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Trinity Leaf Pegasus

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Scheduled release: April 13th, 2012




But I'll tell you guys what's not. I have at least enough ideas to rearrange/redo the plot in order to actually make the first episode around this month. Not making this up this time.

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1. In This Life... (Before Chaos)


The Crystal Empire, one of the most superlative landforms in the post-modern universe of Equestria and evolved into something greater as of current. In a world, advanced into the revolution of technology, robotics, and such, the Crystal Empire has enhanced from said technology.


The treasures it holds are state of the art inventions and they are through the benefit of nanobot technology. Moreover, the most well-known and named artifact of the Crystal Empire was known as the “Coalition Blade.” With the blade made with pure crystal, the sword gives off a mechanical effect.


It is said that at least two or more bearers of the sword are assembled into an automated, robot alicorn body when the rapier gives off an incredibly desolate gleam. Ponies of the current times have used the weapon for defense of the kingdom, for all of Equestria. Its most notable power is to rid of chaos from anywhere and anything. The sword was specially used by Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor, two of the most notable swordponies, and the ponies to vanquish Discord’s chaos brought out by thieving individuals. Now it resides at a museum in the Crystal Empire, to showcase its history and the mysteries of its making that still exist and are still unsolved.


Six ponies that represent the Elements of Harmony stood in front of the sword, displayed and encased in its podium: Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Princess Twilight Sparkle.


“So, this is the sword?” Fluttershy asked quietly.


“The Coalition Blade, for that matter? This is the one,” says Twilight Sparkle. “Shining Armor and Princess Cadence called for us here to conceal this display with magic to for security since the magic surrounding it got cancelled out.”


Twilight edged away from her position, got close to the exhibit. She bowed her head below and started charging up her horn as she gazes upon the centerpiece, surrounding the podium with her magic; the kind of magic that would block anypony from trying to give the finely honed blade weapon the slightest touch. Her horn was glistening until the last bit of magic dissipated in front of the podium. The work was done. The alicorn princess momentarily stepped back.


In other words, she used a blocking spell to protect the Coalition Blade, pardon the verbosity.


“That’s it, huh?” Rainbow Dash stated. “While we’re still in the Crystal Empire, how about we come see the Wonderbolts performance that is being held real soon?”


Twilight turned to one of her friends and responded, “That’s not for another 5 hours. We’ll get there. Now I have to write to Celestia and Cadence that the Coalition Blade is under protection again.”


“I just can’t seem to wait though!” Rainbow Dash added. “If we’re lucky, we could watch upfront!”


“Besides,” Rarity was saying, trotting around the museum before taking a look at some displayed dress designs, “why not take a marvel at these divine pieces of art? Put aside the Coalition Blade, I don’t see know that’s fascinating or artistic.”


“Which reminds me, what does that sword do?” Rainbow Dash asked.


“Y’all can tell us anything, sugarcube,” said Applejack.


“There’s something that the silly old thing can do, and it’s a mystery I can probably solve!” Pinkie Pie uttered. “Maybe it can be used to shoot up rainbows in space! Or it’s used to rapidly dress birthday cakes! Or it can throw a party on its own! Maybe that doesn’t sound possible, but the sword must be done for something. Anyways, I think it might….”


As Pinkie Pie kept on rambling, Twilight brought out a book that she had carried along with to the museum.


Entitled, “The Extended Guide to the Coalition Blade and Its Relations,” she flips through pages and then begins to rephrase the very definition:


“It’s a sword contained with the power of nanobots and has the ability to form a giant shield of armor in its intended image of an alicorn when in possession by a group of three. Its power is used to sweep chaos in its range.”


“Um…so that means this sword is used for good?” Fluttershy asked. “And this isn’t a concern for Discord since he’s been reformed for a long while, right?”


“If ponies would attempt to steal something like this for something that’s used for good, could they really try to use it for evil?” Twilight mused. “Ugh, now I got that racking my brain. Speaking of Discord, we need to keep a sharper eye on him because of reports of others confiscating most of his chaos energy.


 “Don’t forget we still have to make sure he doesn’t do anything tricky ah-gain,” Applejack pointed out.

A couple hours have passed and the six ponies were prepared to leave the museum.


“Our work here is done,” said Twilight. “My magic ought to hold the Coalition Blade from heists….from whoever would actually steal for a sword like that.”


The last of the six ponies to step out was Pinkie Pie, who was still jabbering. “…Or perhaps it can give me a long flowing mane and summon a magical sea dragon! That would be a nice touch….”


It was now after sundown and the doors to the Crystal Empire’s museum were locked up and shut, with no one but the guards on duty. However, a strange figure, fully garmented in black, was seen in the shadows, revealed to have sneaked inside.


The pony in disguise silently sneaked across the displays of the museums until the shady fellow spotted the Coalition Blade, shielded by Twilight’s magic. The pony’s horn gleamed. With concentration, the invisible blockage around the display was being cancelled out by the intruder’s magic. Then, quietly, the intruder removed the case and confiscated the sword. The pony then placed it on saddleback and got ready to flee.


The thief found some emergency rope nearby. Aiming for the open ceiling window, the pony was making the escape and lunged back onto the museum’s grounds the moment the shady pony realized that the Coalition Blade was unexpectedly out of grip of the hooves.


There appeared to be another thief in amidst of the attempted heist. The other individual had the shape/form of a griffon. Said thief cautiously flew around the museum with the artifact and aimed for the same open window from the pony thief’s distance. The first thief laid a tap on the second one’s left shoulder before knocking it down. Momentarily, both thieves tackled at each other until their masks came undone, revealing a couple of familiar faces. (The two do not recognize each other however)


“What in Equestria brings you here?” The unicorn whispered callously.


“I’m taking the Coalition Blade for myself and you’re not beating me to it!” The griffon exclaimed.


As revealed, the two intruders were Trixie Lulamoon [the unicorn] and Gilda [the griffon] respectively.


“Keep it down before the guard ponies sound the alarm,” Trixie responded quietly.


“What would you want with the sword anyways!?” Gilda continued, being bombastic as usual. “Don’t everypony treat you like a joke!?”


Due to Gilda’s voice echoing around the museum, the guards off-screen took notice and sounded the alarms.


“How would you know that?” Trixie asked back, tugging at the Coalition Blade, maintaining a grip on it from the griffon. “I suppose everypony is not familiar with Trixie, the Great and Powerful, and so I made my current living here in the Crystal Empire! But now you’ve done it…”


Referring to the guards that were being lined up, one by one, they came running for the two burglars. Trixie and Gilda put their masks back on their faces and sprinted away to exit through the entrance doorway. Using her magic to quickly unlock it, she and Gilda were out of there and found a place to hide behind from the museum guards.


“You ruined this. Who are you, and what do YOU think you’re trying to do with the Coalition Blade?” Trixie asked.


“The name’s Gilda, you selfish hooligan!” She introduced.


“Feathered loudmouth…” Trixie muttered. “In case you didn’t listen, I am the Great and Powerful Trixie, don’t wear it out. Since I’m hanging on to the Coalition Blade, I must be going with this fine treasure…”


“Not a chance!” Gilda said once as she tried to snag the sword back.


Gilda and Trixie were tugging at it again until they both inadvertently tossed it into the open field. The guards took immediate notice and headed back to the museum with the recovered artifact.


“Forget you!” Gilda bellowed at the unicorn and started to hover before taking off. “Lucky for me, my intents for the sword are none of your business!”


“I would have learned some new and amazing tricks with that thing,” said Trixie. “Hopefully, we are never destined to meet again…”


And so Trixie trotted away from Gilda’s sight after generating a puff of smoke.






Good morning, my little pony. Or so she is….


Whatever the answer, you wouldn’t know.


In a coat of orange blossom, with green eyes, an auburn mane with cowlicks, before the pony styles it with a flick around her forehead and short spikes around her neck, she was known as a Pegasus.


A preadolescent Pegasus named Felea.


She already got herself readied and came down to the kitchen where her father was lounging. Unlike her said father, he is a crystal pony. Furthermore, he is a blacksmith. As shown, a series of crystals was assorted around his workspace.


“Good morning, dad!” Felea greeted.


“Good morning to you too, Felea,” her father, Copper Gears responded. “Since you probably haven’t heard the news, we better be cautious at our museum trip, since an attempted robbery happened two days ago.”


“Don’t be silly, since when will that turn up during our one occasion?” Felea questioned. “I will be careful though, cross my heart and hope my wings don’t clip!”


Someday, just someday, I’ll be able to have a strong set of wings. Felea thought. To go into more detail, being able to fly, or more so become a star flier, is the one thought that circles around the pony’s mind.


For reasons of her anatomy, she cannot fly. Could be why she’s so focused on getting a cutie mark pertaining to that. A pony can dream.


“Just go to your school as usual, it will be our treat,” said Copper Gears.


“Alright, love you dad!” Felea concludes and left home for her bus stop.


As soon as school was over, Felea and Copper Gears eventually appeared at the museum, free of crime. Felea gazed upon the wonders of collected arts by the Crystal Empire. She paid most attention to the Coalition Blade exhibit. However, turning around, Felea then notices that the sword was removed from the case out of the deep blue. Felea called for her father to alert him of the missing sword. After about 12 seconds, he came by to her daughter’s side.


“It’s gone! Do you see it missing from that case?” Felea said.


When Copper Gears came closer to take a look however, the Coalition Blade appeared be inside the case. Not absent.


“You’re acting deranged, is there anything wrong?” Copper Gears asked.


“I swear it was gone, the moment I looked at the exhibit….” Felea replied.


Copper Gears turned Felea’s head around and then said, “See that? The Coalition Blade is safe and sound. Now, since we’ve spend enough time in this museum, let’s grab some dinner. It’s your favorite.”


“Yeah, that will help me get over….what just happened.”


“I’ll also tell you about the Coalition Blade on the way.”


Felea and her father headed off. Little did they know that the sword in the display was a faux, authentic-looking cardboard cut-out.


The two now appeared at the Crystal Empire’s finest dinner theatre, watching the current jousting tournament as Felea munches on pieces of her garlic bread.


“As you can see, that’s what the Coalition Blade can do, but don’t get your hopes too high on it. You might never be able to use it,” Copper Gears was explaining.


“Then why are you telling me this?” Felea asked.


“I know how you much you’d want to start flying and I know how much you like watching the jousts, but I need to remind you that you should not wield such a vast weapon, or use it for flight, since it would result in harmful effects for you,” Copper Gears continued.


“What is it ever going to take for me to soar?” Felea asked, shifting her eyes into look of discouragement.


“Never give up that dream of yours, just remember that. You’ll have to wait until some point, but to become a surefire fighter and high flyer, mark my words that you would look into something different.”


“I guess that’s true….anyways, thanks for the dinner. Nothing beats being out here with you.”


As Felea’s day continues to pass, it was now dusk and the pony went over her bedroom. Her eyes immediately turn into shock when she noticed something strange, yet familiar…


The Coalition Blade stood…


It stood out by the windowsill.


Felea would tell her father about her unusual discovery, but decided to keep the situation to herself. Things continue to stir for Felea as she notices a cloud around her shoulder forming something also quite familiar. She let out of a cough and noticed a Draconequus by her shoulder. He was like Discord, minus some attributes: his skin being red, white eyes, black pupils, and a coral snake tail.


“Go ahead, do what you want to do,” the mysterious figure said.


“Who are you? What are you? What is this sword doing in my room?” Felea questioned.


“Consider it as a home-warming offering,” he continued. “I know what you’re thinking, consider me a ghost, a figment of your imagination, or anything else. Just call me by the name of Dinu.”


“Is this really the Coalition Blade? My dad told me that the thing is too dangerous for me…” Felea replied. “What is it that you want from me?”


“Nothing….” Dinu replied. “The reason why I’d pass this thing over to you is not worth an answer. What matters right now is that I am here to provide you with some help.”


“….The choice is yours.”



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Pretty good. You made one mistake, however...




“How would you know that?” Trixie asked back, tugging at the Coalition Blade, maintaining a grip on it from the griffon. “I suppose everypony is not familiar with Trixie, the Great and Powerful, and so I made my current living here in the Crystal Empire! But now you’ve done it…”


“Feathered loudmouth…” Trixie muttered. “In case you didn’t listen, I am the Great and Powerful Trixie, don’t wear it out. Since I’m hanging on to the Coalition Blade, I must be going with this fine treasure…”


I would have learned some new and amazing tricks with that thing,” said Trixie. “Hopefully, we are never destined to meet again…”



Trixie, with notable exception, always refers to herself in the third-person as Trixie, not I. But yeah, cool to see that you finally got around to this project.

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