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Congratulations, Krusty Krew!

Jjs Goodman

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Another March has flown by, and for the third time in a row, the Krusty Krew wins 21-13-8! Congrats Krew, each member receives 50 experience points.

MVP Statistics:

Krusty Krew:

Chum Buddies:


Event Win Statistics:

  • Jackbox: Krusty Krew (3/4 wins)
  • Weekly Surprise: Tie between Solos and Krusty Krew (2 wins each)
  • Kahoot: Krusty Krew (3/4 wins)
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Krusty Krew (3/4 wins)
  • Cards Against Humanity: Krusty Krew (2/4 wins)
  • Pictionary: Chum Buddies (2/4 wins)
  • Among Us: Tie between Solos and Chum Buddies (2/4 wins each)
  • Wiki Write-Offs: Chum Buddis (3/4 wins)
  • Ingredient Hunt: Krusty Krew (2 hunters)

Now, as I've announced already through other places, teams are coming to an end. It's been a fun decade long ride, but I know when to listen when time speaks, and teams has run its course. The next teams event in July will be the final event with a teams competition on SBC. I promise it'll be a great send-off to the concept, and this way, you get one last chance to have fun with your teammates. 

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