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SBC Pokemon Spam Attack-November 2010


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On Friday, November 26, 2010, several people were enjoying SBC. We had just come to a truce with a rival site, SBM. On the Xat chat, Clapmaster, that70sguy92, Dragiiin123, ExKizuna28, tvguy347, Jellyfishjammer, and Steel Sponge all noticed that several new users were registering under the names of Pokemon. There were seven spammers, all with different IP's.

The Music Forum was instantly hit hard. The team of spammers went throughout the forum, spamming things like "You got pwned by Mijumaru," as a graphic. SBC was under an enormous spam attack. The Staff watched the attack unfold from the SBC Xat Chatbox, already dealing with a situation with Dragiiin and his cousins. Once Dragiiin left, they shifted their attention to the emergency at hand. The staff quickly moved into action, IP banning the spam team. They then set off at the difficult task of cleaning up the forum.

Pages were stretched out, topics were pushed all around, and the forum was screwed up. Many forums such as Spongebob Games, Music, Television, and Tips were hit hard. In the end, the staff finally cleaned up the forum and users continued posting.

*Largest spam attack in SBC History.

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