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004a. In Search of Camp Noodist

Jjs Goodman

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Instead of being predictable, I just want to say that, they really could've done MORE with the plot of this episode! I mean, I get it that they actually have to FIND the place, but they could've taken out BIG chunks of filler that really didn't contribute to the plot, and have them get to the place sooner! I find it intriguing that the reason Sandy wants to visit the place, is for THE SCIENCE! So, they manage to get to the place, and after a subverted "Bait And Switch", they get a sneaky peek, but the fish in the resort, are instead live-action VERSIONS of the fish...except for Mr. Krabs, who's a weird mash-up of a realistic crab, and his C.G.I. self! Naturally, upon being caught in the...exoskeleton, as the case is, he immediately tells Spongebob and his friends, to do a "Let Us Never Speak Of This Again"! Going to be hard telling that to Patrick, who has grown fond of the idea! Interesting idea, but could've been executed better. I'd give it an 8.5 out of 10.

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