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Wrasslin' Crew: Last thread got future endeavored

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randy boreton is actually impressing me now.

wow. how now, brown cow.

Because Borton is so much better as a heel than a face.  They are finally doing something with his character.

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Place your bets! Match of the year taking place tonight!

leaked stipulation: big poppa pump sends out rikishi to interrupt the match but shockmaster trips over the ladder meant for punk AGAIN


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I completely forgot my RAW thoughts:

-Cena and D-Bry had an outstanding promo together. That's the kind of Cena I wish we got more out of promo wise. Because when he can sell a match, he can sell it big time. He's that damn good on the mic when he wants to be. WWE can just shut up and take my money.

-I smell a double heel turn in the main event now that Hunter is special guest ref. I think he pedigrees Bryan and then Orton cashes in after the main event.

-Like everyone else has stated, that Big E/AJ vs Khali/Natalya botch was hilariously bad. That ref is probably going to be in the doghouse big time.

-Fandango/R-Truth. A forced feud in the making. I don't want it and Fandango has lost his "it factor" that he had before his concussion.

-Why does RVD/Ambrose have to be the pre-show match? Bump the Brie/Natalya match to the pre-show. Although with the surprise success of Total Divas, I see why Brie/Natalya is going to be on the main card. I just think it sucks that Ambrose is going to be on the pre-show as well as RVD.

-How bad has Ryback fallen that he's not even going to be on the SS card at all?

-For some reason, I can see Show and Henry winning the tag titles.

-The Usos and The Real Americans are future tag team champions. Both of them.

-Curtis Axel is quickly becoming just another guy.

-Why do I have the feeling that Ricardo is definitely going to factor into the Del Rio/Christian match?

-That Punk/Lesnar segment was solid. I bet the WWE Universe is going to pop huge when Punk finally GTS's Heyman.

Overall another really good episode of RAW. This summer has been chalk full of them. I can't wait for Summer Slam!

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The man even has his own WWE app.  If he gets one, CM Punk and D-Bry should get their own apps too.


CM Punk - Best in the World app


Daniel Bryan - Some app about goats, beards, and YES/NO!

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