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  1. Favorite It's Always Sunny episode?
  2. 5/10 In "No Weenies Allowed", there was originally a scene showing SpongeBob actually entering the Spittoon and slipping on the ice cube, but was cut due to time.
  3. Danny DeVito


    is this the krusty krab
  4. costumes so I can dress up like this
  5. tell your kids I was spider-man

  6. would you like to consider teaming up with paddy's pub
  7. I just caught a ghost in my house with potato camera quality!

  8. I want a spin-off where I can guest star, don't care what it is
  9. 10/10 In "Band Geeks", there was originally going to be a scene showing another pair of flag twirlers dying, but the network felt the first pair's death was cruel enough.
  10. columbus is a loser

  11. 6.9/10 In "The Fry Cook Games", the fish who got lit on fire would've been sold as a fishstick, but this was cut for the already dark joke.
  12. do you agree I should've voiced mario?
  13. will this wash the taste of Season 8 out of everyone's mouths? stay tuned!
  14. happy national noodle day

  15. looks even funnier than the first one
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