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030a. No Free Rides


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Mrs. Puff: "What I learned in Boating School is...blankety, Blankety, BLANK!!!!"  o.o Spongebob: "What are you doing in my boat?! And why are you wearing that ski mask?! Because YOU'RE NOT SKIING!!!!" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: These are some of the funniest lines EVER said in an episode of "Spongebob Squarepants" EVER!!!! B) A 10/10! :D Enough said! ;)

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did anybody see that when Mrs. Puff when in her house she was at the door and a picture nest to her showed  her doing the same thing she was doing?

Yes, I did. That was an inside joke by the animators who made that scene. That gag was also repeated in a recent season 9 episode that I can't remember the name of at the moment.

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This is one of the only two boating school-related episodes on my list. I've generally found those episodes to be dull and repetitive, but this was a grand exception. In it, Mrs. Puff decides to get SpongeBob out of her life by handing him an extra credit assignment that a preschooler could pass. Of course, this is SpongeBob we're talking about, so it becomes a long-drawn out and hilarious attempt to get ten simple words onto a piece of paper. Even though he fails the test miserably, Mrs. Puff gives him his license anyway, and it's not until she gets home that she realizes she just put the entire city in danger for her own self-gratification. She decides to set things right by breaking into SpongeBob's car and driving off in it, which is completely reasonable. Unfortunately, she happened to do so while the little yellow guy was right under her, leading to the greatest chase scene in SpongeBob history.

Suffice it to say, this episode was wonderful, chock-full of the clever writing and general silliness that made us fall in love with the show.

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The repeating picture in Mrs. Puff's house, and now back to KRUD, hitting the French Narrator as another "pedestrian", what I learned in Boating School is... this has to be one of the most underrated (or at least unnoticed/ not talked about) episodes in the show's history, no joke. 

Also Educational Television hating FTW! :P

10/10 episode.

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Lowlight: The extra credit felt a bit cringe-worthy first watching it


I' m not stopping for SPONGEHENGE! AHHHHH!

I'm not even stopping for MIMIC MADNESS BEING. 11 MINUTES!! AHHHHHH!

I won't stop for even ATLANTIS SQUAREPANTIS'S RECEPTION! (Stops)

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