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115a. Grandpappy the Pirate

Jjs Goodman

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....Was there seriously only three posts on this


Anyway, this is a pretty solid episode, one of the better ones of season 6. Krabs’s grandpappy is a good character, and I like the methods Mr Krabs trys to get his grandpappy to believe they’re really on a ship in the ocean (and how bad they are).

7/10, good episode

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I'm actually surprised by how few responses this episode segment has as of February 6, 2019. This episode segment is one of the crown jewels of season six, and really helps season six rise above seasons seven and eight, in terms of overall quality. This episode fleshed out some of Mr. Krabs' backstory, introduced his Grandpappy, who is a pirate, and gives us a really unique plot on how Mr. Krabs tries to convince his Grandpappy, that Mr. Krabs is a pirate just like he is. And it's kind of funny that despite the half-baked efforts of Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward, that they managed to fool Grandpappy for as long as they did! :hysterical: However, it was touching to see that Grandpappy was pleasantly surprised on how successful Mr. Krabs was as a restaurant owner, and how Mr. Krabs didn't even get mad when his own Grandpappy took his cash register. Plus, major bonus points for getting Dennis Quaid to voice Grandpappy in this episode! :cool: All in all, I'd give this episode segment a 10/10! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)

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