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  1. This is definitely the best SpongeBob special/event in many years imo depsite this being seperated into five loosely connected but individual episodes of each SpongeBob show. Welcome to Binary Bottom: While I agree that the episode didn't take the whole robotic city to its advantage and the premise was rather a simple chase episode, I still had a blast with it. I loved the cool tech locations, the episode's tech jokes, the robot characters' designs and all that jazz. I especially loved what they did with Karen and Sandy here with Karen being an actual fish instead of a robot like in rest of the show and Sandy being this giant head that merges with people (evangelion?) and becomes a mecha robot. My only problem with this episode is that it didn't need to keep the glitch repeating voice joke running, that got old so fast. Otherwise, really fun episode. Grade: A- You're Going to Pay...Phone: My favorite of the bunch. I love a good ol' Mr. Krabs being greedy having disasterous consequences and this episode executed it well, in fact, too fucking well. Mr. Krabs charging people for payphone only for him to be brainwashed by the phone to be the most generous krab he can be. You'd expect this episode would end with SpongeBob figuring out what's wrong and Mr. Krabs coming on top after Plankton gets the Krusty Krab deed from him but no actually, it gets worse. I fucking loved the twist of a demon controlling the payphone and being stuck there only for him to switch trades with Mr. Krabs after him opening the payphone and Mr. Krabs being stuck there with being the operator on payphone and you'd think Mr. Krabs reached his own heaven with getting coins but it still doesn't end there as Plankton, now the owner of Krusty Krab tossing away the payphone and Mr. Krabs being stuck in the dump. That was one of the bleakest endings to the show and I loved that and on the plus side, Plankton actually won in the main show, who would have thought? Grade: A A Skin Wrinkle in Time: Not too much to say here except I do love a good time travel episode with traveling inside the timeline itself. Grandpat's journey from The Patrick Star Show ends here with amazing results. Going too far to be stuck in a cowboy flick and then him dragging out another cowboy accidentally and it was so weird and bizarre I enjoyed it. And of course this ending with Grandpat being stuck in a universe where his family are bunch of flies and being ok with that was a good way to wrap up the episode even if It felt same to the ending of a classic The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror segment. Grade: A I didn't watch Kamp Koral Tidal Zone episode and probably won't do it (unless I do it out of curiousity, if that happens, I won't talk about it on the forum) but as a whole, this special was bangers and some of the best SpongeBob content in a while. Event Grade: A Welp, now I have to say this but I'm basically done with talking about SpongeBob episodes on this forum now. I have a feel this special is the right way to cap it off because while I do still enjoy watching the show, talking about each episode indivudually and going in depth about it (actually I don't analyize and do actual proper reviews of these episodes but you know what I mean) is not exactly worth my time anymore as post-sequel has been mostly consistent in quality these days (varies from being whatever to really good with little bad), so I don't have anything else to say about each episodes other than be repetitive and I just don't enjoy doing these reviews this much anymore. Maybe I'll do guest reviews for special episodes or those paramount+ movies coming out eventually but as of know, I think I'm ok with leaving my SpongeBob review journey with The Tidal Zone episodes. Take care everyone.
  2. This episode was a fucking crazy way to start off Tidal Zone event. Concept of people getting shrinked is nothing new but the show uses it to its full advantage. The jokes are very funny like SpongeBob stock image joke. Grantpat was the star here with him being the antagonist throughout the episode only for him to get his ass kicked by his entire family. The episode ends very crazy with Pat family suddenly arrives at Sandy's microscope and French Narrator appearing to spy on Sandy and then Narrator being spied on by two giant eyes. Really cool bizarre stuff. And of course this episode kicks off Grandpat's journey in time and space which continues in Kamp Koral and SpongeBob but idc to watch Kamp Koral to find out, so Imma talk about SpongeBob Tidal Zone episodes in its own corner. Grade: A
  3. What lol? This and TTG aren't even comparable in any shape of form like what are you talking about?
  4. Winners: Match 45: The Ghost of Plankton Match 46: Dream Hoppers Final round has been posted
  5. Welcome back to SpongeBob Season 12 Best Episode Tournament. Due to jjs' eye surgery recovery, I'm the guest host for this round which is semifinals. So here we go. Round 5 (Semifinals) Match 45: The Ghost of Plankton vs Plankton's Old Chum Match 46: Dream Hoppers vs The Hankering You have until Friday, January 13th at 5PM EST to vote. Then we'll announce the winners and go directly to the final round. You can discuss why you voted these episodes If you wanna. Enjoy.
  6. Winners: Match 41: The Ghost of Plankton Match 42: Plankton's Old Chum Match 43: Dream Hoppers Match 44: The Hankering Round 5 (semifinals) thread will be posted shortly
  7. The passing of queen elizabeth is one of the funniest events of 2022
  8. never seen a game this white fr
  9. i just wanna have my winter break, that's all i ask. school has been wearing me out
  10. Hello everyone. 2022 is near closing and oh boy TV is once again kicking strong. There were a lot of great shows this year that I was so happy watching this year and there are those that I haven’t gotten to watch all of them. Shows like Abbott Elementary, House of the Dragon, The Bear, What We Do in the Shadows, The White Lotus, The Sandman, Only Murders in the Building, Amphibia etc got a lot of buzz this year that I would like to visit them someday. But this list is definitely something I’m proud of making. I watched more TV this year than I ever was before and I’m glad I gave these shows a shot and ran with them. Without delaying the inevitable, we can start now. Firstly I wanna go with shows that really made me entertained but didn’t make the cut this year. Honorable Mentions: Now that we got honorable mentions out of the way, here we go! WHOBOB’S TOP 10 BEST TV SHOWS OF 2022 And now for my #1 which is no shocking: Thanks to all of you who made this year extra special for me.
  11. yeah it's a small list and I added a Family Guy song but it does slap
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