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  1. So I just finished watching Cosmic Fury and while I liked it, I felt it was rushed, and I while I do like the more open-ended "and the adventure continues" type implications (since the Rangers are still connected to the Morphin Grid and the idea that this is a prequel to Once and Always judging by Billy's last line), it doesn't feel like a true potential "ending" if this IS going to be the last entry in the franchise (as we've known it in the last 30 years) in the same way "Countdown to Destruction" was back in 1998. I've talked about what the "true" problem with Power Rangers is as of late on Twitter - and I'll say it again here: the problem is that Hasbro, like Saban before them, are desperately trying to make lightning strike twice the same way MMPR did back in 1993; however they're doing so incorrectly by trying either to reboot it or (in Simon Bennett's case) trying to divorce it from the tokusatsu genre. Now, on the other side of the spectrum, there are Sentai purists who despise PR and see it as either a "blight" on tokusatsu or an ooutdated relic of 1980s/90s style "Americanizations" of Japanese media. And while I can agree that PR is admittedly rooted in a now-out-of-fashion practice, the solution is not to dub Sentai a la modern anime dubs (both for practical and values dissonance-related reasons). The real problem with Power Rangers as a franchise is that it tries too hard to chase that magic and rest on its laurels without realizing what made MMPR good in the first place - it wasn't unique admittedly, and the plots and characters (especially early on) could be goofy at times. But MMPR had good writing and characterizations, and could be something anyone could enjoy.

    1. Rebel the Wolfgirl

      Rebel the Wolfgirl

      The cynic in me isn’t exactly hopeful about the reboot, tbph. It’s been in development hell since the 2017 movie flopped, and I doubt it will get to its projected release date of 2025.

      And I say this as someone who loved the 2017 movie, there’s a reason it flopped: PR just isn’t interesting to the mainstream anymore.

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