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Patty Rose

Salty Spitoon iFish Contest

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The Salty Spitoon is back, and this time, it's not about how tough you are, it's about how beautiful you are! In this iFish contest, we'll be deciding who's fish is pretty enough to enter the spitoon. There's plenty of items available, so there's no excuse to not look lovely! Though of course, since this is March Madness, do make your iFish entry either sports-related, or anything relating to March (St. Patrick's Day for example). Though apart from that, you're free to be as creative as you'd like! :D

Entries will be judged by Cha, JCM and moi. Whatever entry we like the most, will be allowed in the salty spitoon! Do however note these three very important rules.

1.) Once you submit your entry, you cannot change it at any point! So please be 100% sure with your entry before you submit. 
2.) When you have an iFish entry you'd like to submit, you MUST click the "Download" button, and then upload your entry to whatever image uploading site (imgur, tinypic etc.), then post that image to this thread. Copy and pasting your fish through the page will sadly not work, and will make your fish very sad. :(

3.) Please don't copy from others. It's okay to get inspiration, but don't get too carried away, okay? :)

If this is the first time you've ever heard about this weird "iFish" thing all the kiddies are talking about, you can check it out here. You have until Friday March 29th at 12pm EST to submit your fish. The winner shall receive 2000 doubloons and a point for their team!

Now start looking good, sport!

1.) magic the veemon:



2.) Bob Carotte:



3.) Wintermelon43:



4. SpongeRobert RectanglePants:




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