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My Death Battle Ideas

Slam Lord BBBB

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I am a fan of the Screwattack-Roosterteeth series DEATH BATTLE, and have a variety of ideas for Death Battles i want to see/ think should happen.

Which of my ideas do you think is best, which is your favourite, which would be the most fair, fun and freakin awesome!!!

Even if you don't watch Death Battle specifically, if your a fan of the classic "Who Would Win" or "Versus" setup that forums have used and argued about for years, then you can still voice your opinion! :)

Here are my Death Battle ideas i think are really cool and should totally happen.

Killer Croc vs The Lizard

Captain John Price vs Sergeant Viktor Reznov

Spongebob Battle Royale

Jimmy Hopkins vs Ayano Aishi

The Digidestined vs The Lyoko Warriors

Zephr vs the Prince of the Cosmos

Electro vs Livewire

Finn the Human vs Steven Universe

Dan Vs. Martin Heemeyer

XJ9-Jenny vs RobotBoy


Jimmy Neutron vs Dexter

The Santos Trio vs The Liberty Trinity


Which of these is your favourite, which do you think would be the best battle, and who do you think would win? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!






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