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  1. Soon...it begins.

    Theeeeeey've got... A power and a force that you've never seen befooooore!

    Theeeeey've got... The ability to morph and to even up the scooooore!

    Nooooo onnnne can ever take them down! The power lies on their si-yi-yi-yi-yi-yide!

    Go go, Power Rangers! [BADASS GUITAR RIFF] Go go, Power Rangers! [MORE BADASS GUITAR RIFFS]




    So, a brief explanation: having decided to give @4EverGreen the rights to Power Rangers Multiverse Force, I initially wanted to distance myself from what I considered a...not very good work in hindsight, instead focusing on Supreme: The Ivory Icon. But because that project hasn't gone anywhere (yet), I decided to read through the early MVF stuff, and realized that while the initial concept was good (if cracky, let's not pull any punches here), the execution was not, in particular I relied too much on slavishly copying early MMPR a la Megaforce and later on down the line pointless edginess for the sake of it.

    I ended up explaining all this to GreyKnight, and he actually expressed similar sentiments to mine, in particular calling out the whole "Starhawk-Firehawk" subplot and the reliance on crossover material outside the main team's home franchises at the expense of Power Rangers stuff (while he admits he's unfamiliar with Power Rangers, he admitted that we had no business shifting that focus away from it and onto stuff like Warhammer and F.E.A.R.). So we both decided to go back to basics with our now refined writing skills and a more solid framework (using Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger as the basis rather than an original motif), intending to essentially reimagine the entire series from scratch as a series fic known as Mega Morphin' Power Rangers, to symbolize a celebration of PR's 30 years as a franchise (hey, it is also a Megaforce rewrite after all), to symbolize the fact that the team starts with six members from the beginning (replacing Ebony, Toby and Naruto respectively with Loona from Helluva Boss, Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and an alternate version of Troy Burrows named "Reese" after the character's early name in scripts), and finally to symbolize the intent of the series to reconstruct the tropes and action-comedy feel  of the early Zordon era, infusing them with the modern and more mature sensibilities of later PR seasons (particularly stuff like In Space, Dino Thunder and RPM) - part of this is putting the cast into college outright (rather than some weird college-high school hybrid) and setting it explicitly in Angel Grove.

    I don't plan to post the series on here, partly so as not to conflict with the still running MVF. Instead it will primarily be posted on SpaceBattles and AO3.

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