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One major SpongeBob character dies. Who will it be?

Which major SpongeBob character will die?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Will it be Larry the barfly?

    • SpongeBob
    • Patrick
    • Squidward
    • Sandy
    • Gary
    • Spot
    • Plankton
    • Puffy Fluffy

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9 hours ago, That Excited SpongeKid said:

Puffy Fluffy, it's time to take me out once and for all

Hear me out, that episode deserves a 30-minute sequel where Plankton uses them to try to destroy the Krusty Krab.

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10 hours ago, RD Rockruff said:

Dammit that's exactly what I was gonna say xD

I kinda took it from you on discord cuz you were right :funny:

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