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105b. Slide Whistle Stooges


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I am ashamed to have this episode air on my birthday. I seriously am. It starts out with SB and Pat being a**holes to Squidward, and it ends with Squidward being an a**hole to everyone in town. But the worst part was when Squidward falls to his apparent death by driving off of a cliff on a gasoline truck. So what do the Bikini Bottomites do?




To wrap things up, a HORRIBLE EPISODE!

Final score: 0/10

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I don't really get the love for this episode. It wasn't horrible, it just wasn't that great as some say. It had its moments (like when the muscular fish thought the girl fish was cheating on him) but it was overall a so-so episode to me. 5/10

^I actually agree with you on here.


it just feels unfunny to me.

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Overhated episode I thought it was really funny, the slide noises honestly didn't bother me but I can agree the worst part was the truck crash and EVERYONE CHEERING which really lowered my score but this episode was okay

Grade: 6.5/10 (it would have been 8.5/10 if it wasn't for the truck crash scene)

Best Character: All of Them

Best Line: assault your own baby

Best Moment: the Barg N Mart scene

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But yeah...this episode is legitimately infurating and annoying as all heck, like seriously slide whistle after a slide whistle after a slide whistle. Its seriously not funny and comes off as really irritating. Unlike the Splinter which at least had one funny joke I can name from the beginning, nothing in this episode made me laugh once. The beginning is just an annoying montage of SB and Patrick annoying Squidward to death with the annoying slide whistles and later on he joins them but to become very obnoxious with slide whistling too....like what.....I don’t get it......Also the townspeople cheering after Squidward crashed.....I really have no words for this scene, its messed up as all heck. Don’t even get me started on that entire ending.....he sadly has to keep a whistle in his throat for the rest of his life due to that crash...how could this be even funny when its rather depressing. Also that entire ending montage is absolutely terrible since making fun of sick people with slide whistles is suppose to a funny joke when its rather really wrong.


Easily one of the worst episodes i’ve ever seen in the show, nothing here is worth coming back to watch again. It is and will always stay as one of my least favorite episodes. 


Grade: Wyoming x 100/10



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