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Where'd You Wanna Go on Summer Vacation?

Adventure is a Wonderful Thing!  

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  1. 1. Pack Only the Essentials, I'll Ask You Where You'll Go

    • Abroad! I'd love to go see another country!
    • An amusement park! Thrills all day long!
    • The beach! I wanna take advantage of the sun!
    • Outings with Friends/Family! Quality time together!
    • Nowhere! I'm content right at home!

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Well, on August 7, I'm going to get to see Australian Pink Floyd (a Pink Floyd tribute band who comes FROM Australia, obviously), play at Vina Robles near Paso Robles, California! I figure it's probably the closest I'll ever get to seeing Pink Floyd unless SOMEONE invents time travel! But other than that, I'm content with going to the beach!

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