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  1. this honestly excites me a lot more than Sponge on the Run and even Sponge Out of Water which i love
  2. Doing this poll in honor of The Owl House's finale two weeks ago. Choose your favorite modern Disney cartoon finale and tell us why you choose your pick in the thread. Enjoy
  3. Great fucking movie. Made me care about Puss even more as a character. Showing his vulnerability and mortality was so much compelling to watch. One of my favorite movies of 2022 for sure. I do hate that this movie is being used for culture war. Shitstorm never stops
  4. seahorse v15 just mesmerizing
  5. The Owl House officially ended and dare i say it lived up to the hype. The finale was one of the best things i have ever seen and it made me feel so much joy and pain. I was overall satisfied with how this finale went down with its pacing, story, animation and humor. Dana and co. really took time to do everything all at once without feeling overstuffed. I'm gonna miss this show so much. Thank you for so many good memories.
  6. never had any easter celebration cuz living in a islamic country and all
  7. April 16th, mark your calendars for the final season of this beautiful show
  8. Discuss the lastest John Wick movie here This is the first 2023 movie I have seen and my god, it was excellent. They have outdone themselves with the action here, one of the most exciting movies in recent years I'll say. I loved the challenges John Wick faces here thist ime and and I applaud the movie for introducing us to two main excellent characters, Mr. Nobody and Caine as well as the cunning villain Marquis played by Bill Skarsgård. Our recurring characters, Bowery King and Winston once again sweep the floor. Excellent music, cute violent dogs, beautiful cinematography and a kickass climax. If you love John Wick flicks, this movie is a must!
  9. John Wick: Chapter 4 Beautiful fucking movie
  10. woooo i have enough jelly to buy gaming community skin, i'll take one sir
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