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  1. Premieres: Friday, January 27th at 7pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob works the grill at the toughest joint in town. Clip:
  2. List of achievements: https://www.trueachievements.com/game/SpongeBob-SquarePants-The-Cosmic-Shake/achievements This also confirms what the 7 Wishworlds are: Wild West Jellyfish Fields Karatetown (Downtown as a karate movie) Pirate Goo Lagoon Halloween Rock Bottom Prehistoric Kelp Forest Medieval Sulfur Fields (that's a deep cut location choice) Jelly Glove World
  3. A Chaos Emerald? You've got to be kidding me, guys! This is like taking candy from a baby, which is fine by me.

    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      Obama chuckled. "You mean the Chaos Emeralds?"

  4. SpongeBob SquarePants: Friday, February 3rd: 7:00pm EST: Karen for Spot (281B): Karen looks after Spot while Plankton goes out of town. The Patrick Star Show: Friday, February 10th: 7:00pm EST: The Uncredible Journey (15A): Tinkle, Ouchie, and Pinkeye must venture back home together after being taken away by mistake. 7:15pm EST: Host-a-Palooza (15B): Patrick gets injured, so his family members take turns hosting the show. Friday, February 17th: 7:00pm EST: Backpay Payback (16A): Granny Tentacles helps Squidward collect his paper delivery money from Cecil. 7:15pm EST: House Hunting (16B): The Star family house runs away from home.
  5. Premieres: Friday, January 20th at 7:15pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob discovers a crazed castaway living in his walls. Guest Star: Jeffrey Combs Clip:
  6. Premieres: Friday, January 20th at 7pm ET/PT Plot: The Krusty Krew builds a boat for their penny pinching captain. Clip:
  7. Dream Hoppers is crowned the winner of Season 12! Thanks to all who voted. It will join the other champions in an All-Stars finale tournament coming in either spring or summer, which will be the final episode tournament on SBC! Stay tuned for that!
  8. Another episode tournament reaches its end. Round 6 (Finale) Match 47: The Ghost of Plankton vs. Dream Hoppers You have until Sunday, January 15th at 5PM EST to vote for the winner. You can discuss why you voted for the episode you did if you want.
  9. Round 4 Match 41: The Ghost of Plankton vs. Kwarantined Krab Match 42: Plankton’s Old Chum vs. Handemonium Match 43: Gary’s Got Legs vs. Dream Hoppers Match 44: The Krusty Bucket vs. The Hankering You have until Wednesday, January 11th at 5pm EST to vote. We will then move onto Round 5, the semi-finals. Feel free to post your reasonings for why you voted which episode.
  10. Winners: Match 33: The Ghost of Plankton Match 34: Kwarantined Krab Match 35: Plankton's Old Chum (tiebreaker) Match 36: Handemonium Match 37: Gary's Got Legs Match 38: Dream Hoppers Match 39: The Krusty Bucket Match 40: The Hankering These will move onto Round 4, which I'll post momentarily.
  11. Premieres: Friday, January 13th at 7pm ET/PT Plots: Welcome to Binary Bottom: In an alternate reality, Bikini Bottom is inhabited entirely by robots. You're Going to Pay...Phone: Mr. Krabs installs a cursed payphone in the Krusty Krab. A Skin Wrinkle in Time: GrandPat travels through time to get home. These will be part of the Tidal Zone event. These are basically being treated like a special so may as well have these three together in one thread. Clip:
  12. Premieres: Friday, January 13th at 7:45pm ET/PT Plot: An accident causes Patrick and Karen to switch bodies. This will be a part of the Tidal Zone event.
  13. Premieres: Friday, January 13th at 7:30pm ET/PT Plot: The Star family finds themselves getting smaller and smaller. This will be a part of the Tidal Zone event. Clip:
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