • Snowcember Ball 2021
  • Teams Mania

Krusty Krew Event Victories (6 victories in total)

  • March Madness 2020
  • The Super Spongy Square Games 2020 (shared tie)
  • Octerror Fest 2020
  • March Madness 2021
  • Octerror Fest 2021
  • March Madness 2022

Solo Event Victories:

  • None 796235912945598484.webp?size=96&quality=

Thanks to all who played and helped make this a fun finale to teams. See ya later, Bran Flakes. :thanks:

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*sniffs* I...I am stunned, I thought Krabs's pesky crew had this won, but I am proud of you Buddies for coming through! Whew, I won't have to systematically tear out your brains and implant them into robots after all...err, ignore that last part. Krabs put up a worthy fight and I'll be the better man by not shoving it in his face-oh who am I kidding:


Dance GIF by Nickelodeon

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I accept this result like the man that I am. The only tears I be cryin' will be for my Krew and how I'll miss 'em, they did good. Well played, Sheldon, you can have this victory...but I consider March Madness 2022 the true final teams event, ar ar ar! You'll never best me anywhere else!


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