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  2. Overhated episode I thought it was really funny, the slide noises honestly didn't bother me but I can agree the worst part was the truck crash and EVERYONE CHEERING which really lowered my score but this episode was okay Grade: 6.5/10 (it would have been 8.5/10 if it wasn't for the truck crash scene) Best Character: All of Them Best Line: assault your own baby Best Moment: the Barg N Mart scene
  3. since all the epic posts seem to be gone im reposting this
  4. It is my least favorite episode, getting a 0.5/10. I find it okay. Funny, but mean-spirited ending. Same as above, expect without the ending comment. I don't know what TLAP stands for. I hate The Fish Bowl.
  5. I don't get the hate for this episode at all I though the Jellyfish's behavior was funny and Patrick was a jerk but I think it's redeemable at the end
  6. Spongehenge is the most overhated ep of the show Krusty Krushers sucks Nautical Novice sucks I don't hate TLAP Fishbowl > all of 9a
  7. As someone who loves spacesuits, and my friend ooooofy, i can confirm that Delaware exists for my love alone. Too bad Joe Biden is from there as well, and he is the biggest piece of evidence of Deleware not existing.
  8. as someone who has been to the place supposedly called "Delaware" before, I can confirm this
  9. We all know Wyoming doesn't exist, but I personally believe that Delaware also doesn't exist. I know this is not a popular opinion, but as a southeastern Pennsylvanian who has literally been to Delaware before, there is simply no way it exists. It's literally just a small section of the country that you barely even notice on maps. You never hear about something from Delaware, you never hear about something happening in a city in Delaware, you never hear about a physical thing in Delaware like a beach or a mountain, you never hear ANYTHING about it! You never see someone say they've from Delawa
  10. Never played it. Okay, I just deleted the main message on accident. Main message: Unironically it's the best pinball game I've ever played. It's even got this amazing dialogue: Picture: SMELL MY SOCKS!
  11. This episode is so underrated definitely the most underrated Season 9b episode and it's kinda close to overhated category
  12. The Fish Bowl and season 9a are kinda chose to overhated category. Patrick was a jerk but I think its redeemable at the end.
  13. Are you...asking fun of him by calling him Canada. Because IT'S NOT ALLOWED!
  14. It's jokes about Canada that aren't allowed, not saying you hate it.
  15. Unironically it’s probably the best pinball related game i’ve ever played. It even has this amazing dialogue:
  16. Ik that people say it cleans your hands but imo it's useless. it makes bubbles big deal how do you know that its cleaning stuff.

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