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Status Updates posted by Aya♥

  1. I also play Roblox name game The Doors

  2. Squarepants

    1. Jjs Goodman

      Jjs Goodman


  3. Spongebob

    1. Jjs Goodman

      Jjs Goodman

      i prefer springboob squirepin

    2. Steel Sponge
  4. @crushingmayhem
    do enjoy being miserable?

    1. Danny DeVito

      Danny DeVito

      Aya is genuinely a crazy dude. Some troll that is long overdue from being banned.

  5. Can you believe it?  The big 156! @DemellYTUniverseyou deserve 156 claps of joy!  Keep racking up those racks and never stop the grind.  Let that ice dazzel 💯👍

  6. @daffyduckerthe big 52!  You've made it!  I'm so proud of you.  Much deserved, and I hope to see you tomorrow for the big birthday bash.

  7. Happy HUGE birthday to @RulerOFWorlds the gimmick infringement is strong with this one!

  8. Spoiler

    spongeboy bobius


  9. A big happy birthday to my birthday mate @WWESpongeBro!  We're just a couple of marks out trying to make a name for ourselves in this business.  THIS BUSINESS THAT WE LOVE.

  10. Barney Frank looked disgusting–nipples protruding–in his blue shirt before Congress. Very very disrespectful.

  11. @sb10 It's that very special day!  The big 1, 9!  Pat yourself on the back kid, you've made it this far.  So much more left to explore in your life!  Enjoy it while it lasts my dear friend!

  12. @tester
    92 years on this Earth AND STILL KICKING!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD COOT!!!!!!!

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday @PERFECT CENSORSHIP
    ████ ████ ████ ████ fantastic.  ████ ████ ████████ ████████ ████ ██████

  14. Happy birthday is in order!  @Rocky2you were the sequel that did not need to happen.  Couldn't you have taken your loss to Creed gracefully?  Maybe stay down next time, and by down I mean stay down to clown! AAAAAAAA

  15. Officially starting my campaign to end the reign of tyranny of one Kev.  Spring 2021 has been ruled by a gay iron fist for far too long.  My non iron gay fist will suit far better.

    1. kev


      Bitch fuck you

    2. Katniss


      all hail Aya

  16. Check out this cool article about Spongebob! 





  17. Happy Birthday @God 

  18. @tylerjones553happy birthday you crazy bastard.  I hope you can make it through today!  I remember 2 years ago you free climbed a 100 foot cliffside with 10 pounds of rocks in your mouth.  You sure know how to "wow" 'em!

  19. @TheVidgeotto I love ya brother, I hope all your birthday wishes come true.  From me and the rest of the SBC crew, thank you for all your hard years of service for this forum.  We greatly appreciate the contributions you've made here and will continue to make here.  Keep it up big dog.  Keep it up. 

    1. That Excited SpongeKid

      That Excited SpongeKid

      Well happy birthday to him!

  20. You all know who's big day it is today, @Bob_t !  You are like a mentor to many of us.  An old sage who passed on his Spongebobby Wisdom to us youngens.  What I wouldn't give to have you back here with us...it seems so empty without you Bob T.  Rest easy, King.

  21. @Da Nerdit's your birthday NEEEERRRRRRD.  What are you gonna do, get some cake?  Huh?  Gonna get some geeky presents, nerd?  Bet you would.

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