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The Golden Community Awards XVI: Nominations

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(this wonderful  logo created by @Patty Rose )

Hiya folks! It’s that time of the year for another edition of the Golden Community Awards! I, SOF, will be your host! Of course, these can’t start without nominations! First, let’s go over the rules:


1) For this year, you can either message me your nominations in private or still post them in the thread like before. The messaging option is so there’s less pressure and you won’t have to worry about people seeing your nominations; either method is fine.

2) When nominating, you must do at least one section. Writing is not required and staff will choose if nobody else nominates in that.

3) You may nominate between 2 to 5 choices in the Members & Writing sections. You can only nominate 2 candidates for the Hall of Fame categories.

4) No Will Smith slaps or you will be banned.


Now, here are the categories! 





(Note: One new category has been added: As Seen on TV to recognize users passionate about shows.)


Funniest Member:

Kindest Member:

Spongiest Member:

Best Gamer:

Most Cinematic Member:

As Seen on TV:

Geekiest Band Geek:

Most Artistic Member:




Best Creation:

Best Ended Creation:

Best Miniseries:

Best Episode:

Best Comedy:

Best Storyline:

Best Protagonist:

Best Antagonist:



(Note: For this section, you only nominate 2 for each category.)


Honorary Creator:

Those who have had a profound impact on SBC fanfictions will be nominated and inducted.

Sabre, Wumbo, jjs, OMJ, Clappy, Steel Sponge, teenj12, JCM, tvguy, Fa, NegiSpongie and Rebel have won previously and cannot be nominated.


Honorary Creation:

Creations that have had a profound impact will be nominated.

"Adventures in the Underground City", "Storm Racers", "Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000", "JCMovies", "Team SpongeBob", "SBCinema", "Community Deathmatch", "Mystic Guardians", “My Leg!”, “Skodwarde”, “The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star” and “One-Time SpongeBob Characters” have won previously and cannot be nominated.


Honorary Staff Member:

Those who have had a profound impact on SBC can be nominated. Former staff can also be nominated for this award.

tvguy347, jjs, CNF, Wumbo, Nuggets, JCM, Clappy, Patty Sponge, Cha, Fred and teenj have won previously and cannot be nominated.


Honorary Member:

For ordinary members who you feel deserve special recognition, whether it be based on behaviour, activity, or their contributions in general.


Current staff – jjs, JCM, OWM, Trophy, Hawk, Patty Sponge, Katie, sbl and Aquatic Konquest – cannot be nominated for this award.

Cha, WhoBob, SOF, HawkbitAlpha, sbl, Katniss and Steel have won previously and cannot be nominated.


The deadline to send me your nominations is November 22nd. Make sure to submit your nominations sooner than later, and we can kick this off!

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Funniest Member: kev, ExKizuna, Fred, Slug

Kindest Member: SOF, Cha, mythix, Katniss 

Spongiest Member: Winter, 4EverGreen, NegiSpongie, WhoBob

Best Gamer: dman, DarknessDG, BobCarotte, ExKizuna

Most Cinematic Member: WhoBob, Katniss, jjs, Clappy 

As Seen on TV: jjs, WhoBob, salmon, Cha

Geekiest Band Geek: Prez, kev, Kylie, sbl

Most Artistic Member: Aquatic, Cha,  Dreaded Patrick, Patty Rose


Best Creation: Wumpa Defender, Crash Bandicoot!, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Total Cartoon series

Best Ended Creation: SBCinema, Mabel's Fables, One-Time Star Wars Characters: Where Are They Now?, Super Mario Bros. Z Kong

Best Miniseries: Skod on the Run, Jjs' Riffing Theater: Family Guy Funny Moments, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness, Most Wanted

Best Episode: SBCinema (SBCinema), Magnum (Condom) Opus (Skod on the Run), Mission Accomplished (Most Wanted), Chapter 20 (Mabel's Fables)

Best Comedy: One-Time Star Wars Characters: Where Are They Now?, 4Kids Edits Ace Attorney, Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness

Best Storyline: Most Wanted, SBCinema, Total Cartoon series, MegaloMania

Best Protagonist: Scooter (Scooter's Paradise: Remastered), Manny (MegaloMania), Clay (Most Wanted), Keanu Reeves (Skod on the Run)

Best Antagonist: Skodwarde (Skod on the Run), Hopper (Most Wanted), Plankton (Fumhouse)


Honorary Creator:

Cha and CNF

Honorary Creation:

Total Cartoon and The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy

Honorary Staff Member:

CDCB and terminoob

Honorary Member:

Ex and kev

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Funniest Member: Fred, SpongeCob, Kylie, SpongeBobandPatrick

Kindest Member: Cha, DarknessDG, Exkazuna

Spongiest Member: Salmon, Bobcarotte, Winter

Best Gamer: DarknessDG, Winter, RDSP, Exkazuna

Most Cinematic Member: Katniss, Clappy, Whobob

As Seen on TV: JCM, Trophy, JJS, Whobob

Geekiest Band Geek: Exkazuna, Steel Sponge, Kylie, Kev, Cha

Most Artistic Member: Salmon, Cha, Terminoob, SpongeCob, DarknessDG


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